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will have a beef with biden leaves this joint or i know the world not just as country the world. first of all, i think with it it is, i don't. and i believe with the whole off garrison doing, you just screwed up totally the whole organic fiasco. he's making mistakes or perhaps the way to draw a gun at the whole thing. whatever. yes. and he's not real. he's not the president . he's not, people are controlling him. a lot of people, aggravated disappointed with the way the cobra coverage is going. know could handle things differently, but what president could the lack of leadership? i don't think he's got a grip on anything that's going on at all. the white house, so it's rising trajectory come to a sudden halt. jo biden's approval ratings are now in the negative. the president was promising to be our fix it man. but now more than 8 months in it's looking like things are pretty broken. if this has been caused by the president and not just that entire cabinet, the ministration, starting with the correct way that we withdrew from afghanistan, the way we left,
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not only the people they are, but the way they are still american civilian track and then and then you go to some of the border stay there is no text. the other where july it's open. border policy has not dealt with the and you see that kinda love the people coming to the border. wonder non catch it for cobra. 19. they're not, they're not. and looked at their freed, there's a lack of transparency among the administration. keep moving. credibility is moving popularity every day. job by and every been ministration seems to do something that just make it worse. fighting does not care. he's not doing anything that is bringing back the truck to the faith of the american people on both sides of the aisle. he seems to be making matters worse. tis the season and seems for a war games with china, russia on the u. s. all engaging and military exercises over the last few weeks.
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next, news use use delves into why that may be significant. the the news the the call. so there are milly's resignation, are growing following revelations and secret conversations with the chinese. emily says he was acting as a good faith precaution, prevent a war with china following the events on january 6th. however, the timeline of 1000000 others conversations regarding president trump. she has a much different fixture, who will lay out all of the details for you, and who benefits from the continued division between the united states and russia. all of this, all new wargames are involving the world's most powerful military are beginning. we will tell you, and the recall is over new, some get to hold onto his title as governor. however,
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the race has major implications for the upcoming 2020 to mid term. we will examine the effects on both parties, platforms moving forward. gymnast, take the capitol hill to testify on the f. b, i sexual abuse investigation with a very harsh words. for usa, gymnastics, any usa olympic committee will their emotional testimony bring any reforms for not only the organization, but how the f b, i handle these types of investigation in the future and identical contract proposals for men and women will be offered by us soccer. we will tell you what motivated this change and what this could mean about the future of soccer in the united states. i'm sorry now you the story to more on today's news views. hughes right here on our team. erica, let's get started. ah, thanks for watching and joining us, you know, following recent events involving the united states, it looks like there is
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a shifting of partnerships as a countries begin to realize the united states might not be the only team. there are loyalty should be committed to. while at least not in the short term, and beginning on the 16th, the people's liberation army is one of 7 forces, who will be joining in a 6 day military exercise, mainly occurring on russia's border with europe. now russia will be one of the other forces, bringing $200000.00 troops, plus air and sea power not abided united states, even though the u. s. has just launched its biggest wargames in 40 years. so all of this being very reminiscent of cold war games, except what china play a much bigger role than the past. so discuss these events and what they mean. moving forward, we bring a jeremy rough managing editor of a covert action magazine. jeremy, thanks for joining me. on this, and i know we've talked about afghanistan, we've know we've talked about the shifting powers and alliances, but i have to tell you, i'm a little concerned right now because
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a war games happened consistently. but you feel like the ones that are occurring in the present have more meaning than they have in years past. i think so. yeah, i mean, the key role of china, this aligns between russia and china as unprecedented before the had the final soviet split. so you'd have to look before that. and then i think also with the war and ukraine, i mean, and the navy, you know, the threat of nato expansion in eastern europe has given as urgency and as attention in the region that makes the game very dangerous. and each country is building up its military arsenal at this time. so if a hot war broke out, that would be horrible. well, and i want to bring in a shame because jerry, you look at things going on in various countries here in the united states. the past 4 years, 5 years, even 10 years, there's been a lot of anti russian rhetoric and sub i'd say it's deserves. i might say it's not, doesn't matter, it's there. and it's actually can be very dangerous. are you actually see that same type of rhetoric happening on china towards the russians rushes towards china
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rushing towards the american? is it really just one sided that america is trying to continuously demonize and make russia out to be a villain? i think so, i mean, from the time i was spent in russia, there was a lot of very favorable attitude, especially toward the american people. and most people did not want confrontation or war with the united states. and i think it's, you know, be very politicized in the united states. as anti russia demon is ation. and it's shifted public opinion, and it's driven russia closer to china. and that's more of a threat to us, a gemini than, than anything. so it's counterproductive really. and that's why i thought i would have you on that, you know, what do you think actually drive more of the driving force for partnership between countries in this present considering everything going on? is it economic reasons, national security interests are a little bit of both. i think it's a little bit of both. i think russia and china drew closer in large part because of the foolish us sanctions policy that was based largely on fraudulent pretext. and i
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assess of the russia stepped up its trade with china and increased and 2nd, nomic partnerships and rushes also fell to illegitimate security threat with the situation in ukraine with the coo there in 2014 and the push for nato expansion into eastern europe. and towards russia's borders and the situation in bell rows. so for security reasons, russia pursuing this alliance with china. and so i think the to go together, security and economic interests. well, and that comes back to the united states. and i think a lot of people in the united states, they can watch a lot of hollywood movies, but they actually get down to the brass tacks of it. they always kind of wonder who is the biggest threat in the present to the united states who would actually want to do the most harm to the united states and who actually could well, i think the united states is the biggest threat to the united states. right. now, because they, they create enemies. if you look at the middle east and u. s. policy, they've created so many terrorists through, you know,
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station military bases. there are through these reckless wars that they've engaged in. and, you know, if you look at russia, mean us and russia very good relations after 911, even called the white house, i think was the 1st leader offers sympathy. but, you know, the u. s. has antagonized russia, especially over the last 7 or 8 years as push nato expansion in violation of a promise they had made in 1991 that they will not expand. they know. so these kind of policy, you know, create enemies and you could look at china as well. the, you know, the pivot asia policy and the obama administration was huge, military build up surrounding china and push for the g p. p. i mean, china naturally becomes more alarms, more apprehensive about the united states because of those policies. so, you know, the us public has terrain in the u. s. foreign policy and, and the lead to control the u. s. government because they're threatening the american people with a hot war. busy and it's coming back home, you know,
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the success of militarism is leading to the guy, you know, major domestic problems, including gun violence. it's kind of the manifestation of all these wars. well, and here's the thing, you know, we're going to see a now very shortly the u. s. u k, australia, this new alliance that is happening between the 2 countries. all because of china. the reality of it is, if us went up against china right now, is the u. k. and the australia, are they strong enough to throw those 3 countries strong enough to actually be fighting force against china in the long term? well, i think a war would be mutually destruct. i mean, you know, the u. s. has tremendous military capabilities. china is really developing huge military arsenal. it's developing it's new nuclear weapon capability. so i think, oh, hot or would be suicidal for everybody involved. and savvy, you know, the one country that i think could actually stay in the middle and make sure that it didn't happen, continues to be demonized by most of the country for political purposes and time.
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and time again is proven to be false. the accusation, i guess people are just watch the hunt for red october 1 to many times. great movie . not necessarily based in the current status of reality. thank you so much for joining me. speaking of what is going on in china excerpt from a new book written by bob woodward and bob cost reveals how general milly took actions to limit then present trans powers regarding military action and nuclear weapons. now general milly says he only did this following the events on january 6 are to senior writer and ask him a lead to has a put together the timeline which doesn't necessarily match up with the general story nav. my good friend, you join us on this. you've been following us from the very beginning. i want you to talk about the timeline with. busy us and what actually has gone on the last 3 years we're coming to find out. so general milli was appointed to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff by prison trump. after general john,
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for the term expired and reportedly he was not fevered by the pentagon brass and then a secretary of defense matters for the position bite their c span videos from back in 2015 of him as then army chief of staff saying go, china is not the enemy. china is not a threat. so fast forward to say that 2015 china is not the enemy charles out there . i don't know that right now. yesterday. woodard cost is book excerpts come out. the book itself is about to come out a week. and the washington post, which employs impulse, runs this lengthy excerpt about the whole china thing and quotes from the book that milly told his chinese counterpart, general lead, that i've known you for 5 years. if we attack you, i will give you warning. it won't be a surprise, i'm paraphrasing, but the courts are there. so he's saying, where did that conversation, supposedly, how? there are 2 conversations. the 1st conversation to place 4 days before the election
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on october 30th. i believe they said the 2nd conversation took place on january 8th, which is, which is 2 days after the capital riot. ok. and so the whole thing of all the capital riot prompted merely to say old trump is deranged wherever. that would make sense. had it not been for walked over call. so the october call is literally milly, undermining his legitimate commander in chief before anything happened with the election whatsoever. and say, oh, i had intelligence that we might be the chinese nervous because the rumors we might attack them and i just wanted to convince my old friend that that he has nothing to fear. well, to how is that not under my need commander in chief? we'll see me back for, you know, back in june when we're all say having these black lives matter marches here. and the united states are definitely taking a president. and you had the conversation in front of the church across the white house. you had donald trump standing there, tell me a little about, let's do a little while. this is what really caught my attention back then. milly is among
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the people alongside the attorney general bar and others who walked with the president across lafayette park to the church that had been just recently set on fire right after the federal agents dispersed. the protesters there that were actually threatening the white house for several days prior. now, mili does this part of his job line order. trump does the whole bible think and immediately there's a hue and cry, always a dictator. this is fascism, et cetera. mili does something on june 11th, very uncharacteristic. he issues a public apology for being there. and so i'm politicizing the military. this is right after matters who had resigned over syria in a half published an angry letter in the atlantic accusing trump being and not wanting to divide america. milly says all, i'm sorry, i shouldn't have done that the same day shortly after he says this, joe biden and candidate for president goes for interview a trip or noah and says,
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oh, i am convinced that the generals will oust trump when he loses the election. and refuses to concede, had struck me strange. wait a minute. why are you so confident about this when you're not really confident about anything else, including what you had for breakfast? and secondly, this is a very particular scenario and we keep hearing about this for months before the actual election. it's like, what did you know? and when did you know? because at this point, they're saying they're saying that trump, even if he loses, is not going to get the office, he's going to try to create some sort of strategy. and he's going to say he refuses to why there's this persistent narrative of trump wanting to stage a coup by the people who we later found out or fortifying the election by the convention. and here's mili apparently being part of this whole thing. and then saying in a, what i consider a remarkable freudian slip that journey here 6 was trumps. right? stock fire moment will the right stuff, fire,
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voice in event that hitler used to come to power for democracy, imposed personal dictatorship and basically run germany as his personal possession for the next 12 years. that's not what happened on january 6 on last year, actually reversing it and seeing who use january 6 to take. absolutely. i mean i'm not writing and i know that he's done what he said, and that's the thing. and none of that actually have to, in the comfort information fast forward to currently right now. what's happening at this, you know, this exact day, you have general mainly what position is the and currently under this ministration . he has the full faith and confidence of president by you personally endorsed him and everything he stood for and then said, oh, everything i did was perfectly correct. and according to procedures, which by the way, the acting secretary of defense at the time has publicly come under record saying, no, this is not what happened. i was included. nobody at the trump house white house was clued in. he was doing this on his own. so you figure out who you're going to believe, which means moving forward, there's calls for impeachment or non peter the resignation. lots of actions that
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are happening right now, including pushback against china. something that really said that, you know, we're going to give you a heads up if we decide tag you different administration. and i would say a different tone being taken with the same country california talking about on the case california recall is over republicans primary victory. just being able to have it the vote. democrats, by far, however, she their overwhelming win. as justification for extreme, coven locked down protocols and election reforms. navy veteran, republican congressman, candid joe collins with us through this out and joined us for the rep. joe. i know you're watching, i know you're listening to the last 2 segments. you have got a lot right now that you could probably go down. i want to hit this california because i think this is very important moving forward, especially in this next year. more than double democrat voters, then republicans in california. that's exactly how the voter totals went yesterday . did republicans learn anything from this? most importantly, have they given up on investing, they'll ever have
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a chance in california again. well, i think is not a question of what they learned. i think it's a question. can you reflect on what happened to improve the processes? now i've said from the jump, being popular, most conservative in california doesn't mean much because they make of less than a quarter of the population of people who live in california. we have 39000000 people. when i think a rough total, about 8 or $9000000.00, give a game or to vote for the vote was extremely low. but i think that the republicans they do in order to vote from the independent democrats and the state. and i think that the lesson that the republicans have to take and move forward at the same time, the slightest census that came out 180000 people have last left california for the 1st time ever. california is actually seen a decrease. i think you could probably go count and say that those are 180000 republicans. they decided to get the heck out of dodge on this side of it. so does this show actually, you know, that independence might be, you know,
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thought if i was republican, is like, ok, so many democrats still showed up. republicans did not. how was that kind of fare for the independence which are crucial for any republican to capture in california? if they're going to be able to ever see a chance of being elected to office in that state. well, i think it all comes down to messaging. you know, we can talk about normal mainstream conservative talking point that a heavy democrat district defense, the district for the 2nd population is independent. we have to create our methods around what's important to the people or leave our own personal bias or what we feel like. that's conservative republicans is important out of the picture. we have to be able to be reliable. we have to go after the black and latino vote, we have to be able to understand the population. and we have to be able to get out and heavy democrat areas in campaign doors and talk to people not just go to conservative houses. we're safe. you still have hope that there is, and i, and i would say the same thing to someone that would be running in new york. you still have hope, considering there is no state offices held by a republican senate. the state senators are not republicans. you know, there's
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a couple little pockets there. what is it going to take? i mean, it, ronald reagan might have been like, has ro, republican, i think kevin mccarthy out there. but what, what is the secret you said related will? but at this time we're showing the democrats, even though they're offered their businesses, are shut down, their beaches were shut down, their schools possibly weren't going to go back. they still stuck with that same ticket. i mean, can you really, are we not doing identity politics? so much in that state right now that you're not going to get them to budge. well, i don't think it was identity politics. i think they've framed everything scenario . there was trump in trump, this in trump that, and you know, like the regular concert of everybody this complained about how bad of a job we're doing. now. that's one thing that everybody can agree with. but what are you as a candidate? what are you as that person? what that off is going to do to make things better in our 2020 election. we took our district from a d plus $54.00 to a d plus $24.00 and increased the amount of register republican voters. but that
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was because we didn't talk about mainstream republican talking points. we talked about issues that were important to people. like what can we do to lower the cost of living? how can we improve our education? what do we have to do to get people back to work? these are things that are important to people. not so much as i'm a republican. this guy's doing a bad job. well, how about you just issue $600.00 refund checks or $6600.00 stimulate checks the week of your election. how much to try that? because it seemed to really work for gavin newsome who will enjoy the next year and a half of this term and looks like you possibly will run again. joe, always good to catch up with you. right, thank you so much. now when we return the f b, i received a harsh criticism on capitol hill following the revelation that 70 more gymnast we're actually victimized by the team doctor. even after the f b i became involved. we will tell you if anyone will actually be held responsible for me,
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i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when the shorter does that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great truck rather than fear i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning the robot must protect its own existence with exist. oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or
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obese. it's profitable to sell food that is trinity and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate. me. ah, for us are massive stars testified on wednesday at a senate hearing, but the f. b, i miss handling of the sex abuse investigation. a former gymnastics, dr. larry nasser nasser, who is currently serving a 40 to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing young girls under his care arctic
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cars wanted science. haven't jer, has been following the hearings. and has the story got more than 150 women and young girls came forward with their story of abuse, and larry nascar sent him thing back in 2018, but many were left wondering. how did it take that larry nasser had time to abuse 150 victims before actually being cod. now that answer came after an investigation from the office of inspector general. the justice department found that the f b. i repeatedly failed to act, and not only did they fail to act, but if the officials even lied to cover all that in action. and today, senate judiciary chairman dick durban noted how the f b i failed to protect these waves. it's sharks, the conscience when those failures come from law enforcement itself. hundreds of athletes who also suffered at the hands of nasser,
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deserve much better from everyone, including the f, b i and, and emotional state, man, us gymnastics, star, simone, bio blame, and entire system that enable the sexual abuse to continue. i am also a survivor of sexual abuse and i believe without a doubt that the circumstances that led to my abuse and allowed it to continue are directly the result of the fact that the organizations created by congress to oversee and protect me as an athlete. usa gymnastics in the united states, olympic and paralympic committee committee, failed to do their job. meanwhile, gymnastic star mckayla moroni said during your opening statement that after telling the f b i her entire story of abuse. not only did they not reported, but they also made false claims about it that evening. i was naked, completely alone with him on top of me, molesting me for hours. i told them i thought i was going to die that night because
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there is no way that he would let me go. but he did. i told them i walked the halls of tokyo hotel at 2 am, and only 15 years old. i began crying at the memory over the phone and there was just dead silence. i was so shocked at the agent's silence and disregard for my trauma. after that minute of silence, he asked is that all those words in itself was one of the worst moments of this entire process for me to have my abuse be minimized and disregarded by the people who were supposed to protect me. just to feel like my abuse was not enough, but the truth is my abuse was enough and they wanted to cover it up. now the jim is 1st approach the f. b i in indianapolis, back in 2015 about concerns that now sar was engaging in sexual abuse of young girls, but the f. b i in indianapolis did very little about it now back in 2015. they only
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interviewed one victim and that was a mikaela maroney and only by phone. they even failed to contact the other 2 victims. and after that, the watchdog report says that the beer did virtually nothing for a month all while the abuse continued. and nasa was currently serving his federal a sentence in a florida prison house failed to even make the minimum payments ordered by a judge to the victims of child pornography, despite having thousands of dollars into his back and count what a judge has now ordered for that money to be seized. so should a us men and women soccer players get paid the same or does it even matter which one actually brings in more revenue? according to a new announcement, men and women will be offered the same amount or correspond natasha suite has more on the us soccer federations. new statement us soccer federation announces that
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will offer a single collective bargaining agreement for both the men and women's us soccer teams. that comes in as a lawsuit $28.00 female players are currently a part of claiming gender discrimination and the league violating the equal pay act . soccer is the most popular sport around the world. american football and baseball have long been part of the american tradition, but things are changing. soccer is gaining steam around the country. but after the us women's team won the world cup in 2019 players noticed they weren't getting paid, as well as the men who also do not win the championship. well, some argue the men's team brings and more revenue through games, endorsements, and jerseys. the 20th female players say they are being discriminated against. so on tuesday, the were graf iteration released a statement saying it would take the important step of equalizing faith or world cup prize money. this bombshell was released just after the u. s. soccer federation, president cindy count, said in a letter that the men and women's national teams need to come together and rethink
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how we've done things in the past. let's take a look at what feature is offering athletes for the upcoming world cup, and how much it differs between the 2 genders. for the 2022 men's world cup of tea for is looking to offer $440000000.00 to participate in teams. that's up from 400000000 in 2018 for the women. 2022 world cup of pizza is proposing 60000000 in prize money to participate in teams. and that's up from 38000000 in 2019. but the pay structure between men and women is also different. the us men soccer players, only receive bonuses, a contract player on the women's team. however, it will make a guarantee based salary and earn performance based bonuses, or compensation also includes health care, maternity and pregnancy leave in pay as well of compensation for injuries. a $41.00 k plan and severance. now the men union did not comment on this week's announcement from the u. s. soccer federation. and while the women's union did not comment either in the past,
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a representative has been quoted as saying they are interested in negotiating in good faith to get a fair deal for players. reporting for news view, choose and caution suites r t. well that's all the time we have for today's show, but i promise this is a conversation which we will continue. we can do that on twitter. so why don't you just follow me on twitter at sky to use you? the hash tag team and vh will continue condition the show and all that goes on and for the show and more. make sure that you download the app for apple or android device for all the programming that we have here at archie and archie america. thank you. for watching, we'll see you later. the or x markets are kind of thing food shortage in and what's been claim. you don't need it for x market best. the plain and simple truth and country after country is beginning to realize that going to scape the b matrix for ag dominated by current
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players who control us dollar. and they can have sovereignty. true sovereignty. if you have reliance on the us dollar, you do not have sovereignty, both the, the, the, the, a stuff in the bag, from events, it's frustration, those 3 of its allies in the u. s. the u. k. and us read the pacific security alliance seen those countries. china joe biden makes ellen bar thing slip up while i'm not seeing the deal, apparently forgetting the name of the street. thank you. boars.


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