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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  October 23, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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pushing which to the welcome during jack deny is good to see you and you and you not you so much. this is a show where americans in american covering american news called foreign agent, many across the country. a calling right now, strikes tober. tens of thousands of us workers are either on strike or planning to go on strike soon. that's so interesting. you know, you, you treat workers like for a long time while the rich get richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer. and apparently a dumb hole in the work is, go you. oh, good. govern. you'd need
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a magic 8 ball. we'd be more dues doors or an amazing ring to see that common. can the ring tell you what kind of mood the country's workers are in right now? is it jolly it jolly kellogg nabisco john dear parts of hollywood and more hospitals in california are bracing for strike workers. protests, staff shortages as weary health care workers enter the 19th month of the pandemic. thousands walking off the job and onto the picket line, demanding more staffing. even m b. c news says many low wage workers have had enough. they're demanding increased wages, meal and rest breaks, better benefits and shorter shift they want mill bribes. why don't they just get their nutrients the way my hard working very happy did to up the but that's the manly way. or maybe maybe that was a tube down the throat and something else up doesn't matter. i can't remember,
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it doesn't matter. pulling it meal break to lose your wimps and some mafia, king pins that it or maybe just maybe american workers have been crushed long enough. maybe the strikes are a sign of a grave illness in the system. a sign that the workers aren't willing to put up with being treated like property any more. and behind every strike. we can all feel the potential for a much larger revolution because every strike helps define the 2 sides. the workers versus the capital is owners. a strike, even if it doesn't achieve everything, is set out for remind everyone who are the exploit in it and who are the exploiters? any explain cur. the ruling elite have a lot of tools at their disposal. they on the court, the police, the mainstream media, and they have the ability to hire desperate people lovingly called scabs to try and
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break the strike. john deere, whose workers were on strike this week, have tried to use scabs. but on the 1st day of doing so, here was the theme outside the factory. oh, it seems shut the went wrong. yeah, so it turns out experience workers are useful when building heavy machinery don't say i thought a john deere tractor was put together like an i k, a futon. you just look at the picture and you know you don't do what the brownie face is doing. if you chop off your leg, you're turning the allen wrench the wrong direction. i thought that was how it work . the all to a rich capitol is want us to think workers have no power. they want to think that abusive slavery is the only option. they want us to be miserable and like it. but i have no fear, folks, just because we're all being crushed under capital is wage. slavery doesn't mean we
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have to look like we are a i can now slap, falls for miles on all the faces so that we think the world is happy. soon, the government will just mandate. we all wear virtual reality goggle, 247. so that look like everything is yankee doodle dandy. and it can take away the bags under your eyes and the thinning hair. maybe the double chins. well, be beautiful, happy people living in a virtual real world. as long as we don't look in the mirror. well, by that point, the mirrors will be digital and they can correct for all that. so, except you'll still feel the wind resistance around the love handles and the moves, man, i've got 6 pack abs according to the i mirror, but then why can i feel nat struggling to fly around my men's girth? i feel i feel more jiggling than the mirror would suggest. point being
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this is the time to unite the time to fight back together. many people think this country is divided between the 2 parties are divided between the city dwellers and the people out on out on farms are, are divided along race lines divided between those who like d. c comic movies and those who believe they're part of meaningless garbage with dialogue written to re accessible for your pet cockatiel. but the real divide, i love, i love big fan, huge fan. the real divide. the one they don't want you to even think about is a divide between workers and the ruling elite, the one percent the lying political party, the other divisions. we need to unite against the ruling capitalists, bags who have gained trillions of dollars during this pandemic. most of us spend our days trying to rent back our freedom. by working at jobs,
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we hate your born free. then a few years after a few years someone says, hey, pay rent, pay for college, pay for medical care, pay for food, pay for water. netflix condoms, gasoline and vitamin d because you haven't been outside and 3 years and try to do it all while getting $10.00 an hour. basically if you want to exist in this country, you will have to achieve the impossible just to stand around just to be there. you have your chief of the possible or you have to hope you have a rich uncle who dies from an infected toenail and leaves you 3 bitcoin. those are the options. none of this would be so hard. if the 99 percent of us who aren't billionaires, stood together, far together, ignored the political parties designed to separate us and instead demanded a better world for all of us. or just give us a virtual reality. god,
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i don't work to company from wash in dc. the valley. the base is redacted in the yeah, i well calmly can't no take the news from behind the fight over vaccine passports, heating up folks. and before we dig into this, let me let me be clear that i'm not anti vaccine. it's obvious that it has saved a lot of people, including probably my own father. he was driving to get a shot and that's when a boeing jumbo jet fell on his house as they're known to do. but yeah, he hadn't gone to get that shot. no more dad. furthermore, it's clear the vaccine works, because what does the us ruling elite do when they have something that could save
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millions of people? they increase the price to make it impossible for the poor countries to afford. and they have done exactly that. you know, i criticize having sociopath run our country, but the nice thing is, you always know how they're going to behave, you know, not a lot, a lot of guessing required. you just, you just think about the worst thing that could ever like the worst dress or that any human could do. and then you just make it a wee bit worse. and that's, that's a very time. but can you really blame them for withholding the vaccine from developing countries? 3rd world people is serv. i mean, what have they done for us lately? they walk 5 miles each way to get clean water. what does that do for me? but i do for me, that's what you have to ask yourself the way the bible does and the rule book,
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dungeons and dragons. we as americans should be proud with all those vaccines from poor countries. even waller's dues are vaccinating skunks, what? what songs are important they are. here's how i rate people and things on this planet. humans from wealthy countries, and then dogs, cat, skunks, some kinds of jellyfish plants grow tasty, nuts. and then humans from poor countries, and we should vaccinate them in that order. point being, i'm not anti vaccine, but the whole vaccine passport thing is rather troubling. and i'm not the only one to say that there's also a guy i met on the subway and oh, yeah, not world health organization. i don't mean the organization in charge of healthy i meant the world health organization, the was just for emphasis. but i guess all kind of
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a little point bay. earlier this year, mainstream outlets reported w i. jo does not support mandatory vaccine passports. mike ryan, the executive director of the w h o emergencies program said he's concerned such a requirement could exacerbate vaccine equity issues. we already have a huge issue of vaccine equity in the world. he says, the imposition of requirements for the, for certification of the vaccination before travel would introduce another layer of such inequity. if you don't have access to a vaccine in a country, you become isolated as a country. ah, yes, creating barriers to participating in society in life. it's probably a bad idea and would this proportionally impact the poor. w h o supports vaccine certificates as a way to provide a health record for people who've been vaccinated,
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but the issue takes on a different consideration. if certificates are used to attend work school or travel . so even the w h l, which is heavily funded by professional sleazeball bill gates, who is very pro vaccine even day the w h l. don't believe vaccine. passports are going in a good direction. but as long as we're on the topic of passports, i do support sociopath passport, or a socio passport for those with a speech impediment. everyone takes a sociopath test and then you get a special green card. if you're not one, this would mean all our current government officials, politicians, names for media used, car, salesman, and 10th grade english teachers would not pass the test and therefore not participate in our society. don't worry, we wouldn't kill them. we just, we did, we just put them in a room which char, bob jackson, let it sort of self out. sir,
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you're right, mrs. saunders. maybe you should've thought about the repercussions when you are screaming at me about pride and prejudice. now i don't know why lady catherine did man polluted with rebuff. mister darcy advances. maybe she's got mercury poisoning . i don't know. i don't know. and in other news, i decided the other day to harass some mainstream media clouds because that's one of my past times. it's like i like to do it, i enjoy that. growing my own herbs and playing hopscotch on the edge of open air, toxic, dumping pits. those are my hobbies. anyway, you recall the story from a few weeks ago about how the trumpet ministration, along with the c, i a were actually putting together plan to kidnap or kill julian songs. that reporting has been confirmed and comes from 30 senior officials, yet many in our mainstream media refuse to report on it, even though
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a san just final extradition hearing is coming up very soon. so i, we did at several corporate media clowns like rachel, matto and anderson cooper. and one of them was n p r. scott, simon, who hosts their venerated propaganda, sho weekend edition. simon has been at n p r. since the eastern island statues were 1st directed and he has slowly melted into the wallpaper there. anyway, i pointed out, he's got simon. when will you get the courage to report on the yahoo news story about the ca plan to assassinate julian sanchez of fellow journalist. i assume you will never find that courage. now, you might be the lay. child is trying to bait the news media into reply and by insulting them. yeah, they are children. are they not? i say fight toddler with toddler. ok. i speak to them in the language they can understand. anyway, of all the corporate clowns. i created that scott, simon was the only one response. he said, sorry, lay just saying this
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n p r has its own superb team of national security reporters. if that's a story they can independently verify, i'm sure they reported, but just repeating someone else's story without independent confirmation isn't reporting. i read that as no, i don't have the courage to report it that you read it because that's how i, that's how i read it. because hiding line your, your corporate daddy and basically saying, dad, he hasn't given me to go ed yet is not a good answer. ok, simon, scott, whatever. by the way, n p r national public radio only gets 2 percent of their funding from government grants so far. more comes from rich and corporate donors, so n b r is indeed a corporate daddy. basically they've sold the public part of their name to chevron scott simon ag. like he can't report on that story because it hasn't been verified
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. then how the was it verified by yahoo news, the guardian, the great don't the independent, the intercept consortium, new role and style demarcus laid out a, b i. i to be a better all the gardens. it's verified. scotty, is that verified? but on top of that, whoever said and be our only report vera like say taco bell only served held food just like a meet at taco bell. the new that envy our squirts out of a mystery gun and out of you looking the same as you did when it went in. and p. r . reports every variety of vague, all day long, such as the widely laughed, dead, fake news that russia offered boundaries to taliban to kill us troops or about the completely discredited field off ca, with dart on donald trump, including his having a prostitute party. or how about the always larry, us,
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kim jong on, had a bunch of officials executed for watching soap operas. and p. r is a clearing house of false stories and us government propaganda. but scott, simon, want you to know. they never report anything unless it's been verified. now the truth is, god, simon is a clown who was doing his duty to the corporate powers. meanwhile, a fellow journalist julian, a son who has never gotten a single story wrong, fits in prison, and could soon be expedited to the united states to be tortured for the rest of his life. but it's not like scott simon, with every important story. he did recently have on an author to talk about her new work of fiction. her name is hillary clinton. simon did not bother to verify anything she said in the interview. but taylor is now
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admitting her words are fiction. we've got a quick ring, but if you want, exclusive redacted tonight, extra content grab the portable dot tv app at portable dot tv slash download. we have extra content every single day. anyway, back a lot more. ah ah, the rather voice of the play but also ruth of sin and daniel st. wiley with because i just glued say that him and then you would you that is images but it goes up was good for supposedly good. have my did some i would share with me, is it his image is filica mom,
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but that's what your phone was out of the to get the what if i did all of your rooms there some way up with the to the shelf of worship, with a when i looked showed the wrong when i was just a shape out, the same becomes the african engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground.
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welcome back. i'm still the camp here in washington, at least one democratic senator is hell bent on making sure that the democratic reconciliation bill helps his constituents as little as possible to find out what's up with west virginia. joe mansion were joined by our river boat ramblin correspondent and is lea a and is why hello there li. just soaking up some mountain states shown. sounds dangerous for something with your pigment. also. i think that the western shirt yeah. west virginia. so what's going on with joe mentioned you outside or simply don't understand this great state. talk to anyone here and they know exactly what's going on with joe mansion. he's getting west virginia be attention. it deserves with his independent streak. right, well i outside is are kind of wondering why joe manson keeps gutting this bill, which isn't even that great to begin with. mansion is trying to end the child tax
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credit at $60000.00 a year. so america doesn't turn to an entitlement mentality. and there is no better way to avoid that than stoking resentment among people who make $61000.00 a year. so we're going to make working families squabble over crumbs while the rich make off like a band, and this is west virginia make an offer. it's is a well respected vocation here. just look at the management on the one hand, he doesn't want to give unemployed people money. on the other. he makes most of his, from sources that do not require him to do any work. he has been raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from corporate dividends in a sprawling stock portfolio. and doesn't he also own an energy firm? you've got a problem. yeah. yeah, that's why i brought it up. it's a massive conflict of interest. oh, okay. cuz usually when reporters ask mansion about that, he just yells at them and then they move on. but yes, the mention family does own
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a coal company, sen, jose part in it, however, is a blind trust for all he knows there diversifying into wind and solar. he thinks are coal company is trying to save the planet? well. ok, are they still in by pure coincidence? sen mansion is making sure that they won't have to. he's pushing the clean energy program out of the bill, which would start to replace colon gasp, which it's like being part owner in a slaughter house. but because it's in a blind trust you go, maybe they're helping the cows. i don't know who knows what goes on in there. if you can played conflict of interest. no, a conflict of interest is when you get a harmonica stuck up your bomb and you keep forwarding to the tune of sweet home, alabama. when you're in god damned west virginia, i don't think you under stand conflict of interest anyway. what about prescription drug prices? daughter somehow and big pharmacy and executive and big pharma. oh,
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you mean heather brush? it's because of her that the api pen finally realized its full market to potential . she broke that glass ceiling with the bodies of beast victims. by that you mentioned gower, just the price of api pound. we get it lee. you resent successful women? look, heather brush doesn't let anyone boss are around. not even her own father. she's one of mentions biggest donors. so she's the one who controls him. that's not the argument you think. the point is that the mansions and especially joe are an independent breed in the spirit of west virginia. it even leak recently that the senator is considering leaving the democratic party and has an action plan. he's going to become a republican no, an independent. he's going to create a caucus of one and both parties are going to have to go out of their way to cater to just him that way. west virginia will finally get the help that it needs. oh, you mean like poverty?
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lack of education. crazy. oh boy, crisis and more coal pollution, i mean getting jo, manage and even more attention than he has now. thanks, anderson. absolutely. now, how do i get out of here? up next family is suing a pharmaceutical company for making billions from human cells. but i'm sure whatever the company did was on the up and up know for more we turned to our chief, not dr. correspondent job for con. ah, we all know, big farm eyes currently making record breaking profits off of a global pandemic. we all know they deal intellectual property and profit from publicly funded research, but did you know they have even stolen someone's body? who spooky october halloween episode?
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in 1951. henry at lax miraculous cells the 1st to be able to survive outside the body were taken without her knowledge or permission. and have since been used for many, many medical breakthroughs from the polio vaccine to h i. v. treatment to cope it. vaccines to the now famous flex tape, flex, the super strong water. please have the item might have made up that last one. but these breakthroughs have earned corporations billions of dollars in profits all from stolen cells. now, her family is suing the pharmaceutical company, thermo fisher scientific and demanding reparation. so you might be thinking, how could it takes 70 years for this grave injustice to finally be addressed? well, a clue could be found in this picture. we look closely,
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you'll notice that henrietta lags was black. welcome to the world of investigative journalism, also medical racism, a rich but often overlooked history. that's part of our country's greater overall races history. we'll get more into that later. the cells were taken at johns hopkins university, which was segregated at the time, or as a johns hopkins website puts it one of the only few hospitals to treat african american. it seems like johns hopkins university is trying to whitewash it's rate this past, but we'll get more into that later. henrietta lacks died from cervical cancer at age 31, and her family wasn't even notified when she died. in fact, they only learn about her miracle cells by accident 20 years later. now, i know what you're thinking, but how's thermo fisher doing? well, they've earned a billions of dollars in revenue,
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and they're giving back to the community by creating the just project. partnering with historically black colleges and universities to provide free cove at $900.00 testing and diversifying the thermo fisher work environment. how about you give back the billions of dollars you made from exploiting black bodies. also, johns hopkins school of medicine, named after the famous abolitionists may be, you could provide reparations for the cells you stole, or at least reparations for the slaves. your abolitionist founder owned. now, let's get into that rich history of medical racism i was talking about earlier. just last spring. it was revealed that the university of pennsylvania and princeton university have been in possession of remains thought to belong to 2 children who were among the 11 people killed in the 985 police bombing of the philadelphia
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home of the radical black liberation and anti police brutality group move most of us to know about the, to ski experiments, but less know the world war 2 mustard gas experiments on black troops, as well as japanese and puerto ricans. there's literally too many examples to name . we don't have to stick to the past. the fact that fewer than 4 percent of africans have been fully vaccinated for cove, it says enough. the story of henrietta lacks is absolutely infuriating. unfortunately, it's not unique. starting with slavery, our country has a long, brutal history of exploiting black bodies. a history that is still continuing to this day from johns hopkins university. this is jennifer con, with the redacted right. and finally, before i sign off, i want to take a moment to say good bye to a truly amazing person,
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a fellow fighter for peace and justice and equality. and elise garcia was tragically hit by a car and killed last week. you might have seen her excellent, you tube show the analysts show, but she also worked with movement for a people's party and the censorship, free social media platform, pan quake. her passion and energy were honestly unparalleled and she touched me and so many others in her short time on this planet. she was also a caretaker for her disabled sister and her mother who's fighting cancer. so if you wanna donate to help them out, i posted the go fun me on my twitter account at lee camp. we'll all miss annalise. that's our shall till next week. good night. keep fighting with when i see black america lesson plan. if marcy and i was growing like a marriage a spoke to me when,
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why destroyed you did not those who say black marsh measure is a movement we are importing from america. no, nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where white lodged mattered and i was not wise. my commission. and i was annoyed from black america. i learned how to speak back to whiteness. aboriginal people, iraq more every day. we are moving them no more with the police were out with 2 seats. i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system than their other fellow friends in daycare for
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ah, headlining this, our russian gas exported gas problem warns it will stop supplying moldova if the eastern european nation fails to pay off its debts. now totaling some $700000000.00 . turkish president, orders ambassadors from 10 western allies to be declared persona non grata over a joint statement, demanding the release of a turkish businessman, jail the waiting tiled time. a trial, excuse me. on anti government charges also had the public mood swings to the right in france ahead of the presidential election. and there's no shortage of candidates to meet the populace agenda. and america's top medical research agency of mits funding studies on transmitting bat corona viruses to humans in china's woo on something previously and repeatedly denied underwrote.


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