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is image is a 2 week, a mom, this process with her throat was out of see to get the vote. if idea what this all of your group plan is some way up, all of bella is ready to leave you to the shelf little bush of notice. ah ah ah hello and welcome to cross stock. were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . what happened to the idea of tolerance in our politics?
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conservative, see their world being appended liberals view conservatives with contempt. of course, the media only makes things worse, and we all lost hope and compromise in peaceful coexistence. i crossed talking to visit politics. i'm joined by my guess, chris roberto and winchester. he is vice president of public relations for z labs and in miami. we have so i asked he is a former u. s. presidential candidate or a cross hoc rules in effect, that means he can jump in any time you want, and i always appreciate it, chris, let me go to you 1st here. i think all best. okay, sir, i'm a bit younger than us, but all of us were brought up in the tradition of, of tolerance in compromise. and now that, that issue is patently not true any more. i was calling the f b i on parents that are angry about what's going on in their children's schools.
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cancel culture. um your, your, if you disagree with the left somehow one way or another, you're a racist and you're a bigot in your home. if you're all these names here, this is not part of the parcel of our political culture. this is a relatively new phenomenon, and it's only getting worse. go ahead, chris, it, it is. and, and i keep thinking to myself that we're going to have this course correction i, you know, look, we, i lease, i grew up in this idea about a battle of a battle of ideas. you know, and that, that people weren't afraid to debate. where that what they believed in that, that was actually like a calling card of, of the kind of strength of your convictions was your willingness ought to go and debate people and to hear opposing opinions. and that's completely lost in our system today. and i, you know, i mentioned to you off affair, that is a kind of libertarian street that we have in, in the american right of kind of live and let live i at this point is kind of
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killing us. because the other side is not content with live and let live a for decades, we as conservative, lost control of pop culture. we lost control of the public education system. we lost control of the college system. we lost control the media because we were busy doing other things. people were living their life and were like, hey, if people want to believe different things, that's fine. unfortunately, the left doesn't see it that way. they believe that you must agree with them. you're not allowed to dissent, you're not allowed to have another opinion, but it's no longer not just enough for them to simply label those as you know, homophobic or bigoted. now they're saying these voices can't actually be heard. now . we can't just, it's not enough for us to say they're bad. we're saying no, actually now they must be de platform. well, so anyway, we can't have a civil society. if this, if we continue down this path here, i mean, i am just flabbergasted and interest. do you agree with what chris had to say?
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if you deviate from what they call the main stream, which for me is very radical. you're not part of the conversation anymore. you're a libertarian. libertarians are very much in, i'm not. but libertarians are very much for the, the ideas ok in the public square, get on your soapbox and go right ahead. everyone has the right to do that. but even know it, freedom of speech is being defined by corporations. where's the constitution on these things here? this is a radical departure from a, from our traditions. i know liberals hate tradition. i like tradition because it's a point of reference. i do embrace change. i really do, but we have a point of reference. they want to take that point to reference away. go ahead in miami, you want to talk about freedom of speech and freedom of speech. the analyst and the media is a 4th branch of government because it moves public opinion and we see it now more than ever. i mean, we have p r firms marketing firms that are running the narrative of this country's media liberal, corporate back media,
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and like the whole thing with the black lives matter movement in the me to movement . that's run by sdk knickerbocker who happens to have it happens to be in need of done that works for biden. so they're the ones that are pushing the narrative. they're the ones that are suppressing and things from being out there. just recently, enrique tauriel burns black lives minor banner and he's sitting in jail right now. he had to turn himself in 5 months. but if you bring the american flag, nothing happens. and funny enough bringing it. i get into what we're discussing today with cold it, he's unvaccinated, i'm on vaccinated. i can't see him physically. and he can't even shave. you know, that is that's in humane just because he's not vaccinated. they're, they're totally doing away with people as bright. and sanchez units, many of the guys, even the ones that are sitting in jail because of january 6th, still today haven't had a court appearance and they do have them sitting there. i mean, that's so unconstitutional to think that this is the united states of america,
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where you're innocent until you're proven gilson. and the fact that we have been democrats sitting in the white house. this is what's happening to the people, you know, chris, the, the thing that across is my mind a lot, a lot of the ideas that they say are mainstream, very few of them, if any of them have 50 percent, plus one support and the other. and then you look at the, the balance of power in the federal government. well, it's razor thin here. there is no mandate for any of things that they're pushing here. but they, they, they, they act as if it was l, b, j and, and f d r. okay. i mean that the people simply are not on board here. that's why to go to the very beginning of our program here. we need to have dialogue. we're going to move forward because you can't shut people. i mean, you hate a large group of people long enough. they're going to start hating you back. that's what's going to happen here. and that's a very dangerous voice ago. go ahead, chris. no, as i say looks up. so this started really the, this kind of new level of,
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of demonizing fellow americans started with hillary clinton. it really started with hillary clinton, demonizing trump, voters i and i said at the time, you know, which talked about the basket deplorable walls. and i said this is kind of, this is kind of unprecedented in the past. we've had candidates who went after candidates, but the goal was always to move voters to try to like, hey, i know you're thinking about voting for this guy, but actually, i'm better for you all creating a country that is, is gonna provide better for you as a country that you're gonna like better. and, and hillary decided she made the calculation. actually you want to know what i'm willing, the right off the percentage of the population. i'm the demonized them, they're going to be the bad guys. and then during the 4 years of the trump presidency, we saw the media do this on steroids. it was, you know, showing up at the doors of a woman who posted a, me, him on facebook and claiming that she was some part of some sort of conspiracy. you know, it was, it suddenly became not about trying to win these battles of ideas and move voters
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to convince them of the rightness of their position. instead it became about demonizing fellow americans this, this is, this is not a part of who we have been as a country. it is fundamentally, you know, any medical out this country was built. well, chris, i mean, you said, you know, hillary clinton said those famous words on the campaign trail or that's okay. i understand that. okay. but joe biden is saying it in the white house. he's losing patience with the, with the, the population with the electorate. okay. and are we know specifically who is losing patients with sir? i that mean we have a sitting president that is demonizing half the country. i thought this was supposed to be the unity president. again considering the razor thin margins here. you know, he's on the wrong path. he's not convincing anyone as matter fact, he's losing support within his own party. go ahead in miami, isn't it funny how? that's how the democrats always thought they're always the ones that are fighters for its civil liberties or whatnot. yeah, yeah, there ones are mostly causing the divide within this country with the narrative and
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with their actions and what it is that they're doing. they're firing people for not having to vaccine yet. if you're fascinated, you can still get it. you can still spread it. you still have to get tested if you're going to travel. so what am i all these americans that they're trying to say right now this, an administration is trying to help with employment. they're throwing people out of their jobs. they're forcing them out to health care workers, let's say in new york, or if somebody's gonna go eat at a restaurant, their husbands not vaccinate antique out because they can't eat, they have to show a vaccine. what kind of country we living in we're supposed to be in the greatest nation in the world example of freedoms. and even yet we're doing this to our people. i mean, forget the fact that we've become the laughing stock with what happened with us, honest. and unfortunately, you know, administration has no control whatsoever. the best in the id could do right now is he has any insurance dignity left in him is to resign along with camilla harris?
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well yeah, i think, yeah, i mean, but i think it's even simpler than that, chris, i mean, chris, you know, on january 20th he should have just left everything alone. i think it, i think it be high in the, in the polls right now. i really believe that the boys they these, this be team tinkers with things the more it's always the law of unintended consequences. that's what this administration is all about so far. go ahead, chris. well, it is also a, it's a fundamental misread, of what mandate to the extent that that, but joe biden had one that he actually had. i mean, the fact is, is biden ran, is this kind of milk toast. i'll be the guy who make sure that the trains run on time. i'm the, the, the old washington hand and things will be calm and, and things go back to normal and we won't have this kind of craziness he didn't run on any of this absurdity. you know, and then the truth is, i look, i said at the i said from the very beginning that the biden presidency in the biden presidential campaign was a trojan horse. and it's not being there, not strings being pulled by nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. it's
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a whole bunch of mid level, you know, white house folks, ivy league educated completely and totally out of touch with the way a most americans live. and quite frankly, don't care about how most americans live and this is their opportunity. they've got a pliable president who's willing to do whatever they tell him to do. who's willing to go back on everything that he said during his campaign. he's been the most of business president of my lifetime buying to launch mine to buy and buy my goodness, even by trying he's trying to be divisive. is he like there? there are people like, oh dear trump is vis of into the truck. was to visit because it was there are people who just didn't like trump and there are people who liked him and he rubs people the the wrong way. biden's actually going out and saying we have good guys and bad guys in this country. and that if you disagree with him, you're one of the bad guys. and the amazing thing is this whole demonization of unvaccinated people in this country isn't helping move the needle at all in terms of getting anybody to think that this,
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this vaccine is safe. mush computer shut down. all right, i hang on there. i have, i have to jump in. we're gonna have to go to a heartbreaking that to that hard break. we'll continue our discussion under bits of politics. stay with our team. ah but i think the most, i think i see you go, he did. who bought? i bought a dial tomorrow. i'm more than you wait, but i know from politicians to athletes and movies. does the musicals does it seems every big name in the world has been here? let's see. okay miss, you can pick up a book
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with me a glove you spoke with? said basil makes dreams come true that every one who falls in love with people look like mm ah ah ah
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oh seem wrong i just don't hold any world to shave out disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds of horn, we choose to look for common ground. ah ah ah, when i see blackmore joe lessing part of muscle i was growing young.
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black americans spoke to me, went white australia did not. those who say black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. no, nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where white lives mattered. and i was not white. like ms. newman and i wasn't known from black america. i learned how to speak back to whiteness. aboriginal people here, i'm more every die you're out. wanted them now with the police were out with she states, i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in the country. look, think, says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then there are other shallow friends in daycare.
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welcome back across stock were all things are considered. i'm peter le beltran manager. we're discussing divisive politics. ah. okay, now we're joined by jamie wright. she is founder of the right employment lawyer lawyers and a political pendant welcomed jamie. i know we had some technical problems here. we were talking in the 1st part of the program. we're talking about the lack of tolerance in our politics right now. and that is something that we're a relatively new. we've always had differences and squabbles. and we have always been a bit tribal when it comes to politics. but now it's, it both sides see the other is an extreme. and how did that get to the point where we have it now? and is there anything that can reverse it? go ahead, jamie, i'm not sure that there is, i mean people seem to be dividing along identity politics and i think that identity politics is also something that causes people to move further and further into
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their tribal lines. i think the other thing is when we have social media outlets who are crashing people and silencing them, who have opinions that don't fall in line with the average rhetoric that's being put out by these groups. we have the, you know, getting rid of the 1st amendment rights and people saying things that you don't agree with that causes and it could continue will divide. so i'm not sure that we ever go back to a state where we can actually listen to each other and we just continue to be tolerably intolerant. well, i mean, chris, i, i'm not sure we can go much further. i mean, i've already started doing programs on secession. ok because i mean, i mean, jamie said, you know, identity politics. i'm not interested in identity politics whatsoever. i'm interested in ideas. ok. and the problem is, is, and since i don't want to talk about identity politics, that means i'm somehow a bad person. ok. and i'm, that's not true. i, i, what i don't like is i don't want to have to speak your language and speak in terms of your rhetoric. i have my own opinions. ok. and this is where people are being
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driven off the playing field. go ahead, chris. well, and jamie actually made a really great point. the more that that, that, that big tack and social media attempt to silence voices that they find objectionable. busy what they do is that those voices don't go away, they go to their own echo chamber. that's right. you know, like and, and so what, what happens as a result of that is not that those people like are like a god i really should think twice about how i, what i believe in know what they think is i'm doubling down on what i believe van and now i even more view the other side as the enemy. and so that all of this talk about light yoke, dis information. we gotta d platform, this person that person. what it's doing is it's driving ideological partisanship. it's driving division as country and it's hardening the idea that there is good guys and bad guys in this country and there's no way forward united as a country and that's really, really terrifying. you know, it may have, but sorry,
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i think one of the things that i find to terrify over the last, you know, new cycles is the attorney general will call in the f, b i again as against parents protesting at school boards. i mean, number one, what is the f b i have to do with that. if there is a squabble or people get hot under the collar call the local police may be, i mean, why is this happening here? and, and what that does is, again, as i said in the 1st part of the program, it just enrages people more. i mean them, if you hate a large group of people long enough the that, that large group of people will start hating you back and then you, there's no such thing as dialogue anymore. go ahead. in miami, ah, squares them. i mean, i'm an educator. i recently started going back into the classroom in the last 2 weeks, and i've really seen attention and a difference in what's going on at the elementary school level. imagine here they're allowing, they're not even letting the parents know if the kids have clothing in the class. the only ones that being women, they tell warranty $9.00 to $2.00 kids that sit in front and behind them and one child. each of the school nurse told me is up to the discretion of each individual
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school and for it is different countries. the other states a how they're dealing with things. but just the idea of certain parents not knowing . and there was a pregnant teacher in the room industry. ready could expose herself, you know, being like, you have to take into consideration. and as the reason why there's a lot of tempers fuming and things like that. but the only way that we can really, really bring everybody back together and unite is to really stand our ground on our principles and the fact that in our freedoms are freedoms of choice, it's really disappointing to see how the democrats will push to the narrative and freedom of choice when it comes to abortion, yet when it comes to the vaccine, they want to force it down our throats and i, we spent everybody's decision on the reasons to take it on the are there and the media on this and all these people in the corporate in, near china surprise, the ones from exposing august i it's 3 dickless because the people at the end they do have to take their own conscientious decision effects their life. not everybody
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. yeah. i mean, it was jumping, go ahead, jump in. i could, i was going to say like, you look at that the truth is, and this is again, you talk about like the creating these divisions. i mean, the fact is, is that everything that the government has done so far has been at the behest of big pharmaceutical companies who were completely and totally laser focused on creating a vaccine that would make them billions and billions of dollars instead of actually any type of early treatment of of coven during the early. busy days the pandemic i, i do work for dr. vladimir lanka who was one of the, the early pioneers of saying we can't just let people get to the point of so go home, get so sick that you have to come back and be on a ventilator. we need to have early treatment and he was demonized by the american media and ridiculed by the american media. and now hey, by the way, guess what? now big farm is like, oh i guess what? now we've got an early treatment by way. it'll make us billions and billions of more dollars,
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and this is so absolutely transparently american people. they see this and they say, this isn't right. you told us at the height of the pandemic, that there was no treatment just you had to go home and get so sick that you might die. and now suddenly that big pharma has decided that they can cash in on this. now we're supposed to treat like this pill as the greatest thing since sliced bread it's. it's truly disturbing. entertaining when he hang on. let me go to join him cuz he was only in this only in the 2nd part of the program. and jamie, one of the things that i would i really worry about not only are there really deep divisions called and we have the, i haven't even mentioned the culture wars here. but, you know, i think, overall, for a lot of people, there's a greater distrust of authorities, of all authorities, for the reasons that chris just gave. i mean, you know, you know, the, the pandemic was new. nobody knew what to do. but changing your story over and over and over and over and over again, people get very disillusioned by that and people get very resistant. ok. and if you're 4 or something, and it can be a lot of issues,
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maybe in this case it's covered, you're labeled is something that may not necessarily be true. it's just a lot of people just don't trust the authorities, eddie more. okay. and we've seen the politicization of science, which i think is a really bad direction to go and go head in los angeles. yeah, i actually agree with that. i mean, look, i lot one who says, you know, with your rhetoric, you should incite violence or harm to anybody. that, of course, should be silent. but when you are simply just silencing opinions that are different from you, that is troubling. for instance, you know, my 75 or 80 euro gray on am i going to demonize her because she doesn't trust the vaccine? probably not. or to somebody who lived through tuskegee, a record online, right. who is aware of the there are life for sterilizations yet of black and latino women in prisons in california, in 2006 in 2010. i mean we're not talking about ancient history. my going to demonize that person? no. i. and so we have to be real that, you know, the science is, of course, trust some science, but sometimes you'll have all the dollar with some of the science. and that also
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leads back to politics. who's making the decisions here? well, at the end, that's the big point here. chris, is that we as individuals have a right to make decisions about our lives. that's the whole issue here and, and you get push back for it, which for me at my age is the sounding okay. i will make decisions based on information that i have and you can make bad decisions, but that's on me. okay. and i think that's a better society of saying it's on me. and instead of saying this person did this or this because this person isn't vaccinated, this is a bad result and go on and on, the individual's been taken completely out of this. go ahead, chris. well, and by the way i, i didn't. jamie's completely right. you know, the, the media try to portray the only people who are vaccine hesitant in this country as being like a bunch of look i live on the west virginia virginia border. the whole bunch of like rural trump vote. and people who are to dom the know what's good for him. and the fact is, there's tons of,
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of african americans of latinos who remember terrible things that happened as jamie point out, that aren't so far distant in our, in our cas, instead of making the case to those people. instead of saying, let's embrace an actual conversation about the science here about what's worked, what doesn't work. instead we've said you can't ask questions. if you ask questions, you're a bad person. just do what we tell you to the fundamentally, on american and as i said before, this doesn't make people trust the science and trust the medical professionals more . in fact, it undermines that trust because they know if they're not allowed to ask questions, then it's because they won't like the answers. the whole point of this program is how we can find consensus. again. we have a panel member that is not vaccinated. i am vaccinated, i made my personal choice, and that is my personal opinion. people should be allowed to make their personal choice about this as all the time. we have many thanks my guest in winchester, miami, and in los angeles. and thanks to our viewers who are watching us here, r t c. in exxon. remember crosstrek rules?
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ah, ah ah. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is faith?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. no yellow spots yellow dots from with on what is i middle august or sto, deluka. what of any initial ioc annoys udall with? who did they got that aggressive spread? something you would bring them with the cool. got that all of us. yep. of properties was for what fin the but only the feel for years. right. what that's for the what like you o'clock with
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night. seems them often when he's got the white one when luck with them. so want to show post apocalyptic coming from the, from the news, or kind of what the stuff that the same i'm giving you says global. oh gosh, a slave to bring music senior to one wonderful skeletal school. yes. john, coach of that, but are one why do you think that us them i mean on besides that we still do i have a guy i go, i started safely at the federal with know what with came when we get the rest the 7 years. so with this every
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year, what kind of report ah, these people learn from their own experience, how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushed my business over the age, pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy. now i realize we were good. this isn't just the back that may be involved in this is the concept. see, firms is, is the lawyers, these people i've got want on this stories? i do want kind of whistle blow a tell people's marriages have broken up. it lost their family homes. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. they have committed suicide, but left behind norse, they explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by buying coffee sauce that late them to i took the spy is obscene. these people up nor
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sold through in the british tabloids claim that russian spies stole u. k. vaccine secret gets rival newspapers digging deeper, calling out the story as inaccurate and opaque. but the sun is yet to clarify or apologize. a case of double standards, one of germany's most read newspapers build leaps for the defense of a coven discussion panel, whose content was removed by youtube. but it is the same newspaper that mercilessly lashed ortiz, german new service during a similar struggle with the video sharing site. for instance.


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