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[000:00:00;00] the re, homes in washington and new york owned by relatives of russia, billionaire, all of their pasco, business bands representatives say the move is linked to us. sanction all the prime minister lashes out of brussels, accusing it of a black male. that's after the commission. she frightens action against warsaw for rejecting european laws. we cannot and we will not allow our common values to be put at with the commission will actions and the options own. and the government extends emergency corona virus powers for another 6 months. as
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the country reports its highest daily over the death toll since march ah, or broadcast and live direct from our studios in moscow. this is art international . i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have with us. you know the f b. i has rated homes in washington and new york linked to russian business men and billionaire. all of their pasco tycoon, currently finds himself on a us sanctions list. agency later confirmed the search was authorized by a court. your passcode representative has dismissed claims. the rates were connected with a criminal investigation with foreign from tech traveling to one of the rated homes for it was an eventful tuesday morning here outside the home of all the very pasco, right? i could see f, b, i. agents are still coming through his $15000000.00 mansion here on the northwest side of d. c. for money, they don't know this name, but for some they are
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a member who is tied with paul mana for the former campaign. chairman of donald trump, who was convicted on fraud charges and then eventually pardoned by donald trump in his final month and office according to an f. b. i spokeswoman agents were conducting a quote, court authorized law enforcement activity, but didn't provide any more details as to why the f b. i was there. the property was surrounded by yellow tape giving restricted access only to the f b i. except when towing away his car in the front driveway, 53 year old jerry pasco was sanctioned back in 2018 by the trump administration. along with about 2 dozen other criminal officials, with close ties to president vladimir putin following alleged russian meddling and the 2016 presidential election. the latest rate is just another setback for dairy pasco, who recently sued over the sanctions. the judge dismissed his lawsuit back in june, and a 2016 court filing dairy pasco said he had difficulty getting
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a visa to travel to the us, but was able to use his diplomatic passport to visit new york 10 different times since 2009. many, do you see neighborhood over say on some of those trips he did visit the home and stay at the house, reviewing renovation. however, no word on the last time he actually visited the property no moments ago as of his broadcast. we actually saw the f b i tell away one of jerry pasco vehicles as to why the f b. i has not said they're not giving a news conference this afternoon whatsoever at this point. but we also do know that the u. s. has sanctioned every possible companies including his, the aluminum giant united company, russo and basic elements. now, jerry pasco vehemently denies any wrong billing, says that this is kind of a tactic for the united states to slander him, to ruin his wealth, his reputation, and his hard earned global assets. however, according to forbes, he is worth $4900000000.00 for
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r t. i'm fair in front back. there has been a testy exchange in the european parliament after the polish prime minister launched a tirade against you. institutions accusing them of overstepping their powers and even blackmailing his country. r t. the pesky tells us more fiery doesn't go half the way of describing some of the accusations that have been thrown there was mud slinging throughout this session at the european pol and by the polish permanence down also by m. p. 's right back at him. this was meant to be the opportunity for the polish prime minister to come to the european parliament to try and heal these divides these divisions between his country and the european union. his speech seemed to have done the exact opposite with emmy peas, accusing him of leading towards a government of totalitarianism and undermining the e. u. its foundations itself now might have ad skis talked about. some of the
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issues that you rip was facing. he refused to acceptance and it was not right for emmy please, to essentially blackmail other countries within the european union bite, threatening to withdraw or to hold back their funds. and he said that the constitutional law in poland would remain supreme to that of e. you law and he said that the idea of changing that would move the you towards a fully fledged governor bull state, which is not what members signed up for. now during his speech, he was clearly overstaying his welcome when he was interrupted and told to wrap up version of that is yep, of in the bridge for them of our managers, primarily the for 30 bravo. you have to come on of our no show us. sorry, chairman, i was told by the office of david sausalito that i was located at 3035 minutes. so
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i really was my time. i cannot confirm their success. and i think that certificate has the autopay have to go nothing completely. i'm. i'm coming to my ears, but don't the service there me please had plenty to say they said that the polish m . p was slyly leading his country to leave the european union. one said they thought it was nigel for all. she was talking at that session. while other emmy peas took the opportunity to congratulate the anti government protests that had been taking place in poland and suggesting perhaps if they should continue. i went to thank those polls who took to the streets who showed their faces to other poles . hundreds of thousands of them. real patriots took the streets with national flags, proud polish flags, and european flags in their hands. a patriot should not be a nationalist. we are all listen to your denials. but the truth is, your actions are
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a sly way to lead poland out of the union. unilateral eagle actions cannot be accepted and will have consequences, the sinister game that your playing is very clear. the sinister game is that you're putting upon the size, the constitutional court inside the polar and better politicized. those additional court is criticized by who, by the european court of justice during your speech. i was not sure if or worse, listening to your to nigel, fresh to what you have done is in fact putting an existential threat to your country. this is our road to exit. there is no room for alternative solutions. in other words, what you are proposing here and to day it's a constitutional backseat. the commission resident lavonne delaying with the mon did she and the commission act immediately,
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and the peace called on her to reject the recovery funds for poland. they called on her and the commission to trigger the rule of law conditionality, mechanism v d l herself vaughan, delay and said that the commission would do everything to ensure that it protect european citizens from threats. we cannot, and we will not allow our common values to be put at risk. the commission will act and the options are all known. first, option on fingerprints, where we legally challenge the judgment of the polish constitutional court. another option is the conditionality, mechanism, and other financial tools. the polish government has to explain to us how it intends to protect your appeal money. given this ruling of their constitutional court based was supposed to be an opportunity to make amends. say you low risk to bring poland back into the fold, the bosom of you,
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what transpired was anything but that with the peas basically realizing and saying out loud that they don't. ringback accept the pulse, the poland is on. judging by the session on tuesday, it seems that those divisions between poland and the rest of the e. u. even deeper and wider. moscow has strongly criticized ukraine's arrest of one of the leaders of the self proclaimed gun screech and the kremlin says the holding of the russian national undermines a peaceful settlement of the dumbass conflict. now hundreds gathered at the o. s. c, e monitoring office for the 6th day yesterday, demanding. andre shut off, be fried because of a few fire observer has been arrested by ukraine's military last week. he is accused of spying on the ukraine border. troops, attentions in the region are growing after the u. s. defense secretary dropped into
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ukraine on tuesday. where had this to say about his role in nato expansion. no 3rd country has, has a veto over nato's membership decisions. ukraine has, you heard me say earlier, has a right to decide its own future foreign policy. and, and we expect that they will be able to do that without any outside interference. is words come in the wake of a dramatic spike contentions between russia and nato. moscow signal that it's intent to pull the plug on its permanent mission to the block in brussels that will happen on november 1st. need those mission in the russian capital will also be close. the move is indirect response to the alliance earlier, kicking out a number of russian diplomats for alleged spying of the kremlin. meanwhile,
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has described any ukrainian bid to join nato as inexpensive every step too far. ukraine, this session to nato would be the worst case scenario. this is the scenario that goes beyond the red lines of russia's national interests. this is the scenario that could force russia to take active measures to ensure its own security. i. we spoke with former marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter and x u. s. senior security policy analyst, michael maloof, who both think such us provocation is not necessarily helpful for nato. i think this is all part of a concerted action by the united states once again, 22. 0, wraps it up. pressure on, on moscow. basically to contain russia in, in its own sphere of influence, going back to 2008, when, ah ha, us was trying to push a both thought georgia and ukraine into,
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into nato. but it was a, it was, it was the membership itself, of, of nato, which decided against such a move. nato needs to understand that if they make an effort to bring ukraine in, russia will take action and you know, the rushes that a nation to bluffs. i, i hope nato understands, is that the russians are prone to blushing. and when they talked about extreme reaction, extreme security situation, extreme means extreme. we're talking about war. and there's a real chance that nato will find it. so for the shooting war with russia over ukraine, one that it and out when and moreover one that united states is not in a position to come to their aid. you can government emergency corona, virus powers have been extended for another 6 months. this comes as the country recorded its highest daily called the death toll since march, but also as protests increasingly take place against vaccine. passports are correspondent in london. shoddy edwards dusty takes up the story. the house of
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commons has just waived through the government's flagship corona virus. act of 2020 . that's the $350.00 page act. the emergency powers as it swept through the government some time ago. introduce at the start of the pandemic. i'll now continue for an additional 6 months, so it went through without even a vote. today it was expected that the parliamentary body would be holding a vote on all of this, but literally there was no opposition to it. so it was just swept through opposition, though was on the streets of central london today. numerous protests is gathering all across central london fighting for their freedoms and their liberties, which they say this act actually denies them off. now i was that myself and for some hours there were numerous clashes with the police throughout the day. however, the most alarming incident on the streets has to be when the cabinet,
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minnesota michael. gov was accosted by these protest as they coordinated pounced on the him, essentially accusing him of all sorts of things throughout at the pandemic. it was then that please should him into a nearby building the department for transport right here in westminster, offering him that much needed protection. ah, ah, ah, ah, essentially these activists today say there is no need for these emergency powers that basically allow the government to keep its unprecedented powers in place. interestingly though. 6 that there wasn't any opposition to it in the house of commons, especially from the labor party whose job is to oppose the government. in fact, we sort of turtle you 10 from labors shadow. how secretary said john ashworth, who said to day, we do not oppose the renewal of this act. but just at the thought of the pandemic, some 20 months ago,
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he described this act as the most tony an ever seen. and peace time britain has never been subject to any robust scrutiny in parliament, of course being swept through today again, really dodging any scrutiny whatsoever. so what really are we talking about then while they were going to do some 20 months ago, as i say last spring, originally i to give powers to the government to enforce the locked down rules. but now it's somewhat adopted into many other facets of life. as of course, lockdown is now many a thing of the past today. it's more about things like piece powers, of course, the issue of mom, and also things like the mass vaccination rollout. that is still very much underway, although it's now moved to the under 18 year old class. things like vaccination possible could very much become a reality. however, all of this comes in the context of the united kingdom, it has reported its highest number of kind of a death for 7 months and cases, a really going back to the level they were some months ago. of course,
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winter is only round the corner, meaning the pandemic could again return to the things that we've seen in the past. so all of that in context is potentially why extending these emergency powers is justified for the government. still ahead on our international 5 years after the bombshell dossier on the ledge to trump russia collusion, the former british by who compiled it. finally admits it's not 100 percent accurate, it's after short breaks with us. i ah, there is a list of the point, but mostly within the daniel st. earlier with the film. it was just food,
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say the game and then you would you that is images moves up was good for supposedly good. have my did some i would get to spend you visit his image is filica. mom the let's look at home was out of the to get the vote for idea. what you're planning on my up all of the fellow with the, to the show push up with in give rise to the question about these crises and who's behind them. we had the sub prime prices that resulted in minute printing that made the top get
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richer. we have to call the crisis which has resulted in the top getting richer because of all the money printer. and we had a war in afghanistan go on for decades, which resulted in money printing in the top get richer, you know, and, and, and then you can get into the other, you know, into some other areas as well, a really making some hard making hard questions when i would show the wrong when i just don't the new rules. yes. to fill out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves well the parts we choose to look for common ground in
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this book, mac. this is our t international. now, the murder of a british m. p at a constituency meeting has escalated issues of personal security in the country, including online home secretary, people tell says, ending online anonymity is just being looked at as just one measure to combat such attacks. would you consider legislation to remove right? to anonymity on social media and i want to look at everything and that is what taken place already. now britain has been scrambling to introduce stronger security measures for politicians in the wake of david amos's death. the conservative m. p was stabbed multiple times at church, was meeting constituents in southeast england. a 25 year old man has been detained under terrorism legislation on suspicion of his murder. and parliament is currently scrutinizing a draft online security bill that will regulate on time, on line content. if passed,
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it will pressure social media companies to remove harmful or illegal material. the case communications regulator off. com will have the power to block access to sites and find companies up to 800000000 pounds or 10 percent of annual turnover. we spoke to political commentator sophie corcoran, who says that the new bill may have dire consequences on free speech. if you really remain peoples unlimited, you remain group of people from the public debate, very public sector, teach and stuff often have been a mistake. i mean, your counselor so couple of them stop some interactions and sensory people on the debate. back to my stop the mean tweet from caution by and there are some good aspects that the online homeschool does brain and hopefully making the place. let's play for lunch. children may not be online, but there is the element again,
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people screams and there is a lot of concern about this government anyway, from lawyers quarters about whereas head in terms of restrict people's liberties. this has been probably one of the most restrictive governments i've, i've lived in my life. i'm the government that we'd like to be freak conserves. a lot of people are very concerned. i think there will be quite a lot of outrage about this. the author of a bombshell dossier on alleged trump, russia collusion is standing by his claims while also admitting that they are not 100 percent true. former british spy, christopher still has spoken publicly on his findings. for the 1st time. the document was compiled in 2016 and contained a detailed allegations of a conspiracy between trump's associates and the kremlin. there were also some saucy details about donald trump, supposedly escapades in moscow hotel room. none of those allegations have been proven. you f b. i later published heavily redacted pages showing the agency had paid steel for his work, but cut him off as
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a source after he disclosed to us intelligence links to a 3rd party. years later, there are still many unanswered questions regarding the steel dossier. not least how it came into being as our correspondent, my gosh, yes, comments. steal dossier has been one of the most mocked derided but, but also talked about reports in modern political history. the spot being mostly dismissed as, as a work of fiction. it has just refused to die. and christopher steel is back again . hyping and defending. he's much maligned dossier. christopher still isn't. it isn't hero, is he traitor. crisper steals a guy who picked to fight with 2 presidents. donald trump and vladimir. and he's live to tell the tale, mind the spoilers. there aren't any new revelations or poverty details. as with the 1st dossier in a vis tom,
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chris tries to defend the dossier. the multiple falsehoods and inaccurate season. make believe miley tries, unprepared to accept that not everything in the dosier is 100 percent accurate. i've yet to be convinced that that is one of them. yes, he says there are some things that my daughter that are literally made up, but he sticks. it seems by the p tape, his allegation that the russians film donald trump with urinating prostitutes. and he has a stella argument to back it up. prove me wrong. he says, you tell him that no one's ever seen the staple heard of it, and that he's the only source ad. well, rad doesn't convince chris. it hasn't needed to be released because i think the russians felt they'd got pretty good value out of donald trump. when he was president of the us, the most remarkable thing in my opinion,
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is what still dossier supporters. a saying they can't defend the dos hair itself. it's at so full of holes and lies. so they've come up with a different method. it was the russians who painted the dossier by purposefully feeding christopher steele information. it's very likely that the russians planted this information in and demand other information that may have been truthful because that's exactly again the way that they operate. the victims that christopher steals reporting have also reacted michael cohen, who the dossier accused of secret meetings with a russians in europe. he had the f. b, i get involved. of course, they found no evidence of any such meetings ever taking place, but regardless mister co indeed react. he said that he was pleased that christopher steele had cruel that of the pop just long enough to make up
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a few more stories. i'm not too sure that everyone is as pleased. abs crease. the once was quite enough. there's nothing groundbreaking in of course he's being, he's being interviewed by a very sympathetic, quote unquote. journalist stephanopoulos has been an operative for bill clinton in the democratic party for a long time. although looking at the mainstream coverage, this sort of rehabilitation of christopher steel seems to be seems to be coming around. you have to scratch our heads, even the f b. i stopped using him as a confidential human informa because they found that he was too unreliable. i think one very important aspect is the collusion of the u. s. mainstream media in this, they absolutely fell down their jobs were expected. someone like steal to be a liar. we expected the people that hired him to be pretty dodgy people. of course, that's the case. but we did, we at least once would expect. i would have expected the u. s. mainstream media, u. s. media to have looked into some of these stories before reporting them as if they were fact. does it for me, this are, i will be back in about 34 minutes with another full infrastructure news. there
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with us, this is our to international. ah ah lose .
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ah ah ah former british guy, chris for steel is a talking and is standing by his doctor j. a y. now we're going to bring you what he's saying and why he is even talking. we're going to look at how well vice president come on heritage handling her job this as a new accusations that she violated the law by appearing in a commercial endorsement of virginia governor terry mcauliffe. which aired in area
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churches and pause criticism of a program which though my grandchildren from the border into new york are panel discussed. and finally, new york city thomas jefferson is the latest statue to be removed all while a new statue on wall street might make you think the city has gone bananas. i'm sky now use and we're going to give you a 360 view of these stories. and it either a news you'd huge, right here on our to america. ah, by birth of here to our top story, an f b i rayed on the washington dc mansion connected to a russian oligarch, omega dera pasco. faren project joins us with all the details. well, it was an eventful tuesday morning here outside the home of all like dairy pat. right? i could see f b, i agents are still coming through his 15000000 dollar mansion here on the northwest
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side of d. c. for money, they don't know this name, but for some they remember was tied with paul mana for the former campaign. chairman of donald trump, who was convicted on fraud charges and then eventually pardoned by donald trump in his final month and office not just from the candidate according to an f. b. i spokeswoman agents were conducting a quote, court authorized law enforcement activity, but didn't provide any more details as to why the f b. i was there 53 year old jerry pasco was sanctioned back in 2018 by the trump administration, along with about 2 dozen other kremlin officials with close ties to president latimer putin, following alleged russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. this latest rate is just another setback for dairy pasco, who recently sued over the sanctions. a judge dismissed his lawsuit back in june. in 2016 court filing a dairy pasco said he had difficulty getting a visa to travel to the u. s,
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but was able to use his diplomatic passport to visit new york 10 different times since 2009, many in the dc neighborhood. however, say on some of those trips, he did visit the home and stay at the house, reviewing renovations inside. however, no word on the last time he visited the property. when it comes to the raid a dairy pasco, spokeswoman sent out this statement, quote, the f b i is indeed currently conducting searches in the homes of all dairy pasco, relatives. the searches are carried out on the basis of to court orders related to us sanctions. the houses in question are located in new york in washington, although very pasco himself is not their owner. no moments ago as of this broadcast, we actually saw the f b. i tell away one of jerry pasco vehicles as to why the f b. i has not said they're not giving a news conference this afternoon whatsoever at this point. but we also do know that


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