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tv   News  RT  October 9, 2021 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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and ah ah, ah ah, for headline stories this, our, the prime minister of molly accuse is french forces of training. terrorist groups in the north of the country is on the army. so anthony, their arms groups trained by french offices. we have evidence of that. and this is the situation we are currently witnessing the molly and we don't understand it and we can't tolerate it. also as us lawmakers demand sanctions on russia's north stream to pipeline, blaming moscow for a price storage and europe gas market thoughts despite the market retreating from an all time record. after president putin's pledge to boost sup lines on the world health organization said it's close to approving rushes,
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but nick v covered shot. but getting the vaccine certificates recognized internationally is proving difficult. something experienced 1st turn by a german member of parliament. hungarian who got 2 shops of these funny b vaccine, considerate restaurants in berlin, i also 40 vaccinated with spawning feet. i'm not allowed to end this restaurant ah. from moscow to the world. welcome to the news our an rti pleasure to have your company this saturday. i'm una o'neil. molly has accused that french forces of training extremist groups amid a deepening feud between the 2 countries. 16 molly and soldiers were ambushed and killed by terrorists in the north of the nation on tuesday. and the prime minister has pointed the finger at paris,
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accusing it of the seat. assessing the marine government still doesn't control the region of key dull their arms groups trained by french offices. we have evidence of that in our language. there is a phrase if you search for a needle in your room, but the person also looking for it is standing on it. you'll never find it. and this is the situation we are currently witnessing molly, and we don't understand it or we can't tolerate it. well, just some background her as french troops have been and molly, since early 2013 fighting islamist militants, but more than 8 years into the intervention, the security crisis has only worsened with new terrorists factions. emerging to hardy attacks continue to devastate the sa hell region of north africa, and with a growing backlash against the french present, a manual ma crohn has agreed to pull most of the troops out. last week, the french president slammed the government saying, bummer! co has 0 credibility after 2 military. coups. meanwhile,
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molly's prime minister as accused france of abandoning his country yet to lose. there wasn't any new. firstly, the terrorist came from libya and who destroyed the libyan state. it was france and his allies. those terrorist came from abroad and then they expanded to secondly, when the malia government asked france for help in 2013, the authorities only wanted our support and intelligence, but no troops on the ground. france complied with that request in a few areas. but when they reached kito, they blocked the molly military from entering, creating an enclave for and what happened next. in order to establish new governments, the french contacted members of answer are deemed an organisation considered to be an international terrace group by the u. s. law. it's the molly wing of al qaeda and they also contacted the leaders of the so called national movement of as about freedom in paris that it would help them divide molly and give them their own state as of as freedom were exile by the molly and people because they were angry at them, they hit him burkina faso. the moral image was in tatters because they were
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plotting with terrorists. and they wouldn't to pay power as they were in minority, even among the $12.00 regulation they would submit to power because they had been exiled. france took them from pikeno faso and brought them to key dull philip in doing so. france united. the national movement for us about freedom with a number of groups considered to be terrorists to create a group they call the coordination of us about the movements on france. keep, keep else this organization. well, we heard from tom harb tallness, co chair, all of the american mid east coalition for democracy and thinks african nations need to handle their own security. but the french intervention has only made matters worse. wouldn't friends to name some local because this is the bible region, maybe perhaps the brain and some settlement of that drive. i think the relation is gonna be korea and more to put out model for them, for the mally people than anybody. all i know
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a definition with their country about big data, also keep an eye on these nations because we don't want to look at been in 2014, in northern africa and in the middle east, where i think it's spread out through the region. the african nation, they need to create the force eventually to put an end and 2 to 2, or press the organization, because they are real one and their own company before they don't want anybody else . politicians in the u. s. are seizing on europe's energy crisis to demand sanctions against russia's north stream gas pipeline. this might market keels, easing after president putin's place to boost supplies. some lawmakers are blaming moscow for record price search. president biden,
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and chancellor merkel committed to taking action. should russia attempt to use energy as a weapon? yet, both of turned a blind eye to the putin regimes deliberate efforts to press europe into accelerating the russian note stream to pipeline certification process by manipulating europe's gas markets and leveraging a severe energy crisis on the continent. le, recently finished nord stream to gas pipeline has been the target of u. s. pressure ever since construction started last year. it came under sanctions from washington. but this summer most of those measures were lifted under an agreement between the u. s. and germany at now needs the final green light from berlin. and russia sees the ongoing threats as an attempt to supper. its relations with europe to your list of 30 of them will go to the us openly say that cooperation with russia is contrary to europe's energy security interests. they want to directly embroiled in this area and reduce our independence when uses will
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they are going. german chancellor has been vocal in support of russia as a supply partner at speaking at an e. u. both can summit in slovenia, anglo merkel stress that moscow's always struck to its contractual obligations. the fog is a gift of, if you ask me whether there have been orders that russia has taken and then fail to fulfil as it stands. now, that is not the case. various, there are no orders that russia has said no, we will not deliver those to you, and we are not pumping gas through the ukrainian pipelines, rather, russia can only fulfill orders that have been contract it out. so the questions really isn't being ordered. vista direct statement wasn't it speaking earlier in the week as well. present potent blamed europe gas prices on an overtly hasty transition to green energy couple, what brussels decisions to switch from long term gas contracts to the more volatile an immediate spot trading. the gas price had been steadily increasing since spring, but shut up in the past couple of weeks putting
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a huge financial strain on many european households. ah ah sir, really you caught this flower shop new politics on one side, energy security on the other. with that in mind, we spoke with maximilian kron. m a. p for the alternative for germany party on karen canal. let's hear from her 1st a former foreign minister of austria about 7 years ago. that could have been more supply to do your market wire pipeline that was never billed them. use house 3
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south stream prevented from theme constructed in the summer 2014 and so. so now it seems as if all the i, all the criticism available is simply directed against the most free man said it simply doesn't make sense of a real match is taken in terms of making yes, as much as way level as the contracts allow, when we speak of energy weapon allotted people, even though those who haven't been born here, then 73 will always think of all what, for instance, opechi arab countries to stay in the 9th and seventies. we had at 7 instances non supply and non export on this. what we can call it in like an energy weapon if you want to use that mit tougher, but in the current context of the many context,
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long term, a very complex that exist between the russian federation. and there he is, the new countries and beyond that, it simply doesn't make sense to use it. if the western europe and russia are becoming into a partnership over economic change over energy supply, then europe gets new, opportunities under new worlds, or europe is not any longer, completely dependent to united states. so d, america, europe, america, are playing dia, politics to preserve their global leadership last year, losing power. and they don't care about consumer prices and energy security in europe, daycare on there a martin. and since we have all of our american politicians here, a whole industry of returns, this is very powerful. so what we have there is no rational reason there is no,
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there is no rational room because the rushing behavior of the clothes on ecology inches. but the reason behind is angie rushing rave is g in politics made bought a deep stain on washington and moving the program on the rushes. sputnik, the covert vaccine this close to being approved by the world health organization. a spokesperson for the organization made that announcement on friday. but getting sputnik certificates recognized internationally is proving to be an uphill struggle . in germany, a lawmaker from the left party is filing a lawsuit softer. local authorities failed to accept his sputnik b certificate. dieter dim say's it means people like him won't have the same free movement rights as other vaccinated citizens. and it's in contrast to hungry, which is treating all vaccines. the same. dieter demps spoke to r t i got
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a hungarian who got 2 shots of these putney vaccine can sit in a restaurant in berlin. i also fourty vaccinated woods pudding, v. i'm not allowed to enter this restaurant. why? because of european legislation and a you panama ruling to be exact. that if a vaccine is approved in a citizen state, this person can move freely around the u territory. and i think even a child can understand that it contradicts the principle of equality as a german citizen. i don't have the same rights, but visiting a restaurant as a citizen of a country where sputnik v is approved. this is one of the economic was of the german oligarchy against russia. we have had to deal with the indifferent films for already more than a century. now, i don't always agree with russia, but how russia is being treated, how the intelligence services use every opportunity to create destabilization in russia. it takes me off. well, russia has reported almost 29400 cove infections in the past 24 hours,
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a significant number. that's the biggest at daily figure this year, and mortality is out on all time. i. let's get the full story behind nothin with ortiz, donal quarter. donna, indeed, big numbers give us a sense of what it means and how it's been, reacted to. well, russia identified that figure of 30 almost 30000 new cases across 85 different regions of the country of st. petersburg is one of the hot spots. the city identified over 2700 new cases in a single day. and that's the highest since back in january actually. and in moscow, unfortunately, the situation looks like it may be taking a turn for the worse as well. the capital has identified over 6000 new cases in a, in a single day. and that's the highest figure. since 3 months ago, now, in as for russia in general, there was also a record breaking number of deaths in one day that was 9968 people killed
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unfortunately by the crone of iris in one day now are in russia. millions of people have been vaccinated, but there's also millions more that have not been and rushes deputy prime minister actually stressed how power mounted is to get vaccinated in the fight against the corona virus to save lives. the most important till for reducing mortality from cave had 19 is vaccination. as of the 8th of october, 47000000 citizens had received at least one dice. 42000000 were fully vaccinated, and 2000000 people, larry vaccinate, and the deputy prime minister also said that over 90000000 russians would have to be vaccinated to achieve heard immunity in the country. and there are some indications that we're getting closer to that number. actually, the central russian region of childrens has just introduced a mandatory vaccinations in most in histories. they are by government decree. the western russian region of castro ski has introduced q r codes for public places,
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and to get one of those of course, you need to be vaccinated. so we're gonna have to see how these new measures are going to affect russia's battle with the corona virus. taken us through the ortiz, don't quarter well cove, it might be a global disaster, but not so for some big pharma pulses. they've just made the forbes rich lists. we've got on story ahead shortly. ah, join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess with the world politics sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. kaiser's financial survival guide. when customers go buy,
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you reduce the price. didn't help. well, reduce the lower that's under cutting, but what's good for food market it back to the global economy. harold is driven by dreams shaped bankers and those with theirs sinks. we dare to ask oh, hello. good. after more than a decade of preparation, a 6 generation russian come back,
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drone is now undergoing its final touches. very little is known about the s 70 hunter, stealth, or cruft publican. you will at least brodis eulley, a shop of allah got the unique opportunity to meet the machine. a strong, stealthy and slake and a 70 b one. prototype of the used unmanned aerial vehicle of the a hot nico hunt, the program created. and they see who does idea is undergoing ground tests. they're 70, i heard make a 100 her made is made in 20 minutes life back in august 2019. but it became even more famous when it had been good 3 paces in a joint light with enough to the minute generations to get to 7 by to as a lead time to get to know each other. because let's take a look at the giant dimensions. mm. the length of this as 70 b, one prototype was 14 meters. the height is 3 meters. 30 centimeters. the wingspan
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is 19 meters. the being area is 110 square meters, according to publicly available information in the future. mass produced drones of this program will be even bigger. officially, the as 70 will be how to program is a combat unmanned aerial vehicle designed to perform a wide range of missions. it will be produced using self technology. daytona performance, such as weight, speed, range, flight duration, payload, math armament, range, or so the ceiling are all strictly classified. but there are still some hints or thoughts as it has a jet engine, meaning it can provide as speeded delivery. i would have a car if it's gauge it's wings. con is bigger than that of the food chain ratings, if it to 7. so g to inside the fable, to lift an impressive payload, ammunition and more importantly, the can use regular evasion. weapons designed for the rest of combat aircraft. in contrast to other tries smalling signs made of lightweight comp,
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materials require munition, especially produced by bug. otherwise they would fall apart in the air when launching convention bows on this cells. taking beef information into account, we can accurately assume that base machine is hardly intended for low lice can ashes, but rather for a serious armed confrontation. the closest thing to the honda is its older brother, the 5th generation fight. as the 57, the as seventy's powered by one after about a turbo jet engine, rather than the to you on the super to 7, the to france cameras of the drone savage, the eyes of the operate, a pilot who controls it remotely from a ground control point currently there is manual control here, but in the future it will be abolished. and on monday, crossville flight perform tasks entirely in automatic mode. at the moment the crew include 3 people at pilot operator and navigate operator, and the communications operator, or the global exposure, assume you in this complex provides everything necessary for these aircraft to fly
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and performance tasks and everything else. so when does the control of all aircraft systems control of his position in the air from control of his trajectory? control of all logical connections. so to enable the hand to take hope for the 1st time, all of its systems or fast and stowed and tested on the soup, if to 7 aircraft inside. this is the as 70 hunter, but it is obviously mind for safety reasons. warsaw the advantages they'll be as 70 . the developers say that all existing combat trolls have a short range. in contrast, the range of the as 70 hunter will be much larger. on of course, the advantage will bates intelligence size and payload capacity. even though the thanks to its size, it has the combat capabilities which in the future will be used by our armed forces . u. a visa, the a hot nick project are produced at an aircraft plants, a nor spears. currently, a construction of another, as 70 prototype was taking place here, it will receive a slightly updated design and will differ from the b one sample both in size and
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partly in internal content. several more prototypes ought to be crated before the machine is put into mass production. and we'll certainly keep you updated when this happens. you lash above all of our unseen, while millions worldwide have lost their livelihood. since the start of the pandemic times have never been better from being farmer. the main shareholders of medina, one of the leading producers of cobra vaccines have now made it on to the forms rich list. one of them is timothy springer, non early investor in the u. s, firm, his fortune has shown up to nearly $6000000000.00. next we have maternity chairman and co founder, new bar, a fan worth 5000000000 with a board member, robert langer not far behind in 200 and 22nd place. none of the 3 were in the top 400 before this year. and the staggering wealth of u. s. former bosses' has prompted some key questions and then media. firstly,
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we're a global calls for cobra, booster shots, financially driven. secondly, why corporations are risking in the profits from taxpayer funded research. and thirdly, why they're refusing to share that life at saving? no. how with the rest of the world, those points are being widely raised on life. of course, the company made money of the vaccine, but the u. s. g greatly helped fund the final product, and no one should have become the richest american during a global pandemic come on. even though modernity, founders made the forbes for hundreds, 3 just least pharma companies are refusing to share the vaccines with the world immoral. how about a list of names of people who have died of cove? it because they couldn't access a vaccine in parts because of madonna's reluctance to share its vaccine technology to help increase supplies. or are we are society, the only values billionaires cove, it is the best thing that ever happened to them. no wonder they want to keep it going with unnecessary boosters and more faxes next year. well,
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we heard from global health policy expert, dr. mcgee, kamala, young. a. she thinks the scale of big pharma profits during the pandemic are nothing short of a moral. then i never made anything that way. you know, it doesn't have any products in pharmacies and by fresh products that go up at 19 vaccine. same was by on deck. and they just made billions, basically, at the moment, we are not found that me a wired, i stand, we date to be stronger. lineup, if you don't have crowns, i've got a back see. and pharmaceutical companies can make, you know, other them vaccines and make billions of dollars. so it seems like a bunch of companies on that general make billions of dollars and that is the world that was, i still don't suffer in not calling dex. nobody said no profit, but to have this up seen property while that it was people's lives of shafter is
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not just a warrant, it's insane. the president of taiwan has insisted she's not seeking conflict with china while also warning of catastrophic consequences. that's a quote. if beijing where to seize the island, it comes off to reports that us soldiers helping training forces in taiwan, which china considers its own territory. our t, some in right, gave us his take on the latest escalation by won as a bit of a dilemma. we'll china tank will america attack back if china attacks should attack if attacked. taiwan is warning that china could be capable of a full scale invasion by 2025. although considering that since friday, over a $150.00 chinese will plains, including jets and nuclear capable, vamos have entered this same area and sort taiwan cools its air defense zone. 2025 might be wishful thinking on taiwan is part of course is always worth pointing out
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the in the world of geo politics. nothing is exactly as it seems. apparently, all those chinese planes did that. she stay in international airspace and although he certainly wasn't a friendly way even taiwan, it could also be interpreted as a response to this. the aircraft carriers from the us and u. k. combined with a helicopter carrier from japan to conduct exercises more to taiwan and the same weekend that china made a record number of incursions into time once air defense own name, either the us, japan, canada, netherlands, and new zealand. we're taking part in that. so somewhere between join is planes and the west ships is ill. taiwan yourself. i want defense minister says relations with china are at their worst. and for decades, this little island, which keeps itself busy making semiconductors, which make show everything in new house was properly lives in a very strange diplomatic nether world. i mean, i'm not going to go into the history now because you can read wikipedia as well as
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i can, but essentially taiwan believes itself as an independent nation. whereas china does not believe that president g of china has euphemistically been talking about re unification for some years now and saying things like, we do not promise to announce the use of force and reserve the right to use all necessary measures. us kind of hints that it will come to taiwan, the aid of a war actually starts and in a very american way feeds in loads of weapons. if the wall street journal said this week that actually some u. s. troops already stationed there, but there is no official defense packed with washington. and america still doesn't officially recognized taiwan as an independent nation, which is important in the current environment because as this form of forestall, u. s. general says the united states did not defend a 20 year ally in afghanistan, so in the country. and that is what they're saying. your faith will be as long as you stay aligned with united states,
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protection doesn't always seem to be the right word when it comes to taiwan because the strategy around of all there is not so much about keeping people safe about both sides threatening to cause. so much carnage, that war becomes too expensive, which is not really that reassuring. is it? how confident should taiwan b, its friends will come to? it's a well, i'll let the u. s. national security advisor deal with that. but if it is military action, he's the united states prepared to take military action. we are going to take action now to try to prevent that they from ever coming to pass. so no thing is joe biden, he's not willing to just sit by and washing, paying intimidate, and ally. i've spoken to you about how we agree by i would agree that we are, we made it clear that he should be doing anything other than by 5050 and whether yet she knows all that agreement is that joe biden has done the one thing that any
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millennial with an i phone would do, sir. the us in china have reached an agreement in principle for the 2 presidents to have a virtual meeting before the end of the year. yes, the to organize the summit? well, a virtual summit, basically the 2 men with a wells future in their hands. i gotta face telling each other, at some point in the next few months, possibly because she refuses to leave china. that's showing them, jo, realistically speaking, tie one's best chance lies in the fact that generally, beijing doesn't stop, was unlike taiwan mates. that's how the early weekend news headlines are shaping up for now. i'll be back with all your updates and just to we're 30 after some we're a great programs right ahead in moments. ah a
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the lose ah ah. with
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ah, i max kaiser, this is the kaiser report. oh, you know, those current days that we live in is not particularly unique. we've had previous ages of scull degree oligarchy, ari and other tricks. stacey. right, well, you know, people have been pointing out that were in the age of the robber baron. and that really started right around the last global financial crisis. and of course in the data you can show.


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