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cutting out what's good for the food market is not good for the global economy. me, the headline story this our a u. s. marina sent to a military prison after long busting his countries leadership for the gallup poll. like the buckle in a series of increasingly popular online video of the international criminal court. faith. it will not currently investigate a lead us war crimes in dallas. focusing solely on the tele bond eyes. ok. they say the decision is partly to, to scan the resources hungary, accusers, ukraine, of meddling in its internal effort by trying to scupper an energy deal that rushes gas from, which we'll see kia, lose our lucrative transit fee. we're going to merkel soon to vacate her
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rule of the fact the leader of the speculation swirls over whether the french president could fill her shoes and not regard how may shift the course of the law. dmitri man speaks exclusively to r t in the wake of russia parliamentary election in a wide ranging interview. the former president on prime minister, talks about the challenges of holding this month. vote. i made the cyber meddling from overseas during the 3 day votes and central election commission services were under constant attack. around half came from the united states. that's the reason why i one minute past 6 pm here in moscow. i'm you know, neil,
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let's go to our top story. this is our a us marine officer who recently became known by the public for his criticisms, of washington's handling of the afghan. i found pole lodge has been sent to the military prison, left tenant, colonel stewart shall a junior is currently in pre trial confinement. the time date and location of the proceedings have not been determined less tenant colonel shallow will be afforded oh, due process. but mister shallow has proved to be very device. if people are people are polarized, there are those who agree with him, with everything that he said, but at the same time, don't believe that he should have said them in the capacity that he was in. and that he's a senior officer in the united states marine corps. but what he said, that's actually is, is what many americans believe that the end of the afghan war that the evacuation we saw in august was both humiliating. they believe to the american military and
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absolute chaos that it could have been avoided if the right decisions have be made . and what you, what mr. sheller did is he came out and he violated matter of protocols and codes of the united states military to criticize his superior offices, which is something that is looked down upon. people are upset because they're senior leaders, let them down, and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we messed this up. i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield, the strategic air berries before we evacuate everyone. i am submitting charges against general mckenzie for his bad assumptions. not because i'm vindictive, but because the senior leaders need to be help towel to the same standard as us. the thing with the united states military is it is forbidden for servicemen to come
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out and publicly criticize their superior offices. if they have a grievance, they have to follow the proper channels. so they have to approach a superior officer and tell them what their problem is. he violated that law of that rule in the united states military by going by going public and criticizing. not only his superior officers, but also civilian leaders, which is also forbidden for us servicemen to speak of civilian leaders with contempt, which is what he did essentially his point was after the fiasco we saw at the airport had cable airport just had kilometers away from, from here, nobody in the, by the ministration or any of the senior leadership at the pentagon, came out and said, look, this was our fault. where reside? so no one was held accountable, no one was fired and they basically said we couldn't live,
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she lives coming just but i believe evidence that indeed there were voiding that the taliban would quickly cheese the country and that the evacuation would have to be carried out in dire circumstances and his family have also come forward and they have said that they support their courageous sub on sunday is asked the questions that everybody was asking themselves below to sketch to speak out loud. he was asking for accountability. in fact, i think he even osbourne apology that we made mistakes, but they couldn't do that, which is mind blow. more than that, mister shelley says that he will file charges against general mackenzie, the united states marine corps, as well as the head of us central command. he says he will fall 13 charges at one of for negligence, for gross incompetence, for each of the american troops who were killed. 13 of them were killed on the 26th of august during that terror attack as terrible apple carries out. but
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now he has been arrested. he is in the military jail awaiting a trial trial that may drag god for a while. he was relieved of duty, did he did his resignation. but due to the bureaucratic process, those resignations do take effect immediately. so he will most likely be to be facing military charges. ok, let's give attention on afghanistan of the international criminal court is resuming a prob, into war crimes there, but the investigation will no longer look at allocations of us atrocities. instead, the focus will be explicitly on the taliban an idle k for more not joined live. now if i are teeth killed life in, in new york, kill up hello tickers through the decision indeed. and how it's gone down. sure. military personnel and top brass who over saw us operations in
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afghanistan during the course of the past 20 years, can sleep easy. as it appears, they will not be facing prosecution in the international criminal court for any activities that went on there. the new chief prosecutor of the international criminal court has announced that they won't be looking in to us atrocities in afghanistan. the reasons listed are the taliban takeover of the country, as well as quote, lack limited resources available to the i c. c. this is what the new prosecutor is said. i have therefore decided to focus my offices investigations in afghanistan on crimes, allegedly committed by the taliban and the some state correson province and to de prioritize other aspects of this investigation. now this announcement did not sit well with many human rights organizations around the world. they see this
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as washington essentially being lead off the hook president, international criminal. the prosecutors telling war criminals around the world that the u. s. playbook of delay and intimidation works. it also validates one of the cool criticisms of the i, c. c, that it only takes action against politically weaker individuals or nations while giving western powers a pass by d. prioritizing, investigating us and former africa national security forces, the icpc prosecutor, it's shamefully hunting him of get out of jail free card. now america's 20 years and a half ghana stan culminated in the recent chaotic withdrawl and then there was a drone strike in which a family was killed. civilians were hit in this drone strike that was aimed at isis k, but then hit civilians. instead, there was an apology issued by the pentagon and by us officials for that incident.
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let's go over a quick timeline of that recent event o o o. busy busy the me now bas suda, it was previously the chief prosecutor at the international criminal court did actually look in to us atrocities in afghanistan and elsewhere. on 2016, i cc prosecutors went as far as saying that us troops may have tortured individuals in detention facilities that they operate in afghanistan, poland, romania and lithuania. there was quite a bit of negative reaction to such reports from washington. washington refused to
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cooperate with the international criminal court when it conducted investigations into allegations that the united states had had tortured. and then we went as far as donald trump, being full on blatantly hostile and actually slapping sanctions on top international criminal court officials, including the chief prosecutor bas suda. we cannot, we will not stand by as our people are threatened by a kangaroo court, we have responded any way they the way responsible nation must by condemning the investigation by suspending cooperation with the court and denying basis to those most directly responsible for going after our personnel, now the new chief prosecutor says that they will not be looking into us atrocities in afghanistan. they say because of the taliban take over, as well as limited resources, they're just not going to be able to do it. some observers are looking on and wondering if this might be because they are concerned about being hit with us
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sanctions themselves and isn't a convenient way to avoid facing repercussions for investigating atrocities committed by the united states. give thanks very much for bringing us through ours, that our teeth kill up and live in new york city hungry slammed ukraine, accusing kiev of trying to sink and natural gas steel between budapest and russia gas problem. the hungarian foreign minister said that no amount of political bickering is more important than keeping people's homes or sag one for hungary. energy safety is a matter of security, sovereignty and economy rather than a political matter. you cannot heat homes with political statements. today the reality is that energy supplies in hungary can be guaranteed most securely through a long term agreement with you. the past has just ensured that the homes. busy in hungry will get enough heat to stay warm during the winter's. beautiful has made
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sure that the industries will get enough natural gas to be properly running during the next 15 years. how? by signing a contract with washes gas problem for 15 years. but ukraine is keen to ruin all that because for these supplies hungry and russia will be using the pipelines in ukraine. and key of isn't hesitating to complain to be you. and they are promising measures what that could be. we don't know possibly even legal action. so let's listen to the gradient side. we consider this to be a purely political economically unreasonable decision taken in favor of the kremlin onto the detriment of ukraine's national interests and ukrainian hungarian relations. these are 2 countries doing business. why would a 3rd party metal let me just explain hungry has been buying rushes natural gas
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for ages. and pretty much all of the deliveries have been going through the pipelines on ukrainian territory. what did key of get out of annually? possibly even millions worth of transit payments, but russia for years has been seeking to diversify the routes for the gas to europe to make sure that the deliveries are cheaper. so they've been building under water pipelines like the tart to stream and the black sea, and also the nord stream pipelines and the baltic sea. and under this new contract with budapest, the natural gas from russia will be flowing through these new pipelines, not the ones. and that's why ukraine officials are frustrated or even infuriated, and i should say, has russia assured its views on today's development for years was stands on this
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has remained unchanged and gas from, along with russian officials have been explaining to the critics that they are only looking for better ways to do business with as partners. and so now the kremlin spokesperson dmitri pass called, is saying that nobody should have any reason to absolutely, to criticize this new a gas deal with hungary. russia does not never has and never will use natural gas to punish someone. there is absolutely no place for criticism, and there should be no place for such a hysterical reaction from ukraine. although like i said, key of is ready to fide key of as ready to complain. kiev is ready to look for enemies of this deal to make sure that they have some, some kind of support in the european union. so they are already asking the european commission to assess the compliance of this new gas deal with use energy legislation. and we already hearing from the european commission that this kind of
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assessment will take place. so we will be watching out for further steps by key of in this regard and also will be watching for the further steps of some you countries. and clearly there will be some enemies of that gas deal there as well. rushes, also recently held on election with the ruling united russia party winning a majority of seats. the vote on some of the controversy surrounding it was one of the topics that came up in a wide ranging rti interview with russia's former president on prime minister dmitri ment. fietta will be showing it in full for the day. for now though, here's your preview. what email do you include, but during the 3 day vote, central election commission servers were under constant attack. according to the ministry of digital development, around half came from the united states. that's reason enough for a fight, right? because i mean everyone, the 2nd time you go back, including the united a thing,
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you can buy own corporate room, the money they made the money. and now that's how they decide things. they let some of the hook give others the chocolate, but they belong to the former us president, everywhere. he had a 509000000 following by, by why, why we don't like, you know, when i checked with the recommendations on the one to follow will of course the 1st comes up isn't a valid name and serving a criminal sentence. isn't this interference in the affairs of a foreign country system? it's blatant interference. life for moscow, this is our t plenty more stories coming your way after the shortest breaks. oh i, i, i
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use ah, me. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy from station let it be an arms race on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk to me
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ah ah, it's 8 minutes into the program. welcome back from strike, a deal with grief to deliver warships and fighter jets. it comes a fortnight after paris lost a lucrative military contract with history here. today's agreement is widely seen as a way for a manual micron to promote miller time within europe. for france to regain political leverage. lisa, a band less of a nice to europe, eons must stop the night when we are under pressure from powers that at times harden we need to react and show that we have the power and capacity to defend ourselves, not escalating things, but protecting ourselves hey, could we use must do our bid for our own protection once it gets sent to by approximately 5000000000 euro worth of french warships and fighters for cooking,
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for part some of a 15000000000 last, when a st ripped up the nuclear submarine deal with frontier earlier this year camber instead through there, lot in with the u. s. in the you can and new defense packing into orchestra leaving france, furious and tense. relations within nato. will this major defense to with grease may benefits and the crowns all the agenda to build europe's own defense and army with angle america. heading for the exit. you may have more or less than before with the plan. as many see the position of de facto leader of europe up for grabs. r t charlotte to ben sky. ask whether that person could be the french president. i manual my corn like the style himself. a man with a vision for europe, peace pushed hard for an you owe me the call for the integration reform and printing of the single currency though we house goods back to based on when at least all the while germany under the still guy didn't. so, merkel has mild
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a nodded, but whenever push came to shove, she made clear who was all, but one shouldn't benefit from european solidarity. while playing against other member states, solidarity among partners should never lead to adapt unit and it should instead be about helping others to help themselves to have a history. so before macaroni even occupies the a health way as the french economy minister and during talk to help greece avoid crippling or 30 measures. merkel put her foot down. according to a manual, merkel ordered how to keep macro greek negotiations. brickle spell was every bit as powerful as i had imagined with the merkel era slowly but surely winding down. we all know that she's leaving big shoes to fill. my point is clearly keen susceptible
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to them. but can he, during his tenure would be a former investment banker, russell, more than a few feathers not just in europe, but also of course the globe which we are currently experiencing is the brain death of nato. natal only works if the guarantor of last resort functions such francisco president, her french president, has found rather drastic words to express his views. i don't think such a sweeping judgement is appropriate. obviously, we'll have to take all destiny in our own hands. but the trans atlantic partnership for us is absolutely indispensable in relations with other countries of holsten kids to be rude. we do have a very special relationship. in fact i'll get that piece and then we have to make them purpose. he is perfect. thank you and your delicious wife for your one work on the perfect organization of this for thank you. thank you very
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much. no problem. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, isn't there? they hung atlantic movement in trends. the so go live was like, the more the themes, this or the start the well who is being very apologetic and and i think he still does so much in between. the whole doesn't have a i didn't say i do what to do, how to do it, does what i need a neck. it was a need to a few of them and she was not. i mean, she was in the sense because generally so powerful. but maybe a success only be the leader or fewer, but i don't know, i mean, because of, and he's not going to to, she's at home. however, i intention have often surface sharing toys all quite as strong as my court would like to make out. let you to visit as you need to choose the united states has shown towards the submarine deal clearly illustrates the point we've been making for months, mainly about political dialogue with the nato is nonexistent. even
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a home. he's had his work that was being suspected. probably the international press for his son himself who was irritating the french who have not been afraid to lash out a look like the getting the he just didn't come across the strong to me. it's like he's got a lot of issues going on. i mean its own country right now amec with a lot of the union got high unemployment rate with very large minority population. there's a lot of areas that internally, which could potentially put additional pressure into area from a greater european side. i mean, it be, does that european area that me,
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it actually may give him a better view with it internally with the country as well. but he's got some of it got several internal issues that he needs to deal with as well. i think parts of europe merkel exit the say to my home. i think it's time to come by his office shine. however, with the fight of his life to retain the president, the hearing problems, not too far away. he could struggle to keep the dual attention of both the home and european audiences. and right now it is often clear what the political college match is. run through your vision. charlotte sky off p harris. a british medical journal is under fire for its use of supposedly inclusive language. the luncheon referred to women of bodies with vaginas on its front page
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predict slum the use of language. and the humanizing name in women is bodies with joy. and this is in you low all in the mid call i did the receipt of woke points. you can be inclusive without being insulting and abusive. are we extremist for objecting to women and girls being to humanized, are we really just bodies with vaginas to medical professionals? just wrote the lun set to tell them to take me off the list of statistical reviewers and cancel my subscription and never contact me about anything ever again . absolutely inexcusable language to refer to women and girls. but if we have the janice or d, a god, you can write that and then talk about menstrual shame in the same sentence. i'm intrigued would do called the sex formerly known as men, always is only women that you are raising. we also love the comment on the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the piece. they were apologetic saying it was not their intention to offend anyone, but they also claim transgender health is
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a neglected issue. we have conveyed the impression that we have de humanized and marginalized women. those you read, the lancet regularly, will understand that this would never have been our intention. i apologize to our readers who are offended by the cover quotes and the use of those same words in the review. at the same time, i want to emphasize that trends gender health is an important dimension of modern health care. but one that remains neglected. well, a few more examples from the anglo american spear perplexing many there and further afield. or this year several u. k. hospitals total staff to use terms such as birth thing, parents and human milk fellows. instead of mothers are breastmilk, while in the united states. hi speaker nancy pelosi earlier this year said words such as mother, father, daughter and brother, should be avoided in congress. replace with gender neutral alternatives. we
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discussed the issue of podcast or writer laurentian i here we can see being swayed by audi ideology rather than biology. the, even the notion that gender identification is something that is brought up when referred to the word woman versus biological sex. that actually is a political statement. so even though they may have been trying to be inclusive by referring to women as bodies with vaginas, i think what they are sibling to many people sadly, is that even though they claim to be a bastion of science and medicine and objectivity, they are being swayed by the increasing woke ideology, we see perpetrating penetrating almost every single industry. it seems like this small vocal minority who insist on this extreme exc, inclusivity. they are essentially trying to bully entire professions and we see now that includes the medical profession, even though this is supposed to be about gender. i any in general, i do find it interesting. how often times the, the words are the groups that are being a race are actually women for every attempt we see to erase the word man or manhood
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or father. there are 5 or 10 examples of trying to erase the word mother, woman or the like. marks and stacy have orcas on their minds next, another slice of the cause report gets going in moment, stay close for them. the ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah, will the
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hello driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me the dares think we dare to ask me. ah ah ah,
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i am kaiser this is the cause report so much happening in paris. max and stacy are taking it all in geo politics. gone berserk, australia, france, the u. k. all battling it out in what appears to be a new york bomb flight, stacy. right, well, because we are in the fashion capital of the world, paris. our last episode here, we will say the fashion in diplomacy seems to be new york style, new york born boris johnson was in the white house last week. and what he said to the french to my crone, his message was, get a grip. give me a break, he said it in friend, bad french i might say even worse than mine. but here in france, my crone says to scott morrison, essentially.


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