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a cove it and of course, the climates and all those came up in various guises during various questions from the assembled floor, various expert politicians, and also industry leaders that are gathered there at the valve discussion club, which is a, a forum of meeting thinkers. it's called a prestigious group here in russia, in terms of climate change and controlling the problems there. of course it's very difficult for russia is a major oil and gas exporter. but of that, president putin was quite adamant that climate change is so evident. it cannot be denied, but on top of that fossil fuel extraction does need to continue the world gotta be powered somehow, but answering a question about that it was about the arctic, but said that we should be listening to the scientists and the science behind using fossil fuels going forward, but that her at the moment it's western politicians who are making those decisions instead. and with the cop $26.00 climate sonic coming up to he pointed out that he considers russia to be a leader in terms of environmental energy use. now saying that rushes far ahead of
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countries like the u. s. and germany in terms of using things like nuclear fuel and renewables in terms of co vets. and he said that he wasn't a big fan of mandatory vaccinations. got interestingly there what he was pointing to was the safe. he make it mandatory. if you make it a law, then there will always be people who try to get around that law. what needs to happen is the people need to be convinced of the benefits of vaccination and very much push for people to go ahead and get the job if they don't already, because russia is facing and many locked down. and especially in moscow where a cases are surging here, the inequality that's come out of the various crises that the world is going through. right now. he picked up on those 2 global inequality, how wild capitalism has failed, and that a moderate, conservative at certain is what's needed going forward in trying to repair the world from the damage caused by various crises here and there. and the alarm when he was asked about a 2nd, trump presidency of all the trump staffer knit 10 very much on brand for trump as
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well. but the russian president kept his counsel on whether he were back another to that. but over 3 hours of discussions that were taken on the floor from the president. now i don't know if we can go to our correspondence senior but drank it was across all that and no doubt with a massive pile of notes. what did you take from it? calling good evening. well, like you were saying some really i'm opening comments by the russian president vladimir poking and messages clearly being sent far beyond saw g far beyond the russian borders and the many things that he has touched upon. you mentioned some of them. i can name definitely current affairs that is cold. it again is stand the energy crisis in europe, north stream to the controversial implementation of the law on foreign agents
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here in russia. these are some of the things that he's been talking about. but also, most importantly, as some of the experts here have been pointing out a lot of our gave a very long speech in which he made some fundamental assessment of where the western liberalism is heading and assessment of gender equality and also the criticism against the russian government of being way too conservative, so let's just digest all of this one by one. and i will begin with cobra. in particular, he linked the battle against the pandemic with sanctions. here's what mr. brewton meant by that. he was saying that while we hear from international leaders that the world needs to unite in its attempts to battle the pandemic, the russian president was critical. he criticize the western leaders for not easing
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their sanctions against some of the most vulnerable countries in the times of corbett and even appealed to western humanism. or when he said that, why did it not a problem you thought on so, but as william, we're talking about the need for a joint fight against the corona, virus infection, even for humanitarian reasons. i do not mean russia now forget about those sanctions against russia. but the sanctions also persist against states that are in dire need of international assistance. no, nothing like that happens. everything remains the same. and where are the humanistic principles of western political thought? in fact, it turns out that there is nothing. there is only chatter. the russian president decided to devote several minutes of his speech to something that's a very important to him. that is traditional values, the concept of traditional family. you can remember that probably probably you do
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remember that he's an orthodox christian and that mr. prudent kept saying that he's against the ruining of the concept of the traditional family. he's against raising the boundaries between genders. but when the russian leader speaks of it, he keeps making it clear that the rest of the world can do whatever they want in their countries. what mr. brewton is against is the aggressive, the way the rest of the world is fun to teach russia how things should be done. and several times mr. brewton was making that clear, he went on to assess the criticism of the washing government way of being way too conservative. like i mentioned before. however, when it comes to moderate conservative, mister ben believes that for not only russia but the rest of the world,
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this is the way to go. it's a, let's take a listen to the russian leader there. if we fish, from my point of view, most roots, conservatism seems to be the most reasonable policy for the upcoming time period of re imagining the world. and it could last some time as the final design is unknown . course this policy is going to inevitably change our conservatism is an optimistic one. we believe that stable and successful development can be achieved. it's up to us and we're ready to work with partners for the greater good world capitalism is working and there's no recipe for success either. one crucial point during the session, which grabbed a lot of attention. when was when the floor was given to a noble peace prize winner from russia at he's a prominent a journalist here, mr. murano vendor. his question for the russian leader was about the way the
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russian law on foreign agents is implemented that the message from the journalist was that some of the organizations and some of the people are being labeled foreign agents in this country without a court decision. and without a warning, and he pretty much begged vladimir putin to make sure that the russian parliament and as the law makers have a 2nd thought about this law. and, and mr. prudent referred to how this law is implemented in the u. s. and this is when a r t was brought up as well. so have a look at what this situation was like. was gazillion, tom stood, you said this is not decided by court, but in the us is also known by a court. then the department of justice makes the cool go, scotty, what they've been through. you know, how tough it's been. gone all the way out to criminal culpability. we don't have that on us to coin though, but it's in we in the again pilgrim nogales high. what then,
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foreign agents for many years, and moreover, i've had a summons for questioning in the us for already several years without the fact that we didn't register as for an ages earlier, we'd received written legal conclusions that this law didn't apply twice because it said, except for the media by phone, but when our audience began to grow and we started bothering them, if we were told you're either register or go to jail for 5 years. and i have a summons for questioning because i myself hadn't registered previously before they registers me, which i don't why they're anymore. i'm just in case because i could end up in jail there tomorrow. you'll never say never do you see how it is in the u. s is 5 years in jail, it's your them, we're now people who have been jail for 5 years under this law. natalie, it call. and now again, let me just move on to some of the things you have not mentioned. and i've not mentioned either the energy crisis in europe, the prices for natural gas futures that a couple of weeks ago,
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went through the roof. mister prudent was asked several questions above that. and i just wanted to point out that only last week, during an energy event in moscow, mister potent was frank that russia is ready and has already begun selling a more natural gas to europe than the, the quantities that were written in the contract. however, several days after that, the most senior european diplomat lane russia for continuing to use natural gasoline geopolitical too, and for not boosting its extra towards the well that directly contradicted mr. put these words. and what one of our said today was that russia's boost in exports when it comes to europe is currently at 8.7 percent. here we're talking about the exports of natural gas. so this is a very important message from mister putin,
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that the exports have already grown bigger than it was 1st in the initial contract. now he also spoke of the north stream to this is a pipeline for direct natural gas delivery from this country to the northern coast of germany. but it's operation has not been certified yet by the german national regulator. according to mister puking, if the green light is given to morrow, then the flow of rushing natural gas can begin the day after tomorrow that suit the infrastructure and all the technicalities from the rushing slides have been sorted out. so perhaps again, this is a very important message for those who are worried about the energy crisis in europe. mr. brewton was asked a couple questions about, again is, stan, he reiterated, russia stands that for instance, it's not even up to the countries in the region such as russia and trying to sort
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out all the issues with that country that came up as a result of the u. s. pull out, according to mr. potent, the countries that we waged, the war there for 20 years are responsible for that. and besides, this president vladimir putin also replied to a very strong remark from the turkish president type dwan, who said that the 5 permanent members of the un security council cannot decide the fate of the rest of the world. mister prudent believed that the rights of vito at the un security council, this is something absolutely essential. and the bottom approval said he believed without it. and without the current framework, the un will be destroyed altogether. an important message from the russian president. however, he believes the good countries that are very important regional players very
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important international players such as india, such as turkey, such as brazil, he understands their willingness to play a more important role internationally and at the un security council as well. so mr . prudent believes reform you all are needed. however, he thinks that this is something that needs to be done very carefully. that's why he disagrees with his turkish colleague, clyde barry, the one that there was a lot of ground covered in those 3. i was there and suddenly a few notes of optimism that despite global tensions reaching pre pandemic levels, pretty quickly. okay. able to get in. ok, thanks very much for wrapping that up for us. moving on to other stories in our headlines state sides. the u. s. federal reserve has sounded the alarm over a supply chain crisis coupled with stopping shortages. putting
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a big question mark over america's potential for economic growth going forward. let's go live to our correspondence, sais site and kind of morgan is in new york. what's this warning mean for america? how dire is the situation? sure. well the u. s. federal reserve is a vital institution. that's the center of the u. s. economy. and in their recently published report, referred to as the beige book. they said some pretty dire things. they pointed out that quote, the pace of growth slowed constrained by supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. and the report referred to the fact that transportation and technology firms have been hit by low labor supply. well, retail, hospitality and manufacturing firms have had cut hours of production and other problems due to the pandemic. and basically it's average americans who are being forced to bear the brunt of this economic situation. take a listen. hi,
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this is you are items on the store shelves. this are made to shelves in, i guess not everybody i live on for for stuff right now. these are one of the pre lot of people are getting laid off and i do believe people will start already certain items. there's like, how's the beginning of the band and people did with toilet paper and so on and so forth. store prices are on the rise until they can get all those partnerships unloaded and cargo moved from port in june. inflation in the united states hit a 13 year high and it has remained relatively high since then. now 37 percent of americans think joe biden is doing a good job, but 50 percent argue that they disapprove of how he's handling the presidency of the united states. another poll show that 62 percent of americans believe that the situation regarding inflation is actually jo. biden's fault now,
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another survey showed that a whopping 58 percent of american voters are unsure about whether or not biden cuts it when it comes to physical and mental mental capacity. as commander in chief of the united states. however, a joe biden doesn't really seem phased by these negative poll results. the economy is not doing well. americans are unhappy with the president. it is admittedly unconcerned about it earlier. you know, he was confronted with the growth of the national debt and he blamed it on trumps reckless policies, and he called out republicans for refusing to raise the debt ceiling of the united states. in september, joe biden went as far as saying he doesn't actually read the polls and that he's sure that his policies are, quote, overwhelmingly popular despite the data being widely reported i and then from there he went on to say, i take it, look at what i inherited a blaming the problems on donald trump, who came before him. ah, now tuesday we had a situation where jen, sa,
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who's the white house spokesperson was confronted about the supply chain problems. here's what she said. it was crystal clear that things were not improving on for 15 people couldn't get dishwashers and furniture and treadmills delivered on time. not to mention also another thing. so why is a tragedy of the sure the treadmill that's delaying the trip? the problem. now the people that we spoke to on the streets of new york city are not impressed with these comments from the white house to say the lease if they would that really making jokes about it and actually action things we would get things done. well, i think it's terrible. i think that it's a major problem and it needs to be addressed. and i know that that washington is doing a whole lot about it and the electrical business and everything is back order. you've got to wait months. now what's surprising about this situation is that rather than holding biden's feet to the fire us mainstream media is actually
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pointing the finger at the american people. and depending biden, i mean it's, it's pretty blatant. we have the washington post on monday that came out with an article on urging americans to lower their expectations when it came from the white house and their policies. and to basically expect that the living standard will go down. now josh howling, who's a republican senator, did not take kindly to the washington post's article, urging americans to basically just accept it and deal with it. this is what he said . i think that lower your expectations, tucker is really the slogan of the vice presidency. now the u. s. economy is showing signs of systemic distress. we've got the inflation that is heading americans in their daily lives. the supply chain issues, um and most americans, according to the polls feel that joe biden is responsible. however, the biden administration may blame it on donald trump. they blame it on other
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factors and they don't seem to be very concerned about it. curious time, isn't it? american families facing rocketing price is on products. they can't get ahold of it . it's all their own fault, it's same. so i kind of open in new york. thank you. thanks tonight, frances e. u ministers warned that member states which don't play by brussels rules don't get the benefits of europe, a comma to being seen as a major slapping down of poland, which is disputing, the supremacy of e you law. and the talks which also tackled europe's energy crisis, have at times been explosive. as charlotte do been to the ripples over you counseling meeting, as you said in brussels, going back to the drawing board over many of the troubles and issues that face the block. not just in the immediate future, but possibly over the next few years. and probably 1st port of call is that issue with poland in this crisis over the room of rule. this idea of whether
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a country's constitution is something that takes precedence over nur itself. no. earlier this week, the polish prime minister spoke to any peas at the european parliament trying to put forward his point of view on this particular subject. but before he spoke, the commission president ursula vaughan delay. it was pretty fiery, saying that what poland was doing was essentially rocking a rocketing the bed rock all the european union. we cannot and we will not allow our common values to be put at risk. the commission will act and the options are all known. first option on fingerprints, where we legally challenge the judgment of the polish constitutional court. another option is the conditionality, mechanism, and other financial tools. the polish government has to explain to us how it intense to protect your pin money. given this ruling of,
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they are constitutional court well endangering the bedrock of the european union. she was very fiery with equally so was the polish prime minister, mateus modify etzky, who basically turned round and said that that you had to stop making some countries within the you you feel like they were 2nd class citizens and you said that it was leaking. you itself, that was being un democratic yoga pushed only yesterday. you must not impose a decision of verdict without a legal basis. it is unacceptable to talk about financial penalties, et cetera. but we heard even the wars language as it relates to some other states. i reject the language of threatened fetter. complete. i will not have e petitions, blackmail, poland, blackmailed must not be a method of policy conducted in relation to certain other states. this is not what democracies do. burning question of our energy, or in fact,
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the lack of it here in europe. we know that ursula vandalay and the commission president has just warned that businesses may have to close as a result of this crisis. as they may run out of the energy that they need to run those businesses, we know that spain is spoken to the block and said that urgent measures need to be taken. there has to be coordinated action amongst the block members to deal with this crisis, which it warned may last beyond next winter, far longer than anybody else has been talking about to date. no natural gas has gone up in price by more than 400 percent in the last year, more than 20 percent or so in the last day. that gives you a sense of how urgent this crisis is. and as this is unfolding some politicians, rather than looking at what's happening at home here in the you are concerned and pointing the finger of blame, shifting it towards the current high gas prices are primarily the result of high
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demand and low supply. at the same time, russia is playing poker. gas supplies have been significantly reduced. but it's a bit like a poker game, isn't it? the anti, the stakes are being up all the time. and if this is a poker game, then perhaps russia is the dealer and it's the dealer. they're saying, you know what, we are ready to give you more gas. that's not an issue. you just have to ask is, in fact the outgoing journal, a chance langler merkel said recently that as far as she was aware, russia had come through, took all its commitments when it comes to gas at the moment. so that demand from russia is ask us will gas, and we will happily give it to you. and there are others. the saying, this is not russia's fault at all. this is actually the use of making it put itself in this course is because of the fact that moved away from conditional sources of energy like fossil fuel fall too quickly. while at the same time, it's been far too slow to implement the new green energy agenda. so all of this is
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being discussed enough for discussion today. one solution has been suggested as strategic, i guess, reserve for the european union. but even if that is put in place, it will be too far in the future to mitigate immediate crisis. meaning that as winter approaches millions, if not tens of millions of homes across the european union will be wondering how they will keep the heat on the lights on. the next tensions are stirring between nato allies as greece is pressing ahead with plans to host us forces at for additional bases, despite protest by neighboring fellow nato member state turkey. the american ambassador to greece has tried to smooth things over, insisting that the expanded u. s. military presence wouldn't to pose a threat to regional stability. greek foreign policy is not defined by turkey. the united states in greece share an interest in seeing the turkey remains anchored in
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the west. we also have a strong shared interest in the resolution of disputes through non military diplomatic means, especially disputes between allies. just a week ago, the united states and greece signed a deal to expand their defense partnership paving the way for the u. s. troop presence at the additional bases, including at strategic points, just kilometers away from the turkish border. and that agreement came just a few weeks after another defense deal was signed by greece and france said with the 1st time that to nato member states about to defend each other from attacks within the alliance with french president emmanuel, i'm a crohn warning that european countries can't rely on the united states for defense . political bandwidths of $280.00 europeans must still being naive when we are under pressure from powers who at times harden their stance. we need to react the u. s. is a great historical ally, but we must see that they have been focusing a lot on themselves and they have strategic interests that are reoriented towards
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china and the pacific. we will be naive or rather we'll be making a terrible mistake. now, if we did not want to draw consequences from that, we have to see this with pragmatism and lucidity for our independence. and we must, as europeans take responsibility for our phone protection, if at all possible. ok, let's cross live. now the 2nd political analysts use of air in it, in its temple this evening. good to have you with us on the program. it does seem on the face of it. bizarre doesn't it, that you've got turkey disapproving of a u. s. military expansion in greece. when all 3 a nato members, what turkeys problem? well, 1st of all, i think it's the timing of this steel. there are a lot of tension between turkey and greece over the eastern mediterranean india, g, a, g, and, and maritime writes in that region. as well as greece's attitude and policies towards migration as well. this is also caused a rift between nato allies, but a well at the end of the day i,
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i heard one of the statements that you played in the package where it says greece is foreign. policy is not determined by teracon. frankly, i really disagree with that statement. i follow the greek medium, greek foreign policy close enough to understand that turkey is a major driver in many of the decisions that greets makes in the region. whether it's, its relationship with brands or the united states, allowing more u. s. forces there, whether it's the east med platform that reese is a part of any type of foreign policy that tries to exclude turkey out of regional platforms. these are all good policies against her. he, when we look at it from a turkish perspective, a target is just so many regional issues that deals with greece takes a small percentage of turkey's foreign policy concentration. so a very different way of looking at each other while greece looks at turkey as a very major part of its foreign policy for a turkey greece is a couple wrongs down on the latter. so is it more to do with us maneuvers animal
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wider european context because after the trump is where he was quite clear about nato funding and saying europe is and paving at paying its way that perhaps president biden thinks that it's time to build some bridges that by putting some troops towards the edge of the nato boldest. well, 1st thing, greece can never be the southeastern flank of nato. it doesn't have the military capacity ah, the experience and it doesn't have the political wealth. the form, any type of southern flank to protect your up or nato, to nato's southern flank, as always been turkey. it will be turkey. but when we look lately, at the trajectory and trend of these bilateral trilateral deals that have been going on, whether it's the greece, france steel, whether it's the u. s. a green steel, whether it's the australia, u. k, i and i united states do we're starting to see a lot of transactional is and we're starting to see a lot of bilateral deals that are slowly forming more and more bigger cracks inside
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of nato. now, a couple years ago when people left them with braun for calling nato brain dead, we're now seeing that nato is definitely having problems are creating a homogenous structure and deciding what it wants to do going forward. ah, it's new threat perception. what will it be? will china be added into this threat? perception? where does turkey stand? where does poland stand? ah, what, what's nato stance on you crate? these are all question marks right now. hey, are these bilateral deals that are going on? are not helping nato's ah, the membership inside of nato, it's weakening the bonds. it's forcing countries towards transactional ism, rather than a grand strategy rather than a multilateral stands, doug, by the question, just a very few seconds. if you don't mind, he think franz has got to be comfortable with the us deal between at with grace. very few seconds. i think france is becoming much less and less comfortable with the u. s. encroaching on defense deals and areas that it feels it has
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a strong relationship with very diplomatically put use of our, of in his temple. thanks very much for joining us. hey, i'll have your next news after we head into russian wild far country, for most it means fleeing to safety. but there's one squad who drop right into the zone to save homes and habitat from destruction. you can learn how they do it next on r t international glue with, with, with us to point. but also within the daniel's polio with the basilica stores the other month. because melissa was assumable just needed to ask you about it because i just food say that
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even when you would you, that is images. it goes up as good for supposedly got my did on. i would say again to spend your music resume, which is great. so we come up with was out of see to get the vote if i deal with all of your room for some way up, all of the fellow with the to the shelter. bush up with that that you got a nice day. oh boy for 3.


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