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ah, we began filming in your kuta, it's forests were ablaze, but the local authority wouldn't declare a state of emergency. the situation was critical. the aerial forest protection service had to transfer reinforcements from other regions, but it took a day and a half by bus to get to the fire. they hadn't been able to find a helicopter. at the same time, another team they were rushing to help were defending a nearby village and barely made it out in time to save their own camp is really getting to lead to the shelf as well, which of course, i mean, okay, so we're going to follow up with you. yeah. but the lord said you was this and of course if you get to where it would, it will lock your gross layer. it publish it in which you won't unfortunately wouldn't toss that on that grade. because additionally,
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a mine to patient mom with those things like that is a shelf with a, with a, with this is their father anatoly bell mock and waving his hand from the tent swamps need deep water and high winds conditions his squad recently waited 24 hours to be evacuated from from
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a store. with that you're always load. my thought and this has been miranda, got it back. we pause router we were, she was at the 4th. i'm glad we're going to look up the account. so we come on the spot sites up there to help us out a few to get on board. go on to tom belvedere. shaun with will start off with this was to man region where aerial force protection service smoke jumpers got caught in a fire trap to survive. they dived into an icy river and pulled water on each other a greatly
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a, a. what are the listings or by the show it to move forward with poorly? i knew for sure if she'll read as a bonus for you with kayla with the firebreak or fire line is a trench dug into the damp soil could help suppress spreading fires. but you can imagine how long it takes to encircle a wildfire of several actors. rather than using shovels. the more advanced way set
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a fire break is with explosives. mm. mm hm. then yeah, we'll talk with a video the video anatoly by mock in is the squad's man responsible for blasting operations? ah. the aerial forest protection service only gets a break from wild fires in winter. the time for training and fitness tests exercise is take place at the shoe shantika airfield and resemble avalon troops or special forces training the smoke jumpers, perfect ab sailing and parachute jumping. in case choppers have nowhere to land. to
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she wouldn't washing bullshit. you please. she doesn't know which is a little. it's her easy. she does so thrown as a selena, though it did luthey luthey, so she leaned into each other in friday with a finish. despite the daylight, it's already late. this is what the white knights of your duty look like. the smoke jumpers camp is rather close to the fire and by morning it's surrounded by smoke. the acrid smell of burning lingers, but these people are used to it. after a long and hard day's work. it already feels like a picnic and mm . i was going to come
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with back up was still on the way they were sleeping in the bus with the drivers working shift so they wouldn't have to stop me. when they arrived. the arabs ever said the following morning, they'd probably be transferred to fight another new wildfire to smoke, jumpers was stretched thin setting up camp for the night proved unnecessary. cora villages, frightened by the wildfires. close proximity touchingly accommodated the smoke jumpers in a local school. mm hm. as a hot off the teams instructor says the last few days have been intense. a film for those that don't rosella vasa, fitness in the believe. your screen room for which as a show is other places to fight. but also we have seen the facility to those of,
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you know, someone else girl is daniels trulia that the sheet for them get off with the official castaways and wrong little your thing is with him when cheers. wicker, whether it was, can we live, live our lives, so other monthly because more used to with the shuttle come though not citizen chairs. yes maam, lisha, look at the pony. can this, you know, uh, i don't have it in her daughter that is in chase must or what? oh, just do it quickly. missouri uses a tier paper way. she is silly. glad to say that evening the status. it's a vicious circle. delaying declaring a state of emergency means the aerial forest protection service. can't expedite contract with other departments? normally tenders for purchasing aircraft for transferring smo. trump as can take up to 40 days. of course, they could make a deal in advance,
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but they never know where it's going to hit hardest. and where they'll need to marshal most of their forces. at the scalar, and then your pathology denisha probably how to fanny listeners myself, his name, which was like a stipulation chase ash the work of like polish little already jonah. but when we hear them school now calling you to play with discipline po's, i'm good. yes. about them custom ah ah,
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he died. i cried. i just slept the whole time. i was there. no one really thought anything different. needless all thought i just didn't feel good . on the ways for the surgery, his lungs failed. 30 seconds when i killed him.


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