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or remain in the shallows, ah ah, patients in the u. k. are reportedly having to wait up to 50 hours for a bed and an accident and emergency wards that says the pandemic puts fresh pressure on hospital every step to waive it mismanaged the crisis. aside from the vaccine roll, every person have any faith in the car in dublin, us social media giant facebook has to shell out millions of dollars in a discrimination case after giving, giving preference to hiring foreigners over americans. and crisis talks on afghanistan are underway in moscow with the taliban leaders among the participants . ah,
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it's 4 pm and a beautiful autumn day in the russian capital. i'm donald quarter. welcome to our to international staff shortages, soaring coven cases, and pressure on the national health service. the n h s have all lead to another crisis in the u. k. it's being reported that in parts of the country, patients are waiting for almost 50 hours to get a bed, an accident and emergency units. in one case, a patient reportedly spent 47 hours in line at the royal preston hospital in northern england. while in the southern count country of suffolk, a teenager with serious mental health problems waited for almost 48 hours in the emergency room. according to local media, the chest foundation trust for the area said the wait was due to a lack of specialist facilities. luc winchester, who had a relative, affected by the crisis, told us what happened in their case. he woke up at 11 o'clock and his legs just wouldn't work and he fell out of bed. we didn't find him until 3 o'clock where my
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dad's going to get cooler, where he shouldn't heard from him. when we called for the ambulance initially they said not to leave him. oh, in case the best spinal injury. after waiting a couple of hours my, my dad saw of still trying to hurry them up a little bit. try finding no, no, no. and again, to ask when i sent you an estimate arrival that direct him so 111 who would then turn him back to 9? 09 to and from there, eventually we spoke to a chappy, suggested how to move him back into his seat and had to get him up. and we did that is improving, but he probably still required some medical assistance, but insinuated to us that was not even a senior. they said, would you, would you like to cancel the ambulance on everything but the ambulance that day and at that point we took them at their value and said, yeah, okay, we'll cancel that and then soon we'll give him his dinner and get him into bed,
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et cetera, the course over the night i stay the night make sure that you know the night is condition worsened. and in the morning i school for another ambulance report say 91 percent of hospital beds were occupied in england as of last friday that says the number of people waiting for hospital treatment. their hit record high according to the chests. almost 6000000 people are on waiting lists and the coming winter will only intensify the pressure. at the same time, britton's health secretary has admitted there are not enough staff to operate the country's emergency telephone lines 999, and 111. health minister added that a detailed plan of action is being put together and would be unveiled soon. but luke winchester is not convinced every step of the way the miss managed the crisis . aside from the vaccine rolled out, i don't have any faith in the current government and the people on the ground who are working really hard, like the paramedics,
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like the people answering the cause. they're not necessarily always getting, given the clearest information. you know, i, i really believe that when the 1st from 111229999992 talk to 111. i'm sure that they believe that's what you know, that's what we come to do. there's no real simple answers to where i think they're going to fix it, because their actions sofa appeared to be per unit. on tuesday, the u. k. registered the highest number of daily cova deaths since march, and the government extended its emergency powers related to the corona virus for another 6 months. demonstrators including anti bacterial, took to the streets to protest this and other pandemic measures. the us social media giant facebook is having to pay out $14000000.00 in a civil case over discrimination. it was accused of giving preference to hiring foreign workers over americans. facebook is not about the law and must comply with
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all nations federal civil rights laws which prohibit discriminate, 3 recruitment and hiring practices. the tech giant gave certain positions mainly to temporary visa holders. prosecutors say up to $2600.00 us workers, lost out as a result, facebook was find almost $5000000.00 and is now paying out more than $9000000.00 in compensation to victims. the lawsuit against this tech giant was filed last year by the u. s justice department, back then, the trump administration pushed the biggest tech companies to hire more americans for permanent positions instead of temporary foreign workers, legal analyst, jennifer breed, and explain to us why facebook in particular adopted that policy. facebook and some of these other companies will watch these immigrants. it's a way for facebook to save money, while also preventing maybe lawsuits for unfair or discriminatory work practices. which in and of itself is discriminatory against actual united states citizens that
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we're applying for work and unable to get at the company like facebook, with a lot of money on would be able, their, their high priced attorneys to be able to find a case that dad near atlas claims, but again, it's been brought by the department of justice itself, i think is very surprising of people. many people who see facebook or some of these social media platforms is an arm of a political party. so has kinda been this distinction drawn between this, what we consider politicized europe. biden era, department of justice, which should be friends with facebook, actually bringing a discrimination claim against, you know, this, this partner. so this story might be used by either the federal government, by the new situation, or by facebook to argue that see where we are different, you know, we, we, we, we, we can be held accountable up or not about law. when in reality they've been working hand in hand for a long time, and facebook has been acting as an art of most of many of political federal
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agencies in order to silence political opponents with the security situation in afghanistan, deteriorating taliban leaders, leaders are in moscow for talks focusing on the humanitarian crisis that has gripped the war torn nation. 11 countries are participating in this conference and our senior corresponded more. i guess the i've got the details. this is been the biggest international events attended by the taliban. yet 11 countries, president, all of us got astonished neighbors as well as russia, china, india, will representing near enough half of the world's population. and the aim here wasn't a concrete objective to agree on something. it was rather to discuss where to go from here because we're at something of a stalemate whereby the taliban rules of god has thought. but the international community east largely reluctant to recognize the taliban as the official
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government, as the official rulers of, of got a sudden and on the death unattended consequences that has been, that the life and struggle of ordinary afghans has been getting worse. and that was in the joint statement that all sides evolve at his side, they said that the priority now is to prevent the degradation of the humanitarian catastrophe, as well as the, the, the security disaster that is happening unfolded in afghanistan now. and to do that, they say, for they must be resumed, resumed in enough quantities and large enough quantities to make sure that afghans can get. but because as of now, a 3rd of the population is on the verge of starvation. taliban has said that it is open to foreign aid for humanitarian aid, food medicines being delivered, so long as the conditions attached don't violate their sovereignty or religious principles. one, a peaceful afghanistan is in the interest of all parties involved. just as we want
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. positive relations with others, we also see positive relations from the outside. we are committed to the principles of islamic sharia law. any aid or assistance that has been given. if it's in line with ours law principles, we don't have a problem with it. we're already receiving some humanitarian aid. the session itself for all the delegates met to place bod, close to us. we were told of a many things that they agreed on, such as the need to stop naco looking. as of us got to start the need to address the security situation there the, the attacks by isis al qaeda and other terrorist groups which are, which are on the up and which is challenging the taliban. so rule of, of got to start. there was also an agreement that something must be done immediately. it urgently to to address the humanitarian situation. that is, that is deteriorating enough. galveston. but there will to also disagreements disagreements about the makeup of the afghan government to tell about, insisting that it's government is inclusive other countries,
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such as russia saying that it isn't as inclusive as it needs to be, that the government has is packed with taliban officials, hard like taliban officials with passion at this city, the predominant that about this city, there is very little representation, but by ethnic minorities, all political dissidents, political opposition groups. and that is something that must change according to russia before there can be talk about recognizing the taliban officially internationally and lifting sanctions against them. but marcia also says that the, the urgent power t, now at east to make sure humana aaron aid is delivered to i've got to stop by every one. so you were, truth, mood is do we are convinced that it's time to mobilize the efforts of the world community to provide cobble with effective financial economic and she monetary and assistance in order to prevent a crisis and to curb migration flows. we expect responsible behavior towards afghan
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citizens, 1st and foremost from western countries. since 20th presence brought about the current deplorable situation and didn't in any way contribute in strengthening industrial or economic spheres. and afghanistan, delegates, we had spoken to a voice said that this event was productive and, and fruitful. we. we know that the taliban delegation is staying on. let us announce that plans of holding by law well meetings to, to a meetings with various other delegations represented here again, 11 countries here will of, of got us tons, neighbors plus russia, china press, plus india all countries with a vested interest in making sure that i've got austin, remains stable, that the situation doesn't deteriorate. further, perhaps into another worst case scenario. civil war, the u. s. delegation by the way was invited, but the united states had it was unable to attend because of logistical challenges . another similar event of moscow format, east plaid, there is no dates yet,
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but we'll get isis have told us that they're ready. once the need arises. or for some expert insight into these talks, we go live now to franco for teenie, the former foreign minister of italy, and current vice president of the you commission on security and immigration. franco, thank you very much for joining us on r t. i. i want to talk about, of course, these talks, i mean with most regional actors taking part, do you think that this is gonna help a powers find common ground on regional security issues? well, it is absolutely necessary. i would say is badly needed to have an inclusive process of. busy discussion among old components of d, afghan society. and what is mosque was doing is extremely important. personally, i don't trust taliban. it's because a taliban said program should be a rarely keeping their promise. is that also because they are divided
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from inside because of some factions? ah, more extreme is some other factions would be in favor. all inclusive government by the exercise is of great al, provide a debt the taliban except for example, that the g component that use becky component, the other components, or other than pash to take part of an intrusive government. busy in a near future in afghanistan, while frank, i wanted to ask you about something, the taliban said, they warned that the continuation of sanctions will result in a wave of refugees. would you say this is something akin to a warning or a threat? both if it can be also flat because that which is through the taliban. sam said that the very beginning there would be prohibiting the afghans to leave the country
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. but to, as i said before, very often they don't keep it. what they have declare, in this case, it is for sure a warning. be careful because of the sanctions base policy. the results can be, i would see a wave of people flows of people leaving the country. so it can be necessary to take into consideration the possibility that uncertain momentarily been decide to open the doors of the country in order to put under heavy pressure the west and the bordering comforts won't say that possibility just mentioned there becomes a reality western countries a previously demanded that the taliban respect people's right to leave afghanistan . does that mean that the west is ready for an influx of refugees? do you think are absolutely not. not ready yet. i see
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a difficulty in this case. i remember very well the flows of refugees coming from syria archly hosted in turkey. sam arriving to the european shores. these a quite difficult situation because a bad person leaving afghanistan have to go through the most dangerous regency in the wart. their whole of middle east country where is very difficult to stay and to travel it before arriving to europe and proximity regions. but nevertheless, europe should be ready should be ready should be well prepared. now, because we are talking not about economic migrants, we are talking about women, children, and men trying to take refuge, died,
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tried to escape from serious violations of their fung. i'm in the right. so the typical state you saw refugees contemplated by the european and international convention, so you'd have please be ready. don't do what has been done during the iraqi cries is many years ago. and what has been doing during the syrian cries is more recently . well, i think it's also important to note also that as these talks are going on in moscow, russia has, has closed its natal office after the expulsion of its diplomats. how do you think that is going to play on the success or failure of these talks going on right now? well, it doesn't help. i was the one, it did j. busy e as a go, but not the sent to really go just at the beginning of 2000 in 2002, signed the agreement in rome,
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between nato and russia. in order to open a possibility to have a consultation, even a cooperation between nato, russia. now, when he comes to the recent events at these are deteriorating d a atmosphere and not increasing the feeling of mutual mistrust. these for shore doesn't help in any case, not only on afghanistan, but own addressing. the other pressing cries is wrong. mediterranean to syria, to libya and others. while at the same time, also we have this gas crisis going on. i mean, despite russia fulfilling its contractual obligations with europe, something that high profile figure figures like anglo merkel have confirmed we continue to hear from the western media about the moscow somehow being to blame for this crisis. why do you think that is or?
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well, i think a think lee, there is no doubt in, in certain it western newspapers, not in old newspapers. fortunately, some anti russia feeling and some anti russia propaganda. i, i've seen, i've heard president booting clarifying these point by saying we are increasing energy supply not decreasing energy supply. these is absolutely a matter of fact, but nevertheless, unfortunately, some propaganda, some fake news. i grove eating the situation in the field. there were no energy security where we need more cooperation with the russian federation. i yield that the new government of germany will follow the same path of
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chancellor mercury on that. i would say, criticizing our partners when necessary, but cooperating when needed. and staying on that theme. just one more question for you, franco. do you think europe will be able to resolve this, sir? this energy crisis before winter sets in and what should be done in your opinion? oh, well, i've been an old ways of partisan oh, more cohesion and more integration in the field of energy security among european band misstates. unfortunately, they are some european member states dead. so i would say, prefer to keep very eye the level attention against the russian federation instead of cooperating and trying to creating a bridge between europe and russia. italy is one of the exceptions of this anti
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russia feeling. you know that just yesterday a, my prime minister, president draggy had the 3rd phone coal in only 3 months with president fulton, in view of the g 20 presidency. these assigned that italy can cedars, russia and interlocutor and an import, an actor. well, when addressing it globally sure lied to why we are talking about franco for teeny former foreign minister of italy and the vice president for the you commission on security and immigration. thanks law for joining us. how germany's green party widely expected to form part of the next ruling coalition has accused russia of playing poker with gas. it's leader says moscow might try to blackmail the e u by turning off the taps, so as to pressure the block into approving nordstrom to russia's head back with
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a spate of similar allegations saying it's ready to deliver more gas, but simply received no new orders. russia is not opposed to given more, but suppliers ligastrum need to be asked and not by parliament, not by newspapers, but by buyers who apply at the appropriate prices. but they have been no implications. here's a somewhat confusing story for you. governments in dozens of countries are worried that their people won't be able to properly heat their homes as winter as just around the corner. natural gas has become absurdly expensive. it's an energy crisis . there's no doubt about it. and the leader of the country that extracts and sells more natural gas to the rest of the world than any one else speaks at an event themed around energy. whatever is desperate for extra gas supplies must be all ears as them were absolutely ready to supply more for some reason he keeps being asked
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the same question. extra supplies, are you okay with that? is it possible? hey, what about extra supplies? yes, i repeat. we've already increased supplies at some point, it really gets confusing for the speaker, didn't he just make things clear several times in a row. we got, we're ready to supply even more gas. we need applications. we're increasing by as much as they ask. boy, let me explain. this man has long been accused of using the gas monopoly in his country called gas rum to cheech european countries lessons. so after hearing from latimer, potent governments in the countries that are worried about the winter have 2 options. they couldn't keep repeating, he's boeing them with gas, or maybe at least try a few requests for extra gas supplies. a few days later, an important man whose meant to act as a unified voice of these worried governments that i mentioned says this,
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an increase in prices for energy has deep geopolitical brutes. it's part of a geopolitical battle. russia has honored all its contract, cannot be said that they're not delivering when they said they would, but it has not increased the quantities contracted for that's after a get together of europe's most senior diplomats who were meant to discuss the energy crisis. among other things, or again, are they living in completely alien realities? back to prudent for a 2nd that the will russia never used? this is a weapon. we're happy to do extra. so what is it then? did they choose not to try at least a couple of requests. it is a sign of i would say to political illiteracy if the european union just blamed. so the problem on russia, it's always easy to blame someone else for the problems you are having. and i see this a move in the a to rings off, which was it, bo,
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hell the you foreign policy chief, it would be wise to solve the problems right away to do. and you analysis of the supply situation for natural gas, unless there have been some phantom applications that the russian side is unaware of confusing well. in the meantime, american liquefied natural gas producers on mass have been choosing to sell to asian buyers instead of european. right. simply because in asia, they're ready to buy at a higher price. will anyone accuse them of waging a geopolitical battle? russian president vladimir putin has declared a more than a week of a week of country wide non working days from october 30th to november 7th in an attempt to stop the spread of the corona virus. for more on this, let's cross live to our correspondent danny armstrong. danny, what else has president putin said?
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well, yes, thus right. and just today president vladimir putin has brought in this non working period of in fact, 9 days from october 30th to november 7th. now that could extend past and november 7th. should it be needed? it also could be brought in earlier in some regions. president pearson has given, as a power to regional lawmakers to bring it in at 20, in the 23rd of october. should need be that's in places in russia with particularly high at covey cases. now president patient has said that there is just the needs a break at the chain spreads of the virus and in no case can the number of co v cases be underestimate. he said it's very dangerous into days or climates. of course, russia has had a record highs of cold cases daily. $34000.00 over $34000.00 reported on monday at the daily deaths hall reached a 1000 for the 1st time. and since the virus imaged on saturday,
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now that figures around about 1028 said day president, putin was very clear. he said that the people should be going out to, to get the vaccine to have all facilities available to them to go out. and get the jap around 33 percent of the population are now vaccinated. that's around 47300000 or russians are. now, the problem is that people are not taking it upon themselves to go and get the vaccine where president pearson has said the if you it is very much a case of personal responsibility to go out and get inoculated rather than waiting for people to do it. and then this, this, this kind of case of chain reaction of getting vaccinated as so yes, very much in the words, the buzzwords to get out of this sir, this situation and to deal with those covey cases and avoid a repeat of last year with figures rose in september and at the start of autumn, and then the peak was felt towards december is to get out and get inoculated,
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and so avoid those those full locked downs and avoid this non working period going past november 7th. miscellaneous, was leaving him kicked. unfortunately, we see what dangerous consequences the low level of vaccination in our country has led to. i will repeat once again, the vaccine really reduces the risk of illness, as well as possible severe complications from that illness and even the risk of death. i emphasized the need to increase the pace of vaccination, and of course i once again urge all of us citizens to be actively vaccinated. it's about your protection about your safety, about your life after roles about the health of your family. and you've got the guns with was little yoshika so yes, of course they hit president putin urging people to get out and get the vaccine. he has a, throughout the whole of the pandemic laid at these measures at said the decision to
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take measures at the hands of the regional low make his those can those regions where there is a particularly high case, a high number of covey cases, daily will, of course be bringing those measures a little bit early if need be em but of course is supporting those movements to get at the population vaccinated to get that number above 33 percent is very much and very much the plan of action. now, a full president, putin, and of course the though these regional low make his so russia, in 9 a working days at least 9 non working days of period where people will be working from home to, in an effort to get that, that number up past that 47300000 and to get those people are vaccinated. ortiz, danny armstrong. thanks a lot for bringing us those, those details. now for more details and your top new stories, you can always check out our website r t dot com or follow us on twitter will be back with more news in just about 30
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minutes. so stay with us. ah ah ah ah ah, a
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with the i'm option return say we're going on the ground coming up with the show after damning report describes you came by minister bars johnson's pandemic response is one of the most important public health failures the united kingdom has ever experienced we speak to the man who's been tracking and tracing the government's failures from the very beginning, and from rendition and honest interrogation techniques and targeted drone assassinations to president biden's illegal deportations of haitian asylum seekers . how our war on terror tools used to terrorize americans? all of them all coming up in today's going underground between britain zone parliament disclaiming boris johnson stewardship over the corona.


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