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tv   News  RT  September 11, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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the who's in the headlining this hour reports of injuries, and frances more rallies against coven restrictions to violence. but the use of tear gas pepper spray and stung grenades. i didn't give head months, said 25 days. all this is america's legacy. their store, the sabotaged equipment in the country, bought a bruin at steel control of the taliban. exactly 20 years after 911. the war on terror to make the world safer. america instead fled. i've
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got to stand and disgrace and defeat. as all correspondent describes, the conflict failed to achieve any of its goals, but left behind a trail of destruction. horrible smell that snow, like i mean, i don't, i can only describe it as metal and flesh. i was angry. excuse me. the heartache of recalling the worst terror attack in modern history. the world commemorates the victims of $911.00. on this, the 20th anniversary, we talked to those who suffered from the event and it stopped about an hour in depth investigation. the says, the collateral damage of the american war on terror through death. drone attacks and torture. we speak to former guantanamo detainees,
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about the horrors inflicted on them. i was begging to go to the tunnel because what i've seen and witnessed in belgrade was so destructive to this day. i haven't, i can't sleep. ah, ah, hello, and good evening for moscow this saturday september, the 11th 2021. you were watching arte international with me colleague bryan before we get onto the poignancy of today's date for so many around the world. france is another country we're watching this. we can violence again this saturday in paris, where protests against coven restrictions. so clashes, right? police deploying gas and pepper spray and also reports of injuries. the
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ah, was the end of the demonstration and its disposal. it became very tense notes. william, really st. paul, a real square that was theory confrontation. please actively deployed guests and flesh grenades. now the situation is stabilized somewhat. as you can see, there are not many left on palo royal square in front of the state council building . there is a huge number of police just a few minutes ago. it was impossible to breathe hill before that the rally was run, the come no serious uses. a 4th protest of demonstrating against coven pulses, which they consider an encroachment on freedom's saturday, of course marks the 20th anniversary of the worst terror attack of modern history. when us planes were hijacked and flown into the twin towers of the world trade center in new york, typing the lives of almost 3000 people. and kevin,
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i haven't heard from alta. caleb moore been who's keeping an eye across the commemoration to new york for us as well as more i guess b as in the african capital cobble calla post. here from a is a solemn day for the whole of america or a new york city in particular. can you describe a little of the atmosphere that in the last few hours? it's been a morning of grief and commemoration. we've heard from elected officials in the united states, former presidents as well as victims families, describing the trauma of what happened 20 years ago. very solemn ceremony. but it comes at a point where the administration of joe biden is being widely question for his recent decisions regarding afghanistan, about how responsible it is and carrying out us foreign policy. now when we heard from president joe biden, as well as from vice president common harris, they emphasized a very common trope that we've heard from us leaders when commemorating the 911 events, they called for unity. it is my hope and prayer that we continue to honor their
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unity by strengthening our common bonds by strengthening our global partnerships. and by always living out our highest ideals, we saw a national unity been. we learned that unit is the one thing that must never break . unity is what makes us who we are. america is best. national unity may have been the emphasis of the remarks that we heard from the president and vice president, but that is not the situation today. there is not solid unity around the decisions we've seen from the administration. at this point, we have republicans in congress calling for jo biden's impeachment for miss handling this situation on afghanistan, saying that the, the aspirations of the united states and what they wage the war on terror for has been abandoned and betrayed,
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quite harsh words. here's what joe biden's critics among the republican party are saying. present biden said that he wanted to take this afghanistan off to play for future presidents. he's done the exact opposite for the next 20 years. american presidents will be dealing with this catastrophe and ask dana, stan, we call upon most somberly the resignation of this president joe biden build the case, start doing the work and figure out how to get this done and impeach joe biden. joe biden deserves to be in peach for a higher crime and misdemeanor of dereliction of duty. now at this point, it's not only republicans that are raising these concerns. the u. s. secretary of defense, i said that the top concern of the united states when it comes to afghanistan, is the possibility that afghanistan could, once again become a foreign base from which terrorism could be exported to the united states. so it's been 20 years since 91120 years of the war on terror. we have many americans
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watching the memories that are happening and wondering, was it all worth it? did we achieve what we set out to achieve? did it all just go to waste? what we've been doing for the past 20 years or i, let's go to more, i guess, do you have enough canister, senior, corresponding campbell at home or at the 911 attacks. that emotional tragic chapter enough and history has been well documented. can you take it through america's war on terror and its consequences for africans? well, as for the consequences, over the past 20 minutes or so, we have seen numerous fireworks launched over cardboard. so somebody is pap, celebrating america's tragedy here, and it just rubs it in, rubs that enough to everything that has happened after 20 years of war and what is being described this abject failure of united states policy here. united states objectives here would have got to start. there are those who are celebrating 911
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again. we have seen multiple fly works also over the last several days, the taliban has announced the new government with, with many of the officials nominated by the taliban to lead this new. slavic emerett of, of got to stop the former guantanamo. it made their full what taught them inmates as well as other people who have bounties, who have american balances on their heads. many people, more than a dozen at international terrorists, the tide about whose obvious she felt emboldened by military success, how quickly took over the country. it has made no compromise in its its roast for the new government. so there was speculation that perhaps the time of bad would include minorities would include women and it's new governments as a get a compromise to the west, west and above. no such thing. what we're seeing is
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a government that was in power. on the day before the us invaded, i these a, these, the same organization though i must say, a different shape uptown. we were here, we watched, and we filmed this, the last of american troops pull that have capital airport and the tide bud celebrated long into the night. as for the united states, well, for them very little to celebrate. as i reported earlier, and 2001 began with, with the largest and pump invade of the start to fight for freedom to fight terrorism and make the world a better place. 19 years, 10 months and $25.00 days on. this is america's legacy. they're stored and sabotaged equipment. a country bought a ruined steel and control of the tallow, but that is the ultimate tragedy of the afghan war at was entirely and violently
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pointless. years and years of an obliging little questioning media. fooled billions into believing that there was progress that america could win to her with the taliban. to taliban fled to the end of the taliban. taliban leadership on the run. and now the question is, how do you handle that success? ah, who's it wasn't supposed to be this way. the taliban wasn't supposed to sweep the country in mere weeks. the pentagon spent a decade preparing to leave of god this thought. and even though they weren't ready for this, together with our allies, we will complete our mission there. by the end of this year, i announced a timeline for drawing down our forces. we are working to finally and america's longest war,
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and it's time to end for evermore. the america's proudest movement of the afghan war wasn't supposed to be a humiliating evacuation under the guns of the taliban. but it was there is absolutely nothing else to celebrate. the united states ended 20 years of war and can stand the longest war in american history. we completed one of the biggest air lists in history with more than 120000 people evacuated to safety. no nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all the history. the only the united states and the capacity in
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a will believe you to do it and we did it today. where was the afghan army, where it was the west and backed government? where did all the money go? the united states sank more than a $100000000000.00 in the rebuilding of gather stock for reference adjusted for inflation. that is more that the united states sped on the marshall plan to rebuild europe after world war 2. and the tragedy of it is that for a civilian the side from all the american weapons of the taliban pads, berries almost no evidence that any of that money ever passed through here from broken roads that lead to nowhere to abandon hospitals from twisted contractors and corrupt leaders again, this dawn can arguably be called the largest money law during operation in human history. the united states is also committed to playing
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a leading role in the reconstruction of afghanistan. ah, in i, i tell it in now has more black hawk helicopters than 85 percent of the countries in the world. me and i still exist in our growing am janet stan and eventually they acquire me. ah,
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the we now have americans stuck it out again. the town that in charge with most more weaponry, they've ever had a border that is latanya but now controls more of that country than it did before. the us invaded the new government the field with what dynamo, bay, inmates, and terrorists, medina, dean, who even have american bounties on their heads. what washington achieved was the absolute opposite of what it intended. bombing at capital airport during the evacuation epitomized the afghan war, a senseless act, devoid of reason, which needlessly cut short so many lives. we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down to make you pay.
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we've heard the same promise before 20 years ago when america was united, and when it thought that it could change the world when it thought it was invincible. and when the people believed a president's promise more, i'd gazda if archie gabble, i've gotta stop. gotta go live to new york and i talked to legal leave legal media analyst line. good evening to you. thanks for joining us with 20 years on that. and from that horrific event that spawn to the war on terror is the well to say for places suddenly, just like to attempt i think that's impossible to ever even even approximate, say for i don't even know what i've got to tell you something that this is the most important thing i want to tell you, i was here in new york city on that day on that tuesday. and i am the
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only one. wow, i shouldn't say the only one but, but i tell contemporaries of mine today. this was the time when everybody was unified. i just, i tell people that and they look at me like, what do you mean? i said, i mean everybody not by the flag, not by the president. the mind a cause. but everybody was in it together. there was this incredible sense all look, come of i guess solidarity for lack of better word. do you remember at the time? i'm sure you do. is it funny? i'm a tad older the most that i tell people is if you remember 911, somebody who was in the 3rd grade is ok. fine. you were. you were 8 at the time, but there was a time when came, ron was had to leave jewel candlelight vigil when, when russia was the whole world. think about this. it was unanimous. i think about that. it was impossible to even conceive of this.
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then look what happened, sense covers broadcasting that day. and i do remember the extraordinary feeling and the extraordinary emotion that was universal. there was no, he east and west. there was no divide to what happened to that line because as you said, that time there was a, a unity that was as peculiar as it was magnificent. but now you've got such a divided country society and politics. we've had the president of the vice president call for unity in today's services. are they going to get it? can that ever be brought back? can happiness ever be achieved? and, and solitary, i don't even know what that means. one i didn't know, and what i have learned, which is the most fascinating is i give that day as my, my birthday my to use a prob, probably to reference my red killed day because i never saw anything like that. remember the internet?
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i'm sure, you know, the internet was nascent. we didn't have this then people were having people actually using pay phones that day. and i saw something then, which i still see today. i was here in manhattan. i'm in queens, not in brooklyn, here in man at and i could smell 911 every day. and what i saw and what i heard from police officers and firemen that i knew and what i saw on the media, had nothing to do with each other. and then people started talking about these vague and bad guys. they hate us because of our freedom. they have the who, they, who are they now one who did this, they and then it became the war on terror. and then there was little things called the patriot act. and then there was this notion of enemy combatants. there was a fellow named jose padea who was snatched up. the rules went out the window,
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but i learned something when you have a cough in me, of angry justifiably angry and frightened people no matter the country. nobody is worried about due process. but he's worried about whether the, the goal of the military has anything to do with this. then the next thing, you know, we're in iraq and i me, and i remember the time seeing what does iraq have to do with it. and then people would say things is i'll never forget this, these may generality. it's better to fight them there than here who they, who are they? the ones who did this, but there's no proof. then the smoking gun could be a mushroom cloud euphemisms trait slogan airing, and then i won't. if you think mask mandates or something today,
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do you remember the color schemes? the cold green today were yellow, were red, it never went to green. yeah, it was, is escalating level of fear somebody connecticut actually shrink, wrap their home plastic or you know, it was, it was peculiar, wasn't it in the war on terra had so many different subsidiaries to the reaching into our lives, to this day line, always good to talk to you. thanks very much for joining us tonight. thank you sir . among those who also watched those awful events unfold 1st hand on $911.00, it is now a current employee who remembers that day with a chilling shiver. john burns run on the streets of new york city with his video camera after the 1st plane hit. but for all these years, since he's not been able to find the strength to watch what he filmed until the day of our interview, the i knew something was
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terribly wrong and i immediately wanted to get out there. and for some reason i, i wanted to grab my camera, put on my skates, and i, by the time i got my skates on, that's one of the towers had fallen already, and i was just so unbelievable. and so i, i ran outside and there were already crowds of people outside gathering. i just felt i needed to, i wanted to document that i wanted to to be able to, to see it, you know, and, and it's funny that because i did shoot some video and i couldn't look at it later . i, i never looked at it. i put in a box and i just put it away in the 1st thing i remember was a commercial airline. i had flown overhead and
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everybody screamed and thought it was coming down also. and everybody sort of ran for cover. and then you could see people with ash on them and they were just walking with just the last 4 eyes and i was just very unbelievable. and then you saw the plume of smoke that was once like the towers and you looked at that and you just couldn't believe that that that skyline was gone. and i think, but he was just in disbelief at that time. i remember the smell that came over the, the city. it was this horrible smell that smell like, i mean, i don't, i can only describe it as metal and flesh and it was so strong that you could taste it in your mouth. and we were all wondering if we were going to get sick from this. the
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side, you know, doesn't seem like 20 years ago. all of a sudden and yeah, just you think you lose these emotions and, and they just seem always sit there somewhere and they, when they come up, you know, i think about it, i think about my friends who've off their family, their friends. i know a lot of people that have lost loved ones and it was just a constant funeral, basically with name after name, after name of people who died. and we saw their life stories on tv. and it was just never ending funeral in new york for a while. the media was constantly bombarding us days later with
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a message that we should live our lives. like normal to show that we beat this. but i was angry. wait power. excuse me. i was angry because of people saying were in big white houses a lot of security and they were saying to go with our lives and we had to walk around and we were afraid to go in public places like times square. we just never knew what was going to happen at the point. and i remember, you know, thinking i'm going to bring my son into the world. you know, what kind of world is this going to be? and, and that scared me. john burns really big, what he saw 1st hand,
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and as he said, the 911 tragedy immediately led to the american war on terror and invasion of afghanistan. and now with us troops out of the country, he continues to scrutinize the risk impact that campaigns add on the lives of civilians and soldiers alike. in a special series of reports called unheard voices. we tell you the stories of those directly affected by the long running conflict, including one of the men who went through the terrace of the guantanamo bay prison . the will use all tools at our disposal and killed our children to united states was bringing people to watch a sight. it was a pointless exercise. 53 year old mo awesome bag lives in britain works for a prisoner rights organization and doesn't look like somebody who's lived through the experience of america, the worst prison practices. but he does know about that all too well. i had to stop telling myself that i'm a father that i my son, i'm a husband that i'm
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a human being. i thought to myself, what i had been told that i was, and that was my number 558. that was my number in the, in the room in may 2000. i was interrogated by the c i and the f b i and they threatened if i did not corporate to send me either to egypt serious to be so the tortured you're with us. are you with the enemy? there's no in between. and that doctor still stand ah, in. i think it's quite clear to meet the united states response to the terrible acts of, of 911 was vengeance. the war on terror is not a police operation. it's
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a military operation. why they picked on me. it wasn't just me, they picked on everyone who knows. if anybody prepared to hand you over to complete the course, you know, i live the pakistanis and to be overwrite, and i'm my parents and i'm a deal national. they handed me over to the mountains without any legal process. i was held for a year in 2002 to 2003, and i saw 2 individuals beaten to death by american soldiers. these terrorists play by a whole set of different rules. it's gonna force us in your words to get me dirty and nasty in order to take them. i will use our tools at our disposal, the
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boys a few bad apples. isolated incidents one by one. the terrorists are learning the meaning of american justice. for me, this place, i pity my what me and i did, states was doing in afghanistan, they were bringing people to this torture sight afghans ordering africa and abusing them outside of the rule of law and then allowing some of them to go back home and they would go home and tell people what the americans did. by the time i got to guantanamo, i was begging to go to one tunnel because what i've seen and witness in background was so destructive to this day i have, i can't sleep. oh, i. ready several of
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us was sent to one tunnel including several taliban members, who now heads of various departments from the act and government were tortured. we were strict, we were beaten, was spat upon. we were humiliated photographs, and this was taken during this period of time. they had a found a woman in the next room that led me to believe was my wife being tortured. they waited with picture of my children in front of me and asked, where do you think they are now, what do you think happened to them the night and took your way? and of course, what they wanted me to do was cosign a confession that i was a member of al qaeda, which i was not. and this was, i'd say, send it, i got it. i think i got it better than a lot of the other prisoners i me. ah,
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so this look and handmade calendar that i made when i was in con tunnel. i thought that perhaps if i counted the days that it will be easier. but when the days turn it 2 weeks and months, and then 2 years, i realize that it was just futile. when i received such letters from my children who are very young at the time, it's actually made it worse to look at the calendar and start to count down the days my children growing up without me. and every day, without them, with a stab in the heart. and they would come sporadically, they had to be vetted uncensored by the us censorship. my daughter who was 6 at the time, wrote a poem, 12345. once i caught official life and they redacted that because they said that has numbers in the a numbers could mean some sort of a code. so it was that kind of nonsensical reduction disconnecting from the idea of being a father.


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