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dare to ask in a this monday, the 4th of october. from moscow, a data leak reveals the offshore dealings of the worlds rich and powerful, including former british premier tony black and current check prime minister andre babbage with the united states named as a leading tax haven. that marks energy agency gives the green light to part of russia's north trim to gas pipeline. as europe grapples with soaring fuel prices, i say the situation is stabilizing, and no one's going to pretend his completely back to normal. i wish it was, but he is, is getting it that way. but british officials down play their own on going fuel crisis sleep now deployed military forces across the country. as petrol stations
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remain dried you to panic, buying with cues of angry drive as waiting for supplies and make documents. apparently confirmed systematic u. k. meddling in russia with large sums being channelled through the british embassy in moscow. ah, our monday evening at 8 here in moscow. my name is colin bry, welcome to your well deeds from asi international. first. then opening a pandora's box and expose a on tax havens as revealed how to some of the world's rich and famous height. their wealth. among the names mentioned, our former british premier tony black, an incumbent check prime minister andre babbage, the details, how politicians, business leaders and celebrities avoid taxes using secretive offshore companies. the pandora papers also single out the u. s. as a leading tax haven. i spoke to donald courter who went over the 1st releases for
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us, so whether there is sensationalist expected people definitely were anticipating something as big as what happened in 2016 when the pat, when the panama papers were released. but actually, this one hasn't made as much noise. the guardian sure had a click beatty picture of vladimir putin's face right at the front of its article, even though in the pandora papers vladimir putin was not even named. so that's a bit a bit interesting. but the investigation primarily deals with more or less obscure people. i mean, we have some examples being the king of jordan. so offshore properties, personal properties, the purchase of several theatres, by the general director of russia's channel one he was said to have been a silent partner in this operation. but he's already commented publicly that he hasn't concealed anything about his business dealings in connection to this. one higher profile mentioned though, the ukranian president vladimir zalinski in 2019, he was elected and most enlarged park on his platform of promising to rid the
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country of corruption. and ukraine is notoriously, has a problem with corruption. and according to this investigation, he actually transferred 25 percent of his stake in a foreign ad in an offshore company to his personal friend who is now the top presidential advisor. so, so far he hasn't commented on that seems a little bit shady, but no confirmations. usually when we think of tax havens. right. i mean, you think of maybe a financial center like hong kong or some sort of obscure caribbean island. but the pandora papers actually paint a very different picture there, showing that they actually revealed that south dakota has become the new hotspot for tens of millions of dollars that used to be in offshore accounts in the caribbean and europe. and this is despite of jo biden's promise to know combat corruption. earlier this year. today i'm issued a national security study memorandum of the fight against corruption to establish cumbersome corruption as a core us national security interest. the united states will lead by example. and
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in partnership with allies, civil society and in the pro, with sex, to fire, this courage of corruption good. in fact, delaware, wherein mister biden hales from i've got some pretty good tax breaks for companies, them, they. so if his big platform is to deal with tax evasion, as many leaders do, where are the americans on that list? well, it's a good question. they're basically not there. i mean, we hear report after report, obviously about like a lot of american businessman and big corporate corporate owners evade avoiding taxes. and yet this report for some reason only mentions a couple of very obscure american billionaires that i personally never heard of. and so, yeah, the, the big question is, you know, where are all the big american names? i mean, what about the richest man in the world? jeff bezos, his company, amazon paid 0 dollars and 0 cents and federal income tax. not just in 2020, but also in 20182017 you'll on must paid also 0 dollars and 0 cents and federal income tax. in 2018 donald trump paid $750.00 back in 2017. so it
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seems a bit fishy, that there, there might be nothing important or a value to mention about these offshore assets. now we also did hear from whistleblower, edward snowden. he let out a tweet about the report on this leak. so let's take alice, the humorous side of this very serious story is that even after 2 apocalyptic offshore finance law firm leaks, those industries are still compiling vast databases of ruin and still secure them with a posted note mark, do not leak hats off to the source this is just the beginning of these sir reports, and these leaks about these pandora papers. more of them are promised for the coming weeks, so we're gonna have to keep an eye out for them. the investigation also named somebody, it alleges to be a former cleaner and lover of vladimir putin and also the mother of one of his children. svetlana. griffin, okay, is alleged to have been the owner of her monica apartment bought byron offshore company. although the relationship with the russian president has never been
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confirmed. meanwhile, a friend of the president also appears in the papers, but not mister putin himself. now, as we heard the papers also reveal that the u. s. state of south dakota has emerged as a major destination for wealthy people to avoid tax. although experts we spoke to say they're not surprised. the very thing that the united states criticized switzerland in the past poor it is now doing the famous numbered accounts. look, the real lesson here is if you allow the distribution of wealth and income to be as an equal, as it now is in the world, the day you create the incentive. and the means for those that the top to continue to accumulate from one generation to another. there's an amazing tax evasion taking place around the world. and there's also a lot of unaccounted, unaccountable capital sloshing around the world. and, you know,
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using various off shore havens and, and governments tolerate this and, and banks make a lot of money off this. and the us, by the way, i is itself a major tax haven. it's a incorporation laws are among the easiest in the world. so the u. s. is actually our prime participant, and this kind of a really crazy, monstrous, no tax avoidance that marks energy agency has clear part of the node stream to gas pipeline from russia to germany for operation. more on that next from our europe correspondent. we're not quite there yet, but this is a step along the way to this gas pipeline eventually being up and running. what has happened is the danish energy agency has given its rubber stamp to the 1st string of the node stream to gas pipeline ad. that means that it has undergone air pre
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commissioning. it's also the hardest number of tests carried out on it, and it's passed those tests in the eyes of the, the danish energy agency. there's still some way to go yet, though, before the pipeline will be open running to its fullest extent. the 2 strings were tied together in the summer of lab this year. there was, of course, much delay due to sanctions and everything that came with that at all of the, the political wranglings they are now in the past. it would seem as we're into this stage of going through the compliance and certification for the infrastructure project. and ultimately, once the 2 strings have been given the approval, they will be able to see gas flow through them. what is going to happen now with this 1st string that's been approved by the danishes that they'll fill it up with gas very slowly and gradually to essentially make sure that it takes all of those boxes as well that it can carry the load that it's opposed to the 2nd string of nod stream to that is currently undergoing its air pre commissioning. you would imagine
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that once that's gotten de gone, that then it also goes through the ad, the certification stages, that the 1st strings being going through. eventually, when all of this is connected up, it will as start the working light for this pipeline stretches over 1200 kilometers from russia into germany on a, on the, or the baltic sea coast there. and it could pump as much as 55000000000 cubic meters of gas into germany every year. that's enough to heat $27000000.00 european homes every year. gas, of course, in high demand across europe at the moment and coming with high prices. lot of people looking to nod stream to, to wealth fill the gap when it comes to that guy. and hopefully, hopefully see some of those bills go down. as peter's mentioning that holly europe's on the brink of an energy crisis right now, the price is continuing to hit record highs, surging to over $1200.00 per 1000 cubic meters. and with winter looming, there are concerns over how the block it's managing,
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the crunch. more on that next from shot do ben's game. paris. there is a lot of finger pointing going on as the block faces this unprecedented energy crisis. that winter crunch is looming in, according to some, this is a problem that has been years in the making. let's have a look at some of the main issues across europe at the moment. and we'll start here in france, where there has been a price increase this month of 12.6 percent in gas tariffs that follows several months of other rises, the payment of social cast access. it will not be a freeze and they will not be any more increases. but of course, that doesn't mitigate the months of increases that people have already seen on their household bills. then in spain, where the price is they have tripled in the last year. i mean, we know that the spanish government is made emergency measures to try and mitigate the worst impact on the poor. but small business unions are just saying,
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this is an impossible situation coming after the cobra crisis. businesses just cannot take any more. and then in italy, prices are set to so by 40 percent, the italian government is announced a package of $3000000000.00 euros to try and aid that. and then in germany, we also heard last week that one, the power plant had to completely shut up shop. and it's not the 1st time at all to do the same number of times in september. why? well, because it couldn't get enough coal. this crisis when it comes to natural gas, has pushed more people towards buying coal, depleting those stocks as well. so it seems like this is a double whammy. so what's behind this looming catastrophe? well that you cannot agree on that, but some member states see that this is a problem that he was cause itself because it's pushed too fast too quickly to move to green energy and at the same time as moved away from fossil fuels. and
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essentially what it done is last, the entire book exposed energy price is currently soaring across the u and putting unprecedented pressure on both energy companies and all our citizens when designing energy and climate policy is we have to ensure their social acceptability. otherwise we risk their failure. well, the ease flatly denies their sit with checks and it says actually this crisis shows that the problem is there is too much dependence in the you on fossil fuels. and the reality is that the only way to mitigate crises like this in the future is to move harder and faster towards green energy instead of being paralyzed, those slowing things down because of the price hike. now, in the energy sector, we should speed things up in the transition to renewable energy. so the affordable renewable energy becomes available for everyone. when i say e, u is scratching its head over what to do. it's also looking potentially for a scapegoat. and some have suggested that russia is to blame for this crisis,
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saying that it is holding back on natural gas reserves. russia says that's not the case. in fact, russia says it's willing to step up to the hour of need of it to you repeat neighbors. and increase the supplies of gas to meet those needs, those demands. but what needs to happen for that to take place is the certification of the north stream to pipe. this is a pipe that was completed last month and would see natural gas be able to be delivered directly to germany. but before that can happen, that certification needs to take place. that is something that you find out. some illnesses are likely to discuss this week as they meet to discuss this entire crisis. but the idea that you finance ministers are discussing bread and butter subjects like energy bills and how people are going to pay them really gives you a sense of how this crisis is. and as they scratching their heads, looking for
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a solution, there are tens of millions of households who are concerned about what this winter is going to bring the difficult choices that they will have to make it. so i, the heat that homes will feed their families all the while it is wondering how it will keep the light so on a brussels bass. journalist luc river says he expects price his to soon be back to normal for nordstrom to, to play a, keep out. art. there is no lack of gas in the world. and a good example of it is the fact that the price of gas is not increased by one euro cent in the united states over the last year. but while can europe, it has increased by more than one percent over one year, which is of course, a lot. so now is the time to support the customers, the consumers, the, and consumers to will order a price hike. now in the winter, but by sprain, this will be finished. everybody knows that the easiest is of course,
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to get the gas from russia, from an all stream to. and again, there is gas, everywhere in russia is not stopping this gas from being the liver thing is that we need to finalize all stream to and it's a matter of months at most across the channel that a crisis in the balance in the u. k. as well with petrol stations, they're still running dry and angry drivers, forming huge qs. britton's government now deployed military personnel around the country to help ease the fuel supply crisis. shadae edwards dash day reports next from london. put it this way as day. 10 now of the petrol crisis situation and the united kingdom is still seeing many cars backed up outside of petrol stations. people waiting hours to fill up that tanks and even the public transportation is being diverted away to avoid all of this, the gridlock things have gotten so bad. now, the minute tree has now been deployed and drafted in to try and get the feel to the petrol station i think is also really important. we can actually call in the
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military at a time like this for that extra support to give that confidence and have a misha that's there as a precaution, because as i say, the situation is stabilizing. no one's going to pretend has completely back to normal. i wish it was, but it is, it's getting that way. so the government says that this shortage is easing the problem is get from vassar, the prime minister also reiterating cited javits comments. is that the all the being deployed is simply a precautionary measures. now, around 200 military personnel getting involved in this operation that trying to focus on is nuns and on the southeast region, they argue that these are the worst affected it for myself. personally, i'm a little bit worried because in my journey on the way to work this morning, my call was flashing red at me, meaning i need to get to a petrol station as soon as possible. but of course, i'm not the only wanna tool,
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millions of people are now affected. in fact, it's such a hot topic that discussing the pectoral situation is as common as discussing the weather here in the united kingdom, which goes to show just how many people affected, particularly those people working at the petrol pump stations. if you're going to fuel a big peaks and troughs, one minute, one day you're, you're nearby taking 3 times as much as you normally do. next, they run a fuel in city. i just doesn't get sold because nobody can do well. the last 10 days have also be defined by a bit of a blame game on the one hand, gentleness of being attacked, saying that the media is really reporting on a big headlines and then on the individual level as well. people pointing the finger of blame directly at those people tonic, buying all of this patchwork. but can jonas the blame for simply reporting the news?
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no. can the public really be blamed for simply buying depleting? results is neither seems remotely irrational, especially the crux of all of this is the very fact that a 100 a 1000 laurie drive is how now has now had a mass exit is leaving the united kingdom. there are many reasons full that particularly things like the breakfast with these laurie, dr. is saying in the countries that they are from. so this seems to be a direct result of numerous things, particularly, like breck said, and it doesn't seem that it's going to be a quick fix for the united kingdom. all eyes may have been on america's disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan. both the u. s. military is now facing a revolt from within its own soldiers of speaking out against the leadership of the damage done by supposedly woke practices. ah,
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all those people did die in vain. people are upset because their senior leaders let them down and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we messed this up. we were taught that the country was able to, that it was founded in 1619 and not 1776. and that whites are inherently evil to i've made that very clear to my own people that in the light of a hyper politicized environment, i will not tolerate any discrimination of any kind based on politics. this is really about the freedom, the american people, the right to choose your own medical procedures, the right to decide what's going to be injected into your, your body and what's not. those are
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a natural human right that we can't take away from people with you without say from moscow on the way the british embassy in moscow is declining to comment on a neat sake that the u. k. paid large sums of money to groups and russia. white. i'll tell you more off of the bright blue a a hey
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. join me every thursday on the alex salmon? sure. i'll be speaking to guess all the world politics. sport. business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then ah
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ah logan some suspicious silence for you now. the british embassy in moscow is declining to comment on findings that the u. k. has been massively funding anti government sentiment in russia is after the kremlin demanded, the britain explained leak documents, apparently confirming the london funneled money through the embassy. and we've contacted the british foreign and home offices as well as the embassy here in moscow. but so far, none has responded ortiz, he goes down off, breaks down the story. couple of documents have been made public, including the general outline of activities of the yuki embassy here in moscow, dated years 2019 to 2020. in total, the whole data dump consists of more than a $150.00 pages, and on those pages are well details as to how the u. k. embassy and london by proxy have been trying to sway the public opinion here in russia on some key topics. how they supported certain groups, like for example, the l g
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b t community. and they also give the list of people who executed the tasks, who well received funding for it, and even the some journalists and media outlets who also received funding from london. here's how the russian foreign ministry commented on the revelations, the scale of funding and project activities. even a cursory glance is simply shocking. for an agent come on, they had children, independent journalists sent back to their. for instance, the embassy here has been trying to groom a whole network of what they call independent journalists, while independent. yet still, they were reimbursed for their work by the u. k. taxpayers pounds. also there's a list of media outlets. we're also at least in part funded by london, and some of them are already with a tag over for an agent here in russia might seem like it's not a big deal. but imagine a similar headline, but with the rules well swapped, that it was the russian embassy engaged in similar activities, but in the u. k. now the embassy here we reached out for a common to them,
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but they have refused to do so saying that they simply do not comment on the documents. also, we have reached out to the u. k. foreign office and home office, but we are still to hear back from them. russian military has successfully test launched its cutting edge hypersonic anti ship miss alcove, zircon for the 1st time it was fired at sea from a nuclear submarine. the missile hit its intended target in the barren sea in russia's arctic circle was 1st reduced in 2016 and can destroy enemy ships as well as ground targets. it's exceptionally high speed, makes it difficult for antiaircraft systems to intercept pentagon officials have singled out the missile as one of russia's most dangerous. and finally, one of the grimmest episodes of the evacuation from afghanistan was when a young football a rift leaf fell from a plane while trying to flee. he was seen as one of the country's brightest
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sporting talents. and now a special tournament being held in his memory. ah and where he was one of many acting, he's trying to flee the country as the plane gained altitude, he fell to his death. ah, by the saki was more than a brother to me retrained together for the last 4 years. god bless him. no one can feel his place in the team. and in our house i law, this kid i'm wearing belong to zaki, but it's mine. now. he was a better football, isn't me? we even called him messy. the entire afghan nation loved him. he was our hero. ah . with zaki was one of our best players. i
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wonderful buddy and a strong forward on his team. today they're playing with outsider, and we can feel the difference with my son's like he was a national player, very talented void. but i never came here before this my 1st time and he's not with us today. i missed him so much in memory of jackie and worry and that song global update for this hour. thanks for watching. i'm calling bryan moscow. join me in the team for the next hour. he news and ran off with the runners, driven by dream shaped bankers, and those with
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who dares sinks. we dare to ask these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger and survive something on survival. one of the hardest things that i had to face was not having a face at a low expectation to life. i accepted accept the fact that i made that it's where we had no fears. dell change pre fast 4 shots, different stories behind the bullets. i this financial for my life today with all the money laundering. first name is it is, can i see 3 different?
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oh good. this is a good start. well, we have our 3 brags all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas, in the cayman islands, in a row, all these ranks are complicit in the club piper. so we just have to give a call and say, hey, i'm ready to do some serious money laundry. ok, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about ha ha. luxury automobile again for mag? you know it money wondering is higher legal? don't watch. ah, bill.
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can oh i'm going to be a next school shoot for of 2018 i goal is at least 20 people within a are 15 and a couple trace rounds. i think i can get done. location is still mm douglas
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