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tv   News  RT  October 25, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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so many find themselves well that we choose to look for common ground in the sit on political drive intensify that the country's military result, the government arrests, but its leaders, undeclared, a state of emergency frontage, street protest in which 3 demonstrators have reportedly been shot and he bought and song centered on facial media for the top all the use chart, we hear from the rapid behind the hit. let's go brandon. there's a 1000000 signs out right now. if you're trying to wipe, i can't stay for, i'm gonna stop you brandy. that means your branding, my arts, and your branding my view of what's going on. you can band, aren't anything running out the pandemic. a new report, while the people who live acute the rich countries of leading poor nations in
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alerts, by failing to donate, desperately needed jobs. ah, why, for most year, thanks for joining us off the internet salon. daniel hawkins, wherever you are this evening. welcome to the program. now we start with the developing situation ensued on board military takeovers, led to von and clashes between protesters and the army. with shot 3 people dead and injured dozens, more of according to local docs with association audit. on monday, the military dissolved the government and declared a state of emergency and came hours after the prime minister was arrested and taken to an unknown location. while a capital was put in lockdown, it's been announced, the military government will stay in place until election in 2023. we spoke so awkward, no salary sudanese refugee now in israel, who shed his feelings about what's happening in his homeland. i. 1 then he gets
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anthea it was a surprise for us. we didn't expect that he would come to this because all the sudanese people expected sedan to move in the right direction towards democracy. the entire nation had such high hopes, of the military always imposes its power on the people. we were shocked by the news that the prime minister, senior ministers in the sovereignty council and other important officials had been arrested. we received some messages from our brothers, despite the internet and other communications having been cut. we learned about these clashes from these messages. of course, there is conflicting information. all communications are down. the disagreement between the military and civil officials is very important because the glorious december revolution dethroned the old regime. this regime drove the country into its current state, forcing a huge number of sudanese people to flee the country. never have there been so many refugees. as during the 30 years of military rule, the december revolution dethroned the old regime and helped create the new
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government. we were counting on the new governments to create a civil state that the un secretary general has condemned la crew and called for dialogue. the situation in the country will be discussed by the security council earlier artes moral garcia was in a studio with my colleague, rory sushi to discuss the situation. well, general abdel father, what has ye is the the top most military figure in this sovereign counsel of sir dan is dissolved the entire body. what it was in the acting a body that represented that the head of state, it was made up partly of military officials and partly of civilian officials. and they ruled the country they, they govern the country. we have learned in the early hours of the morning, reports began pouring in that the minute she was adding force in the capital and elsewhere that they were blocking off roads and bridges. that the internet had been cut both mobile and land lines at that the airport was shot and all flights
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grounded and canceled. it emerged later that the prime minister, as well as several of the other ministers, members of his cabinet, had been arrested and had been taken to an unknown location. the ministry of information which is still active on line on facebook. it says that a number of other ministers have managed to get away there in a, in a safe place. but it views this or the, the dissolution of the sovereign council, as a to, as a, to by the military. and this is, is all in the back of the revolution, of course, in 2019, when omar bashir, after 30 years, as head of country as the head of state a dictator, they called him after he was deposed of by, by popular, put us on, on economic grounds most where you talk about protests, for example, m e took it, talk about the, at the broader picture of this part of the world. political unrest in the country is really nothing new. i mean, we're talking these, these routes go way back to unfair. so don, for many years had been under very tough economic sanctions,
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international sanctions, eventually things got much worse, and there were huge brutus in 2018, 2019. they eventually forced to add a power or omar budget, but those problems have become worse. that is, that is the problem. now the, the civilian part, civilian part, military authorities, came to pave the way for a democracy for elections in 2023. and they were desperate for money. so they appealed to the i, m f. the world bank had such money never comes, you know, freely comes with strings attached and what are the conditions was that they introduce all sorts of economic reforms and they removed subsidies, for example, for petrol, for, for power or for food. they raise taxes. and so that is one of the poorest countries in the world. and you had people who, who marched and protested to depose of by she had for a brighter, more prosperous, economic future. and eventually they ended up with a courtesy that collapsed and her power,
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few food price hikes across the board to things have become much more desperate. and we saw of these weeks a build up impetus. we had both those who were for the transitional council for democracy saying yes, things will get worse, but eventually they'll get better. and now we have those who are, who are desperate, who say that, you know, we, we don't care, we want the military to come in, get rid of this incompetent government. we want to stick to eat with her mind if it's a military dictatorship. so long as we have food, so the, so long as things are stable and affordable at nevertheless, now we know that there are put us on going in in the capital that protesters are burning ties protesting against this military coup as they call it. and there have been reports of violence, the number of people have also injured the russian form and she's urge that missouri means people be allowed to decide the future of their own country. we got reaction for the unraveling cry. his for a senior research institute for security studies and from
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a journalist from south said on the gum line of saw sedan as ah, bring all day defense of did could fight disease. so done at through. we decide what piece agreement and what piece of human was a bottle with 10. so done back to normal and also to do more cost. but that is not working at met at the moment because there was a difference of opinion and look, men sedan. and currently that there is a political interest from the friends political parties that seduce me. intense. and actually what with what was the next solution we've done on the 10 that i now but according when you look at the submission, actually the institution with 10 him to wall because that different group that pro mill face and then the whole civilian and his people is your time if there's no into benson's or then it is on the prime minister in the prime is resign or from
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day a mentioned was a young man. they did a deadline, was that as of what asked us and also our class. and if that cried, listen, go into the country, why i expect that people will get to the streets and those numbers will continue to increase until i'm the military. actually listen to all heed to their demands of my doris, t of sudan. nice people. additionally, there's going to be a lot of pressure coming from the region coming from the african union, and i bang to national parts list. remember that one of the difficulties that sudan has phased soon by his exit has been the fact that they have not been able to solve their very economy questions. that way they're very basis for the overture of out of my share. and we do know that their role of international partners has been very key in trying to do that. so the way it fall out is going to be tough. and there's going to be a lot of contestation between the civilian compliment civilians in the country.
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when the military leaders and we hope that all hi will be able to proceed on the side of caution and restraint so that the ability of sudan will be paramount spot being banned by social media. an anti joe biden song called let's go brandon. the day fund itself sitting on the top of the hip hop shots in the us. if you've removed rafa bryce engraves track, claiming it contains medical misinformation and the song take saying that president bottoms bungle last can withdrawal on his hind leg. the corona virus. and the defense youtube said, the platform doesn't allow claims about cobra, that conflict with medical guidelines and charge the artist himself denies. there's a 1000000 signs best out right now. and if you're trying to, like say, i can't say for, i'm going to saw your bandit. that means you're bending my are that me, you betting my view of was going on. you can ban, aren't you get back anything? i don't curse him. i knew that i make positive music and i do have my views and my
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music. i don't even curse. and i'm the most sense, a wrapper in the world. how is that possible? i say what i believe in my song, everything i say, my real life, i'm priest, and this is what i believe it should be a legal or social media company to be able to change their guy while every week and then delete things that came prior to that they actually are playing with our free speech. nobody is messing with them. they're messing the bus. the title of bryce and grace. hey, it is also now infamous internet catch phrase. it went viral after nbc report. it was interviewing nascar racing, dr. a. brenda brown, and so he heard the crowds. sean, let's go brendan, apparently oblivious to the fact that people actually charging something rather different. oh, ah, ah, a song comes as joe barton's approval rating. there's noticeably plunged forward into a new survey. county. it's below 45 percent. that's down 11 point is an operation
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in january, meaning its popularity is declined faster than all his predecessors since world war 2, ross and grey again thinks the president is finding a job tough going and trying to kill a mean a people now a lottery will say let's go brand new for me. that's perfect. somebody doesn't curse. back or so my the same for president biting people call trumpet dictatorship . there's nothing more so much what they say to 7, what jo buyers currently doing and what a lot of countries are going to try to segregate? that's need to do like jim crow to point out. i mean, well, well medical, what store continues to sound a lot about the ongoing coping pandemic insisting it can only be stopped one way the funding me will and when the will choose to end it, it is in our hands. we have all the tools we need effective public health tools and effective medical tools are increasingly
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empty. shells are getting shoppers in the garden fates nervously eyeing the calendar. amid the far approaching holiday season, it's been caused by a major disruption to the national supply chain. over the last fortnight, dozens of ships that us forth idling in the water's still waiting to be unloaded. and then it has of course wrecked havoc for the global supply chain. shortage of port operations and truck drivers in the us has led the traffic jams at dark and empty shop shells. the government claims the bullets have been overwhelmed due to a surgeon demand and a booming economy. the public though, is not convinced. it's led to get more gloomy reading for 0 barton. over half of those quiz than a new nation wide survey believe the ministration is dealing badly with economic matters, concerns for the group of summers. the u. s. transportation secretary took place, so i need to leave for 2 months. i made a logistics crisis. lauren shen has the details. let's talk about the outrage over
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p. buddha judge's paternity leave. the past few weeks have not been easy for the bite and administration. not only has congress failed to pass the 3.5 trillion dollar build back better infrastructure plan, but there's also been complaints across the country of supply chain issues with people noting things like empty shells at grocery stores, as well as higher prices for goods due to scarcity, and amidst these problems some people began to ask where exactly is transportation secretary p. buddha judge. after all, most people would assume that trying to promote the administration's infrastructure plan would fall under the purview of the transportation secretary. and not only that, but seeing as how many are blaming the shipping crisis, at least in part, on ports in california, being backed up with shipping containers, it would make sense to assume that this is exactly the kind of problem that the transportation secretary should be involving themselves in and yet as the country would soon find out the reason why p booted judge was nowhere to be found was because apparently he had been on paternity leave for the past 2 months. you see
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earlier this year, a secretary boot a judge and his husband chase and welcome to newborn twins into their family as the 1st openly gay cabinet official and u. s. history secretary booted judge, becoming a father of course, made national headlines in august. but what was not reported on was the fact that he would be taking 2 months off of his job, paid for by us taxpayers. and this has drawn a lot of criticism because in the united states, even paid maternity leave is not federally guaranteed. let alone paternity leave for months for adoptive fathers. and so even those who are supportive of the concept of paternity leave have question whether it's appropriate for a government official to take such an extended break. while so many americans are denied the same privilege and not only that but others have also noted that even if people to judge were to be given paternity leave. surely the nation going through such a serious supply chain issue should be reason enough for him to re and to work and
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still others have brought up that if a transportation secretary can actually go missing for 2 whole months with nobody really noticing, perhaps the role isn't as vital as the administration would have us believe, and certainly not vital enough to warrant 2 full months of paid leave. in any case, since our ridge over his leave began to mount secretary, buddha gedge has since returned to work and is absolutely on the defense regarding supply chain issues. he's attempted to dismiss them as simply americans doing too much shopping and overwhelming stores with demand. and additionally, regarding the criticism of his paternity leave, buddha judge is now trying to spin the situation into a way to advocate for federally guaranteed at paid family leave. and even though under the trump administration, a cabinet official leaving the job for 2 full months during what is, are you, we, a national crisis would have absolutely sparked the ire of the mainstream media when it comes to soccer table. to judge outlets like nbc have actually come to his defense, trying to argue that criticisms of him are actually due to homophobia. when it
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comes to problems, things like inflation, a broken foreign policy platform or growing political division people. the judges paternity leave is far from the biggest threat facing the united states. however, i think of nothing else. this whole scandal does illustrate the fact that there is no shortage of bad news for the bite administration or it's supporters of vaccine donations. why worse than countries of failing for much initial pleasures subs, according to the people's vaccine alliance? who's latest report concludes pharmaceutical companies on which states are contributing to job and equality globally respect, walks from santa maria. he's also the policy lead for the people's vaccine a lot. what we've seen is developing countries receiving an endless type of to be frank, inadequate justice of support followed by these broken promises. and it should be a cause of international shame. i think the think is, and the data that we really show is what we've known all along developing countries
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simply cannot and should not have to rely on the goodwill of rich countries, all pharmaceutical companies. they're not delivering what we need or the right from the recipes of these seems to be shed, so that we can scale up manufacturing and developing sustainable both of the documents named a dose of reality on the line is that nearly 2000000000 co vaccine shots were initially promised by wealthy states, only 14 percent of those had actually been delivered to the countries most and mean and just one in 50 people in those low income states are fully vaccinated. well, the people of action alliance is very clear on who pays the brunt of responsibility for those figures. and that's namely high income country, the u. k. for one promise to donate a 100000000 vaccines to kovacs. that's a worldwide initiative aimed at fair access to code vaccine. so for less than 10
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percent of that amount has been delivered. canada and other 40000000 doses promise that see only 8 percent of that to get handed over on the firms on ameria. again, believe the pharmaceutical joints have monetize the pandemic. patients whenever designs full pandemic for public health emergencies, they should not in any situation get in the way of saving lives. and that is exactly what is happening now. but i think we also really have to remember that billions of dollars and your rise and i'm pounds that have been put into the development of these vaccines. it wasn't the investment of pharmaceutical corporations, all of that. shareholders that made these vaccines possible. luca astrazeneca looked at mcdonough, almost a 100 percent puppet, at the finance. this is tax pans, money that paid for the rapid development at these vaccines based on decade of research that was also public. the finance didn't about peyton's providing
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incentives. this is about peyton's protecting that monopolies and the grotesque profits of pharmaceutical corporations. they have already made billions out of this pandemic. it's time to share the recipes, the rights to produce them, so that we can get this virus under control. facebook was the blow of france is how gonna throw a testify to u. k. m p's. so work on legislation to crocks out on harmful online content. this comes off her appearance in the u. s. senate where she cues, facebook of spreading misinformation. heights and violence comes back and says only tiny sliver of con, our platforms hate are only tiny slippers violence, one, they can't detect it very well. so i don't know if i trust those numbers, but to it gets hyper, concentrated in, you know, 5 percent population. and you only need 3 percent of the population on the streets to have a revolution. and that's dangerous. the inner workings of facebook have now been further expose as whistleblower francis hogan has been testifying in front of m. p
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. 's on the social media giants. failure to protect the public from this really harmful content. now it's been a pretty long testimony indeed. and it's been very explosive to, with all sorts of allegations regarding safety incentives, censorship, plus of course, algorithms in their power to really distort people's news feeds on their social media. and also the content flow of course as well. now, all of what she says has a pattern of negligence. now, one of the stand out quotes from the testimony today is that the platform is undoubtedly making hate was. so of course, she was speaking to the parliamentary committee here in westminster, who is scrutinizing at the proposals for the online safety bill. it's a landmark piece of legislation that could really set the tone for social media regulation across the world. now francis, how gonna, former employee of facebook says now is the time to act. and facebook's encryption,
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which are essentially ambitions to make the site less at transparent, will actually make it easier for bad actors to strike. now that could be on one end of the scale of espionage operations by hostile states, but then also want to more pass no level. it could be hate crime. and those people sharing a legal content. now that is an opinion that really is quite hand in hand with the government, which is looking to ban anonymous profiles. would you consider that legislation to move right to anonymity social media? i've, i wanted to look at everything and there is what taken place already. now clearly the online space, we see 40 much cruelty on mine. and i think all of us have responsibility and achieve t to work together. and i do think working together is part of the solution here. sadly, at a time when we need to be taking more action, facebook up to see an end to end encryption plans that place the good work and
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progress achieve so far in jeopardy is worth looking through. some of the aspects of this bill, especially it's in it's draft proposal form. so essentially all companies need to protect people from a harmful content such as a hate crime. there's also though, of course, an emphasis on protecting children from inappropriate content and sexual exploitation and abuse. so we're talking about the companies you'd expect, like facebook, twitter, tick, tock, youtube are all of which will need to tackle this content that's lawful, but still are harmful to the public. of course, that's a really tricky area to cover. it basically applies to abuse and misinformation think right now in particular, all of the different dates are and content on coven vaccines, or even the pandemic as a whole. so to try and get through and navigate this blurry line, the bill will also now be potentially bonding the anonymous account in the hope that people will no longer want to be hiding behind the computer screens. no hiding
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behind a fake account either. however, some key players in the civil liberties. our platforms are basically saying this is a really slippery slope for government surveillance. and of course a pass or lack of privacy. this is a terrible position to take encryption benefits users and m whistleblowers world wide. it's essential to privacy and security. so hogan who argued directly against anti monopoly action against facebook is now parlaying her new phone celebrity, to defeat its plans for and to when encryption more and more it looks, she's in this for more government surveillance and censorship. this illogical position supports you key and u. s. government salon stunned and demonization of encryption in the interests of much surveillance today, yet again, francis hogan is really shining a light. in fact, putting all the flood lights on a real and need to keep people safe. but in testimonies like this one,
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it really does expose how difficult it is to get that balance right, particularly online at to protect people, but also to protect privacy, to we discussed to you should bring that o'neill, chief, political riser at spiked. he disagrees with francis hawkins. arguments and thinks the new proposals should be reconsidered. i disagree with a lot of what prompted hagan said, i think she's pushing a problematic argument. this idea that social media platforms are very dangerous. they need to be firmly controls that people are at risk. and one of the most problematic arguments i think is the idea that we should ban online anonymity. so people would not be allowed to be anonymous on line. i have a real issue with because lots of people need to be a modem or they need to be anonymous because they could lose their jobs if they express their opinion. because we know that it's become much more difficult to express controversial views about transgender ism, for example, or about many other issues. and people prefer to do that behind an anonymous
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account. so i think we're going down a dangerous road and i think if we don't pull back and have a think about what we're doing, we will end up regretting it. meanwhile, with leaks editor in chief fans, ceiling and song, his fiance held a press conference that i had of this wednesday hearing on a song extradition coming. hearing the royal court of justice. we'll decide whether to extradite a sons where the jail journalist may face up to a 175 years behind bars. the case is taken on even more significant since an article letting the c l u. a product to kidnap or assassinate student assault. back in 2017, went viral. at the press conference, they expressed fear of soldiers, safety dressing. the possible expedition is unacceptable for what was read. how can join feel safe? how can we feel safe? this is the criminal, lawless behavior that has to be
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a signal from somewhere that this is completely intolerable and unacceptable. in my mind, it is unthinkable that the court will come to any other decision, but to uphold the magistrate court decision. not to accident juliana sounds. it would be such a stain on the system in this country that i certainly hope there will be enough pressure and realisation how devastating it would be julio to choose up receiving, possessing, and publishing information to the public. that's not espionage. i. i ask you, please, to stop suggesting that julian accused the espionage because it's false. he's accused of journalism. now, what are you doing? the songs has been prosecuted and verified for it was blowing. facebook frances, how can get the brief lawmakers on her revelations, journalist,
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and brought us annual clog. explain to us why the 2 were treated so very differently. you miss hawkins, who is hated cheese noted being treated as a hero, but you have to contrast that with another whistleblower. maybe more famous whistleblower . the reason for this contrast treatment is of course all but is telling western lead the global east west what they, what, what they want to hear. she is basically making dictation for government control over social media. doing a challenge, on the other hand, is telling people what the global question leads do not want people here which are blowing and revealing house all war crimes carried out in the circle war tara, in the iraq, or cetera. so that's one which will blow, he's still 80. and the other one is putting
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a high security jail loads of the headlines this our upright. so, you know commentary examined some unanswered questions on the global trend of a thing while you gave you is kind of what the latest episode of running gaining. we're backing off and with the latest join us again that ah, i say it has to be ready to be able to afford enzyme and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality, we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how they can
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choose your customers and dump a sick so also i can satisfy their wall street. investors know parents that have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder knowledge. so think wrong when i'll prove, just don't hold you to see out this day because of the applicant and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. join
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me every thursday on the alex sarlin. sure. obviously he's a guess on the world politics sport. business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then . mm hm. with dying. i cried. i just had slept the whole time hours there. no one really thought anything different . he just all thought i just didn't feel good on the way for the surgery. his lungs failed. 30 seconds, but it killed him. i had gotten stuck with so many needles by day. there's a few points that were really.


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