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what they were intended to do, the problem was not a bureaucratic re shuffle within the n s. c staff. it was tom's on willingness to take proven seriously at the beginning because he worry, it would re, uh, re effect his re election efforts. do you see the, the world without a strategic arms imitation treaty is getting more dangers or less dangers? well, i think it depends on what countries like russia and china want to do with their strategic weapons. i think russia and the u. s. could find an accommodation we did when i served george w bush's his under secretary of state for arms control. we signed the treaty of moscow in 2002, which reduced the operationally deployed strategic nuclear forces. both countries think that's possible again, but i think you cannot do that in the absence of having china participate. but do you think germany is your boy got no stream to i do i make a mistake? sure. i think work. i think it's a mistake to become strategically dependent on any,
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on any particular source of energy. and this is something that ronald reagan warren to europe about in the $198.00 job walden. thank you, and that's for the show will be back on monday when we asked for a technical co lead at google about technological class war until then keep in touch by social media and let us know what you thought of john barton's answers to our question. ah ah ah ah ah oh,
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a man, what do i see the brother now but let us stay at the cord. got him the yard infinitely was wanted to see what's the with me? a glass. with a grin. if a few were ever darkness we can visit by missed her without the talking bones to break hills identity by threatening that i wasn't born bridget, what i said they said it was the most basic or great new york. ah ah, what do i stumbled on? typical franklin may have been national. nash's daughter,
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near the back st. bezels cathedral is always the center of attention. but of course it's seen in a special way by artists. it never looks the same with ever changing lighting and many different angles. so it offers endless creative opportunities, but it's not just the artist to a drawn to the cathedral, a from politicians, to athlete and movie stars, to musicals. does it seems that every big name in the world has been here. i know c o moscow. what on a little bit in their thoughts without going i see enough on your sub laura detail . many the bottom notes while they get the data for the graduate grouping, floyd, i was but a google support. chatting concourse. i miss dylan there is up on your sneaker, william the to the bill, thought somebody, so she got it out. we were like one in that you're asked, the lady was gap. i guess i always thought that you left you
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ah, i basil cathedral the russian capitals most distinctive landmark, and the most famous and recognizable russian architecture in the world. taking a filthy in front of some battles has been a must have been any traveller for quite a while. now, with frontier morgan, teacher picker, wagner, for 4th grade on the from that and you're going to use the use of border, the good you are years with marines, you jump from your from, from that, that's my ha ha, this is not a hint that for us to know that somebody with leanne fiction,
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with everyone must have seen the cathedral at least once in books, albums or on coins, perhaps on instagram or in almost any film about russia, but seeing it with your own eyes. that's something else with. can you repeat? i'm dealing with my ploy should run by senior blood because everyone recognizes it, even if they don't know it's real name perspective, we do the conversion to perm record with across can sub work with john. we do the bridge, doug with our well not only can you bring up mason, but i do took some water, participate in a bind him as well. that happens with a lot of the cathedral has 2 names. the official one started by metropolitan mockery of just after it was built because the cathedral of the intercession of the most holy theatricals on the moat. it other name was coined by the people i know
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with the toys. even you work at some point today without the to a guide. many people don't know about the event. the cathedral was built to wanna foreclosed, to support a said, eric, you run a go up to 5 years. it has been cancelled introduced restore a boiler or you could buy big enough cuz i'm constant. i would do it by bid is supposed to view my vehicle. additionally, when you know what's out for a vehicle to assign these minion yet, i see it, which i have to beat she with what as a providing grossman with when you presume. and she just starts to get both session or 3 versions my unit before that one is got daughter will. and you nice to me, you talk about it physically. it's all. it is just that though, stopped by beardless. faded by the engine before them even grows, made their, your idea to ship it to roy p across the border. that's funny because,
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you know, we'll play a for but historical accuracy doesn't stop. people speculating about the details of the water moscow robbins nice. but he's lee is good. the use of anger roseman this courtesy ortho political studies. that's certainly not true for that is an interesting theory. the biggest misconception among tourist going to read square is that some faddle is a single church. in fact it contains 11 churches. so it's a sort of special offer from its found a few buttons terrible by one ticket. when you get to see much, much more with vienna, some water for him to settle. we've got to insure it for free. i don't know what
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they did, so please try. if you're not said good, you're plus me and i think for the most when you and yet glove, we got you on the bless and a lot of my you in the door you on the hill? no one who's ever visited macowski cathedral could have missed this statue. meaning and jackie potter brushing is what joan of arc is to the french wanting to me. neither me a yell rub he had bore you with me. simply collectively, it really annoyed the bolsheviks. the bronze statue was nearly melted down as a piece of historical garbage. and it was joseph stone and himself who saved it. it said it was his decision not to send the skelter into a furnace, but to move it closer to basil. oh god, what you thought of thinking is if i did, if by aetna we need them pony it to be
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a medium. he bulky. you say the least of him in the musical stranger. yeah. to the because the you could only submit. i had so yes, in that and he starts or a self in life when you left guys the what, what he's done. i be certainly booked of course, door to me, but i get, i mean, he'll often see tourist hanging around some battles. and almost as often, archaeologists to, they're always working on the site. the cultural left frequently revealed historical paradoxes, one after the other. just at the moment they're studying the buildings, foundations. well enough. yeah. believe all. nope, it's lovely and yeah, so that's something you can pull on go to from. been with them are some years the price, the media number collection and just the next it some more. i'm not buying your katherine, it's affordable. no on law. i didn't theater one that you thought gulker. i didn't hear them on some fine. if you can look, i've been real difficult about finding cost value one. i've also left the field
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devices to $931.00. the monument was moved, and all of red square was renovated. even the paving stones were replaced of than the minute them with, by him. not to mention that when you've gotten h, i checked in with the boy at the p o m w got dora, we really just not graph may below. she didn't, maybe just on our floor and that you saw milk of our gum. yeah. resolution for me at the broad. now doug jam way. the jim becky church here. well, listen these boyer group number gum. yeah. or should i it's a store beer. must bob i am a alicia. now. could i please be sure with him thought you are from god. during moscow's 1st major renovation in the 19th thirty's, it wasn't just the monument that was moved. the paving stones were replaced to 3 main square covers more than 2 pairs of open space. those are the builders for so how much of a load the stone would be under voicemail by steve?
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yeah, not only, but you got the key key milk by the way, but the store and the at another because they get a picture of which you can reach me if the if what ammonia but especially what i didn't get to be sure. i mean, this is not the watts of since you know, that we did receive the ticket to him. you can keep on the donkey. you mean the chase on the rock? mr. the one you too. previously it's kelly many secrets and legend surround red squares. renovation story, one says that we came close to losing some puzzles altogether. thanks to one particular soviet party official. ah, to them, because we're fighting one more aggressive. um, you're bullet border. style and zel might get the water, but i just go, i love it over, you mean, you know, i'm going to do it in your own some interest over what is known as a new board with the version of what the guy with tradition that other people up
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that after visiting the cathedral, many dream of going back after all, the legends live on to this day with the support i dealer come de la gabels line. yeah. just the one you're looking at. a lot of all i know, but when. ringback i go to visit was in, if you're going to be difficult, if i do ask, which is, oh my gosh, yes. well, so he goes, i'm going to go, but i'm having a voice pushing the premium. you're going to meet with you. so why did i, what do you want for 2nd? yes, sure. i just got that on the didn't a couple of words which somebody to you and we didn't actually one more number, but i just got some i ah, these days that route to the church lies through the digital space. eagerness to
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interact with visitors online is as high as chatting off life. social media pages are quickly gaining followers from all over the world to go to new pedals. there was more than one year like nothing in them with him. a bully chilly with digitally bria, but as a vanya nashika told him, i feel as if that i feel like a limb. young lori luna, with miss gillian, that is like a book, but fun with me for giving her the concourse. but she showed me somewhat away from the blood, ran the yep to florida, avoid negative blowup. she brought it to work. when you get the same with them, not for you. i have to prove that i would, they can use that that the with the or i at the for the voice if i feel i thought here with you had for some schools and some other way to the but anyway, i just been the ones for the back we're still using is a browser. the basic, i don't that the so really, really says then you to think of letters to say,
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can you look one good for you seeking them with me? yes. those clinical with the customer. okay. 30 than with the diagram and done with the dish does work. one 1st place canal bases to reg will be a great addition to the museums collection. i look around the growth of that with the white bureau. will ye e u t o my expand that they got their a yeah, some was a low and yet adams explained that the new mission, i thought you'd nice to you whichever store might. i bought the whitman that on yesterday. what we got told him we set out um do i make another deal? yeah. it's connected to laura mm. oh
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me i
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am hello and welcome to watch the special coverage of the return to earth is the 1st have a professional film crew to ever visit space. and here when are you into national we are witnessing history. i'm rural re sushi here in moscow. i'm so glad you can join us for this special event. ah, the. so the soviet union was 1st to send a dog into space, then they sent the 1st man and woman. and now russia is aspiring to, yet another 1st, and that is filming a feature movie in orbit an actress. and a film director spent 12 day to the international space station shooting scenes for the space drama. and now in what, in less than a one hour from now, they're expected to touch back down on terror for most so for a moment here on the program and special coverage on, on ot see, let me introduce you to the crew of this historic flight eula. peta sealed right
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here was a russian film, the saw and stage actress. in fact, she's been around the, in the, on the big screen on the small screen now since 2003, that was the year for acting debut. since then, she has appeared in dozens of films and tv series, and she's also a founding member of the charity foundation. gotcha. knock, which helps children with disabilities. she's also the mother of 2 daughters. right now, to the film's director who also works as a producer and a writer as well. a movie make a through and through mr. clim ship panko. now he's the father of 3, and was recently behind several successful movies in russia, including that of sal. you'd see a more cell 7. you guessed it, that is also about space. in fact, to be honest with you, this is an amazing story. the hollywood really missed the boat on a cell. you see a more cell, you it's 7. tell us the true story of 985 mission involving 2 cars. reynolds, who seriously risk their lives to save a malfunctioning space station is an entirely true story. you must check out at
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some point. now what i'd like to note, she pancho's already set a bit of a record in space because he's not a small man. in fact, he is a tortoise. russian to ever get into space and go to the international space station. now, frankly, who knows is what his dear mother must have been feeling watching her son leave the safety of earth on his orbital adventure. she did tell us, though the whole project is actually very true to our sons, personality on the present. when you have you, lee, it's a reasonable stone i up work or not sure as to a 1000 pounds with us for us, which we nearly cheated. of what we need to meet you here, my dear. i was not moscow danielle, with neon, shut me out and show say it wouldn't yet any year and she able to start chest. yeah, absolutely blow or need in their store. one choose food with money and he has now stored on what the require any pictures of washer still to switch. it's almost
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there and you put in my with the choose to work, but you won't have that. that is why the 1st one is would she to anybody? and why would that if we wanted to convert that okey at the most or not suits to lydia problem and you've been eula. whereas if you could probably get mostly in ways to block and where to go with this brute the new car. so that then their gear with another brown little union with that. what but in latina is bigger, nora uniglobe birds eat it was made your social will generally, and you will control zillow form as walk very near your recruiting manager never was social or her so somebody wants to know the deal. so sure. willis focus called at the study of the scope with his own oprah on good mom, the yeah. what as a new design you some thoughts on that? because i some consulting from the able to do my me let me do with that does not with the mom of believe she was one of them. well,
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with those on on good mom i think. yeah, yeah. the look at them every correct on who are some good one the cool with that your glass? no. she lives in that area to live up when you was moore's mom. yeah, that's new margaret found would pick up. so. yeah. would it be in your discussion with them? the 3rd option bring you to any of that, that we have asked what i feel like i knew you were to see what were often too slow with that with, with them. but us, but yeah, yeah, they're actually what macy deals are i, michelle, all done probably by the name was actually summer when you minute those it will go floors. know, glover, this will get fin will if they, by group, when you be able to go anywhere, if you more than you put me in yet, she knew me was july the for the we just started with the with the 1000000 the bush and what are the what, which that you with the bush of a know where i am the photographer and then yeah, that is use them. yeah. go through subway. but mostly yeah. literacy which will
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idea for the summer glove that are clear on which it's she will, will you mind if you are more know what i need to just you fine. yeah. i prefer which alive you of course you can join us if possible will be up. but those need to place, you know, she'll just or more you've approved for new life. but anyway, it was, and then it was my waterloo, it wasn't sitting there though that's, that's was i you know what price i'm going to, since i knew mom, this is the problem with another eat another business is well muted. leslie and it was, i had a couple years ago anyway, shocked me, but i should be able to you guys deal with that. yeah, sure. when you, when you're fine, is when you, when you use those, if nothing tedious or less course live knowledge was maybe in a culture about who's standing by for also in this early morning event live or the emission control headquarters in moscow. great to see you this morning. so in about 16 or 17 minutes medina, the m. s. 17 cups you over the 3 occupants inside. it will jettisoned the empty
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module that will burn up in the atmosphere before they start their re entry procedure is going to be a pretty nervous time right now. what's the atmosphere like at headquarters? while we're here at the mission control center, just outside moscow, where all eyes are as the screens at the moment. professionals working really at the moment closely monitor and control of the landing of this. i use m as a teen space capsule. bringing homie to person, filming a crew that conducted the 1st ever location filming on board of the international space station. now, rory, i can tell you one thing, it is really always exciting to be here at the mission control center, but today,
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especially taking into consideration such a aunt and landmark event. but a part of course, from all the excitement, we also feel the tension, the growing anticipation that the this emission control center is really just filled with actress unit precedes and producer director clincher panko, travel to the international space station alongside with the veteran russian cosmonaut. anton shopping it off on october, the 5th, and before that particular, that really very exciting space journey. both eula and cream had to undergo some heavy training. now we know that the filming true took the specially developed training program that was shorter than usual, but not the last. it was reported that 8 covered really everything that they needed
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to know to safely make their journey to space. now we know that they went through a number of different tasks, including flights in a 0 gravity parachute training, and many others. oh, a little crew else is on you room middle grades from the shoe store was you you? well, no, i know. ah, excellent. she was a lease with
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mutually with dial if need be leonor manure. good. no good, isabella sheet. obviously company we are usually is not just suki. there's even room for many by you linear, unethical interest. all would you use a yes or would you like them or the will is what you you should know them. you called us and when you most could voice are pretty easy, least could cost more. so a, if you just because the cars there are to do it friday is jessica buyer to move your car. so to which of being in the near household probably by chose to live
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with me. but we can go sort of the jump in your r lloyd value, and that puts me through it. you can use the nash, my groom money by yeah. to partner with ah,
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over the course of the 12 days they filmed their movie on the international space station. now this movie is called the challenge and as i've mentioned before, it is going to be the 1st feature film shot. and please, now it will reported the tell the story of a russian doctor who rushes to the international space station to save the life of a constable. not there. now again, we are, as you can see at the mission control center, just very close outside of moscow. and so far as we understand everything is going well. everything is going according to schedule. the crew has already said farewell to the rest of the astronaut and cosmo. not present right now at the international space station. and now of the spacecraft has undocked from the station. now the 2 person filming crew is coming back to earth,
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a company to by russian cosmonaut. i lick naveed ski and he's coming back to earth after spending 191 days in space. now this is, it is his 3rd emission in space and overall he's going to a law $531.00 days in space across 3 separate flights. now we expect the return cap, so would be accurate fuel apc's, the director, and a film producer kinship panko, as well as the russian cosmonaut layer canadian sky to reach earth. and just about 40 minutes. again, we're coming to live from the russian emission control center, bringing you all the latest on the return of our filming crew, a, back to earth, and we will keep you updated as new is something you're going to happen with. and it will be us being caught up with you throughout the morning here to
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make sure that everything goes smoothly here to keep everyone posted on this special coverage. what are you into national? you mentioned pet, a sealed sher panko as well. you know, these are 2 parents i've had to feel has 2 daughters should. panko has 3 children as well. at 7 o'clock in the morning. now you've got to imagine they're probably wearing pajamas, a bit nervous, watching their parents, you know, come down from all, but it's going to be a pretty tend to time. but a very exciting nonetheless. with, you know, we'll, we'll catch up with you very soon, please. well correspond to the call to tina rosco is in context on right now to cover the landing as it happens now the 2 hours ahead of most good time. so it's about 9 in the morning now because it's done and by can all. but earlier he did brief us about the preparations on the ground the.


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