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tv   News  RT  September 16, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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in the world corrupted, you need to this end. ah, so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah. the 3rd good evening to welcome to our coverage of the 2021 russian duma elections. we have set us up with one of the best views in moscow and the most appropriate one i'd say, politically, we're overlooking the criminal problem face of operations from here will be counting down to those 3 days of voting and we're pretty close. they get underway now. in parts of russia, in just one hours, in politics, to examine the issues that the rest of the public talking about as they get ready to head to the pulse. that's all coming up. first, look at waters and nike. today's headlines. first,
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they stop in the back front venting it's frustration is through with allies, america, the k. omitted from a pacific security line. seeing accounts from china as joe biden makes an embarrassing slip up. well enough thing, not deal. apparently he forgot the name of the estallion prime minister. thank you bores, i want to thank that fellow down under. thank you very much. appreciate it, mr. privacy roughly parliamentary elections. the threat to potential meddling is raises the full breakdown later on this hour. indeed crossed our days, special coverage. ah, there it is on rooftops. do you guys
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a beautiful evening or russian election coverage will be coming up for you very shortly? they choose for that, but we're going to go 1st to the 1st of those headline stories i just mentioned to stop in the back. that is how senior french officials described the pacific security between 3 of its allies. namely, the united states, britain and australia, which is seen as an attempt to counter beijing, hearty correspondence, shoddy, i just dusty has been following developments. well, put it this way for the french. it seems like australia was only with france until a better deal offer came along, which invariably it has australia originally asked france to help with it from the rain mission but has now walked away and walking away also comes with scrapping a 90000000 year road deal instead, australia now wants to assign this tax with the united kingdom and the united states, which for the french, they say it's a stop in the back. but it's
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a stab in the back. we had established a trusting relationship with a trailer and mistrust was betrayed as poly feels the american choice to exclude the european ally and partner such as franz from a structuring partnership with australia at the time when we're facing unprecedented challenges in the in the pacific region showed the lack of coherence that france can only note and regret. so instead of trying to have fun, this security parks with the united kingdom and the united states overgrown concerns over china and its regional dominance onto this deal, then what it all really entails is that all 3 nations will be sharing secrets and data and information on a strategic level on areas including artificial intelligence, cyber security, and also nuclear defense. part of this, we'll see that australia will now acquire a nuclear submarine making the 7th country in the world to get a nuclear sob. just the last time that the united states allowed such capabilities
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was right here to the united kingdom some decades ago. so very grand gesture, indeed. however, it's not just the likes of france, quite upset by the signing of this new security parks, but neighboring countries. new zealand to have long been working towards nonproliferation in the region. the center piece of it is nuclear power submarines . no part is a very well versed and understanding our position of nuclear power vessels and weapons. our legislation says no vessel holy are fully powered by nuclear energy, can anto internal waters. but look, britain is also quite eager to be more involved in areas like the asia pacific, especially author as exit from the european union. we have to remember that the united kingdom on its government has long been trying to re brad and re establish it self as a global britain. but all of this will really push europe to now be more fun of us in its own strategic planning. in fact, the block was not even informed about this new u. s. u. k,
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australia security partnership. again at a time when e. u. member states are also struggling to meet the funding commitments in nato as well. so that could be a why did your political backlash than just that of china? so to get reaction to this story, we had the streets of parents. me see, but i mean, this is not the 1st time that united states has taken contracts from us. they are very good at that. we do not respect anyone apart from themselves. they act like masters of the world. they shouldn't have done because i think it fronted on the same. they would have complained it they wouldn't have liked. we'll see if the current president is better than the last one. it represents a lot of money, a lot of jobs, but it would be better if these jobs were for making other things. but it's a little dishonest, i suppose. and the other hand, they were closest which allowed them to break the contract before they start making the submarines. no, it's never good for a person to see that
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a contract has been broken. it's happened to me personally. they're always paragraph and clauses, but it must be justified. you have to have a good reason if i understand it correctly, the united states is a competitor. so of course, it's not a good thing that there should have been talks between the french and the americans . the friendship between washington and cambra might not be as close as it seems when another thing the security deal president biden appeared to forget the name of australia's prime minister. if you're wondering it's scott morrison. thank you born and i want to thank that fell down under thank you very much, appreciate it, privacy australia than i did states and france and repeatedly cited the supposed security threat from beijing in indo pacific region. west china is the dominant power and the signing of the author security plan comes this month of britain, infuriated the chinese by sending its warships to the south china sea to join the
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so called freedom of navigation operations being led by america, john to condemn this new lines and quoted, a throwback to the cold war countries should not build exclusionary blocks targeting or harming the interest of 3rd parties. in particular, they should shake off their colewell mentality and ideological prejudice. we spoke about a fairly choice of military partners where my, the leading with economics professor benjamin child, an anti war activists. richard becker, there's no explanation. why are the u. s. u k? now, at this time helping australia develop a nuclear power suite of submarines and then turning around and saying this will advance the world peace. clearly this is about another war. this is about a war that is being prepared against china. the us leaders,
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they talk about the indo pacific, which is of course no term, was made up to enable us to explain us leaders explain, bringing more countries into the anti china alliance, surrounded china. on the surface, we see that the, the, you as an indicator is empowering australia to have the nuclear submarine. i think the underline. one key reason for this empowerment is the us in ability to pull bite more defense budget to support these large spending nuclear power summaries. so the says it is forcing australia to share the cost of maintaining such ships and also strategic positions and also forces in their self, china and also window pacific region, especially now that there is increasing tension between china and australia. so
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china is what you're very closely. the next steps of the 3 countries, like europe is railing from a price shock on its energy markets. natural gas rates hit an all time record on wednesday, almost a 1000 dollars 1000 cubic meters. and this is how that market rollercoaster looked on wednesday. the price paid to $992.00, which is more than 50 percent higher than it was just 2 weeks ago. by late evening . things had come down somewhat. but unless our warning for the volatility, the current crisis is being blame partly on energy policy is being pushed by western governments. as anti charlotte dubin ski ripples with the news, the gas prices in store because many people are already concerned about the difficult decisions that lay ahead high school and also. so it's a bit scary, it's purchasing power that is decreasing. that puts more money in the pockets of shareholders of big companies. it will be quite difficult for many households. some
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will not be affected much, but most will be the price of gas is already high enough. i've already decided not to heat my apartments for a while longer. it's quite difficult in winter, but it's still inhabitable, if i put the heating back on at home, the bill easily climbed 250 years, a month or so on. i'm worried about this increase and the fact that will have in my bills and the cost of living with what we have left at the end of the month, it will be complicated, except for the money. so forgot, i hate my home with gosh, if increase the price of a year, a time will come when we will no longer be able to afford to keep ourselves warm. you policy is a real issue here in europe, across the block, significant numbers of people say that they just simply call to food to keep the home warm enough as prices why this is only likely to find further, particularly for those who income such as pension is soaring prices have been
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blamed on a variety of faxes. those include the weather and even the tougher between european and asian bias liquefied natural gas. all of this has led to gas reserves along wishing levels. so why if you were facing such a potentially winter, that is not purely a supply problem, it's not purely a supply chain problem. this is a monetary induced problem. part of what politicians do in this case is they tend to concoct conspiracy theories to cover up for their own failures. so in the case of europe, everybody ready to blame russia? i think there's a lot of scrambling and it starts now all around the world to try to figure out how to get the fuel to people who need it for the, for the, for the coming winter. but it's a little bit late in the day to be thinking about this right now. i think we're headed for a very the school 6 months. it's also claimed that the e u has been aggressive with the shutdown of coal and also its own domestic gas
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fields, coupled with a heavy carbon taxation. while at the same time, it happens doesn't quite enough to make up for that by committing fully to call and feature this tremendous attack on fossil fuel chills going on all over the western world. you know, in the name of a baiting climate change and so on. but it's been very reckless and, and it's, and it's really has injured the capacity of the market to respond to, to the pi signals and to demand properly. so you have all these factors working in . so you've got the supply restrictions, artificial in many directions, regulatory restrictions and so on. and all of these things are combining from an economic point of view to drive up prices that are going to make people tremendously suffer and multifarious ways of now. and for the next several
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years. so what is the solution? well, you companies could hook to compete at a higher level with asian counterpart for that liquefied natural gas food that does mean that there is the potential then the higher prices and phase always last week. the long awaited new stream to pipeline which runs under the bowl of exceed was completed no consent, 55000000 cubic meters of gas, directly c, your repair per year. that's enough to supply 26000000 household annually. russian company gas from says it's ready to feel void. that's according to the country's government could solve europe's problems. there is no doubt that launching nord stream to as quickly as possible would significantly balance out the price of natural gas in europe, including on the spot market. that will though,
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depend on you certifying the pipeline quick shawl fish and accepting that it may need to bolster supply from russia. so what all you repeating governments doing right now will, spain has already intervene to attempt to shield its population from higher prices . new emergency measures will fee profits from energy companies being used to cap the increase in gas prices. meanwhile, italy has said it will look at changes in energy sector to combust of expected 14 percent rise in retail power prices in the next quarter. what's clear is the, you need a strategy, and if it's to push ahead with plans to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, it needs to be the quickly show the tv sci fi, paris know ortiz investigative media project. read fishes on this page on
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instagram deleted for the platform. it follows a similar me by facebook in april of this year. now before its page was blocked, red fish had racked up 400000 followers that have been facing increasing pressure in recent times, such as this content being labeled russian control media. read fishes contacted both instagram and the side zone of facebook to try get an explanation on the go instagram account got deleted either because you violated one or more of instagram's community guidelines or because of a mistake. once in instagram account is deleted, you can't restore it. companies like facebook and instagram. they have more power than any cooperation before them, or any government before them has over the media. but they're less accountable and less transparent than ever before. and we've tried over and over again, so reach out to somebody at facebook and instagram and for them to explain why this is happening or to challenge the decision. but we constantly face brick walls. and
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we go reaction to the story from a number of guests. you need to say to people, look, if we're going to take something off the platform, here's the reason you've done that. these companies also dominance. now you cannot exist as a modern company as a modern individual, as a multi governmental institution without access to facebook without access to instagram. and so when these companies take away the free speech of people, actually, they are hugely damaging. it's not true to say if facebook take you down, you can move somewhere else. no, you can't. this is censorship and they're going to take the, the position that these are private companies. so you know, they can do what they want. they don't have to justify or give an explanation of why they take a whole established channels down in the case of red fish. this sort of censorship, i think, is geopolitical because it's affiliated with, with russia, with
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r t tangentially any way. then it becomes a problem and so the censorship it takes on a whole new kind of weight. geopolitical wait, thanks for staying with us here in our international this evening. so the come for you will be launching into our russian parliamentary election coverage. talk about race for those 450 state duma seats. finish. oh, i use i use ah
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me. when i would show the wrong one, i just don't need you to fill out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground in the
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ah, welcome back to central most retail studio or overlooking the trend in computer science in the evening time now for our in depth coverage of the state reelections that's talking about elections to russia's lower house, the parliament voting is going to be held repeated to 3 days, lots of opportunity for people to cast their votes friday through to sunday. and it means, given that the various times in russia that actually pose will open in just a half an hour if you talk about the far east of the country. so how in general the preparations proceeding, the police stations are getting ready to receive the 1st photo. the russian central election commission has opened up a video wall. now this is broadcasting the entire election process. commission says there are more than 100000 cameras. this is obviously about transparency, the situation that polling stations to observe how the elections are being run. the transmission is available to all the parties involved,
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and also the public can watch the broadcast in $86.00 special election centers across russia. while the election hasn't even started yet, moscow is already saving about, alleged foreign interference is even under evidence to prove just that to the state department of washington. a. he's good to know that it was trends that the russian side has concrete evidence of violation of russian law by the us internet platforms, in the context of preparing and conducting the duma elections. it was stated that interference in the internal affairs of our country was categorically inadmissible . we had also passed the relevant information through our embassy in washington to the us department. it comes as google and apple earlier invited to attend a special security session of russia's parliamentary commission. that was to give them a chance to explain the position ahead of the commission said an evidence of meddling and rushing by both those companies has already been presented to the us ambassador
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to moscow. after the tech johns failed to remove voting related content. and that may be organizations that russia classes as extremist. the use also been accused of trying to exert influence over this phone even before a single husband test block, pass the motion allowing it to potentially not even recognize the results of the election if they are quote, seen us fraudulent more than 100 members voted against that move though, and some of them had plunged his eye on the matter. this isn't a serious credible document. it's actually a van, a phobic round. much of the information is false, misleading. on one side it's, we surround russia with nase of basis, and we call them the aggressor. we support opposition groups and we accuse them a foreign interference. european project is not being undermined and divided by russia by fight, the rank hypocrisy that is characterized in this report. it is time to embark on
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a positive dialogue with the russian federation is time to stop listening to the american in europe is our continent from europe as of right to make a choice in favor of good relations with russia, i would like to speak now live to political unless chris bambrick appreciate you joining me this evening. chris. so the way you approach is to me the seems a little bit call before the horse, the vote decided that what they're going to do, if there is an offense, normally it still the way around how you interpret while they're doing degree that you normally do when we wait on reports, international observers, you observe and saw and you go and one or 2 they went action, they would come back report. and if there was any wrong doing or anything that was on toward then they might of those might take action. in this case tuesday, and they've taken the action worse for being cast and anyone knows how the actions
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are going to run. so as you rightly say, this is putting the cart before the horse so the question then is why do this? what's the motivation? because many people in russia could interpret that as being quite an aggressive move. i think they could see it as an aggressive move. i think that is because more and more the european union is falling behind the americans in this new cold war, which is developing between washington on the london. they've been under intense pressure from washington. initially, the germans are the key players. of course, in the you were a watson to take action against russia because of course, economic ties, not least the gas which flows from the east to germany. we know homes are much marcel's. but under that pressure, of course, the germans eventually comes and know they're joining in what is increasing our cold war with which in russia was america and russia. exactly the same day as
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allocations are coming from moscow. that america itself is intervening in the rest of it. if you've got a, you officials voting, you know, as a majority to say, we suspect that the russian elections are going to be, that are independence. and we're going to look for evidence of that isn't there is an argument that some voters in russia yet to cast a ballot here about this and could be influenced by that does not constitute meddling because i suspect that's what some politicians will cite. i think that's right, and i think united russia will exploit that is to say the west is trying to intervene, interfere in our election the way west is judging us even before the election has been been held. and they will play on what is january nationalism that doesn't one interference problem the way the from the states in russian actions and that card
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could play? well, i say you have to put it up against the way to picture all of this. and the same days, russia is object. do i said to our geisha america, experienced with chinese, are up in arms with the americans and the british, supplying the trillions. but marines, oh, this indicates to me, a call war between the west and russia. but on a broader scale with china will be working along with some interest that was going on. you know, other allegations of meddling coming from russia mosque was demanding answers from the united states about some of the big us tech companies that allowing access to, to certain sites that russia will not allow people to go to. they say that they're basically affiliated to extremist organizations. do you think the united states will respond in anyway? do they cut off or should have been what they are saying is these websites are used
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to be used by the opposition to advise people how to catch the holes. but i think the wider example. let's talk real poets here with anyone. not believe that the americans have an interest in trying to be why not just they have, but then it will not believe there will be a contract with the opposition. yes, they will. they will not believe the west of money is boy made that not directly from government agencies, but it's coming in the way of the opposition. yes, it must be i can turn it road and stay the same thing. we live in a real world where again, these are russia, i had interest in what happens the space where it was the really, the americans want to see peace and defeated. they will try what they can to do it, and they will be playing with the opposition. we've seen this is so many of these color coded revolutions to happen across that region and the former soviet union and elsewhere, the americans intervening. so let's be real. the americans will be interested in
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action and they will be trying to and chris that it all to my guess. this are political honest, chris vanberry, thanks now politicians are elected something the very sum comes to country. let's take you through how the process works here in russia. ah, [000:00:00;00] the news. right through the week we've been taking
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a closer look at the 14 parties. i'd be voters will be putting a ticket in the box that turned to the current majority party. now, the election favorites, united, russia, the de facto ruling party source of the largest party in the country, the chairman, you might recognize the name, former prime minister, me g med, of the party. so suppose the program at the president among the schools is strengthened. russia sovereignty cannot make agenda, include support for domestic industry. the emphasis on high tech sector, the, to him is deputy speaker from united russia took us through the upcoming votes and the policies, policies there and you know, i don't agree that all is clear. currently, there are 14 bidding parties sort of the latest polls suggest that at least 2 new parties may take seats in the parliament. as a result, we are, as opposed to the previous vote turn out will be higher. this time, people are keen to have their interests represented by like minded candidates. it's also important to emphasize that our parliament wields more authority following the
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amendments to the russian constitution. for instance, the president empowered the body with his mandate to appoint ministers. the political fight is under way and it's pretty fierce. for instance, moscow sees ongoing competition between many strong candidates. the party in power supports this pattern and yes, certainly, development economy and infrastructure growth or the immediate priorities on the united russia agenda. it also includes help to the most financially vulnerable families, with many children, as opposed to other parties. united rushes program is based on existential demands, rather than on abstract, theoretical notions. we ask people about their pressing needs, took their answers into account, and we are now working on implementing them through legal tools. in my view, these press freedom indexes are abstract. first of all, our country has made a great leap over the last 20 years. it took many of our neighboring western
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countries 50 to 100 years to do the same. so we progress at a much greater pace when it comes to press. it is free as long as it doesn't infringe on the freedom of others. if there are organizations which seek to spread their influence using foreign funds or then they should be open about it. and then the rationale behind their stance would make sense. if in fact they were powerful and enjoyed real support from their viewers in readers, they wouldn't have to worry about anything they would feel as confident as most of them in our country watch. and so all this talk about stifled freedom of speech in russia is premature. it remains to be seen immediately. the court? yes. well, that's all for us said he's election headquarters for this. our rest assured our team if the anchors and correspondents are going to stay with you right through the remaining campaign days. not long to really wait now because actually in the far


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