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i'm show business, i'll see you then. me sometimes a simplest answer is the correct answer, and a lot of people ask, why are these tax tax so high? why is the stock market so high? and the simple answer is that it's a transfer payment. the federal government is transferring the paper money that they print into the pockets of attack executives. it's as plain as the nose on your face and you can see in these numbers the ukranian president has just accomplished. i years on quest to sit down with the american president. what was it worth? the wait, we're going to give you all the details and the reporting details that destroyed buildings and equipment used for the cia and atkins fan for the even more questions regarding why the military cannot do the same. this is
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a possibility of the us treasury, just issuing a new license to ease the flow of humanitarian aid. united states damage assessments from ida are already reaching the millions even before ida is out the state. we will bring you the latest on the recovery effort in the us remove the us from. it's a safe list. we will tell you what that means for americans. we will planning to travel to europe in the near future as well as the cdc now says, should stay at home this labor day weekend. and did you know that netflix didn't do business in china? well, why not? well known actor claims, he was asked to rewrite a film because it was on service, doesn't occur there. sean stone joined us to discuss. i'm going to use and you're watching these views right here on our t america. let's get started. ah,
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thanks for joining us. you know, ukraine, president of lot america, lensky has met with president joe biden in a comes at a time when the validity of us security commitments are being questioned. this is the 1st time as alliance. he has been given an audience with the us president, despite multiple attempts since 2019 by it and reaffirmed the u. s. commitment to ukraine while the landscape, thanks the present for $60000000.00 military aid. the united states remains firmly committed to ukraine's sovereignty inter charlie integrity in the face of russian aggression and, and our support to ukraine, euro atlantic, aspirations around the book in seattle. and thank you for the $60000000.00 program out for defense development of green till the end of this year . we appreciate this contribution to give us some insight into what
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a villain ski wanted to accomplish. we bring in german coups from or off managing editor of covert action magazine. jeremy, thank you so much for joining me on today. i know it just happened. they're just kind of breaking up. we don't know much, but i realize that you are probably watching the conversation. so what do we know about today's conversation between the 2 presidents? those law unusual talk about russian aggression and i think is on the clip. there was significant was another $60000000.00 in security assistance to add to as already $275000000.00. that the by the ministration has provided since it come in in january. and that includes anti anti javelin, and they are missiles. so pretty heavy duty military equipment and there was a major defense agreement that was concluded at the pentagon yesterday to increase cooperation, the block c and intelligence sharing. so i think we see, you know, the strategy and the united states where they're moving, you know, they end of the war and afghan, stand in the u. s. involvement,
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but they're focusing now on russia and china and beefing up, you know, us alliances with countries that are from the containment of russia and china. yeah, it's really interesting because i agree with you that they add another 6 to made to 75. but is that really a lot and we're talking about military vehicles, the cost of $1000000000.00 or military things that are the items that are needed that have are upwards of several $1000000.00. mean, is that really considering how much money the us just finished spinning in afghanistan that were supposedly going to get it? now i'd have to spinning words like that budget free, you know, could, does this actually show that ukraine, where does it fit into the bottom ministrations realignment with us. global commitment is the u. s. really standing behind ukraine, like it might look like at initials at initial site. i mean, i think so since 2014 on the outside of the pro ration present, the u. s. is committed over i think, 2500000000. so that is a lot of money. i mean that could fund a lot of teachers and infrastructure here in the united states. so, i mean,
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i think it's pretty significant commitments. and i think we see that the, by the ministration is focused on china and russia. the major adversaries of the united states, and we're going to see more of this. i think, you know, that we see with taiwan, the u. s. has been providing extensive arm sales to taiwan and trying to counter china. so that seems to be that the focal point right now. and you know, they want to extract themselves from middle east. so i do have this question 2500000000. you're right. that is a lot of dollars and a lot of money that i think here domestically in the u. s. that could be used in places, but to $5000000000.00. what is actually being? is that money being used for in ukraine? can you see it on the ground? what are the ukrainians doing with $2500000.00 or $1000000000.00 worth of american taxpayer dollars? well, i think you raise afghan stands a similar situation where the money is kind of going into black hole. i mean, the war and eastern ukraine is like the war and f. galveston. unwinnable war it's
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going on for many years now. it's kind of a quagmire. ukrainian military is not really committed to fighting it. that's why they have these private militias. so, you know, a lot of it's going into things like surveillance technology, drones, and it just perpetuating this war there could be end is and so it's just money into a block hole and into defense contractors just like, you know, people been talking about up canister and how much money's been wasted there? so it's not the same scale as you point out, but it's still all the money. and then the ukraine government, very corrupt. so the u. s. is also providing, you know, united charities, they say and a packages, but that's very corrupt governments. and i think, you know, the us taxpayer is not seen a good return on that money. well, and that's the thing, you know, and, and, and maybe maybe that's one less than that comes off gaston right now we're looking at the how many billions of dollars lives lost in our case. so now i will say that the president, craig, but look, you don't have american soldiers and ukraine, you just have your dollar. so you should be as upset as you are. you're not going
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to see is big of a fiasco with the withdrawal. but i have to wonder what i'm looking to do you think that now that americans are waking up seeing how much money was wasted as gas and both for the last 20 years. but this last withdraw that they might demand from accountability for the amount of humanitarian in the money that we're giving to ukraine to see where it's actually being spent. and is it actually going for the mission that the united states supposedly committed to? yeah, i think it's up to us isn't to scrutinize their government and to cast attention on the situation ukraine and very few politicians. busy who challenges in either party, and who pointed out that this is a very corrupt government lensky was supposed to bring in reform, but he's very much tied to this warlord. you her whole my ski, and i think ukraine's are losing patience with him. his popularity rating is promising so. busy americans have to pressure their politicians and again, the democratic party has been strongly support this policy in ukraine,
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this new cold war. and i think we need a new generation of leaders and we need a population to pressure the leaders to, to end this and to, to challenge what they're doing well. and it'll be interesting because i think even just looking at the ground and what we know of what's going on right on the crane, the quality of life is not improved despite that was the campaign promises that were made something that i think and forts who were feeling here in the united states and that's the only way that you get to have the people's attention to pay. and when they go to the voter box, that goes my life better today. when this person, when it came into office, like they promised, or has it decreased severely, us makes that decision. ukrainians are actually asking that same question. thanks for joining us on this issue. now, new visual from the secretive and highly secure ca, compound and get us and have been released by the new york times the base had a training area for african counterterrorism units in an area section, offer torture and questioning detainees. prior to leaving the ca detonated explosive, destroying almost the entire area,
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anything which could have been used by the taliban in the future. so here's where the questions are being raised. see, i began destroying buildings back in april and may immediately following president biden's announcement that us forces would leave the country by september, ammunition depots, and containment buildings were also completely destroyed by august 27th. even the evacuation of staff seem to be much more organized according to these photos, with everyone being clear to by august 28th and the taliban took their 1st steps on the property. meanwhile, the last call between president biden and african president, ash ref ghani, which lasted 14 minutes and was on july 23rd. president biden told ghani to change the perception whether true or not, that things were not going well in terms of the fight against the taliban. to discuss this, this was whether or not the us will be sitting humanitarian, a dentist, and we bring in former pentagon official micro move who joined us just yesterday talking about how actual valuable that these weapons were, that the military did not destroy in an easy fix. for an expert,
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so i wanted to make sure that i got you on the follow up seeing after with the c i a did. thanks for joining us. michael. my pleasure. think you wanna start with the phone calls. she think it made, it would have made even a month earlier. if connie would have been more honest and had a plea for help and fighting the taliban and keeping africa said what had made a difference if he were just been honest. will it be just stated in the office? i think that would have made a lot of difference to show leadership. it was clear that biden by then had picked up with trumpeted much, much earlier that gunny did not exhibit any semblance of leadership. he was or that could emission probably was a smart guy. but in terms of starting leadership, trump wanted him replaced ultimately. and, and for by them just suggest look, just you know, just do something, show some appearance, whether or not it's true of leadership and it's pathetic. and this is what we were
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dealing with. and he was the 1st to run. he got on a plane and took tens of millions of dollars and he's over in the u. e. spending it now over. interesting to see how if anything, followed up with that, like i said that's i think it's really odd for one leader of one country. china and don't tell the truth about it, but at least it look like it's really well when it's not. it sent a bad signal to the troops if our president is leaving. and the fact too that the united states earlier had stopped air support or had stopped providing other other types of assistance. what, what did they ask in military begin to think and that was highly demoralizing, that lack of air power. they were trained by the way, they were trained to have air support in their and their activities. and that was taken away from the, by the, by an administration. well, and that's what i want to also get to is what they were trained on here. this
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military and now that we know the ca, properly disposed of everything that they had there and we had this conversation. why did not the us military follow the same on the ground? how valuable is this military equipment that was left behind compared to what the taliban previously had and why couldn't the military follow the same sort of protocol that the cia did and had been preparing for months for this? what ultimately happened? well, as i said yesterday, i'd like to see the videos because i don't believe a word that's coming out of the pentagon. now their credibility shot because you saw row upon row upon row of these, they have the helicopters night vision. i'm. i'd like to know that my vision technology was destroyed, that that is a that is a type of a technology that gives you added benefit on the battlefield, especially when you can undertake activities at night, and not to mention the howitzers and what have you. these kinds of things, they,
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it really was a value added tremendous value added for them. and i've seen pictures now of them actually sending some of that, those weapons and what have you to iran neighbor in iran, so it's not staying put. well, it'll be interesting now that we have the us treasury, the already set up to move humanitarian aid to get into people. i think all of us are question. would it get to the people or will it be good by the taliban as well? like always, great. to talk to you, michael now, ida is moving up the eastern united states as a tropical depression, sparking flash floods and tornado damage. that's for the gulf coast. people in new orleans across the louisiana are facing a long road to recovery. power still out for nearly a 1000000 people and officials are still assisting the extent of the damage, which they say is devastating and widespread are due to your molly bar. us has the latest. like most of the city of new orleans, 66 year old al gone greenberry is living without power. he has no way to keep his
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food or his house cool during the hottest part of the summer and they were doing all right, so, you know, i mean, low, we got water and you know, we could cook so they got to do some ice or something you know, if it is just me, you know, because we pretty read up and have me to go and quit to know nearly a 1000000 people who are still without electricity after hurricane either came ashore on sunday is one of the largest storms on record to hit the state about 25000 crews are working around the clock to restore power. some areas will have it back on and days, but it will be weeks for the hardest hit places. the category for storm, rob flooding and punishing. when throughout the state, anthony staggers, wrote it out in the class, louisiana. oh no, no. no. they did. no more. probably didn't rain in the train. it would. you know. jason keller watched. i was pounding, wins, topple a tree right onto his home. during that time we've got
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a category 3. so i would assume it's like a 12535 miles per hour winds blowing. so i could actually see the sea 3 cavity back and forth in the roof start example me out of the grass. i knew the fall in the house. hundreds of people are rescued from homes where they were left stranded by flood waters. the louisiana national guard activated nearly 5000 personnel and helped move almost 200 people in their pet hire brown fisherman. roy com or dow and alabama. louisiana bought a losing battle to save his home and his livelihood from the storm. he may have to survive on his savings until he can get back to work. i don't know when we'd be able to get solid. we would fish down a row in venice. be ours area. so like for katrina and all that, it took us over 2 months before we could even go ride down to see what we had left . tragically, the death toll from hurricane ida is now at 6 after 2 electrical workers in alabama
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died repairing. powered damage caused by the storm. 2 others died in louisiana. one man was killed when a treat on his home, and another drowned crossing a flooded road. while in mississippi, 2 people died and 10 others were injured when flooding caused the highway to collapse. in laplant, louisiana residents like an all of that the are assessing the damage and grateful to have survived. and i'm so sorry would be like this, but we have any choice. we thank god for life because he could have been wasting a lot of bodies could have been quite dead. people could have been killed in all because why god now when we return, europe has decided to limit travel from the united states. we will give you the details on who is still out in all after the break with ah, ah,
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ah ah, this is mark. mark your function, you go with, like a good idea. dollar. ah, no, no. the whole do y'all done got that. i've got that limit and i wanted them to go back to the left me about the less about the news
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ah, just ahead of the holiday weekend in the united states, the cdc is telling and vac said americans not to travel for labor day. i didn't that even the fully vac said it could be taking a risk that. meanwhile, the european union has dropped the united states from a safe list. that means new restrictions are on the way for american tourist, even if they've already gotten their shots. shoddy, edward, the da, she has the story from london when it's bad news for those of you that are wanting to seize the last of the european sunsets across the pond. as the united states has now been removed from the use this country, american forest and travel ahead to the european question, to foreign or even to say. now that brandy comes is
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a delta variant is very rampant across the united states. and so many european member states are hoping that that doesn't happen here in europe as well. so it really seems like all of this policy is very much dictated by the day to ross. we know the private cases in the united states have average now 152000 cases every single day. just last week alone with the same find the pacific that we saw back in january with hospitalizations as well, a very high indeed 85000 on the death rate over 1200 a day to several consecutive days. so that the 6 the e u. is particularly worried about on surprising that they're putting in place some time to restrictions for american tourists. however, you may not face one of those tied to restrictions if indeed you are fully vaccinated. but as we know, it's not just the house implications,
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but there are other implications to was 50000000 americans a year visited europe before this con demick can pump billions of pounds into the european economy as well. thing says, all of that the united states has yet to reopen its own borders to e u tourism. but it's not just america alone just to mention all for israel cost of a leopard, non montenegro on no face at the border restriction in europe as well. but for the travel industry, all of it is pretty much bad news. it's huge trouble. yes. to get sex for the very much all you please hit one of the hardest throughout the whole you know, just in terms of waiting to reopen. yes. again, but also having with the constant rule changes in europe. and mine also has come out to say that this decision is extremely disappointing for tourism. in general.
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however, you must rest assured us there is a good fight for american horror. you guys can always come here to the united kingdom because these rules do not apply here in britain as we know. a the u. k. has left the european union, so it's a totally different picture. the only thing is, i can't exactly promise to say your opinion sunset. you may have to even pock your umbrella, but a holiday as a holiday. nonetheless, this is cheryl edwards dash d for news views hughes now while experiencing a slower subscriber growth due to more options on the market. the streaming service, netflix is still valued at over $228000000000.00. spite not being one of the most popular regions in the world. now adam sandler, the popular actor writer and film director, was planning on his film actually being based in china and film there. however, netflix asked him to change the script in the location. so to find out why we bring it so maker and authors, sean. sean, thanks for joining me. you got it. okay,
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the shot. why not let the water boy come to china? well, according if you believe you know the, the official narrative. netflix, as we know, as global now they have stream, their streaming service is all around the world, including in india with every country except china is not a country that allows netflix. and i think this has to do with some level to political control from chinese perspective. and also economic financial because the chinese government, you know, when that netflix quarter them a few years ago, refused, it seems a chinese want to be able to distribute. they want to get power for distribution to their own streaming services, right? contenders to netflix much the way there are. there are contenders to facebook for example and youtube in china. so because netflix is not distributing to china, the presumably they said to saddler, there's no point in basing your film there and we just, we have no reason to,
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to do it. we're not, we're not making this for a chinese audience essentially. well, it's interesting because when you talk about the chinese want to make this to be able to have their own distributions that you have. netflix is no longer just a distributor. as you know, we've talked about this or actually content creators, their producers, they're doing adam sandler film. so i find a very curious to china thinks, i mean, does this mean that china doesn't have any access to netflix and streaming services? because guess what? when i was watching the oscars and emmys a few my without this past year, the majority of them were coming from streaming services. they're original content . sure, sure. i knew netflix also and i was getting into the gaming business in the future . so we understand that track that netflix is like a studio in the sense that they produce in original content. but you know, you look at what china is doing china and not necessarily courting hollywood. in fact, it's difficult. you know, if you're the american producer,
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there's only so many films that are allowed in china each year. so the chinese are more interested if you ask me logically and financially speaking and controlling the narratives. right. that's why when it comes to allowing up american films in and we've seen in the past with complaints from hollywood studios that both back and forth. and the chinese basically, chinese saying that they're being misrepresented in hollywood found in the hollywood studios. not wanting to necessarily change things, but also being forced to change things in the movies to, to, to like a, china. so when you say like the chinese need netflix from their perspective, they're the 2nd largest box office or potentially the biggest box option at the moment. they don't see any need for american films. in fact, they're, they're making, they're producing so much and they give somebody films the biggest films in china or chinese films now. so we're not at a place where it was 20 years ago. and the way the world was waiting for american movies to entertain themselves. well,
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and what i find interesting about this is that netflix itself has a lot of chinese films, honest platform. so i find it very odd that netflix if they really wanted to play ball, they're really not because china could do without netflix. but for some reason netflix can't do without china any reason for this? well, i would argue that netflix strategically is releasing certain chinese films just as they are doing indian turkish because they realized that their global audience includes people from across the asper. we have chinese americans, right? we have many people, you know, from china in the region than america and other countries. right. so i'm sure they would be interested in watching chinese films on netflix platform. so you said the way netflix means chinese content. china does not necessarily need american content, it would seem at this point. ok, so from a film producer from directors perspective, when they go into country, whether it's china or any other country, how much control is that film giving over to the government? how much controls those governments ask of films that come within their borders as
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in this case at china saying if you come over to us, how much control would they be given? yeah, we'll try to do in this case. as we know, i mean the, the overall idea that western countries are more free. there's a reason there, there is a true to that. when you go, the reason i think netflix without an issue with streaming china, the china is very much as censorship boards that go over the content. you know, even when you go to produce a film in china, they will go through the scripts and make sure it can be approved. and this is just to shoot their, let alone to distribute them. so when it comes to netflix, wanting to, for example, the apple watch tissue china, they would have serious censorship issues with all the content that they're putting out in a weekly basis. and i don't think china could even manage to go through their censorship for may not be big enough to handle the thousands of movies, documentary tv shows, right that are coming out every month from netflix. so you know, it's kind of unique country in that regard. as far as the amount of government
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official sanction official censorship that occurs. i don't think most countries have that, but again, you'd have to go to country my country. we look at what protocols norms up. well, and there's something that attracts all these films to actually get the better attacked incentives or whatever it is that causes majority of films today to not be filmed here in the united states, which i think it's quite surprising people looked into where so their favorite films are actually film that sean, always great to talk to you and that's all for a show. and thank you for watching the news. only one main thing is important for not as an internationally speaking to that is a nation's allowed to do anything. all the master races and then you have the mind,
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nations who are the slave americans, brock obama, and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this dangerous man that wants to take over the world. that was a conscious strategy. so some of it on your own, i english v i v. i not leashed to off in one in tablet, block nato. it's our we move east. the reason us head jimmy, it's a dangerous is the last, the sovereignty of the countries, the exceptionalism that america uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nature, what is founded, shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in large companies would lose
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millions and millions or is business and businesses good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fascist. me that pacific leg around the world, expedition by 1000 ocean mile round the clock of the dead. com. spanish. as every country, close my life. the crew, gavin's food and water, fortune to, to check those for us. also the blue link. this
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guy is got everybody locked down or no food and no water really. i'm not sure somebody either stuck a fish in the cove. it, you're living like the female of own, but in the 21st century. ah ah, i was begging to go to one tunnel because what i've seen and witnessed in belgrade was so destructive to this day. i hadn't gone to sleep. the 1st of an in depth investigation into the victims of america's brutal war on terror with a line drawn by us pull out from afghanistan bag a form of guantanamo detainees, shed the horrors he enjoyed.


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