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to juan, created saws, covey to. that's where you are getting. let me finish. we don't know why don't wait a minute. the lab, but only evidence is pointing that it came from the lab. you and there will be a responsibility for those are funded the lab, including yourself. i totally this can really allow the witness to i totally resent the lie that you and now propagating definitely no love lost between those 2. well, 900 pages have just been released on the will hand corona, virus research lab, and they're very damning. we will tell you what side and if anything, will actually come out of them. and the department of justice has just become involved in the controversial harpy bill in texas. we're going to give you the 360 view of the issue following the supreme court ruling up holding the texas legislatures bill. i'm sorry, no huge these stores and more on today's new use right here on our t america. let's get started. ah,
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thanks for joining us now. we're going to get enough dentist and we're oppositional . leaders are still holding out hope the taliban will not take control of their country even without us support. now the testers in control were who were mainly female, were peacefully calling on the taliban to respect the rights and gains they had made over the last 2 years. decade 2 decades chanting freedom and carrying banners . however, as the crowd grew with men joining in mainly anger at pakistan for their support for the taliban, an interference in africa and affairs, the taliban used force including beating protesters with rifles and sticks, as well as shooting into the air. to discuss this latest run to violence mysteries, it was the conversations and guitar between politicians and who are going to be the best to get americans out of the region. is that the best way to go to bring in for a pentagon official mike on the list? thanks for joining us again,
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we'd continue this conversation cuz this story is not going to go away. in fact, what did you just say to me for the show started? i said it's a very dynamic in fluid situation and it's going to be getting more and more complicated and, and it's, it's going to become much more intense, which is one of the things that i think the president bided, didn't realize when he went through so quickly wonders intelligent wrong or was he did the administration get it wrong? i think time will be able to tell. but let's go to this issue about the protesters in the street. do they have any chance of actually maintaining any of the small freedoms that they've gained over the last 20 years? and is there any difference between the taliban from 20 years ago and say the one to 8 maybe is the taliban more woke today to what the world is like? well they, they want to convey that image. it's all public relations in order to get international recognition. the reality is know, and i'm afraid that and you use, you said it here they, they started getting be becoming heavy handed with the protesters even though it was peaceful. and just the other day they shot
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a pregnant police woman and killed her. and so this was taliban. and so i doubt that the other countries are going to be giving international recognition anytime soon, given that kind of activity, you also got to consider to the leadership of tell a bon wants to convey that image. but you have it so splintered. tell about so splintered other elements may just say, heck with it, we're going to, we'll do what we want to do and they are. and it's going to be very difficult for tell a bond to show any united front to try to even show governance for that matter. as the question and a lot of the anger in the street just to get found out about about the women's when a d at least maintained what little freedom they had. but how involved is packets and i was angry pakistan and their support of this taliban and what they've done in their governance of afghanistan. and how involved is pakistan. pakistan's and toes and service created the african tele and it's to their benefit to see
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f can taliban prevail ultimately? and they are providing assistance in order to maintain their own influence into afghanistan. all those countries surrounding africana stan have influence historical influence. and in that country, from iran to pakistan, to china, to russia, here in india, historically, now you've got to consider one other thing. there is a, there is a pakistani tell a bon, that is opposed to the pakistani government and once overthrown, those elements seem to be migrating into the isis k course on region to join up with isis. they're much more extreme than even the f can tell a bond. so taliban is, i've enjoyed the other caliber, they're actually going to attach the enemy, which is nice of k, right? yeah, that's, that's correct. it's evolving that, that is what is, what is occurring in pakistan has some control over f can power f can telephone,
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but they don't have it over their own. he wants to, over to over throw that well it's, they are a, are a different breed and they want to overthrow the, the pakistan they tried in the past, right? very intricate and so then who have more power. we've talked about this in the past, the power that turkey has over here are they would like to have over the taliban and control who has more influence right now over at pakistan or turkey or another country. well, pakistan has the primary control right now, but turkey is trying to wear. jim carter has a tremendous influence, cotter and carter has its own designs to want to extend its own influence into the central asian countries as does turkey. so those 2 countries, even though they're of like mine and they are allies, to some extent turkey has a base and cutoff for example, they will be competing for influence. historically, central asia was turkic and as, as was sent, as was western china. well,
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and i have to ask this before goats. i tease it in this idea that you have the u. s . hedge secretary of state secretary defense going to guitar to try to get the american how desperate of an action is that instead of having to go to another country to get to ask on behalf diplomatically to get the americans out. it's a just shows that we're leading from behind once again, and when it's a terrible development. and katara is more than happy to do it because they want to gain the recognition because of their competition with saudi arabia, egypt, jordan, they want to come out, they want to be and they have the united states back in them like this is, you know, it's all and then willow guitar a favor as well. i mean, i just, yeah we're, we're in where we're owing them tremendously. right now. i don't like any favors to anybody, especially when you're in the united states. thank you for joining me on this. micro sure. we'll continue the conversation. now do this alarming news out of taiwan or the taiwanese defense minister says china for multiple aircraft in their
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skies, sparking fears, future invasion, 10, j. 16, and for a few 30 fighter jets and anti submarine aircraft. and 4, h 6 bombers, which can carry nuclear weapons entered into taiwanese airspace in china's latest military incursion. now the tension is already high since earlier this year. china vowed to invade taiwan and even presented a 3 stage plan for that invasion, saying they're willing to use force to bring the island. they consider a part of its territory under control. so how close his china to making good on their promise to use force and where would that put the rest of the world, including the united states? we branch on jordan form or naval intelligence officer to help us with this conversation. john, thanks for joining me on this. absolutely got a, these are the wages of a weakness, and this is what happens when you do what president biden did in afghanistan. you emboldened america's out adversaries throughout the world to test the
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administration to see how much for the vacant push president biden. and it probably as a corrosive impact on the resolve of our friends. i mean, our friends or there's taiwan, japan, the philippines, or our friends in the middle east are now wondering, are they truly alone? are american security guarantees really worth anything? and so the chinese are trying to explore the extent of americas weakness and they want to and they want to further develop, if not expand the sense of unease and this trust and feeling of isolation by america's allies. so that's what this mission was and you can look forward to many more of them, not just from china or lose regard to taiwan, but over the south china sea, for the provocative actions there, as well as actions by countries other than china throughout the world, especially in the middle east, president biden has bought himself at years worth of trouble and potential crises here and, well, and that's the thing, you know, there's, there's wargames, there's the sort of words, almost what these are,
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but then there's actions behind it. you know, the whole arm, do you think the taiwanese should be over these weekends? flyovers especially considering how weak their greatest allies seems to be presenting itself to the world these days. they should be enormously concerned to china feels emboldened now. so now these, these, these types of incursions are going to get become more frequent and bolder. and this invite some sort of miscalculation or some sort of the girl with the greater frequency of these happen. the probability goes up that something may happen some time when taiwanese local service, their missile commander may or may mistake. one of these for an attack and fire, taiwanese pilot may fire a chinese pilot may fire. so this is just increases the probability of something going wrong. and the chinese i think, would like to for meant something and provoke ty, wanting to doing something. so the china can become the bad guy. it can make greater sort of circumstances where they can exert more diplomatic pressure,
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not just on taiwan, but the philippines and japan as well. well. and that comes the point of what would be us doing that situation. and there's this pack, the u. s. 281, but with the u. s. actually get involved militarily and defensive taiwan. and it directly think this could potentially lead to a full war between the u. s. and china. once again considering the environment that we're in after the last few weeks. absolutely. do what we're looking here at here as a potential failure of deterrence. the might of the united states is now in question, or rather, the political will of american leadership to use that mike is now it's in question . so when deterrence fails, enemies, you know, address adversaries. become aggressive an attack and then you have a war, or then at least you have probably conflicts here. so the chinese are seeking to exploit this and if america continues to back down, they will be come increasingly more aggressive. and they will continue to work to further hollow out,
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tie one from the inside because then to china will be able to say tied to tie one. hey, you want to do this easy way, or you want to do this the hard way. well, there's another thing i've got to ask for, i have you on here that i think that this was something that sparked your attention over the weekend was the chinese are now claiming that they had this new radar that they have developed, which can actually detect stealth bombers and all of sort of the secret military equipment to the us, but using the world uses, do you believe it? that's just another one of those proverbial threads. fantasies that china out there before that we know not to be true or you think legitimately technology is up to apart now that they could actually develop something like they claim well, i mean flying airplanes. you know, scotty, for a long time and dealt with all kinds of radars over the years. basically what the chinese books is purely on the people. there's the back here. this report came out from a chinese mainland chinese magazine, periodical. so it's not been peer reviewed,
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none of the claims in there have been verified, there's been no examination of it whatsoever. all we have right now is a chinese mainland chinese publication making these claims. now as somebody understands what, what about this there? so there are some problems in these problems and pointed out by some european publications to is that what the chinese are claiming seems to me via live of einstein's theory of relativity. as what they're saying is, these art photons are energy, which is what traditional radar is, but particles and particles have mass. and as we know from mr. einstein equals m c squared. so as you want to have an object can particle approach, the speed of light and the amount of energy it takes starts to approach infinity. so the chinese are saying that that doesn't apply that for some reason another this deals with quantum mechanics that isn't really clear how the physics of that make any sense at all when there have been experiments among this kind of very, very small scale. it's been done at temperatures which are approaching absolute 0.
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so that's a long way for a workable system. i would have to see it. i think the world would have to see how this would work and understand the physics behind it before anybody took it seriously. but even if you do have a physics break through, it's a long way from working out the nuts and bolts and having a deployable system. well, and let's just say this with technology. if you have one thing one day, i guarantee that we something to counter at the next. if they have developed it, i'm sure somebody will find a way around it, john dorn, always great to speak with you. thanks for joining me. now when we return, as dr. valgy down plays the latest move, the variance of the virus. hundreds of pay israel, a much closer relationship between the lab birds, speculated the virus came from the us national health institute been fun, joined us with the details of this report. the news
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me make notes, borders and my number is emerge. we don't have authority. we actually the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people who judge governors crisis, we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in our own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are together in
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back dies or financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh, you mean the downside? artificial mortgage right now get carried away, was trying to report in the pacific leg around the world expedition 5000 ocean miles round the clock of the dead. calm miss wilson in every country close by. it was like the crew. gavin's food and warner forgot to shut off the little boy and i said it's got
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everybody locked down or no food and no one really getting them up. so somebody either stuck up in the cove it you're living like the female of own. but in the 21st century, ah ah, the online publication, the intercept has obtained more than $900.00 pages of documents revealing us funded research on multiple types of kroner. viruses at the will. han institute verola gee in china to bring us all of these details and who is involved. we bring an investigative journalist, been swan who was actually talking about this again, of function research. oh boy, back in may. thanks for joining me. been. yeah,
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it's gotta get to have me. thanks for having me on. i was a may of last year. not if we may of this year. let's be clear about that since may of 2020. we've been talking about the function research, but please. well, i think been originally we're going to do this whole montage the last year and a half, even when the corner virus and i was still at home broadcasting for my own studio. we were talking about the source and the gain of research in the u. s. was tied to this somehow, but why did the these latest documents reveal? did they give us anything new or just another source of confirmation regarding the funding behind this lab actually came from here in the u. s. yeah, so in reality for most people, maybe it gives them some inside or maybe it clarifies for them the idea that hey, in fact, there's more to this than what they about in the 1st place. but in reality, no, we've learned nothing new from this. in fact, this is stuff that, as you mentioned, i've been reporting on for over a year and have told people about the fact that echo health alliance is the company that got contracts from the u. s. government to carry
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a gain of function research. it did so after gain a function was banned in the united states in 2014. it was off short to china was now one thing that this article does provide this are some details about the hundreds of different kinds of corona viruses that have been experimented on. peter daphne, who is the head of echo health alliance, was the, the main kind of guy running all of this. but what's important for people to remember is that peter das, because also the person who essentially ran interference after the corona virus. lab leak theory came out and got a bunch of doctors to essentially sign letters saying that gain a function. research was not happening and there's no way this. this virus came from a lab league. he's the one who push that. and yet, these documents do prove that he not only was aware of this, not only was involved again, a function research, but actually had made statements about how dangerous gain a function research can be saying that at times, scientists have have a great risk of being bitten by infected bad. yeah. it's like you gave us wines
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beforehand and we didn't listen to it. novel concept. you know, here's the thing as you point out, we've known about this stuff. but what should happen because of these documents that are confirmation of us involvement in the current vice? what should that is the key word in their spend? what should happen next? what should be going on both with the government, as well as the people in regard to now knowing this information? well, what should happen? first of all, is that every single official, especially people like dr. anthony factory, who have gotten up in front of congress and testified that there was no gain a function paid for gain. a function did not take place in the lab of the united states, did not pay for gain a function that the in each did not pay for again, a function. those people should be charged with crimes lying to congress. with lying under oath, they should be charged and they should go to jail. that's what should happen. because until you start to punish people for willfully lying to congress for willfully deceiving the american people for continually doing so look. so there's
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a ram paul has these, these confrontations with anti voucher on a pretty regular basis and found she's become more and more emboldened because he realizes there's no consequence. so he'll get up and say, no, you, senator paul, don't know what you're talking about. and he attacks him, the reality is he needs to go to jail because clearly, according to these arguments, he lied to congress. well, that's the thing been, you know, the white house just came back 2 weeks ago saying it was inconclusive. we have no idea where the origins of this virus came from. maybe it's because they found out that the us probably has more ties to it, that they want to make public. and like always, and you'll stay with the story. thank you so much for joining us. now we're in what is being deemed as the most restrictive abortion bill ever passed. since roe v wade, the supreme court upholding of the texas legislators, harpy bill has put the controversial topic of abortion right back into the spotlight. now, the bill which prohibits abortion for the harpy, is detected, makes it legal for anyone in the state of texas to knowingly engage in conduct the
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thing that h, or best performance or inducement ivan enforcement at abortion, where the harpy that detected it, actually usually around $5.00 to $6.00 weeks of pregnancy and the bill passed the texas legislature in may of this year, however, was fought by abortion, advocates all the way to the supreme court who declined lastly to block, causing both sides of the issue to become very inflamed. now your attorney general merrick carl is getting involved and he says the department of justice will protect people trying to obtain or provide abortions in texas after the heartbeat it detected to give us 36 of you not on the issue of abortion itself. but this d o j a new involvement on the issue we bring in rece everson attorney and founder of the blush project. and demetrius might our author, preacher and political commentator, thank you so much for joining me on this issue. it's become very heated over social media watch. i know this past week even i'm reading it going ok. people are obviously very engaged in this on both sides. the reason i want to start with you,
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why do you feel the d o j is actually getting involved in this issue? well, interestingly enough, as you may know, mary barley was actually slated to be one of the supreme court justices who would be deciding that obama nomination has gone through. but i believe that the and so unfortunately he's not in position right now as a supreme court justice to defend it. but he's able to do it from his position as attorney with the attorney general. and thank goodness for that. because at this time, women and taxes literally have no recourse, you have women who have a constitutional right and they're literally being blocked in band, as in the, in the us, the saying there's nothing they can do at the moment. and so, i mean other, i'm sorry, there is nothing other people can do to protect their rights. so thankfully the d o j is stepping in because otherwise you're window would be left with no recourse. so debris true here, here is the control. like i said, it's not about a debate about abortion stuff, that's a whole nother tire show on its own. this is more about the d o j and the actual
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president, you know, are you worried that this says the president to further weaponized the justices and to do the bidding of the opinions of those empower versus the law? the actual law there is on the books you have we ever seen this before? do you feel like scottie? first of all, thank you so much for having me on such a honor. and the last time i check, we have checks and balances, and that's the executive branch, their legislative branch, and the judicial branch. they're not supposed to be serving in terms of overreach, eat but to check into balance. and the supreme court of united states ruled that the texas law was constitutional, therefore, in it's a breach in overreach, of government, for the department of justice to be interfering with tasks. it also, it just, it sat me to feed the, the less this is government institutions continue to advocate for what i call
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a culture of debt. any, they're not going to do what they have to do about the border security and national security. they're not doing their job when it comes to national security that can stand policy. oh, but less make sure that abortion in julie babies is intact. but to just more reasons aside, there are some constitutional problems that i have with the b o j's actions. and that's where i'm kind of concerned about right now because, you know, obviously we've seen party's rule and they get out of power in the white house all the time. it's which is possible every 4 years. so read on this question, forget these 3 branches of government that he brought out, or even the legislative process that this went through in texas. does this mean that the d j actually is more powerful on any issue? i said take more of it. can they do whatever they deem necessary in the future, whether it be women's rights, whether it be immigration issues,
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whether be anything else that you know, the supreme court or the judicial branch says, nope, it's this. ok, they can go against it will see. and when you talk about something like checks and balances, you have to keep in mind that the d o j job is to protect and enforce the rules of the land. and so when what we know is that they are coming to, or they're using a act called the faces act, which stands for the freedom to access clinic intrinsic. and that it prohibits anyone from tour in obstructing or threatening a person who's trying to enter a clinic for reproductive hel access. and because there is a law on the books, the d o j is perfectly within their rights to enforce that law, whether they use it criminally or similarly. and so to been just the polls that with the texas ban, which says that individual, and this is what's really interesting, the only reason that the supreme court allowed this bill or this bill to pass in
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texas is because it allow individuals to enforce the rather than the government and so individual can now speak to someone that they see as aiding and abetting a woman who's going to get an abortion or a doctor who's performing an abortion. well, here's the problem with that you can not interrupt or interfere with a woman or action attempting to go into the clinic. and so to be able to sue her, lyft driver driver is just in plain and thankfully, these companies are coming forward even lifted. who have come forward and that they're willing to pay for the legal bill. of anyone involved there who has been attempted to be filled by a person. because sexual lawsuit is to scribble with anyone called up the legal system in texas. so i don't know where the supreme court thompson with this idea, but thankfully other agencies are getting involved in stepping up and doing what they, what needs to be done in the meters. i've got to have you back on cuz we're out of time to show you know, my big question is, is why the supreme court case versus supreme court cases. it's always interesting
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to see that thank you for having a conversation. i'm sure it will continue and like i said, that's all the time we have for today show, like always to provide you the information 360 view, which you can make your own opinion on the issues of the day. please follow me on twitter as friday and he's download the portable dot tv app on your android or apple device. see you later. ah, ah, ah, the thick lag around the world expedition? 5000 miles round the clock and the dead calm. miss wilson in every country close by it with the
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crew, gavin's food and water, and to go to chat for a little. i know i got everybody locked down or no more, no food to know about that only i'm not sure. can somebody call me, especially if you're still in the coven, you're living like the female of own. but in the 21st century. the service play by a whole set of different rules. it's going to force us in your words to get mean 30 and nasty in order to take them. i will use all tools at our disposal to do so. my name is a monarch. many, i'm the head of a family member can come up and killed our children and we will never forgive them
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for lead this place. i pity my what the united states was doing. and they were bringing people to this site, afghans ordering and abusing them outside of the rule of law and then allow some of them to go back home and they would go home and tell people this is what the americans that we know and look it up it was a pointless exercise. ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? type relation for community you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is truth?
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what is in a world corrupted, you need to this end. ah, so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, ah, breaking news this our rushes emergencies minister dies while trying to save a person's life. during training exercises in the arctic, we have more enough story and moments also ahead in the the president joe biden gets a hostile reception from his own citizens and made public frustration over his handling healthy dennis them on those 20 town
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diversity of $911.00 approaches r t x louis the legacy.


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