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the, the, the, the, the, the, the old, good evening. i'm welcome to our coverage of the 2020 more russian state, duma, reelections. we have chosen one of the best feeds in moscow. and the most appropriate one politically, is it overlooks the permanent base of operations that is from here, that we will be counting down to 3 days of voting, which will be getting underway now in under 24 hours. great, how do you with us? so our russian election covers up will be coming up very shortly. make sure you stick around for that to start the broadcast stuff though. we're going to focus on the 1st of those headline news stories. a sub in the back not is how senior french
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officials have the scar de pacific security pack between 3 of its allies named me the u. s. britain and australia is seen as an attempt to counter beijing. correspondence shudders nasty. been following developments. well, put it this way for the french, it seems like australia was only with fraud until a better deal of came along, which invariably it has australia originally asked france to help with the rain mission but has now walked away and walking away also comes with scrapping a 90000000 year road deal instead, australia now wants to assign this tax with the united kingdom and the united states, which for the french, they say it's a stop in the back. but it's a stop in the back. we had established a trusting relationship with a trailer and mistrust was betrayed as poly feels the american choice to exclude the european ally and partner such as franz from
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a structuring partnership with australia at the time when we're facing unprecedented challenges in the in the pacific region showed the lack of coherence that france can only notes and regret. so instead of trying to have fun, this security parks with united kingdom and the united states overgrown concerns over china and its regional dominant on to this deal, then what it all really entails is that all 3 nations will be sharing secrets and data and information on a strategic level on areas including artificial intelligence, cyber security, and also nuclear defense. part of this, we'll see that australia will now acquire a nuclear submarine making the 7 the country in the world to get a nuclear sob. just the last time that the united states allowed such capabilities was right here to the united kingdom some decades ago. so very grand gesture, indeed. however, it's not just the likes of france, a quite upset by the signing of this new security parks,
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but neighboring countries like new zealand to have long been working towards nonproliferation in the region. the center pieces it is nuclear power submarines. no part is a very well versed and understanding position of nuclear power vessels and weapons . will legislation says no vessel holy are fully powered by nuclear energy, can anto internal waters. but look, burton is also quite eager to be more involved in areas like the asia pacific, especially author as exit from the european union. we have to remember that the united kingdom on its government has long been trying to re brand and re establish it self as a global britain. but all of this will really push europe to now be more fundamental in its own strategic planning. in fact, the plot was not even informed about this new u. s. u. k, australia security partnership. again at a time when e. u. member states are also struggling to meet the funding commitments in nato as well. so that could be a why to political backlash than just that of china. we thought
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we'd get reaction to this story by finding out what people are saying on the streets of paris. this is not the 1st time that night to states has taken con from us. they are very good at that. we do not respect anyone to talk from themselves. they act like masters of the world. they shouldn't have done because i think it fronted on the same. they would have complained they wouldn't have liked it. we'll see if the current president is better than the last one. represents a lot of money, but a lot of jobs, but it would be better if these jobs were for making other things. but it's a little dishonest, i suppose. and the other hand, they were closest which allowed them to break the contract before they start making the submarines. no, it's never good for a person to see that a contract has been broken. it's happened to me personally. they're always paragraphs and clauses, but it must be justified. you have to have a good reason if i understand it correctly, the united states is a competitor. so of course, it's not
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a good thing. there should have been talks between the french and the americans. hello, i'm friendship between washington and cambra might not be as close as it seems. because when announcing the security deal, president button appeared to forget the name of australia's prime minister. it's scott morrison. thank you born and i want to thank that come down under. thank you very much. appreciated as to privacy trailer america and france repeatedly cited the supposed security threat from beijing in the, in the pacific region. that's where china is the dominant power and the signing of the walker. security pack comes just months after, but infuriated the chinese by sending its warships to the south china sea to join the so called freedom of navigation operations. being led by america, china condemned the new alliance and quoted, a throwback to the cold war. countess should not be exclusionary blocks targeting
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or harming the interest of 3rd parties. in particular, they should shake off their colewell mentality and ideological prejudice. we talked about australia's use of military partners and whether my believing with economics, professor benjamin chow, an anti war activist, richard becker, there's no explanation. why are the u. s. u k. now, at this time helping australia develop a nuclear power suite of submarines and then turning around and saying this will advance the world peace. clearly this is about another war. this is about a war that is being prepared against china. the us leaders, they talk about the endo pacific, which is of course no term, was made up to enable us to explain us leaders explain, bringing more countries into the anti china alliance,
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surrounded china. on the surface, we see that the, the u. s. and the k is empowering australia to have the nuclear submarine, i think the underline. one key reason for this empowerment is the u. s. inability to provide more defense budgets to support these large spending nuclear power summaries. and so it says it is forcing australia to share the cost of maintaining such ships and also strategic positions. and also. ready forces in their self, china the and also pacific region, especially now that there is increasing tension between china and australia. so china is watching very closely the next steps of the free country alliance. ok, let's talk about an r t project. now it's an investigative media project called read fish,
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and it's how this page on instagram deleted by the platform. this follows a similar move by facebook. in april of this year, before his page was blown, red fish had mass up 400000 followers, facing increased pressure as well. in recent times, such as is content being labeled russian controlled media. read fish contacted both instagram and the south owner facebook to try get an explanation for the band. going to graham account got deleted either because you violated one or more of instagram's community guidelines, or because of a mistake. once in instagram account is deleted, you can't restore it the managing director of red fish, lizzie fail, and believes there's no transparency and the influence. facebook and instagram have over the media. companies like facebook and instagram. they have more power than any cooperation before them, or any government before them has over the media. but they're less accountable and
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less transparent than ever before. and we've tried over and over again. so reach out to somebody at facebook and instagram and to for them to explain why this is happening or to challenge the decision. but we constantly faced brick wall. and this latest band today, by instagram comes off the company was deleting several, a series of feminist pro l g, b, c, and p police violence post. now these are all values which both facebook and instagram claim to hold. but until today they refuse to explain to us why when we talk about them they, they apparently violate that community guidelines. now another news, europe railing from the price shall come the energy markets, natural gas rates. if it all time record this is on wednesday, reaching almost a $1000.00 per 1000 cubic meters. and this is how the market rollercoaster looked on wednesday, the price peaking at $990.00. that represents more than 50 percent increase in
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price from just $2.00 weeks. ago by evening things had come down a touch, but unless or warning, a further volatility. well, the current crisis being blind partly on energy policies being pushed by western government. while the seller david ski takes us through it. with news, the gas prices of his story, cars, many people are already concerned about the difficult decisions that lay ahead high school and also we so so it's a bit scary, it's purchasing power that is decreasing. that puts more money in the pockets of shareholders of big companies. it will be quite difficult for many households that will not be affected that much, but most will be the price of gas is already high enough. i've already decided not to heat my apartments for a while longer. it's quite difficult in winter, but it's still in habitable. if i put the heating back on at home, the bill easily climbed 250 euros a month because i'm worried about this increase. and the fact that will have in my
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bills and the cost of living with what we have left at the end of the month, it will be complicated, except for the money. i hate my home with gas if they increase the price of a year, a time will come when we will no longer be able to afford to keep ourselves warm. you see is a real issue here in europe across the block, significant numbers of people say that they just simply call to food to keep a home warm enough prices. why mean like you to fight further, particularly for those who income such as pension is soaring, prices have been blamed on a variety of faxes. those include the weather and even the hospital between european and asian bias for liquefied natural gas. all of this has led to gas reserves long wishing levels. so why if you are facing such or potentially when that is not purely a supply problem, it's not purely
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a supply chain problem. this is a monetary induced problem. part of what politicians do, in this cases, they tend to concoct conspiracy theories to cover up for their own failure. so in the case of europe, everybody runs to blame russia. i think there's a lot of scrambling and it starts now all around the world to try to figure out how to get the fuels to people who need it for the, for the, for the coming winter. but it's a little bit late in the day to be thinking about this right now. so i think we're headed for a very the school 6 months. it's also claim that the e u has been aggressive with a shutdown of coal and also its own domestic gas fields, coupled with a heavy carbon taxation. while at the same time, it hasn't gotten quite enough to make up for that by committing fully to carbon future this tremendous attack on fossil fuel chills going on all over the western
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world. you know, in the name of abating climate change and so on. but it's been very reckless and, and it's, and it's really has injured the capacity of the market to respond to the pi signals and to demand properly. so you have all these factors working in. so you've got a supply restrictions, artificial, in many directions, regulatory restrictions and so on. and all of these things are combining from the comic point of view to drive up prices that are going to make people tremendously suffer and multifarious ways of now. and for the next several years. so what is the solution? well, the companies could hook to compete at a higher level with asian counterpart for liquefied natural gas food that does mean that there is the potentials and the higher prices and phase ways.
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last week, the long awaited new stream to pipeline which runs under the bowl of exceed was completed no big concern, 55000000 cubic meters of gas, directly to your repair for you. that's enough to supply 26000000 household annually. russian company gas from says it's ready to feel void, that according to the country's government could solve europe problems. there is no doubt that launching nor stream to as quickly as possible would significantly balance out the price of natural gas in europe, including on the spot market. that will though depend on the certifying the pipeline. quick, shaw fish and accepting that it may need to bolster supply from russia. so what all you repeat governments doing right now will, spain has already intervened to attempt to shield its population from higher prices
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. new emergency measures will see profits problem with energy companies being used to cap the increase in gas prices. meanwhile, italy has said that we'll look at changes in energy sector to combust of expected 40 percent rise in retail power prices in the next quarter. what's clear is the, you need a strategy, and if it's to push ahead with plans to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, it needs to be quickly show the tv sci fi paris watching t international coming up in a moment for you. we're going to launch into that russian parliamentary election coverage and talk about the race for 450 seats in the country state duma. after this break, i
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or x markets are the thing food shortage in and what's been claim. you don't need it for a market. that's the plain and simple truth and country after country is beginning to realize they can escape the b matrix for acts of dominated by current players who control us dollar. and they can have sovereignty true sovereignty. if you have reliance on the us dollar, you do not have sovereignty. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have is crazy. plantation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, a very critical time. time to sit down and talk
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me the news. ah, the welcome back to move to the studio over looking the trend and it's very pleasant moscow evening. and it's time now to get into that coverage of the election to the state, the ma rushes, lower house of parliament, the voting is going to be held over a period of 3 days. it runs from friday through to sunday. that means that the polls will actually be opening in just a matter of hours from now. so how all preparations proceeding? the police stations are getting ready to receive the 1st voters in the russian central election commission. i've already opened a video will, there it is going to be broadcasting the entire election process. the commission
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says there are more than $100000.00 cameras polling stations to observe just how the elections are being run. transmission will be available to all of the participating parties. also the public can watch the broadcast in any of those $86.00 special election center situated across the country. and while the election hasn't even begun yet, mosque is already saving, give our lives for an interference, and it's 100 evidence that to prove just to the state department in washington, christiana, that it was pressed. the russian side has concrete evidence of violations of russian law by the us internet platforms, in the context of preparing and conducting the duma elections. it was stated that interference in the internal affairs of our country was categorically inadmissible . we had also passed irrelevant information through our embassy in washington to the department of state department. now,
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this comes as google and apple earlier are invited to attend a special security session of russia's parliamentary commission to explain that position. the head of that commission said that evidence of meddling in russia's affairs by both companies hasn't been presented to the us ambassador to moscow. this is after the tech johns failed to remove voting related content and apps made by organizations that russia classes as extremist. these also been accused of trying to exert influence over the vote, even before a single one is big cath, that's after the block. pass the motion allowing it to potentially not even recognize the results of the election. more than 100 members voted against the move, though, with one of them in particular, with plenty to say. this isn't a serious credible document, it's actually as then a full big round. much of the information is false, misleading. on one side it's we surround russia with mesa basis, and we call them the aggressor. we support opposition groups and we accuse them
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a foreign interference. the european project is not been undermined and divided by russia by fight. a rank hypocrisy that is characterized in this report of course is down to the russian people themselves to decide the outcome of this fight. so the pigeon has appealed to the nation to exercise the right to choose who sheet from the wilbur of the main point of an election is the expression of peoples . well, which is the main source of power at implementing the constitutional right of citizens to define the future development of the country, which we want to be sovereign and prosperous together, we have a lot to do. now. the modern world is complicated and rapidly changing. to meet its challenges, we need coordinated work between the government, society of citizens. we need a powerful, authoritative parliament. the new state duma has to act in the interests of russia
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. its people, so that newly elected deputies can be relied on. dear friends, i ask you to participate in the elections. please come to the polling stations on any day or a vote on line. modern technology guarantees it's safety and reliability, but how politicians are elected? it can vary from country to country. so let's take a look now. is how the process works in russia. ah, the, the news will throughout the week we've been taking a closer look,
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examining those 14 parties or hoping the voters will put a tick in the box. they start around less so examined the party of growth. it's considered to be right, wing liberal pushing for economic reform in the country and promotes a free market and for the tax system. the policies also calling for more control for legislators over the executive branch, more openness and transparency, and government and greater freedom of information is outlined for is exactly what is offering to voters. national group group consist of entrepreneurs and the word growth is the basis for everything we do. it's all about ways of reaching the main goal is to turn our economy into a market economy and to protect from shrinking as it's happening. now we want to show significant pace of development, and we're working on this together. business 1st of all, needs open borders. it doesn't involve it's locked out. it has an international function because if a business is created a home,
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it always has intention to go broad and we have to live always in an open space. we have to establish good relations with the country. any conflict made up by politicians, they only harm not only businesses, but those who live in this country too. that's why we're pushing for an open and friendly policy, where businesses can only strengthen economic ties because they have opportunity that was july 20 corresponding to me 3 pound qu 2nd, until it's a bit more about this party to meet the party of growth. probably refers to growth of the economy among other things, the probably building some growth in their support as well. take us through the policies. well, just as you heard right just now yes. with a party of growth, as the name implies, the basically stands for growth in all senses of that word, but primarily economic growth on primarily russia's economic growth. the party of phil consists of entrepreneurs and businessmen and their main focus is the middle
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class. they propose to bolster rushes economy by providing more incentives and opportunities for russian businesses to grow. they are actually proposing for russia to shift its focus from an export base to, to me, to an economy based on strong domestic product, which they see as the driving force behind rushes, economic modernization, and growth and development and abolition program. we have our own program, which is called growth for everyone. it contains principles which have to be a basic claire for the development of the russian economy. the key point, of course, is a market economy, economy and economy based on the export of raw materials. only. we can't develop is governmental economy. there are no perspectives in this. as the government can't be a major driver. we can advance in 2 ways. the 1st way, like china will the 2nd way, like japan, singapore or european countries. the 1st approach can be implemented with an
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expansion towards external markets where you wind competition because you could a cheaper another way and i'm sure we have to follow it. is growth driven by domestic market. see, 1st must your market at home with healthy competition and let him domestic production, defeat the exports, and then you can expand to the global market. so we have a wide range of measures, and the key one is growth of labor capacity for modernization. we have great potential and we can even match europe figures. so if we start fixing this now, and the government helps us with this, then we will succeed. now of course, the party of growth has proposals and other sectors as well. for example, they are advocating for election changes, changes to the process. they also want more public positions to become electable, such as mayors and governors. and they're even advocating for more free, free, or media even proposing to privatize all of the governments,
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the nation's state media. but of course, so their main focus is on the economy. and as they say for life in russia, it's even start getting better there would need to be a long economy based on domestic products in a domestic market that is free, competitive, healthy, and void of unnecessary government regulation. much appreciated correspondent with the low down that dimitry back. thanks to you guys for shooting in this evening. i saw from our election headquarters for the south rest assured we are going to be ramping up our coverage throughout the remaining campaign time. on those 3 days of voting and of course we'll be here to bring you the all important results on monday morning. though for this hour, i'll be back in just 30 minutes with your next global updates and more on the state duma elections. i'm good to go get my whole holiday support now to the policy for
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a couple say probably vaccine the the fee for that are maybe red or orange yellow. maybe we assume that they going to be on the suite and find things received around and soft and they can maybe assume again that they're going to be sweeter in some way. i work in the machine in the back. she popped in. she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and we reason there was a good device to another, shooting another safe part of american life. shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a r 1570 automatic rifle. when the issue comes home,
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it's time to act when we're violent on this issue. the other side wind by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs. why do you wear again? well, you still took it off and i think the people need to take responsibility in their own hands and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number that i when i would show the wrong when all just don't the rules. yes. to fill out the thing becomes the after kid and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves world far as we choose to look for common ground in
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the, in the moon, the the, the call. so there are milles resignation are growing, following revelations and secret conversations with the chinese. emily says he was acting as a good faith precaution to prevent a war with china following the events on january 6th. however, the timeline of millie and others. com.


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