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very, very nad in the sound, which is basically a kind of common characteristics that run through the government. thinking that if you throw money at private companies, you're going to get something that's effective. and they should have learned by now . since you know the case, they should have invested in an h s laboratories and in local public health teams. these are the kinds of things which people have been saying for a month now. are you little evidence that they've done that? and now over to collect stone again where of russian for a grass supply ship has jones blasted up from the bike and of course went around to the international space station. and here you can see footage of the launch and this is actually a bit of special mission. a base spaceship is carrying festive traits, letters and surprises for the cause. one else for them to welcome in they knew. yeah, it may seem too early to prepare for the holiday season,
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but this will be the last supply run until february, next year. progress will dock would be on today's time on october 30th. and we'll stay with the station until the end of may 2020. the progress m. c is a fully automated spacecraft that was specifically created for delivering congo to the i says and correcting is it if necessary. spectacular picked his strong that. alright than europe today to more news in half an hour off next it's news. use hughes with host culture now he's ah, well, it shows the wrong one. i just don't know. i mean you will. yes. to sheep out. disdain becomes the applicant an engagement equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. ah julia times has his day in court, we're going to bring you the latest as the imprisonment thought were said to be wincing in pain during his quarter parents. the angelina jellies daughter read her hair and the pop culture place, guess what? they lost it. so what is the big deal about a girl looking like a girl? we will explain in texas, launches investigations into school library books. what exactly are they investigating? is this going to cost taxpayers a lot of money? we will go in and the 1st gender neutral us passport is issued, but isn't the point of a passport to provide the most accurate information for security. we will give you a $360.00 view which will be a spirited debate on a generator. ality is met,
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isn't making our country at, let's say i am, i don't use and we're going to give you the 360 view of the story, the more in today's new views right here on our t america. ah, thank you for joining us to new united states has just now wrapped up an appeal to extra julian assigned to faith espionage charges offer publishing a secret military documents for almost a decade ago. and i signed ended up spending 7 years inside the ecuadorian embassy in london starting in 2012. he was eventually detained in the united kingdom in 2019 after skipping bail. has since been in a high security london prison. sanchez wanted by the united states to face 17 charges of espionage and one of conspiracy tech, a government computer,
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chris hedges of war, ring, journalist, and has received on contact went on in question earlier today to discuss the proposal that assigns could serve prison time in australia the united states a kind of caviar it is that the australians have to request them. so and the australians have not requested them. also, he would not be allowed to go into an australian prison system until all of his appeals had been exhausted. so i think that it all ref on whether australia would actually ask for julian. and i think most of us suspect that they would in collusion with the united states, not artesia edwards dash the reports from outside the courtroom in london. they hearing of a hearing forward, you know, now picked up in the united states is now appealing to the ruling made by britain started back in january with the united states. so that was a decision,
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a risk i made about trying to coordinate case to try and i always have a lot the play and a maximum security prison in the and i can take them to even 2nd sentence, grade level. so on hearing the sound of mental and physical health that has to be made out of actually with the united states with actually prevent, hadn't committing suicide days. extradited interestingly though, during the day is a hearing, a noise acting, pull the united states, say they help in any adequate before the day to day hearing a date, it will be the opportunity to present
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a defendant apology and assignment today. already there are plenty of processes behind me that i saw and just this whole harry, i with the fiance of june and you say that june not be free. junior will not be here in person today. it was denied that opportunity was i think i'll grade july. that can be only one decision here. that is no expedition. us has abused the laws, the agreements with this country. it's abusing the extradition agreements with this country in order to have this hearing today. this has to come to an end. julian has to be freed, representing a year
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now, and that has been the nations and they all do a potential name change in take. i say one of them is kind of morris, that feels they even mentioning a she was taken by just tell them he was many medical professionals saying that no exaggeration will just have to be taking his i live could really be the most must have been really i problems in the investigation with the mason that revealed a kidnapped year in the sergeant, even a while he was hold up in london, ecuadorian embassy. now i saw just lloyd say that it shouldn't be ample enough evidence for the case. and finally, out to a case again earlier today,
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joan ship than the father of june on he was here on the streets of london banking protested, embracing them saying that this campaign will not be until june. this honorable, really a condition with us to follow up with really is going to be a crucial but the face of june songs. but it's unlikely to reach any concrete decision really, because if the united states is successful in the next 22 days, the case will be sent back to another call that then could make a decision in so many appeals to happen. so then even to reaching the supreme court as well. in the meantime, however,
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it is expected to remain. it was in prison. oh, fellowship for isn't. it's not expected that he would be to go anytime soon when it comes to gender identity. what if you change, or you're under age and jesse going through different phases r t a correspond natasha suite has more on the daughter of a celebrity, being questioned. the daughter of actors, angelina jolie, and brad pitt was wearing a dress at a recent red carpet event. hollywood is making such a big deal of it because a shallow, joly pet used to dress up like a tomboy. and while only 15 years old, may labeled her as transgender when i got the call and it was explained to me that it would be, this family is very diverse and inclusive tasa superheroes. and i wanted to be a part of this family, angelina julie, a piri with her kids and a red carpet of it in rome, showcasing her upcoming role in the film eternally. but her daughter shiloh stole
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the spotlight and she shocked hollywood. wearing a dress earrings and neon shoes. in the past shiloh had a tomboy face, we're much at the industry labeled her as transgender. even a google search showed shiloh as a boy named john in an interview back in 2008. brad pitt was asked by oprah about shiloh pitt had said she'd like to be called john or peter, but it was a peter pan thing in 2000. and 11 jolie said shiloh liked to dress like a tomboy, and they cut her hair. however, neither pitt nor jolie had ever labeled shiloh as transgender last year. pit publicly said how proud he was of his daughter. and as you can see, even though pinned up in braids shall hair heads grow longer, appearing to be much more feminine. so if hollywood is accepting shiloh dressing like a tomboy, will they embrace her the same way now that she wants to dress in a more feminine matter, reporting for you to choose. and how she sweets our team to discuss even further brand stepmom work, host of the press here on our to america and steve. well,
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hollywood accept it. well the fact that we're talking about it shows that seems like they, if they accepted, they did it with some in dejection because they were not happy about that lesson. you're both our children. we know yours is actually already survive the teenager stage every day, every week they change the look. so why did you make hollywood is surprised at a 50 year old actually looking like what i considered we a traditional 15 year old girl. well, anybody who would be surprised had an agenda in the 1st place. they looked at a child of the most famous powerful possibly how hollywood couple in existence. and they saw a way to explain that little girl because she was doing what normal little girl, some of them do. she wanted to be a boy. she want to be. she was a tomboy. i knew many tom boys when i was a kid growing up, they didn't change the genders. they weren't transsexual and they,
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they didn't wind up, you know, they wanted to put families and, and kids and husband. and that's what this girl apparently is going to do. look at her, she's a beautiful young lady. should the transition that has occurred, occurred apparently during the pandemic when she grew up from 13 to 15 and decided, hey, i want to look more like mom. i feel like i'm just assuming here just like everybody else is assuming that from the looking or the other day, she's a girl and holly read or should i say those who were counting on being a transgender in an icon for transgender and blah, blah, blah, which are parents never labeled or they get disappointed and they're sick. well, and that's a question about what her parents actually did. because like i said growing up probably until about probably 1011 years old. guess what? all of my daughter's clothes were picked up. i mean, she could ever pinion him, but you know, the majority of her look at were how her hair was cut was by mia more of what i liked. and yes,
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she was able to voice your opinion and she did. but ultimately it fell on her father and i decision that being said, like angela and brad were actually disappointed because they obviously celebrate the diversity. i still celebrate the diversity of my children and their various styles and attitudes. but do you feel like they were actually disappointed by their daughter not keeping her dude style and doesn't show. there was a little bit more about the parents where the parents were putting the child rather than her own choice, especially when you're talking about a little child at themselves. that obviously aren't picking out their own things or buying their own products. right, well i don't know because i haven't seen like, like i said, and then declare they didn't declare it. there was never any. she's going through there. she's gone to hormone. she's, you know, she, she is a girl. she is a boy. rather, she dresses like a boy she, she feels like a boy. she plays like a boy and they went with that. i don't know until they tell us whether or not they're disappointed or not. i wouldn't, i would hope they're certainly not. i'll tell you why angel lina joey didn't look
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at the appointed with their beautiful little daughter next door to the crowd. and she should be proud. and again, you know, who picked out the clothes. you know, you parent one way and i would probably favor your parenting compared to the boy that they parent. but then again, they got a nice bed that point out. so i guess she has the kids for the most part now, but they raised decent looking kids and none of them are in trouble. so they should be proud of what they've done. again, this is probably a non story, a non issue or normal story, which because of the, the nuts that are out there today. we're talking about what i think that's the and i think that's where the status is and all of this, the sad part of this is that it's actually hollywood put the label on her when she was younger, the hollywood that is criticizing for her label. now, how about you just let her be yourself and yes i and whom ever she is because that person is beautiful. steve, just like you, you're beautiful. thanks for joining me. well, the library is can be controversial, especially those that are full of bounded books. hence why they might be going away
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. so does this mean that hard copy records will also be controversial? well, when you said it's looking into how cost effective libraries are in the modern day, discussed after the break, the join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me good is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection community. are you going the right way or are you
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being direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, in texas a conservative wall maker has launched an investigation. and to what books are on the shelves and school libraries representative mat kraus, specifically as district throughout any book dealt with race or sexuality. and then move comes just months after texas governor greg abbot signed legislation. barring schools are actually teaching what some say is critical race theory. they go, joyce, my barrows contributor at the americas lawyer has more on this deep dive oak investigation
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. thanks for joining me, molly. hi, scotty. okay. so we know that libraries are going away because obviously they're not cost effective lightly, but in this case in texas, they're actually investigating more what the content of the book is as nested in the book itself. so what books are being i singled out with this investigation? well, if you can believe it, there's $850.00 titles that are included in this letter that crowd sent to a number of a name school districts and school superintendents, as well as the texas education agency. so our texas education association, but i'm on the title, so i'm pretty familiar ones. you may remember the cider rules that was a novel that they made to movie back in the eighty's and it had to do with a doctor that form to portions. and he was mentored to the main characters, also v for vendetta, which was another one about a fascist regime, a, a graphic novel that was made into a movie that became pretty popular and handmade tale. you know, i'm sure you may be familiar with that if you haven't watched it, but it's been hugely popular and basically talks about utopian society where women
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are ruled by men. so he hits on some pretty added books that hit a nerve if you will. and this has been quite the hot topic in texas. what's interesting about this, those, he doesn't actually say what's going to become of these books. he just wants to know if they have them on the shelves. if there's any content at all or material that deals with stds with sexuality east material that can make students feel uncomfortable about their race or their sex seems to be the main focus. but he does also ask how much they spent on these books. but again, there's no real clear goal or direction with what will happen if they actually have these books on the shelves. will thing is, you know, there's no doubt the following quarter viruses. so many parents have to actually be one on one with their children. actually teaching their kids that they became more engaged into what they were learning, especially with in the public schools, but is actually unleashed a bigger question going on right now. as parents are obviously becoming more active not only in the schools with the school board meetings. so how did this book investigation actually come about?
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you know, that's a great question because mark crosses are mat cross. mother hasn't to talk to anybody about this, but you know, he did run, put his name in the had he wants to run for texas attorney general that last month you made that announcement that he's gonna be running for a g. so there's been some reaction that perhaps politically motivated, but again, it has been a hot topic politically in texas, and in just in june, the governor signed a bill that they could no longer teach critical race theory in school districts, which they didn't do to begin with so there was a lot of controversy about that. so you know, as to exactly what his motivations are without actually hearing it from himself, it's hard to know. but from the outside looking in, it seems like part of his motivation to be exactly what we're doing now, which is talking about him and talking about the issue. and he certainly, when you go look at his campaign site it's, he's reading on this conservative fighter agenda, and this seems to fit with that. that project, you know, that image that he wants to project to voters such i'll come on, molly, tell me that. not everything. always politically motivated. gosh,
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that just can't be. this has to be truly about making sure kids read, you know, what is good for their minds and their souls. but i think that is obviously, you know, be considering right now that the he's talking point right now amongst those that are conservative. the bitter question, all of this is the problem that i have with this is that are these books, they're actually being forced for the kids to read. i have no problem with being in the library. i think it more information for the kids to go after the better. i think the questions the parents have is when children actually being forced to read it and for us to be tested on the content, that's where i believe that you can look at the content on it. what are other texas law makers actually saying about it as well? you know, it's interesting, of course, from the democratic side, you've got a rep, victoria, and she's basically saying this is politically motivated as we've just discussed. and the, the teacher was just saying that the which time to overreach, there really is no basis for any of this because it goes back to what you said. i mean, there are so many processes in place for each day,
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really before any books make it into a school library, they have to go through a rigorous bedding process if you will, to determine if the content is appropriate and sure their mistakes flip up, but 850 titles is the same thing as saying you guys don't know how to do your job, but it's a great way to make headline. so i think it'll be interesting to see what other conservative law makers they are. i went looking for more comments from them, but there hasn't been a lot out there, but it is interesting that we're talking about it because i'm with you. i mean, if nobody misses really complaining, if parents aren't saying this is a problem with my kid, their kids are being forced to read it than what's the big deal. and there are actual, legitimate kids around the united states right now. there are examples of books that are not age appropriate. the re, those are true, but that's not happening in this case right here, which actually dilutes the real situations that parents are having address. but hey, the good news and all this parents are paying attention. maybe that's for the 1st time and a couple decades. molly, always great to chat with you guys are the state department has just issued the 1st
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gender neutral passport. all of this is a part of the binding ministrations, new gender inclusivity strategy. so the identity of the 1st issue is unexcused and disclosed. however, the united states, special diplomatic envoy for l g b t q writes actually considers this to be a major victory. prior to this, we've applicants had to actually present medical papers to verify their biological sex they were born with. however, no applicants can just actually select the gender of their preference to go on their passport. but is it the point of a passport to help identify to foreign countries who exactly as a person they are letting into their country? and could this pose even more issues for americans, travel abroad to countries which don't have the same inclusive policies to non, by an airy, intersects, and gender nonconforming. people as united states will discuss every industry robinson, health and lifestyle journalist, educator, and ed martin and publisher pro american report. thanks for coming on on this very interesting issue. i'll be honest with you on this wednesday when i was listening
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to president button's pressed garbage yesterday, i did not realize all of the different effects this would actually have from day one. so i do want to start with you at on this because considering all of the crisis is at the bottom ministration is facing right now. was it's good timing to actually release a 42 page gender strategy. well, i mean, i think, you know, my answer, i mean this is insanity. i mean, this is an absolutely insane. we have a nation that is under lots of different real challenges from coded to the border to our education system. we've got a 1000000 things to worry about, and this is what they're spending their time on. i said for a long time, this administration is not being run by joe biden, susan rice and others that have an ideological agenda. let lisa monica over in the justice department. they are making a mockery of america. and as you point out, passports are supposed to have a security aspect. we just threw in the last 10 years, real id after 911, we had to get a system where we could and many of us by the objected to real id because we go
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there, centralizing, power in the government. now we have a government saying anything goes on passports, we're a mockery in the world right now, and it can't happen fast enough that there are elections where we can change the direction of the country because we're putting our nation at risk through silliness . that's self indulgent. and just out of touch with what's happening in the country, and i don't think that down plays the importance of actual quote. i think we can all 3 agree that that is something we do need to be striving for our multiple levels within our just the timing of the question. considering all of the other challenges that were facing both in the globe as well as here at home. so dessie, i have to ask you though, and this is so often even to the last issue we're talking about talking about in texas, was this move actually regarding this gender neutral option, political pandering to a voting group? i'm going, how are you? i just, you know, i think it's never, it's never of a bad time to center and gender and equity and i think to write it off is
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silly or stick. i think is also silly and sick. this strategy identifies 10 very interconnected priorities about economic security, about gender based violence, health, education, justice, immigration, human rights of quality. under the law, security, climate change, all of those things are interconnected. and the end this strategy also in adopt an interest sectional approach that considers the barriers and the challenges that are faced by those who experience interesting and compounding forms of discrimination. and so to say that it's really to address things that has to do with the intersectionality of race and gender and other factors and sexual orientation.
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you know, i think is it too well it for a very long issues at one point. right. and to clarify player, please do. i'm not saying it's just silly. i'm saying it's and saying what you just said there, what you said there is so out of touch with the reality that the american people know and said, we want to be mean to any one, break the laws and all that. but when you're talking about assigning gender, we're living in a nation right now where our leader of the free world, the preliminary stage, is spending his time with a gender inclusivity package. when he can't get our men and women out of afghanistan, he can't secure a word. you want to talk about sexual assault, go to the border and she with the cartels are doing the women. you can play with your gender x, y, z p, d q. the american people know this is insane. they're not entertained by self indulgent people at same time in the white house, you think this is okay. they're terrified for their kids. so it's not just, you know, we're does say no transgender people who are 4 times more likely than chisher,
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gender, people experienced violence and victimization, and rape and sexual assault, but that, that we can stop reagan. sure. so we don't need to change our passports, but we don't, we shouldn't have also to write, but we don't need to change our passports and about what you're saying. and that's the question i ask you and as here, and that's where i want to talk about this. and i do have one question. i would like some clarification on is climate change? what does climate change and gender neutrality where, where is there discrimination? climate change among that, why was that include and that's where my red flag was that this was political pandering. how it please, can you enlighten me? because we're talking about intersectionality. if we're talking about climate change, when that's simply just talking about clean air and hugging trees, we're talking about people in flint, michigan who are disproportionately black, disproportionately poor. we have to see things as interest sectional. things are not just black and white,
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and not just male and female. we have to understand the interest sexuality is an important approach to understand how you can have multiple cum county issues of oppression. if you are a black, lesbian person with a disability, you are experiencing issues that are compounds in. if you're looking for housing that already disproportionately marginalized as people of color are also core. if you're also black, you have to understand how those interests act and to dismiss it. billy, i think is absolutely well and, and i'll get it alive for new. get the last word on the 22nd. to leave the charge on centering, raced and centering the rights owner, gender non conforming. we want to watch her real quick as her sexuality only applies to the political priorities of the left. think about what she just said. it be a black, lesbian handicap person to be in the intersection world. you know what?
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there's a lot of white male workers in flint, michigan that got left behind. let's enter, enter sexuality out the window and it no matter. and we're going to say thank you, read conversation, and thanks for joining me. thank you. well, my val ended are with some passion that's offered a show and meantime, follow me on twitter. give me your comments at scottie and hear you. the hash tag team at vh. thanks for watching. ah, blue. does your a path to strategic vision for the future? what kind of relationship will it develop with china? europe stands at a crossroads. will remain dependent on washington as a junior partner or will, europe ought to play the role of a great power on the world stage. a
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ah, european gas prices fall off of rising were put in towels worship energy, john gas prone to russia. top supplies. americans are losing faith and job biden's ability to turn the economy round up to kobe with new pulling, showing that my clients are becoming disillusioned with the fastest freedom or possible 175 year prison sentence, jr. and sanchez, fate rests in the hands of the u. k. 's high course. as an appeal hearing on a us extradition request, get him to way they, he orders poland to co pop a 1000000 years every single day until it have bonded a controversial reform to it's called system.


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