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tv   News  RT  September 16, 2021 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] the the, a stab in the back in front event. it's frustration, that's 3 bits. allies, the u. s. u. k and australia. leave it out of a pacific security pack that is seen as an effort to count to china. go by and make the rather embarrassing flip up while announcing that deal apparently forgetting the name of the australian prime minister. thank you bores and i want to thank that fell down under. thank you very much. i appreciate your time is also you are
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the program here on our team while european markets real from when the phase record search and the natural gas price. critics off where the policy missteps are harming energy security and russia parliamentary election is now just a day away here on our students and i will bring you the full breakdown this hour and throughout the 3 days of voting ah, quite a mid morning on coast here. at moscow, this is the very warm welcome to you. we do start this program with some breaking news now from western russia. we understand man hunt is underway. currently in ivonya region, offer a man stormed a police station, injuring an officer and fled the scene. we understand the incident happened at around half past 5 in the morning of the attack. there reportedly fired a gun and detonated a ball muff getting inside the station. the police department has confirmed the
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attack did take place what is declined to give us any more details. here with us, he will keep you posted as the situation develops. for now it's a stop in the back. that's how a french diplomat has described. a pacific security pack between 3 of its allies, the u. s. the u. k. and australia seen as an attempt to counter china. the will did the jungle, france has just been reminded this bitter truth by the way, the u. s. and the u. k. of stub to in the back in australia, the american choice to exclude the european ally and partner such as franz from a structuring partnership with australia at the time when we are facing unprecedented challenges in the, in the pacific region shows a lack of coherence that france can only note and regret the new agreement is called the office. the 3 nations will show data on strategic areas, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, on nuclear defense. and under the times, australia would acquire
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a nuclear power submarine fleet with a use of american and british technology. well, and a further stop to paris australia has scrapped a $66000000000.00 deal with a french firm to build 12 military submarines. and that's just the latest blow to the u. arms industry at the moment. at a time when member states are struggling to meet that funding, commitments to nato are also long running divisions in the block of creating its own army to ensure a, quote, strategical tommy, from the trans atlantic alliance. well, let's learn a little bit more on this right now, crossing life to nickel markovich, joining us here on our team to national political. and let's get to see you today. why do you think these 3 countries decided to exclude france or any other european power from this brand? new security packed? all the 1st of all they've got within the nato alliance then within the different light there are between these countries, a very strong relationship. even within australia,
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the u. s. and the u. k. a. today they work within their own proper alliance with 5 eyes project with canada as well. and then the u. s. included, they work more closely. it's like within the anglo saxon world, these are the real, this is the real alliance. and they were much closer together than they do when there are other allies. and this is why france has been excluded. i think because the u. k. australia and the, and the u. s. trust themselves more than the new trust countries like france or other ones, community or even germany. when you bring up the issue of trust. as you were saying, europe in america was supposed to be working together on defense such as nathan with you said together. is it possible that a, a new security packed with australia, the u. k. in america, could this undermine nato, in any way? do you think? i don't forget the manual macro said a couple years ago that data was brain dead. even donald trump said that nato had to be reviewed. nato isn't working as it's supposed to be. it was initially supposed to be working. it is, the alliance is within the alliance,
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and this just proves today that there is, there are no more, there is no more alliance. i think that they have to be reviewed. and if for australia and the us and u. k, can backstab country like crowns. i think this should give a strong signal to parents this morning that once again, it's got nothing to gain with an it's not forget that in 2015 the u. s. told france not to so it's mr. shit. even though it had a contract with russia a couple months ago in the, in may trap discovered that the n a, the u. s. and if they were eavesdropping on permanent french politicians through, through denmark with the danish secret services. so what kind of lion is this, where people use drop contracts are taken over. those are for the differential deputy john jack. we'll go to says that the us doesn't, doesn't have a allies. it only has targets or it has vessel. i want to ask you though, well, let's just get back to the topic of this all course,
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this new security packed up between the u. k. america and australia. china is already condemning it, calling it about of cold war mentality. do you expect some kind of retaliation perhaps from china, particularly against australia? i don't know if i wouldn't speak about retaliation. i think there's tried it is getting worried. we've got permanent australian politicians talking about this, this alliance as opposed to counter a chinese threat. i don't think there's any threat that china is going to be attacking australia. i think that definitely they're entering this rhetoric that we've seen coming out of the us this past year is about china as a major threat. we know that the us is quite active within, around china and the pacific ocean, and definitely china begging those to this as a, as a threat to this one. and this is some sort of new alliance targeting china. what the interest of the u. s. and building such an alliance with thousands of miles away from the, from the, from the mainland us. what's this interest if it's not to damage or to preoccupied
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china? this is something which is going to be quite preoccupying for, for china this morning. that's for sure. we all know that there are various countries that like to sale their warships along the south china sea and the taiwan strait. beijing is always on batting them for doing this. whether it's america or england, even germany a few months ago, sent out essentially they're only worship into that region. now it's facing is now asking for all foreign ships who are traversing those waters to identify themselves and their cargo. and then it was recently the form australian defense minister, mr. pine said he expects australia to be dragged into a war with china in the next 5 to 10 years. does that sound or seem in any way realistic to you? it doesn't seem really, really, but we see that in terms of war which are being beaten while while it was setting no, we're not talking about the we're not talking about peace or initiatives to develop peace or to discuss a different political interest in the region while we sit in the country, the ang,
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be sex, and country. speaking about warships, submarine, nuclear attack, nuclear warhead. this isn't dangerous rhetoric about is being developed by australia, the us, the u. k, and other, and a to member state. and this is something which is, which is quite scary. i think we don't see an initiative where the initiatives coming out of canberra about piece about why not disclosing what's in these ships. why not? this goes in a way to find a job political, a combination between the different countries, so that we can go for peace, not towards war. it's very scary, that prominent political figures talk about war with china within the years to come . because let's not forget that this can be catastrophic for the, for the whole region and, and bring and drag the whole world into a war that we really don't want. you said it nickel, i'm not rich, a political analyst are joining us live here on our international very wise words. thanks for your time. thank you. well, australia,
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the us and france repeatedly cited the supposed security threat from beijing in the, in the pacific region where china is the dominant power and the signing of the orchestra security comes 1st month after britain infuriated beijing by sending its war ships to the south. china sea to join, so called freedom of navigation operations, led by washington. china has condemned the new alliance, calling it a throwback to the cold war. countess should not build exclusionary blocks targeting or harming the interests of 3rd parties. in particular, they should shake off their colewell mentality and ideological prejudice. we are equal makes professor benjamin chow and anti war activists brought richard becca about australia's choice of military partners and where it could be leading. there's no explanation. why are the u. s. u k? now, at this time helping australia develop a nuclear power suite of submarines and then turning around and saying this will
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advance the world peace. clearly this is about another war. this is about a war that is being prepared against china. the us leaders, they talk about the endo pacific just of course, a know term was made up to enable us to explain us leaders explain, bringing more countries into the anti china alliance surrounding china. on the surface, we see that the u. s. and the k is empowering australia to have the nuclear submarine . i think the under one key reason for this empowerment is the u. s. inability to provide more defense budget to support this large spending of nuclear power summaries. so it is forcing australia
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to share the costs of maintaining such ships and also strategic positions and also. ready forces into soap toilet b and also window pacific region especially now that. ready there is increasing tension between china and australia. so china is what you're very closely the next steps of the free country alliance. or trying to can perhaps rest assured though that the leaders in washington and cambra, not exactly bosom buddies. and when announcing the security deal president joe biden appeared to forget the name of australia's prime minister. mister scott morrison. thank you born and i want to thank that trouble down under thank you very much appreciated as to privacy while a while frustrating france and china the by the ministration author, according plenty of frustration at home. a new poll shows 3 quarters of americans are on the happy about the direction he's taking the country in the details on that
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in just a few minutes here on the meantime, europe is reeling from a price shop when it's energy market or the natural gas price at an all time record on wednesday of almost a $1000.00 plus 1000 cubic meters. now will be following developments on the market throughout the day here on on t. but here is how things have been unfolding on wednesday by the opening of the trade. the price has surpassed $800.00 figures to reach the peak by 9 pm, and then shortly after the price slowly began to go down. off to skyrocketing on wednesday, the price has now stabilized, but unless the warning of the swings, well, the current crisis is being blame partially on energy policy is being pushed by certain governments as a charlotte dubin ski now explains with news the gas prices of historic highways many people are already concerned about the difficult decisions that lay ahead high school and also it's a bit scary. it's purchasing power that is decreasing. that puts more money in the
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pockets of shareholders of big companies. it will be quite difficult for many households. some will not be affected much, but most will be the price of gas. it's already high enough. i've already decided not to my apartments for a while longer. it's quite difficult in winter, but it's still inhabitable, if i put the heating back on at home, the bill easily climbed 250 years a month. i'm worried about this increase and the fact that will have my bills and the cost of living with what we have left at the end of the month. it will be complicated except for the money. so forgot. i hate my home with gas if increase the price of a year, a time will come when we will no longer be able to afford to keep ourselves warm. you policy is a real issue here in europe, across the block, significant numbers of people say that they just simply call to food to keep a home room enough prices. why this is only likely to point further, particularly for those who income,
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such as pension is soaring. prices have been blamed on a variety of factors think whether even possible between european and asian buyers liquefied natural gas. all of this has led to gas reserves long wishing levels. so why is you really facing such a potentially winter? that is not purely a supply problem. it's not purely a supply chain problem. this is a monetary induced problem. part of what politicians do in this case is they've tend to concoct conspiracy theories to cover up for their own failures. so in the case of europe, everybody ready to blame russia? i think there's a lot of scrambling and it starts now around the world to try to figure out how to get the fuels to people who need it for the, for the, for the coming winter. but it's a little bit late in the day to be thinking about this right now. i think we're
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headed for a very difficult 6 months. it's also claimed that the e u has been aggressive with the shutdown of coal and also domestic gas fields, coupled with a heavy carbon taxation. while at the same time, it happens, gotten quite enough to make up for that by committing fully to call and future this tremendous attack on fossil fuel shills going on all over the western world, you know, in the name of abating climate change and so on. but it's been very reckless and, and, and it's, and it's really has injured the capacity of the markets to respond to, to pi signals and to demand properly. so you have all these factors working in, so you've got the supply restrictions, artificial in many directions, regulatory restrictions and so on. and all of these things are combining from an economic point of view to drive up prices that are going to make people
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tremendously suffer and multifarious ways of now and for the next several years. so what is the solution will be you, companies could hook to compete at a higher level with asian counterpart for that liquefied natural gas food that does mean that there is the potential then the higher prices and phase ways. last week, the long awaited new stream to pipeline which runs under the baltic sea was completed no big concern, 55000000 cubic meters of gas directly to your repair per year. that's enough to supply 26000000 household annually. russian company gas says it's ready to feel void that according to the country's government could solve europe's problems . there is no doubt that launching nord stream to as quickly as possible would significantly balance out the price of natural gas in europe,
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including on the spot market. that will though depend, don't be easier to find the pipeline quick, sharp fish and accepting that it may need to bolster supply from russia. so what all you repeating governments doing right now will, spain has already intervene to attempt to shield its population from higher prices . new emergency measures, we'll see profits problem with energy companies being used to cap the increase in gas prices. meanwhile, italy has said it will look at changes in energy sector to combust of expected 14 percent rise in retail power prices in the next quarter. what's clear is the, you need a strategy, an effort to push ahead with plans to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. it needs to be deeper, quickly, tv, sci fi,
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paris. so there's not just a day to go before rushing to cost a ballot and elections for the state duma. that's the lower house of parliament. so for now, over to ortiz, neil harvey, with our in depth coverage of the parties and the race and exactly what platforms the standing for voting will be held over 3 days. it will run from friday to sunday and across the way, we're introducing you to the different parties in the race, giving you an insight into the world of russian politics. for now, let's just quickly tell you 3 how the entire election process works. ah, the news,
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we saw the $450.00 seats up for grabs lots of competition for them. let's get cracking on the 14 parties hoping voters will be putting a tick in their box. first of the russian party of freedom and justice is among the socialist parties, involved it pleasures to build a society based on social justice and equality, promotes free education. and how can the 1st on this body's been involved in such an election? and the chair told us why they deserve people's likes, but we sent for civil rights and freedoms, including people's rights to teach in their own languages and really practice their religion. and we aim to create a social state. we did not have the goal of establishing a left wing party. we are abroad, civil movement, and this is what makes us unique. there is no time to divide people into left and right. will continue with our dave dive into the 14 parties who are running for the state duma. let's take a quick look at those with an environmental agenda. the greens promote course conservation of nature this year the party got is of a new chairman and continuous push to unite,
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all those who care about ecology here in russia. the started as a social movement did $993.00, seeking a so called green revolution. of all the one little less than one percent of the vote, though in 2016 who's on the bodies new chairman, set out his store for this. she is violet. money, if you were not in a position party where a central policy will bond our agenda, focusing on the environment to be represented in the duma. so we can pass laws, the citizens and country need, and probably the raise a change of the hearts of minds of people who have become more environmentally conscious. so the past couple of years like for example, sorting, sorting to garbage and so on and so forth. recycling and all of that. and of course this would be something that the greens would pin their hopes to that people have indeed become more conscious in this sense of the word and that they will back them and back their initiatives. again. they are stressing that they're not strictly
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speaking and opposition party. what that means is that they are supporting the current geopolitical course of russia, but they want to see more spotlight on the environmental agenda. russia recently did pass a law that encourages companies to be more green and even the was them with so called green point, that they will be able to cash out. so we'll see if this helps to greens with their agenda. and would that cause well at the election? let's take a look at another party taking and be involved in this election. you will know pretty well i would say they are among the left rear parties. the most popular, this is the communists. so the communist party of the russian federation is the 2nd largest thought in russia. led by canada is a gun of old time leader. since the 900 ninety's. this is the biggest and oldest of russian communist parties. it's pledge to deliver modernized, version of socialism, and see can only program includes the nationalization of the countries natural resources and also a strong support for small businesses. previous election was the full time in
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a row that there's party finished in 2nd place. we spoke to the leader about the gulf room. we have a huge outflow of capital that could have been stopped long ago. and we need to take certain measures is necessary to provide support the old branches of small and medium sized businesses and a short sustainable production. it is necessary to hold a referendum on the nationalization of ra, mineral sites. so most old countries do another party competing. the election is road and this is a right wing nationalist party and do for social justice and the preservation of traditional values. the policies demanding tougher immigration rules and lobbying for the interest of russia's region beyond moscow. it wasn't just one and a half percent support in the previous election. the father chair took us through the main points of the manifesto, which in only every official should pass the test for patriotism and live in russia . if officials administers have families living here and not there, they will do everything to raise the standard of living in this country. health
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care is one of the states priorities as well. it's possible to rebuild our health care system in less than 5 years. the question is whether people really want that to happen, whether officials want it, they're all using private care. well, let's move to the center of the political spec to now and take a look at the current majority party and the re election favor united. russia is considered the de facto ruling party, so also the largest in the country. his german is the former prime minister to meet him. inventive the party supports the program of the president, and among his goals is strengthened in russia sovereignty, if he cannot make program include support for domestic industry, including high tech, non russia. the current majority party took more than half the votes in the last election, but can maintain that grid. and if a trinket takes a look at what the new ballot could mean, they are the ruling party. they are the favorites. always pretty much they are the party which 5 years ago, set
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a record by winning 344 seats out of 450. but how well united russia fair in this year's election, at some point, any long standing champion inevitably faces a career way, 2 months before the vote support for the party dropped to 27 percent. it didn't get that low. in 13 years, many have called. busy it a crisis of trust. it required swift, daring, sometimes surprised moves, party leader dmitri. me advantage was removed as one of its top 5 candidates. the light up is now a mix of political behemoths who enjoy huge public support and new names who won the people's respect. like the countries beating cova, dr. ah,
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the lot of our food and though isn't on the list and isn't even a member of united russia officially, but the president has long been associated with the party and even let it for a while in the past. he's been talking of the immense responsibility that united russia has to bear as the ruling party. you sure, thank you. i want to reiterate my position. it is one thing to write something that is right and important. and it is another thing to implemented you and i are aware that the ruling political party is responsible for everything and all the country's problems. but you have act responsibly so far. and the program has turned out to be quite feasible. united russia proud the calls. busy it's manifesto the people's program. it was put together after considering online suggestions from $2000000.00 russian citizens. ah, me,
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i still, like i said, united russia isn't going through the easiest of times. serious blows to the parties, reputation have included criminal charges, and in some says, jail terms for mayor's governor's cabinet ministers, even who had to be kicked out of united russia for fraud and corruption. in some cases lately, however, the party was left red faced because some of its senior members simply forgot about decent matters scenes. more reminiscent of a dog owner playing with his boots. were certainly unseemly for a governor given up keys from new fire trucks to a brigade. well, soon after that the official lost his job party membership and definitely lost united russia support in his region. but it still remains the most popular political force in the country. yes, it's scheme to take advantage of the experience and trust behind some old school.
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big names like mr. lab, rob and mr. shaw i group. but on like a stagnating bureaucracy, the party is ready to count on fresh faces. it's ready for reform and it's trying to get as many russians as possible involved in its decisions using contemporary online methods. the in the it is all the international and well, a majority of americans, apparently a bit unhappy with the countries direction under the byte administration. that's according to a new poll, and according to his kellum, often it doesn't come really as much of a surprise. joe biden was supposed to end that rising anger left over from the trump. here he was supposed to bring a new level of political peace to the country. remember,
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the last administration left us a dismantled and unworkable system. we are dedicated to achieving and quite frankly, working around the clock to replace the cruelty of the past administration. well, that did not happen. a new poll from cnn shows that across party lines, 75 percent of americans say they are angry or very angry about the direction of the country is moving in mid rise in crime corona virus. the immigration crisis, record inflation, among other issues. let's find out exactly why people have a beef with biden disjoined, or i know the world not just as country the world. first of all, i think with it isn't always doing. and i believe with the whole off garrison doing, you just screwed up totally the whole of get a sense. go wrong. you say he's making mistakes or perhaps the way to draw a gun at the whole thing, whatever you understand, he's not real. he's not the president,
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he's not. people are controlling him. a lot of people aggravated disappointed with the way the cobra coverage is going know could handle things differently, but what president could the lack of leadership? i don't think he's got a grip on anything that's going on at all. the white house, so it's rising trajectory come to a sudden halt. jo biden's approval ratings are now in the negative. the president was promising to be our fix it man. but now more than 8 months in it's looking like things are pretty broken. it has been caused by the president, but not just that entire cabinet, the ministration, starting with the correct way that we withdrew from afghanistan, the way that we left. not only the people there, but the way there are still american civilian track and down and then you go to some of the border day. there is no text. others where july had this open or policy has not dealt with it. and you see that kinda love the people coming into the border. wonder non catch it for cobra. 19 they're not, they're not looked at. they're not really. there's
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a lack of transparency among the administration. keep moving. credibility is moving popularity every day. job by and every ministration seems to do something that just make it worse by and does not care. he's not doing anything that is bringing back the truck to the faith and the american people on both sides of the aisle. he seems to be making matters worse. all right, to some other headlights for you in brief, a very powerful earthquake and southwest china has killed at least 3 and left dozens injured. a major rescue operation is now underway in this issue on province . the region has suffered frequent tremors in the past, and in 2008 was hit by one of the deadliest quakes in china's history, claiming 90000 live hundreds of students on university staff of march through athens denouncing the government latest round of covey restrict, under the new rules of duck seen to,


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