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oh, driven by a dreamer shaped bank, concur some of those with in in theirs sinks, we dare to ask oh, i'm doing to come to the for you. my niece wants to god bless you. let me sticking in your portion of was a concrete for staying up, which i have seen law school. what asian. and you felt them? well, was that? oh no, no. i discovered us as
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a sophistic system name. i spoke with mr. mitchell to put the phone. sure. my tell, okay, let me start with that, asked jill managers, i wrote down camera. oh mm . mm. the way we look the color of our eyes and the shape of on knows these traits all embedded in our dna and passed from generation to generation. interesting. if i want to have them cause apiece, maybe 2 plus get with mr. image will pick version of that was probably just that the q will get a moment while the closer to me at the origin by short jokes. got to them like is
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much to with, with me we asked geneticists about some of the wrist features people might have. after all, there's a lot that they can explain scientifically and medically, cars beach where you're going to be sure. which way you believe it's from the knob . he's researchable them. most dish notify peach up connecting to some fixture, a temperature because we're sharing the mobile callers. please make on us from going on. this road leads to none. let a village near rep lump in the state of mateo pradesh. india almost sharma often travels here. he's a social worker who takes care of a local resident with bailey bottom and a little makeup mcguffey students to get to work. botches leaking body.
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his appearance might surprise anyone all his life. he's been asked the same question. who are you? i met at all in the plasma bill tech were terrible residual cur syndrome, but that doesn't exclude you from the new bush. just teach enough to plan you get a 3 course at the door. nidia is from u. k. sasha, but he was a bully. run year carter finance, the gym store which olivia natalia practitioner enough. she with a little several friends, mostly local kids who go to school with the demands on them. a very simple for
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now, don't tacitly adults to help the family and stay healthy, because not everyone around here can afford medical care. i will come out and move out there and knock on my lot. they're nemo, i'm gonna get a with a with a a, a sheet that is a general one, any smuggling with jim carter, but it let parkway is british nearest to ross. well,
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it did not enjoy an enviable childhood. fingers were constantly pointed out to him and in fact, pointing wasn't the worst part. like i said, well then you gotta, i gotta go to the case. you're not getting it. but i, i yeah, a be picked out on his 1st years of school with the most disturbing for late barracks when i come in a new or with no one else in the family looks like elite. he's quite unique with us on the dominion krista anonymously. that he spoke to curly sparkling of petroleum. you can use the mortar, bridge, parkway, switch it or simulate,
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appear to raise the body with him. and with that said, then, or what? no, tossed it again. jessica, stay in yet. osha and he was a very new car. or some nino, i little eat is never hidden away from prying eyes, but the family seldom talks about him either. mainly because they have no idea what caused it. but when they say i, i, i would use this is a dish. i all came in a table that gated i haven't that i get bullies are inevitable. yeah. but will much help slowly learn to know them and encourage his friends to protect him. dub, silly, good us. that he said, oh, sure. well, honestly, georgia will be in the field. there was so many keys oh,
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mesh is teaching, lal it everything he knows. meditation and yoga have become his favorite activities for school. but i need to clear your that i am good. my fiance is currently done because some kind of thing is the roaring lion posture ah, it relieves tension in the vocal cords and laughing can also be a good yoga exercise. ha, ha. ha ha. thanks to his sessions with will mish lily has come to accept himself as he is a social media electron me dab okay much. oh to go if you're gonna josh have a good day off load deal but i'm gonna go get my payments. okay. ceiling, there was a telephone every visit from mesh was
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a reason for lily to celebrate. now he can show off how skilled he's become at writing his grandad's motorbike. he now has a true friend in nash about who missed his greatest gift to that it was teaching him to have dreams. i will i will now would i be able to call monica buffalo again? my dad is a little girl and i really thought to dont has a very rare medical condition, but as is often the case, while science can confirm that the disorder is hereditary, the gene that causes it has yet to be identified. oh jennifer morgan, what's with reason to know which way unit to put is wrong that will know chose to them car car to restore the car, you root coke with the 4th. so we have one more, which is me young session that i was thinking of would be why disconnect from union normally is to put as much to norma parker or the pin which nuclear only beloget
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which, which mother now of course dr. vendors, payroll, or them couple of bills in the book of business of southeastern garden was closely at the grocery store to the gym, wasn't photographed. but medical science is littered with cases where genetics can determine that explained which part of the dna contains the false julio from germany also presents a unique story. but in her situation, the scientist can say for sure exactly which of her genes is damaged. a christopher syndrome was ship lena key e naggie, that's isabel ivonya, washington led scott moore to reach out to us on demand and all of us on that. it's a she and then there's a peacenik, certainly woochie award and also as a chest. she was the victim of t shirt, the sigmoid on federal grandma sama. e se her daughter, a place to category which area kick belize me
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here. i did not see a oh yeah, this is it is. do you still with who yeah. and dentist met on line several years ago. in palm allison doesn't bother him off. ugly cocked on august jobs from dimensional dot com dot my blue common todd is almost on each for how it most of what made a saw different committee unknown to listen to some mentioned on him. diesel, blurred or, or even accuracy in on the i just wanted to talk to you about the dimensions aren't on the divine of, on data. leslie about yvonne, which measure so as it vanished shawn's face as at all mushy colors or don't as marvelous. no my about one touching kovasos missing. so bracelets can you sang as, as why it's on his own hired star. it's my new password was fill out via vicar can either come of the vote on manheim because in that the ratio puddle him
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a harbor car, polish to smell from this place. why all that dennis saw in the photos online was her face. once they reached the point of wanting to meet offline of course, julio sent him a message. i think it's time that the shampoo hip and as well as this type, whatever up just advice off as as a shy list, i've seen a doctor scream, white embassy and no there's design. let me get a smith. had the advertisement in him rather than ours. then auto about, about this meeting, pine, another globe as mush looking listens. oh okay. it's my my to this progression to somebody's over me sort of after all the help it was in there for the emergency needs. my proposal as a garbage, as part of our transportation for lead to didn't side front on the side, about new or a just a homely from the age of just 2 months until she was 6 collier had more than
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20 operations and spent most of her childhood in hospitals, but the mother tag is peer. my order does come out of my doctors, diagnosed the problem straight away. it was a genetic disease. and julio wasn't the 1st in her family to have limb disorders. i didn't mean either this is for on a field bid on america that the sprinkler that you own by it. in my po, alchemy still by mine for i to the smitten by known as a day smith, and i'm put it aunt ish, madame julio, went to a regular kindergarten and was always sociable. if she couldn't do what the other kids could. she always found a way to compromise, instead of giving up because she was different. now an adult, julio hasn't changed much. she still refuses to change her surroundings to suit her
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condition as to how the button so that i can pass altima. does my alice? no, my varnish with job is just, i'm spirit of i'm you know, after a relationship lasting several years. julio was waiting for a romantic proposal from dennis, and kept saying that there's a dentist send me a lesson unpack, must i'm actually shown was the oddly. and should i come with with what is it been shipped up on top of melbourne's caprock? it's i want to find out a lot, a lot of this and you got to go home because i'm like ah, ah,
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it's what i took the most basic price you go, he did, who bought a border with i helped him out with a quote, but i know from politicians to athletes and movies down to musicals, does it seems every big name in the world has been here this year? hope of miss you can pick up a book with me a glover new sport. but she said basil makes dreams come true that everyone who falls in love with people. oh, that was a financial survival guide looking forward to your that's with this is what happens. dimensions in brittany
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delegate that you guys are report and she was a little girl who has attracted attention, of course, to have always been people all too ready to point out that there's something wrong with her published lackland when she ever met, my son can be a little habits didn't mind hender, get sacked as a floor. and then m b o, then who? the family, you know, other comes up stuff from higgin, mom. i thought that was kim. did we go out there when, when i was therefore, does the indian had missed the matter mister? pre a tom, why comes egg with them? it's celeste. i'd have would often, with others popping up, my nephew's knocking finger in war. i said it was, it's the same p i'm flat. would i be that much less? on the help with that is most of the modern lesson by islam of any of i'm. i may, i think i hated unconscious. continue from alex mama, coefficient ref. you're welcome to get around julio, exploit every means at her disposal that home she mostly cross,
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but outside she uses either her wheelchair or prosthetic limbs, as mile and a half the day, monday and the is to form here. yeah. good. now does mine to put in was it wasn't as is me is on handy. jim is not half glad. and andy painter, something to compare. dive when it can then ah, polio and dennis travel a lot and always bring a camera with them. dennis can't imagine life without photography. we have a web builder matter for me. all right, and so far, so for the fisher efficient for what he started in, we used to filter it. i live in front, photocopier decent official. that wasn't for the coffee. i only had a few impact the but there was trying to sort of coffee, a method exec, slobber, mr. medina, art against philip mentioned. and i can't find a social mahumphreys roneesh of poppy in
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by the dentist had some miss l. this is kind of scarce. tal, it didn't happen with polio and dennis the feed on instagram for 4 years and now have around $50000.00 followers. and it's the thought we did order from this past this past is to build that for him to home. yeah. kind of fit. does it for like months you that unless maha i but as the school to select after time, this is amethyst? i was just another sign in and pushed ation and assign. though sunday gazette off the ladder, thoughts hiding the story else? no mile is good. is that fair? i look into, she sent me the model, just a photograph ha tank audit. it's monica fluent photograph in just over a year ago, julio became a mother and that was the most important event in the family's life. yeah,
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it was the same kind of my kid does. what name gained effect such as icon the chunks lashonda done to ensure that it would be diskin. so very calm. delta new lead martin field of amish, different ones or kent or reimbursements of eyebrows. and it wasn't an easy birth, the doctors had to fight for little rennie's life. for julio, they were the most terrifying days she'd ever known as flies, nor didn't more men voice and guns quotes, and i had to have to, i'm down south. we'll never make him alpha. i don't have enough because in via it cottage floating dialogue except nor be it is that the air shaft or never needs immediately. i don't use honest mans. each one isn't darker guns, darker like the babies already taking his 1st steps and is in perfect health, which is what matters most for julio, dennis experts and i thought was,
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i was in mainly positive. oh no, comma kayla arnold with the sun cover. if you look up in my live on the out there on my side and let us mr. mazel life, he says, as of an english limit towards them, come the skid awful by and, and one coffee that was quoted is russian. the much been yes. knock me up that you see up a dollar for like talking to me for your king laptop or something, but always makes me start with a few people are as brave and buoyant as julio. and that takes a special kind of talent. it's not related to put if coke up to level throws age or if we would, she asked at all because player was full reasoning for you. so far there's no genetic proof the talent can be inherited. unlike physical appearance,
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that remains an open question. it's up to every individual to decide how to develop their skills and who they want to become. here. when i said i was talking with them, probably only for saying again i'm and i'm with him. he was diane. yeah. you would have complete your convenience. the money is a visa huddle. shit, the block where those doesn't you're supposed to do. a lot of them would. anyway, you're a young man who is with that piece a dish with my with bringing you boom. histone ship would have been, you know, post a metal, a storm, a still arrested it
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a game due to the number over the mill. and i did all her showed. he has a lost opportunity if somebody wish most to angela be certainly just play. see, it does touch the brush or a group or by listening gutter proven. it's all g t. i knew which net i sorry, my thought in in our camp to snuggles cannot cost mosquito pampers. anya, militia, se. then you would mystery from it? i what's up again, the baton you do need us touch. not bryan s as anyone. yeah. of course. next talk to was one car e for chris. yeah yeah. i was for some i don't know which one down would ship on which you know my city yeah. your mom, what does that? yeah, it doesn't look and you have to. so you interesting. he was
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a day stay a feature like some one who at the school didn't pick that up. i don't sleep please . can you come when you so i thought she starts looking disconcert, believe i am no, no, cochrane, i'm boy. can you go from tom? then one must bosom nickel. when you bought, quote from tom. now, you said i do believe that over to, let's say she woke up her preschool for a minute. i want, you know, i can use my preschool. it cook with these mean you gotta be work for me. i want you knowing what that's it got to read through with thomas started julia carter. i did so with that in that jelly come down there wasn't really when you done the same, you get those to read. you claim on you is that kind of the federal and that's gonna be the one of the mostly yeah. what that wait. but obviously other than what
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it was 3 years old. and i believe it says i was talking to joe up to the spanish me if joined by doubtful i was my and user nutritional done with his body. so you. ready can leave your stamp wires, wisco, it's a hightail so no i to still with the choice still to point you will still things cuz i don't what i feel sort of been up what i to will for communities goodesky and thoughts from mom in pursuing him when you need to do to rocky number showed him. i knew who told me in y'all's book, i will. i mean yeah, with a piece you don't live in the studio with
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a single what it as which way me yes. yes that, that the well chip i'm giving you more weight. yes. will. so another overall it's more. yeah. but really the mortgage, the problem. what's your tell them piece name and you go can you not give ideal? so we'll get that in store. he a suit can. the style is to suit the key, the windshield, which is a t p to put it to the new z. daniel is now well famous and incredible performance saw him when the voice kids competition, people started talking about him everywhere. ready that mark the start of his path to achieving his goal. i wish to role with him. i missed your mom was cosette. though you build yourself a big even a naught dogs i need to make the show cataracts. anyone's really reached out to any with natal. i spoke with the technician at the players. i thought,
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according to betty park actively in your stop by your, by your sri. it's which a fuck that i was glad it wasn't goals. me at all which seen as a new, well apple new store. but the new was our stay area that you were eve. prince vfl said that there was a boy in your chest e quote that i may have to pay below, but still looked almost like not a robot. are still richer merilissa, quoting daniel went to a jazz college and started a band with some fellow students. and you might think that the biggest thing with them. but he had a little plan there, but actually actually very much so quickly. a request with a little issue here. i don't jacks the it sure was
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a shot record goes with the band members have long been the best of friends after sharing their dream of devoting themselves to music with women award company with everyone here has a story about how they met daniel. now they each reminisce about it with a smile with more
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with resource be may slith much. thanks so much. no worries have a bill from us. okay. oh yeah. yeah. when is kim? yep. shells, lana friends and i was from michelle. we're tom ford. she is a michelle, a bit media for i'm with them. if you guys can, we'll probably m at be shelba. no, none yet when you're newton. sure. la my close to say, is dan, just been, oh god, ma, stay ah, a do
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well, that's what i think one is like about that for one of them group and then you know, watch them lessons that normally get them on them. a piece with shortly genetic science may have some on says when it comes to physiology, but it can't even estimate quality of life. society does that with behavior attitudes and actions. with steven according to our physical, what are of nursing will you do on business loan? try new ships, can you ship to the blue or nickel to remove the into school purity of naco use the same you through a flock of that i will know quickly when your blue cross so you see what we're seeing them as tim stalls deal. we snowstorms yogurt, the butcher, we're still q, the thompson with citizen. they used to work with mlc and we would have been with a lease just mac, meet people love to set rules and standards. but nature shows us that appearance is
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far from being the most important part of what makes a person beautiful. ah ah, ah, if you are expecting be of random, it could be in the image or with a c. i'm sorry, this is a wrong expectation. be you will have to see a fan is done. you want me to go on as a big julie entities. you can't impose the estimate democratic system. want book, i'm sorry, can't he want? and then political order
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with this house headlines from r t, the offshore assets of hundreds of the world's most powerful enriches people, are revealed. and the biggest ever league of such data called the pandora papers, i want to confirm the u. s. is a top global tax haven. no well known american people or firms have mentioned this by president biden's pledge to clamp down on tax evasion. also this sunday, at least 12 people are reported killed and more than 30 others injured anaplastic cobble 2nd biggest mosque. the taliban says it's detained, free people, allegedly responsible plus in our review of the week it was an extraordinary disaster. if we didn't have a president, it was so adult. you all would be fired. i don't think anyone controls anything
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this prisoner.


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