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is in love with people threatening. luc, let me miss alice hop headlines here. one r t and the prime minister of molly accuses french forces of training terrorist groups in the north of the country. with their arms groups trained by french offices. we have evidence of dots, and this is the situation we are currently witnessing molly, and we don't understand it and we can't tolerate it. us all make esteban sanctions on russia nord stream to gas pipeline, blaming moscow for a price search on europe's gas market. us despite the market retreating from an old time, reco it off the putins pledge to boost supplies. and the world health organization says it's close to approving rushes of sputnik re, coven shot. but getting the vaccine certificates recognized internationally as
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proving difficult. something experienced 1st hand by a german member of parliament. hungarian who go to shots of the study. the vaccine can sit in a restaurant in berlin. i also 40 vaccinated with sputnik v. i'm not allowed to end this restaurant wine. ah, it is 8 o'clock in a very sunny saturday morning here in moscow. welcome to your latest stories are naughty and some. so molly, who's accused of french forces of training extremist groups emitted deepening feud between the 2 countries. a 16 soldiers were ambushing, killed by terrorists in northern marley. on tuesday, the prime minister has pointed the finger at paris accusing it of deceit. assessing the molly government still doesn't control the region of key dull their arms groups trained by french offices. we have evidence of that. in our language, there is
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a phrase if you search for needle in your room, but the person also looking for it is standing on it. you'll never find it. and this is the situation we are currently witnessing molly and we don't understand it and we can't tolerate it. french troops have been in marley since early 20. 13 fighting is the most militant of more than 8 years into the intervention. the security crisis has only worsened with new terrorist factions. emerging jihadi attacks continue to devastate the sa hell region, including nigeria and burkina, faso, and with a growing backlash against the french military. presence of president micron has a greater pulled most of the troops out. now, molly's prime minister has accused france of abandoning his country yet to lose the loss of any new. firstly, the terrorist came from libya and who destroyed the libyan state. it was france and his allies. those terrorists came from abroad and then they expanded. secondly, when the malia government asked france for help in 2013,
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the authorities only wanted air support and intelligence, but no troops on the ground. france complied with that request in a few areas. but when they reached key, dal they blocked the molly military from entering, creating an enclave for and what happened next? in order to establish new governments, the french contact to members of answer a dean, an organisation considered to be an international terrorist group by the u. s. g, it's the molly wing of al qaeda and they also contacted the leaders of the so called national movement of as of as freedom, paris that it would help them divide molly and give them their own state as of as freedom were exiled by the molly and people because they were angry at them, they hid in burkina faso. the moral image was in tatters because they were plotting with terrorists. and they wouldn't a political power as they were a minority, even among the tory population. they went to military power because they had been exiled. france took them for bacchanal, faso, and brought them to key dull philip in doing so. france united. the national movement as of, of freedom with a number of groups considered to be terrorists to create a group. they call the coordination of about movement and france gave kid all to
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this organization. we heard from tom hob, the co chair of the american middle east for democracy. he think the african nation is need to handle their own security. but the french intervention has only made matters worse. wouldn't friends train some local because this is a for i region may be perhaps brain and some segment of the tribe. i think the relation is going to be re a and more trouble for, for the mounting people than anybody. all i know differential to protect your country. but they gotta also keep an eye on these nations because we don't want what happened in 2014, in northern africa. and in the middle east, where ice is spread out through the region, the african nation. they need to create
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a force eventually to put an end and to, to, to oppress these organizations. because they are real one in their own country before they don't want anybody else. politicians in the us are seizing on europe's energy crisis to demand sanctions against russia. nord stream gas pipeline, some lawmakers are blaming moscow for a record price search, and that's despite market chaos. easing off the food and pledge to boost supplies. ortiz, donald quarter, has the towns the call for sanctions can once again be heard in the us capital with fingers pointing at, you guessed it, russia us. congressman michael mccaul, says moscow's up to some malign activity, trying to weaponized the nord stream to gas pipeline. president biden and chancellor merkel committed to taking action. should russia attempt to use energy as a weapon? yet both of tend to blind eye to the putin regimes, deliberate efforts to pressure europe into accelerating the russian node stream to
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pipeline certification process by manipulating europe's gas markets and leveraging a severe energy crisis on the continent. us politicians have long been accusing russia of trying to hold europe's feet to the fire by trying to drive up the price of natural gas and gain support for the completion of nord stream to. but mccaul statement came just 2 days after russian president vladimir putin promised to boost europe's natural gas supplies. that caused a price decrease of over 20 percent. the opposite of some evil plan for a price hike and german chancellor angle of merkel even set it herself. russia doesn't have anything to do with these outrageous gas prices to fog. it is a gift. this. if you ask me whether there have been orders that russia has taken and then fail to fulfill as it stands. now, that is not the case. that is, there are no orders that frush has said, no, we will not deliver those to you and we're not pumping gas through the ukrainian pipeline. rather russia can only fulfill orders that have been contract it out. so
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the question is really, isn't being ordered. as for russia, foreign minister survey laugh rob said the u. s. is trying to turn europe against moscow to your list of 30 of them will go to school. the us openly say that cooperation with russia is contrary to europe's energy security interests. they want to directly embroiled in this area and reduce our independence. europe's future could look pretty bleak without russian gas. so why would washington treat its friends like this? the pipeline has been completed and it's, it's to the, the, the situation now is about approval on the you is in this cool situation when the pressure is going to be maybe not immediately, but the pressure is going to be substantially got this over the line. if with 2 months from now we're in the midst of a cold winter, then pressure is going to ramp up. and i don't think sanctions is going to ultimately gets in the way that at any rate winter is approaching. there's not enough warmth to go around, and gas prices have been getting heated. ah
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ah. to make matters worse, this energy crisis is in danger of becoming a food crisis in the netherlands. energy shortages are forcing green houses to go dark and cold. the result is that they're also empty and producers don't know when they'll be able to start planting again. this addressed measures that should use production and yield and have major economic consequences for the companies. we
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cannot rule out where the consumer so also pay more for the vegetables, flowers, and plants. according to the food and agriculture organization, the price of food rose over 32 percent from its annual average in september. then in the u. k. the threat of a food crisis is even higher. a different shortage of transport drivers is forcing farmers to dump fresh milk by the 10s of thousands of leaders. so with cold weather round the corner and russia are ready to supply gas to europe, maybe it's time for washington to start cooperating in stead of sanctioning about 7 years ago. that could have been more supply to do your markets via a pipeline that was never billed them. his house during sal stream was free when to teach one being constructed in the summer 2014. and so now it seems as if all the ice old criticism available is simply directed against the most
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stream. and it simply doesn't make sense to the real matches take in, in terms of making a guess as much as way level as the contracts. and now when we speak of anna to weapon, a lot of people evens of those who have been born here, then 73 will always think of all what for instance, i'll pick the arrow cantu's. she was staying the nights and seventies. we had several instances, non supply and non exploit of all this work. we can cause, i'm in like an anna to weapon if you want to use that natasha. but in the current context of the many context lumped them, delivery gas, cuba contracts that exist between the russian federation and various you conference and beyond that, it simply doesn't make sense to use it rushes. sputnik very cove vaccine as close. ready to being approved by the world health organization. as folks posted for the
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organization made that announcement on friday, but getting a sputnik certificates recognized internationally certainly proven to be an uphill struggle. in germany, a lawmaker from the left party is finding a lawsuit off the local authorities fail to accept his wouldn't agree certificate a d to them. so that means people i came won't have the same free movement rights as other vaccinated citizens. and it is in contrast to hungary, which is treating old vaccines the same a. d to them spoke to us here at r t. i. hungarian who got 2 shots of these funny vaccine can sit in a restaurant in berlin. i also 40 vaccinated woods pudding v. i'm not allowed to end to this restaurant. why? because of european legislation and a you panama ruling to be exact. that if a vaccine is approved in a city and state, this person can move freely around the u territory. and i think even a child can understand that it contradicts the principle of equality as
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a german citizen. i don't have the same rights but visiting a restaurant as a citizen of a country west putting v is approved. this is one of the economic wars of the german oligarchy against russia. we have had to deal with indifferent forms for already more than a century. now, i don't always agree with russia, but how russia is being treated, how the intelligence services use every opportunity to create destabilization in russia. it takes me off president of taiwan has insisted she's not seeking conflict with china while also warning of catastrophic consequences if beijing, what has seized the island. now this comes off to report that u. s. soldiers happening training forces in taiwan, which of course china considers its own territory assays at summit ryan gave us his take on the latest escalation. i won as a bit of a dilemma. we'll join our tank. will america attack back if china attacks should attack if attacked?
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taiwan is warning that china could be capable of a full scale invasion by 2025. although considering that since friday, over a $150.00 chinese will plains, including jets and nuclear capable bombers have entered this same area sort, taiwan cools its air defense zone. 2025 might be wishful thinking on taiwan is part of course is always worth pointing out the in the world of geo politics. nothing is exactly as it seems. apparently, all those chinese planes did actually stay in international airspace. and although it certainly wasn't a friendly wave at taiwan, it could also be interpreted as a response to this. the aircraft carriers from the us and u. k. combined with a helicopter carrier from japan to conduct exercises and went to taiwan and the same weekend that china made a record number of incursions into time once air defense own the names of the us, japan, the u. k. canada, netherlands and new zealand were taking part in that. so somewhere between join is planes and the west ships is ill. taiwan yourself. taiwan is defense minister says
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relations with china are at their worst. and for decades, this little island, which keeps itself busy making semiconductors, which make, show everything in your house work properly lives in a very strange diplomatic. never world. i mean, i'm not going to go into the history now because you can read wikipedia as well as i can, but essentially taiwan believes itself as an independent nation who has china does not believe that president g of china has euphemistically been talking about re unification for some years now saying things like, we do not promise to renounce the use of force and reserve the right to use all necessary measures. us kind of hints that it will come to tie one's aid of a war actually starts. and in a very american wave beads in loads of weapons. if on the wall street journal said this week that actually some usa usa already station there. but there is no official defense packed with washington. and america still doesn't officially recognized taiwan as an independent nation,
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which is important in the current environment. because as this form of forestall, u. s. general says the united states did not defend attorney your ally in afghanistan surrendered the country. and that is what they're saying. your faith will be as long as you stay aligned with the united states, protection doesn't always seem to be the right word when it comes to taiwan because the strategy around a war, there is not so much about keeping people safe, but about both sides threatening to call so much college, that war becomes too expensive, which is not really that reassuring is it? so how confident should taiwan b that it's friends will come to it say, well, i'll let the u. s. national security advisor deal with that. but if it is military action, he's the united states prepared to take military action. we are going to take action now to try to prevent that day from ever coming to pass. so no thing is joe biden, he's not willing to just sit by in, washing, paying,
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intimidate, and ally. i spoke to you about how we agree, why i want to agree that we are really clear that he should be doing other than by 5050 on whether yet she knows all that agreement is that joe biden has done the one thing that any millennial with an i phone with sarah the us in china have region agreement in principle for the 2 presidents to have a virtual meeting before the end of the year. yes, the to organize the summit? well, a virtual summit, basically the 2 men with the wells future in the and i gotta face time each other at some point in the next few months. possibly because she refuses to leave china that showing them, jo, realistically speaking taiwan is best. and the fact that generally, beijing doesn't stop was unlike taiwan lanes. it's unlikely that the u. s. would risk a larger war depending taiwan unless washington actually desires
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a larger war. now, some argue that a limited conflict over taiwan or interest in the south china sea is possible, but this is doubtful. even a small conflict would create a point of no return. and us china relations that have severe security and economic consequences with global implications. and aside from that, it's not clear this high one with survive the conflict, even if the usa aided it. but as a general question of trust, one has to consider what the usa lydia have can ascend, occurred and many other through time and understand the u. s. commitment can be an effective and pickle who point to ruination. the bottom line is that the situation appears to gotten increasingly dangerous. over the past several months, perhaps went out saying u. s. stepping back to the bank. the agreement to hold a virtual summit between the u. s. and chinese presidents by the end of the year comes off to a closed door meeting in switzerland between beijing and washington. others talks
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raised, hopes of a reproach, meant tough to multiple disputes, including a tower full. and we spoke with pat long or senior lecture and politics have bought the university in the u. k. he thinks the usaa ministration needs to take a more realistic view on its rivalry with china, economically and technology. equally. china is obviously on the rise. although our east military budget, east nought on is polity, but it's already the 2nd largest in the world. the us are this proportion nicely, the me 3 spending east, the largest, and i don't think china is going to catch up here for sean. however, the united states, economic and technology, technological capability. he spent tree in decline. we cannot just so say that why not us and china sit down and make peace with each other and have
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a half and all, i think this is too naive. you got to be realistic in the only option would have for, for the global committee is to managed them. yeah, so that. 3 where, where one is rising. yeah, one is declining that they don't, i engage in a full blown. but the warrior, this is, this is what we can do. yeah. but most of the come here on the satellite program live from moscow. so cove, it might be a disaster globally, but it certainly put some big pharma bosses on the for was big boys rich list will give you details on that. after a very quick break. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess all the world politics, sport, business and show business. i'll see you then. now
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in the 21st century, we have a panic buying spree and commodities. commodities have had a new all time high, higher than the 2011 higher than at any time in history. and yet what's lagging horribly, gold and silver. this commodities boom is being spurred really by oil. oil is to really the new gold is the global goal is to global currencies to pack from dollars that with us since 1971, when the u. s. white from gold to oil, to back its currency. and so j girl, the fear alive today, he would be cornering the oil market to try this for a commodities panic. trying to get offload is week ah,
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for ah, my right now 20 plus the out here in moscow alliance within an alliance for the 1st time since the creation of nato. 2 of its members have signed their own defense packed at the greek parliament ratified a deal with france on thursday. for the 1st time in explicit and unequivocal military assistance calls is provided in the case of a 3rd party attack on one of the 2 states. we all know who's threatening whom were the cause for war in the eastern mediterranean, with greece and turkey. currently at loggerheads over an oil rich zone. and the eastern mediterranean athens has sought additional support, even though the existing military obligations made greece and france military allies in the event of an outside attack. but speaking earlier this week, nato's chief, outlined his opposition to such deals. well,
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i don't believe in his efforts to try to do something outside the native framework or compete with or duplicating nato, because nato remains the cornerstone the bedrock for europeans security and also actually for north american security. while the new pact is the 1st between member states, it's not the only defense deal involving nato members signed as of late. only a few weeks ago the u. k. in u. s. hopped into bed with australia in a deal that we'll see. nuclear power submarines patrolling the indo pacific region . eurasia center vice president o rasmussen told me earlier that a told r t. i should say that we could see more intro to nato defense packs in the future . we've got issues within the nato alliance to say that it's, it's not an important alliance. it it, but i think i, i think europe needs to look out for themselves and they should realize that other allies don't necessarily look out after the interests of european a snake to no longer fate for path and stay increase and france not trust or feel
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they can rely on that allies alliance between the u. k. u. s. across the place, which basically went against alliances. basically put a put a dagger in the trust. there were a lack of trust of the major part in the nato side. it is the key part of that day is saying we will see more defense pants between nato members than i do. i think we're pending how this goes. i do see that we will see additional packs internally with them, and they do a line between part while millions worldwide have lost their livelihood since the start of the pandemic times and never been better, the big farmer and the main shareholders of modern though one of the leading produces of co vaccines are now on the forbes rich list. one of them is timothy springer, an early investor in the u. s. firm, his fortune has shot up to nearly $6000000.00. and next we have mottos,
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chairman and co founder newbert a fan worth 5000000000. with board member robert lang are not far behind in 200 and 22nd place. none of the 3 were in the top 400 before this year. while the staggering wealth of u. s. farmer bosses has prompted some key questions in the media. firstly where the global calls for covert booster shots are financially driven. secondly, why corporations are raking in the profits from taxpayer funded research. and thirdly, why they're refusing to share that life saving? no, how would the rest of the world are? those points are being widely raised on line. of course, the company made money of the vaccine, but the years g greatly helped fund the final product. and no one should have become the richest american during a global pandemic come on. even though modernity, founders made the forbes $403.00, just least pharma companies are refusing to share the vaccines with the world
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immoral. how about a list of names of people who have died of cove? it because they couldn't access a vaccine in parts because of madonna's reluctance to share its vaccine technology to help increase supplies. or are we a society that only values billionaires cove? it is the best thing that ever happened to them. no wonder they want to keep it going with unnecessary boosters and more faxes. next year we heard from our global health policy expert or dr. mogo, a couple jani, or she things a scale or big pharma province. during the pandemic and nothing short of immoral. then i never made anything that were, you know, it doesn't have any products in pharmacies and my fresh for about the reason that it 19 vaccine. same was my own day and they just made billions basically at the moment we are not found there. me, why can we date to be stronger? why not? if you don't have crowns that got back, see in pharmaceutical companies can make you the other vaccine and make millions of
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dollars. so it seems like a bunch of companies on that general make billions of dollars and that it's of the world. one won't suffer in depth, nobody said no profit, but to have this up seen property while that it was people's lives. a shafter is not just a warm insane. it other news here what i'll change national clusters have wrapped it in the west bank at a rally against the construction of new israeli settlements. it's already forces you tear gas a sound, the baldness and rubber voters to dispose palestinian protestors on friday. according to the local red crescent, 30 people what injured out east jerusalem also saw a major stand off on friday arrow, but solidarity activists. so along with left wing israeli activists gathered to denounce a plan to evict $28.00 alice indian families. a court only offered
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a compromise, allowing some families to remain in their homes for 15 years. however, without recognizing them as the owners the u. s. navy is asking boeing to stop providing new fighter jets saying it already has enough, or their congress wants to keep funding the planes saying failure to do so would put jobs at risk. these critically important aircraft have been part of the fabric of our community for decades. but plans to cut honey for this program, put manufacturing jobs in our region. eck risk, although is in the industry's best interest building the ships that you want to build lagging on repairs to ships and the submarines, lobbying congress to buy and craft that we don't need that access to our needs. it's not helpful. in 2019 boeing received a $4000000000.00 contract to build super hornet multi roll fighters due to be ready by the end of this year. although the u. s. general accounting office has found that 11 similar programs during the last 13 years have proven more expensive than
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planned or ended up behind schedule. we discussed a story with dave lind off editor of the news website. this can't be happening dot net. every district has some work on these big weapons systems like fighter jets and bombers and, and ships. and so every congress person wants to have some work assigned to their district so that they can say that they created jobs. but it's a terrible plane. and also incredibly expensive, it's the most expensive fighter plane that's ever been built, you know, rather than buying more of those there, there was an effort to get the f 18 updated a bit so that it could be bought. and part of the deal is that if you happen to have more boeing plants in your district than you want the 18 because it's made by boeing, it's all about having jobs in your district that you can brag about it the next
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election. or that wraps up other nice program for this help out here. we're not international. nearly half past 8. we just getting warmed up here at moscow. a full slate set to go and half an hour's time. hope you can join us with ah with
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ah! they've been bustling visiting. you can't afford to miss. i'm rachel blunt at a bridge aboard washer to coming up. but the ongoing energy crisis has so fiercely united states the nation could soon face the same fate. straight ahead, we bring you expert insight into the looming shortage plus, equities have rebounded after weeks of uncertainty. we'll take a spin around the globe to see what's moving market. then the king of video games streaming services has been hacked. for the stats just how much data was leaked from quit and what it means.


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