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ah, ah, the e u challenge is its own member states over a migrant crackdown, saying violent pushback on boarders may be illegal knots despite many saying it's brussels immigration policy, which have led to the disturbing scene to head on the program. this our, our t speaks to former us national security advisor, john bolton shares his thoughts on the k eltic american withdrawal from afghanistan . i think this is one of the few instances where binding trump agree on policy both wanted to get out of afghanistan. on the extreme cold sky high prices and the shipping boom correspondent, as it say once dar, like tone in rushes, arctic, far east, that's being given a boost,
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courtesy of cutting edge nucular technology. ah, ramos, go to the world. this is art. see leisure that help you with this today from the news roundup. my name's unit and we'll get to those headlines stories in just a moment. but 1st, the 1st ever professional film crew to shoot a feature film in orbit has sets off back to earth after 10 days aboard the international space station one a week and a half that must have been for the trio. you can see them here saying their good byes, emotional i would bet as well to the team aboard the i assess the phone crude comprise they're in the middle, a russian actress, fella maker on cosmonaut as well, who blasted off into space specifically to work on the project the working title by the keep
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a lookout for it. it's cold. currently the challenge on the team are expected. their adventure isn't over yet. they're expected to land back on solid ground in around 8 hours from now. still a bit of work to do for them all. you can follow the story, right. thrive the night on early morning in our special coverage will make sure you don't miss it thing here on our t as they come home from what must have been in quite amazing 10 days in the space . all right, moving on. now the european union is challenging its own members states over the way they are pushing back migrants, trying to enter the block. in the latest development, the e u. home refers commissioner summoned the envoys from 3 eastern european countries, calling the situation on their borders, dyer, picking up the story, extending more charlotte davinsky. the issue is having to hang its head in
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over the way its board of forces are treating my grants just trying to cross into the block. this is no longer just about fortress europe and the extensive fence building and surveillance systems that are being put in place on its eastern borders. know in recent weeks, more concerning incidence over the way that my grants are treated to have been exposed in croatia, 3 border police officers have been suspended of being filmed violently pushing back people at the border. ah and that's not just confined to croatia, greek border officers are also subject to investigations over hundreds of cases of alleged push backs.
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and now in lithuania, more violations have been reported. the news own board, the chief admitting the problem was wider than previously known. there are, if i remember correctly. now, 17 almost 20. let's say, serious insta reports for the suspicion of the violation of fundamental rights. and matthew ania, mcgary went on to say the reason was down to how lithuanian law was being interpreted. and the question was, was that compatible with e you legislation? now lithuania is currently a hot spot for migrant crossings. now lithuania is interior minister says my grants have to enter at certain points. we have taken decisions in national laws that one
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can only until su ania through a legal way that is through a border check point, or by filing their request with our embassy. but these are relatively new rules, only adopted in the past few months and the rule appears to be on a collision course with the e u. so called shane game, borders code that says people seeking asylum cannot be forced back against their will. cause are now coming from the highest ranks for action. shocking finding salad reports had to long line of reports, an unacceptable normalization of pushback, violence fierce asylum seekers and migrants. hi, time for the counselor of europe, states to investigate effectively. take action, hold each other to account, and such serious human rights violations was half words, yet all they too little too late. these allegations of migrants, refugees being beaten robe to mistreated and forced back over the eastern borders
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illegally. not new, nor have they been particularly happening in secrets, leaving many to believe that the e u itself may have essentially been complicit for not having already taken more concrete action. all this to, to one to promoter, very broad, moder. we've opened society in the past. they wanted to legalize immigration more, especially for e v, our refugees are but to population or are hostile to any more to more immigration. and this is why you were left to demonstrate that each it promotes you were strong or extra extra on our board us. otherwise, a national board us will be more and more erected on strength front like you're like, can you, hungary, this is the trends more the regression is even as a security problem, because so he slept mis image. equating soul is more on mo,
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as sensitive subjects. well the tragic few days in afghanistan, the suicide bombing out a mosque, there are left almost 50 people dead and dozens more injured. on friday, the terrorist group isis came responsibility for the tank in kandahar a warning. you may find the following images, disturbing, explosions ripped through the she and mosque at a time when large crowds of worshippers were gathered in sidestepping taliban government say's it has launched an investigation. i witnesses the scribe scene for suicide. oh, the explosion happened when we were at afternoon pres into suicide. bomb is wanted to come inside. our gods confronted them at the door, the crashes began, and our gods kill 2 of them. but the other 2 suicide bombers went inside and blew themselves up. while the tragedy came a week after on explosion of another,
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she and mosque in northern afghanistan, 50 people were killed on the same extremist group. that's islamic state quarries on province claimed on attack. it all comes amid a rapid security mouth done in the wake of the tele mom take over and u. s. pallet. well, we got some unique insights. alma found the sound from a man who served in the bush administration at the time of the u. s. invasion on later as donald trump security advisor, john bolton spoke to ortiz going underground, shall we will be earning the full interview throughout the day. years. part of it you say in your book the room where it happened, the afghanistan deal that's trumps one time will prove who is right. and the full extent to the deal may not become apparent until after trump leaves office. what is your assessment as a full national security advisor,
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a fee by the administration foreign policy, especially on afghanistan? well, i think this is one of the few instances where biden and trump agree on on policy both wanted to get out of afghanistan and both ignored the consequences. i think many people thought were foreseeable, went by didn't, did, was take trumps deal, which was flawed in many, many respects, and essentially adopted it as his own policy disregarded the advice of senior advisors and the pentagon, the state department, the white house, and i think the consequences have been playing to save it, returned to afghanistan to control by the taliban, and everything that's flowing from that, including the likelihood of foreign terrorist returning and again, using afghanistan is based plan terrorist operations around the world. so this is a retreat by the united states, from the international stage, something been believed. and since at least 2009, se, se, ironically,
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trump the wave dennis to i think it's a mistake for the u. s. i think it's a mistake for stability. certainly, it's a mistake for the people of afghanistan. russia's daily death toll from coven 19 search. be on $1000.00 for the 1st time since the start that pandemic. and case numbers are rising fast, especially here in the capitol ortiz. dmitri polk is across development. well, it seems that despite all the efforts by the russian government to try and curb the spread of the corona virus, the numbers unfortunately continue to grow and are even reaching record levels over the last 24 hours. over $33000.00 new cases have been confirmed throughout the country by 9 percent of which were apparently asymptomatic. but a new morbid record was established over a 1000 deaths were reported. it's the highest number of daily covey debts there's been since the start of the pandemic. now, in terms of the numbers 6 and
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a half 1000, the new cases were reported from moscow, where authorities recently launched 20 new centers, where people can get free express. calvin tests, that's in addition to the vaccination sites throughout the city, which authorities, they are the key to battling the karone of ours. you look where most mass rapid testing is spreading across europe. moscow is also involved in this experiment. we've open 20 testing points in the capitals document, centers and shopping malls, and we will open 30 more points on october. the 18th to cover the broader population. again, i'm calling on everybody to get to not collated because they are currently no other ways to shield yourself. from this disease, it's especially important for the elderly. now the testing campaign has also sprecher several schools, where students can now also receive the free express covered test. however, authorities say that testing is only the 1st step and that the king re into defeating the crone of ours is of course vaccinations. russian president vladimir putin has repeatedly highlighted the importance of boosting the vaccination re
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throughout the country, especially for the sake of those who are at the highest risk of complications from the virus. the health ministry as also come hours report showing that of all the people who have died from the virus, only less than a fraction of percent were actually vaccinated. once again highlighting the importance of vaccination. in terms of numbers, at this point, over 51000000 russians and at least received their 1st job, that's about a 3rd of the population and regions continue introduce more measures to try and curve the spread of the disease. in some cases, introducing mandatory vaccinations for certain groups of citizens that transaction . and in addition to restrictions all aimed at trying to curb the rise in numbers and that's throughout the country. still ahead on our t internet still, we'll kick you on a journey to russia's extreme, where a floating nuclear power plant is breathing new life into a coastal todd z ahead in 90 seconds with
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess with the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah, with
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oh, oh, oh, hello again. a remote time in russia's eastern arctic is experiencing an economic boom after being hooked up to the world's 1st floating atomic power plant. it is now becoming a vital link in the rapidly developing northern shipping brit ortiz constantine rush, coff made the long journey to perfect. you're says extended report or
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we are in the, vic rushes northern mo city where the main job is to survive cold, extreme weather and hostile environment. when the soviet union collapsed, this life used to be goes down. i was want to rushes, blossoming seaports along the northern sea route. the country is ambitious project in the arctic aim to reshape international trade project is also the site of a daunting experiment which made it the 1st city in the world powered by floating nuclear reactors. let's see what life is like in russia's atomic boom town. we are like a big family emetic nationality people are actually friends with each other here. let me show you something. what did you eat for dinner yesterday? yes, i don't have deer. i'm on the diet. green onion, 16 west dollars, some parts of the city. it looked like
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a ghost out. the snow still turned blacked they make is located in chicago. the country's most eastern region which borders alaska . it's not an island but local, still referred to the rest of russia as the mainland. perhaps because of how isolated the field. for instance, there are no permanent roads or railway tracks, leading to perfect. your only options would be ice breakers or airplanes. while we're not into that yet, but we're already tired of traveling. ha has been what's 24? no. over 24 hours is for left. moscow and we're still flying across russia. first. we flew to another severest. then further east to the city of mcgayden. ha. then we had to stay here overnight and now it's our final lack a to our fly to pick on one on the soviet era.
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airplanes with the a and 28 that took us to perfect, have the smallest restroom i've ever been into, but no complaints. we're, we're going, it's not about comfort. flew one of the 1st things that strike you into that is that there are no trees just nothing. the land here is so frozen, nothing grows on it. and that makes the landscape bleak and sadly boring. so to live in things up, the coloring buildings, an orange or pink, is probably not the worst idea. the next notorious for a harsh with,
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but it's not just about the cold. exactly is actually so ferocious. there are videos of people falling over in rome, across the street, not being able to stand up with a local resident soya soccer shows of her winter outfit. he menke fur coat. she knows animal advocates won't like it and she doesn't care. in fact, if you're not dress warm enough, since you die, you shouldn't have burned the north. how cold it had been winter and today the temperature drops as low as minus 45 minus 48 degrees celsius, gets very cold and you still go out on the street. of course,
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harsh climate dictates every aspect of business life. let me show you something because of the permafrost, most of the cities communications run above ground and are hidden inside concrete boxes like this one right here. and this also became a popular alternative for regular sidewalks which sometimes are impassable, especially in winters i. so as they say one in rome or in the back, we're gonna hop on one of the communication lines and get around like real locals with most of the residential buildings. intellect have been built and pilots, the space left between the 1st floor and permanently frozen ground helps to keep houses warm, but it looks like somebody has gone even further in fighting the cold. there was
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a building envelope back that has empty glass bottles fit right into the walls and you can literally see this from the outside. this extra layer of air is supposed to save up heat. i've never heard of that technology. i'm not sure if it works and there is no way to check because the building has been abandoned. but i, i guess if you wanna survive in chicago, you gotta stay creative. the city still keeps lots of soviet era structures and monuments, most of which have been around since back was founded in 9030. i was gold, another precious metals that attracted people and turned the place into an arctic blue town initially to vac was a place of at least 3 glock hands. cheap labor came in handy in the rapidly growing settlement. the collapse of the soviet union had a devastating effect on the deck with almost no support from the mainland. the city quickly lost half of its population and lot of residential buildings were left completely abandoned. some parts of the city didn't look like
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a ghost town. people were so desperate to leave in the 1990. sometimes they traded entire apartments were every plane tickets to moscow. after years of exposure to extreme weather, there is no way people can live in these houses again, and it's too expensive to tear them down. to what nature has done to these williams, the new people leave something behind the wilderness claims. it almost as if there is a message and gets his garden or you might do next. how do you feel about the city? does it feel like it's on its death row or the opposite bias in the bottle? i don't know why it's developing. that's what we think the district has been rebuilt completely, that we can see all the new house it and you power plant was built on and you
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church has been blessed. so there is life in finicky it. yes, of course. there is one particular project that breathed new life into the city and how did to move on from the devastation of the 19 ninety's vivia curse as they put herself on the map as a side of a daunting experiment. it's the 1st city in the world that lives off a floating nuclear power plant. seriously, this huge thing you see right there is basically a c platform would to similar in style atomic reactors on it. no one has ever done this before. the power plant named academic la monassa, was assembled in st. petersburg and then moved to prevent by see it turned out to be way cheaper and easier. and then bringing thousands of constrain workers and tons of materials to remote region like chicken russia plans on building a small fleet of these floating stations and use them to power remote facilities and maybe even offshore oil and gas, black boards. but city system,
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the only the top i was brought up on everyone is concerned, said on the motive there is a c store or is to nami, what's going to happen to atomic reactor said to remember the acronym is dish or provided is that a stress tests were conducted because it was showed that even if a phenomena rentals off our morning line and we get carried ashore with our safety is still insured and radiation emissions will be prevented chemical shows. in the water around academic la monassa, we sort seals, which seemed perfectly fine about swimming around the nuclear reactors. people here are hopeful that switching to atomic energy will also reduce that extra lines and coke that remains its main source of power. you see the snow still turns blacks and times because of the emissions that are coming out of the old coal power plant. so you can see this plant right from here thick in search for one refuge. we came across
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a local library that's apparently quite popular, mainly because of the extremely slow internet in the city which makes washing, netflix or youtube, a torture and having a poor choice of other entertainment people actually read books. in fact, the 2 ladies working at the library gladly offered as hot beverages and for their hearts out on what they love and hate about the city of berkeley store. prices are a heated topic and vivica in august. i read sometimes when i'm in the shop, i look at some items and i think if i can afford them or not yell though, i really want them. but i rarely buy cheese ish because it costs a 101200 repulsion rarely by hand because it was also real expensive. what did you eat for dinner yesterday? yeah, i don't have deer. i'm on the diet. does x rated among rushes most expensive cities, which makes sense because 90 percent of goods are shipped from mainland russia. things like food, household items and cloves cost way more than say in moscow. just look at the price
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decks here. cucumber 11 you as dollars per kilo to made it $11.00 per kilo. and there are just a 2 tomatoes left, 2 in the tire shop. now this one garlic 15 us dollars per kilogram is just for maybe 5 times more than st. masika where i live and that's one is my favorite, it's soft green onions. busy 16 west dollars per one piece. busy busy can st in here in the know through you eat frozen food. if you look here, you can see that everything is in the freezer, buries f version. everything is frozen. if we get fresh groceries, it's when they're brought over by praying. things like sausages are right to protect by plain. yes, that's crazy. i should keep in mind that to that is a small and close knit committee of law. fewer than 5000 people. and for instance,
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if a person is short and cash, he can borrow from the shop, see that on assuming copy book, the shopkeeper, quickly put away it's a handwritten list of those who owe money to the store. if you've lived next to someone for 20 years now, they still live here with us. then you can say there's no escape from the submarine . they'll come and take what they need today. and another day they'll return the money for the real disaster for private. cuz when a supply ship doesn't come on time, say because of bad weather, therefore some local shops break the law by not getting rid of expired products, just in case there's just boss right here, expired in june. look. so it's a 5 months ago, but i just bought it with a 50 percent discount and it's a common thing in the deck when we show the expired juice box to protect deputy mayor, he scratch, he's had for about a minute. local authorities are aware of the problem,
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but there is little they can do until the vet can be supplied regularly. all year round. we have appropriate items and shops. we don't always have on a shop owner mcguffey, she received a phone whenever we have a supply period from june to november, fulfill most of the fresh groceries will come closer to the end of this period comes from under gus are possible, and this is how prices are decided because it all gets destroyed and no one wants to have financial losses. i live with the edge of the world is no picnic. if you want to survive in a place like this, you have to stick together to rule that everyone here seems to leave fine. we have a different mentality to people on the mainland. we are like a big family next to nationality. people are actually friends with each other. these doors cold and expensive a him a yeah. that love my town. very much. honestly. i gave birth to amazing boy and i've met the man of my life. headache has given me
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a lot of what makes people stain this down. it's been difficult. nobody knows and looked at if everyone wants to move to the mainland, but they come back cut off. so now that you've been a, you'll come back as well. congratulations with the new revolutionary power plant, which brings jobs in higher salaries. things begin to look out for the city is not electricity per se, that makes things change. it's the people. and that's the true power of hvac in russia party. ah, mm. mm. for bought
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a trip and another voyage where closely following is the return to earth of the 1st crew to ever film a movie in space, the russian actress and director are due to touch down in the early hours of sunday . we'll make sure you don't miss a thing right here on rti bye for now. oh, i ah ah, ah, i mean, ah,
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[000:00:00;00] with i am action or town senior watching a very special episode, a going underground, an interview with the u. s. a's former un ambassador president donald trump's national security advisor, john bolden. he joins me now from washington, dc. it is memoir about his time in the white as the room where it happened is out. now, the ambassador, thanks so much for coming on her. if it carnage news coming from a condos in kandahar, you're actually the 2nd national security advisor of donald trump to be on going underground. you say in your book the room where it happened, the afghanistan deal that that's trumps one time will prove who is right. and the


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