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tv   News  RT  October 8, 2021 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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colonel does say sport marshal, is this justice ah, with help headlines here. one out he international a facebook whistleblower who competed coals in congress for a crackdown on facebook is now has self funded scrutiny. critics say how close tie to the democrats show. she's pushing their agenda for social media censorship. the european parliament passed as a non binding resolution seeking to ban police use of facial recognition software and public places. but any piece hailing it as a major victory on the program august's debate. the issue is good news. you're getting criminals own service, it'll be abused like crazy. there's a great saying and law enforcement, that's when you're
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a hammer. everything looks like a nailed plus a cross border kidney swap, a doctor in israel and the united arab emirates. they save 3 lives with a historic medical tie up just a year after the countries established relations. ah, it is 1 pm on a very sunny friday here on the russian captain. welcome to your use are naughty and tonight will democrats in the u. s. congress a calling all out with now they're going all out, i should say with cold, for a crackdown on facebook. it's a after the claims of a company whistleblower. although it now turns out francis hogan has close ties to the democrats. it's something she failed to mention while demanding action against a former employer. facebook's products harm children, stoke division, and we can our democracy. the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and
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instagram saver a won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical prophets for people. congressional action is needed. now do bear with me just for a moment here. this might seem a bit confusing, but francis, how can his being represented by a co founder of whistleblower aid, john ty, who so from the obama administration, the other co founder of the organization which helps was a blow as pay their lawyers fees is mcgue's aid. he was a legal representative for alexander venmo, a white house staffer who testified in trumps 1st impeachment trial. we spoke with max blue and fall the editor in chief of the grays on who points to other alleged links and says, political affiliation in this case is no surprise. her testimony dove tales very closely with the democrat censorship agenda. their plan or their desire to heavily sensors, social media. frances, how again was pushing that agenda if it's true that bryson gillette,
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the strategic communications firm that is reportedly advising francis how going and which was founded by former obama aid bill burton. does it enjoy this relationship with her? then we also have to consider her relationship, a possible relationship with abide and white house. let me, whose press secretary, gen saki i actually used to be employed as a senior advisor by bryson july 1. what's clear here is that democratic operatives were not, if these reports are true, are providing p r advice and promotion to francis how again a previously unknown figure who was instantly verified by twitter, the day of her carefully coordinated and crafted testimony. so she's not as a, an actual whistleblower. she is a political operative advancing a cohesive agenda. what's more simone?
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that francis, how gotten as a regular donut, a democrat affiliated organizations, helping pot, he candidates to get elected, legal and media analysts, lionel and max blumenthal again, give us that take on the facebook allegations and the dangers of censorship. she just wants more government intervention. so i think the impact we're going to see going forward is more censorship, more intervention from the intelligence services. and the reorientation of these social media sites to target official u. s. enemies per her recommendation. i think her. 2 you know, it could, it can benefit multiple causes, you could see it benefiting the religious. right. that doesn't like the kind of semi pornographic content on instagram and the way it degrades women of feminist could get behind it. but behind it all is a much more insidious agenda that how going outlines she has explicitly called for bass, beefing up facebook counter espionage team to take on official enemies. she named
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me and mar ethiopia, which is a new target of u. s. empire as well as iran and china. she did not refer to facebook working with any u. s. allies to carry out malicious activities. this is an extension of the narrative we've been hearing since the russia gate saga began. the real issue, the gravamen, the, the $64000.00 question is one of our people and coating a former president of the united states who are excluded. an expert gated bowdlerized from any kind of public conversation because of who he is. that's the issue. i may ask you some, one of you were on your phone on your mo bile and you said something politically piquant and all the sudden your phone went dead because your carrier says car, we don't like that. that's a hate speech. and you say you're the phone company, you don't, you don't monitor what i say. well,
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that's what we have to look at these companies as utilities, they will shut you down merely because you're oh pining and expressing in a an opinion. that's what they never talked about. that's the reason that's what i wanted to hear. that was never addressed in this big whistle blowing, expose a blah, blah, blah, blah blah, as gretta would say. well, a european lawmakers are pushing for a ban on facial recognition systems used by police. the u parliament has passed a non binding resolution against the biometric surveillance, which some emmy peas compared to that of cold war snooping. that's an important step in fighting against mass surveillance, the central and eastern europeans used to live under the eye of the big brother. and we don't want to come back the resolution calls for a ban on funding or deploying programs that could result in indiscriminate mass
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surveillance document also emphasizes the importance of human supervision in any final decision making. and also urges authorities to be more transparent by using open source software. but it's not the 1st time nations are taking a stand against excessive surveillance. in 2019 san francisco became the 1st us city to enact a complete ban on police, biometric surveillance, boston and minneapolis. then followed suit, and we discussed the pros and cons of facial recognition with tara and security expert david low. and also with former u. s. police officer dominic issa. there's a great saying in law enforcement that when you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. and all this does, it may have the great grand scheme idea of you're going after some very serious offences like child sex trafficking. i'm missing persons or terrorist activity, but i don't care who says what it will always be used down to your lowest common denominator, which is your citizen,
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and it will be abused like crazy. you're then actively putting a tool in the police's hands to look for crimes proactively in the wrong way. i think this is just, this is a door that's going to be open for some very abuse of authority. i don't think it's a good idea and it's you can put police in this mindset of that. everybody is a criminal. good news you are in criminals and terrorists and i think a terrorist threat both in europe and north america since we'll have enough dummy. so if you did look out, i mean i'm talking about dealing with serious organized trauma, trafficking, lots of dealing with trafficking, those type of fences and terrorism. and i think the point that was made, but you know, it's only allowing, like counter terrorism agencies, policing agencies in the u. k will be like the national con, one. you know, a, we agency those things. you wouldn't give it to have any police force. it was like when we were in the european union, michigan information system, which was
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a database that wasn't available. so the police force in the u. k. it was only to send an offices and the pounds i just happens and all of them in the united states were, were abuse we just to be with. so if it was, if it was utilized and executed for what it was written up more than a 100 percent, if it oversight was proper on it, then i think would be a great tool. i think that, but we just, we always take something that's, that's meant to be some way. and we just, we water it down and we abuse it. it's about giving who has access as a day to store and also destroying data with the the question gentlemen honest, are making sure those safeguards in place. and that's why i said, you need judicial scrutiny. what's to make it say that it doesn't go all the way down to again, the lowest common denominator, which is the citizen and a detective, or a street cop, shriek up as a bad day and he wants to go through all the backlog of your activity for last 6 months and charge you for a crime that you committed 34 months ago. right,
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i'll tap out the out here in moscow. poland is on a collision course with brussels off the war source, top court rule that some e u laws are unconstitutional. and the timing couldn't be worse with poland now seeking billions of euros and e, you recovery funds are reporting from berlin. his artes peter oliver. there are shots fired in that confrontation between warsaw and brussels and the constitutional tribunal. poland talk court is basically said that the polish constitution has precedence over you law in the country. the primacy of constitutional law over other sources of law, results directly from the constitution of the republic of poland. this has been clearly confirmed by the constitutional tribunal. it's very important to point out the polish prime minister mathias more of it. he says this isn't a sign that poland is about to try and leave the european union. in fact,
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he says his country has no intention of doing just that. but we are hearing again things that sound like breaks at room break that cost to do. it hasn't gone anywhere yet. well, now we're hearing about politics. it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it is what it is. in fact, here in germany, the press is fullest morning of talk about this being a legal polk said that poland has essentially, by making this ruling the tried to pull itself out of the legal frameworks of the european union and france deeply unhappy as well. we've heard our condemnation from paris. the european commission has said that they have serious concerns about this ruling from the courts, while other e. u officials are clearly far from happy at this move, the verdict in poland cannot remain without consequences. the primacy of you law must be undisputed violating it means challenging. one of the founding principles of our union, you states must not stand by idly. when the rule of law continues to be dismantled by the polish government. neither can the european commission or money can't
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finance governments which mock and the gates are jointly agreed rules or this. it could be a go a different way though, could be because these rulings from the courts only become law when they're published by the polish government. now, what could happen is the could take this ruling from the constitutional tribunal and go, we'll put that in a drawer for now, and maybe we'll look at it a little later because what you have at the moment is a situation whereby poland isn't getting tens of billions from the european union in covey recovery money. poland can look at other member states. you've already received their cash. you're already spending their cash. and wondering well what, how we going to make sure we get out? so we may well see this ruling from the court used as some type of bargaining chip to try and find a rapprochement between warsaw and brussels. but it certainly doesn't look good at the moment in some of the concern that's been shown from the european side. certainly justified, as poland says, essentially the rules and its country supercede. those of the european union
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will turkey has joined algeria and lashing out at the french president. it's after emanuel mac, ron suggested, there was no algeria nation before french colonial rule. ankara branded microns words a populist move ahead of next year's presidential election in france. i'll turkey and algeria have joined a growing list of nations that are currently at loggerheads with paris. as a correspondent, charlotte dupon sky now explains. france isn't having the easiest of times, it seems to be rattling on multiple fronts internationally. and was that it's waging offer some foibles take. i'll g uria francis form a colony. it resisting president microns attempts to draw the line, and it has an axe to grind
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that didn't go down well and then to add insult to injury. my home blamed hatred towards france. young algerians on the political military system which had rewritten, history based on lies even questioned. what is how interior was there an algerian ation before french colonization? that's the question. i'll jury a post 900. 62 is built on a memorial rent that declares france is the whole problem. hugh erico dumbass a debt, while algeria also plays it as space, see the french military notes. colonial presses are not to welcome the country. essentially said this in the leisure which pushes process official relations with some of our countries into unfortunate crisis situation should result through unconditional mutual respect. that's not the only trouble facing france. in
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africa. marley has a summons. the french ambassador for nations, it's furious that has frog seeks to withdraw its troops. he can still think that he can hold the fort by sabre rattling, but if you're near the left hand button, the situation arising from the end of operation back on puts molly in a fait accompli abundance of those mid flight to assist. thank and it forces us to explore alternatives and means to better insure a security on the mostly or with other partners. and then there is this whole mike seek to pastor feet. there was no why that we could have taken this decision without it having and causing deep disappointment and hood to, to france this,
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this there's no way we could have avoided that if it wasn't bad enough that a strange country which ranks a few more than several runs below france and military strength shocked it all for a rendezvous with the u. s. it also invited the briggs fuckin is alone for the jolly, the french what serious and found themselves crying out. which brings us to the u. k. my horn has often been compared to napoleon the will he get caught in the next of his very own waterloo, francis so incensed over the u. k. 's refusal to lex fishermen tool they catch in british waters. it's been threatening to cut the country's electricity supply. surely it would make more sense to just pass on the increasing costs of energy to
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the bricks, making them pay double, but no maximums. government is forcing a battle of wills who will blink 1st. all of this comes as a friendship president is set to face his stay 1st competition to date. as the presidential election hurtles closer, many at suggesting the only person who blow a hole in makins hopes is well himself trans has lost his position for some time already. i would say, since the end of, as president transfers lost his position on the global stage, a trance has decided to follow the steps of the united states and nato. and we've seen the catastrophe of that in an afghan in iraq, in extra saga. now we've seen that trance is totally lost. it macro is just living on the orals that france just to have. and now it's just finding out that this power, that france thought it had. she just doesn't have it. she's not the only one. he's
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just the one which is a he is the president wishes exposing this to the, to the, to the public. that france is no longer the power. it used to think it was hard. we are heading into the 2nd book shortly here on the program on our team. many stories still on the way, including while europe struggle to keep the gas flowing. there's also a supply problem with a drastic shortage of drivers old across the continent to keep everything from petrol stations to the shelves at supermarkets. totally stopped. laurel that in just a moment, a ah, in
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with, in a safehouse, an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. oh, you're stony 20 partera, the russian capital. this is all t. how about
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a nice story for one or other inspiring story from the middle east? the lives of 3 women have been saved by an historic series of kidney transplants between israel and the united arab emirates. that was a major boost for medical cooperation between the 2 nations, which just established ties only a year ago. ah ah we say was it gone? oh, she told me that she wanted to lay to the mother, but that was no match knew when we asked for they discussed the dna and everything and book them. our computerized program and it was great in one minutes we found a good match with we se well and zoe. alien johnny. i waited in the airport to keep me from the house
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without great wired to the boat. we'll get to 88, and then 870. we took off 2 minutes before i called to say blocked off the man who daddy and thought he to stout these teeth. there was an effect. ah, we are exchanging ice boxes and then i get big. well. 6 is an ambulance waited for me example ah, is a beast const out we sat there maybe go see stems in a bridge between the house. i was really special for us to blue such experience with our country. i think it's very special and maybe they will be there the 1st
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and then we will continue with other countries. the british government is using the army to keep petrol stations supplied or made a severe lack of truck drivers. it's a problem that's causing havoc supply chain and is not just limited to the united kingdom. as europe emerges from various locked down to now needs and estimated 400000 more heavy goods drivers, poland has the biggest shortfall and it's now relying on its neighbors to keep fueling goods on the move. while germany has at least 50000 driver. vacancies are here at r t we heard from a yen pavlov sky, who had some transport company in berlin. he says, truckers are severely undervalued and losing any incentive to get behind the wheel feeling, but even the number of drivers from eastern europe is declining. it is already obvious that many transport companies in central and eastern europe,
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which are very active here in germany, can no longer find drivers in eastern europe because no one wants to do the job. we need to be careful that the spiral does not continue, but finally stops. society should put more value on truck drivers. we all know how good it feels to sit on your sofa at home and order something online with next day delivery, preferably with free shipping. often you can't have it both ways fallen prestige for the job can be felt by the drivers, and many young people are asking why they should go into this profession with such a low social status. we also spoke to our truck driver, jeffrey summers who thinks that wages should be increased to attract more people to the job. narvie 430 in the salaries. the most important thing is not good. the know wants to do the job. i know the reason is that training costs have risen, and independent drivers have to pay for it by themselves. i have a colleague whose training has cost him 12000 euros. the military used to train many drivers who could use their skills in their professional life or to that's not
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the case anymore. but if, as well as the training, there are also poll working conditions, especially in law, whole transportation. my colleagues don't want to be away from home for weeks. these days you can end up spending 14 days away from home, and many young people don't want to spend that long on the road for lately we've seen a lot of dr. is coming from outside the u, they get paid between 40600 euros and only the daily allowance makes the job attractive enough to take it. now to solve this problem, i think there should be more regulation of the industry. for example, the minimum wage should be based on the drivers country of origin. this long. while there's been a pleasure having you with us for the friday program here on our t international, and by the look of things right now, it's going to be a very busy afternoon, not just for odds iep for you as well. a, you know, neil will be here at the desk with your news now starting in half an hour's time. i do hope you can join union in about 29 minutes.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. and i'll be speaking together from the world politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then the by did ministrations decision to leave afghanistan was correct in long overdue. however, the way america's longest war ended is a different question. it was a botched affair. the generals will most likely never be held to account, put alone marine. we can, colonel does face fort marshall, is this just this? these people learn from their own experience. how vulnerable a business is to the bank. so he pushed my business over, the age, pushes me right to the bankruptcy. now i realize we were good. this isn't
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just the back that may be involved in this is the concept. see, firms is, is the lawyers, these people have got you want on their stories at a walk kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up, lost their family homes. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. they have committed suicide, but left behind north, the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by buying coffee sauce that late them to i took the spy, obscene these people up, nor saw it. so for the most basic, look what i see you. i believe we did, who bought, i bought a toyota tomorrow, a couple of reviews on your quote,
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but i know from paul additions to athletes and movies. does the musicals does it seems that every big maybe in the world has been here, left 0, but ms. you can work out. this goes to school and you get the course, but i need to remove what does not give me a glove what you spoke with said basil makes dreams. come true. the everyone who falls in love with you, that people like what in if you look at this panel, you can see a lot of the old place and screws that were done by your previous surgeons. they did a great job, really your, your orbits. naval bones are in the right place, and as just left over titanium plates will put the dental implants in take out the
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titanium mesh. and then when we uncover the implants, we'll do the last one that would be creating the vestibule. okay. you come along with a lot of surgery. yeah. there's still another one to go after depth just from at least. yeah. yeah. i'll be happy with your smile with teeth back at me to do you take good care of her until then remember not the anything after midnight. right? yes. get a pizza and beer up midnight. but night after that i a when i got locked up for the time she was pretty she had the baby
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boy. so like i said, somebody like me that ah, i worked hard in your prison with get a hold of your father. a little more that very much. i know like i'm kind of feeling good. he knew a lot of people, a lot of people knows them to someone and public. a lot of people shake my head. i'm i do stuff with
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ro, definitely sees well as his role model wants to be like coun admires everything about his day. they're fine. is really strong with i know that will has been through a lot of things in his younger years. i think he probably just said that he went to jail. he did sing years like that was probably just straight for oh yeah. did seniors away for murder exam? well, they're needing him now. i was just like, well that was the past, but how did you overcome all day a job or georgi for him? honestly, he's a strong, mentally, strong to overcome all of the.


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