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yes, in the fall semester i'm sure i'm with eugene. ah imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what other chapters cold gun violence, school shootings, homelessness? first was my job then it was my family. didn't was my savings. i have nothing, i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing is passing the road to the american dream, paved with dead refugees. it's this very idealized image of this. older america makes americans look past the deaths that happen every single day. this is a modem history of the usa, my america, kona
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t. ah, this our is headline stories, mother mirror hooton's village to boost the gas flow to europe. finally, you take some of the heat out of the market. it comes after record breaking price searches this week, which i've seen some you members, question brussels energy policies and also ahead last jose's, it'll file a complaint to the global chemical weapons watchdog. now after the u. s. was allowed to question the organization not by the alleged poisoning of kremlin critic, alexia finally, despite the o p. c. w. still refusing to cooperate with russia over the case, also had to try to see her parents in 6. harry jess reflects just how long death school board
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and school in the 3 become american parents face an f. b. i cracked, done for speaking out against pupils being forced to wear masks on the teaching of that controversial critical race. the reap comes if that's all ahead this our on our 2. ah oh, where every year catching the program from today. welcome to moscow on the news, our and our team. my name's union. o'neill. boiling gas prices have been reduced to more of a simmer. now, after intervention from vladimir putin who said russia will ramp up exports to europe, addressing the constant energy crisis on wednesday, the president albert dot moscow would continue its commitment to ukraine in regards
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to gas transit. ashatash gasped from believes that it would be more profitable for it to pay a fine t crate and increase the gas volume pumping through the new systems. there's more pressure in the pipe, less c o 2 emissions into the atmosphere. everything turns out cheaper under $3000000000.00 a year, but there's no need for that. it is necessary to 40 comply with the contractual obligations for the transitive gas through ukraine, although it is more profitable to sell it on the exchange. but there is no need to, but anyone in a difficult position, including ukraine, despite the difficulties in relations. second has no need to undermine gas pumps. confidence is an absolute reliable pond that in all respects, will vladimir putin statements and the subsequent let up and the gas price surge. i've seen some in the mainstream media changed their tone towards the new extreme to and pipeline. and more generally, on russia's role as europe's key energy supplier concerns really over moscow's
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alleged attempts to use oil and gas as leverage, have lessened dramatically. russia doesn't necessarily benefit from chaos or the market. they want high stable prices and they want to be seen as a reliable partner. some words soothing words, i guess which we rarely get from mr. potent actually helped reverse that. 3540 percent jump over night in natural gas over in europe at russia wants it to be approved. but i don't think she's really doing anything wrong here. you know, europe has a supply crunch. russia has the gas to supply it is an element of rasa playing politics, but is also an element of the most money having been invested in noise. they do not from the russian side, from the european side as well. versus leader also puts the current crisis in the european gas market. done to the e use rushed push for a green transition,
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coupled with brussels decision to switch from long term gas contracts to immediate spot, treating the current volatility can be traced back to april this year. but it all came to a head this week, meaning ever growing bills for european citizens to face. ah . well, maintaining a trusted energy partnership between russia and europe as
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a key focus of an international gas for and taking part in saint petersburg. it's day 3 of the gathering under our correspondent elliot. katrinka is there. oh, look at all these complicated tubes. valves taps gas industry equipment. this has literally become a nightmare for energy officials. lately. natural gas prices in europe have been astonishing. governments across the region for a while now the previous st. petersburg, international gas form mostly grabbed the attention of the most important business figures and experts in the field this year. many more eyes are on the gas form and st. petersburg, as the understanding of the crucial role of natural gas in heating and industrial manufacturing in europe has head many decision makers, were in the midst of the worst energy crisis and decades. some of the world's richest countries are struggling and winter is coming. perhaps
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a cold winter as the forecasts are sang, just ahead of this form the russian president vladimir putin shared his views on what he called mistakes in the european energy policies of the recent years. just because you can't just forget about the stable development of the oil, gas and cold industries, you can see what's happening in europe. this hysteria and confusion, the markets. why is because they don't take it seriously. soma, speculating about climate change while there's underestimating things. and there are those reducing investments and next charts of industries. there should be a smooth transition in st. petersburg russians, top energy officials and the most senior management ad gas from russia's energy giant will be joined by the ceo's of the likes of unit per and winters. hall, germany's energy behemoths and also the heads of the international gas union and also the world energy council. it will be up to them inevitably to tame the market
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. now, one of the solutions many in europe are currently counting on is the launching of north stream to the project. counts as real hope for many major players in the industry. but you may also remember that it used to have and actually still has many enemies. both in the region and also across the atlantic in america. it has the potential to undermine the interests of ukraine, poland, a number of other close partners or allies for a know i have issued a fine against gas problem and 5 companies involved in the building of the north stream to gas pipeline. it we speak is one voice with bonds. the nostrils to phi plan is unacceptable and represents the danger for the whole europe. european countries may not be so cain to continue to be dependent on natural gas imports from russia. but many here in saint petersburg understand that keeping russia as
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a trustworthy partner is very important to make sure that the crisis doesn't come back any time. soon. along the sidelines of the form in st. petersburg, rti also spoke to dr. duke i head of the international gas union. he told us writing off gas as a major source of global energy is both premature and shortsighted. though we are not already that that's accept the renewable energy in the crew scale. this is an anal jubilee. i think of this a guess has an important role. can i make a wise and that in bottom one, twice the balance between a supply and demand is up destroyed. that's why and the gas prices going off at that to the main reason you got that electricity and the candidate by the natural gas and coal on to somebody have to pay it and the, the complement and the by subsidy on the customers. so that he says, if we cannot accept the price, so with the electricity, this is a kind of a catastrophe,
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down those stream and the saw stream really for why the security that so euro and his eyes and the warm rush essays, the global chemical weapons watchdog the o p. c, w is still bluntly refusing to cooperate over they alleged poisoning of kremlin critic alexi nev only. it comes after the united states and 44 other countries officially submitted a list of questions to the body. demanding must go off for details about the case. the russian foreign ministry house already said april filed a complaint to the p. c. w. anyone who calls on russia to conduct an investigation incorporation with the o. p. c. w into what happened to miss in a valley needs to once again be reminded of the facts. a year ago rush replied to the technical secretariat to the o. p. c. w for technical assistance on the article 8 to the convention, but we never got any help. in august last year, mister valley fell ill on on the internal flight to moscow. after an emergency
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landing, he was taken to hospital unclaimed in on induced coma. he was later or lifted to germany at the request of his family, doctor's in berlin, said in a valley as being exposed to the nova chuck nerve agent on ultimately blamed the russian government. both russian officials and medical professionals who treated the only claim no poisonous substances were detected in his body. while he was in the russian hospital. moscow's repeatedly asked both germany on the o p. c, w, for a joint investigation. after making a recovery and the volley returned to moscow, where he was arrested on sentence to 2 years in jail for breaking his parole conditions. let's welcome on to the program now. the russian representative to the o. p. c. w. alexander shogun. you're most welcome sir. a blunt one 1st,
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is this likely to lead to new sanctions against russia? good afternoon. just a moment balloon. what we're seeing the video quality currently with a c w. i'm given the what not. and the surrounding this upholden of only keys above us finish daughter is channels that her situation is quite complicated. we have the feeling that the where you from level to see if my li, who else was good, is interested in this case surrounding lawyers poisoning division for a different reason. there are some different reasons underpinning there this morning. it's for more than the now i have been unable to take the floor on this subject. will hadley open c w. various pretext of that will provide exiting the
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rules of procedures or some other pretext good that were provided. well, good. it will that she pool is with your to some one other rail down some other statements. and mr. was i asked with my colleague a little would be representative of the united states and the others has since they've expressed concerns due to your thing. you know that it good as not matter what the russia has to say on this subject nibbler nickel and but no one wanted to listen to us. and this said just that unfortunately for young to review any of those behind at this initiative, some kind of have some kind of a different political agenda that is guiding them. they want to
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make a perio look now to foster liberal collection good. and what it would be and the overall we have you gotten used to such kind of treatment to buy the west and the united states sent in. and it may be this whole story, no doubt. it was engineering that is not to provide the pretext for imposing sanctions on the russian federation. and i can say that yes, that does too. and we are ready and we will definitely reciprocate various weights in this and come up with an adequate response to all these sanctions have never achieved their of the check to do something to renew you. purchase a corporation as a movement movement when you move someone's health weight so they will never achieve anything if they do not make the step forward. well, let me just pick up and one of your answers. moscow is essentially being called on
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to explain the conclusions reached by the o. p. c, w experts, while russia's own conclusions are being ignored. just take us through that aspect, excuse, you can get it. oh, good. well, the technical, sick, cetera. jared has provided germany assistance and me women under the media reward to different little to do and they've conducted tests and to to certified laboratories. boykin basketball, they came, your community was your conclusion that your school, which was of that as an weapons grade chemical weapon has been used at the same time. there's a little bit of report among the channel flow. my students used a sam all for the in key or information piece as have been scribbled in
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the report. so we cannot see what was said. there were again, this concerns among other things, sentences of the why leads on see the information on the chemical formula of the toxic agent that was allegedly used and i'm going to go, so this report was, rebecca, is preaching no quota. i didn't, and they are claiming that this chemical agent is some kind of latest. well, the most recently developed weapon, and that's the kind of a no. and this is not the case. so if you consider to know who the request was, was that we received it after all, the opposition that we encountered from great britain and the united states. and i have been able to make an importance neiman good to with. and with it,
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we hadn't prepared a note for the technical secretariat and attached some material to it as an answer to most to the particular the question or so that been received from them for you. 5, he was with under paragraph 2, article 9 of the w. c. m. city. at the same time, we also are under the same provision. we requested clarification on their partner view of article 9 and we expanded germany, france, sweden, endless technical area to answer the questions that we have submitted to them. we have not received any answers, said to these questions a and we hope that we will receive the explanations. we have requested the ticket that
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we are under to now as a pre answered these questions and we send our own questions to france. sweeten, and germany. yeah, under this same provision under paragraph to article 9 and a little and i contacted that director general of the builder secretary fernanda areas and notified me that we submitted these questions and with the count down has been launched when we expected to receive answers and pan bays, as per the convention of the bull is in their court. well, thank you for the thorough investigation at mister shogun, the state department say's the chemical weapons with which mister, nev only was allegedly poisoned with. we're only ever developed by moscow. is that true? have western countries work with nova chalk or something similar?
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where could you get it? well, if firmly reject. the idea of when you have to do with that great britain and some other countries have made on the fact that russia has some kind of secret o cover a facilities him and that russia continues its chemical weapons program twisted back in the us cable. crill is 1997 in the sound of the soviet union and the predecessor of the russian federation undertook to eliminate its chemical piles. to sheila, a switch minute here and a decision was made to stop all the development in this fear of chemical weapons in blanket 17. russia has successfully no but growing and completed. the
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elimination of chemical weapons stockpile was and this was certified by experts from the oversee w 2 and we know very well at the same time or another excuse to them. and then in some need to countries, there are no, there is research in going on on another check related to the agency, his yamuna plan. there was a statement by the president of the shack of republic who confirmed that a similar asian was being developed in it. does it this country, it is no, both don't school and other countries also recognize with that content. they also work on others, including great britain of that they work on toxic agents. so of this category with the united states, east minister,
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i'm way that is the only it seems to eliminate with chemical weapons stockpiles and the night estates still cycling through its chemical weapons, even though they have everything to get rid of these of stocks. mile will said, it has to be noted at the united states, but he needs to open the still see her adopted man does william with bus register at 104. he payton saddle. we milton irish nurse for all these at military grade toxic agency. similar to get charter, jo said also tooth, she will cruise and i've asked the questions to this effect and the executive council at the ogre c, w to the united states ambassador and a, he says that yes and there is an issue. there are agents of this kind,
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but so what with me will and the us ambassador vehicle as seriana gwinnett loop, and she said that you were you. it was out of a little mislead at the international community turned upside doug. and he said that they had turned it upside down more medical schools, and i would like to return this argument to my american counterpart, toyota. regarding his statements, i go to engaging the use of chemical weapons. the same applies to the united states. in fact, another one, i'm pretty new to pick you up, but you also so. so if you believe that it is normal to register with paintings with toxic agency, similar to the knowledge of the same time you the air could you are needed on put
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forward claims against the russian federation and accused the russian federation of something. i may just touch on another aspect. there have been some claims that moscow obstructed that visit all the organizations, experts to russia. was that the case you did to observe that? no, this is not true. this little wooden, in october of last year, we applied with the technical, the secretariat, more technical assistance with art and state park. and we have every right now is hugely involved and clearly luchella's literature morrison. we asked her to the o. p. c. w, expert st. muffled who have and sean initiative with involving russian research as it and we want to. ready society new, the remaining samples for out at the,
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from the autonomy to the school and to do it to w lane that are relevant. johnson can recertify the facility in st. petersburg in the city. you were using technical equipment and the same technical equipment that was used in the certified laboratories on the opus he w up in order to be able to come to some kind of a conclusion, whether the russian blogger was poisoned talbot school. the whole was to answer a question. you pretty good when, where and under what circumstances he didn't want to do it. but again, you know that he school will get her out. and when this, when i visit, talk sick, a military grade toxic agent a happened to be in the samples, all for the russian blogger. you know, good will know when he talks,
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occasions were discovered in alms, in the sample drawn from the russian blogger, the deal with philip and the technical secretary, i started dragging, eats a feed table, and gay provided with various pretext. they said that there is no precedent of this gun kind. we provide technical assistance, it who knew great britain to germany when you will, and there was no precedent. they did not ask anything, but it took me. so this is very ask you to position from the technical secretariat. if it was who is senior, when there was a decision here, as the old pierce, he would you w 2, the bullet do here of the technical, the secretariat to expand its function. yes, to look with was done to the detriment of the un security council. there was no
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presidential discount, numerous but the technical secretariat lubelle's lesson americans that started grading, that he is a precedent center will go to that. and the united states admired how they technically, buddy secretary did this and they said, look, that 3rd 3rd general, we just thought we thought that he would not leave me tongue impartial and he will keep his distance and that nobody would, i would take his time or doing this work, but instead go to school, he being the quickly yeah, chill said you've got good race to fulfill this agenda and he did all this and he created all the precedence that never existed before. so this is how it happened. while we very much appreciate you going to so much
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detail with your answers, alexander, shoot again, rushes permanent, representative to the o. p. c w. thank you. the student no education authorities in the u. s. are asking the government to use anti terror laws. i'll involve the f, b i against parents who complain about what their children are being taught on order to wear in the classroom, namely, face masks. the national school boards association has sent an open letter to the by the administration, claiming the abuse it's members have received is tantamount to domestic terrorism. the claim has caused outrage among parents. these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased. the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes for you to dare to try to sneer parents as domestics. harris just reflects just how tone death,
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school boards and school administrators have become about the please of parents on behalf of their children. when it comes after the u. s. attorney general wrote to the f. b i on criminal attorneys to announce plans to come back. what he called a disturbing spike and harassment, intimidation on threats of violence against school personnel. my colleague niel harvey spoke with ortiz contributor lauren chinn, who says the accusations have been blown out of proportion. the board's letter does site some specific incidents, but if you actually look at the video footage from those incidents, most of the quote violence that they cite is actually things like parents refusing to wear masks. oh. 1 people come no, no, no, what is your name? the guardian didn't talk about critical race theory, which is pretty much will be picking cute, how to hate each other. how that this was at these meetings a lot of what they side as actually being domestic terrorism or violence actually
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is just tantamount to some harsh words being said in terms of actual violence. though i believe there's only one or 2 specific incidents that were actually led to an arrest that were mentioned in that letter. i think trying to get the f b i involved at all, frankly, just reeks of political activism. instead of actually trying to put students 1st, and i think parents are completely justified in seeing this as an attack on their rights as parents, as a per adult shutting up for now though for the same the attorney general has got a conflict of interest in this case, what do they mean by the, the reason why the age is taking this letter from the school board association. so seriously is specifically because his daughter through marriage has ties to a firm that actually specializes in critical race theory, training or something akin to that. his family potentially might benefit financially from c r t actually being implemented in more and more schools throughout the country. how politicized a school life become these days seems like it's increasingly political. and there have been viral videos that have been leaked of students. sh filming their teacher
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is going on tirades against tromp systemic racism, america in general. we've even had teachers themselves posing to their social media accounts. i think a lot of parents have started to wake up that no, you cannot simply take for granted that in education, the public school system is the same as what was happening when we were younger. lauren chin. know whenever i think i have it hard hearing from people working in rushes, frozen north usually focuses the mind and makes me realize maybe i do not have a to bout after all. see if you feel the same syndrome. wonder mum starts in moment season. mm hm. well.


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