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simply, leaders from all over the world are taking part in the $76.00 annual gathering with president joe biden, among the 1st group of speakers. tre. chavez has been there and brings us the details of from new york world. leaders are back up united nations for the 1st time in 2 years with a formidable agenda, escalating issues to tackle, including the still raging cove in 1900. pandemic and climate change. united nations secretary general antonio gutierrez, taking the stage, urging the world to wake up. i'm here to sound the alarm. the world must wake up. we faced the great this cascade of cries in our lifetimes. coffee. 19 pandemic. a supersize, the glaring in the qualities. the climate crisis pummeling the planet upheaval from afghanistan with european men and beyond. s what it be. now this is the 1st in person general assembly to take place since the start of the pandemic with last year's assembly being entirely virtual, the u. n. g a is relying on
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a so called honor system to prove the vaccination status, but brazil's president j air ball. so nero who claims he has not received the vaccine because he already had the virus got to pass. he was the 1st world leader to take the stage this morning, having this to say about vaccines. we support explanation efforts. however, my administration has not supported a vaccine or health passport or any other vaccine related obligation. meantime, united states president joe biden was the 2nd to speak in his 1st un ga appearance as president of the united states. he's built for about 30 minutes, talking about the coven, 1900 pandemic, and pushing the need for vaccinations on climate change. he says that the next decade will be the decisive one and will decide the future. he also stressed that the world can work together without using arms and briefly addressed us and china relations. there are not seeking new coal warm or
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a world wide and rigid block, the united states is ready to work with any nation steps up and pursues peaceful resolution to share challenges. even if we haven't tense disagreements in other areas. because we're all set up for the consequences of our failure. why does the parents at the general assembly in new york comes as he continues to deal with a number of foreign policy crises, including a failed us drone attack and could pull that killed afghan civilians. and the rapid withdrawal of us forces from afghanistan, a decision he continues to stand by. i stayed here today for the 1st time in 20 years, united states not at war, return the page all the unmatched strength, energy, and commitment. well, and resources of our nation are now fully and squarely focused on what's ahead of us already. and president abraham re easy, also addressing the assembly today and a pre recorded video message that's sort of issue. have you seen made street
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one was on january the 6th when the us congress was attacked by the people. and to that, when he pulled up on the garrison would drop down from the us, playing for in august a care on the capital to accomplish one message was sent to the world, the united states, his geminus mono credibility, and along with iran, other countries will be delivering pre recorded statements this year, including the presidents of egypt, france, and indonesia. while russia's president vladimir putin will not attend either and his foreign minister, sergei love rob will speak instead. reporting for news use hughes. trinity chavez, r t. new york. they give us a 360 view. we invite in a retired army ranger at robin bureau and ned ryan, ceo of american majority. thanks for joining me gentlemen. thanks. got it. thank you. got it. ok. so robin un speech is not always have a long shelf life. however,
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do you feel like the world was actually pay more attention than usual to friend president by and speech after last few weeks of events? yes, because of the drop down enough dentist in pacifically, their polls are showing that it's only receiving a 22 percent of popularity for his position on afghanistan and, and chaotic drop down. so i wanted to see what was going to happen, how he would do i give it maybe a b minus. yeah. well that's the thing that, you know, if, even amongst a lot of democrats, i got this actual headline from sleigh. do you feel like biden's words actually they said rang hollow to the audience because when he was talking about advocating for women's rights in the taliban, or unifying the allies considering what just happened with france with the holland this in the room? no, absolutely. and i think people are taking his words literally when he says lead by power of example. and by that example of what not to do over the 1st 7 or 8 months
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of his, his presidency. the dana stand, withdrawl is as robin say, was a complete disaster. you want to declare victory despite the loss of 13 service men and basically leaving 10 percent of the americans behind as well as hundreds of billions of dollars of us weapons for the taliban to take, take control of. you know, i thought the thing that was interesting, scotty is the complete hypocrisy. as he's speaking about global global warming, climate change and mentions, i think, 15 times as, as everybody's talking about it, they all flew their private just they did not hold china accountable. who's one of the world's greatest polluters or india for that matter and binds up their todd and global global warming is though that's one of our issues, when none of them are taking it seriously. and even if they did, scotty, even everybody said we're going to live according to the parents, of course, for the next 100 years to reduce temperature by point to point 9 degrees. it will basically destroy the economy. well, basically doing nothing to decrease global warming. so the hypocrisy and idiocy on display, i was very evident today when you gave
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a great segue to the question i went through to robin. you know, i believe that the climate is changing. i am definitely something that believes in the environment and how important this planet is and all the leaders to get there to seem to talk about how important issue of climate change was. but robin, do you feel like this is actually becoming more of the safe space of rhetoric for leaders to kind of reference to distract from some of the present issues that need to be dealt with right now, like nuclear engagement, human rights violations, and conflicts between nations but hey, i want to talk about conduct climate change and focus the majority of my time on that because i know that something that we can all get along on yes, the shining shiny object, right, that we can all focus on and, and it's a safe space of any politician because it's a concern all across the globe. so climate change. yeah, i get it. i'm concerned too. i have small children. i don't want them to hear it this problem. but yeah, it's the, it's the shiny object in the room. scotty. okay, well, well,
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i want to move on to this here and we want to talk about code more. i want to go to breaking news that has just come out of the house. and this has this to you. ned. obviously, starting move, which shows a possible shift in us policy and support for israel house democrats have just voted to remove this provision for $1000000000.00 for israel's iron dome air defense system. now this is a move which follows progresses in the party objecting and was done to help keep they say the federal government running through and funded through december 3rd, avoid the shut down for those of us that are just hearing about this. now the house appropriations committee chair woman said the funding would be included in the final by parson, by camera defense funding bill. later this year. ned, you 1st do you think this shows a change coming in regard to support for israel with democrats who are now in congress leading and the pad that showing the powerful progressive wing is now taking control of the party. yeah, no one of the dirty little secrets of the far left their anti some ice and i think
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you're seeing this displayed and some of the policy decisions. now we hear that israel is thinking about withdrawing its ambassador to the u. s. over this very issue of cutting funding for the iron dome, which of course saved maybe hundreds if not thousands of lives recently and has over the decade. so this is a big issue. but again, it highlights that the radical far left has taken a very large percentage of the democratic party in such a way that i think it's pretty much, almost completely taken over the democratic party from within. and i think we're going to see more evidence of that as, as we move forward, whether it's the green new deal, whether it's issues like this. and yet overwhelmingly, the majority of those that belong to the jewish faith actually vote democrat. so robin to you. this was kind of like a, okay, we're taking that now, but we're going to put it back in. so how confident are you that we've added back in and is it this kind of, this kind of manipulation. the reason why people don't like politics. i hate this sort of manipulation. we need transparency. you know, it's often said that sunlight is the best just to factor and that is true. we need
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sunlight on this and look i, i, it hurts my soul to hear the comments said that. busy the left is anti semitic. i don't see that to be true in my daily life. i've been involved in clinic politics. so it's 18 years old. i'm 46 now, so that's a long time. but look, when we're, when we're discussing this and we're discussing, raising the national debt ceiling, i just want to say, like i just said, i've got 2 small children where $28.00 trillion dollars in debt. that's $80000.00 per person, scotty. so, you know, i would like to see more democrats talking about that. well, and of course, i mean it's very important to all of us at the same time we go, okay to just show also we have a foreign policy element. and who are allies, any more considering what we've just done with france and then withdrawing their investors as well. we'll see if they're packing the, grabbing them at the moving boxes. great conversation with the gentleman. thanks for joining me. jeff today has just won a 3rd term as a prime minister of canada. i have very the margin and our teach alex we have
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reports. even with the victory trudeau didn't really get what he hoped for from this very controversial election. the as prime minister justin trudeau celebrates his victory up the poles. what we've seen tonight is that millions of canadians have chosen a progressive plan. some say the election brought on by toodles. liberals was a waste of time and money. the latest numbers look like this. the liberals are expected to win a minority government with $158.00 seats. the conservatives will hold onto their main opposition status and are expected to win about $119.00 seats to separate us. blocking cloth will hold 30 for the left us and democrats have $25.00 seats. and the green party have to the snap election was called by trudeau. in what many believe was an attempt for the prime minister and his party to gain a majority in parliament? but that didn't happen with them folly short of the 170 seats needed. so in the end,
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trudel went from a minority government to another minority. the fact is, from the beginning, the liberals did not do a good job explaining why they were sending canadians to the pools for an early election. adding to the confusion, the election took place during the 4th wave of the cove in 1900 pandemic, and ended up being the costliest in the country's history ringing in an estimated $610000000.00 canadian dollars are nearly half a 1000000000 us ultimately the result suggest a parliament strikingly similar to the one elected just 2 years ago in 2019. but while things may seem the same, there is an undercurrent of messages that cannot be ignored with 31.8 percent of the vote in his favor. kudos when marked the smallest in canadian history. dropping by 1500000 boats compared to 2019. as for the official opposition, the conservatives, although they did not win the election of their leader,
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aaron o'toole, who was considered an underdog, seems to have made his mark as he went after trudeau. what would be done? worse than nothing worse. here is a personal attacks, misleading videos, dividing canadian american style, misleading attacks in an election that he called only for the well being, the liberal party of canada. and with a left leaning jag meeting and the new democratic party, it continues to hold the balance of power in canada's parliament with 25 seats, which is enough to help or hinder trudeau. at the other end of the spectrum, the populace people's party of canada saw a recent surge tapping into anti vaccine and anti cobra lockdown supporters. however, that didn't help them gain a single seat to those pro backs and pro vaccine passport stance seems to have
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resonated more with many canadian borders. i hear you when you say that, you just want to get back to the things you love, not worry about this pandemic, or about an election that you just want to know that your members of parliament, of all stripes will have your back through this crisis. and beyond, ultimately, true to the liberals, took a gamble with a snap election. and while some say the last, the truth is nothing much has changed except that to me now will feel more and bolton to push through his agenda. but unlike with having the majority he hoped for he might have to make some compromises along the way. for news views hughes, this is alex my limits. that's what our lives is in court and will be forced to pay out millions will actually break down the lawsuit and who was involved with our legal analyst right after this rather driven by rumors shaped by those
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in the me. there's things we dare to ask in the i don't know. i mean there are some steps in there were rescuing the food that they were not scabbing or were rescuing resources that are still good. this is best buy march 21st, which is in 2 days. all these potatoes, paula daniels, onions, all of these came from waste brown sources. the. this is great for me
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because i'm always looking for a way to give things away. dr. because the tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people and our society. so that makes sense for them to throw it out right off, rather than give it to somebody who could use it. and then that person is not going to buy it. we're told the new strategic alliance comprising the united states, the united kingdom and australia is not directed against china. but of course, it is. washington is about numerous alliances against staging, but arcos as a new killer dimension tensions arising in the pacific. and no doubt, china will react me the news
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the twitter has agreed to pay nearly $1000000000.00 to settle a class action lawsuit that it miss. i'd investors about the social networking that companies growth at the claims company. leaders including c, dick costello hid information showing twitters growth was flowing. i'm selling their personal stock holdings in the company. legal journalists, molly bar joined us now with more molly, twitter losing money. i know there's a lot of people that feel like this is a day of reckoning should come for the wide variety of issues. this actually has to do with miss showing misleading shareholder. so how exactly to twitter do this? i know it's so interesting, isn't it? oh twitter, there's always something to talk about. well, this particular situation, this lawsuit, they were claiming that they misled them by twitter was essentially using monthly numbers to report to investors that looked better than the daily numbers,
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the metric that they were actually using. they were actually using daily user engagement numbers to determine how popular twitter was or how much people are actually using it. and those daily number showed that it was stagnant, or in some cases actually declining. whereas the metric that they were using for monthly usage looked a little more favorable all the while, while leaders like solo and others, were selling their personal stock holdings to the tune of millions of dollars that they were pocketing. so twitter said monday that it's going to pay almost $810000000.00. scotty, 89500000 to settle this consolidated class action lawsuit. it was originally filed in 2016 basically saying, hey, we know that you're making these inaccurate public statements. we know about these metrics that you're using, you're letting these inflated share prices go up and then, and then of course they fell when the truth came out and went to sell left in 2015, that some people realized what was going on in the twitter stock took a little bit of a debt back then running 2015 degree. should it take that long to get through that
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just shows how long litigation works at this stage. but does this actually mean that the deputy is admitting guilt? and does that mean that they changed their policies since the past? oh, what a very question. no, they're not admitting. so they said they're just gonna use cash on hand to pay the settlement. the 4th quarter of 2021. they're going to be more transparent, but of course, you know, when i say more transparent, they're basically saying this was just something that we did that was not necessarily intended to undermine your trust in our company. but they're not admitting any gil, whatsoever. and i don't know exactly what changes they will make except for has to be hopefully more honest with their investors. but yeah, i mean, you know, on any given day people use twitter overall. there is some growth the company says, but we'll, we'll see what this means. overall. it certainly is certainly undermined public trust and in social media was just shocking as well. well, honestly for their invest investor, that's great, but honestly for their users,
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i think that's what the majority of the public would like to see with what is going on with twitter. but the bigger picture is $800000000.00. sounds like a lot of money. does this settlement actually signal trouble for twitters financial future? well, according to wall street, they're actually showing their strongest quarterly revenue growth since 2014. so in the grand scheme of things, they're doing just fine. they say they're going to pay the settlement, like i said, with cash on hand, they've got a little over 4000000000 in cash and another 4 and a half 1000000 in short term investment. so they seem to be doing fine if you will . but i'm with you, scotty. i mean, there's always a scandal involving one of these social media companies and what appears to be deception, whether it's to investors or to the public as to how their information is being used and how they're making money off of our information. well, it will be interesting to see if this makes any changes or people continue, you know what you're trying to, at least at this stage. molly, thank you for joining us. thanks. got a absolutely stunning photos right now from the southern border around del rio,
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texas. they're showing the desperation of those wanting a chance to live in the usa. and while the border crisis never has really stopped since earlier this year when biting took office. this latest wave also includes a large number seeking refuge from haiti. and this while the u. s. continues to process thousands of refugees as well flown in from afghanistan. and while i do believe there is empathy amongst american for those who are having to leave their homelands concerns regarding the health standards which are being applied to those refugees are being raised and of a lack of vaccine requirement might be a part of the reason motivating the latest surge white house press secretary gen saki had this to say, when asked about covert test at the border for refugees. if somebody asking the board nationals who are locked in and del, rio texas and setting up camp on the side of the border port proof of vaccination for a negative coban as individuals,
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as individuals come across the border and they are both assessed for whether they have any symptoms if they have symptoms, they are, the intention is for them to be quarantined. that is our process. they're not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. i don't think it's the same thing. it's not the same thing. they are assess, well, they help us understand. we bring an investigative journalist, been swan, ben, they are assessed. i mean, we are going into flu and cold season out if we ever loved it, i said, okay. and there only to stay here for a short period of time. according to jim saki, then why would make that the track of the perfect ok? simple question. what are the current standards being applied for refugees? are they different for those at the southern border than those that we are seeing coming for afghan? stan. ok, so a couple things for everything. jim thought you said there, untrue, everything. she said sort of the beginning. you said simple question. how are they being assessed? they're not being assessed. that is the simple answer to your simple question.
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first of all, what she said is a lie. it is not true that when people are coming across the border, they're being assessed for coven number 2 homeland security and border patrol. do not have the ability, according to the border patrol, chief himself do not have the ability to number one, assess people for cobit and number 2, have no place to quarantine them. if they do test positive and they're not even testing them. so they look at someone and they say, i think you look like or smell like you have because i don't know how they're running that test out there. they don't have any place to put them. do you know why you, scotty? there are 13000 haitians underneath an overpass in the rio texas because the border patrol facility nearby is completely overrun and there is no room for them. that's why they're building camps underneath the over passes. so and flatly untrue there. as for the african refugees, 60000 have been brought to this country and by the way, i just have to mention only 3 percent of them according to the department of homeland security. 3 percent of them were interpreters or had some kind of special
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visa status. that was where they were supposed to be brought to the united states, only 3 percent, all the rest of them. we have no reason to know why they're here or even who they are, and there is no process right now for assessing them for cobit either at this point . and we do not know about how well either side is maintain curves and c. f. a has said that we know drone flying over down to south border, and we know that the department defense has said there's been no drones and there'll be no pictures being allowed to be taken to be asked and revenue. so we have no idea exactly what kind of care they are getting or where they're at and how many of them are still being there. but this is not just about coverage. i know i want to throw this kind of as kind of surprised there's a double standard that's really good. just red flag in me right now when people are losing their jobs. nurses in health care workers are losing their jobs because of mandate. our own government is sitting there saying our foreign that or that our military. 2 has to take this vaccine or lose their job. they have park or c at they've been and yet you're not hearing this large outcry at it. no,
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there isn't because i think you have to consider the fact that so few media and journalists are even willing to talk about this issue. right? you're very brave to even have the subject on your shows. got it. the reality is no one wants to talk about the fact that you have massive numbers of immigrants who are coming to the country, migrants or so called refugees. and we can talk about the haitian part of it in a minute. but, but the reality is, is that these people who are coming here are not being put and put through the scrutiny and the white house rather than just telling the truth and saying, we don't care if these people are checked. we care about forcing compliance on citizens in this country, instead of admitting that they say stupid, ridiculous lives like, all these people are, they are very long anyways. why? what are you talking about? the people who are coming up across the border del, rio, from, from their haitians. they're actually not even coming from haiti by the way, that most of these people are coming from brazil and south america, where they were relocated after the 2010 earthquake in haiti. so they haven't been in haiti for over 10 years. most of them,
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they are living in central or south america, and now they're coming here because they believe they have an open opportunity to cross the border. and so they've, they've traveled here. and again, there's about 13000 there now they're expecting another 20000 who are on their way to the same location. for those people, they're not going to come for a couple of days or a few weeks. this is their new permanent life style and place. they want to live and to say otherwise is just a flat out lied and we could talk about this and this is about covered. but there's other things like measles right now. other sort of disease or sicknesses that are being re introduced into our community. been thank you. exactly. thank you for going to think that's all the time we have a show. always go to the very end. like always thanks for watching the ah, ah
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ah, working machine in the back. she popped in. she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and we, we said there was a girl to buy another, shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with a r 15. any automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act. when we're filing on this issue, the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs. she said, why do you wear again? were you scared? just took it off and i think people need to take responsibility in their own hands and be prepared if those kind of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number that i the i don't
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know. i mean, there's some steps in there were rescuing the food that they were scabbing or where were rescuing resources that are still good assessed by march 21st, which is in 2 days. all these potatoes hall panels, onions, all of these came from waste around sources. this is great for me because i'm always looking for a way to give things away. dr. because the tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people and our society. so it makes sense for them to throw it out right off rather than give it to somebody who could use it, then that person is not going to buy it. join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me
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hello. this is driven by dream shaped by those in me dares thing. we dare to ask men across the board decided to focus bittman lowball near got me. oh yeah. oh oh
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i . oh god me. ah, i understand. i huh. right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or. busy obese, it's profitable to sell food that is fatty and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic,
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that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate. mm. the we are not seeking new cold war with all of the major powers of the world have a duty in my view to carefully manage their relationships. as joe biden hight global cooperation at the un french president, he canceled his speech there made a growing diplomatic back with the white hagi also to come and see despite rec code e u energy prices and the huge shortfall in supply the brock is finding poland for using coal, blaming russia for the crisis.


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