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yes, but in terms williams can hear you say i am still it has certain because i don't missed my my seats and not been able to comply with it. and the commitment was based on the mens could cause such so they're not being able to overcome the one that got tension in the eastern crane. they have a pass to laws that are not going to allow any special stages for these to be crane once, despite the men's good cause. and we pointed out to the e, u to frans, and to germany. so the discipline student, but almost even the southern side, visit their guardian sir, as we call them, visiting you and you just working, violation of the security council resolutions. so they've been turning a blind eye to it's been selling scheme. so now realize to he needs a distraction because their actions are concerning the minutes because it's just the sabotage shows, an act of subversion. this is why they've been trying to put so much fuss about it
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. so your professionalism, and the 2nd reason is that they just don't have expertise in diplomacy. professionals are fully aware that so the crime issue is over once and for all. and your 2nd question was on molly. so let's say yes. so i heard those concerns, so they asked me a question. so you by the you and a high representative and the minister of france. i knew, but it currently has some entry or concern for the government. they have been trying to move back to the norm before me probably, and even the fuel to the normal and they have the, the us e election set that will be run under the african union and echo us. and so we've listed molly miss modal. the interim government of volley will still say
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they fully commitment to always committed to international law. they've been fighting terrorism. and they've asked for assistance from a private and military contract because france would like to reduce its, it was a military presence that was supposed to fight against terrorism in the north, around a place called the key does deal with the property of the terrorist is still going to go there and frowns, sir, has not been successful. the governments of molly, i believe their own forces are insufficient, afforded assistance from them. but my good those who said they committed to fighting terrorism. because then that when you go with the assistance is
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being curtailed, they've requested assistance from a russian private contract. we have nothing to do with that. these are commercial commercial contract between the legitimate government that has been recognized. and by those who provide most foreign military assistance in each other on the company. and again, russia as a government has also made its contribution to ensuring security. molly raising its combat capacity. we've been providing some shape or machine hardware at the to molly. and we've also been taking some steps as part of the security council for to those. and in other words, you received it. but at the most find a new solution, say, in terms of peacekeeping list of, so i didn't see any of that a come to some grounds. so to challenge that,
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we're going to raise any doubts. the foreign minister of dolly of molly, who i met yesterday, talked to the journalists earlier. so there are no issues. there is another reason we should be discussing of those are the shows that burrell told me, you'd better not to work in africa. big africa is our place. that's what he told me . which of those would be better for us to work and think of the russia and the you should work in sing carries you talk of money in africa in molly, in you saw her as a hel region was sort of and you know, statements like on the 1st year, that's my place. go away. they see deeply insulting for the government. and you know, that's it. so, and you should not choose with any one rossi, a 24 tv channel, you download the, your x and say like if you are full of just ahead of the election and, you know,
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it is in russia, the parliament called on you repeat commission will not to recognize the kansas parliamentary election in russia and i have just bought l goes and does the you recognize the outcome of the election. and one more topic transfer from is a right, but i viewed the gulf water near the shop cooling for a time. you shake it, you know what, you bought the car from? you concerning the or do you, i don't know my own as the sale of nuclear submarine, the governor, i knew whether you say to the line with the, with the proliferation treaty. and what do you think about this? got all this rate so much concern. and so that seems to be, you know, to line with the partnerships side, nato. and when use loosely we have not heard any you able to say use assessment.
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you concerning the ultimate trade x in russia, so you do, you are being parliament does not. you have demand day to, to utilize your 3. you will get to shape with which the foreign policy limits. i talked to, to mr. bar l is evil in you made some unacceptable statements from saying that you must be saying that there is no regime in moscow. there is the russian nation even yet. that's christiano with this pretty awkward, pretty much he made an excuse. but as far as i can see, that he knows it was a badly worded statement. i hope it's not. he's thought, i hope it's, that's not what he had in mind too much. it's not a guy, it's currently well no signal that someone has a fish. surely denied region rejected as the result of our
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election. i have not seen any formal signals. and your last for this, lisa could walk us, deal on nuclear submarine was for the use of news be as numbers away it's, we're pretty nervous sibling with traders concerns. and particularly after that have to withdraw from get it done and from super deeply offended. late with them, the probably in the school can let us and they just from the commercial point of view. and it also has some doubts whether these partnerships are reliable and whether the you need to become more strategically independent. it'll serve as a big question for the western camp. we don't want to do it the middle with what's happening this michelle, we can fill the ripple effect. you could have a peel over more effect on size. so with russia, you'd actually push the,
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you to talk more with russia using vs chip, political and just to teaching advantages. so we need to michelle live on the same continent. and those are the eurasian economic. the ration continent now has more economic clouds. can i talk to some of our european partners, they don't like what's happening in the years of say that they will be contained, pushed and pulled. i asked mr. burrell, is what you're going to do with us money. he said, can you go for molly? can you leave molly, please quick, molly? much. he was through. that's the policy. that's the tone of the polish and quite straightforward about entry. and if i didn't think there's a violation of any, i think because they've been public about it and just use 3 with you. giving some examples to illustrate mentality there. go what on your train of thought that's for
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the no n p t. then compliance of the new deal with the n p t v i e k has been discussing. it's behind the scenes the i. e, the, we're still responsible for the n p t that compliance the part of the look you slip around, but they need to make sure that civilian on doors. and i'm going to show the nucleus of nuclear arrangement. so it should not transform into your weapon or weapon grades for policies, uranium and i believe that the weapons grades, uranium start from the 90 percent in rate 90 percent enrichment of the process po, mostly just what the yoga sustain. they used to be a similar project, but it was the ditch. so that again, for the switch because it in there. so project was revives in, but if you, the,
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a needs to check for compliance, the problem and there are other, you know, inspections. so she would to come next to for similar projects for similar submarines, very minister, edith collateral from the associated press. and it's always so nice to see you back here. secretary general, antonio gutierrez, issued a warning ahead of this week's high level meeting that the world could be plunged into a new and probably more dangerous cold war. unless the united states and china repair what he called their totally dysfunctional relationship. he said, a new cold war must be avoided at all costs and warned that it wouldn't be different
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from the cold war between the former soviet union and the united states. and i quote and probably more dangerous and more difficult to manage. what is russia is reaction to this warning from the secretary general. what can you do me just a problem, you know, but i shall have pneumonia, but until you please don't think that so we have never paid attention to it before until you get cherish raise that. you know, we have been following attention to being escalated between china and the us. we know he's been us 3 was initially has initiated that he's here with us. he's a consent for online is reason any mr. retention. russia is not good for us plan
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for the amount of change that a big civic strategy that they voice low. and they said one lot of the key goes to richer china and more you would go with the concluding in the south china sea for middle. and it looks like a troy's doing this. and this is all this. those are try lateral union. listen young. this is tonya, the us you goal is also to help us trailer who grows teacher shina. chelsea, she wouldn't have showed chain. i mean, you thread that will come from china and then i met with some of the ministers that represent when you see on the nations. and i also think about it, new booster noise slowly china and, and isn't talk a bill and they legally with binding code of conduct in the south china seen in some way. this is majority will be the most reliable paul for the to ensuring that
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we cure it. she said she used to shipping a cute and so again, our partners are on the way and musky when you have been doing have been engaged in some provoke, achieve here. my movers in the south china sea and i have been coming up with new side china arrangements. we would like to see more respect between the 2 big powers . these relationship should never evolved into a nuclear war. going to push the button, but it's great. and in but reaffirms that towards unacceptable. you know, yet when they met june, geneva, but any war between big nations or nuclear powers, unacceptable. you're going to make it good. groomed. the risks that will go nuclear, a very high, any assistance you know, with less than you put them on ability was we have not been able to place her. come with us, not come up with something. you just need them to deal with each other. president
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trump said business and it's a good word, not just this year in business, but all saying politics. politics need to provide an environment for good cooperation and not to lobby for isn't someone else's interest to so that that that person would be the can betray them. himself, as the top guy is here, muslim chillers these kind of these people, the policymakers need to to feel responsibility for their people. the president, putin on the, me both and yes. going to the look forward. the idea to hold a summit of the un security council nation. so there's been some delay because of the pin demick and would like to or to your resume. so that's on the agenda, i guess. couldn't yet yet don't for my hand on the, on the sport format. we're much start with online use sessions. so this is the only
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golf. i mean, she go chaise and said to resolving all her conflicts in june and the 5 permanent medicine you in that security council member states need to be a role model for the rest of us with regard to the withdrawal from forces in official and none of the show and mercenaries, foreign fighters from libya, there are 2 schools those, some argues that they should only withdraw after the election of a government. and they'll be asked officially by the newly elected governments. and those, those who say no, they must withdraw before the election before the 24th of december to assure the integrity and they could debit your elections the spokesperson of the president of the presidential council this morning,
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stated that you were meeting with mr. monthly, you stressed and to fall into one of them the need for the reconciliation between libby and parties and the 2nd one, the withdrawal foreign forces. how do rush, how does the russia perceive the the foreign forces withdrawal from libya before or after? after the election? the government looked at by the people all before to show the integrity and the credibility and the transparency of these election. thank you so that the principal nation does not have any principal importance before election or after that. we can see on the 2nd berlin conference was in june, the interest of the clad. well, that's all foreign troops need to leave your area. turkey shuttles upon the colleagues who go counterparts said they were invited by roger and mr. sir
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roger. the head of her c brigade to counsel the school, the other parts of london stillberg. you mean you'll get the libby and jim, it's billy b in society which is the parliament and tom broke again with the both legitimate set up with her arrangements and the legitimate parliament together with a legitimate nation army who store on the invite of the other arm driebe separate from abroad and they pay that the woods suit to us. but the suit knows that you come on was not right now you need to manage this time hard time. we also see some high grades that are sent from syria to libya, and they're present there from both on both sides, shod and african nations. but that's not but the gene that people are also there at
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the, from the very outset we said, yes, we favor that. but the school on both sides where you have good needs foreign troops by you had you listen to her and they need to withdraw up at the same time. but when you look in a safe way, well, you know, they need to leave and things should go to make sure because she and neither of the parties which have it up, a hand to cease fire has been in place for more than in libya. so we shouldn't tempt anyone to use force withdrawal and prevention the same time between the 2 parties held me, but i knew those nations in months of committed bedroom. they have these 5 plus 5 to meet you. we are ready to assist them the new months. there's no more but if they continue to engage with some non priority issues for them, if you can, you said there are 2 schools of thought. there is a 3rd school of thought. there will be no election on the 24th of december of just
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to move past the right laws for the election, but alignment goes over and then the parliament voted on the legitimate of the government. but dealt with you just need to push them towards serious data on the future and speculations on what the weather can currently it is wrong, but the agreement was that they should not run, but they want to run it to show this. and that's not going to give secret, and some of the colleagues in the secretariat here, the u. n. wasn't, have been trying to mark them on the school, pursuits dooley, you know, just make the un formats you in presence in even more complex. you know, let's keep calm, let's just focus on what we agreed last year. no one expected that we shouldn't be changing the rules screenplay by the us getting up there shouldn't been any hidden
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agendas yet. hi frank, it's your world. it's good to see you back here again. thank you for having this press conference. i wanted to ask you where you are in negotiations in terms of the start pack with the u. s. and also, in terms of these of nuclear weapons, your reaction to the recent missile launches by both north and south korea. what do you see as an incentive for can jump onto even come back to the negotiating table? with mr. scott, all the pros. yes, i'll start with the 2nd question, young signals from north korea. you know, when he's upset machine, he said he's demonstrate that they would like to see reconciliation with south korea. we have always welcome to direct dialogue between the 2 countries as well. i do show the previous use administration control you wanted to this and i shoot to
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orchestrate the process and that's not always favorite. it's such direct dollars. i hope that the new administration would be prepared for these constructive steps to linear promoted contest, direct contacts between north and south korea, post q post you like us. any go launches, you manage to do not help with us. but the stimulus near me, interestingly, south korea did not dramatize the situation. and this is the right way forward to be good once we start union at condemning them the same public that sir, people in my teachers come up reduces incentives for a professional diplomatic dialogue. we can only reach a final agreement order through quite trustworthy talks and notice through some like use ations not through those
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vocal statements here. the last 4 digit stability with the us. we had the 1st round in july and the next one will be next week. rushing to be channel to give you their special. thank you minister. love rock which is near the near future that you know some player or un, he's having a general assembly from the new in the us constantine. yet, shank continues to be here in the us. the jail just like victor boots and so he was denied the barrow and there were reports that there might be a swarm per between the us and russia. where is the ball and who side? how realistic is that swap route and then the guns of deal with it's difficult for
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me to make any forecasts to, to speak on behalf of the us, which the privacy is something we tried to address this issue or relying on the un convention during the one you know, because then, so, you know, i mean it's, these persons could be handed over to the russia and they could serve their jail, their so we, the us and russia both parties to that council of europe's convention vein. the u. s. doesn't want to listen to us, both the citizens just like the rest of us. they were trapped. it was a new, basically by heating and so little shading look of the gun. that's what you know, they just schools and i just took the those people, they just didn't up to be in the case for lucas yet. i think it was live area and the case of booted was thailand, so they violated some of the local laws and mr. sellers know in the mall deeds was
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just kidnapped and taken on the plane and was taken away and no one was warmed about any thing. so these are a provocations against russian citizens. i don't know what's the ultimate purpose. why did they want them to work for them? michelle? in any case, it's an acceptable that's for any changes we've raised that issue. so the approach see geneva summit focused on that among the issues of security officials will discuss that matter. you will not listen to the new bullet provide you get in the day will be held testable. so any substantive sessions are trying to find some you should acceptable options and have not reached any yet. but the us would like to take their citizens away from and said they are not
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reluctant to meet us halfway we, when they are interested in mister whelan, who's been accused of being here in russia. and so that's a crime. she was caught red handed and you can now truly pulcher him. we go on to get us shank and boots on this same level on the same plane. but there are other us citizen, the u. s. is not interested in, but you know, it's always better to talk rather than to keep silent to me. right. gender, balance it. sure. evelyn, be here. you know you forgot your question. you're looking into into
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your computer. yeah. i think anyway, it's very good to know my coffee break in the united states do want to do was wrong is wrong has to be i don't want allow that you and have you monetary and trips there. i know there is a compromise made in the security council which doesn't seem to make sense to syria,
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damascus, think that you and you monetary on workers are trojan horse anyway. your opinion is considered i should measure this with but they're asked for digital it. it should be away in the book fullness to was a current focus is to fully resume. so you know, ship your machine on the d. c. b s k is opperation of this arrangement without any preconditions up with you. and you said that to any active clauses, any a chance to when you push them water, your own screw i q to include iranian nuclear pro, uranian rocket program. michelle program or the behavior of iran in the region is and you must put it as it did and don't mix apples and oranges. what's another a, do we need to focus on this to please issues separately. i usually use
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a bunch and if there's a concern you do, it's only one behavior, but notify again, it's not just their own partners. have these concerns you in iran also has concerns about the behavior of their neighbors. just like any other regions of the world's view. of the political countries have a very extensive police cold policy, foreign policy that goes well beyond their agency. and we need to take into account . so we reminded not that many years ago, russia concepts because they connective security concepts for the gulf. but the region looked that's part of that concept that was supposed to be a dialogue sedition, which would look like to look at that community. oh, i see in europe that study and discuss confidence building measures which pre
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transparency invite each other for us military exercises and was to conduct some joint positive projects. as soon as we did some surveys, we had to use that on august the scientific conference. asia, early august, we updated framework on collective security arrangements for the community. it's not published by the un now because we're still with him. and we believe that the best part of this kind of forum you and i hope we would be able to convince that that bush in this to we knew that union. so this is should be the platform to discuss you concerns for a mix aisles which are still just iran that has them any concerns and keeping him in the the human conflict is one on the one you see an example
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e. iran has an interest there. the gulf nations have an interest that they just need to sit together and what can you spell this for and what the issue is on those i leave a would not cover just see gulf was region because egypt iraq and roosevelt jordan should be thought of it when video for the new platform, it goes to a broader platform for constructive dialogue, and that's how we view it got up here so that the arab league should be there should have set the to the 5 permanent members of the us. you would be interested in concrete. we believe this is a very specific proposal, realistically into the approach will national at least we see this move, interest means that so that's why sort of you some of the junior counterparts that i mentioned yesterday, the low shifts and there's.


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