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tv   News  RT  October 27, 2021 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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whole freedom or a possible 175 year prison sentence julian, a sound his fate rests in the hands of the u. k. high court. as an extradition appeal hearing to the u. s. for the whistleblower starts today in a head fuel by a desire to save money and made soaring prices. german drivers are popping out of the country can fill their tanks. we're, it's much cheaper. we hear from some of them. it's cheaper than germany. the price is here. 30 percent lower. that's why we hear. of course everyone is worried about prices. i've heard they could tripled next year. and sedans, prime minister is released following them military coup in the country about those the u. s. freezes millions of dollars in economic aid to the african nation,
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leading to questions over ah, or on the clock across the world. this is r t from the team on myself, unit o'neill, hello and welcome to the new sour, imprisoned wiki leaks funder joulene. assange finds himself back in court today, i'll say to day extradition hearing gets underway in the u. k. the high court will consider unappealing by the u. s. over a previous ruling to block the whistleblowers extradition. he's wanted by washington to face 17 charges of espionage and one of conspiracy to huck. a government computer. now, if convicted, he could face a prison sentence of 175 years. the
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i was a hearing comes after a number of potentially game changing developments that could influence the long running battle over julian sanchez. fate right now though it remains to be seen whether the court will take them into consideration of ilia patricia who takes us 3 when last month journalists revealed and alleged to see a plot to kidnap or even kill julian assange. many of those who read it must have thought, wow, it's the mighty use of spy agencies was so keen to get rid of the whistleblower. it's really a miracle he's still alive if the claims from september's report are true, it just shows how much he's loathed by anyone in charge in d. c. for his partner though and other problems activists, it's served as another chance to convince the rest of the world. what washington's
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real intentions are when it comes to assange. this is a game changer going into the appeal because this shows the true nature, the true origins, the true criminality of the u. s. actions against julian now reports that the ca conceited, kidnapping, or killing sounds have cost even more doubt on the reliability of us promises and further expose the political motivation. behind this case. a quick reminder of what was revealed in september interviews with an entire team of former trump officials suggested senior members of the administration supposedly requested options for killing assigns. one of these alleged options included engaging in a shoot out in the streets of london. if you read all the gory details, you'll be amazed by how hollywood it all is. that was back in 2017 when we can lease published a damning investigation and to see i hacking taught or rather fail to react by
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saying no comment. but mike compelled did, they should all be prosecuted for speaking about classified activity inside the central intelligence agency. maybe they didn't, maybe as a cop, just made it up. but you should, i take seriously, my responsibility is to protect that information. this can be seen as pump out a confirmation of the songs kid, not all kill story. what else would you want to prosecute those sources? speaking about classified activity only a few months ago and i slammed the news outlet reported on some eye, opening testimonies by key witness in the u. s. indictment against the weak elite founder. very embarrassing for the us justice system to if true. the iceland national admitted that almost all of what he said while being questioned by the f. b, i consisted of lies proffered in exchange for immunity, from american prosecution. me
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the activity was sets include, it tends to hack into the computers of members of parliament. all the conversations in foreign called us and now mister stunt in the songs never to the hot or access phone recordings of m. p. 's. the more deceptive language emerges in the after mentioned judgments where it states the songs use the unauthorized access, given him by source access government websites of iceland used to track police vehicles. ah, and a reaction to that, edward snowden said that it was, i'm quoting the end of the case against julian assigned, wishful thinking. edward. if only for once, someone in the obama trump, or the biden administration, gave a damn about what you've been saying,
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or what the leading press freedom activists have been sounding the alarm about hypocrisy. first and foremost, it is a damning indictment that nearly 20 years on virtually no one responsible for alleged us war crimes committed in the course of the afghanistan and iraq was, has been held accountable, let alone prosecuted. and yet the publisher who exposed such crimes is potentially facing a lifetime in jail, right? by the looks of it be a new faces in the white house and the administration or not so new or outright old . forget even thinking about the idea of any of them showing mercy for julian songs . former cia officer and whistleblower john courier believes people like your son who expose the truth should be celebrated, not prosecuted. jolena sanchez and by extension chelsea manning
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and a joshua shulty who revealed the vault 7 documents of all revealed evidence of american or crimes. whether there war crimes or crimes against against humanity or those people should be celebrated. they shouldn't be prosecuted. it's the killers and the criminals who should be prosecuted. but beyond that, julian has repeatedly embarrassed the cia and the rest of the intelligence community, and they're not used to being embarrassed. vault 7 was just the, the final straw for them. and they wanted to make sure that julian sancha paid a very steep price for it, which, which essentially would have been his life. this just shows the ridiculousness of this case against julian assange. when the justice department's primary source against him is a convicted child rapist, a pedophile, and admitted liar, a convicted embezzler, and a guy who said that he was close to julian assange. and in fact had only met julian
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his sons 3 times. so that's your case, that case would be laughed out of most courts anywhere in the world by far would you drive to philip ear tank because of soaring fuel prices? it seems the answer to not for some german motorists is a broad increasing numbers are traveling across the border to get their petrol at much cheaper prices under the peers. that could be a journey they'll be doing for some time. with all the political talk at home focused on green energy, or europe corresponded payroll or for reports from the pumps. the cost of living in germany is on the rise. it's clear when you go to the supermarket and see the prices of fruit vege. it's even clearer when you go onto the full course of paint chill stations. and what we're seeing really is the unstoppable force of rising fuel. prices colliding with the immovable object that is german reliance on the
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automobile. it's prompted. some german motorists to cross national boundaries like coming here to poland in order to try and find a cheaper alternative to filling up. driving across the border, just refuel is particularly worthwhile. if the price difference is a high and the distance is a very short, germany has some of the highest fuel prices in the european union. and to break down this whole situation into its most basic form. if you wish to fill up a full tank of fuel on this side, some prices are going up everywhere. i'm worried filling up the tank will become too expensive as i depend on my car. if in the far away from public transport, what is supposed to do on the i was the price is unbelievably high. we are oh, shocked. i do worry back to lot and it's happening all around the world in germany and here in poland as well. it's not just in poland,
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but this is being seen with savings of almost 50 euro cents per liter. drivers have been going from germany to the czech republic to fill their tanks. it's cheaper than in germany. the price is here, 30 percent lower. that's why we're here. 3 way coalition talks to form a new german government between the social democrats, greens and the free democrats are continuing. and what to do about price high expose at the supermarket, and the petrol station set to be a big part of both with some suggesting but a cut to taxes, particularly when it comes to fuel is the only way forward. however, that's likely to be contested by some who would say that lowering taxes on fossil fuels sends out the wrong message when it comes to germany's strife the calvin neutrality. meanwhile, german drivers may well be forced to cross national boundaries more in order to make sure they can philip. so less feature all of
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a r t on the german polish border. here to another of our headline stories today, the ongoing turmoil in north east africa where the sudanese prime minister has now been released. he been detained along with his wife on monday, amid the military takeover of the country. the military chief who led to coo claimed on tuesday, the prime minister was the tain, for his own safety. being that he had been staying up the general to us. the military over throw spark widespread ice rage across the country. was people pouring on to the streets to bend their anger, the subsequent cale. since you've done, let's a global combination of the coup with washington piling on the pressure. we've already made clear that we are pressing paws on significant aspects of our economic assistance to sudan. and we will look at the full range of economic tools available to us in coordination and consultation, regional actors and other key countries to make sure that we are trying to push the
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suit the entire student is political process back in a positive direction after this significant and warming setback. well let me just expand, maybe even translate mr. sullivan's words. they're the us state department earlier in the holt to hundreds of millions of dollars in economic aid to the country in response to the qu. but just who does not decision hurt the most? a question or senior correspond murat, gusty of has been looking into in this day in age, almost nothing is sacred off limits. you can weaponized anything, trade, culture information. it doesn't have to kill all it has to do is hut. in light of these developments, the united states is pausing assistance from, from the $700.00 or $700000000.00 in emergency assistance appropriations of economic support funds for susanna. this was badly needed money for one of the
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poorest nations in the world, but it came of all sorts of political strings attached thick cables of them. as a door assistance, often does, they are weapons behave do as you are told or will cut you off. the problem is the people who get cut off usually aren't the ones that misbehaved. like when the us froze of ghana, se don's bank accounts. president biden is not hurting the taliban, or the current regime. this is really hurting every day. afghans and the united states will push them into further poverty. take my word for it. while in afghanistan, i didn't see a single hungry taliban fighter. i saw thousands of civilians the poor out in the streets, willing to sell family members for food because they weren't getting salaries because i've got a sons bank accounts had been frozen, but no magazine among them. and they sort of keratin stick approaches. seen
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frequently, we stopped paying a lot of a to them and they will not see that money again until that here to the agreement. but they built a damn that stops the water from flow and into the neo. and you can't blame egypt for being a little bit upset. i had a deal done for them. and unfortunately, if you have broke the deal, which it should not have done that was a great mistake. and short, the united states cut hundreds of millions of dollars worth of health care and education and development aid to the government of ethiopia. the suspension of a proved pointless that little besides irritates ethiopia. and of course, the land stop countless health care and education programs, or take palestine for ever at the receiving end of those u. s. h cut. what does that achieved this administration is thereby targeting the most vulnerable segment of the palestinian people and depriving refugees of the
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right to education, health, shelter, and dignified life. but that was old child's play compared with what transpired in venezuela helped along by ruinous us sanctions. they struck as venezuela was going through an economic crisis and that resulted in near complete e can amik annihilation inflation at half a 1000000 percent of fantastical figure, but with very real consequences. you'd think that lessons have been learned that pulling aid to poor nations is like putting a meal from a hungry person. the leads aren't the ones that suffer and starve that isn't the reasoning behind age cuts. think cynical, think heartless? the idea behind pulling aid is as simple as it is cruel to compel, ve the angry, the hungry and the desperate masses to rise up against their own rulers, that the elites truly fear. more than half
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the entire population of afghanistan could face a shoot, malnutrition, this winter with many dine. thus the dire warning from the you in which is demanding immediate action. and let's go through it. it's the latest report say's a record $22000000.00 plus of guns will suffer from food insecurity. while almost $3000000.00 children under 5 are at risk of dying from money. attrition that's amid the precarious state of the economy, which has been heavily dependent on foreign funds for years. around 40 percent of its gross domestic product has been international aid. the crisis follows the chaotic us withdrawal after a 20 year military presence or the taliban class by much of the world as a terrorist organization. rapidly rita control of the country and captured its capital capital. since then, western countries,
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along with international financial bodies have holsted, their aid payments, the un food and agriculture organization, as well. the worst is yet to come. first and foremost, situation today in afghanistan and looking forward is really, really alarming. let's remember 70 percent of afghans people live in rural areas. involved in agriculture said the drought has had had a massive effect already. that's why early on this year we were already sounding the alarm for this or the discouragement hearing crisis. children all the worst hit a few days, a few weeks of deep hunger can lead to stunting, it can lead to wasting. these are secondly, look at the short term. we're talking about the country in which agriculture, as i said it's, it's, it's 80 percent of livelihoods that, you know, it was, it's the most important sector in terms of people's lives in this collapse is now done with it. it was looking at massive displaced. there are thousands of health
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clinics that are struggling at a time when because of the, the crisis, the needs are going up. we're starting to see more and more children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. the clinics need need money for the doctors, the salaries of equipment, et cetera, a really big, broad, deep, terrifying, communitarian crisis. well, even today we're talking about 19000000 people who are, as we say acutely food insecure, that means they're experiencing hunger on a daily basis. and as you said, we haven't seen the worst yet. projections are the by the end of the year, and next year 23000000. that's more, that's 55 percent more. ringback than one out of every 2 afghan men, women and children will be in that situation. in september, a higher level meeting in geneva took place a $1000000000.00 was pledge brought that about $275000000.00 has arrived in the hands of human terrans fm. i and organization w, p. unicef. so one of the money that was pledged has yet to arrive, but to be quite honest, it's only gonna be dropping the ocean. the situation is,
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is deteriorating so quickly, so dramatically the scale and the speed at which the humanitarian catastrophe, which military processes unfolding, heading towards catastrophe, means that unfortunately fall far more money is required. crime rates are skyrocketing in the u. s. city of minneapolis on the states, democratic representative has pointed the finger directly at the police, accusing officers of not fulfilling their duties. thus despite ill hon. omar, at being among the most vocal advocates of the funding, the force jamiracle i believe she ha, oh i. e. oh, to the citizens. these are meant as wow, wow. and so when we let,
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we get rid of that cancer and we allow for something beautiful to ride. so far this year there have been $75.00 home assigns in the city that is up 114 per cent compared to the same period in 2019. it comes as the minneapolis police department has lost more than $200.00 officers due to funding cuts on the deed, low morale as well. but activist claim to funding the force is not enough unwanted . entirely replaced with a pseudonym department of public safety. minneapolis was the center of a massive wave of protest last year following the death of george floyd in an altercation with a police officer violent rights, a ruptured nation wide and led to a vocal de fun. the police protest movement. we got the thoughts of retired police officer, dominic izzo about the issue the number one thing people wind up doing for political purpose when it comes to are defining the police as it's a gut ral gut wrench,
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a reaction that they're looking at. because you have your constituents, if they're trying to get their votes from, i'll look at it as they're gonna get rid of police and blame police. let's define them. whatever she wants to put into place, a department of mental halted to take over this. or you're just, you're asking for problems. this comes from not allowing law enforcement to do their job and not being backed properly. and you're going to see such a disaster unfold in my personal opinion and experience with law enforcement. one of the main reasons that crime rates keep growing up is lack of prosecution. the states attorney would always try to lessen a charge ah, to, to win more prosecute prosecutions, which would put them at about a better position for reelection. but you just, you see a lot of stuff like that, which puts people criminals back on the street. and it perpetuates a cycle. you need to go back to the constitution. you need to have like police officers do their job painting over the past. that's the claim being made against an art museum in the german city of dresden. it's decision to re
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title more than $100.00 artworks to make them were politically correct. has been widely derided since the beginning of last year. the dressed in state to art collections has renamed 143 works, which it had deemed racist on discriminatory. for example, moore was removed from the title were with the emerald stage. gypsy medulla became madonna with a standing child on dwarf in the title dog dwarf. and that boy was changed to short mom. the campaigns attracted nationwide ridicule with a petition now alive, demanding its immediate reverse. the thing went out. i think such decisions should be taken. kathleen, if it really is discriminatory, then something has to be done as a fina that i think it's really good to use political correct speech. but if it used to be called that, then i probably wouldn't name met. but i think it's important to point out such things. i think there are better approaches to highlight this without rename in
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historical things. you can, for example, sign to day were, would call that. but give the old name look anything an ongoing text if they're not politically correct. it's probably better to give context and office of explanations is that of changing names and actually raising history from oscar push . i'm very skeptical about this. the historical meaning gets changed. if you do this, you should at least leave an explanation and the original title, her wall is happening and dress, then follows a creeping trend around the world of renaming. last july in canada, toronto city council rena into st because it had originally been named after a politician who turned out to have been involved in the slave trade. in 2020 minneapolis city council approve the renaming of a street there in tribute to george floyd said he's in the u. s. have indeed been increasingly renaming their streets in fact, ostensibly to recognize black history and in the u. k. hundreds of streets linked to colonialism, slavery, they have seen their own names consigned to history,
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historian dorothea, wendy burgess, among those concerned about efforts this simply forget the past age 12 months. i don't think you should rename anything. could you should leave the name the painters or sculptures themselves gave if you want, he can comment that it was the norm of the time and that you wouldn't say it like that today on time. but as 17th century work is the 17th century work. in 100 years people will judge the names were give to day in the same way and say that strong or immoral times change. and that's why i am always in favor of living as it is in their original one that in honda. okay, reminder, all a busy weapons, they don't miss a thing by giving her a twitter page of follow news views on everything else to keep you informed on the entertain to day to be fun there. goodbye. ah. but depend, i make no shipping, you know,
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borders and just like to nationalities end users as emerge. we don't have a therapy. we don't have a fax in the whole world needs to be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. ah,
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it state has to be rash, to be able to afford inside and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how you can choose your customers and dump a sick so also you can satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. if you're denying payment for someone's care,
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your make life and death decision and determine to get to live and who dies to me that's, that's getting away with murder. soon you see this statistic that 90 percent of the wildness held by 10 percent of the population and they added trillions of dollars to their net worth. since the pandemic, one would look out on to the american landscape and look at all the wonderful innovation, these folks have brought people to their lives. oh wait, hold on. life expectancy is down into mortality. up wilson income gap isn't widening to genie coefficient. looks terrible. death of despair are exploding. so i think it's natural to conclude that all this money fronting is not feeding ameristock or c, as fact it's fading attack, a stock receipt rule by the least qualified. ah,
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he died. i cried and i just slept the whole time. i was there. no one really thought anything different. you just all thought i just didn't feel good on the way for the surgery, his lungs failed. 30 seconds for the killed him. i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 29 team. don't to started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really the turning pole if the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products. he pulled this out. if you really felt holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no,
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he's the better it was. i wouldn't want my worst enemy to every don't think that it was out of breath with birth is boom bus one business show you care to coordinate ob wrench board. and i'm rachel mullins in washington and coming out for now one week away from the federal reserve november meeting. so can we expect the long awaited start to tapering bond purchases and how will the ongoing supply shortages play a role we'll discuss? plot test has now injured and exclusive tear of us businesses as the evie giant has
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their pass a $1000000.00 valuation for bring you the latest on what push the auto renew the auto company rather past that mark. and later microsoft says hackers have been attacking critical eye teeth applied to get to the bottom of what's happening and what effect it may have a lot to get to. let's get started and we leave the program with the latest from the federal.


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