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ah, a british minister of parliament, a stub to death while meeting his constituents in essex. a 25 year old man has been arrested in connection with the killing. so ahead a us marine officer pleads guilty to criticizing the military leadership for the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. and he's still demanding though that senior leaders take accountability and lots of disturbing images of the latest terror attack. this friday emerges from the country, a blast of a mosque, leaving dozens did miss the latest in the spate of lethal attack since the u. s. exits and subsequent tell about takeover. while the former
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u. s. national security advisor john bolton, has taken him at president biden, claiming he disregarded all advice that by the afghan. hello. you can hear those thoughts in an interview on ortiz going underground, which ers think it's a mistake for the u. s. think it's been stake for global stability. certainly. it's stake to the people of afghanistan. oh, wow. and st. clashes, block ports, and strike action resistance to the italian government's introduction of monday. treat cobra passes for all workers in the country. stepped south. ah, 247 news and views live from moscow. this is our t pleasure. the have your company this our,
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my name's unit. we begin in the u. k. where a conservative m p has been stamped to death while meeting with his constituents in the southeast county of essex. a suspect has been arrested ortiz, shantia edwards, dost reports from lee? were the tragedy to place well conservative and he said david amos has died following a multiple, stopping this afternoon during a constituency surgery meeting out the methodist church directly behind me here in south. and what exactly that is. it's an opportunity the members of the public to meet with the local m p face to face and discuss local political issues. but around midday this afternoon, a young man ran into the building wielding a knife before attacking the veteran politician and killing him. the time and came to the scene, paramedics, treating him at the scene where he was fighting for his life, but he tragically passed away the sea. now, essex, please have released
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a statement saying that they were cool to the scene at 12 o 5, but confirming his death just after 3 pm. now, what they do know about the suspect is that he's 25 years or years of age. he was arrested and a knife was recovered here at the scene. he is now in custody. now the police say that they're not looking for anybody else in relation to this incident. and we don't know much about the suspect nor his motivation behind the attack. but what we are seeing now is tributes and statements are pouring in throughout the day across the political spectrum. we've also heard from morris johnson at the prime minister who is now in downing street, and he said, i think all our hearts are full of shock. and sadness today and above all, to david amos was a kind and decent politician. he was one of the kindest, nicest, those gentle people in politics. and he also had an outstanding record of
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passing laws to help the most vulnerable david with a man who believe passionately in this country and in its future people in the local community. absolutely heartbroken and have held a job to remember his life. they say he stood up for the rights of local people and use his parliamentary platform to advocate for them to know of course, david amos was 69. he spent 4 decades in politics. he currently held his seats since 997, but was a serving m p 's since 1983, making him one of the longest standing m p. 's in government. now he was a big voice in many campaigns, not least the breakfast campaign, and also a huge animal rights advocate as well. sadly, he leaves behind a wife and 5 children. now as the nation is in an absolute state of shock,
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many also and now calling for more security unsafe protocols for members of parliament in britain, especially considering the really chilling similarities to the murder of joe cox who was stopped on short to death back in 2016 again, that was just before her very own constituency surgery meeting. its also really sad to know that said david amos, his last tweet was actually talking about this constituency surgery invitation, saying to the local community to com and chat to him face to face for, for many m p. 's. this is a really past the no tragedy for them on to terrible reminder of the very real risks that they face in the jobs of a normal friday today. tons, very hiring and very violent indeed, and a much investigation is now underway. david, a miss had been a frequent guest,
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your naughty, where he shared his opinions and views on politics in the united kingdom. joining me now for more on this is conservative m p for south and west said david amos hobbs elected on the same day. 1983 as his gentlemen, we need to have a government who know what they're doing. i don't mind hard work and in fact the irony is it would go back to the size of constituents i had when i used to represent basil hamlin. i don't think is anything to do with party politics and the number of seats to david, thanks for speaking to us can moving on now a u. s. marine has been sentenced to after a pleading guilty to disobeying his superiors. he had criticized the military leadership for the way they handled the exit from afghanistan. jewish shallow remains adamant though, that the top brass need to be held to account or senior correspond. murat guess the of picks off the story. there is the opinion that he got off very light. all things
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considered the scandal that he caused winter went right up to congress and the united states military. we will know it doesn't like scandal as it does. it's best to deter for those who would start scandals and it, it squashes scandals out sometimes in a very harsh way. so it was surprising that instead of a pads, jail t r. bob's a dishonorable discharge. all he was sentenced to was a $5000.00 fund, which will be dogged from his wages next month, as well as a letter of reprimand. there's told off basically, so he gets an honorable or less than honorable discharge, as well as gets to keep all of his or of the pension that he has worked up up to 17 years of service. before he went into the court. i he said that ultimately he had to bear responsibility for his actions. just as those above him had to bear responsibility for their actions as including the chaotic withdrawal from the
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canister. i did what i did because i thought it was in the best long term interest of the marine corps going forward. i'm still demanding accountability. there were those who supported him. who said that, yes, these evacuation was completely humiliating. it was insulting to all the americans that sacrificed their lives who owe their health in order to fight that born of canister. and for america to leave in such a manner was absolutely tragic. there were also those that said that michigan douglas, because the united states military has a different code of conduct. and so they're not allowed to criticize those above them of senior rank. but ultimately, over the course of all these videos that we saw released by him in the build up to this trial, he was making 1.11 point only that somebody must be held accountable for the disaster. as many americans he, it that we saw at the end of august at the airport and cobbled people are upset
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because they're senior leaders, let them down. and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we messed this up. i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table to say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield, the strategic air berries before we evacuate? everyone. i am submitting charges against general mckenzie for his bad assumptions . not because i'm vindictive, but because the senior leaders need to be held accountable to the same standard as us. the terrorist attack the on the input of gobble and the 26th of august. it was a, it was a mess. there were almost 200 people killed. everybody has admitted that yes mistakes were made. but to date, nobody has decided to bear responsibility for full. what happened there and cobble while the telephones returned to power. following the u. s. acts of house failed to improve the country security situation. according to local officials,
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more than 40 people reportedly killed in an attack on a mosque earlier today. scores more old so badly injured. a warning you may find the following. images disturbing. the explosion happened to us a she a mosque in the city of kandahar during friday. prayers. as all was a large crowd had gathered there. the taliban government say's its launched on the investigation to face bloss comes just a week after an explosion, taurus through another. she a mosque in the north of the country, 50 people were killed then isis k claim responsibility for them attack our t contributor, richard met hurst, looks back at what happened on us. why is la mic status intensifying its deadly activities in the country? last week, a tragic terrorist attack in afghanistan. the explosion occurred during friday. prayers at a mosque in conduce, in northern part of the country. at least a 100 people were killed or wounded. most of the victims has ara,
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she has an ethnic minority. isaac k quickly stepped up to claim responsibility for the attack, but with one intriguing detail. turns out the suicide bomber was a you grew muslim from china's changing province. this is very interesting because you girls are indeed a minority muslim population in china. and usually the only thing you hear about them is that the chinese government is committing genocide against them. clear something, the media haven't told you. there are indeed many ogres in a gas that militants who are members of various jihadist groups like al qaeda or isis. there actually, so many of them, the united nations, put out a report in june about foreign fighters in of janice. then the report estimates that there are between 8010000 foreign terrorist fighters, comprised mainly of individuals from central asia, the north caucasus region of russian federation, pakistan and the shin, shang uga autonomy region of china, among others. although the majority are affiliated foremost with the taliban,
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many also support al qaeda. others are allied with iso or have iso sympathies. another one of these groups is e t i m, which stands for the east torcous don islamic movement. this huger extremist group used to be on the united states list of terrorist organization. but for some reason, in 2020, the united states, remove them from the list us cozying up to terrorist groups, using them as proxies for regime change in countries. they don't like where we seen that before. latin america of ghana, stan syria, speaking of syria, there are 5000 uga terrorists over there, fighting alongside other jaundice. but just going back to afghanistan for the last 20 years, the u. s. has had an enormous military footprint on china's doorstep. now the most of its truth of withdrawn in the united states is shifting its focus from them, at least to china. us wants to keep china's border with janice,
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n as unsafe as possible, and a constant worry by tacitly endorsing for the very least turning a blind eye to terrorist groups. and the u. s. in the u. k. m is supporting separatist movements in china going back decade. this is all part of america strategy to mess with china. create chaos, divide and conquer. but the united states is making a huge mistake once again. just like they back the majority, dean and the 1980s to fight the soviets. now they're implicitly backing you the terrorists in order to fight the chinese. and you know, there comes a point where you really have to understand that backing jihad is, is not a good idea. there is nothing beneficial about someone blowing themselves up and committing a terrorist attack. i mean, this is incredible. how many times is it going to take for the united states to realize that backing which i, dean and of gannon, stan or anywhere for that matter is a really bad idea. they did it in the 1980s. they backed bin laden, it came back to bite them, it always does,
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and this is no exception. the take of richard met hers earlier. we as well spoke to political, come to her crisp ambry and all to anti war activist brian becker. and we asked them really what the, the 2 decade long american anti terror operation had achieved for, if jealous to decades american read occupation has increased the number of to harvest groups increased though or to higher. despite us on the growing, the afghan is done as a reaction to what the americans did to could indiscriminate killing of civilians by drawing the bombing at sides. therefore, i don't think we should hold off the american presence as be forced to stability in afghanistan. it actually de, stabilize the country across the board. and it rebuilt support the tower. but it made it point on makers, is that the americans are not part of a solution in afghanistan. they were part of the problem. let's remember the big picture, the context. when the united states invaded afghanistan on october 7th,
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2001, there was no isis. the whole war. i'm terror by the united states, which is included the death of 250000 afghans during the past 20 years. ah, that has created that has created that has been the trigger or the catalyst for the further expansion of ice is or isis like formations. so from a on its face, the war on terror has been a complete and utter failure because rather than containing or stopping this kind of extremism or terrorism, it has accelerated and expanded it as a phenomenon. on the former u. s. national security advisor john bolton, will be sharing his thoughts on the u. s. polo to along with other foreign policy issues. when he sits down with ortiz going underground show, you'll be able to watch that interview in full tomorrow saturday here on her. you say in your book the room where it happened, the afghanistan deal,
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and that's trumps. one time will prove who is right. and the full extent to the deal may not become apparent until after trump leaves office. what is your assessment? as a former national security adviser of fee by the administration foreign policy, especially on afghanistan. well, i think this is one of those few instances where biden and trump agree on policy both wanted to get out of afghanistan and both ignored the consequences. i think many people thought were foreseeable, what biden did was take trumps deal, which was flawed in many, many respects, and essentially adopted it as his own policy disregarded the advice of senior advisors and the pentagon, the state department, the white house, and i think the consequences have been playing to say it returned to afghanistan to control by the taliban and everything that's flowing from that, including the likelihood of foreign terrorist returning and again,
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using afghanistan is a base to plan terrorist operations around the world. so this is a retreat by the united states, from the international stage, something been believed. and since at least 2009 se, se, ironically, trump wave done it to, i think it's a mistake for the u. s. make, it's a mistake for stability. certainly, it's a mistake for the people of afghanistan. i had a feeling into a storm. moscow was not backing down after stuffing a u. s. warship from apparently attempting to violate russian territorial waters and plenty more besides coming up short with well, the kid is american country armed with volcano energy is
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calling out the wall street and the whole financier class ah ah ah ah
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ah hello again with us consumers in the grip of an energy price surge. republicans, i've called on president biden, to rethink his push for green energy in a joint latter. more than a 100 lawmakers argue his plans are anti american. i'll absurd. none of called on the administration to increase domestic energy production. instead, the criticism comes and projections that heating bills will rocket if there is colder than normal temperatures this winter. we expect that the nearly half of the us households, that heat primarily with natural gas, will spend 30 percent more than they spent last winter on average, 50 percent more if the wind to is 10 percent colder than average. since joe biden took office in january this year, he signed a number of executive orders aimed at moving america away from fossil fuels.
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construction of the keystone pipeline was halted and oil and natural gas leases on federal lands stopped filling the gap plans for massive wind farm construction projects. and the white house has also reportedly reached out to american oil and gas companies, asking them to help lower fuel prices that this might back in june oil drilling lease is previously approved by one. donald trump in one of alaska national reserves been suspended by team biden. the president himself commented on that last week ask is pretty big, is an awful lot we need to protect. but that's why i'm working to protect bristol bay for money, not perish. they were threatened one of the world largest salmon. that's where i'm refusing to sell off the arctic national wildlife reserved for oil and gas. let's head to the u. s. live now and bring in peter. earl peters, a research fellow at the american institute for economic research are very welcome . many put europe's fuel price. peter,
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that crisis down to brussels push for renewables. is it surprising therefore, that joe biden seemingly heading down the same route? which, robbing me, i'm the policies of the by the ministration are not informed or, or driven by economic science or historical precedent. their approach like brussels, or purely ideological, which means that even if you could predict negative outcomes, such as somebody said, was scarcity causing rides in crisis. they implement them anyway. so, you know, a lot of presidential ministrations, us measures have been driven by dog service, stablished social science. but the, by the ministration is by far in the most records we see the deputies. so they are pushing ahead though, renewable sources of energy, seeing that they're reliable. but the question there for is, are the ample enough to sustain america's economy in any near future period. now
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they're neither currently reliable or sufficient to support america. but on the world's economy, the us economy alone is tremendous. wind power, power is variable and our locations inefficient and solar pow power, excuse me, is more expensive than coal gas or oil. and, you know, the big issue there, a storage problem. so even if it works, it's hard to store that amount of energy, the idea of biden, and by the mysteries about him are groups that the way to greener world require shutting off fossil fuels overnight and subsidizing spectrum projects is just just absurd. add to me, look at it closely as last. bless about the future. the heard about interest groups . very interesting as well. the by the ministration reached out to oil and gas companies, asking them to help lower fuel costs will respond. what can they do for in the 1st of all, it depends how legitimate their approaches are offers. if the president is representative,
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will dest companies to immediately engage in types of activities that are going to bring supply and the market. so certainly been into the price spikes we see if they do what they might do, which is open up, allow the opening or the awarding of leases, but limiting certain areas, pricing, requiring them charge to hire certain kinds of labor. the outcomes less certain, you know, that it's not so sure that they'll actually let the market work. it's been a big issue in europe. do you expect energy bills for ordinary americans to rise? come winter as well. sure. i mean, we spoke about natural gas in the opening. i mean, if you look at gasoline, the average gasoline price us was $2.00. $0.69 between january 201-620-2110 months is risen almost 20 percent to $3.00. $0.21. so i mean, oil and gas field can be turned off like a light switch, so the price could go higher before supply comes to the markets. peter, maybe just summarize then if to buy and does go ahead with his plans regarding
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energy, what kind of repercussions do you expect for the us economy? so if it was happening now continues unabated, it will definitely him a drag on growth and possibly refers to recovery. we saw from the cupboard policies in march and april 2020, and the dental crust. the middle class, it will increase poverty, it could bring about the stagnation or conditions that we saw in the seventy's. i mean, that's if the competitive and unfettered market is not permitted to work. okay, we, we have and c, peter era research fellow at the american institute for economic research. thank you very much. i try to re transport workers in italy are threatening strike action over and you cobra green power system starting today. all workers have to show proof of vaccination or a negative cobra test or go with i pay the, the government's decision comes to spite a relatively low nationwide infection rate of $3000.00 per day on the run 40 daily
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day. among those who are unhappy about the past system, our workers at one of europe's major ports and tree asked a few 1000 protesters gathered here at threatening to disrupt the port. operation of the yellow jackets isn't there. the vaccination rate among its workers is 40 percent. those still not inoculated are said to be strongly against any mandated policy. based on we are here to protest against the green battle workers would think that the green pass is an unlawful tool and improve one that should not be forced upon the workers because it is criminal tree. so we are demonstrating against the government decree today. the constitution is being trampled on. what is happening today is like i can 938, i say no to the discrimination, but deepening clos divide. we're not looking for confrontation, both openness and opportunity for reasoning. here we are talking about economic recovery, but whose economic recovery time is less even more in crisis. but those who
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previously could not make it until the end of the month now find themselves not ridge of $200.00 or 300 years less from having to pay for the testimony. and earlier thousands of protesters gathered in the italian capital to voice their anger up. the obligatory passes a similar rally in room last weekend, so violent clashes with police. this one went off peacefully though. and despite the public, i tried the italian governments refusing to relent. its already met the national, 80 percent target perfect nations, but wants to go further than the r t. charlotte dubin ski has more now in the public resistance to cobit measures across europe. when italy's government last month sworn that they would bring in the new green card, no pay decree, it expected the announcement to trigger an enormous acceleration. vaccinations, however, that has not materialized while job rates didn't initially increase. there has
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since been a steep decline. italians are not the only ones who have been taking to the streets to express their anger. hearing france weekly protests against health passes and mandatory vaccination of health workers are continuing. there's a concern that those protests could be about to get a boost to after francis government announced that it wants to extend the use of health policies up until possibly the summer of 2022 already voices of discontent. arising, faculty to pakistan, do they're not going to have a carte blanche until the 31st of july 2020 to parliament must decide it's an attack on freedom's individual and collective freedoms. in a parliamentary democracy, it can only be done through parliament. all those plans by the french government also seem to be in contrast to advice that was recently given by the country's own
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scientific council. it suggested that it to covey situation remains under control. health passes could p dumped far sooner in this scenario. the cobra past system could be canceled between november, the 15th and the end of the year. if there are low case levels nationally. it's a waiting phase in order to prepare to cancel the pass system, which would allow us to limit the risk and scale of a possible new wave in december, january. adding fuel to the fire form friday in france, tests to show that your coven negative will no longer be free for those who are unvaccinated. another carrot and stick measure, perhaps, but the issue isn't specifically about the cova jab. the cosy pandemic is seeing government across europe flip flopping on policy, ignoring advice, it's come from their own scientific advisors. and all of these says perhaps deepened divisions. enact many in europe,
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wondering if they governments are really working in their best interests. show that even sky out see paris on just a little bit more on this. we spoke to a conservative commentator in italy who believes the mandatory help pass will cripple the already fragile economy. we are the only country, not only europe, but the only country all over the world where you must have the so called green past to, to go to work. and it does use quite irrational without the green fast. you can enter in a restaurant without the green pass, you can enter it in a hotel without a green pass. you can think i'd be trained, for example, if you want to move from rama to me or from aroma. napoli with an i is b train. you can keep the, if you don't have the green path, what is happening in our country and i think is very dangerous. also from a social point of view is that we are creating some teachers in the are the ac, didn't, and other than without the vaccines, the 1000
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b c. and he's not correcting the democracy. milanni the 2nd sci fi immediately. and the 25 percent of the work inside the public transportation in atlanta, they don't have vaccine. they don't have the green pass. so probably they're going to paralyze the public transportation in milano. but we can also talk about the logistics system, not only the part of to ask that, but also in the south of people who are many big parking and other logistic important industry where the 2015 percent of the workers that they don't have seen . so we have to decide what to do, we can stop our, our economy, and we don't understand why, how a government piece pushing reason music is very strongest. rush's defense ministry has summoned the u. s. military a tell shave after it blocked on a ledge of the term by an american war ship to violate russia territorial waters.


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