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and it would be significant as that's what the big institution had been demanding for the past couple of years to make a purchase is a big one, easier its way to go through and to actually purchase individuals to an otc broker . but they've been waiting for this many years, so most likely, all the institutional who work got tired of waiting. and they've already jumped on board because the more that we do on the sideline, the more they locked out. so i think you'll be a great positive catalyst, but real impact wise, i think you'll be in minimum because everybody who would be in via the t up it's already. and now there's a lot of questions about what the u. s. government is going to do in terms of regulation and we're now hearing from the federal reserve that it has no plans to push for the manning of bitcoin. is that helping to fuel this price run that we're seeing as well? absolutely, there's been a lot of negative sentiment surrounding because with the impending regulation and china banding it again, but these common from the fcc team to have enfolded investors. so these
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institutional investors have been provided with some level of comfort now, because regulatory uncertainty is what's in keeping them out of the market. and when you make hedge fund, you're not as nimble as an average retail trader, so they have to be more risk adverse when it comes to dealing with crypto. but these common themes has cleared a path temporarily. so you see institutional playing catch up again by hand over fist, within the last few days these last couple days we've seen the spot market price, a big point jump as much as 3.5 percent within a 5 minute window would show that there are some pretty big spots here and also the technical patterns for trader. they're lining very nicely for another strong bull. and his big pointed theory back in the spotlight, all that kind of taking a back seat and a bit of a breather, a mental now with the institutional. and they move as a heard the big game. so they'll only be focused on the large cap. and so most likely other need to benefit will be things like a luna avalanche bolona, etc. yeah, i think we're gonna see
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a big boy around here coming up shortly. but jamie diamond, i got ask you about this. of course, the ceo of jp morgan chase. he said on monday at a conference, the crypto currencies will be regulated by government so that he personally thinks that big coin is worthless. here's the thing, my jamie diamond and you know this, christy i had he is, he's always talking about it. he hate script l than he likes crypto. he hates bitcoin. now he likes bitcoin is a time for him just to go away and stay out of the conversation. why is anyone even talking to him about this? i absolutely, i think you're right. he's part of the old guard and he's been completely hypocritical here. he called in a fraud saying that has come to the workplace while at the same time shaking morgan's giving their wealth management clients access to crypto funds. so if your own bank is pushing, what you dean fraudulent investment product, then that's not really fulfilling your like ado, sherry duty as the ceo of an investment bank. so i think that's kind of like the pot calling the kettle black at this point. and on the other hand, also shows how irrelevant he is because
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a common like that and j. p. morgan or goldman sachs, the head of these banks, no less would normally rec, haneke on whatever name that they're talking about with stock. fidel, commodity investment. but now they point really doesn't care. the market doesn't care about these comments. it's just rally no matter what. because the before you go ahead by the minute left, i want to ask you real quick about some of these kind of, you know, the call mean stocks, but that will, how does the social criptos like ship, right? which right now, if you're on tick tock, you're on instagram and you're, you're flipping through there, you're seen ship an awful lot right now. and there's a big push right now to get it pumped up. the thing that makes me nervous about those criptos always is that there are a few whales that control so much of that space. and they can literally buy and sell you into nothing in a very short amount of time. what are you expecting for that new thing ship is about to take off, or is it gonna end up being like those were some people get hurt because they get into late. it is exactly like because she but it was created in order to become a cheaper version of those because those at that point was too expensive. and i
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think absolute, right? these mean things are going to exist, no matter if we're talking about stock or for the fun of it. and unfortunately, a lot of people don't know and they get caught up in fomo and they kind of get caught up in high. and yes, it's true. come people make a lot of money and does she keep on hearing the story that makes $23400000.00 in dos with this and of a couple. but then what you don't care about are the people who lot the same amount because let's not forget, this is kind of a 0 sum game, someone when someone else is losing. so the same thing going to happen here was she, but you know, it was created to be a joke and it was intended to be a joke, but unfortunately with a very popular mean. and he's hype driven thing by social media. things like robin hood, social media trading, these things, they just drive and it's heard mentality and that's what makes the thing all up to the point where it just doesn't make sense. and those bubbles just never last long . so important where you said in order for someone to when someone else has to lose boom bus, because the i, thanks so much. thank you. and let's go now to the latest forecast with the global
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recovery from the international monetary fund. this includes new warnings about how ongoing supply chain disruptions are taking a toll on even the richest countries in the world and the projections for the growth we will see this year, which had taken a hint. as a result, the global recovery continues, but the momentum has weakened, hobbled by the pandemic. we have a slight downward religion for the growth of this year to 5.9 percent. we've seen major supply disruptions around the world that are also feeding inflationary pressures, which are quite high. and financial risk taking also is increasing, which poses in additional risk to the outlook. now i left didn't single out the u. s. or the federal reserve, but it's report did warn about certain central banks that may need to start pulling back on their easy money policies to get ahead of price pressures, even if that delays the employment recovery to joining us now to discuss the later
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. and the seo of openness l. l. c. now are tabio, the iron that didn't had their forecast by much, but they did admit that it is likely to be less than previously expected. so what do you make at the latest report? i think they slashed the full cost of the station, i think, but they, they reduce the focus from 6.0 percent to 5.9 percent, which is harping slashing. i think that's within the margin of error for full cost, like however, if you go deeper they did reduce the full cost of the us quite substantially. so they would use us for us from 7 am to 6 percent. and as you need to report its interest to see what the reasoning was basically pointed out, the term buying was having difficulty. pushing is $3.00 trillion dollars spending bill through congress. and they're quite fresh on that because just today thrown in town that we're gonna have to pay for a small number. and the business said that that is going to reduce growth in the us . so i think more than anything else, what you see, that is sort of the,
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i miss political alignment, political leanings bought anything else, they sort of in the mold of spending more taxing more. and that's going to help economy grow. and that really is more that were came up with that report than anything else to me. i saw the, the i m f is also arguing the certain countries kind of pull back as rachel mentioned on those easy money policies, even if it hurts employment recovery, or how much of that message is targeted to a country like the u. s. and does employment seem to be what the fed is worried about right now? well, i think that message, i'm so you could be talked to the fed that you could say exactly the same thing about the european central bank about the bank pan, about the bank of england. the one notable accepts exception amongst a large central banks is the people bank of china has been very rest against the purchases and so on. say, using hasn't been the case always in the past and trying to go this route for some reason. the holding back on that sort of criticizing of central banks. so that critique from 9 it could apply certainly to any one of the central banks. i think it applies to the fed meeting between the cracks. and so i think that's where we
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stand, that there's some stop saying, well, the inflation is getting out control the central bank seem to step in and do something. or you ask about how concerned is the fed about employment and things like that. it seems to me that the fed is most concerned about increasing interest rates or reducing on purchase and taping and crashing the stock market. they really, really don't want to do that. however, if inflation carson creeping up, their hand is going to be false and they don't want to do that. so they're going to jump on any excuse. i can't keep the interest rates low, keep money flowing in. and it seems that employment or unemployment is a distant, distant concern, the best way, way behind inflation and the stock. yes. and you're saying that the i math even mention not as sort of a central reason here. and i know we've been talking a lot about inflation now moving to talking about ongoing supply chain. sure it is . and of course, the building energy crisis. i mean, when we're talking about central banks, whether it be the 3rd reserve or over in europe, is there anything they can really do at this point to stop sort of the storm that is really been building over the last year?
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well, i think they also pointing the finger as a supply chain disruption, letting us more cover, more than anything else for that monetary policy. and i think we see this passion with central banks as inflation starts to take off the 1st elements transfer. don't worry is going to go away soon. it's going to be here for a few weeks, a few months, and then we'll get back to normal and be fine. then they start say, was sort of multi causal, that all sorts of different factors involved and to be complicated, i understand it, trust us. and then finally the government sort of step in said ok. now we need price controls and export controls and, and then re wreck the car. and i think that will not sort of pass. so i think the supply chain disruption, see, are just a result of monetary policy and the kind of pumping money into an increase in price that was seen at this, not that much of a supply chain destruction out there. i think that sort of shifting the brain to something else and taking the, the attention focus away from the central banks monetary policy. and they believe that you said there really isn't much of a supply chain issue right now. does that go for the,
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the issues with china right now and specifically with the ports there seem to be a lot of concerns and discussions about these, the supply ships that are just sitting outside of port and products that are not getting to shelves, especially as we move closer to what we are towards the holidays. do you think that that is overblown right now? or is that or a reality? we have to deal with law certainly certain ports, whether there's some problems and if you look at it, biggest port in the u. s. is los angeles 100 and big search there in terms of traffic coming in and out of los angeles and has about 34 percent of compared to last year. has a big, big increase or have you had other big ports around the world, like singapore rossimer, places like that. the increases is actually very, very tepid. so it's not by any means a global supply chain from i think it looked like more like a problem around the port. los angeles. i didn't, it was happening. chinese pause. the specifics are not her reliable. so i don't think it's worth looking at. but sarah, los angeles, seem to be an exception there. robin the rule. so things in rotterdam and singapore
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and, and took a look ok that they look like. is it a big bottlenecks there at all? and certainly all eyes will be on not only what the i and i been saying that also what the federal reserve besides, did you in the coming weeks are tardy. i'm are in the of of them as i'll see. thank you so much for your time. thank you. time now for a quick break. the only come back. southwest airlines has left thousands of passengers stranded across the country as it sees another day of cancellations. we'll discuss next. and as we go to break, here are the numbers that the clothes with a beautiful ocean was time on what it was. i middle august august. well
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with who did they get that with? because if that's something you would get them with the cool. got that's mitchell, then give us the upper properties. what's the, what's in the bottom with some of them when he's got them, but when i upload them, so we'll just show up for phillip keeps them from, from the muse are kind of what those are the same ones giving you a sense, global logo, slate to 3 years of senior to one wonderful schedule school to live with
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john coach at that. what are one, what do you think that us them i mean on besides that we still do when i see black marriage, i see part of my so i was growing. you know, like a marriage is spoke to me when what australia did not have those who say black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. know nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where wife lives mattered. and i was not why like mission? and i wasn't known from black america. i learned how to speak back to white aboriginal people of iraq more every day. we were wanted system, you know, with the police were out with she states. i'm scared that more children are going
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to grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then they're all the feller friends in daycare. these people learned from their own experience. how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushed my business over the age, pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy. now i realize we will go. this isn't just the back that may be involved in this is the concept. see, thumbs. it is the lawyers, these people have got you want other stories at a walk kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up, has lost their family homes and it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives . they have committed suicide,
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but left behind norwich. they explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by buying coffee sauce that late them to i took the spy, obscene. these people up, no soul. ah, oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation community, are you going the right way? where are you being that with what is true? what is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths. will remain in the
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shallows. a it is a question so many people are asking what is going on with southwest airlines for a 5th straight day. thousands of customers are left stranded at airports across the country as southwest continues to cancel flights. but it's not clear yet what is causing the disruption as be airline, and as pilots are telling different stories are teak, responded science have endured us now with the latest syiaa. what are we hearing so far about the story? so southwest airline has inside of they cancelled close to $2400.00 flights. and on tuesday, another $87.00 flights or 2 percent of their schedule were also canceled. and in a statement south west blamed air traffic control issues and bad weather in their florida stations for the cancellation. but according to the federal aviation
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administration, that wasn't entirely true. and that came after the f. a responded to the southwest statement in a tweet saying no f, a air traffic staffing for to just have been reported since friday. flight delays and cancellations occurred for few hours friday pm, due to widespread, severe weather, military training and limited staffing in one area of the jackson will jacksonville and route center and only after the f a and noun. smith did south west president mike van d. then finally, amid to its employees, on monday, things got out of control because the airline didn't have adequate staffing. in fact, that according to the department of transportation south was currently has 7000 fear employees, then the airline had before the pandemic. and that's because when air travel plunge at the beginning of the pandemic, south west offered by out and early retirement packages to reduce staff. now
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although the weekends problems were mainly limited to southwest, it is by no means the only airlines struggling to restore stuff. and slides that were trimmed during the fan pandemic and fixing these problems will be expensive and time consuming and are likely to cause further pain for passengers returning to the skies. ok, so obviously that's, that's a problem that southwest was an honest to begin with about this. but there have also been rumors that the staff shortage was actually caused by some kind of a sick out that was taking place. essentially, employees who re told they had to be vaccinated and so they weren't showing up for work including possibly some of the airlines pilots. what do we know about that? is there truth of that part of the story? so those rumors occurred after southwest airline pilots association, which represents roughly $9000.00 pilots, asked a federal court last friday to block their lines order that all employees must get
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vaccinated. now, coincidentally, that's exactly when the flight cancellations are occurred. now the union said pilots had not the stage to stick out because of the vaccine mandate and instead blamed all the flag cancellation on south with operational issue. it was out in the past. a pilot union have also argued that management has been very slow to bring pilots back from leave. i leave of absence, i should say, after the airline persuaded them to take during the pandemic, leaving them very short handed out. $7000.00 fear employees short handed. but this does look suspicious, since southwest has had much fewer cancellations. today, even though known, you stab has been hired since the chaos over the weekend. so the problems at southwest may run deeper than the staff issues. we're hearing about when a site's avenue, thanks so much for that update. well, do a story that's being described as science fiction becoming reality, art,
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imitating life, if you will. legendary star trek actor and host of i don't understand here on our to america. william shatner is said to take off on a flight with blue origin, wednesday morning where he will become the oldest person to ever reach orbit. i'm going up into space and i don't know how many people can say that it's life changing. not because of the very old adventure, but because the people at me i it is the latest launch in the world of space tourism that is costing some customers a quarter of a $1000000.00. while countless questions, of course, remain as to what risk the travellers on board are assuming when they blocked off for that adventure of a lifetime. joining us now discusses aaron pay just about your business strategy with a focus on space commercialization. and it's great to have you back on the show today, and we know that it is a big day for star trek fans when captain kirk himself gets to blast off an outer
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space. but realistically, what are some of the risks that william shatner is facing when using 90 year old man and barking on this trip? well, there's going to be obvious medical concerns. i know he's probably gone through multiple medical checks. so, and i am not a medical professional, but i can at least say from a layman's perspective, when you're putting your body through a number of genes during the launch and then suddenly being weightless like we are bags of liquid right. whole things can move around and at 90 years old that's probably little scary, but he's, you know, i've heard many people say that he is very active person and you know, it is a federal. so those risks are probably minimal, but there's other risks associated with do using new technology. but again, i will say that this is so high profile and we all want to see him have a wonderful experience and make it back down to terra firma safely. so the risks are probably middle emily alone,
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who knows that william shutter looks amazing for 90 years old. let's just say that . i mean, wasn't it with video here? he looked pretty amazing. but in addition to a shatner and that blue origin employee there also to paying customers on the flight paid. what about $250000.00 a piece for their tickets? right now, this is kind of a sport activity, leisure activity for the ultra rich. if you want to call it that, it's also supposed to be entertaining to the public. but is it truly entertaining at this point, or is there a certain level of excess here that turn tends to turn people off different? you know, i think that's a really valid critique when you, when there's so many issues in the world, ah, that could be solved from a number of directions, right? whether be social infrastructure, technology, investment renovation. you know, the list could get pretty endless and i don't have enough time to dive into that. so it does feel like it's excess. but you know, a study that's actually a research paper that was actually off cited in the space industry on referenced as
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the space is very similar, like the growth of the space industry. and the infrastructure is very similar to the infrastructure and the process in which funds found its way towards people attempting to summit mount everest. it started off with governments and it took a lot of resources just to get 2 people to the top. and over time, more wealthy individuals invested in that trip and that turned into infrastructure, which eventually turned into still an intense trip, but a very low buried entry. so, you know, yeah, it feels like excess, but this is about building the infrastructure necessary to access the space earth economy wanting as hopefully the price of the tickets don't always stay at a quarter of a 1000000 dollars or, and then it's going to be a very exclusive trip, but i know that what we heard from william shatner was he was saying that he signed on to this flight because he was inspired by jeff bezos and his ambitions to start building into space and to make pollution a thing in the past. now aside from really these high profile trips is space that we're seeing, is this something we're seeing base as making progress on right now?
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i yes and no. i don't have the details to get into like to, to what and, but i'd like to point out something that william shatner also said in your cut and you cut away that he's not excited. he's excited about the trip, but also just about the people he meets. a space is actually very related to and very complimentary to environmentalism. but the lines to draw that association are little tough and opaque because it's there's a lot of innovation and technology development that has to happen, but it is affecting how we do business and how we engage with resources on planet. jeff bezos is painting a future in which pollution on earth is no longer a thing. we will have manufacturing in orbit. where mosque is selling a future, where will be living on mars? i'm, you know, one of those connects to environmentalism on earth and the benefit for people who lived here. the other sends us to a different place and it makes a little hard to make that connection. go. and just as a, i gotta ask you real quick the way about 45 seconds. how much of of, i mean,
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obviously 99 percent right? of william shatner being there is about p r. right? because you're obviously drawing this connection, this, this feeling that people have of nostalgia to say, oh captain kurt. but for someone like jeff bezos, who was not the most popular guy on this planet or in space. i think it's, it probably makes sense to attach yourself to someone that people feel good about. i give you the last word that i can't disagree with that. that's very true. and a lot of a clue origin does from this perspective is p r, and a lot of what must is doing is also about p r and keeping people interested in space to see long term investment. while speaking, m p r will have live coverage in that upcoming launch right here on the portable theory of aaron table. thank you so much for your time and insight today. thank you . great plug, right plug by you. that's it for us. this time you can catch boom bus on demand on the portable tv app, which is available on smartphones and tablets through google plate, and the apple app store. just search portable tv. portable tv can also be downloaded on samsung smart tv, then roku devices,
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or simply check it out that portable dot tv will see you next time with ah, it's open open, so most basic are price you back please go. we did. who bought? i bought a toyota from our company for these on your way, but i don't think all additions to athletes and movies don't to musicals, does it seems every big need in the world has been here last year, copa bazooka corpus goes to school. ah. and when you get the go for anything unusual booklet does not give me a glow with new sport,
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but use you? said basil makes dreams come true. that every one who falls in love with people like wide mm these people learn from their own experience. how vulnerable a business is to the bank. so he pushed my business over the age, pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy. now i realize we will group. this isn't just the back that may be involved in this is the concept. see, firms? it is the lawyers, these people have got you want all this stories? ottawa kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up, lost their family homes. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. they
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have committed suicide, but left behind norwich. they explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by buying coffee sauce. that late don't i took the spear. it's obscene. these people up north shore. ah ah .
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a beautiful chilled ocean with what is a mid august or a noise. the vehicle with a 6 but something you would greet them with the cool got that's mitchell. then give us the upper properties was for what fin the but on with nice seems some of them when he's got the west, when like holding. so want to show the property keeps them from the, from the news. ok, i live with us that are the same ones. the media says global. oh gosh,
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slave to me as i will continue to one wonderful, scared, little squiggly uncle, which if it, what are one, why do you think that us them, i mean, on, besides that we still do? ah, president putin says europe's own miscalculations resulted in its current energy crisis. confronting head on the narrative, the russia is weaponized or intentionally withholding gas. german city of cologne gives the green light to broadcasting the muslim call to prep a move, which has very much divided opinion that i think this very great is wrong. i think religion is something personal. it's nice for multiculturalism and i don't think it's about, but i don't think it's all that great either. and american taxpayers is still
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paying for the infamous border wall project.


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