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tv   News  RT  October 22, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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find themselves worlds apart. we choose to look so common ground. a bitter splits exposed at an e u summit as leaders demand poland respects european rulings also insists that pluralism is respected. kafka says it's not surprised by aggressive rhetoric from nato states of the germany coals for nuclear weapons to be deployed near russia's borders and a highly vulnerable patients are at risk in the u. k. and doctors confusion grows over the difference between a 3rd dose of a covey faxing and a booster, as well as which is the correct order to administer the the people that giving different action the dr. citric. no, nothing about that job. you know, based on i'm painting and breathing, it was all right that this information is not been given out correctly.
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ah, hello dr. i'm worldwide. this is outs international from moscow. i am calling bray with well stories we are across for you. this. our 1st aid you leaders have demanded the war, saw a bay, a european court ruling to restore the independence of polish judges. but the brow blocked summit is exposed to critical divide over the supremacy of european law. as shall ado, pinsky repulse messages coming out from that european council meeting. the summit that's been taking place in brussels for the last 2 days. you mentioned they were, the hot topics is poland, but other things were being discussed to including migration and the energy crisis . but we will start with poland because it is taking up a much of the headlines of newspapers across europe and this week. and even beyond that, following that some,
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it seemed that member state leaders were coming out and singing to the same him are basically saying that poland has to know that the rule of law is central to the heart and foundations of the european union. and what poland must do now is toe the line and also must reinstate the judges. that its sack is part of this judicial shake up in its own country. however, the polish prime minister having none of that, and basically saying that this is a sort of interference that it won't accept a long road ahead of us. this road is a combination of dialogue, legal response, and concrete action to restore the independence of the judiciary yard. knocking on the 3rd, no european country, the content itself. european, if as judges are not independent, this is at the heart of our fundamental tax collector. i, for my own. some countries have a stronger appetite for integration. others not only poland,
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see this issue in the opposite way. some countries constitution say you, laura, supreme are the say the opposite. so there's constitutional pluralism. this pluralism has to be respected. if the you care about is strong economic and political role and aspiration in the world, another hot topic then that was being discussed was that of migration. something that the e u has been grappling now with for many years. a leader saying once again, the issue right now is coming from recent saying that the government of president lucas shanker is using migration as an instrumental tool for his politics. the you saying though, that it will have a new way of potentially dealing with this image. tottenham ballistic were focused on external migration, especially from bowers to each member states. this car city is a hybrid threat. one has to be frank about that guns. mr. hooker shanker was using
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people for his policy 100 coaching guy. we are very concerned about the situation at the borders in with fellows. we consider the behavior of the bellows government as a hybrid attack. we will keep up the pressure on the lucas shinkel regime, and we are ready to explore options for further sanctions. not only for individuals but also for entities or companies. so possibly new sanctions against the bela roof . however, there are some that say that sanctions are not the way food and in fact, all they're doing is aggravating. this situation rather than making it something that can be improved, they were around 1400 illegal migrants who went in to poland. we boil that down over so many months. it's actually quite a small figure. what isn't a small figure though, is the crisis. that energy is creating in europe ahead of this winter,
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really just scratching their heads as to how they're going to deal with that crisis in the coming months and potentially as spain is suggested into next winter. and there are some you countries saying that the problem here is the making of the e u, because of it's pushed towards green energy sources, which it doing at the expense of a traditional fossil fuels. and it hasn't quite got there yet to pursue that green energy agenda to make up that shortfall. however, the commission president ursula vaughan delane saying that that is a determined path for the e. u. for the future. it's obvious that we need more renewable and clean energy. if you look at the production price of renewables, it has considerably decreased for solar. alongside this we need a stable source, nuclear and during the transition of course, natural gas. now there's also suggestion coming out from that council meeting that the e was going to be looking at, ju,
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political issues impacting the energy crisis between you and i, that is code for russia. however, the russian president, vladimir putin has said on several occasions now that russia is ready to step up to the plate and to help you out with the gas supplies it needs to mitigate this crisis that is due to hit in the next few months. in fact is already biting, but the key issue here is that the e u has to ask. however, some countries have pledged ambitious renewable energy targets are already making a u turn. after multi nationals anti provinces suffered power cut. china's reversed it's down to the dirty, cold as a public enemy and is now telling coal mines to produce as much as possible after the local operations of tech giants like apple had the scale back production. indeed, charnise beer is jean temporary energy shortage power. the reason is because the chinese government has declared to coal as a public enemy,
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china wants to reduce the reliance on call. however, i think this is temporary, mainly because in recent months the chinese government asked being ready in co producers in china to increase production because otherwise it, china does not have enough coal locally produced. coupled with any crisis in crude oil and natural gas, this winter will be very, very difficult. and is by many major economies. talking green un reports found the countries like the u. s. australia and canada are actually planning to increase production of dirty norm renewables over the next 2 decades. above and beyond the limits sets in the parish climate agreement. by the end of the decade, a 110 percent more fossil fuels will be produced by 2040 that number sheets up to 190 percent. it also appears to make a bit of a mockery of western leaders claims that green energy is the way forward to address to climate disaster facing the nation in our world. by 2050,
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the united states will be 100 percent energy economy. what the president has clearly done is prioritized climate and investment and climate pushing for climate legislation. taking executive actions on climate, we deploying renewable energy 10 times faster than the global average for pers. stria is on the path why the net 0, the u. k. government has decided to become the world leader in low cost, clean power generation cheaper than co, cheaper than gas. but to go again says the western boasts about the environment are particularly hard to take. of course, i think of the whole world, the need to handle its energy policy very carefully from now on. on the one hand, the fight against the c o. 2 emission should continue. and the countries i encourage to reach and achieve their goals are respectively on the other hand, any security it need to be safe, god knows, with our energy society,
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economic production world ground to a whole. so how to balance these 2 seemingly conflicting goals is a big challenge for mankind right now. that's a challenge for all the countries. and the developed countries needs to do even better. why? because historically speaking, they have polluted much more than developing countries. germany says that nato should be ready to deploy nuclear weapons, to quote, deter moscow to russians. my name out rushes maritime borders in the baltic and the black sea. but the defense minister was immediately false to explain hostile remarks. the underwriter is reported this morning that nato is contemplating deterrence scenarios for the baltic and black sea regions, possibly involving air, deployed nuclear weapons. come mit is this the path nato is prepared to take. that is, that's the path of declaring the admission. we must make it very clear to russia that in the end when readily each month,
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and that is also the deterrent stuck trend into deploy sex means is to deter in advance. and so that nobody comes to the idea of attacking nato partners in both taken black c regions. and this is her comments coincide with nato unveiling its new master plan to defend the block against what it calls a potential rush, an attack on multiple fronts. the west, a military alliance, held a 2 day meeting of defense ministers. the wrapped up on friday is how nato secretary general described the current state of relations between the block and russia. april, so approach shown to russia her remains the same as before, meaning and credible the turns on the fence, combined with efforts to a have a meaningful dialogue with russia. the relationship between nato and russia is now at the low point. it has not been more difficult since to handle the cold war on that. i've been raising the alarm over supposed russian threat over the past few months with concerns coming to ahead in april when russia conducted drilled on its own territory. but close to its board with you cried simon lamas,
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tribes were repeated last month when brush and bela bruce held a joint military exercise, a rush of return insisted there was no hidden agenda behind those drills. and indeed, not of nato's consent. as materialised, or monday, russia announced it suspending the native military liaison mission in moscow. after the lines recall the accreditation of 8th russian diplomats in brussels commenting on nato's newly unveiled strategy. the credited spokesperson said that the blocks confrontational tone, proves that moscow was right to separate tight. there is no need for dialogue under these conditions, and nato's new concept just goes to prove it. russia hasn't been under any illusions regarding nato. we know what to raise on to hatcher of this alliances. this alliance was not created for peace, who was created for confrontation. why less ab reagan, political analysts, chris bamberg, to talk to you again on rp at the calls for a nuclear appointment near to russia's borders from germany. is this just part of the general fluctuation frustrations from nato? is it something more serious?
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chris boundary. hello. can you hear me? i think we need to start by saying that this is the context of a military build up by need. so on the borders of russia, particularly in baltic states, we narrowed this permanent dormitory presence by natal aid, countersuit, so called russian threat. this sunday to expansion in to the former soviet republics goes against promises was given to mikhail gorbachev. back in 19891009 team and the soviet union was coming to was collapse that needs to wouldn't expand into the zones. so what we're seeing here is a very dangerous game development, where there's no need to build up on the borders of russia, is of course, leading almost inevitably to some sort of response we've seen in our last week, russian plains, in the american plains, along the border we've seen the british take a decision to sell arms,
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the ukraine on a wider front. we see bellicose statements, vice president biden, seeing that america will stand by a tact. i think we need to add that into the mix. all of this is crazy, a very dangerous game accidents can happen. and now we have this documents talking about the possibility of a nuclear exchange with, with russia, talking with cyber war, talking about a conventional war. all the rest of it. it takes me back if you, if people could recall that far back to 90 eighty's when we had a similar, a bigger build up of the cold war between america and russia. they always didn't come to a nuclear war when the americans accidentally believe falsely believe the russia party weapons were not convenient to scenario, which is not that difficult. we have needs of forces in russian forces always face to face. we have natural planners, clearly considering nuclear war and one accident once pop could lead to something
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absolutely dreadful happening to humanity, not planet. so i think this is a very dangerous situation. so what do you think they'd german defense medicine doing here there? because if you say, taking the level of the argument back to the seventy's and eighty's and the thought of deploying nuclear weapons concerned, little more terrifying. why is interesting is why is that germany has a traditional recently be quite com or in regards to russia power because its energy needs and politics is economic ties to russia. when you have the military, a middle man in charge of the national politician in charge of making the statements. i suspect he is our instructions in washington, which is one germany to increase this military spending in order to comply with limits which of the americans basically said which ones germany to join britain in france and taking a much more bell co stance towards a towards russia so i spent the game going on in conway in german politics,
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as that iraq angel narco comes to an end to let's have the call ahead, prevail for now though chris boundary, thanks for joining us, have a great weekend. thank you. this is, are the still ahead of people's tribunal in london is putting a leg you ask for crimes on trial and an act of support for whistle blow. julie in a soft will tell you all about that after the break. ah, we have always been able to push that in sort of a far dark corner of our conscious because there will now turn it in once there are alternatives, you can no longer do that and you have to kind of accept, oh yeah, for that an animal has been killed and oh yeah, act as greenhouse gas emission. and here we have essentially the same product. um same price, same quality with none of those features. oh yeah, it's made in
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a lot of that in the beginning is scary, but in the end it's not the coin was created and invented specifically to kill central banks. it says phone and genesis blog. they make a reference to the bank of england when the bank of england started squirming, and i start whining that, oh my god, big coin is an existential thread to our existence. every one who yearns for freedom in the world to day should let out a collective paragraph because we're finally getting rid of the worst actor on the financial scene for 300 years. ah, hello again. so noble patients in the u. k. could be missing out on a life saving cove id shot. i would doctor's confusion on the difference between the 3rd dose of the vaccine and the booster. these inoculations must be given on
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the correct order, but the 2 terms are often used interchangeably. leading to a mix up even among medics. i ranks inter ritchie pre surgery. my interest is not a jump. chris shark is not. i think fear great a fish. this is different to a booster, it is part of the primary cause of the vaccine. right? but quite of that, to my research and my research, what i found whilst that is a dose, gosh, the booster router value as when to looms and rumors of returning to lockdown, circulate the government is upping the ante on the vaccination top rollouts. but those that need it, the most struggling to get the 3rd dose they so desperately need do to confusion over the differences between the 3rd jab and the booster by the very people administering them, leasing black and white speaking to him. and he said the word in it differently,
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vaccine has gotten differently to be it certainly as confusing people. the recommendation is that those who are immunosuppressed, meaning they have a weekend immune system at the time of their 1st. and 2nd cove at vaccines should now receive a 3rd dose as part of the primary vaccination routine. the booster program is totally separate to the 3rd dose and is being offered to the over fifties. those with underlying health conditions and those living with the amino suppressed as well. not only are they entirely different jobs, but thousands of extremely vulnerable people are struggling to break into their life. saving vaccines with experts saying that this huge error could cost lives, reduction it be the potency of the job for the boosters. so there's a lot of a translation of these 2 terms. the immunocompromised people don't have full
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effective immunity against a cave in 19, if you don't have your immunity top top to the, the optimum level for you, then your greater risk. you need to bait. proceed with me. some people will end up passing away because of julie's husband. brian suffers multiple myeloma, a rare type of blood cancer, meaning hears, amino compromised, and entitled to his 3rd and the last 8 weeks. so julie has fought against at least a dozen healthcare professionals, including gps chemists and even staff of vaccination centers. they told her there is no such thing as a 3rd dose, or use the term interchangeably with booster. the people that's giving this injection. you dr. sacred, know nothing about the joke, you know about the booster. i'm fuming, i'm human go room to be honest because did not. you have the right to commission in my i for lots of people about the booster thinking to get into the job and did not
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be published. i'm speaking on behalf of brian because e is magwell. all the people out there. that's not necessarily got my loaner. got leukemia. lymphoma but it's got any thing, but give them a compromised immune system. so my husband is one person, but i just think about them on the people. but it's not actually beander avenue more either in the contract that this information has not been given out correctly . as you can, infections hit almost 50000 in single day, the highest since july. in order to avoid the return to kind of restrictions, the government is urging the public to do their bit and take the coven vaccine and booster offers. i think we've been really clear that we've all got a role to play. if people, if not enough people that boosted jobs, it's gonna hit is all, or when those administering the jobs don't know which is which leaves those most vulnerable, even more so, shut edwards dashti, artie london,
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supporters of julian songs held up people's tribunal in london to examine allegations of u. s. war crimes. and how uncovering them resulted in a cia plot to kill the wiki lease found the tribunal was intended to strengthen public backing up the whistle blow up the head of his expeditionary. it is a disgrace for europe that the trauma lists and found off, we can leaks. julianna's sauce has been locked up. we need to be absolutely clear. his crime is telling the truth, a different society julian, a song would now be hailed by every aspect to the british media for being a hero. the u. k. government's conduct in relation to sancha has revealed to such gross hypocrisy, or when it comes to any professed commitment to human rights. so if the british judges decide either to expedite the sans to the us or to keep him in the british one panama, they will basically condemn him to death is about p pull power versus state power.
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you can go to the united states and you will find plenty of them. for criminals who have never been put on trial. you're criminals, and we're going to pursue you to the end of the earth and back for the crimes. you're committing all over the world against humanity, while also murdering slowly julian assange and other whistleblowers. and of all the bow, marsh tribunal, named after the jail, where a sound is being held, had no legal bearing. it aim to elicit public attention following in the footsteps of a similar event conducted half a century ago, condemning us actions in vietnam. next week, his aunt will confront proceedings into his possible extradition to the u. s. on espionage charges. he faces up to a 175 years in prison. one of the members of the bell marsh tribunal explained its significance. the belmont tribunal does both. it reveals the crimes of the united states and it also reveals the crimes to the united states is
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perpetrated not just abroad but. busy also closer to home here in between where and julian assange, an award winning journalist and publisher, is held in a maximum security prison and treated extremely badly and tortured. one of the important things about the assange case is the silence of the mainstream media in the past, in relation to what grave commonality is taking place. including attempts to by the prosecution, prosecuting party to poison kidnap the defendant. and this tribunal is seeking to build on that momentum and get him into the mainstream discourse. most ordinary people that i talk to recognize that what is being done to assange is a grave injustice. and we have to show that we are not going to sit back and watch this happening, but that we are coming together to push back against it as a collective from a man who exposed alleged to us crimes to a whistleblower,
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or perhaps a more questionable kind form of facebook data scientist, frances, how good is seeking more governmental regulations of a social media to tackle supposedly dangerous content. but she's not above suspicion herself with compromising links to us establishment, putting her in the spotlight as a potential government stooge. ortiz, dmitri polk digs deeper. whistleblowers are generally seen by many to be sort of brave heroes. they put their careers freedom, were even lives on the line to reveal the dirtiest seeker itself corrupts organizations and governments. but when a whistleblower like francis hogan comes along and becomes an overnight mainstream media darling with an odd background and a full team of top tier lawyers with close ties to the establishment. that sort of raises some questions to say the least. i mean, come on. how many whistleblowers get these kinds of high production promo reels?
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he's like has the resources and potentially the motivation to run my life. this is my virtual badge today i join fisma and i was your credit kitty for cynic misinformation, pm. i was extremely excited to be able to make a difference, a whistleblower blowing the lid on the social media giant. that's constantly accused of pushing agenda, censoring dissent and violating privacy, etc. well, let's just say halligan's revelations turned out to be a bit more in line with establishment talking points than you would expect. apparently the whole point of her leaks was that she just wanted to promote more government regulation and censorship of co, dangerous content hate speech and misinformation. when you're a, a real whistleblower, you are targeted by the government. you are silenced, you are prosecuted and sent to prison. but if you are celebrated on capitol hill and financed by independent companies, i'm sorry, but you're not
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a whistleblower. you're a political tool. she's being treated well by democrats on capitol hill by the white house, by the mainstream media, because she supports their narrative. you know, there's talk on capitol hill about breaking up facebook and breaking up some of the other big tech companies because they're monopolies so far. no one has had the guts to pursue something like that. this may be the hook that they need to at least start looking into anti monopoly actions against facebook and against some of the other big tech companies. so the question now is, who exactly is this woman and who is supporting her? well, according to political, how getting allegedly has quite a few big name backers, there's larry lessig, a former democratic presidential candidate who is now managing her legal team. there's been scott, former tech adviser to hillary clinton and then there's her tapia representative mill burden, who runs public affairs at a little non profit called the center for humane technology. which brings us to the
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guy behind all of them. e bay founder and millionaire media mogul, peer media, who's luminated foundation, apparently funds all these people and their organizations. but if you think a media is supporting how going out of a sense of justice or disgust at the way social media giants operator, something like that. well, that may be a little naive ever since he started growing his media empire, his main clients have been done. done, done the state department. apparently he helped them supplement regime change in foreign countries, which they don't even actually hide. they literally posted online as their strategic plan well with these kind of ties allegations that how going is backed by us. intelligence insiders doesn't even seem like that far of a stretch. any more fear on media or through his lumet. a foundation has sponsored whistleblower aid. o, many are put up the money for this very suspicious our organization which claims
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that it's sort of an anti wiki leagues. and it encourages whistleblowers to collaborate with the government and with their employer as they blow the whistle. it's pretty clear that they coached frances halligan, inserted her script about taking on official enemies through facebook's threat intelligence division from ethiopia to me and mar to china, to iran and omit e r. 's role was never reported until weeks after huggins high profile testimony. but it makes perfect sense, considering that facebook is the bad cop of the big tech world. and mark zuckerberg is a whipping boy for virtually every one in washington right now. so along comes o media are sponsoring this group. and this whistleblower who want to speak out about how toxic facebook has become. and he appears like the good cop, the good big tech guy who wants to work with the democrats and actually help sensor
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what goes on in social media, which is a key imperative of the democratic party right now. whistleblower aid doesn't exactly have a good reputation among whistleblowers to put it mildly the founder mark zaid literally read it out. his client geoffrey sterling, an actual with a lower to his buddies at langley. but then had no issues representing the ukrainian whistleblower and trumps impeachment. trial. and andrew, because another key figure at the firm which, judging by its name, is supposed to aid whistleblowers, literally called for ju innocence to face the full wrath of the law. it was an honor to support francis hogan today, as she testified before the senate. i am privileged to work with a talented team of co counsels. thank you. out front sin n for having me on this evening. i'm proud to represent francis, a courageous whistle blower alongside my colleagues at whistleblower aid. with frances halligan's, unusual success story. many whistleblowers now probably wish they also had the kind
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of support that she does. but unfortunately, it seems, there revelations just weren't as convenient for the establishment. so all they got was prosecution and a cold shoulder at best. okay, well we're in washington next with scott. he now he's in the out the american scene after which i'll have your next global update. from the newsome here in moscow. ah. he died. i cried. i just slept the whole time. i was there. no one really thought anything different. beautiful thought i just didn't feel good on the way for the surgery, his lungs failed. 30 seconds for the killed him.


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