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ah, join us in the depths ah, or remain in the shallows. ah, ah, our top story, this, our russia and months is it's to suspend a work girl bits, permanent mission, 10 nato, in brussels, from november. first, the measure is a response to nato's decision earlier this month to expel 8 russian mugs. my reaction, i'll not coming up in moments. also ahead, ready for action. russia fills one section of the nord stream to pipeline with natural gas and awaits the final green light. from regulators to start supplying europe. as the commissioner warns energy, poverty on the continent is set to rise, tortured on jail for 17 years without we explore the case of pakistani national, who still in guantanamo despite being cleared for release after it emerged he'd
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been mistaken for a terrorist. and a former researcher at google accuses the tech joins of using races to algorithms. tim, that's a get. bruce spoke to ortiz going underground. there's lots of me, i think, all right, a lot of dpi, a tools, and ah, 247 news live from the russian capital. this is our t always good to have your company. my name's you know, me. russia is pulling the plug on its permanent mission to nato. the suspension of its membership is in response to the alliance, kicking out a number of russian diplomats for alleged by ortiz, roman culture, have,
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has more russian foreign minister made the announcement on monday, saying that says, starting on november. first, moscow will completely suspend the operations of its mission to nato, and from now on any emergency communications between the u. s. lead block and russia will be done through the russian embassy in belgium, while an ambassador, alpha, nate member states in moscow chosen by the allies, can perform similar functions here in russia. so this guns, just 2 weeks after nato announced that it would expel 8 russian diplomats for a legend, undisclosed espionage at its brussels headquarters. and that should be in effect on the 1st of november as well. well, according to the russian foreign ministry, it became yet another move on. nato's behalf to use the so called russian threats as a unifying factor for the alliance. and another reason to remain in international demand
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is here from the russian. foreign minister nichol will use noun. you put a, cham siro explanation was given for the expulsions. and a few days before the announcement we met with mister stilton burke in new york. he stressed that nato had a sincere interest in normalizing relations with russia, so as to deescalate tensions on the european continent. but we weren't particularly surprised by the decision. so it all confirms that nato is uninterested in equal dialogue or join work, sir deal. i've added that the nato information bureau and moscow will also be shut down as a result. why? meanwhile, the nato international secretary, it has already been notified and the russian foreign ministry statement added that it is not expecting any shift in relationship with nato. in the near future full, i'm delighted to welcome on to the program international, a 1st commentator jonathan steele, for his take good to have you on the show, jonathan. have you ever seen anything like this before?
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not exactly, but i think nature russian relations are pretty bad already. so this is where i just can't find something that has been to reality and practice for several months . we do recall in 2014 military cooperation was ended over the issue in georgia. is it a significant, is it this bothers about? do you think lovers to do also with ukraine and crimea? and the activities, oppression, military forces used in ukraine and nature indeed suspended operations that reduce still have the bilateral relationship between washington moscow, which is the most important thing, biden and coach and have met. and they've agreed to cooperate on certain issues. so you know where the tracking nature is as an edge is not being involved anymore. it's not really a major change yet in terms of practice, what it actually means. what will the missions absence?
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how really know on thought, how big a rule essentially didn't have until now. as you know, well, it didn't really do very much. it was a tray saving exercise from the very beginning. nature expanded into the area that had used to be done by the war packed in the cold war 7 days. and the russians didn't like that and never reconciled themselves fully to that expansion of nature . and of course, deployed troops and baltic states choose to be part of the soviet union. and not that have been really accepted by the russians either. so, as i say, these counsels and meetings that are set up between nature and russia. we're really stay save to try and imply that some cooperation is going on. but as i said before, bilateral issues can us and america, in russia and american already the most important thing. the nature involvement is
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secondary thing anyway. in terms of nato, how bothered you think there will be by this decision, you have striegel of rough saying earlier, they're not interested in dialogue anyway. well, that's exactly how to share any real interest in doing anything. they continue to hold military exercises very close to the russian border and they haven't given up trying to get ukraine and ga into nature as to members. so which irritates nations enormously. so nature has not changed. its activities. and political and international activities and russia is increasing in patient river in terms of the 8 diplomats that were expelled moscow sees it wasn't given any official explanation for thought and it does seem to be vague when you read in twit, how did you take that? when you read about that, well, they did, the nature didn't change your spine, sir,
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in a way to identify russians can really expect nathan to give all the evidence because it would be sensitive, perhaps giving away how they got the information from whom they got the information they did say that it was to do and spying russians. germany deny, got their non kicking out in russian information a to information jury from moscow, which is just to point out italian trade exercise. jonathan, thanks very much today. always good to have you on the program. jonathan steele international, the 1st commentator rush has taken a major step forward in reading the north stream to pipeline to pump natural gas in millions of european homes. the 1st of 2 sections has not been filled to that require pressure. the operator of it work is under way to fill the rest of the network, which links russia to germany via the baltic sea, the pipeline, by the way, it only needs final approval from european regulators. and it's,
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of course, comes as europe is grip by an energy crisis with gas prices recently passing in all time. how much of the media has pointed the finger at russia for that this might moscow honoring its gas contracts, and promising to supply our t shirt to ben ski takes up the story. well, more concern here in the you over a possible winter crisis because of this increasing cost in energy, particularly gas, so much so that the ease own labor commissioner is warning that this winter, many more people could be pushed into fuel poverty. there are already millions of people suffering from energy poverty, and that number could increase the commission could help e u. countries to limit the effects of the current high energy prices on people. but it was primarily up to national governments to take action. already we understand that around 2700000 households across the block are facing difficulties in reasonably heating that home. and those are individuals who are in jobs at the
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moment. so that figure doesn't include pensioners. it doesn't include students and it doesn't include the unemployed to the actual figure is far higher than that. and while some e member states have already taken measures to try and shield the most vulnerable form, these price increases. other politicians are rather looking to point the blame elsewhere, and the finger is wagging towards russia with many saying that russia is responsible for this crisis that been countless, i magazine articles, debates on tv and radio, and even front covers all suggesting there's just like this recent front cover in germany on the focus magazine are, which says that putin, his cast off energy to germany, that a, he's waging a war and he's raising the prices using gas as a weapon. well, that has baffled some in germany, including the countries outgoing chancellor anglo merkel. who is not somebody known
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to min, so words says this good kiner to my knowledge there are noses russia has said we will deliver it to you, especially not with regard to the pipeline in ukraine. russia can only deliver gas on the basis of contractual obligations. and not just only like at the moment russia supplies around 50 percent of the use gas in doing the pandemic that did taper off a little bit. but when it said that the supplies are back to normal at the moment, and there were some, unless you say, you know, this is nothing to do with russia. this is all a problem that is, be made by the e. u itself until a few years ago. the european energy market was very stable, characterized by 10 to 15 year gas contracts with russia. but then brussels wanted to introduce more flexibility with fuel along to him con trucks to reduce its dependence of russian gus that by increasing price volatility and feeding the current crisis. or that decision has seen companies having to via the gas on the
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open market, meaning that they've been in competition with other markets such as the asian market. and it's just not that that some see is the problem. others have pointed the idea towards the fact that the e u is pushing too fast, too hard to move to green energy sources at the same time. it's not done enough to get those sources working while it's been aggressively shutting down gas fields domestically. and it's been taxing heavily carbon fuel power station, all of which, which is contributed to this issue. so possibly not as sexy is pointing the blame russia and saying that president putin is waging a war on europe. but it does seem as if that is the reality of many of the problems that europe is facing ahead of this possible winter of discontent. after being tortured and held captive for 17 years,
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a pakistani national has finally been cleared for released from america's guantanamo bay prison. that might sound like good news for him, but being cleared doesn't actually mean he walks free and it's all happening despite washington admitting he should never have been detained in the 1st place or senior correspondent, murat. gusty of can tell us why. mohammed rabbani is one of one of them obeys longest serving inmates 17 years and one month he has been locked up in get mo, by all accounts, innocent, never charged with any terror related offences never brought to trial. once a taxi driver, his crime was that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. on september, the 10th 2000 t, pakistani authorities arrested 2 individuals believe to be has ankle and his driver outside the apartment complex. by september, the 11th 2002, it was determined that an individual named mohammed acc, mad,
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glamour of bonnie or sinners, abu bader and his driver, were arrested and not ass and go. the awful irony here is that the real her son, gall bin laden's messengers, he's known, who rabbani was mistaken for was captured and handed over to the cia in 2004. he was later released in 2007 went back to his old ways and was killed in a drone strike. and still mohammed rabbi the is serving someone else as time in guantanamo the years and the president came and went. they admitted that the arrest was a case of mistaken identity, and yet he is still there. guantanamo is all about lies, hypocrisy and broken promises. they promised me that they might let me out for a view of my detention, but that came to nothing. you can almost track his tragedy in released cia and pentagon documents. he was initially tortured at the sole pit and atoria cia jail
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in afghanistan, where terrible things were done to inmates to extract confessions, raw body was allegedly identified as the man mentioned, and several cia torture memos who was hung by his wrists in arm chains. and who attempted to amputate his own hands to stop the pain being cleared for least may be a personal victory for him. but in practice, in bond on him obey. that doesn't mean anything. one of my clients, homes, hotel california, it me, you can check out. but you can never leave for men are still there though they were cleared over 10 years ago. but at least we're now going to be arguing about when he should go home, rather than whether, what little joy and hope there is to be had. this is knowing that he has a son waiting for him, a son who was born after his arrest and about whom he only found out when the boy
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was 6 years old. just imaginable life would be like for your family without your father. just imagine what it would be like if your father was at guantanamo, how could they ruin 20 years of someone's life? there is no way of knowing when the e for a body will be released and what he will make of a world of a life that he was deprived of by mistake. the scars from torture, the, the trauma from long years of isolation, the stigma of being a guantanamo inmate will always stay with her body as will memories of the war and terra's churning merciless military bureaucratic machine that even upon realizing its mistake, took years to correct it former us secretary of state colin powell has died at the age of 84. he passed away on monday morning with the cause of death stated as covered 19 complications. foul was one of the most
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prominent figures in us politics serving under multiple precedence during his long career. he was appointed states secretary in 2001 becoming the 1st black individual to serve in the post. the 4 star army general also held the highest military position in the u. s. under george bush senior and bill clinton. there were controversial moments in his tenure at the forefront of american politics to perhaps most notable his 2003 address to the un. paula made the case for the u. s. invasion of iraq by holding up a vile of white powder to insinuate the country had weapons of mass destruction. he was widely accused of telling the assembly misleading are outright lies and of citing fabricated. intel, he survived by his wife and 32 a former a i researcher at google. hows accused the tech joint of rump and surveillance,
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specifically targeting ethnic minorities to mit get broo left google last year. she said she was fired for writing an article, exposing racism in the tech joint algorithms. google to insist the research resigned. your bruce spoke to ortiz going underground program. we will be hearing the full interview throughout the day. here's part of what is on the ethical ai. there's lots of a sudden, i think, all right, a lot of of a p eyes that sell automated automated issue and that is tools we showed that they were much at their they had much higher error rates for darker skinned women than lighter skinned men. this is with ignition. yeah, yeah. and that spurred a lot of movement because a lot of people have been worried about surveillance related technology anyway. so that spurred a lot of movement to ban some of these at the use of some of these technologies by law enforcement, because they're mostly used to surveil
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a lot of marginalized communities. and so for me, that's an ethical, a palestinian, he wrote good morning on facebook and it was translated to attack them. and people didn't even see the initial didn't check to see what he initially wrote. they wrote, they saw the translation and they arrested him. so this was a google translate era, this was, this was a facebook translate here, that the underlying technology of large language did. they all use large language model. so what we were saying was sometimes when you have machine translation, you get these cues when you have when, when you have errors, right? you can see that the grammar is not quite right. you can see that something is wrong. but with these large language models, you can have something that sounds so fluent and coherent, and it's completely wrong. so you only with these companies. but why would these companies visiting?
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there's no malice there. there's a mistake in the algorithm and in the, in the software engineering, why would they seek to minimize the publicity given to papers that showed these areas so that they could, i went in. i would disagree that there is no malice is large language models because fume a lot of compute only the people with these kinds of huge compute powers are going to be able to use these large language models. and that leads what to what we talked about as being environmental, racism, that people who benefit from large language models are not the people who are paying the cost in germany is being gripped by an incident of a legit antisemitism. it's after a german singer claimed he was asked to put away his store of david nicholas in order to chicken out a hotel that led to a police investigation. however,
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newly released security video was raised thought on whether the much disgust names are actually accurate. let's get more on the story note from our europe correspondent peter oliver. hi peter. the incident are indeed alleged incidents are getting a lot of attention in germany, i believe, tickers through it. right, this all took place on october, the 4th with jill of ferry. and he's a famous thing, a and actor as well. here in germany, he was trying to check in to the hilton hotel in the city of light sake. there was an altercation and he was told he couldn't get access to the hotel unless he put away a star of david that he was wearing on a chain. now that we know about this, because after the incident in question mr. far you went outside, took a video on his phone and wish he which he relate and impassioned version of the events from his viewpoint. here with my chain than
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someone shouts put his dar david away. he says if i put it away, i can check in with the video was watched by over 3400000 people. a prompted a well protest outside of the hilton hotel in leipzig. hundreds of people coming out to say no to anti semitism. we also saw the 2 employees who were in the, the front desk at the time suspended, as well as police looking into it as a continued investigation even got so far as we had the foreign minister of germany giving his comments on the incident. i am stunned by the anti semitic insult that jill of foreign had to endure. many jews are exposed to this anti semitism every day in our country. leipzig is not an isolated case.
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on the 12th of october, gyla fare and filed a criminal complaints over what happened. what he says happened in leipzig with the police in munich now, fast forward to this weekend and it's emerged in the press that the c, c, t, the footage from the entrance to the hotel, as well as from the lobby of the hotel, has been lead to the press here, and there's no audio to the video, so we can't confirm anything about shouts that he was told to put the star away. but what we can see from the video is it appears, seemingly quite clearly that mr. afar, him certainly isn't wearing the star visibly as he had initially claimed he was, he has said since one show in the video that he had it on underneath his shirts. and he also said that he can't really confirm one way or the other, whether he was wearing the, the star of david visibly or not. what this has done though, as well, raised an awful lot of questions about his version of events. mister fy,
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him says in no way did he lie to the police. the police in leipzig though have said that they have what they call serious concerns about the version of events that they were initially when they were initially told about this incident. this was a huge story here in germany as well as further afield around europe. a lot of media attention for this. what we have seen is one of the, the hotel stuff file, a defamation case of their own against mr. far. i'm the investigation continues into trying to get to the bottom of exactly what happened in life sake. on the 4th of october, through that from the german capital or europe correspondent peter oliver cooper. numbers are causing alarm in russia, with almost a 1000 people dying from the virus in the past 24 hours with more on the r t
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corresponding done. i'm sure. it seems like a one grim record after another. i have a set or smashed as regards covey. cases in russia, the over 34000 that's been reported in the past 24 hours is a new high for daily covey cases that comes up to figures released on saturday. that confirmed the death toll in russia from cove it had surpassed 1000 for the 1st time since a virus image, that's 1000 daily deaths. the worst hit area, of course, has been the most popular to see the capital moscow for the past 5 days. now that had been over 6000 daily covey cases. now, despite those figures were not expecting any luck downs, that could be a return to some light measures. some temporary measures, such as the q r code for attendance, 2 bars and restaurants. some restrictions on attendance. president putin had said to reason will make that decision to bring a measures to combat the rising covey cases. criminal spokesman to meet you,
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pass code has said that the population has every opportunity to go out and get vaccinated. 31 percent now of the russian population that have got the vaccine us around $45300000.00 russians. it was announced recently the in moscow 30 express coal with vaccine stations had been set up in the city. the population being to go out and get the job that will be no lockdown, of course. as long as the hospital workers can deal with the flow of covey cases. but for now, the way out of the situation to stop those records being broken is very much inoculation rather than lock downs saying we're trying to virus in italy, cobra it passes are non mandatory for all workers sparking angry protest nationwide, including at the point of tree s in the northeast of the country, police, as you can see there resorted to water cannon to remove demonstrators who are
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blocking access to the in hub to qualify for a new cobit pass. you have to be vaccinated of a negative p c r test or have recovered from the virus in the past 6 months, or 140 percent of the workers out the transport currently don't one without that, they face the label to the u. k. a couple only i'll of lights are suing the government over transgender guidelines given to their school nigel unsullied ro explain the problem to our, to be had to situations in our school when our boys with the 86. so the 1st one was when i just he came hire and said that his a friend, asco, a boy, had turned up school and announced that he was now at gal. and that he was going to be killed by a ghost name. i'm so there was no consultation with the parents for their
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warning. it just just came about, right. that's an up say this was, this is totally new to us and then and then 2 years later, we also had a very similar situation with our 6 year old. and the boy would come sometimes dressed as a boy, sometimes just to go. he just came home and said, i'm really confused. can boys become gowns? can girls become voice? on the couples, legal case focuses on an education policy called a cornwall schools. transgender guidelines are introduced in 2015. now schools are advised to have gender neutral toilet celluloid pupils. to work close that reflect their sunni and gender identity rather than their biological sex. sallie ro, again, thinks teachers are afraid to question the recommendations. to teach. just think that this is no and it's not just guidelines, but they are. they are actually scared the head teach you when we said this is
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crazy. why would you just allow his child one day to where boys you to 4 and then the next the gallon choosing from day to day, which is the 2nd situation for us. and he said, i, i have no choice, i just have to accept it if i don't like my job. but the problem is government approach pushed, putting these guidelines as best practice. and they've been doing this since 2017, 2019 as best patters. we've challenged the government on this and they went back down on it. people say when brains speaking out a new say there's a lot of, there are lots of parents, brown parents and teachers who are really, really grateful that we are speaking out about it. cuz we're speaking on behalf of many, many hundreds of thousands of people who feel the same west aster, but a sketch to speak out. well, let me just tell you what the u. k. department for education is said. it's reviewed the rules complained on fall and no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the
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school. it also said the schools approach to gender identity was called focused on the well being of pupils know we spoke with transgender rights activists. definitely, hayden, about the case. no one's promoting anything. this is about charles, it was expressed a wish to wear the clothing as i understand commonly associated with students. this is not about the child of the parents concerned and to be having legal battles and one of the highest courtney guns whilst about the close data, not the child was it seems to me absolutely ridiculous. a waste of the resources of the legal system. and quite frankly, an attempt by parents with a particular christian point of view which is fine, but to impose dock view. although it's not just to point out, we did speak to other parents who were not of a christian faith as well,
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and assured that you of the rose often forgot not in the black lives matter, normative arrest, release indigenous community. next week, chronicle the orphan project. modern story of aboriginal peoples in our short dock . i can't breathe, stay close with ah you with a thing, why did you burn down the community.


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