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oh ah oh, the 1st ever space film crew returns to earth, a russian movie director and on that chris are back from 12 days of shooting on the international space station. will bring you the moment of the landing on reactions to the historic flight in our special coverage this hour. to be honest, i feel a little sad to day such a thing happens once in a lifetime of so he was croup, was like a roller coaster and we were just enjoying it. and and in our tell stories of the week, vladimir putin rejects claims that russia is weapon noisy or withholding natural gas. as europe grappled with high prices, the president also agrees to boost supplies to the e. u while seeing the blog brought the crisis on itself. the french
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government report concludes not hundreds of thousands of crime in 4th committed by a catholic clergy against children. since then, like the 50s, we speak to one of them. when we came to france, that was 89 years old. so i spent almost 2 years stay until i was sexually assaulted by bernard. pray not what is shameful is not apologizing for an atrocity committed, incompetent institutions on hundreds of children. ah, with they telling stories from the past 7 days and right up to the moment developments as well. this is the weekly an rti hello and welcome. we begin with our special coverage of a trio blazing russian film cruise to return to earth from the international space station actress tuleya per slit and director of clemency. panko spent
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a total of 12 days on board. the i assess making the world's 1st movie shot in orbit. ah ah. so it is another cosmic milestone, the soviet union sent the 1st person into space on russia is not picking up the baton with another historical moment in time making a movie in orbit. here's the moment the crew parish should have done on to cassock so oh, so it was cool. who was like ro? acosta and we were just enjoy it. everything was sparkling outside the window. we
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had a lot of font with when our flight was nearly over, we didn't want to return neff, it's such a thing happens once in a lifetime, giving them the incredible memories, are they returning true? well now actually have to undergo a 3 day rehabilitation process. their spacecraft named after the 1st person in space eureka garden, undock from the international space station at 4 15 am moscow time on sunday. the descent taking 3 and a half hours. so it is indeed our unique moment for russia. it's space industry and the word lift center. you can see our full coverage of the historic lending and ortiz, you tube channels for now though,
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here some of the highlights from earlier in the day. ah, ah, the soviet union was 1st to send a dog into space, then they sent the 1st man and woman. and now russia is aspiring to get another 1st and that is filming a feature movie in orbit and actress. and a film director spent 12 day to the international space station shooting scenes for that space drama. let me introduce you to the crew of his historic flight. julia pettis sailed right here is a russian film that star and stage actress. she has appeared in dozens of films and tv series, and she's also a founding member of the charity foundation. gulch should knock which helps children with disabilities. she's also the mother of 2 daughters. right now, to the film's director who also works as a producer and a writer as well. a movie make
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a through and through mr. clim ship panko. now he's the father of 3, and was recently behind several successful movies in russia, including that of salute. cm more salute 7. now on a lighter note, chapin goes already set a bit of a record in space because he's not a small man. in fact, he is the tallest russian to ever get into space and go to the international space station. ah. in his little groups else is on us, usually middle grades and ah, so much with
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ah, it's of remiss nasir mutually put dial if need be leonor manure good, nor goods, isabella sheet museum company, we are usually is not just suki at vdm foreman year by you linear, unethical, small chest, all these, yes. the who g for the more will is which you use your room, you got to some, when you most could voice are pretty easily. qu, voicemail soup with you can use the last my little news line you by yet to partner
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with when you look at us, your panko and parasol during this pre flight training. of course, it was an expedited 4 month course, but they all went through all, i guess you could say the checks and balances that are required for a cause middleton training. they all passed with flying colors, but when you see them experimenting there in 0 gravity, i mean, it looks a bit of a bumpy right. to be honest with you, but let's take a look now and what set to be the 1st ever feature film made in space. now the movies working title is that of the challenge. now it tells the story of
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a surgeon played by pet who is sent to the international space station to perform life saving hot surgery on a customer who's actually played by real life commander. only nobody etzky who is as we speak, guiding the film, proved back home. now there were 3000 applicants with lead role, and not all of them were professional actresses at all. well, obviously space travel can be a very risky business that back in 2018. that was a saw. you was rocket failure. that happened right off the lift off. and luckily the crew kept that cool and they came away unscathed after an emergency landing. as we understand that have been no accidents since. now, one of the trickiest aspects of space travel is out of the landing and here is how that is done a follow up with,
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with, with, ah, well, okay. i, there is a lot of like growing anticipation tension over here. and of course, a lot of excitement. i can tell you that a lot of people are here. are filming crews that many, many journalists, and of course of family members of those at the actress you live pretty sealed and have film director and film producer cream. she panko, they are family members and friends are also here supporting them, their return and em here joined life by the yacht, mother, mother, alpha clean as well as his sister. thank you so much for being here with us. i know you've been here for a long time already. how do you feel? no, well styling, but we were tired even before they went on the flight. it's challenging emotionally . we support them and watch them on their screens behind us. we are very excited
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and want to send positive energy to them so they can withstand everything. it was an absolutely amazing experience. we had a cool from the i assess from space. it's just like a science fiction movie. i think this whole experience is a great moment of joy for them. and of course for us, what we're looking at here is the m. s. a teen space capsule, the parachute in full display for you. now you've got to imagine off to 12 days and space of the international space station that they've got to be feeling a bit of relief right now. because at this point, they know they've been through the most dangerous part of the trip. they successfully flew up to the i assess, successfully spend 12 days their opening at 17 and a half 1000 kilometers per hour. where with very difficult issues with the gravity they made, i guess the 1st feature filled in space can't wait to see the editing job. when they come back down to terra firma, another film crew making its way home. now, isn't this special for just being the 1st or shoot this movie? maybe in space of
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a pre flight training. it took only 4 months compared with the minimum 2 year old deal. for cosmo in order to do it properly, eulley had a sealed and claimed panko passed that medical and fitness exams with flying colors . and another 1st for the trip is that the sort you spacecraft is being operated by just one command at this time without the help of a professional flight engineer. and it's all seen as helping make commercial space flight ever more viable. as far as we understand, tom cruise is very disappointed in this because in the past year or so, tom cruise announced the next the mission impossible movie will be will be working with nasa and a lot of musk and that we filmed in space. but guess what, tom cruise yet just a bit too late. the russians got that 1st. it's not a matter of having some cases for everybody. i've had a sylvan ship hanging. well, we put on to 2 private jets. they'll be whisked back here to the moscow region. where for a few weeks,
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they have to be monitored. that help has to be checked or touched down. we've got a downright hip re select navy sky came out of the landing capsule. then he was followed by glimpse cream. she panko. and finally, we saw you and everyone was smiling and we figure out over here that the landed safely and that everything went according to the plan and everything was fine. now we even watch over here a weaving to be crowns of people that were reaching him. there at the landing site in the remote area of kansas. and also it was quite a relief to see us smiling when she got out of the lending capsule. of course, it is quite a journey for them. they spend 12 days in space. filming the 1st feature movie that was shot in space. it is really a historic moment for everyone here. well, it's a resounding success here with our
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t international. and for all those involved in this amazing feature film project. the 1st feature film being filmed in space while the russians are now back terra firma. and it's a basically a case of mission accomplished. well as crackle, no more of the week's news that vladimir putin has rejected claims that russia is using natural gas as a weapon on driving all prices. speaking of the russian energy week for him, he also pledged to supply more gas if europe requested the president stress the importance of the no completed nor stream to gas pipeline under the baltic sea, which is still awaiting the final green light from europe. possessed this yellow book, as far as north stream, too, was concerned. what opponents of the project have claimed that this is not a commercially viable product and rushes pursuing geopolitical motivations. while you know this is yet another piece of nonsense. just please pay closer attention to
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what i'm saying. this route is 2000 kilometers, shorter and quicker to our main consumers in europe than via ukraine. easy. 2000 kilometers more efficient. it's cheaper because transit is cheaper. and it's also cheaper for customers because the transit fee has to be included in the end price in particular for european customers. we are doing this despite our political differences. this year we have increased supply by 10 percent thing that we would very much like them to be grateful. instead of only criticizing us more. no. so william katrinka was covering russian energy week for us in moscow. here, just recap of wedding stays eventful opening day. first, a quick look into the context of lot of my food, his latest remarks during the russian energy week. the global post coven power demand has been on the up. and that led to major changes in the supply chain, 2 major disturbances and even shortages. now,
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the prices for natural gas futures in europe have absolutely skyrocketed. they went down a bit. but in the meantime, russia was being accused of politicizing the matter. and for years this country has been under fire for its infrastructure projects in the field like the north stream to however, this crisis led to reassessment and this is what the russian leader has been talking about for a while. and he also brought up what he called mistakes and the european energy policy that led to the christ. and i guess the fire prices on gas in europe are a consequence of a deficit of energy and not vice versa. and that's why you should not shift the blame over the last 10 years, step by step systematic flaws were introduced into the european energy system. and they lead to a massive energy crisis. for any market, stability and predictability are important. and russia flawlessly fulfills its contractual obligations to our partners, including our partners in europe. we,
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in short guaranteed uninterrupted gas deliveries to europe. we have every reason to believe that this year we will reach record levels of gas deliveries on the global market. when prices are volatile, when they're going through the roof, what can help with that extra supplies? president prudent said that there was not a single occasion when rushes energy joined gas from refused a request from europe for additional natural gas exports. and when mr. brewton was asked a straightforward question whether moscow has ever used the energy sector as a political weapon. his answer was straightforward. no, want to ask you about it directly. has russia been using energy as a weapon? russia is not using any weapons. if you've been paying attention as for the economy, where are we using weapons in what conflicts are we taking part and for the economy? this is not something we tend to use. this is what i call a politically motivated talk to which there's nothing to support it when it comes to saying that we use energy as some kind of weapon at the end of the day. i guess
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the question is, how can you expect europe to believe you're a reliable energy partner when you're not supplying that energy via the pipeline? because she was, if you're a beautiful woman, but i'm saying one thing to you and you're saying a different thing to me as if you haven't heard what i said, mister president with what was the same point was you and you said that you are not supplying gas through pipelines to europe, but actually you are mistaken. you are mistaken in all of those who feed on the information they receive. we are actually increasing our supplies to europe because prom increased supplies by 10 percent. and overall russia increased them by 15 percent. we have increased gas supply through pipelines by 10 percent and increased l. n g supply by 13 percent. we are increasing but will not decreasing our gas supply to europe. the number one ingredient in mr. perkins recipe for the volatility in prices. not to come back. any time soon, that is
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a long term contracts when gas prices aren't fixed, but they depend on the current market situation and the oil prices. by the way, what's a major cause for concern for us? some very important european politicians is the transit of russian natural gas through ukraine beyond 2024. well, lot of our putin said that russia is ready to keep that in place, as long as it knows how much gas europe is willing to buy in the future. i. e, he ones, these long term contract. again, what russia ones is stability and predictability. we have a tranquil take is through russian energy week. now still ahead on art. see a darling french government report reveals hundreds of thousands of crimes against children over the past. 17 years covered up by the catholic clergy. we heard from the victims to the brain.
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ah ah with so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have
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a tree that even foundation let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time. time to sit down and talk. oh, you're back with the weekly recomp. the topic catholic bishop in france has apologized on backtracked after claiming church secrecy is above the law. he was earlier reprimanded by the interior minister for saying that when priest learn of crimes during confession, they're not compelled to tell the police. it follows on inquiry which on earth, more than $300000.00 alleged sex crimes against children in the french catholic church since the 1950s. we spoke with the fonder of
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a victims association who himself suffered abuse. danelle hill false. when we came to france, i was 8 and 9 years old, my parents wanted me to join this scout group. so i spent almost 2 years there until i was sexually assaulted by bernard. pray not, i found myself alone with him and the door was closed. he hugged me. it lasted around 15 minutes and he was saying something i couldn't understand. i didn't understand what was happening. and i remember having my head completely crushed. i was completely crushed against his belly and i remembered the phi both the fabric and the collar. he shut his smell. this childhood trauma is engraved in my memory of very precise details. according to the independent report, there have been nearly 3000 perpetrators among the catholic church workers since the 1950s. more than 300000 minors were abused mostly boys age between the ages of 10 and 13. the vast majority of the crimes have passed. the statute of limitations,
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meaning, and account be prosecuted fronts were to fo, again, believes that covering up such heinous acts as a matter of church policy was shown, cushion was off. so i told my parents about the incident, they took me out of the discount group further, but then they were harassed by the whole local community. now, a catholic neighbourhood who accused my parents of harming the church. they protected me from this. they tried to get the priest to leave and they succeeded after 8 months of fighting. but i had to live with the reality that this had happened to see. i couldn't hide it from my family. i couldn't wall myself thin. when i understood the magnitude of it, i told myself that the day would come when i could confront this evil force and kill it. and that i would not miss the opportunity i should. because i'm certain that this atrocious crime swarm the organization on concealment of our evil is a little bit we have in front of us. the vatican with all his power was to my
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strength, is that my opponents of understood that? nothing. oh stop me sir. i have nothing to lose. the investigating commission i must fulfill is responsibilities is required. good for frances has expressed his great sorrow over the findings. he call the report a moment of shame for the entire catholic church and for him personally, but francois de ville. thanks. they show of remorse from the pontiff is not enough plow aunt the 2nd bus excuses. what is shameful is not apologizing for an atrocity committed in catholic institutions on hundreds of children. the pope has never ever sent a single message. never tried to contact us, but it's his responsibility we're talking about. it's not about his shame. we don't care about his shame. one cannot commit crimes and simply say, i'm ashamed for the crimes i have committed. it doesn't work like that. the pope received cardello barbarian,
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but he did not receive the victims. he did not receive the victims associations despite the media coverage. divine justice is based on the statue of limitations for sex crimes against minors. is that your religion? is that what you are explaining to us? you are a shipwreck of spirituality and a source of shameful humanity. pope frances, that's what i said to you may with the u. k. really over the terrace stabbing of an mp security's taken center stage. the home secretary say she intends to beef or protection for politicians, not just in public, but also possibly online. would you consider a legislation to remove a right to anonymity on social media? i want to slick and everything in there is what taken place already was a security review was triggered by the killing of veteran conservative and p. sir
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david amos. he died after being stopped multiple times last week. well, meeting constituents of a church in the south east county of essex, a 25 year old suspect is in custody after being arrested by police least declared that killing a terrorist incident. the ones are social and political commentator leaves at highlight serious state security feelings. first of all, this is not an attack on democracy, and there is not a war between islam and democracy, terrorists and democracy. this was a failure in state security. this was a failure in protecting m p 's jobs. we failed to protect jo cox, 5 years ago, david amos was not protected now. people become criminals and terrorists and somebody is putting the strings we need to find out who is behind this. we need to find out how or why he was radicalized who inspired him. this isn't about saying these people are self radicalize and rushing things in. i've been the victim of online abuse. i think i was the 1st earliest you had a, a,
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a death threat on twitter which became a criminal prosecution. it was years and years ago. i read articles i met with kissed army. when was the head of director of public prosecutions. about how we stop online hate online radicalization. it doesn't take for an m p to do this. i think there are going to be a trance of measures which the british government have had, obviously which they're now going to use the so david amos is a tragic murder to roster, and that isn't how we should be doing politics. the vice president of liberian yesterday's guest on world to parts and she has tackling the big questions including what must be done for africa to finally take a significant place on the world each thus next ah ah, it's been decade since the fall of spain's fascist regime but old wound still haven't
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tailed, your and you can go into them. because on the phone with nichol fee to market people to me to bowl said cutting me on the bus at the station, you know, with thousands of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption. they don't really bottom on are you still fiesta that are my own robots? i feel a little minute to this day. mother's still search for grown children while adults look in hope for their birth parents. ah with
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mm. welcome to was the part. it's been 80 years since philosopher eric from identified 2 types of freedom, freedom from to be no one slave and freedom to to be the master of your own faith. and while we all idealized the latter achieving, the former, the freedom from use and abuse is no small feat in this day and age, especially for africa, which has been exploited for so many centuries under various pretext. what needs to happen for the continent to truly take its deserve with place in the world. to discuss that i'm now joined by vice president of liberia jewel hoard taylor. madame vice president is a great on a great privilege. great, great pleasure for me to talk to thank you very much for allowing us some time. thank you for this opportunity. i'm really truly grateful. now most countries including russia, have the names, went to them by history. it's, it was shade by certain chain of historic events,
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but you represent one of the very few countries in the world that consciously chosen its own name. and they're very meaningful as was somewhat controversial name . liberia, the land of freedom. is that still an aspiration, or is it already a reality? well, you know, we were deliberate about the name that we chose. liberia, the land of liberty and freedom were the 1st country on the continent that was free . we were not colonized anyway, even though those who came to create liberia had been slaves. but i think the freedom that they sought from which they have been denied for more than former years, definitely played into what they decided to do in the end. so it's no longer an aspiration as it relates to a freedom to be the issue that we're dealing with now is economic freedom. how do we now make sure that we use the resources god has given us human natural resources to benefit and encourage our young people to take control of their destinies?


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