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the arab countries discuss options should nuclear negotiations fail to discuss this? i was trying to bring in counterterrorism for drew. burke was through thank you so much for joining me on this. absolutely. good to see again. ok, so why i am a little bit concerned about this and i want to see if, if you join me in this, you know, prior to now the bio ministration actually said no, we're going to be able to bring the nuclear deal back in with iran. but now they're actually saying a ron will possibly be fully nuclear. does it concern you in this switch? and those, what the administration is saying? absolutely. i think it should concern everybody and it's not highly unpredictable that it went this way because of the weakness of this administration's put forward and how iran is always playing the game. i love it. it's concerning because you've got the number one state sponsored tear in the entire world is a document and it's not my opinion or anyone else's. it's just the truth. who it looks like they're going to have the ability to do this, which that itself is obviously a bad thing. it brings instability to the region. but you've got israel, who likely would push back immediately, want to do something militarily,
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that would cause may him everywhere. and then you've got saudi arabia who's trying to get up there. does the whole game changes drastically if this happens? well, and that's the thing vitamin ration is actually meeting with other countries. but what are the other options if iran goes nuclear, what are those options? and do you think the president by and has a plan be even in the works? i don't know that button has too many plans anywhere to think he has a plan. b is probably not accurate. but look, i mean, your options are that you, you lead in a piece, their strength model. you keep these sanctions on, you keep the pressure there and you regain the leverage. something that we have given up under this administration. or you've got to go to a model where you're involved with allies and partners and increasing intelligence operations in god forbid, possibly military operations to push this this down. well, that's a wrong answer. and those that are, you know, that might simplify sympathize and say, you know what, these actual, what to the america has done to now isn't working. these sorts of limitations that
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you're printing on isn't working. you've got to try something else. so is it better? this idea that around think that they have the upper hand in regards negotiations and they're actually playing hardball to get everything they wish at this point. they absolutely aren't everyone. and look, the taliban got the leverage and there's groups that never in a 1000000 years thought that they'd have the upper hand in the leverage in a conversation with the united states of america. but right now they very much do, and they know, because they've seen how this, you know, buying and his people worked before 8 years ago. i thought, firsthand working under obama when i was still in the community working counterterrorism operations overseas. these people know what they can get away with and that even if a red line is drawn, then they can pass that and they'll be no consequences. so they're going to push, they have the leverage, we do not. it's a sad and terrifying spot to be, but it's also something that we could easily fix or you say it's easy to fix and it's that and terrible spot that it could be ok. why do we need to? we do, and you actually feel like this, the ministration would do that. i don't,
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i sadly, don't i think this, you guys respect strength, whether it's iran, whether it's a tear, a group like calvin ice, is you name a fill in the blanks or any of our big state actors as well that are enemies. they respect strength. that doesn't mean that they're going to stop completely what they're doing, they're not. and i'm not suggesting that iran is ever going to stop their operations for new weapons, but they do respond to strengthen right now they're seeing weakness. so this is an opportunity where they can push ahead and they did before, even under the deal. they're going to do it now they're going to do it moving forward. right now, they're stalling saying, hey, let's just tell them. we're not going to come to the table. let's keep working on this while we figure out our plan because we know from history and from what's going on right now in the present that this administration is not going to hold our heat to the fire and the right. ok. so let's just say the nuclear talks don't happen, which it looks like, that's where it's going. who right now would be iran 1st target if they did become, do you feel like is, is probably most in danger of being affected by an iran, a nuclear iran?
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well, i think certainly as we got to look to israel, who is a big time enemy as they are the not just through iran and name only, but also through their, their proxy groups throughout the region. all their different groups that they're working with. so certainly certainly they would be number one, but look, there's a lot of people, again, they are the number one state sponsored care in the world. so a lot of people would be in the cross here and are in the cross hairs right now. so it's t v d, but i think that the best guess would be would be israel and other, other people in the region. and real quick, this part of another question. would it be iran or what you said? would it be farmed out to one of these other groups or the actual government or obviously he would, it wasn't us, it was one of these other groups or would have ron right now be so bold or government say yet we're the ones that are going to do it, we're not going to farm out any sort of terrorist. well, i think, yeah, i think that would be shocked for them to put it on that because they know at this point everyone in the world knows that these groups are funded, trained and equipped by iran. so you can, you can name them that you can name them back,
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but it really doesn't matter on paper. we know what's going on here. so i guess it's $6.00 to $1.00 of the other, which way they do it. they could do it either way. but i don't think the international community would stand for it. and if this happens and, or even if they get it and they don't want to strike in israel does, in a preemptive fashion, we're going to have chaos there. we're going to have a very big problem in our, on our hands once again continued it. dangerous situation. drew berquist always great to talk with you. thanks for me. now at least 6 people were killed and dozens of others injured after violent clashes erected in beirut. during protest over the investigations into that massive port blast last year, which killed hundreds of people. this as us under secretary state for political affairs, victoria knew and was in a route for high level meetings with lebanese officials. our team, john had a report the gunfire echoed through the streets of bay rude as chaos erupt. it in the lebanese capital thursday . the 4th had buildings as people scrambled for cover. the
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clashes apparently stemmed from protests earlier in the day when dozens of hezbollah supporters and their allies were reportedly marching towards the countries just as palace in a christian section of downtown bay route. and reportedly came under fire from snipers, on rooftops and other gunman has bull is demanding the removal of the judge leading the port last investigation carrick. but tar who has issued arrest warrants for some top officials from the amal movement. a she, a group allied with his beloved thursdays violence was the worst since 2008 in lebanon. the fighting broke out in a section of a route located along a former civil war front line between muslim and christian militia groups and b. c . news reported that the christian lebanese forces mobilized supporters wednesday night after has belie, i'm all called for protest at the justice palace. though many of the details about how the violence started. that is who exactly fired 1st remains unclear. lebanese
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troops with tanks and armored personnel carriers moved into the city thursday, exchanging fire with militants as lebanese officials, including the countries prime minister, called for com, the violence erupt, did as us under secretary of state for political affairs. victoria nolan arrived in beirut for high level meetings with lebanese government officials to discuss, among other things. lebanon's, importation of oil from her on her visit comes a day after wrapping up talks with russian officials in moscow for our tea. john honey. the angry parents, the school board meetings are being labeled domestic terrorist by the attorney general will bring you a one father store and ask, are inclusive policies potentially putting our students in danger? all of these details after the break.
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ah these people learn from their own experience, how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushed my business over the age, pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy now i realize we were good. this isn't just the back. so to be involved in this is the concept. see, funds is, is the lawyers, these people have got you want all this stories, ottawa kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up, lost their family homes. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. they have committed suicide, but left behind north, the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and grueling by buying coffee sauce that led them to i took the spear it's obscene. these people up nor
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saw and the surgeons tactile perception as well as his or her eyesight helps a lot. because you need to make sure you don't break the thread well, placing the switches and robotic hands can't do that. not now. and i believe not ever, you can write software for the machine, but you cannot give it a human tactile perception. when i see black manager, i seen a when i was growing, you know, like america spoke to me when, why destroyed you did not. those who say black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. know nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where wide lives mattered. and i was not was like ms. newman and i wasn't new from black america. i learned how to speak back to why
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i bridge or people dear, i'm more every day. you're out, wanted them now with the police were out with she speaks, i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in a country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then there are other fellow friends in daycare. ah, one that makes no sense. you know, born is and is a piece and you fresh as a marriage, we don't have a therapy. we don't on the back seat. the whole world leads to take action and to be ready, people are just, you know, common crisis with we can do better,
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we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been massive, so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with the board meetings around the united states. you become very contentious as parents are voicing their concerns regarding various issues like last mandate critical race theory, curriculum and transgender policies. so contentious that attorney general merrick carlin has pledge to have the d o j in the sci investigate the harassment of school board members. even going so far to label one dad as a domestic terrorist. now this is the video of the june 22nd meeting of
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the loudon county school board were 48 year old scott smith was arrested. he was there, found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest as soon as to 10 days in jail, which was suspended, pending good behavior. but what would actually make a father do you think this angry, are we prepared? is a story that is sickening and shameful. smith's daughter, a 9th grade girl with sexually assaulted and the women's bathroom stonebridge high school in loudon, county, virginia. i gender fluid student, the suspect to war skirt entered into the girls bathroom and assaulted the victim very violently and follow her too much investigation by the sheriff's office with the suspect was actually arrested. and according to the victims attorney charged with 2 counts of and i apologize for the descriptions, but they're very detailed. they're forced forcible sodomy, one kind of sodomy and one count of forcible fellatio. scott smith, the father, the victim said he was at that board meeting to actually ask the board members why
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children were not being considered to be safe at school. they actually flew into a rage at the school board meeting when the school superintendent, scott ziegler declared that the predator transgender students are person simply did not exist. and that to his knowledge, we don't have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms as if this was not perfect enough of a situation. on october 6, the sheriff's office said fitzgerald boy was charged with sexual battery and the abduction of a fellow student at abroad run high school in ashburn, virginia a few miles down the road. the boy was actually that same predator who attack scott smith's daughter and had been quietly transferred to the new high school i for the allegedly made 20th incident sunbridge discuss this and how the people of virginia are reacting. we bring in former virginia state center, richard black. thank you so much for joining us, sen. black. so i do be with you. hi. say this is such a hard, hard story. it's a scary story because the parents in that community had no idea that this predator
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was not only in the school the 1st time, but definitely when is transferred the 2nd time. so as we, as a society become so sensitive and politically correct that we are now protecting predators instead of actually protecting victims in this situation. you know, we but you know, the law that was put in place in virginia, that was, it was a law to provide certain privileges to transgender students. it was a breathtaking victory for, for various elements over decent, normal parents. it's really you sort of shifted the whole whole balance of, of authority. and what we have now we've got, we've got legal permissions that require a teacher to call boys girls to call girls boys. and
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if they demand that they, the teacher has to do it. and it has totally abolished girls, right? to intimate privacy in areas that they, they have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their bathrooms. their locker rooms are showers donaway with all of that. and it made them terribly vulnerable. the governor passed this law. he signed into law, and in march of 2022 months later, the daughter of scott smith, a business man here in loudon county, was very, very violent way assaulted. and then the boy was simply transferred to another school. we went from stonebridge high school to broad run high school, and while he was there,
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he actually had an ankle monitor on he was wearing an ankle monitor when he allegedly committed the 2nd offense with a girl at braun braun high school. fortunately the father had had the wherewithal and they in the presence of mind to have a have a right test kid performed. so they have the results of that. and so what, what the, on any of it is that here is a man whose daughter has allegedly been violent, laid violently, assaulted, and he is russell to the ground, right. and he is take it into court even though they know what has happened. we have one of these soros supported prosecutors, and while the county was very pro criminal,
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but she took it upon herself to personally go to court and to prosecute this father know right. why? oh, well, what, what, what motivated him the anger that he share black. i feel you that would motivate any path. i'm sorry, that would make any parent very, very angry on it. i have to say as the parent of the 2nd victim, if i was out there and i would be even more angry because my daughter, one of had been assaulted if the truth and transparency was being told which shows . i cannot figure out people that would be motivated by this, but once again, we'd only be hearing about the sinner black because of the father's reaction at the school board meeting. so do you think the community should actually be held accountable and i'm talking all the way from the principal on up there are calls for that school board. i'll be to all resigned. but i'm not saying that school board knew ahead of time when that father was there, but there's no accountability yet as to why a 2nd girl was victimized when they knew this printer. an ankle bracelet doesn't do
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it. and a kid with an ankle brace at school is not going to keep them from attacking somebody else unless you have a police officer right there on site following him at all times. obviously was not the whole school structure is, is very corrupted. certainly the principals need to be held accountant, they knew personally what was going on, the school superintendent and the school board. we have, we have one of the most, most marxist leaning school boards in america. its very extraordinary group. there are half a dozen of them that are subject to recall petitions that are before the courts. and in one case all round. and that's the thing. and every service you brought right. have a good point. rocha far let you go. the governor's race is happening in virginia right now. what is going to be the effect of this situation coming to lie? do you think will it have any on when people go to the polls that might actually can make people cross lines and say, we need to change if this is the type of lack of transparency that's happening in
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the state of virginia. this is definitely going to have an impact where hearing from, from lifelong democrats, who simply say why i've already, i voted for obama, voted for clinton and so forth. i'm not going to do it anymore because of this transgender policy. and the radical assault on the privacy of young girls in schools when it comes down to parents. right. like, always great to talk to i'm sure i can tell you the father story. thanks for joining me. the american dream of doing better than your parents has been put on the back burner for some and now the dream of living in a beautiful suburb with a white picket fence and a gold. trevor may also be harder to come by in california. thanks to a new law or to correspond natasha speed has more on its newly pass legislation. from los angeles. after california governor gavin newsome survived his recall
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election. he's moving full speed ahead, packing bills, and appeasing state democrats and other progressives. among the bills that the left is carrying on is actually 9, which essentially calls for replacing a single family homes and change them into multi unit properties. part a female can dream for many families, moving out of the suburbs with a nice yard, some consider it to be a refuge from the city. but now that dream has been threatened by california, governor gavin knew some new bill, s b 9, california. senate bill 9 will subdivide single family lots instead of homes. these lots will be building complexes with up to 4 units. advocate for the bill. payment will help california housing prices. others argue infiltrating some neighborhoods with rentals will decrease the value of the single family homes. they've worked so hard to acquire. last year san diego to city council approved allowing bonus units, sometimes up to a half dozen per lot. and since then, development has exploded some 13000 permits for issued for units in 2020. that's
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roughly just above 10 percent of the state's new housing stock. and now it's so easy to see that southern california is flooded with studios and apartments. many families who have their heart set on beautiful single family homes are moving elsewhere as the taxes in real estate are on the rise in the golden state. many locals picked up and moved to read states, including arizona, texas, and florida. all politics may be one thing, even hard earned money is something in the american, regardless of party, filtration can get behind some wonder if california neighborhoods will drastically change as a result of senate bill 9. reporting for news you choose and suites are t several more on this you bring in california based on the author, drew allen, you can find more of at drew at thomas allen, dot com. thanks for joining me. drew a scott, good to chat with you. ok, so talk to me, why is california changing and does it mean the american dream of homeownership? it's hard to reach the state of california or just millennials just don't want to
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deal with having to fix the roof and mow the yard. yeah, no, that's not it. i mean millennials want home ownership. and the reason we're in this situation, of course it's self inflicted. there is no one to blame for this mass, but the democrat party. we have a one party rule here in california, and it's very important to look at why the situation of an affordable housing has happened. because for decades, policy makers out of sacramento democrats have made it cost prohibitive, nearly impossible for developers to build new homes. so they have a punitive fees, they have these, these links, the delays permitting delays, and all these costs add up for the developer as well, to the tune of over $100000.00 in many cases, depending on where you're trying to build a home. and so they are actually creating this, this problem. and of course, just like you know, sol lensky, rules to radicals would dictate, create
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a problem. and then the government comes in and they present themselves as those uniquely qualified to solve it. and what's their solution to destroy and punish the successful people who got out of the cities and went to the suburbs to destroy the american dream for the people who already achieved it. and also to prevent any future generations from also achieving that dream. it's diabolical. ok, well i reality or i was southern girl, so i love the south, but i have been to california and there's absolutely beautiful places in that state and i dia that everybody's going to be leaving there. i've met california and they might be as hard read conservative, but they love that they're state of california more. eventually, the millennials will probably actually want to build a bill to grow a family and what more space, you know, as a, does this mean that you're for sure that they're going to move outside of the state and take their money with them? or do you think that they're going to try to rejuvenate some of these communities and make it possibly even more affordable, or is that even going to be an option in a few years? it won't be an option from the standpoint of a hopeful home owner,
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though they'll have 2 options. they'll say to your point, the weather here is so awesome that i'm just going to live in abject poverty. and, and under this, this oppressive taxation and my quality of life will go down, but we've got a lot of nice, sunny weather. the other option is to take your money, leave the state, and achieve that dream somewhere else that doesn't have radical mark this running the government. those are the 2 options, but we have seen for the 1st time, a drop in overall numbers of people living in california. that's the 1st time that's happened in many, many, many years. well, and that's, you know, i think what could possibly be an issue in the future, because why do you see the future challenges that will creative communities are dominated by a multi unit residence over single family. it's not just about the one house, it's not the community that those types of buildings actually built. well,
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i want to point something out here that i think is important because the democrat party is always searching for the root cause of everything. but of course, if they looked in the mirror, they would see that they were the root cause, the problem. and so what they're doing here, instead of addressing the root cause, ok, for example, over 50 multi $1000000000.00, huge corporations have left california and taken those jobs out of the state in the last 6 years or so. so those jobs are gone. and those high paying 6 figure 7 figure jobs are not here anymore. and so what they should be doing, for example, they argue about equity inequality. but instead of addressing the problems in inner city, for example, where they own the public school education system, where we have this vast welfare state that according to human nature, just wades people from from bettering themselves. because they just get comfortable on the government check. they're actually taking opportunities out of the state until their war won't even be opportunities for people to even buy a home in
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a future or improve their lives well. and that's the thing, you know, they get federal government continues to find ways to bail. in fact, i think i knew some actually just did an issue checks back saying, hey, look, we have so much money. we're going to give you some of your taxes back. it happens time and time again. so i have to ask again, if this is a broken issue, that's not just been this year last year, but it's a few decades. why do the same people get to be continued to be sent back to sacramento? yeah, that's the $1000000.00 question. and the answer unfortunately, is that, you know, i've, i've lived and worked in democrat circles my whole life, but i've always been conservative. but these people look at the party like a religion because you're right. you know, why would you continue to vote for the same people time and time again, even though they're the ones directly responsible for the chaos and the suffering in this state. but of course, they believe in their minds that the republican party or the alternative is so much worse because they've been indoctrinated to believe that they're unwilling to
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change well. and that's what so sad. i mean run your daily life if. if every time something was failing me, the definition of definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice, expecting different results. you know, this same country. well, and let me remind you, this is the land of ronald reagan at one time. drew like always thanks for joining me. my pleasure. thank you. and that's all the time we efforts a shout. i promise. this is the conversation i wanna continue on the on twitter at scottie and he's, he's the hash tag team and b 8. they show more dallas or will that to the app on your android? apple phone. thanks for watching. ah ah. listening cheerily issue with what it was i middle august. we'll start with indian slokum noise to utilize them
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with fresh would teach. don't. don't love, would you think that that would because if that's something you would preview them with the cool. got that's mitchell percent lever. yep. of properties was for what fin the baton with affiliate. what that sort of look like you with nice seems to them often when he's got the west, when, according so we'll do some post them for phillip keeps coming from from the meals are kind of what the stuff that the same i'm giving you is this global olga slid, 3 years old. continue to one wonderful, scared little squiggly. shampoo chip it, but our bun, why didn't you could us them? i mean, on i besides that we still do
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. ah, neither financial survival guide. daisy, let's learn about be allowed. let's say i'm a striker and your group palm grief on base of the fight. wall street broad thing ah, joy. 6 that's right, fell out it will dest slavery ah ah, ah, o
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police in norway saving power and our rampage, i killed 5 and cause bob appears to bad terrorist attack. adding that the suspect had converted to islam was previously blind over signs of radicalization. also ahead with at least 6 people reported killed and dozens wounded in by rude gunmen opened fire . at a protest with the investigation to last chairs deadly pause, explosion damned as they do down. did they down to australian police bad, the bronze of public anger and government tactics to watch over anti lockdown activists. the tightest frictions have drew in a wedge, their society bad.


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