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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 18, 2021 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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i have often said transparency for the household, for the last bit cares about privacy. what people care about is power. juliana sons is become a symbol of the battles of brevity. information is power. that's what's going on. and the huge struggle with governments and corporations who want to keep information secret and others who democratic rights should be pushed forward. and people have a right to know what to do. watch how much help to shift the conversation around transparency and see what that battle has done to him. i feel like julian life might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the largest and most powerful employer in such a situation. it's remarkable, it's about the
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the, the the who's now mentioned redundancy. we're going underground digging of the narratives. the circled mainstream media. i want you to hear coming up in the show while the eyes of the world are on the middle east to investigate another country destroyed by natural intervention, libya and ask the man who was mamma good, happy's information minister, that it will take another good for you to lift, you can bomb country out of chaos and on chilly and independence day, we speak to the man behind the arrest of chillies, late the liberal dictator,
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august to penetrate. and the only presidential adviser who survived the ca, back military attacks nominated palace, paved the way for the liberalism all around the world from petra, britain, to russia. all this more coming up in today's going of the grammar 1st, while major government warned us defeated last canisters while supporting the occupation of syria. what about libya before you k bombing africa's richest per capita country coming up to 10 years since the nature of act killing of mor morgan alfie, could his son say father's love be the answer? joining me now. his mom, i get out these former information minister moose abraham. thank you so much. moose of are coming back on the show. i go to ask, 1st of all, why are in cairo a lot of people in cairo after all, there's a half general half to form a ca asset. the meeting with president ccsi. i think the libyan speaker as well as other he says that it's all happening in egypt. it seems why you that i am here to coordinate our political work with my libby and colleagues. we believe, as always,
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that the solution for the libyan problems should be conducted secuity by the libyan people themselves, cairo in egypt as a neighboring capital, egypt is a very important country to us. and we have a major libyan community here. and now the different political leaders of libya are coming to discuss the libyan situation. we are here to be present to be active and to remind the world that the majority in libya has been silenced by nato's bombs by natives intervention and by natives agents. and we need to listen to the people not to the political elite or to the foreign powers. so did you, me, general, after and in general, have going to run in december's elections and is safe all good f going to run in
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december's elections as he promised from geneva back in 2018. well, stay from get duffy has a very clear and pack your check. if i may say a project, he announced that he talked about the talked about that very frankly to the libyan people. his project is a project of national dialogue and reconciliation. he's a known political figure in the country. he is supported by most of the libyan tribes. that is why the west is terrified for the presence of cat duffy the. the recent developments we all have, what the assistant secretary of state of the u. s. said that they would refuse to deal with any libya headed by 7 as long as if the destiny and future of libya should be decided by washington. and the state of the very
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people in the country. as for general, have the libyan political figures, they have their own authoritarian dreams and they try to arrange their moves and their political and maneuvers with foreign power is because they came to libya and the very 1st place with the aid of foreign powers. i think i believe all the safe it is as the one who stands tall on the shoulders of the libyan people themselves. not on bombs and rockets and military bases foreign, military bases. yes, there are rumors that half star is sending troops to the chad to border. i think you're referring that to us is instant acting. assistant secretary said joe hood, he said the whole world has a problem which they've his last good obvious candidacy for the elections. whoever runs it's a matter for the libyan people to decide,
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but you didn't answer the question. is he keeping his promise to run for the presidency in december or not just does he just want dialogue and conversations? i think it is, and he is agenda to run for the elections. but the question of when is this still debatable? and the december elections are only a 100 days away and there are many logistical problems. and the intervention, the continuous intervention of foreign power is the especially of the west are making the situation and libby a very hard to deal with and very hard to move forward. because every for him power wants to guarantee that its own agents in the country. when they had, they have positions of power and in the next 2 elections. and that's actually what
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we say no to. we want the libyan people. we want the libyan cities, libyan villages, libyan tribes, to sit down and decide their own future. we don't want the british or the americans or the french, or the techs to decide the future of libya. the, the sad thing is only favorite islam is speaking. this language, the other political figures are working very closely with foreign powers. and that obeying their orders and instead of listening to their own people, we saw of the british and the united states back killing of say, fall in love, good f e 's father. we saw hillary clinton, smiling and applauding the pictures. when the mama daffy was killed, can save file is i'm do a deal with half for protection because there are those who think that nato countries may want, say, father slum, good after dead to what safe and slam is trying to say,
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even to foreign powers. that he does not present any threat to them. and the way they think, oh sir, for this lamb is calling for, for libya to be for libyans, for libby and oil to be for libyans. and for all libyans to sit down and find a genuine emotional, political, and economic solution for the disaster. that has been the nato intervention, olivia in 2011, even when speaking about his father, the mark tom lama duffy. he invokes his name not for revenge, but for a sign of peace for a sign of reconciliation because if save himself who lost his brothers and his father and the position he had in libya at that time, he speaks of peace. he speaks of libyan unity,
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and this should be good news to the good people of europe and america. unfortunately, of course, we know that europe and america are controlled by a very aggressive and greedy economic system that does not necessarily look for peace. a system that looks for oil, it looks for money, it looks for robbing as a nation's wealth. and therefore war for them. for these foreign power is good news because peace means that nations are able to control their own destiny, their own wealth. and therefore, these nations were not to provide the capitalist system with the means of survival that it leads. i'm not sure if you're safe. all good is spokes person? is he aware of the difference is that the un security council over the un mandate is save file gadhafi more supportive of moscow and beijing position than london,
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washington and paris. well, i think i will leave this for safe and a slam to express himself when he thinks that time is right. but i know for sure that libyans understand that the british, especially the americans, are trying to play with the details of the mandate. the un, monday to libya, so they can guarantee their libyan agents more power for the next few years. we support the russian position, simply because russia is saying that more power should be put in the hands of libyans. this is not about standing with russia politically. we are supporting the logical position that gives power to the libyans, if the british se, let's give power back to the libyans, we would support the british position. unfortunately, the british are now trying to tweak the mandate to play with it. so the and the
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united nations mission and tripoli would have ultimate power and deciding who speaks and libya who shares the power. libya who is allowed to go for the elections in libya and who has the military power and libya. the russians are saying no, the libyan people should decide that we know the games, the west to play. the west plays the same games and libya and iraq, enough got to stand in venezuela and syria. so this is like late in the, in the, in the game. we're not at the beginning. we have got all the lessons. and when we will not allow, we will not allow the british or the americans to deceive our people again. but we're a 100 days, as you say, from the election safer still has not properly announced. he is running while hosta
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form, as he says, is rumoured to be backed by russia and france, and he says he will contest the december elections. well, the regulations for the elections have not been put into place completely yet. so there is a legal side that needs to be settled, unfaithfulness, lamb has many teams working on the ground and really be in the city, coordinating his efforts to be present in the libya and political scene. but i assure you action civil slam is not thinking of the chair of the president, so to speak. he is really more concerned with helping libby and tribes libby and cities to have a genuine dialogue between them and to push forward for a political solution to the libyan crisis. he does believe, of course, that's him as a national lead has
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a place and the future of libya. but the timing is a question to be decided later depending on many circumstances, national and international. however, as i said, if it is lamb is working very hard with thousands of, of political figures around the country to help advance the cause of libyan liberation. liberal liberation from foreign power is what people forget is that the libyan crisis is not a libyan libby. and problem, it's a libyan against foreign power is problem. if france and every power withdraw from libya, politically and in terms of the military libyans will be able to solve their own problems by themselves. well, there's a turkish frigate off the coast of libya, pictures today on social media, mis, i'll stop you there. more from more good asking for information minister to this
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break. plus we speak to the only political advisor of south. again, they're just of the nature nation back $911.00 to that would bring afraid chicago school economics all around the world. ah, me the news welcome back. i'm still with my mom. good. as his former information minister was abraham, i have to ask you is the reason i say fall in love and good duffy is not doing this interview much as we like to interview you. because he is a us or nato drones strike to kill him. well, a separate a slam was a great and brave fighter in 2011. he's not afraid of southern why doesn't he?
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he is why he's new is the reason he doesn't do interviews because of the international criminal court. they want him as they want. so many people of color in africa because if it's not knows what the international especially weston main 3 media can do with anything. he says they will turn the whole thing, not about libya, but about him personally. he does not want to be like the issue. he wants libya to be the issue. that's why he wants people on the international community to judge his actions, not just his words. everything safe and slam is doing is in the interests of the people. it does not think of any authoritarian agenda. doesn't think of a, the agency to a foreign power is as it is a case with half the politic configured us. so if it presents
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a problem to the west, because he is simply trying to liberate the country from the military presence of foreign powers. remember, the united nations itself said officially that there are 5 military bases in libya, 5 foreign military base in libya, and $20000.00 foreign fighters and the country. this is a country and a to patient. i despise how the main stream media talks about the libyan problem. they never mention that libya is an occupied country. libya isn't occupied country and the libyan people need to fight to liberate their country before thinking about elections, political settlements, and all of the rest. well just finally, how can the libyan people trust safe?
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i'll get duffy. he was a friend of. i don't know. tony blair here in london, he was fated here in london, a great friend of neoliberalism. why should the why should the libyan people trust someone closely associated with neo liberalism, multinational corporations as he had he changed and become more of a socialist? i've seen you can never did use as he's thinking his berson either to his history, to just political relations with tony blair or with new liberals. civil islam was very close to many african leaders. he was very close to r a bleed or is he, he visited many countries around the world. he tried to establish peace between libya and the west. but even now he gave an interview to the new york times, not going underground. i believe because he wanted to send particular messages to
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particular foreign power and sentence power in the west. this is, you know, down to him. he's a man of his own. he has his own philosophy, but she's separate as is loved by the vast majority of the people he's respected. but even those who had differences with him in the past because they saw what he did and 2011 they. so how he still speaks of libya would love how he wants to find genuine solutions to the country's problems. and they see how he refuses to be controlled by foreign powers. something that no, i repeat, no other political figure and libya has done so. so it is, i think safe it is the future of libya, not as a person, not just because he is the son of duffy, but i think of what he represents politically and intellectually and morally to
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most libyans with abraham. thank you. thank you. i've seen the well today just days after the 20 year anniversary of 911 in new york is independence day for a country that mourns and other small, devastating 911. the ca planned $911.00 cool, $973.00, which spread neoliberalism to all parts of the world. after the death of socialist president of chile salvatore, i end the only political adviser to i in there who survived. the qu is human rights law. doctor one, god says the man behind the london, the rest of the you came back to the picture who took his place august to finish a. he drives me now from spain's capital madrid. one thanks so much for coming on the show. as i said, you were, i end is advised that today is chilly independence day. why do you believe people are not even mentioning the qu against i n day on the b, b, c, or on c?
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and then for the 20 year anniversary, week of 911, when of course it was september, the 11th 1973 way back to new york in 2001. the big me now for info. most of the people that was before before the new york hours in wanted to go against the news for the never know. so we got the chicago style economics even here in britain, after the qu, just remind us what, salvador i said to you 48 years ago when september, you know, when it was south since 71900, $73.00, there was a $1000030.00 rection again the government of chile and
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1000000 defaults during 4 hours. again, this is the ration. and i mean it's before the bottom and he asked me to leave us because i work he's closest on license and he saw that they would explain what was the study and the policies that they will be washing, preventive and wellness, bring that mentor. all the people and these trying to show that the human eye i knew there were protest is on the street to santiago. what. what did you make of the fact that chile and court said that i in there killed himself. he was not killed by the ca backed coo clauses. he took the decision body because this teacher can fight. i think at all we, he's for the guards and what he has done with the last bullet,
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tyler know what he decided to die in time. well, we're just a few weeks away from of course, the next election. but when penetrate came to power, we got privatization. in chile, of course, tens of thousands killed or disappeared. but you have spoken of how henry kissinger pioneered extradition rendition, flights torture that we have seen after the other 9112001. tell me how kissinger and nixon pioneered this hybrid warfare after they killed effectively your friend and your president international body. she's the way decided like you seem pretty guy who stand nissan, we're not respectful of intervention or not at all. and he was
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a completion in the kinds of the way coming into the sheep. and unfortunately, we find it why know how we want to maybe do you watch an outage and i know that the people that get out of me that were sick burger was here to the 971 by then the son of the general each night in finding a claim, h u c, u s. carts on the 10th of september, 2001 the day before the effects you're on for me is miss crinkle not to go ahead. and because what happens after the new york, or was it from the,
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from the us government invade all the countries and to the nation on yourself or, and the human rights concerning the fight. and in this context, no car, you know, at this stage we're ready to hear the claim from the tonsils. to that, what an extraordinary coincidence we we invite henry kissinger on i've tried to, i've spoken to him actually. he but he hasn't said he has to this program. not sure if you've seen the new australian papers in the past few days released, showing how the liberal prime minister then the foreign minister billing mcmahon, australia's secret service in santiago once failed to ca, against your press would be the scholarship ration. but also we can find the scope in it from,
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from even pro competition western europe. and the way by the united states in order to interface with the internal political processing chillik. and this was about beyond that capitalism, privatization, we know that there are papers detailing pepsi cola i t t, david rockefeller business group for latin america. they were all involved. but the kennedys were interested in i and they, even before robert kennedy and jack in the fact that the work for the fraction of that of them aggressive was the gum of the presidential election in 68. and in 72. when nixon defeated the democratic candidate of the hall tree and george parker
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had those to be in a negative for me, they will not be in today because because the queen it was by the name of cracks in the us or against any interference into that they respected they together and the fact that after that go under their my show on the policy in the u. s. in a frank frank charge. so nathan commission investigated the credential unit and disclose what the saw, you know, the most competent friendship information about this time. and they covered that ation again. that well, of course, kennedy kennedy was and was killed before. but in the era,
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the current leader of chile came to london. on the eve of the 911 anniversary, boris johnson invited him to downing street. do you think the do you think he's going to remain president? you have elections in november? the 21st. and if gabriel boring wins in chile, will there just be another qu, if he tries to nationalize resources? no, i know if he sold he will not die if he will not try not sure. right. in mining the big minds of copper and this is nothing the boat i'm a mortgage check on the army is not today. what was the 7 days that i mean the game against my ceiling? and i think they were seen on time me following that. just finally, i know you've been campaigning for restitution for the victims,
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tens of thousands of victims of because of the british american back denisha government and both as garzon. you worked with the new franco. what did you make of the un in the past few days, saying they condemned the actions against about this goes on. he's also, julian assigned his lawyer. what, what have you made about the dirty tricks against one of the most famous human rights judges in the world saying if you any country in europe where they came to meet you in this war and the sheep, that means to be 966 and 1975. absolutely. i'm punish. and the 1st judge to open the doors of these are feasts. maybe he's all those guys. but he was punished by supreme court because
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of that, and not only he or spanish mission or hearing that came from that should bring guard was in the future. no judge should investigate and the issue in any crime that was going to be there. the games is bangs republican army gains in spanish, people to frankly, she and that's not a faltered doctor. one guy says thank you. thank you for the show will be back on monday, 20 years of the day. george w bush officially declared the so called war on terror paving the way for us defeat enough can it's down until then. you can keep in touch with all that social media. let us know how you think finish in chicago school economics, change the well the hey, you know, we've moved on from just lots of money and incurring lots of dad for dom reasons
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to printing loss of money and incurring lots of debt for extraordinarily dom reason the i am now convinced that as many as 10 civilians, including up to 7 children, were tragically killed in that strike. it was a mistake. and i, for my sincere apology for us admit, it's drones try can cobbled last month right before the ministry pull out killed and 10 civilians including 7 children. now it took 3 weeks for washington to acknowledge what it now calls a horrible mistake off your initially claiming a terrorist had been killed. we speak to the relatives of the victims in a special project. it's called on heard voices.


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