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and i think you later to see me that the value of families just as high was little larger in your own because i came family is what's beat leniently. was continuous and the the and you heard him were human. i love now. civilization, the human experience, the, to hush roy, she wasn't adapting to change is important. that's a good thing. right? but adapting a child to something requires a child to be born in the senate. that's the 2nd universal value. there are the universal values as well, but why should i list them euro very, or smart people mostly, you know, all of the actually used to, based on all these universal values more wish it builds rationally. same is that something that would become a matter of our collective work, you know, frazzled, thank years of the musical search said there could be, there isn't to be a modern capitalism. a has exhausted itself, i guess,
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internally mania. but other people say that more likely you refer to our experience from the 20th century and so back then a with tried to reject capitalism and it didn't go well with you. so don't want to go back there or where it was written. yes, gosh to it. like i said, there are no estates and pre made recipes, or we should just not glued them because i'm like, you know, look at what we're seeing at the energy markets. and we're think we'll discuss that later. i will look at what's happening. that's the capitalism that's not working there, regulating the market. certainly judicial order that is $1500.00 or $2000.00 serve for a 1000 cubic meters of natural gas. that's the regulations, the supernatural issue. and that's where the regulations are. whenever things stable rakish dealership economically and almost all economies of the world kill chessy economy, all participants of economy. clive bush demand more freedom,
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good and less participation act, less involvement of the state and the economy. a feminist lumberton once difficult is emerge global difficulties. every one rushes to demand signals stay to interfere with. i remember very well in 1998 in the year, 2000. when the global financial crisis started. at the time when i got it up the up both of everything, i was a prime minister of russia at the time william la i is used to talk with many of our successful enterprise interpreters or will, is there a way that they came to us and were ready to pay a pennies to sell and accompanies and enterprise, this dance that caused millions. why did they do that? because they needed to be responsible for the people who worked there for the enterprises themselves. what they wanted is to preserve their wells,
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they had and to give up responsibilities. at the time, we decided to help them with what did not seem to be removed or is the responsibility from them. we found a way together with the businesses, you coordination. i should just companies but too little to go forth and support and save some of the greatest enterprises in russia and then in the future. and but these companies have become profitable. and once they did, they returned to the state, the money that said they owed to the state, ah, after was saved them. and as i'm talking about a huge sums of money, we skate smartgate orbit to grow. i think this is what we should look at. what should look at that experience, and many countries have similar experience as well. yeah. urine. oh, no. need to look at this sir. when you click on the it the inter mingling, also markets rules and so the states look at china,
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for example. do they have market institutions and they are effective and that's for more, quite evident, shortly tipped of yet. but there are no recipes, like i said, you could please wild capitalism. don't go to wish it doesn't work as well. like i said, i just provided examples even though she put on my boots to keep a home that reminds me least coastal of artunduaga. yes or no by yet. but used to it if you need to my feel sure the machine is put the moment when you need to get to use or example in cooking where you add salt or else sugar mckuire. and you need to feel that like so ugly, using general principles when they're formulated by the national economic organizations
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. are alleged like the world's monetary font and others. we need to see where russia is, what our opportunities are, what our abilities are, and based on that list now resources, resources, we should act. in fact, launch the over the past few years. as we were overcoming the pandemic, we were to have been quite successful in russia. in other countries as well. we have seen lots of good progress not need to consider. as far as i understand that we have for capitalism and conservatism of optim, is not a threats to mrs. last, you know, we should build a lot of heroes, socially responsible, state, and legacy, and many of europe. i've been saying the same thing for a lot only for many years. but to us and russia is especially important specifically considering the differences we put in the incomes of various groups of
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people. but that's not just russian, russian problem. and we see the same in the u. s. you know, across somewhere across europe as well. he and see that there was the main, we would took the pollution benefits busha abbas literally dig to read that with us over the past decades. and russia was there when you came to those to those few who were already successful or well thing while them middle class and the forests of russians still experience lots of hardship. mm hm. okay. and europe or it's not so as a, with our origins, it's not as problematic, but it's the problem still exists. roscoe, so the last question from me soon. you know, you said that her the un is really valuable and this is understandable and not to maggie, should you. but would you call it a little here? earth of criticism the answer and turn it now for some of the gun recently has said that the security council will his to be changed around will reduce liquor. and
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then when the victors effect winners in the 2nd world war monopolized power. and this isn't bad. oh, you don't want to not agree with that, he can. she came to russia long ago and i met him and i raised that issues. i thought i said i have seen i his ideas. i didn't read the entire book. but sir, i do agree with some of his thoughts with the analysis as solid. what i understand why the leader of turkey is talking about that. he seems to believe that turkey. mm hm. could become a permanent member of the un security council under a huge, but it's not the most up to russia to decide that that should be a consensus decision. delaney, you put in one and getting them deciding when making the final decision in on such matters. now we also have india, we have south africa from berkeley mullens these, i'd known just now things to discuss this. this are reasonable things to discuss.
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e, but there has to be a balance sheet for you to and are anticipating rushes position or school version on that. so she has so, so it's important to live with them with the say this, and i've already said that's my discussion in my a one in my discussion with mr. or the one that i told him that if we will destroy the veto power in the us, that will annihilate the un. alicia, could lea rates will become another league of nations. it will be basically it, they'll die club of discussions, a 2 point. oh. and well, this is one point, oh, well the, the, the 2.0 will be at orders will be new york video and he has been one. we don't want the notion that he to change that. i mean, we do with one change, but we don't wanted to demolish the foundations. that's the essence of the you and
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others of the reasons for its existence. there are 5 permanent members and they have vito powers or no other countries are also represented in the un security council as non permanent members, or when he is active. when able to have a discussion of eating about how to make the someone with alan's to platform and that has the in that sense or present order one was correct and a foot feel. after world war 2, there was a certain balance of power. st. mean use, but now it's changing, it has changed, was name to reflect and we know that very well the property china with the least bottled misty by in obviously a in g d, p by, of our purchase is global purchasing parity, has surpassed the us or look at india, for example, tele miller, literally the over it wanted to have 1000000000 people living there and their economy is developing leaps and bounds or look at latin america under and africa.
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look at brazil if you picking it up. so all of those are matters is supposed to be discussed ma'am, which is what we should avoid making mistakes before we're as we're reform all that sugar noon. we will buy you so close when you later talk about the new york city, anything in the u. n. in york much with new york. well actually loud. i cliff. good sir. come together in regards to the new york blogs looking i don't think we need to invite all has a state we could send them in as the leverage for there to discuss issues with his counterparts from other countries. and that's actually not such a bad idea. maybe organized another, they'll die discussion club somewhere outside the borders of russia. that could be an interesting opportunity. let people cheer with us, sir, in the audience that are good analysts, good professionals are very well known and respected in their nations. ah, a wicked inviting, even more people,
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a union would mean from the country that would host a new law there. discussion to say, let's a good thing that, you know, it's a good target thought. oh, so it's a little friends the wasn't working please. what? well that, so just a girl that's an opportunity there. yeah. crisis and opportunity. so please peter i have one program. please take a mike williams with you, mr. putting the school. a producer question we're bumper to read. i would like to address your voice or see, or there was no russia prosecutor, or has thought with section so on the civil this and with your scallowaythirty 2 days before and his equally would hulu or russian research thinkers and writers. let the early be so close, attended to you to determine these values. so we're still need lupsi. oh, which will later become their values for all russians. had to have a good glacial
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t. e one, i would like a highlight from your certain people. but even if i have some references and i really de la assembled, i've mentioned the per day, for example, mostly. and there are some other thinkers. so if you look at the area, and these are the people who call you thought of fracture of its future, can use them. you know, it's proper after to linux with adjustment to the time when they are old truck. when they formulated their ideas. i am very interested in their thought process process. what so easiest need year or the idea of bush in narrative. this is great idea models.
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boyd and to you can discuss this and by e, these ideas are discussed on and look at portable and for each of these ideas are still been discussed. there is something to whose ideas and the idea of nation maturity. after you should know this is the idea that nations lasagna and her guys mostly i think, are born like living organisms. they reach the spike and they get old only. but i left them in many countries, including in america support. and we are open to which that huge of her and modern europe is called aging. and what this is now with the special turman locally and the ear thompson, this might not be true boxes to the nation. these are she making a has to have some here moving far. this has to be some allusion. the system has
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gotten it, and i think that this is something to think about. and what you will see them are in los angeles, on the rise, just by having a lot of unsolved problems. but they're like volcanoes. they're boiling responses, just like on the spanish island. and some countries are really in particular over and they only have birds singing. so please read it but the we did a little bit earlier to put in, but gimme a lava you've mentioned tele, rodeo. camilla evolve peach duty she was, she had to enter in 1979. i received the publication of his 1st book, and i will be presented this book to you. thank you very much. thank you. thank of,
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it's very interesting. thank you. there was a puzzles the brits w to scope of the so please sir introduce yourself. mm hm. when you take the floor, alex ingler. that's what you will go to lunch or alex hooligan, simply put in. my name is alex miller. i'm a historian and another from st. petersburg canada. so we have another alexa miller . see how many millison russia we have in russia has for actually of to years ago, including you were asked lucy ana, and as a father meeting by the european vietnam parliament, not resolution, they use eastern yes. oh. when they go around with the aim to russia or alongside with for starting the 2nd world war until you've talked about it several times in your speeches. and in your article as well we dr. wiley primary and
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so on. black got it yet before the opening, i from monumental agility for the victims of the blockades lead. you know, what you propose the leaders are for great, the 5 g 5 for me. the 0 with so william, by me, get over this confrontation for their sir crisis of memory. but we run no changes in this department. so may be, you know, some playing with public doesn't know. maybe there are some positive change changes . and so i would like to hear this from you and a 2nd question get confronted when there is a consultation like baseline appointment. earlier in this war, memory is cushing, his blood teachers, and there is always a completion, so stick together or snowboarding, and to limit their freedom of discussion, especially a discussion of
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a historians and these discussions with different opinions, realistic, naturally. and so we were talking about russia, do see this thread off limit in this freedom you august local meters to well, you know, i don't think there is a strike like that was it could be that useless is additionally, sometimes he said, some people are responsible when choosing the words or what they say, but that is the under side of freedom, freedom of speech. as for the initiative of for organizing and meeting of the said he was a prophecy, pistachio the leaders of the permanent team 5 of the un. only that's something that many would support museum, but there were, well, some issues arise, not related to russia. they had to do with certain disagreements within the 5 permanent members federal literally that's wasn't because of russia,
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but then we have the entire mac and everything became more complicated. istation the idea of the meeting itself was very positive negation. and what we did, the grant was positively met. i think that's it might happen some day and that would be a good thing to happen. i mean, and i was our american thought as our chinese friends and even the president of france. so supported that returning when we spoke with the u. k. and their officials as well. you guys were pretty lame, have their own proposals of what to discuss during this meeting summer he began to them but, but the general idea is was well supported. i hope that so when star is the line, we will be able to do that. poo, well, you said you skip a mccue up. she asked for memory and the historical memory especially related to world war 2 and the great fight for your take war. but of some later, kimberly,
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certainly i am willing carol happy to talk a lot about dance group. it is, yes, i have examples to provide i and we not the would the poor have any complaints so to speak, to leaders of their it in the world over a decades. but not system actually trying the to the day after a 1000000 you that is the let equalize, the responsibility of the soviet regime and the nazi's almost in class. that will be completely. and i'm saying that not just because i me, russian into its old. and because i am the current liter, old and russia, which should carries the legacy of the soviet union. i'm saying the answer that because you as a researcher like you, as a researcher, posted by daniel, i already squint documents i wrote,
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i actually started. i went through the archival documents and i, as i was reading them, you know, she was glad my that people were the basel came together in my had the picture i saw a stolen or they will. yes. somebody. but he said, alan, no, no. eagle eye maids, a lot of bad things and a lot of evil things. there were concentration camps, low gulags, but the soviet union was actively fighting to prevent world war 2 will go for various reasons. some say that, well maybe they were just weren't ready for the war, but well maybe they were not ready, but they were trying to stop the war from up on a broken out. they were actually raising the issue of them, protecting the integrity of czechoslovakia. him figure, which i actually read all of that. yeah, that's not a secret. you can global area, open up and read all those archives. look at what, how france reacted to the development of the time this union senior look at the
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utilities for the munich meeting in night and $38.00 application the meeting with and off hitler apply. they should be many of the leaders of europe. so as you read those documents, finished on, simply is see, that's all some, but you are attempting to actually rewrite sir my history. she wouldn't know. but why don't you just read those documents? you should used to do that. i know that the foliage, sure government has certain things to say about the vance of 1939. but look at the yes, i tell them, look at what happened before that you participated? who is affiliated with germany, by in the really to learn the dissolution of czechoslovakia in yet in the destruction of czechoslovakia, look at the hewlett equipment that he started, that i put look of rock hammer arm as i read the documents squeaks litigate, boys came from the after the red army all went through europe and collected some of
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this documentation. we also we collected all of that and i read that sure. what the grid is, they basically agreed all the above the time when a troops awards invades about the ways that czechoslovakia would be cut off between different flowers. and then all of that is blamed on the soviet union that goes against the reality that goes against facts if possible, after napoleon ago. but simply speaking, poodle attacked whom? sure, as you say, you 1000 upon who was it that attacked? what he in soviet union was it, russia wasn't sorry to know that attack germany and oh, it was the other way around. near. yes, of course. there were some, you know, my secret. so agreements between about germany and the soviet union. now there's few ice gl actually, but the soviet troops entered breast, but only sure when a craft anatomy rush and germans were already there. no,
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they just let us enter because they've already conquered the city for coin. let's not politicize those things. look like a, let's all come together. you know, i invited experts will go and look at the documents and nobody's blaming the polish government for what happens or more than half a century ago. but why are blaming russia wishes to shoot you an economist. some things are very obvious at the roster williams or either wood, the 22nd of june, 1941 germany, william attacked the soviet union. yes. it was this. i mean, it was way not the other way around who to believe it was at americans. was it after the englishman was at the french lovelier? no, those were the reds. spoke newton. miss luna, have you forgotten acutely for i think of. you know that that's a fact. you grow them mill, you one under stalingrad should buy gibbs over a 1000000 and 100 the tower and 800000 leash mentioned means russian. you and
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people have died or is paid for. how many people, how many british have died, 83400000 or something? how many of the u. s. troops? bullock who broke the spine? overflow of the german army. that you put that will have you forgotten that daniel nipple wu? no, you haven't forgotten her, it's boisvert. it pulls it. now, what did you want? somebody to approvals, you won't let it on. there just isn't using dorm on the, to the events of the past to achieve their own immediate lexical goals. crucial manipulation of history, new york can never result in something good or productive, and it certainly does not lead to better relationship moscato. so there is another question for a timothy latanya for them must catello her only thank you for the meeting. but
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i, it's been 30 years in columbus of lesser with union here and go more whole more. so get a little slow. you sleep in and he will wearily talking about. we're gonna select the closest i get touch talk, but ross only cur. his thought. another thing that like a, that was a homicide with his 2 and a see, a warning thing that are russia and his laura come this with experience as a society will and so much easier or what has left in your life from the soviet times. thank you. oh yeah, me, ocean was which i'm like you. well i really me were preclinical. like many people in my generation, i remember the roof las sir formula. this options idea say is offered the key choice and you saw the it's personal, the host of atticus. somewhere somewhere of someone wouldn't, they will remember that the idea is not something to be afraid of,
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but like you to me movies, mutilate of sexually the entire world, the usaa bladed them correctly, that they talk about the us as a melting patina. the where nations are people from various nations and religions are melted together. what's wrong about that system? there's nothing bad about that. with the irish to other people from europe all came together from eastern europe. well, from the current elsewhere, even the gland, latin americans africans election level. precisely when we get new, gotta get that new. many of them shall, proud now should be citizens of the united states. and that's amazing that so the melting pot they had, but russia has also been for me and i like lay melting paul to the universal school since the united russian states have you been, was formed when west moon digital euchre. even the 1st steps were made in the aides
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and the 9th century after the christening, and that all for the russia when that was good. when those, the state was centralized and said governance was formed based on, ah, a common language on the power of the sar on common culture and honest ritual values. if with a tooth that had expanded and included others. and that was also a melting cold. and in the soviet union, they didn't really know create white mountain. many things that were different from that and such like the one plane this new like community, this skill, new, unavailable, elegant cook idea of furnished her, most of it occurs of the whole of the soviet emphasis. and it was, it became a purely through an issue of ideology and there's nothing good about that politically. and the soviet people really meant to see
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a hads both good things and bad things reflected on them. but the problem that times a national level and pretty and what are those things, the good things are patriotism, those are the, the, the, the, what did you say primate of the spiritual over the material, the dominance of the spiritual, believe it or stability, a new get you know, but there were some negative things as well. written e 3 be same as course i was not going to. there are many things over the history of the soviet union. the soviet person folks have no personal property. basically matters only if you could give us some basic her oh, well, when you look good machine, you got a house may be a social, some problem. got an apartment very literally last night a lesson with your firm. but when you go to ripley, really, there were some, those things, those negative saying the mother feel guardlick resulted in the collapse of the
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soviet union. but it would be wrong too, but just painted all as black sandstone as human as the key. and there are people in russia who likes to do that, who like to just use this black paint and cover everything working with in this black paint. or, you know, sometimes i think i wish we could just keep them in the, in the, in the top of the black paint that they liked so much. i would just like to play like at your as a for the one melting falsely it collateral for them. what i did existed, i think it was a good thing about it because it enriches beetle, ear and richest nation and see which and with this it is. it is characteristic of russia and of russia. if you look at the historic documents, i see it can be seen everywhere as russia was expanding on a new canada and lodging of sarah tracy. it's never,
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will you lose the people whom it's included in a docile in a, in the country, into, into the territory. i never put them in a difficult situation. and look at what sir, flushing lump katerina this, the catherine, the 2nd law wrote for example, she rode that you should respect sierra, the peoples that practice islam or that leave in the territory of the russian empire. for no, we rushed effects it as included. those traditions into the body of russia with bleeding or so in the but in the soviet union you, it was the same thing. the only problem was that they were using ideology logically, to process all that official sort of a button will come in. all neuron looseness and some other club military. tim, let's not go back to this topic. i think we, we often talked about that a lot of leadership as for myself redeemable book. and like most people of my generation re.


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