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tv   News  RT  September 21, 2021 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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never changed. that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the vehicle, its corporate, me ah, super moscow time and i had learned today a man shoot dead, a german gas station cashier who asked him to simply wear a mask, sparking a horror and debate in the countries media of a growing fury against covert restrictions. a day of morning as a notice in the central russian city of pat them off to the university shooting that killed 6 hundreds and pay their respects to the memorial to the victims. our correspondent is there and spoke to the mother of one heavily injured student. the shot hit my daughter in the back. she was running away. she saw him and started
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running. she had to have keep me removed. elsewhere shocking scenes as us poor guards, wip patient refugees, emboldened by rumors that may be joe biden, that opened up the frontier, sparking governor's branded unprecedented migrant search and the lives of hundreds of africa and who work for britain, a placed at risk of their personal information has been leaked by mistake, by the ministry of defense. ah . hello the law from oscar. this 2000 and 21st of september. welcome to the program . my name's kevin over here with you. with our latest today for the next half hour and this 1st and the central russian city of perm, today's in mourning for the victims of that mass shooting at its top university. 6 people were killed. 4 of them aged 20 thunder. more than 2 dozen were wounded
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warnings and pitchers coming up are disturbing. cctv recordings have been released showing students inside that university building running for their lives. literally, as the alleged assailant walked in, he injured the security guards, then shoot him a 2nd time as the guard lies defenceless on the floor. the man dressed all in black and step, so with a turn style to continue his mass killing spree. meantime, memorials being set up where hundreds of already paid respects to the victims. among them, a woman whose daughter was badly injured in the attack. with little shorts of film, the shot hit my daughter in the back when she was running away. she saw him and started running it, hit her in the back, she had to have a kidney removed. she'll be transported to more school. she received 1st aid, god bless those people and we got lucky in comparison to others. she was
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a little behind her group. they managed to walk themselves inside a classroom. parents should be aware of what the kids are doing. this is what i'm talking about. how is it possible? his parents didn't see he got all that stuff at home. friends laughing thought it was joke. what's that about? the, the city is still really from what's happened here throughout the night. hundreds of people gathered and make shift and memorial here, bringing flowers to honor the memory of the deceased. being diversity is close. now it's campus has been sealed off by the police with investigation, of course, in full swing, no one except for those who live in the student. dormitory behind these fans are allowed. inside. now, were stayed standing in front of an entrance where the gunman broke in. the attacker is believe you have initially gone down a security guard to make his way into the campus. now let's recap some of the key moments from yesterday's shooting. ah,
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[000:00:00;00] i wish i didn't hear the shots, but when i was leaving university, a group of people had already got that turns out that we have 1015 minutes. sonya we could have been in that situation. it was very scary. we usually can be a building next time we are in the 1st building, turned out that it was this little practice saved today. the me, me, the suspect was identified as an 18 year old freshman student at the university.
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he'd spend just a couple of weeks there before the incident, so it's unlikely it was an act of personal revenge. investigators have been able to piece together exactly what happened on that day. so we know that a black clad shooter in the helmet hunting rifle and ammunition wrapped around his body, stormed into the campus around 11 in the morning while students were in their classes . some of the students and teachers barricaded in their classrooms. others were seen jumping out of windows trying to leave the car, and it was a peripheral scene unfolding, unfolding just meters away from where we're standing. now. people were leaping from a height of about 4 meters falling heavily on the ground. many of them have suffered serious injuries because of that. our team managed to talk to you the suspects father, who lives in a different city now and hasn't kept in close contact with his son an ex wife. but nonetheless, he noticed that something was not right with his son. i am in another city right
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now. i had heard various rumors and still don't know what to believe. i worked away on contract, come to come around once a year, sometimes more, sometimes less and last. so my son around april or may, nothing could have prepared me for. when i 1st heard about the incident, i went into shock and i still haven't recovered from what he suspected of doing. when he lived with his mother, we cleaned divorce for 12 years. and whenever i talked to him, he just sat at home by the computer. i kept asking him, why didn't he go for a walk or do something else? this year he went to university to study forensic science on a c. thank you. he hadn't even finished his 1st month. well, as you can imagine, this was a night, especially for those who was inside at that moment. then we're going to listen to a story of a teacher who was lucky enough to survive this horrible blood that most of our will in the school. soon as we were touring university, new hardware had arrived and we spend more time on it. and so my next call you at
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11 30 am, but we said a bit longer. and there's 3 minutes actually saved off because everything happened just to do. we were late, one of my students left earlier to be in time and she was in the hospital right now . my team and i don't have instructions on what to do and everything looked on her as per instructions and training. to summarize, there are 2 rules running case, the fire barricade felt in as a terrorist attack. of course, the question on everyone's mind now is how we mentally insane 18 year old got hold of a farm. while he bought it legally, resume and footage taken in one of the gun stores where the shooter allegedly purchased his ammo. he passed all the medical tests. he was that advice i hired trees, who apparently hadn't noticed anything odd about this quiet young man. so that would be mass shooter, got a firearms license in accordance with russian laws, and probably this is an area of legislation that is going to be revised in by
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authorities in the near future. now, what's crystal clear about this strategy to do right now is that it could have been much worse if it hadn't been for 2 heroic traffic police officers who miraculously happened to be in the vicinity. when the shooting started, they both rushed to the camp. one of them quickly ran into the attacker who opened fire that officer constantine colleen and fired back one thing to the suspect and then even administered 1st aid, the governments in the hospital now in serious condition. although he survived and regained consciousness, i can say the same about the city though, as the perm is still trying to come to terms with the nightmare that's just happened. the elsewhere and sees disturbing reminiscent of slavery than us. border guards have been criticized for whipping haitian refugees trying to enter the country. the horseback patrols have been filmed,
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hitting migrants with width lie told to stop them crossing the river that separates texas from mexico. the state is focal point for the refugee crisis with $3300.00 asylum seekers already deported, including through special flights to the haitian capital. but the way the gods attacked the immigrants is drawn real painful comparisons with a particularly dog period american history. this display of cruelty ruminates into the treatment that are in slaves. ancestors experienced this is the humanizing and still happening in 2021. president boynton is handling the board of crisis just as poorly as he handle get his done due to the cancellation of deportation flight. the high t, a whopping 12000 migrants now comes, undertakes as bridge incompetent and clueless. well this my good surge from hate is intensified after a recent earthquake and tropical storm hit the island over the weekend. white house, the white house got a massive deportation drive, as i said,
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flying by refugees to the agent capital the by the ministrations. now looking to expel another, $17000.00 mostly haitians from the texas border with mexico, the white has admitted the whipping footage looked terrific. they said, but insisted the policy was working fine. i don't know what the circumstances would be. it's obviously heretic the footage. i don't have any more information on it, so let me venture to do that. and we'll see if there's more to convey our immigration policy is not about one country or discriminate and one country over another. we want to and that, and put, and hopefully put an end to what we saw over the last 4 years. so the governor of texas is now asking bye to declare a federal emergency. the states and overwhelmed by the micro influx with refugees. emboldened by rumors that biden had opened the border, they thought they crossed the rio grande river from mexico and set up camp in the u . s, but bought a gods whipping asylum seekers. it's just the latest disturbing incident as
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american 10 used to battle record immigration. ah, ah, i have determined that the disaster calls from individuals on lawfully crossing the texas mexico border is of such severity, that supplementary federal assistance is necessary to lessen the threat of disaster save lives and protect property, public health and safety. the month long surge and illegal crossings has instigated an international humanitarian crisis, spurred spike and international criminal activity, an open, the floodgates to human traffic is in drug smugglers endangering public health and safety in our states. one us republican strategist, things biden's, created
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a crisis that didn't after happen. the bible ministration is absolutely darrel active duty. here he is the only president of the united states that can claim that he's created to crisis at the same time, one and our southern border and one in afghan. a stand. it's not only a humanitarian crisis is also a national security one. there's just no plan and there is no leadership and we do not see, nor do we expect to see any real deportations back to haiti or 2 other countries with which we're not even talking about with regard to the 200000 that are are, are crossing our borders now, the reason why we know that del rio is the issue, is because the governor of texas secured his own state as critical areas. and so it's pushing these migrant into del ria,
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there's absolutely no way that a republican president or donald trump. they were, if they were implemented, we would have this type of crisis, humanitarian crisis, national security crisis at our borders. know germany's and shelter day after man shopped at a cashier who just asked him to wear a mask, the suspect turned himself into police, telling them he felt cornered by ever growing infringements on civil liberties. because a karone of restrictions is a europe correspondent. a 49 year old man is in police custody in the western german states of rhineland. politeness for the killing of a 20 year old petrol station worker. the man who is in custody says he shot dead. the 20 year old after being forced to wear a mask against cove at 19 in the petrol station. it all happened on saturday evening. this 49 year old man arrived at the petrol station. he was told he couldn't come in unless he had a face covering on around an hour and
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a half later. cctv seems to show that he came back wearing a mask, which he then took off when he was at the desk. this is according to prosecutors, you see not cctv footage. prosecutors then say he produced a revolver and shot dead. the 20 year old with one shot to his head. a manhunt ensued. however, it was until the next morning when this 49 year old man turned himself into police . regarding the motive he stated that the corona virus pandemic was a heavy burden on him. he felt pushed into a corner by this situation, and so no way out other than to send a signal. now, this is the 1st time that any killing has been linked to the government's measures . here in germany against the coven, 19 pandemic. it seems to be the representative for the bond, the stag, for what that region nearly o'clock and saying that she was absolutely shocked by
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the killing. she's been joined by a number, numerous other politicians, and especially in that condolences and shock. in his relief. what happened there, but it isn't the 1st time that we've seen violence arrived by those that have been opposed to government measures against coven, 19 demonstrations here in berlin, and around the the rest of the country have turned violent in the past with clashes between demonstrators and the police, the, the, me, me, me in real numbers covered cases across germany are dropping right now. but in order to make sure that that remains the case,
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while mentions remain in place and by you and lin, just on saturday, we're going to be new measures come into play, which is going to make things more inconvenient for those who haven't been vaccinated. basically, you're going to have to show proof of vaccination or proof that you've recovered from coven 19 within the last 6 months. if you want to end certain public spaces, you know more and more trouble over those meantime, hundreds of angry protest is abroad. central melbourne to a standstill and clashed with police over covert lockdown and vaccine rules there to the rallies coming just a day after right. police again dispersed crowds in that city. the
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construction work has pelted the union reps with bottles and other objects. siding with the government as they so it to shut down the construction industry and force employees to get an okay later by the end of this week. protest organize is worn demonstrations. are gonna continue to they say, until the demands met, including an immediate end to the lockdown. no more mosque and vaccine mandates and reopening building sites. let's go to a straight lead. so i did the sally risk is where this political commentator and contribute to often on our tea in sydney. lovely place to pay, but a lot of trouble in australia. at the moment. this was the mood among the staley and public sympathy for these lock terms. what are the public split? what i have to say from what i've seen here in sydney of the vast majority supports the measures, supports vaccinations. now regarding what is happening in melbourne, i would also assume that the majority in melbourne would also be more supportive of the preventive measures. now the difference,
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the issue with melbourne is that it's never really had a very difficult time with lockdown. was done off the lock down in sydney for example. there was a long stretch where the city was free of locked down until delta came. that wasn't the case with melbourne. it had a month longer locked down originally and with the delta lockdown resumes they, bailey been able to catch their breath from lockdown. so i think that is, that has contributed to what i could describe. it has their own fatigue in melvin. now the interesting thing about these particular purpose today is the way that they have me scribe bio straight and officials, for example, one official described participating as i quote he drunken, fascist, straight in morons. others described them as being far i extremely se. so this is the 1st time we've seen such language being used,
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which is only going to cause more division, isn't it? i mean, we've all looked on, we've seen how heavy the restrictions have been variously in australia, also in new zealand as well. how would the police been handling it? so for those comments or just be made about these demonstrators, which is always gonna cause more division, i guess. have the police been in the public's mind dealing with ever been heavy handed, soft and age appropriate? what do you think? again, from what i've seen, the majority are supportive of the police. and now that doesn't mean that there is a significant more in the minority which is not supported. and i have to say that in australia, you do have a small but in the same time, not in significant percentage over population. who is part of this worldwide movement of the what i will do in the hands feet explanation. these are these jews
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who are in the united states or in europe like that individual. you mentioned in germany. so you do have an you know, a small, but it's not in significant percentage here in australia has for the police. it's interesting that the police officials have said that in light of what they've heard about the intentions of the demonstrators to continue they had, they said that they will take a different approach. if other projects going ali, the construction industry, okay. it's called a, let's say a matcher industry, isn't it? you know, these big, burly guys, you know, they consider themselves be healthy and fit, but all industries have taken a hit from this economically and he's had a huge hit on the construction industry. $6000000000.00 us dollars because of the shut down there. i know in britain, a lot of the construction industry carried on during coven as best they could with restrictions. but why particularly do the construction industry feel so aggrieved
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when so many other industries have also been hit really badly by coven hippa? that's a good. that's a good question. i think that the many of these construct construction workers may be rely more on this for their, their livelihood done. i have to say that there's been a focus on construction and melbourne in particular because that has been referred to as the, as one of the main sources of the spread of delta. the construction sites have been identified as such. now i also have to mention that from what i've read, but this is unconfirmed. that many of those people who took part in these protest actually wore the, you know, the uniform associated with the construction workers. but actually construction workers, a culture, meaning that they're there, that this purpose, in some way or another, has been hijacked by the anti vaccination groups. the anti lockdown groups will have to say,
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but what i'm going to say say we're out of time out of it. i'm probably going to wrap it, give me 10 seconds or the last 4. now i was just gonna say to police a promise to take a different more heavy hand approach. if the demonstrations continue in the next few days will keep us posted for way, while the c s political commentator have a good day to cover what it is with you there. but thank you. now, friends, defense ministries apologize and launched the investigation into the leaking of personnel data of hundreds of africans who worked. busy for the u. k, it's a bit of warning that the telephone can now use that information to threaten lives . it's deadly serious. more than 250 afghans, including interpreters who helped british forces during the war, trying to relocate to the u. k. their email addresses will lead to the mass letter sent by the ministry asking for updates on the current situation. but unfortunately,
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some reply all revealing their locations, photos, and other personal information were also exposed. spokesperson said, the ministry was sorry, an investigation has been launched into a data breach of information from the afghan relocations assistance policy team. we apologize to everyone impacted by this breach and working hard to ensure it does not happen again. the ministry of defense takes it's information and data handling responsibilities very seriously. but it's not. the 1st british mistake is put outcomes at risk when u. k. stuff hurry to evacuate their african mission. for instance, they left behind documents so the identified afghans who worked for britain along with their families. despite the front office stating they've made every effort to destroy sensitive material. the u. s. has also been criticized for putting lives at risk during the frantic withdraw the taliban scooped up fingerprint scanners another biometric equipment left behind by troops and can be used to identify
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afghans who work for the american lead coalition. one for appendix security unless told us it's unlikely that the us so u. k will take proper responsibility for their mistakes either. in this particular case, i doubt that there will be accountability if i can speak for the prince, but the united states never follows up on anything. they hope that low over united states did did the same thing. i can't believe that the british ministry would do the same thing. after the example of the united states, a put the lives of hundreds of interpreters and their families in dire, dire straits. and many of them actually had been rounded up. as a consequence, attention has been closed away from those who are stranded. they have become the forgotten ones they worked with with us and with, with the allies. they were promised to be taken care of and we reneged on that
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promise. so this is, this is devastating, not only for the u. s. the, for the u. k. right? so the elsewhere, so to worry about could this be a new hot spot or trouble? chinese property giant ever grand is reported to be on the verge of collapse today . sparking warnings it could spill over into may be a global economic disaster to contribute to lauren chen explains why you see in western countries, china's market is almost synonymous with manufacturing. but this story actually revolves around the housing market, which makes it roughly 28 percent of the country's economy. and for the ever grand group of china's largest property developers, the industry was very lucrative for a while at least. but now the companies on the brink of default and painfully over leveraged with depth of around $300000000000.00 us dollars. it turns out that housing bubbles are in just for americans with property prices down 20 percent from
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the same time last year. and with most of their developments into 3 cities, even last summer, estimates were saying that unfinished ever grand projects were taking around 3 and a half years to sell. and so since the beginning of this year, stock prices have fallen, 80 percent, and oblique news has sparked protest from investors who were especially upset whenever grad announced that it would be delaying payments on financial products in an attempt to placate its creditors. the real estate group is offering to solids, assets at a discount 28 percent off market by you for residential housing and 52 percent off for parking lots. but considering that at least one group of protesters actually stormed ever grants, headquarters and report seems to indicate that they were for lack of a better term building company representatives. hostage, it doesn't seem like there were too many speakers being called too big to fail. some are also now wondering whether the chinese state will need to step in, in order to save ever gran, but as of yet, that is something that chinese state media is denying. and what's interesting to think about is whether ever grant executives will face any punitive measures from
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the government in light of the upset to the country's economy. a lot of critics of america's big bailouts often say that those who are responsible got up too easily, but will the same hold true for what some people are now calling the chinese lehman brothers. you can police had chose a 3rd russia citizen over alleged involvement of the 2018 script pol poisoning. this is a complicated story. let's get across the authorities and the suspect work for russian military and elegance correspondent. and if a trunk is across it. yeah. where you start with this one them, kevin. hello. well, the man, they are saying is called dentistry. again, 50 years old and the police are calling him a major general in the russian foreign intelligence service. they believe that he was in charge of this entire alleged mission to poison and murder, former double agent survey scrape all back in 2018,
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even though it's claimed that he remained in london during his entire stay in the u. k. now just to remind you of the whole story. ready in march 2018 surrogate script ball was born in russia used to serve as a russian spy, but then became a double agent. he fell severely e. oh and that also happened with his daughter and soon after that the u. k. is stored, he's almost immediately started blaming the problem for. ready it were a member how to reason may famously said that it's highly likely that russia did it . then many of you case western allies joined. busy the corps, however, the rushing slides denied any involvement in this and kept saying that they're ready to join the investigation. they kept calling on a proper investigation and really wanted london to stop playing politics. in that
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case. it was also claimed that to washing nationals using the names alexander petroff and russo was sure of used a nerve agent novel shocked to do this. and in several months they appeared on r t and said that they were there just as taurus. so now we're learning from the u . k. police. they believe there was a 3rd man who was in charge of the whole thing. and again, they're saying his name was dennis, sir. give. okay, right. the big news that its been using on the live and in case wise, is way bought from 2006. tell us about that update, right. the case of alexander, let me name cole, of former russian spy who became a british citizen. somewhat of a similar background. we remember that 15 years ago, it was all over the headlines. it was a huge story, which caused back then serious cracks in london. moscow times or so, it took the investigators 10 years to conclude that crumbling, quote, unquote,
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probably approved the killing of mitchell and then co in london. the investigation found that to washington nationals, one of them a former k g b body guard deliberately poisoned alexander live in ankle by adding polonium to the drink. well, now a top european human rights court is saying that there is additional evidence that the 2 russian nationals were acting as agents of the russian state, plus it concluded that moscow's failure to refute the claims further compromise is the state. but here is dimitri pass called the kremlin spokesperson response to that it's doubtful that the european court of human rights has the authority or technological capabilities to possess such information. you know, there are no results of the investigation yet. alright, well i'm ellia thankfully update that appreciated we'll catch up with you later when we've got some water coming on this course some way. all right,


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