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tv   News  RT  October 9, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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he spoke with said basil makes dreams come true that every one who falls in love with luke like mm ah, failing on his word, the austrian chancellor, sebastian kurtz, quit amid allegations of embezzlement and bribery plunged into darkness. the lights go out in lebanon after 2 of the biggest pirates stations in the crisis, hit country run out of fuel, causing the national grid to collapse. us lawmakers demanded sanctions on russia north stream to pipeline, blaming moscow for a price urge on europe's gas market. that's despite the figures retreating from an all time record. after president putin's pledge to boost supplies in an explosive
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accusation, the prime minister of molly blames forces from long time ally, france for training air, terror groups in the north of the country. you do, but we control anthony, their arms groups trained by french offices. we have evidence of dogs. and this is the situation we have currently witness the molly, we don't understand it and we can't tolerated ah, what can we will have direct mer studios in moscow. this is on our team international. i'm sean thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. now the austrian chancellor, sebastian kurtz, has resigned to this, follows mounting fall out over corruption allegations made against both the politician and his inner circle, argued peter oliver reports or hi drama. in austria, on saturday evening, survosity and courts standing down as the austrian chancellor. its amidst
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allegations that have been made against him, of having embezzled public funds and, and that money being used to pay bribes to journalists and pollsters during his assent to power. now, mister could denies all of the allegations that have been leveled against him. he stepped down from this position as chancellor, but will remain as the leader of the austrian people's party. now, it looks most likely that the foreign minister of austria, alexander schellenberg, will be promoted to chancellor. in the wake of sebastian court stepping down, his name has been put to the presidents of austria, will be up to him to decide if mister schellenberg gets the nod to become the at the next chancellor sebastian courts and putting forwards, alexander schellenberg named said he was the right person to unite the parties in the current ruling coalition to try and keep some semblance of normalcy on going in
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austria's leadership right now. now sebastian curse, as i say, as the night, all of the claims may been made against them. there was a lot of calls for him to step down from the chancellor job on friday. he decided not to do it then, but as decided saturday evening that there's no way that he can continue. my land is new beach to go. my country is more important to me than myself. what is needed now is stable conditions. i would therefore like to make room in order to resolve the stalemate. now the fact that sebastian courts will remain as the leader of the center, right people's party of austria suggests that he does have an intention to try and clear his name and then run again to be chancellor to make a return to that top job. or what we do know so far is that's what we're hearing both from the party or sebastian courts, his party. and from mister cords himself, is that the idea of him stepping down from being chancellor in no way. is that supposed to indicate any admission of guilt or wrong doing on behalf of sebastian
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courts in fact? and what we do know is that he saying that he see stepping down to avoid chaos since standstill in the government. now, because of the position he holds and still holds, are vastly even after he stepped down. as chancellor. mister cause has parliamentary immunity from prosecution. however, that doesn't stop investigations and we have seen the investigation into this ticket, escalating in recendes while days really, which is wednesday last week while sebastian courts was at a dinner of a you lead as his offices in vienna were being rated by police in connection to the, the charges to the allegations certainly that have been made against him. it looks like alexander schellenberg will be the next chancellor of austria as the outgoing chancellor. sebastian courts attempts to clear his name, amid allegations of bribery and corruption. we discussed these developments with dr
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. a heinz gartner, a professor for political science at the university of vienna. he says that given the circumstances, the austrian chancellor's only option was to step down. it us innovator. busy if because he came up under pressure of his party to resign and the coalition partner to green parties that they would not to hold together is in the same coalition. this is chance, not it chance let because he's not qualified for his job because of all it is allegations and accusations. so either correlation would a fall apart and then to people's party would not be in power at all anymore. or he steps down until people, spotty remains impala vis a shot back arctic sandwich. i'm back, i send you a chancellor. and of course i chanced on flomax on sla survosity and quit st. steel polar to strengthen that back count. so he beat that remained the strong man and
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alexander showing shine focused are very loyal. those to bassetti quits. so and it might well be a sebastian courts hold keeping clear to forty's. busy expectations, especially the, came in at eci accusations and can't, it might well be that he comes out somehow clean and i'm again into a 20, with a full on the elections. wookey him, problems continued to mount for crisis hit lebanon. the country has now suffered a total power outage after 2 of its biggest electricity plants ran out of fuel. the state electricity company has confirmed both plans have been offline since friday, with officials stressing it is unlikely that they will be back in operation before monday. the country plans to use army fuel reserves to power the plants, but that is not expected to occur any time soon. local journalists, linda coming, talked us through the latest development 7. nothing is improving. the economic
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situation is still spiraling downwards at the power situation in lebanon. the fuel crisis keeps getting worse. and now it's true that cues in front of gas stations have significantly decreased, but now with a shortage of fuel that we are facing nowadays, this is quite, i mean, it could, it could resume. i mean, those cues in front of gas stations could definitely resume at any moment. this is what every single citizen in this country is ferrying. but even worse than this, power outages are looming in the rise. and we're talking about a complete blackouts in the country. we know that some villages in lebanon have completely plunged into total darkness with no electricity at all, not even one hour. some of them don't even have access to generators. now it's important to note that with the economic crisis, a lot of people cannot afford generator any more. i'm one of the lucky ones here
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who has electricity nowadays. but again, how much is that guaranteed? i don't know that they might even continue to decrease generator supply to people nowadays because of this fuel crisis, because a lot of them are now forced to get fuel from the black market market because it's, it isn't accessed. it isn't being given to everybody here at the moment. so it's quite catastrophic to say the least. politicians of the u. s. are seizing on europe to energy crisis to demand sanctions against russia, north stream gas pipeline. despite market chaos, easing after president putin's pledge to boot supplies, some lawmakers are blaming moscow for a record price search. president biden and chancellor merkel committed to taking action. should russia attempt to use energy as a weapon? yet both have turned a blind eye to the putin regimes deliberate efforts to press europe into
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accelerating the russian note stream to pipelines, certification process by manipulating europe's gas markets, and leveraging a severe energy crisis on the continent. the recently finished nord stream to gas pipeline has been the target of u. s. pressure since construction began last year. it came under sanctions from washington, but this summer most of those measures were lifted, falling in agreement between the u. s. and germany. it now needs the final green light from berlin. moscow sees the ongoing threats as an attempt to scupper its relations with european nations to your list of 30 pm. understood. the us openly say that cooperation with russia is contrary to europe's energy security interests . they want to directly embroil is in this area and reduce our independence. so bunny's, it's not going german. chancellor has been vocal and supportive russia as a supply partner. speaking at an e balkans summit in slovenia, anglo merkel stressed that moscow has always stuck to its contractual obligations.
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the fog is a gift. this. if you ask me whether there have been orders that russia has taken and then fail to fulfill as it stands. now, that is not the case. so that is, there are no orders that russia has said no will not deliver this to you. and we are not pumping gas through the ukrainian pipelines, rather, russia can only fulfill orders that have been contract it out. so the questions really isn't being ordered. vista alone right now, speaking earlier in the week president put in blame to europe's gas crisis on an overtly hasty transition to green energy coupled with brussels decision to switch from long term gas contracts to volatile spot trading. the gas price had been steadily increasing since spring, but shot up in the past couple of weeks bring a huge financial strain on many european households. ah.
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we spoke with maximilian cry and m e p for the alternative for germany party. and also with karen, nestle, a former foreign minister of austria, they gave us their perspectives on how politics is clashing with energy security. about 7 years ago that could have been more supply to do your market wire pipeline that was never built them use house 3 south stream was prevented from being constructive in the summer. 2014. and so, so now it seems as if all the ice, all the criticism available is simply directed against the most free man. so it
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simply doesn't make sense of a real match is taken in terms of making gas as much as way level as the contracts allow, when we speak of energy weapon, a lot of people, even though those who have been born here, then 73 will always think of all what, for instance, opechi arab countries loosely in the 9th and seventies. we had several instances non supply and non export on this. what we can call it something like an energy weapon. if you want to use that in a tougher, but in the current context of the many context, long term delivery, very complex that exist between the russian federation and various you countries. and beyond that, it simply doesn't make sense to use it. if you western europe, russia become into a partnership over economic change over energy supply than europe gets new,
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opportunity is ended, you world europe is not any longer, completely dependent to the united states. so d, america, europe, america, are playing politics to preserve their global leadership route. that's the only superpower and they don't care about consumer prices of energy security in europe, daycare on there. a martin. and since the whole of is pro american politicians here, i whole industry of turns. this is very powerful. so what we have there is no rational reason there is no, there is no rational reason because russia behave no because of the credentials. molly has accused french forces of training extremist groups made a deepening feud between the 2 countries. this comes after 16 malia and soldiers were ambushed and killed by terrorists in the african nations north. on tuesday,
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the prime minister has pointed the finger at paris, accusing france of deceit. as soon as the merlin government still doesn't control the region of cattle, though, on groups trained by french offices, we have evidence of thought in our language. there is a phrase he searched for a needle in your room, but someone who is also looking for a standing on it, you'll never find it. and this is a situation we are currently witnessing molly, and we don't understand it and we can't tolerate it. french troops have been in molly since early 2013 fighting illness militants, but more than 8 years into the intervention. the security crisis has only worsened with new terrorist factions. emerging to hottie attacks continued to devastate the sa hell region of north africa. and with growing backlash against the french presence, emanuel micron has agreed to pull most of the troops out. last week, the french president slammed the government sang, but mako has 0 credibility after 2 military coups. but molly's prime minister, fired back, accusing france of abandoning his country. it did lose the loss of firstly, the terrors came from libya and who destroyed the looping state. it was france
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allies. those terrorist came from abroad and then they expanded. secondly, when the marlin government asked france for help in 2013 authorities only wanted aspell and intelligence, but no troops on the ground france complied without requesting a few areas. but when they reached could all they plucked amalia military from entering crating. an enclave. i'm up next in order to establish new government. the french contacted members of answer arched in an organisation considered to be an international terrorist grip by the u. s. it is the modern wing of al qaeda. they also contacted the leaders of the so called national movement for us about freedom . power said it would help them divide molly and give them their own state. as of us, freedom were ex, on the modern people because they were angry at them. they hit him, became a fossa and moral image and touches because they were plotting with terrorists. they went to political as they were minority, even among the torrents appellation for they weren't a military power because they had been ex, i took them from, became fossa and brought into scotland. and doing so fronts united, the national movement about freedom with a number of groups considered to be terrorists to create a group called the coordination of odds movements in doing so. fronts united,
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the national movement for us of us freedom with a number of groups considered to be terrorists, great group, they call a coordination of odds and movements and fronts gave cut down to this organization . we talked to tom harb, the co chair of the american mid east coalition for democracy. he thinks african nations need to handle their own security, but the french intervention has only made matters worse. would france strain some local because this is a viable region? maybe perhaps starting from a settlement of the tribe, i think a better lation is gonna be 38 and more to put our model for them, for the mally people than anybody. and i know i definition with that, they had a country, but they gotta also keep an eye on these nations because we don't want to like that in 2000 and 4 pm in northern africa and in the middle east,
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where i asked that out through the region, the african nation, they need to create the force eventually to put an end and 2 to 2, or press the organization, because they are real one in their own company before they don't want anybody else . cove it might be a global disaster, but not for some big pharma bosses maybe just made before it's rich list. we've got that story had shortly. you're watching our 2 international ah. but years ago the taliban were different today or more violent than ever before. 20 years ago, the really kind of to stick with central press for so clark i spoke to they did. i have not heard from principal at all except a deal. we can be quincy bulkley and has their own interest. but years ago,
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there was some sort of kind of dialogue with the others to see what they can do to day they are so kind of restrict your limits. if you checked up your chicken one cabinet, one, it just didn't call question and from, from inside question do just completely concentrated on west sculptor so caught up on join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess on the world politics sport business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah ah,
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welcome back. this is our team international. now issues around russian doping controls in sports are once again making headlines. the world anti doping agency has this evening officially revoked the status of moscow's anti doping lap parties on quarter. explains that the new twist in the long running story, while the decision to revoke the approval for moscow's national anti doping laboratory comes amidst allegations that russia was not complying with the international standard of laboratories, code of ethics, yesterday by way of a circulatory vote. the world anti doping agencies executive committee endorsed the water disciplinary committee recommendation to revoke the approved status of the national anti doping. the bar tree in moscow to carry out blood sample analysis exclusively for the purpose of the athlete biological passport. due to noncompliance with the international standard for laboratories and it's code of ethics. this means the moscow lab is ineligible to conduct blood analyses that can
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be handed to anti doping organizations honoring the world anti doping code. but this laboratory actually has been suspended since january of 2020 the year before. it was accused of altering and deleting information that needed to be handed to water as part of an investigation into an alleged state sponsored doping program that russia apparently was being investigating investigated for. but what has given russia 3 weeks to appeal this decision? but we also heard from ru sada, which said that this decision really doesn't make any sense since the laboratory itself was suspended for a while. now. this is french or the boards are, it hasn't been accredited from a long time ago and hasn't been working. i don't quite understand where this information comes from. we deliver old doping samples abroad and we only interact with moscow laboratory in the context of sample storage. we don't analyze anything because the moscow laboratory is actually storage place and nothing else. i think
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that some kind of a mistake, the final decision comes after legal battles that took place in the court of arbitration for sport and switzerland last year. and that is the place where a potential appeal hearings would take place if russia decides to do this. but as for these allegations, russia denies any wrong doing. so we're gonna have to see how this plays out. thousands have taken to the streets of the italian capital and a protest against coven restrictions place, used water cannons, and tear gas to force back hundreds protesting against a government validated certificate system. known as the green pass. demonstrators are furious at plans to stop the spread of coven from mandatory health passes to workplace access restrictions. the rules will come into force. from october, 15th government says the move is necessary to keep the virus under control ahead of an expected rise in cases this winter. those failing to present a pass or a negative test result face being suspended from work processors claim to infringement of their right. now while
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millions worldwide have lost their livelihoods, since the start of the pandemic times have never been better for big pharma, the main shareholders of materna, one of the leading producers of covered vaccines, have now made it on to the forbes rich list. one of them is timothy springer and early investor in the u. s. firm, his fortune has shot up to nearly $6000000000.00. next we have madonna's chairman and co founder, no bar, a fiance with 5000000000, with board member robert langer, not far behind in 200 and 22nd place. none of the 3 were the top $400.00 before this year. and the staggering wealth of u. s. a farmer bosses as prompted some key questions in the media. firstly, we're global calls for coven booster shots, financially driven. secondly, why are corporations raking in the profits from taxpayer funded research? and thirdly, why are they refusing to share that life saving? you know how, with the rest of the world,
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those points are being widely race online. of course, the company made money of the vaccine, but the u. s. g greatly helped fund the final product, and no one should have become the richest american during a global pandemic. come on. even though modernity, saunders made the forbes $403.00, just least pharma companies are refusing to share the vaccines with the world immoral. how about a list of names of people who have died of cove? it because they couldn't access a vaccine in pods because of madonna's reluctance to share its vaccine technology to help increase supplies. while we are society. the only values billionaires cove, it is the best thing that ever happened to them. no ones that they want to keep it going with unnecessary boosters and more faxes next year. access to madison specialist doctor moga, come on, jamita talked to the program earlier. she thinks the scale of big pharma profits during the pandemic is nothing short of
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a moral. then i never made anything that what you know doesn't have any products in pharmacies and the price for that reason that silver 19 vaccine. same was my own day and they just made 1000000000 rates. and the moment we added that found that me wire 10, we date to be stronger, minor, if you all are crowns that got on back. seeing pharmaceutical companies can make you know, other than lexi than and, and make billions of dollars. so it seems like a bunch of companies on that general make billions of $1.00 if of the world that was the won't suffer in not day, nobody said no profit, but to have this up seen property while that it was people's lives are shackleton, is not just a warrant, it's a insane after more than a decade of preparation, a 6th generation russian combat drone is now undergoing its final touches very
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little about the s 70 hunters. stealth aircraft is publicly known, but our dealership of oliver got the unique opportunity to meet the machine. a strong, stealthy and slake and a 70 b one, prototype of the used unmanned aerial vehicle of the a hot nico hunter program created. and they see who does i be or is undergoing ground tests. they're 70, i hope, nico hans jerry made it's made in 20 minutes life back in august 2019. but it became even more famous when he had been through 3 paces in a joint light with an up to the minute generations to get to 75 to as a lead time to get tonight. let's take a look at the giant dimensions. mm. the length of this as 70 b, one prototype was 14 meters. the height is 3 meters. 30 centimeters. the wingspan is 19 meters. the wing area is 110 square meters,
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according to publicly available information in the future. mass produced drones of this program will be even bigger. officially, the s 70 will be held to program is a combat unmanned aerial vehicle designed to perform a wide range of missions. it will be produced using self technology. daytona, it's performance such as weight, speed, range, flight duration, payload, math armament, range, or so the ceiling are all strictly classified, but there are still some hints or thoughts as it has a jet engine, meaning it can provide as speedy delivery. i would have a car if it's gauge it's wings. con is bigger than that of the food chain ratings, if it to function. so due to the sinus, able to lift unimpressive payload ammunition and more importantly, the can use regular evasion. weapons designed for the rest of combat aircraft. in contrast to other drivers, smalling signs made of light weight. compet materials require munition especially produced for bug. otherwise they would fall apart in the air when launching
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convention goes on missiles. taking this information into account, we can accurately assume that base machine is hardly intended for low lies caches, but rather for a serious armed consultation. the closest thing to the honda is its older brother, the 5th generation fight. as the 57, the as seventy's powered by one after about a turbo jet engine rather than the to you own the soup if to 7, the, to france cameras of the drone savage, the eyes of the operator pilot, who controls it remotely from a ground control point currently there is manual control here, but in the future it will be abolished and, and monte croft will fly and perform tasks entirely in automatic mode. at the moment the crew include 3 people at pilot operator and navigate operator and the communications operator. or the quickbooks full assume you in this complex provides everything necessary for his aircraft to fly and performance tasks and everything else. so when does the control of all aircraft systems control of his position in
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the air from control of its trajectory? control of all logical connections. so to enable the hand to take hope for the 1st time, all of its systems or fast and stowed and tested on the soup to 7 aircraft inside. this is the as 70 hunter, but it is obviously mind for safety reasons. warsaw, the advantages of the as 70. the developers say that all existing combat trousers have a short range. in contrast, the range of the as 70 hunter will be much larger. and of course, the advantage will bates intelligence size and payload capacity. even though the thanks to its size, it has the combat capabilities which in the future will be used by our armed forces . u. a visa, the a hot nick project are produced at an aircraft plants, a nor spears. currently, a construction of another, as 70 prototype was taking place here, it will receive a slightly updated design and will differ from the b one sample both in size and partly in internal content. several more prototypes ought to be crated before the
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machine is put into mosse. production and we'll certainly keep you updated when this happens. you lash above oliver are saying that those are for me this i'll be back in, let's say 31 minutes with another phone. first look at news is art international. ah oh, the way of life of reindeer herders leading a traditionally nomadic lifestyle in the tundra is similar to a parallel reality. i. while the men drive the hood, women carry the weight of the household work on their shoulders rather than with death. when it was the last, she'd man least wield city, florida. no, it's not. however, in the vast expanse of russia, there is a spot where
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a housewife could secure a regular employment status. it's in the fall semester. i'm sure i'm sure what i'm like and usually just fill with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk when i see black america, i see part of my so i was growing like a marriage is spoke to me when why destroyed you did not.


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