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ah, join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, ah limit pigeon says russia will not stop pumping gas to europe through you cry, nodding, the ease decision today, long term contracts was a cost with the state. then a you itself fall lines emerges. some number states are increasingly saying read over the eas determination to go green. paris speaking out against things like critical race theory and mass where we could now be investigated by the f b i. after the national school boards association claimed the threats received off
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tantamount to domestic terrorism. as well as in the sun to marine faces, potential trial for daring to criticize president by dhs afghan. pull out another officer being hailed a hero just 2 years ago for attacking trump. ah . good evening, thanks for joining us here on our t international president please. and says that the eve made a costly mistake when they decided to ditch long term gas contracts. he stressed that brussels preferred method of gas trading, overlooked some of its crucial characteristics, namely that it can not be easily stored like other commodities. another interesting point came out of a cabinet meeting. president putin held today, dantes eddystone, of join me in the studio to discuss developments. well, i guess the whole point of this cabinet meeting, at least to a large extent,
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was to outline russia's stance in this crisis. letterman couldn't talk to russia's energy minister and basically gave very clear instruction as to the country's actions and how russia will navigate this well this market crisis, because as of now, you've seen the gas prices on the market and well as of now again, it looks like the winter is going to be very, very costly to the end of the line. european consume him, so the russian president, what he did, he called on the minister to seed through that russia remains a loyal partner and doesn't make things any more difficult and pod than they already are. and that the gas prom rushes will national gas, ex putting company that gas from remains a faithful partner as well and follows the contractual obligations strictly prevalent restroom. as she does, she has prom believes that it would be more profitable for it to pay a fine to ukraine and increase the gas volume pumping through the new systems. but
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there's no need for that. there's more pressure in the pipe, less c o 2 emissions into the atmosphere. everything turns out cheaper. and at $3000000000.00 a year, it is necessary to fully comply with the contractual obligations for the transit of gas through ukraine. although it is more profitable to sell it on the exchange, but there is no need to but anyone in a difficult position, including ukraine, despite the difficulties in relations. second has no need to undermine gas problems . confidence is an absolute, reliable partner in all respects. so i think maybe understandably, with gas prices rocketing up, some people in the west, the pointing fingers at russia and, and basically suggestion is that they're exploiting as it's getting colder. and that price gouging that, that the trying to just milk, as for will they can get what to put enough to serve other. well, he didn't say anything about that per se, but he, but the fact that he has presented the show that according to the russian officials, according to the russian didn't realize he could not have been further from well,
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from the this, the, from this that the truth is very, very different, according to the russian president are well, gas from has not only just stuck to its contractual obligations, but in fact it has increased the volume of gas. it is right now pumping to europe through ukraine. and it did not have to do it. there's no obligation on the russian gas exporting giant gas from to do so. so, so far rush, i'd say, has been very understanding and very client oriented, if i may say so. but again, of latimer poodle has stress that the aren't running a charity here, close to was be to be to self speculative demand and excitement in europe. you propose stock trading. it can be done, but of course this can and should be done. not in a spot in europe, but on an exchange in st. petersburg. but in general, exchange trading is not very effective because it carries a lot of risks. is not a watch shorts and ties or
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a car or even oil that can be produced and stored anywhere. gas is not sold like that on the market problem being, it seems that they're just on in of contract. people haven't contracted into long term gas supplies. so obviously brush is not going to want to be made out to the bud guy here. what can you do with regards the pricing? well, man, you're absolutely right. and the thing is i, the european lawmakers might have shot themselves in the foot hair and well, of conceptually nukes the wallets of the end of the line consumers of ordinary europeans. so here's, here's the thing about natural gas. it's not oil. you can just, you know, get it one time stored in a barrel until you need it and then you will access it. no, it doesn't work like that. you can't store natural gas. so what the european lawmakers came up with, they decided that they would switch from contractual from contractual trade when they receive a gas steadily throughout the year. at the current market price, they decided that they be buying the gas of the market and they would be doing so
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in the summer when the demand is very low. so it's essentially dirt cheap, but they would only ask for the, for gas in physical, you're physically receive it in the winter when the well, obviously need this gas. but what the didn't well add into this equation is the fact that the simple pipeline infrastructure is simply not robust enough. it is too old and dated in ukraine. so gas from, even if it wanted it simply can't squeeze this much natural gas in such a short period of time. so, lulu make, as they were hoping that russia would be able to pack all this gas that, you know, a year long supply of gas into, you know, the winter months. and it simply doesn't work this way. and of course, the nodes for him to project would have hell to because the infrastructure is much newer and they can put more pressure into the, into the pipes. but well nord stream too has been long opposed for political
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reasons, including bi ukraine and poland. well, with a quote with ukraine, the irony is, well, is beyond comprehension here. so, so far, again, russia has been making these steps, increasing the volume. and, you know, vladimir putin has been very understanding and he's been saying that, well, we will do everything in our power, but it has to be beneficial to both the buy and the seller. and the so it's really unclear as to how many more steps and reciprocated russia will take and is ready to take them. if it is said today, that europe's carbon neutrality could come at russia's expense. but loony trellis, can you fight for cover neutrality? if the energy balance in europe, in this case in germany, in terms of cold generation, is twice as large as in russia, turns out you can at someone else's expense. in this case, they tried to do it at our expense at the expense of russia. but i hope we will build a dialogue taken into account the interests of all parties. it is right in the number
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i'm french and i know that the germans i meeting a lot of see with to. and so yes, the thing that we need to do is close those called higher power in germany, and either go into gas or go into nuclear, which a term and i do not want. so i mean, the energy transition is a step by step process. and if we do not do this step by step process, if we go back to dogma, then we end up in a property and in a climate disaster. if we want to go through energy transition, the price of energy will be high and there is no way out of this. and so therefore, we really need to be transparent. these are the appellation, be that we are people that are citizen, that if we want to fight climate change, we need to put more money in this. and this is something that perhaps brussard has forgotten or perhaps new,
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but didn't want to share with the people. and this is where we are here right now. the natural gas price in europe sought to an all time reco recently is now $6.00 times what it was in the spring. and it's put the continent on cost for a major energy crunch and laid back internal divisions within the block about brussels drink policies. it oliver reports. while prices are as high as they are on the commodities market. this isn't so much going to trickle down to consumers as perhaps these prices are gonna fall upon homeowners from a more domestic home uses. form a great height. what we've heard from the european commission president ursula found a lion is that she recognizes that there are major problems that we're facing right now. and problems that are coming down the pipe further along. but says that in the long term, it's renewable energy that are going to keep energy prices low across europe. i think we have to be very clear that the gas prices are skyrocketing and her, but the renewables,
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the prices have decreased over the last years and are stable. so fast is very clear that with energy in the long term. and it is important to invest in renewables that gives us stable prices and more independence because gas is important. 90 percent of the gas is important to the european union, the renewables. we are the master without plans being dismissed out of hand by hunger as prime minister victor or bon his country. just assigned a new deal with russia to import gas into hungry for the next 15 years. victor o bonds blamed these problems on the european commission saying they have far too many restrictions in place. far too much regulation. and that is what's causing the issues when it comes to buying gas. you must change is policy because partly partly the reason why the prices are up is the 4th of the, of the commission. so we have to choose some regulations. otherwise, everybody do suffer the problem for hungary, under the new regulation of greenville,
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which is in direct vexation. for flat corners owners and part owner or the e u energy commissioner has warned that prices will most likely continue to rise throughout the winter. won't see any respite until the spring of 2022, just how high prices rise may well come down to something as fickle as the weather . if it's a particularly cold winter, we could well see prices soaring, higher and higher. and what we've also seen though is a number of european countries coming together and saying things half the change, france, spain, greece, or the czech republic and romania, all of their finance ministers, signed a joint statement, saying that there needs to be a complete overhaul of the way energy is purchased in europe, that isn't going to be a short term solution though. perhaps in the long term it may change something. it's not gonna change energy bills this coming winter. what we're also seeing is the european union is saying that they're going to investigate claims that russia
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is behind attempts to manipulate the gas price that they've been trying to drive up prices. this is something that's been fundamentally denied by the kremlin, the spokesperson for the russian government saying that russian suppliers are living up to the very letter of contracts that have been signed. we insist that russia is playing no role in what is happening on the european gas market that could not happen. russia has fulfilled and will continue to fulfill to the letter all of its obligations on existing contracts. there is one way to get more gas into europe, and that's through the nod stream to gas pipeline, not huge infrastructure projects. construction was completed this summer. however, it's still awaiting the green light in terms of all of the certification and approvals from various agencies before it can stop providing energy. once that does get the approval that it's needed while it could provide as much as 55000000000 cubic meters of russian gas to europe every single year,
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that's around enough to power $27000000.00 european homes milligram. i spoke with german economist and publisher. i co harmer about europe's energy crisis . politically, it is would be perfect for. busy the german and energy policy to change to a green policy, but it wouldn't suit all the other european partners because they have a completely different thoughts on germany and their energy supply. for example, the french and especially the polish want to keep the like mailing position for germany. they don't want germany to be energy sufficient or energy independent with russian gas. they would like to be to keep the hand on the energy supply for germany. so with the north korea to pipeline the energy supply would be
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a would be secured, and that's why these european partners don't want criminalizing parenting. that's the claim being made against the, by the ministration in the us to the department of justice. that confirmed criticism of school both will now have to be taken far more seriously. this is after the school boards association claimed threats. it saved a ton to amount to domestic terrorism. something that is provoked outrage among parents for you to dare to try to smear parents as domestics. harris just reflects just how tone death, school boards and school administrators have become about the please of parents on behalf of their children. the us attorney general wrote a letter to the f. b i and criminal attorneys announcing plans for measures to combat what he called
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a rise in criminal conduct towards school personnel. it follows a letter from the national school board association which told of an immediate threat while dealing with issue surrounding critical race theory. a mask monday, citing several examples of critics leave the most simply designed to suppress opposition voices. coupled with attacks against school board members and educators for approving policies for masks to protect the health and safety of students in school employees. many public school officials are also facing physical threats because of propaganda purporting the false inclusion of critical race theory within classroom instruction and curricula. these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased. the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. any legitimate violence is sufficiently addressed by your local police. the fed was the political police f b. i are the politics police. president biden's latest decision is part of
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a disturbing trend in the democrat party to silence parents. we should encourage family participation in our schools, not based loosely attack opposing views because left his groups one control over curriculums. was he contributed launcher, thinks that many vexations in the boys, lesser have been blown out of proportion. the board's letter does site some specific incidents. but if you actually look at the video footage from those incidents, most of the quote violence that they site is actually things like parents refusing to wear masks at these meetings. a lot of what they side as actually being domestic terrorism or violence actually is just tantamount to some harsh words being said in terms of actual violence. though i believe there's only one or 2 specific incidents that were actually led to an arrest that were mentioned in that letter. i think trying to get the f b i involved at all, frankly, just reeks of political activism. instead of actually trying to put students 1st, and i think parents are completely justified in seeing this as an attack on their rights as parents, the parents aren't shutting up for now though for the same the attorney general has
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got a conflict of interest in this case what do they mean by the, the reason why the age is taking this letter from the school board association. so seriously is specifically because his daughter through marriage has ties to a firm that actually specializes in critical race theory, training or something akin to that. his family potentially might benefit financially from c r t actually being implemented in more and more schools throughout the country. how politicized a school life become these days seems like it's increasingly political. and there have been viral videos that have been leaked of students. sh filming their teacher is going on tirades against tromp systemic racism, america in general. we've even had teachers themselves posting to their social media accounts. i think a lot of parents have started to wake up that no, you cannot simply take for granted that and education the public school system is the same as what was happening when we were younger. and enjoyed live on the line
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down by former georgia legs. it states advised that this april chapman will kobe pull your also, and more importantly, a mother to 4 children you'll self and as a parent will show experience been view, a school system must fit occasions, perhaps when you weren't happy with something related to a child's education. how did the process go if you well, for me i the heavenly opposed, government indoctrination. and so my husband and i have made the responsible decision and personal decision for our family to be home educators. we are passionate home educators and we believe that is the parents' responsibility to shepherd and disciple our own children. if there are values or ideas that are be propagated in a government school system, we personally just feel that school choice is a better option. and so i'm a home educator, i've been home educator since 2012. and so unfortunately i
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don't have personal experience in the school system. however, i am very much aware of what's going on and the the struggle that many parents are currently experiencing here in the days. what are the sort of things you've come across? a parent isn't happy with an issue with skill. how easy it is, is it for them to, to approach that institution and to, to add the grievance well back when government understood their rightful role in the lives of individual citizen, it was very easy for parents to partner together and join arm to say, we don't appreciate what's being done and we want the change, but that is different now in today's culture, it's the government think they they, they believe what is proper and right and what should your children should be taught. and so parents are experiencing
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a very difficult time trying to in that change and their local communities as it relates to what's being caught in the government school. and quite frankly, i do believe it is going to get worse. but i am optimistic because people are starting to wake up and they're starting to recognize said, wait a minute. this is not the public education system that i am familiar with or that i grew up in. and it's time for me to take my head out the fan and caught up, pay attention to what's going on because they don't like what's being propagated and pushed and down. frankly, it's downright indoctrination to what their children are experiencing when they go to school and they're supposed to be learning. but instead they're being indoctrinated with ideologies that are anti american. and quite frankly, something that i don't believe is going to move the conversation forward or help americans to be competitive in a global marketplace. now i know the gave some examples, but the national school board association says that they're trying to equate
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criticism book, you know, represented in, in some kind of vice violence or threatening behavior towards schools. trying to equate that to a domestic terrorism. that i don't know much about us laws, but surely there is already laws that exist, that if someone is or is threatening or is physically violent, surely that there are laws, it already exists to cover that, it's why the need to go over the top. it would seem domestic terrors aren't that you're, you're, you're going to the nth degree though it's not needed. surely you've got the lot let me be clear when i have meaning. and what i've noticed is that this government, particularly this administration, feels the need to read the fine word, and they want to say that words are weapons. let me be clear, violence is never acceptable. so if there are instances where the parents are crossing the line and threats turn into physical violence, and absolutely those incidences should be handled on the basis of their own
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individual merit. but that's not what we'd be happening here. they're taking one or 2 isolated into instances and trying to make it seem as if parents who are be heavily opposed to what's being taught to their children in a government school. you're trying to equate that with violence in an effort to silence opposition and to say, hey, we know what's best. let me be clear, the government is not god and parents have every right and there is their responsibility to make sure that the ideas and ideologies that their children are receiving our praise worthy and are going to help them in their future. and quite frankly, most parents do not believe that critical race theory is a viable ideology to be pushing on young impressionable mind. but i do believe they are going. they're using government in a way and they are abusing their authority in a way that has not been granted to them. and so i applaud these parents for
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sticking up for themselves. but unfortunately, you've got to vastly different ideas being juxtaposed against one another and the government using words and saying that these are terroristic threat when it's really just opposition. it's very interesting because essentially sounds like you've got like an organization that says if you're going to be a member, you want your child to come into all institution. we're going to set all the rules . we're going to decide how people have to behave well. we consider acceptable, so it's fascinating that you decided not to accept those rules and to do the schooling. so i mean, it's quite plausible. i would, i would say that you've, you've decided to go outside the system. not many people are brave enough to be so bold. do you see the parents now looking at the situation in schools looking at you and thinking that they might be tempted to do the same? well, it's getting to the point where parents are going to just have to make
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a decision. people are going to have to restructure their lives and determine what is more important. right? in america, we're very used to living, you know, a to, to link them how to point 5 children, you know, family vacations. but for our family we just had to make a decision. what was more important. we wanted to structure and tailor what our children were learning without government interference. and quite frankly, the only way to do that is to come out from the government system. but here's the issue. these parents, it's public education, but it's their tax dollars and they have the right to dictate what should be taught in their community school. if their money is going to be new. so my position stands the same. i think more parents, you know, they're going to have to be brave and are going to have to be bold. i do think it's, it's, it's a good thing that they're fighting that. but at some point, either you're going to have enough people that are going to rise up and say, we're not taking this anymore,
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or they're going to remove their tax dollars and go elsewhere, or they're going to home educate their children. we're seeing an explosive rise in home education, particularly since the pandemic has started. and i do believe that that trend is going to increase as we move further along in this conversation. interesting to hear really appreciate your time. april fascinating stuff. my guest april chapman with georgia exit state advisor and herself above the of 4 children. thank you. now another news us republicans of accused the military of double standards over a marine whose facing potential charges for criticizing the biden. the ministrations pull out from afghanistan is a stark contrast to another officer who early was held as being a hero for standing up to the trump administration in a moment, as opposed to look at both those cases. $2000000.00 from over $27000.00 different donors. that's how strongly people are feeling. the case of lieutenant colonel
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sheller. he's facing potential criminal charges over criticizing commanders over the withdrawal from afghanistan. now his hearing has been delayed until next week, but his family is not very optimistic or we have been told to prepare that it could be a long prison term. sheller was an active duty u. s. marine, whose frustration over the bungled retreat from cobble lead to making videos, bashing biden, and the pentagon brass that quickly went viral. people are upset because they're senior leaders, let them down, and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we messed this up. i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield, the strategic air berries before we evacuate everyone. i am submitting charges against general mckenzie for his bad assumptions, not because i've been did,
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but because the senior leader he to be held accountable to the same standard as us . he's now accused of breaking for laws, though there are not formal charges yet. now sheller is not the 1st military man to raise a voice about issues. lieutenant colonel alexander vin damon was on active duty when he 1st spoke up against the pentagon. brass, he testified at trumps impeachment proceedings as a pentagon whistleblower. he claim the donald trump had made a quid pro quo with the president of ukraine. he was anointed by mainstream media and the democrats as a st. this guy 0. this guy is a patriot. one of these 2 men, the president and lieutenant colonel whitman, devoted his life to duty and honor. right matters what an extraordinary statement from an immigrant who served this country proudly his entire life. now the answers from the white house quickly turned evasive when they faced some tough questions
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about parallels person vancover, tennessee colonel alexander vin minute hero, for speaking out against his commander. she even has plenty capitol hill in uniform . so how is this different, especially since you just said the president welcomed the candor handy advice of his military adviser? does the president also see with sheller hero? i dont have all the details on these circumstances. i understand that can be frustrating to you. um, but we will work to get you an answer on republicans or speaking up saying that they see a double standard if you speak out against the democratic president who get thrown in the brig. but if you're doing something against a republican president, you are lord of the hero. this is double standard. lieutenant colonel vinland was celebrated by media while of tenant girls sheller is in prison for demanding accountability on the disastrous withdrawal. both challenged leadership. one was treated as a hero and the other punished. i remember when military leadership wasn't an oxymoron,
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it's no wonder they can see the obvious coming any more. the best bureau cuts on the absolute worst wolf, i says, of the ones that get promoted and make the decisions. military leaders who criticize donald trump got talk, show appearances and book deals treated almost like heroes. while one who just criticized biden is facing a hearing and a potentially long term spell behind bars. the going to stay in that we c p, an exercise here today. it's a very dangerous precedent. that's going to court, gets the standard by democrats. first of all, it, but also manifest tremendously by the mass media. there tends to be predominantly left leaning in you know, very much in the pocket b o, the democratic part of anything that was an antique trump was hailed. and so it's not surprising anything republican, as the case has been a, been treated with kid gloves now. and there's consequence,
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or he gets off scot free, having no leak classified information. the political landscape has certainly evolved from what it was a year ago. democrats are no longer celebrating those with the courage to speak up against those in power. being a hero isn't so much about what you do, but who you do it against? kayla mopping, r t. new york. and upset for this news. i, thanks you company, and don't forget check out more use those. we have you on a website. good altima don't come with policy makers, the federal reserve bank and joe biden. the president thinks america is so freaking
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stupid that they can make them believe that picking up


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