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[000:00:00;00] a ah, european gas prices for out of letting mit pearson tells russian, john gas prone to rush up, supplying americans a losing faith and jo biden's ability to turn the economy round up to code it with new putting, showing it democrats. he on becoming disillusioned default also this how freedom or possibly 175 year prison sentence, jude and a soldiers of fate rests in the hands of the you have high court as an appeal hearing on a us extradition request gets underway and be you oldest poland to come up a minute years every single day until it abandons
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a controversial full to its cool system. fronting won't say to accusing brussels of blackmail. ah, you will change on scene to national with me you last you problem. hello, and welcome to the program. fast in europe, which raise and the grip of an energy prices. gas prices have started to fall. the market reactors after vladimir pays in told the chief of russian ganske, john gas prone to rush stopped gas volumes in european storage facilities. and earlier, my colleague, daniel hawkins, discussed what the russian president have to say with our correspondence alia katrinka. mister delucca, i ask you once you have finished pumping gas into underground storage facilities in russia to start work on increasing the volume of gas in your underground storage
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facilities in europe, in austria and germany, what exactly did the russian president say to cause this plunge and gas prices, well, this is how the market's work. they almost immediately reacted to the russian president's decision to make gas from the russian energy giant increased the volumes of natural gas in its european underground storage facilities. after such facilities are filled in russia, the prices for european natural gas futures went down by 3 per cent. and the russian energy giant expects its storage facilities in russia to be filled by november the 8th. so right in less than 10 weeks, the volumes of natural gas in the european as storage facilities will start growing . and this is indeed a true relief for european consumers ahead of the winter season. but perhaps more importantly,
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following an incredible surge and gas prices are in the last several weeks. now, during the meeting with the rushes senior government officials of latimer potent once again weighed in on the roots of the energy crisis in europe. and i got a notice as though the situation on the european gas market remains unstable. the reasons are a decline and domestic gas production in europe, and a reduction in liquefied natural gas, primarily from the united states. but they removed a significant amount from the european markets by the way, gasped from replenished us, and even delivered more than the americans withdrew. at the same time, the demand for gas has also grown due to a drop in energy production from renewable sources. and the closure of conventional generation facilities. obviously this is why the islands has risen. you use the numerous lot of consumers and you bring the saw relief for following this. the best news, what else to be hearing from the euro, pee inside on the that latest update?
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while we're using the word relief, but the question is whether anyone in your ball actually noticed the efforts on the part of russia and praise moscow form the help and the approach that it has chosen for the time being. because actually, in the past few weeks, we've only been hearing many critical voices in the critical of moscow blaming russia for using its natural gas exports as a geo political tool. some of the nations are continuing to act as the staunchest enemies of gas problem and natural gas exports from russia. probes, investigations are being launched in particular. the european commissions competition department is currently gathering evidence to see if gas suppliers are manipulating the market during the energy crisis. they're not specifically
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mentioning gas problem, but it's clear what they're driving at. only recently, poland cold on the european commission to open an investigation into whether gas prom broke 80 rules in failing to make extra gas volumes available on the spot markets. but there you have a lot of putin has sent a clear message. the volumes that the european storage facilities will be boosted with russia natural gas. the prices have fallen. busy and perhaps at this point, it will simply be unfair towards russia to fail to notice these efforts on the part of moscow or otherwise that can all be explained through pure politics. and then i was fired with european parliament member maximilian craft who told us that billing and brussels should take responsibility for the spike and enterprises. true,
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it shows the cold warriors we had that they are just wrong. so it gives people like me was always the business of supporting all stream to and who tried to explain that to me. we need it desperately for economic reasons and that there is no reason to see russia. that'd be the right, the left wing media trying to portray russia as dave was responsible. the russians was possible for high energy prices and with the ship. we see today, this story is proven wrong though from now on. we know this for rising energy prices for rush close, russia even willing to deliver more gas. and then the contract obliged to do shoe forces that are responsible for, for increasing energy prices for, for inflation. there are not sitting in moscow,
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but hitting and berlin in less than half americans. now. confident that the binding administration can ensure a quick post pandemic, economic recovery, and fresh polling for trans democrats in particular, and losing faith. he is on his case more than with the story. joe biden is facing yet another drop in approval ratings. this time, democrats are starting to approve of the administration last with already significantly low approval among republicans and independence. now it's also important to note that in one area, which is the rolling out of the vaccine, the biden administration does seem to be winning some approval and appreciation from the us public. the poles, authors say this is a matter of messaging by the government. the problem is not the max native, the problem is convincing. those who are vaccinated that they have the tools to navigate to coven world, and reassuring those who have been vaccinated, that they can live
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a normal life again. now growth in the 3rd quarter of this year will be 4 points lower than the 2nd quarter, which was already pretty painful for many working families throughout the united states. furthermore, we have a situation with problems in the supply chain empty shelves throughout the country store is not having the goods that people are expecting to buy. this is a serious concern is we're heading close to the holiday season. now, the baton administration seems to hold onto the idea that this is a recovery despite acknowledging some pretty serious problems in the economy. with both covered 19 cases and unemployment claims declining. it is clearer than ever that america is in the midst of an historic economic recovery. when that continues to lead the world that didn't prevent joe biden from having the 2nd lowest approval ratings this far into his presidency. since those approval rating numbers were actually taken. and at this point, democrats are concerned about how this could affect the mid term vote,
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which is upcoming. all democrats should be more alarmed by the drop and the president's approval rating. since a rancorous debate has broken out over his post american rescue plan agenda. the work of defeating coven and ensuring recovery isn't done. and that is simply where governing and political focus needs to be. it appears that job side and still has a lot to do if he's going to convince the us public, that the nation is really recovering. imprisoned we can make, found a judah, and i found has found himself back in court as a 2 day expedition hearing is being held in the u. k. behind court is considering an appeal by the us over a january ruling to block the whistle, blowers extradition his wanted by washington on 17 challenges of espionage and one, a conspiracy to hug and government computer. if convicted, he could face a prison sentence, a 175 years. the
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i so the 2nd day of the 1st feeding will be held on thursday yesterday was marked by a mass ronnie outside the cool building with cause of protest is demanding that julian soldiers freed and expressing strong concerns of the whistle blowers, health. and earlier on his shows, it was found to report from outside the court with journalists, which had matters who followed a train of hearing, also reporting from yanna. today we had the 1st day of the appeal hearing at the high court. and so he's not as states what they've been trying to do today in court is very much what they did last year, which is try and destroy the medical test. so many of the key medical extra professor compliment, who's a renowned in europe psychiatrists the world over. and they're trying to chip away his credibility because he did not disclose the identity of sanchez partner and
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sell the morrison that they had had 2 children. which of course is a very reasonable. busy thing to have done, even the judge agreed with this, given the fact that the, as we, as we've just seen, was at least considering kit not being or killing him in the equitorial embassy. so you know, out of concern for the family safety. this is a minor detail that professor compliment had left out, which doesn't take anything away from his medical testimony about us on just well being. nevertheless, the prosecution is making a very big point of contention. they're trying to attack his integrity, his honesty as an expert witness to the court. they're saying he abdicated his duty to the truth and that his testimony does not give an accurate representation of a san jose health. and then of course, they're trying to attack the diagnosis. the united states prosecution are saying that a phone does not have a heightened suicide risk, that he is able to control an impulse to commit suicide and that he's perfectly fit to be extradited. which of course, you know, very, very much cherry picking which is what they've been doing. they've been going through the testimony that we heard at the old bay last. busy year and cherry
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picking pieces out to make it look like a song just fit. but this is categorically untrue. and they've been trying to contest the to so the depression diagnosis and as well as the asperger's the, i swear just diagnosis and it is important because in combination with depression, it gives a heightened suicide risk. but even without asperger's, a song would still be a risk of suicide if extradited to the united states. so, you know, they're, they're misleading the court in many ways about this. and they're essentially putting julian a sand, his mental health on trial. and it, you know, for us, for journalists who are watching the court proceedings, we could see that julia sanchez, not well, you know, any one of us if we'd be, if we've been persecuted like that for 10 years, we would also be unwell. so there is a real risk of, of suicide here for united states, extradite him, which they're trying to downplay in court. still being about to day washington's that tend to over time, that decision not to expedite year nissan, to the united states. but actually many people here in central london have been
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defending due to the some standing in solidarity with him for some 10 hours throughout the day here today. but also we've had from some key players within the campaign as wow, who'd say that they will not stop campaigning until june? the son is free. oh, wait a day. what's his condition? a willingness to fall love to visit the u. s. has abused the laws. the agreement with this country, it's abusing the expedition agreements with this country in order to have this hearing today. it has to come to an end. julie has to be freed. we had from selling martin a very emotional and terry response from her today. she actually said she was taken
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aback by just how then he was including today in the court room and she said, if he is extradited to the united states, he simply will not survive. and it is tantamount to killing him to of course, why he has enjoyed the last near decade now has been absolutely grueling. we only have to look back to his time in london's ecuadorian embassy, where he was there for nearly 2 and a half 1000 days, which equates around 7 years when he was seeking a political asylum. he was then dramatic. j. r holz out by british police back in april of 20 and 19, and flung into bell marsh prison, which is of course, the united kingdom's most notorious prison. for many people outside the port room, say that unit font is actually being made. an example of this is all about setting a precedent, so the other journalists don't follow suit. and some people, i would argue like those in the heads of sage, or in certain organizations, potentially like the cia they decide you're in a solid is
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a terrorist. but these people, these point us, is outside of the courtroom today. they hail him as a hero, a brief call to interview a very serious, a bank to break. you get job, what are you a call the u. s. of now, with now with the decision dated january, with the fact that the united states can reach their long harm out into the world. a who has never worked in the united states and charge or try to charge him with basically they say, well,
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you know what a, you know, just, it's just probable you. it's called trust data. eddie big, big thing. they talk about the fees that you're dieticians. what piece of beer, but if he's extra dodge it, they will kill it effectively. so this absolute legal labrenz, the june massage, continues to protest. his hair standing shoulder to shoulder would shoot in a song could have done. so for the last decade today, we had some really powerful words again, from stella morris. and she says that his rights are our rights. and if he loses, we old lose not really touched the crux of this poor cases. far beyond the story of one man is far beyond the story of june. the sergeant asked for many is about the fundamental tenants and principles of the rights to express yourself. the rights to publish and the rights to gain access to journalism and will had from non buried.
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and babies, japan, australia, she says, a song is at risk of indefinite imprisonment, something that will only worsen his health. julian's been in bel much 5, a 2 and a half years. he's a non violent person in a really tough environment. if the verdict going against him, what's already happened and damage is going to just continue and get worse. i mean, he has suffered really, neil's meltzer, the united nations special report on torture, said that he had been psychologically tortured, he has really, ah, suffered. and if it goes against him, these sort of ongoing, indefinite imprisonment will continue. and really, i was a great deal about his health outcomes, whether he would suicidally american trends, hard to believe that they can, could be even worse than bill mash. and i think it's a really major threat to julian's mental health and his survival. in some ways. this prolonged imprisonment like imprisonment of political prisoners globally,
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in all countries. i'm often used just steadily around the health and, and, and damage from poland is crying blackmail. after the e, you ordered it's member state to pay a 1000000 years a day until it's crops, a long wrangle, the judicial reform, back in july, the european court of justice rule that pun and supreme court must abolish the subpoena re chimed overcharges on king. that is the independence of the country. the district at risk pollen has simply ignored the ruling. one of the reasons the e course has it had to get tough. vice president recalls that the members state cannot plead provisions practices or situations prevailing and its domestic legal order to justify failure to observe obligations arising under a new law that it is necessary to strengthen the effectiveness of the interim measures by providing for the position of
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a periodic penalty payment on poland in order to deter that member state from delaying bringing its conduct into line with that order. earlier this month's e, you polish relations, a soured father. when war says top court rule that punish laws had priority over europe's the polish prime minister. had one that his country will defend its rights and will not be intimidated. what will happen if the european commission starts of 3rd world war, but going to defend our rights with any weapons which are at our disposal. and we got use on the dispute from formal u. k. labor party and pay kate highway and from poland town, a forum and of the european parliament erecting. just like i'm afraid you always act in a very overpowering bullying way. i mean, the amount of money is, is huge, but you know, it's the principal really that matters. and i imagine that that's what the police government would be interested in, and not necessarily the actual details,
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even if they find that very, very more my question of who actually wrong to their country. and, you know, we're finding this even in, in my own pocket, kingdom, more than you trying to interfere and run on. and even though it's so this is, is nothing new to you. i just hope that the polish government i don't actually take on what is a very, very significant issue of i who actually runs the country and who controls the laws while it's invested. doesn't says especially considering that the polish prime ministers argued the german coal, the spanish, the french, they will pass in the rulings regarding the privacy of the law. yet nothing seems to happen. so when the european union, it seems that because one rule for the east, central european countries like bowling and another for the rich west of european
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countries. and i think it's wholly on the whole polish disputes of split the p and union. in many ways does a split that amongst the capitals, but also there's a split amongst the institutions. so whereas the european commission wants to sit down and have more conversations with poland regarding this issue. the european parliament wants to see poland punished right now. and therefore, the european politics are threatened to suit your opinion commission unless the acted before november the 2nd. so there's problems all round on this is got the, this is going to play out now for quite a long time. but it will be interesting to see how well so response here will channels international and still ahead as facebook is embroiled in one's candle after another. rival social media platforms trying to distance themselves from the tech trying by claiming they own different that's coming up shortly.
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ah ah the robin died rumor shaped by concur. some of those
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with 2 dares sinks. we dare to ask oh, this is only international welcome back. social media platforms are scrambling to prove them much better behaved on facebook, the likes of tick tock, youtube and snapshot, testifying at the u. s. senate hearing on child safety online. tennis is wont to establish whether new controls on facebook are necessary when it comes to content. moderation and privacy would be networks. rivals eager to avoid similar possible regulation. snapshot is different. snapshot was built as an
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antidote to social media. take talk is not a social network based on followers or social graph. it's not an app that people check to see what their friends are doing. you watch tick tock, you create on tick tock. it's crucial to put in place protections that allow them age appropriate access to information. we do this by investing in the partnerships technologies and policies that create safer environments that allow children to express their imagination and curiosity and in power families to create the right experiences for their children. facebook has been broiled and once candle after another lately, it's been accused of everything from harming children's mental health wise instagram platform to exacerbating divisions in u. s. s. i see with facebook whistleblower frances, how can giving evidence to the senate on how the network may have helped fund the capitol hill? ryan in january shall so cute facebook of spreading misinformation hate and
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violence and on top of that knock, it took a bargain. his wife all being seed for harassment and discrimination. his former staff alleged they were subjected to the sama tree and hyper sexualized remarks to former employees also alleged non payment wages. while it suits name, chung and marks look about as defendants. earlier we spoke to host of the politics, politics, politics podcast, justin robert young, who says it's time social media was rained and well, facebook has been begging to be regulated. in fact, if anybody follows american media, they have been among the biggest ad purchasers on a lot of the, the kind of institutions that people who follow american government read every day . and each and every one of them says the last time that we regulated the internet, people were buying cds and tapes at sam goody. isn't it about time that we create new laws for the internet?
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they desperately would love to be regulated. more specifically, they would desperately love to be regulated in a way where they a dominant player in the space right now would be an advantage. so they would love to have, let's say, the div safe harbor laws that we have here in america, where things can go up on facebook platform and they would then only have to remove them after they were alerted to it, as opposed to how we have things with like newspapers or television, where once it goes out the newspaper or television, a station or company would be responsible for it. they, he came home secretaries and depression explained the table between amazon and g case by insurances. and on the leading of voices slamming the deal is the lay the policy who on secretary consent, security concerns and trust as since top secret information is being held by a us product company. these reports are deeply concerning and raise serious
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questions about the wireless security safeguards in place when it comes to the potential risks of outsourcing critical elements of u. k. national security infrastructure to non u. k based companies. so amazon landed a lucrative contract with government communications headquarters am i 5? and i think for the use of its cloud system according to report, the deal is for easiest play communications and making great ease of a only in return fully pack amazon. get 1000000000 pounds over the next 10 years. so the u. k. government, the intelligence agencies and amazon, i yet to comment on this contract and it with folks who professor premises, who says it would be a struggle to hold amazon to count if anything goes wrong. this relationship is essentially a row. so because the do have divergent interest, this would mean that the security services are not in control is
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a private for profit seeking organization. and it, and it will have a, basically all the intelligence material. and suppose the servers are down. suppose the servers are hacked, then what will the security services even be told that the amazon, the servers that have been hack? and though without really any explanation in parliament, there's been no discussion about it. we can see the government contract, we don't know the terms. we don't even know the full amount we own. we have some belief reports of the press. there are widespread concerns and the government has so far not come forward has not promised any statement to parliament. no minister has actually made a statement and we are still awaiting. and i am pretty sure that hurley soon the defense committees and both houses security committees and both buquet houses of parliament will be asking serious questions. especially as so father ministers,
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i've not really been forthcoming with any anything worthwhile re in the u. k. a new reports, as the government has failed with as an a trust test and trace program and veiled as a coded contact tracing system. it's alleged the main objective of curbing carried or not achieved any chest test and trace has been one of the most expensive health programs to live in. the pandemic haven't been allocated and i watering 37000000000 pounds over 2 years. he has focused on delivering programs, but outcomes have been muddled, and a number of it's profess aims have been over stated or not achieved. and a chess test and trace is continued over alliance and consultants is likely to cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds. so test and trace was launched 2 years ago and constant person, the equivalent of 20 percent of the and a trust annual budget. the programs flagship tracing system is an app which seizes
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if they come into prolonged contact with someone infected with cupboard. it drive it but not legally obliged them to south isolate for 10 days. tough partially though it's partially missing. there's some more functions the u. k still says that the advantages of away the disadvantages were heard from dr. john pantries pediatrician, who believes the government having learned from past mistakes and the test and trace is no exception. i think they'll shovel the money at it and say no, no, everything's fine. the commons county committee is going to rome. the select committee is go to rome and they'll just carry on burying that in the sand, which is basically a kind of common characteristics that run through the government. thinking that if you throw money at private companies, you're going to get something that's effective and they should have learned by now . since you know the case, they should have invested in


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