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ah, ah, a it's international world news. it's 60 years grow for us to based on reported hunger strike martin, god's fold setting time for cyber attacks on a hospital, he says severely mistreated the teenager, we hear from his wife last time in period from in september 23rd. that says gary, south carolina, the other week that terminal, that's the worst president united, knew a gas prices in europe, take new records with the german government warning people to prepare for a close to fries a month mean time the country energy regulator is still the ground that operating license to the now fully completed russia node stream to gas pipeline. i g
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stands for instagram, but it also stands. but insta, green, exploiting kids for profit us lawmakers roast facebook. then after the company's own research shows it instagram platform, palms, children's mental health. but they fail to come up with any legislation. wow, a hit by a wave of anti lockdown. riley's australia sees a rise in cases of alleged police brutality against protest. ah. hello there, good evening. from russia friday, october, the 1st life my will do stage crew. moscow is our tea with me, kevin. the 1st, as you heard, the jailed us activist martin goldfields. back in the spotlight. he serving time
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for a cyber attack on a hospital, which he claims that mistreated a teenage girl is a case we've followed closely along the way. and now there are concerns tonight for his own health and treatment. but i buzz me. his wife donna claims he's currently on hunger strike and in solitary confinement further, she says she's not heard from him now for around a week. she spoke direct to call him bray. the last time anyone heard from him is september 23rd. and when he is packing in solitary usually are almost always comes with the hunger strike. and the conditions are still deplorable from a water in it drinking water. they corrode metal key, hot steam pipes. it's very dangerous that places so scary. i spoke to a lawyer the other week that told me that it's the worst president united states.
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and the shield is different than even the shit they use for the rest of the facility. and it's really scary. he said that martin's been stripped of his phone and i was shortly after you aloft conversation. why was slide it? it's a just a temporary punishment. will you warned that communicating with us here at r t could violate prison rules. we believe that it's retaliatory and for speaking out against the prison, rape elimination act violations, friend the unit manager, there's not an iota evidence that he's done anything wrong, nor can they provide me. it doesn't seem to matter though, because they've already thrown him in the shoe. i don't know the extent as the punishment, whether that includes more or how much time this is gonna take. well, as we heard the, all that apparently happened out. she gave a recording of the conversation with a husband to r t this month in it. he talks about alleged corruption of the courts, but it says he's got no regrets. but i'm certainly not quite
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sure what happened the traffic on acceptable we asked the prison to comment so far, no reply got filled with jailed into the 18 of his fight for what he believed was right. who? oh, i think oh right now i need to be home. my family with she has been totally medically abuse with
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finally common sense prevail with i just don't know how it's really happening because it doesn't feel like it's it's real. i feel so good to be home with me. and then in further obligations, he says he was sexually abused by
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a prison official and that his complaints were ignored. again, the facility hasn't commented on those claims, but this is what his wife told us. the man in question was the unit manager for the ceo as well as for death row. he has sexually abused and numbered inmates. in marty's case i, he looked again while he was in the nude and dedicating as he's done with other people. he stuck his hand and are occupied showers. he had gone into cells and escorted off camera. and in a display i guess says dominance and sexual intimidation kind of rules on the books about korea and that's the prison, rape elimination act. and how the people that accused others are supposed to be protected and have investigations, and none of that is happening bmw. the next, this is a big story with winter just around the corner, rec, cold gas prices continue to sweep europe. yet germany is still the ground said if
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occasion to nod stream to the russian pipeline, the gas pipe, then the technically complete to the course few weeks ago. but it still crucially going to be given permission to operate by the german energy regulator. a process which started september the 8th and could take till the end of the year. let's get across this and the implications for it really patrol cara correspondence on an earlier high the talking about the surgeon gas prices winters approaching. it sounds like a bad mix of 2 situations they have for you citizens was likely to happen. and how could this pipeline for russia help anyway? kevin, good evening. well, remember how bed coin, for example, was setting one records after another that that was a few years ago when we're talking about the prices. and people were wondering, wow, when is does going to stop? now this is a rough comparison, but in september, pretty much a similar thing was happening to gas futures on the market and pretty much every
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day. there was a new record and now 1000 cubic meters of natural gas is worth more than $1000.00. and this is definitely the history being made, but unless you are a crypto enthusiast, at least for now, the price of bitcoin isn't something that is affecting the everyday lies of lives of every one. however, when it comes to natural gas that really does affect the life of europeans at this point, because this is something about the heat in their homes and a, perhaps the best reflection of how important it is for you are. but this point and how worried some people are, is this ad that's currently being played and germany have a look. ah,
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it. while european gas and the power supply and demand hangs in the balance, the major market participants are looking at to north stream to as a sign of hope. this is a major project that was initiated by russia and its energy giant gas from for direct natural gas deliveries from russia to the dorman and northern coast, which could double the flow of natural gas from russia to the continent. however, it is technically already complete, but it has not received certification at yet. and this is a process that began at the beginning of september, but it could take up several months if not it even more than that. and the 1st, it's a german energy regulator that has to give the green light, then
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a draft is supposed to be passed on to the european commission. and we have already heard from one of the major players on the market that this situation is difficult and that with this bureaucracy nord stream to may not even be able to help your p and consumers this season pacific cation of the pipeline. as far as i know will be so light, it will probably not be able to help us out this winter. well ok, we may also remember how la, there were quite a few enemies of the nord stream to pipeline project before in particular in eastern europe and also across the atlantic and washington. it could be that this attitude is taking it's toll on europeans at this point. but again, at the prices are growing. at one point the russian energy joined gas from was even
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accused of this surgeon prices. however, according to the russian energy giant, they are only meeting their contract obligations, but they're also expanding their exports, increasing their exports. we can talk about some such consumers as romania, italy, i mean for from greece to finland all across the continent. a gas from exports are growing. so now all gas problem needs is the infrastructure to be able to sell more gas to europe and north stream too could be a big help with that. but the ball is in the european bureaucrats court at this point. yeah, on a so get very slim for winter october. the 1st already already starting to get chilly. all right, keep us posted any pets rank a. thank you. facebook had a safety come on to foreign congress over the effect to the company services have all young people's mental health. it comes off to leap,
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$1010.00 research suggesting his photo sharing platform. instagram harms, children's well being. lawmakers blessed at the tech giant then for exploiting kids for profit. they said it has weaponized childhood vulnerabilities against children themselves. it's chosen growth over children's mental health and well being greed over preventing the suffering of children. this seems to be a recurring theme with this company. do everything and anything to mould the world into your, on an edge, for your own profit without any regard for any harm that is going to be done because your focus is on your pocket. the facebook is just like big tobacco pushing, a product that they know was harmful to the health of young people, pushing it to them early. also facebook to make money. i g stands for
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instagram, but it also stands for insta greed. the accusations against facebook include failure to police extremism and hate speech, as well as poor hind leg of uses personal data. but despite that, there are still no significant measures in place when it comes to regulating the platforms content. as kellum open explains, facebook had to postpone the rolling out of their new app directed at children under the age of 1313 and younger. because of wide spread outrage and the barrage of criticism that facebook was facing after the wall street journal revealed that facebook was well aware of the harmful effects caused by instagram. we make body image issues worse for wanting 3 teen girls. teens blame instagram for increase is in rate of anxiety and depression. according to what is being reported
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among teenagers who are suicidal. 13 percent in britain and 6 percent in the united states actually listed instagram as having a been a factor in their desire to commit suicide. the tech giant a has, you know, basically accused of these reports of, quote, cherry picking facts on the eve of today's hearing. they did release 2 of their own internal reports, but many are looking on with disappointment because this is certainly not the 1st time that facebook has been caught suppressing data and channeling information in their own way. the research that we've seen is that using social apps to connect with other people can have positive mental health benefits. many people across the political spectrum in the united states, democrats, republicans, it seems like a consensus in the united states that there should be some better regulation of big tack and social media on that. the harmful effects of social media should be controlled. but despite there being such widespread feeling and they're being
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ongoing hearings on capital hill, there doesn't seem to be a real legislative agenda being rolled out there don't seem to be a real legislation being put into the works to limit the power of big tack and the social media monopolies despite of some colorful hearings like we just heard. the answer over here is for free voluntary action to shut down facebook and whether that's something like a small business, refusing to advertise on facebook or over a government agency refusing to share information through facebook. the key here isn't to regulate it, because that's gonna end up only favoring facebook, but rather to leave facebook and especially for the government to show an example and to set to remove all government agencies from facebook. so if the government simply steps away from it, and that includes also as well, i think repre electra represent representatives have a moral responsibility to leave facebook. that decreases its values, utility and lee. that is what it should be, is basically sort of a small shy. it's
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a small site to share some basic information. the series of anti lockdown rallies in australia, of st. tempers, really fray with allegations of police brutality, against protest as, and for stations being fueled by some of the toughest, an longest coven restrictions in the world. at least 2 claims of police violence had been made in the last 6 days alone with video circulating online. oh, what size girl was girl? i did the footage him from melbourne than 1st off shows the swift attention of suppose you could put it of one demonstrator apparently after he entered the restricted area. and then in a separate incident, in sydney, a mother was allegedly arrested in front of her children for not wearing a mask. it follows a wave of violent anti cove rallies across the country. ah
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ah ah, defending tactics authorities earlier stressed than some protests as a quote there for a fight and not to protest for freedoms. calling bray discussed with our guests whether the police and the restrictions are just gone too far for people. peter, i'd imagine the police are trained to anticipate when things like lockdown fatigue, overwhelmed people, and they start to get out to take it towards offices is certainly part of the background. oh, individual offices and downtown county. that sort of situation. where does this steady development pressure on the public about particular angle? very often. and so it's not maybe useful to mind as a country, regardless of that aspect. offices should be acting proportionately curse. it's
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a pressure job where or grateful. but look what is happening now, and i, you can use the brutality. i'm in what i saw in the food charge it was quite disturbing. and that the woman wasn't even, i, you know, doing anything for my age to expect police to be, as was all the things without any use of force at all. and i use of force isn't necessarily brutality. it becomes brutality when it's unnecessary and or excessive . hello, a lot of police time has taken up dealing with anti faxes and their protests and people who are fed up with locked down just wanting to say enough is enough. can any of these and evil rallies ever be justified? personally, i think the boxes are precious for population to reduce to the harmel this hard virus. but i also understand the to many people there are really fed up for that. we need to have some, you know, someone to do to help us not spread the virus but, and there is another way to do that and it's not the way that i so there was training policeman to, you know,
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was doing with that for mother. and i agree that so you know, different scenarios need different tact is if you're going to say the pollution stop doing things the way they do them. after years and decades, it organs then, are afraid. we want me to be able to come up with a realistic alternative, asked for having difference trying to different tom says, processed posts, i think what would lead to more confusion. so there must be, it's something else that we can do. and, and i sure that people might eventually list some more if you treat them in a different way. love, you know, what she would have you turned it around the world. this is our tend to national. we know that of choice so that we appreciate a little more you are now. this is coming up, the declassified 2018 report. expose is inside cuz most likely behind those mysterious attack. so often reported on the u. s embassy stuff in cuba, even though it didn't start washington from launching institute accusations against russia about it. we're bringing the latest coming up
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with join me every thursday on the alex salmon show. but i'll be speaking to guess what the world politics sport business. i'm show business, i'll see you then. oh, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. oh, hello again. so insects and not sophisticated weaponry may have been the cause of what the nie describing is near a logical attack, suffered by american spies and diplomats posted overseas analysis. cosmo recently declassified report from the late same american scientists, partly who advised the u. s. about so called havana syndrome. constantine rose coast cross historical this has been brewed for years, is now a very sir allegations and you know, people on to speech and that these various diplomats, etc, didn't suffer symptoms. but the whole problem is, what was the cause behind it?
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oh, any close to finding that out to my toll? sure, so look, the u. s. has been claiming for years that it's diplomats around the globe are being harassed by a mysterious microwave weapon i, russia, china, or cuba of might be behind these attacks. well, according to you recently emerged documents this whole story might be just a conspiracy theory. and you know, what's really interesting here is that, ah caricature chirping might have been falsely taken up for the sound of this science fiction weapon. and this whole mishap actually triggered the whole thing. well, you know, this is one of the bizarre takeaways from the wise department's own. our report conducted by the jason adviser group that has made recommendations for the u. s. government us and steve payday of the cold war soon not civil is we believe the recorded sounds are mechanical or biological in origin rather than electronic. the most likely source is the end is short tailed cricket. the recorded audio signal is
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with high confidence, not produced by the nonlinear detection of high power radio frequency or ultrasound pulses. well, it all started back in 2016, a with 21 usaa service members in cuba. when they experienced this medical symptoms including ah, had ache business, if fatigue are nausea, anxiety, cognitive, difficulties in of, in memory laws. and then similar cases were reported in china in 2018 and then in some other countries. while there have been speculations in the american media, and they often were backed by their cia sources, dads out the russians or the chinese have come up with this cut nach, never seen before. weapon that targets us service members around the globe, causing this, ah, vicious injuries. rushes behind sonic attacks. that blood brain injuries of u. s embassy personnel communications intercepts and suggest that the russian
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intelligence agency was involved with. now russia is the leading suspect nbc news has learned, according to 3 u. s. officials, the main suspect of the intelligence agencies, russia did it. well, one of the things that sparked this exact suspicion was this in a weird noise. heard. and that recorded by you as diplomats in cuba before they felt ill. and while now it turns out that this could have been just rowdy insects and not necessarily the super weapons. ah, what's also interesting is that it's not actually the 1st time this has been noticed. in 20192 american researchers ran a similar analysis. and they looked into the same recording concluded that this were crickets, not something allison. some reason their findings were brushed aside in this conspiracy theory to con a life of it. so now, even though there is still a lot of unknown in the story, this ah,
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would later has become known as havana syndrome. actually, a has seriously affected us policy. megan and we know that said back in 2016, the trump administration scaled back. ah, it's a recently re established diplomatic presence in cuba using this story as a pretext. a possible explanation for the reporter symptoms is psychogenic illness . jason, believe such psychogenic effects may serve to explain important components of their port at symptoms should have been your. so my, some of the mystery solved the think it's crickets, whether drove the people crackers at the end of the day. but, you know, know as to speed saying that these people to say they went through some, some pretty em, the heavy symptoms did have that booster. not really sure. why then? sure. so the symptoms are for real and in the same report that di shoots down this microwave weapon theory actually confirms that audio as personnel may have been suffering from some mass mental disorder. so now let's have a listen to this. exert a possible
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explanation for the report to symptoms is psychogenic illness. jason believe such psychogenic effects may serve to explain important components of their port at symptoms. well, in mid september, the cuban a group of cuban a researcher is also announced data. the claims of secret sonic weapons were not scientifically acceptable, and they attributed this symptoms to you are what they called a mass psychosis on the part of usaa service members. now, whatever caused this mysterious illness, it apparently has become a big thing, an issue for the american diplomat serving abroad because we know that there have been around 200 incidents of havana syndrome, stiff date. and just last week, us lawmakers passed the how think american victims afflicted by neurological attacks act or havana act, which actually is given this cia millions of dollars to compensate the personnel effect? that was still,
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the mystery continues. all right to come see thanks times part that. no. finally, what we do is let's go to a la palm and some of the canaries. normally a nice place to be not. so at the moment, la palmer truck in that a ruptured in their own, one of those islands were new. fisher, we can report in the major volcano is raising further fears for residents, bringing the pictures where we got here in k, i was looked a bit more spectacular if you could call that at night looking from a distance. but this is it, but a lava flows advancing towards la palmer's biggest town having forced the evacuation of villages in their path for 2 weeks. now you see those pictures of those villas that escaped to the middle of a lava flow. wow. to be living there. whether they'll ever go back, there are also warnings at the toxic gas created. wed love, a hit seawater could spread if it was big enough to continental europe. so far, those phase averted has reached the sea. but to tell them paper on the island, the science is not to worry too much. the air is still okay. we'll keep post on that. a 1000 buildings have already been damaged on the spanish territory. more
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than 6000 people fleeing their hopes. such a pity for them awful to go through. the allan spring declared ain't disasters and we'll keep an honor. you come to a course at our t dot com. and if a socials have your say as well, but for now, leave those pictures. sure. that's the way things are looking for international this friday. the 1st of october, we're a
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live in a time now where we receive so many inputs on a daily basis that are completely i will need to reality. so think about how on social media filters, and they basically will present themselves in a very unrealistic way. and so when we come down to fomo, there is any involved more than that. it's about being sort of envious of something that may not exist is also really tied to the fact that as humans, we want to be part of the wow. imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century walter, the chapters cold gun violence, school shootings, homelessness 1st, it was my job and then it was my family didn't was my savings. i have nothing, i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing,
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passing time, the road to the american dream paved with did refugees at this very idealized image . this older america makes americans look past adapt to happen every single day. this is a modem history of the u. s. by america. oh, naughty. ah ah, subarus is one of the most beautiful cities in roses far east. ah, it sits on the river that runs from the russia china border and was for many years the far.


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