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tv   News  RT  October 28, 2021 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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very difficult time, time to sit down and talk with the headlines for this hour on odd t with the fate of julian songs about to be decided in the you case, high court. there was a blow as high profile supporters of showing their support outside, demanding his freedom. he would spend the rest of the week, a super max prison in the united states. what kind of life is that to look forward to the company can with no crime. and telling the world the truth, a solution to the energy crisis vis signed all the big issues of being discussed as an economic form in the italian city of verona today, where prominent future shopping voices from europe and asia on getting together. the key figure from january's capitol hill, riots who was caught on camera encouraging people to storm the building is quietly
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removed from the f. b i most wanted list. it is certainly prompting questions about his background. ah, quite yourself to 5 pm on thursday here at moscow and a very busy program for you today. we appreciate you joining us. this is asi, international. the fate of the wiki lease. honda, julianna's sonjee, is to be decided today by the you case, high court. it is the 2nd day of an extradition appeal hearing brought by the united states. ah, for julian, it's on just wanted by washington on 17 charges of espionage and one of conspiracy to huck. a government compute up, if convicted, he could face a prison sentence of 175 years, west cross live. now our correspondent,
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shoddy edwards dash t is outside the high court in london sunday by for us now, a good to see you just talked to 3 pm there in london. what is the latest now? can you tell us, how's it going? outside the courthouse, a noise like with all of you as to why that would be the case of yesterday, was all about washington presenting his arguments. they were, i've been driving many things including this, also of an unprecedented packet of reassurances that you decided not to leave my maximum security prison even. i think that he could potentially sub is 2nd grade. yeah. one of the nice concerning,
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i think they were pretty attempting to discredit the psychiatric evaluation. i had to say that you did not know if we absolutely theory about that enough time and time again, try to rebut those places and outside the call to help very valuable support them to an assault me. hi leah. from the what do you make the editor in chief and he said, what i'm going to do to solve the crime a problem science and justice seems to be of often far away. so i have to retain a certain level of skepticism, lawrence in the system when assessing the possibilities. but we certainly hope that you all come for a beat that the high court will simply say he cannot be expedited. this is an opportunity for the united kingdom to reassert administration or clear unjust war for all 4 journalists all around the world.
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so now is it today arguing that the united states insurance is absolutely on what the, as the united states has actually reserve the rights to overturn them at any point . and particularly on his medicine, physical health here. and you have to listen to sell them or is the partner. and she says she's completely taken aback by just tell them that the moment and even think, i think you're reporting a he really is a very was for papa's, according to his voice, mentally distressed, and also in paid his north august. i would only like it was if he is indeed expedited to the united states class. they also argue removing him from his support that i had probably would mean they'd be on an even higher risk of suicide. it's as said to the united states now this afternoon. 7 session, much of it has actually focus on the new evidence presented in court. the mammoth
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revelations, around 13 homer intelligence offices are revealed at the see i actually plan to kidnap and even as a side, while he was a lot, does ecuador and embassy for that mid to them off a 1000. dave and many entities here with united kingdom have shown that they talking about those very conditions. they almost argued that the door in empathy was basically like a black flight, as we would have really experiencing the kinds of conditions over the last few years. all the evidence we've got to know experiences have gotten the and i decided that he would go to the max prison on a sentence 475 years. he would spend the rest of his life in a super max prison in the united states. what kind of life is that to look forward to? somebody can with no crime, i've been telling the world the truth. it is a total injustice. we send this man america to the hands to the lot of
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assess in many of the possible people have said he should be killed. so they won't treat him as a human being. they want to make an example of giving a son by treating him so badly by trying to break him to that gives a lesson to other journalists and other whistleblowers never to try and do the same thing. well, a lot really does the rest of the next few hours and the states have now become so high as the united states. one has a less role, one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the united states. and if found guilty and convict that, he could face a prison sentence about 975 years behind bars for support. and campaigners here they've been gathering throughout the last few days and they're really defending to the santa fe all of you. it shouldn't be in the talk today, but actually the criminals, this on to expose the war crimes. they argue it's not just a joke,
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but actually the fundamental principles with the freedom of press and the public right to access that information. and they hailed here in the saw and as a hero, not like the united states, it causes him as a parent is wanting to make him an example. and nothing in trial from last year even to now is for every single instant than any other school is blowing anywhere in the world. this would have been for now for, for this to be continuing is absolutely ridiculous. babe's, st. barrison is going to get better to be english. i'm involved with the high coach injustice is wise, because this is just ridiculous and no a by. and there are laws that rained in the laws in every way i can just to ensure to jude is sizing and to the dice, i think is the plan now is pretty certain that i won't necessarily be any outcome of that today. in fact, this could drag on to some weeks if not months,
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even up until next year. and in fact, this process could even lead to the supreme court in the appeal system. or even at one point next down the line could actually reach the european court of human rights. in the meantime though, of course, here the sound will remain behind the prison balls in bel marsh, which is the most notorious prison in the united kingdom. the people outside the rural courts of justice. many, many people i've spoken to, they say what's happening to judah saw it is actually a warning to any jan this, or anybody that actually wants to tell the truth and they all have. but this is something that must be defended. i shot it, thanks for the green reforms on the energy supply crisis. so some of the big questions being looked at today and the eurasian economic forum, the van gathers took a pretty big hitters from the business world and beyond. this underway in northern italy's town of arona. more details now with ortiz at charlotte, do but ski. but was an electric atmosphere here with the eurasian economic forum
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in the beautiful city of verona, where the discussions have been looking at and picking the energy crisis that the european union, the european continent is facing at the moment. now in a start with some of the, the words spoken by get how to showed the former german chancellor, who said that at the moment politicians and the media in europe, we're looking to point the finger at russia saying that it was to blame for this crisis. but in reality, they didn't want to understand what it caused the energy crisis at the moment he outlined what he believed were the factors involved combat vc, prior year period, energy demand in or europe in markets increase sick significantly in the 1st half of 2020 bono the key factor here was the economy which they
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covered after the cobit $910.00 bet business, same period last year. gas demand in the 6th largest europe in markets. germany, france, the netherland italy, spain. the united kingdom increased by 12 percent in the 1st half of 2020 born. also to also said that the in you need to think about discussion and dialogue rather than accusations. he said that the transition from the traditional fossil fuel energy to the green energy was a major project and what was needed right now was energy security. and for him that comes from gas. now that transition form at the fossil fuel energy to the green, and it was also criticized by several of the other participants. one saying that, you know, it's like saying let's stop production and publishing all encyclopedias. and just assuming that google will happen, of course, he said, that's not what happens. what's needed is a me just not to ensure that this transition is much more smooth. there was also
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a pick up on that theme from the president and the c, e. o. grossness wound that the energy courses at the moment is impacting other industries too. and he said that the shows that the wrong decision can have a major impact or she is placed on the rush is helping to solve the energy crisis, giving a stable supply of gas to europe and fulfilling all contractual obligations this year has shown that the wrong decisions over climate policies can lead to serious consequences for the entire world economy and society. it seems that in some cases, advocates of an early move away from fossil fuels ignore the risks of eminent market imbalance. energy projects, a long term, and the choices we make. now will determine the future, the global energy sector for a decade to cobb. there was a course for the oil and gas industry to be much more involved in the discussions.
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whole is transition saying you may not like it, or actors need to be involved. and the people in the meantime will have to change how they use their electricity. there was also a warning that this transition to the green energy will certainly mean one thing that is higher prices. all of us. we got the thoughts of rushes permanent representative to the you, mr. vladimir trish, off he had, he wanted to tell us about the ease response to that of the energy crisis. there are people including the european commission, i would say, who argue the reason behind the these galloping gas prices are, are linked to the insufficient extensively out though rates of introducing our renewable energy sources as if, if you found a few more freeland into those propellers and the solar panels,
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the sun. 2 will shine bright and the wind will blow in the right direction. at the right speed. the european union is a permanent energy deficit of force. it has to import a lot of its energy and there are several damage of suppliers. russia is number one, traditionally, in both of guess, oil, coal, and fuel electricity. but it's not and gas from that is responsible. no russia, as a country that is responsible for that, get into galloping gas prices. it's those people who miscalculated in their energy policy, the buyers, i mean, the european energy companies to they are quite reluctant to,
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to order new volumes of, of gas from russia because of the high prices. they want to wait out until the prices go down. it's not often someone disappears entirely from a list, so infamous as the f b i's most wanted. but that's exactly what's happened to one man said to be one of the key figures in january's capitol hill rides in washington. he was caught more than once on camera urging people to storm the building. it's got some including members of the republican party raising questions about who exactly the mysterious faker is ortiz. caleb martin investigates an individual featured in videos calling for people to enter the capital building even before the january 6 capital riot and was seen on the day. january 6, ushering crowds into the capital building has been identified by law enforcement as arizona resident re apps re apps,
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and arizona man scene invite la circulated videos telling trump support is on multiple occasions to go into the capital. also seemed to have acted on his own. i don't know like a rebel, as i said, we need, we need to know. i'll say, oh, we need to go in the camera. let's go. ah, not surprisingly, he was on the f. b i's most wanted list them was referred to as suspect. 16 for some time f b i w f o is seeking the public's assistance in identifying those who made unlawful entry into the u. s. capital building on january the 6th. but now suspect 16 has been scrubbed from the f b i website. now if you take a look at the way back machine from archive dot org, you can see that from january 8th, 2021, all the way until june,
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30th suspect 16 was pretty clearly highlighted, but suddenly, on july, 1st, he wasn't on the website any longer. now if he'd been arrested, he would still be on the website just with arrested under his name, like others who have been apprehended. but he's not, he's just been scrubbed. this has prompted lawmakers to ask questions about whether or not there were f b. i provocative tours who may have helped events on january 6th to go the way they did far as we can find this individual has not been charged with anything. can you tell us without talking about particular incidence or particular videos? how many agents are assets of the federal government were present on january 6, whether they agitated to go into the capital and if any of them did a so i'm not going to violate this norman of follow the rule of law. i'm not going to comment on investigation that's ongoing. now the capital breach database has no entries or listings for re apps to some. that's
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a pretty big red flag. the ongoing mystery of re apps, he repeatedly appears in videos encouraging and inciting an invasion of the capital on january the 6th. yet for some reason has not yet been indicted were charged. even his people with far less involvement have been re ups is a free man. he has never been arrested or charged nearly 10 months after july. the 6th, the f b i in justice department still refused to comment on with the eps has ever been served. a search warrant the f. b, i's record when it comes to things like protests and provocations is not exactly squeaky plain. people can look up the history of cohen tell pro infiltration and other dirty deeds. if january 6th is such a pivotal date in u. s. history as it's being presented, surely questions like those surrounding suspect? 16 demand answers. caleb martin, r. t. new york. this month history was made in orbit with the 1st of
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a movie filmed in space ortiz at saskia. taylor spoke with a creative force behind the project director, clemson panko. you can watch the full interview here on naughty throughout the day . for now though, a quick snippet. at the end of this tour week, we flew into the door with the cooper. and i remember, you know, i was just like frozen on there than we stopped flying because it was you and we were just looking which is we were just mesmerized by. and so i guess that was the 1st moment that we realize, oh my god, we are up in the space and here we are. here we're here. finally, i mean, song, i mean, of course people will train for years, but for us, the training was long to sit, filming in space also have its advantages, be able to give you something. he's a director that you can't do here. well, of course. yeah, that's why we were up there because i, i spend a lot of time imitating da 0 gravity dense and space station. so i know the
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limitations of what you can do. even with a huge budget. even with $200000000.00 budget, there are limitations. and up there, which you're trying to imitate for months there is just given, you know, everyone is natural for them. when you are directing ah, a space film on earth. it's really, really, i mean, it's hard to twist your brain and assert in this, in the 4 dimensions some scenes i shot the way i, i realized that i wouldn't be able to invent on earth because i is just, your mind doesn't twist that way. oh, $20.00 possibly out here at moscow, russia is a pandemic, is spiraling that stories to come here next in the program. we are now entering the half way point of this thursday program here. when are you international still plenty more stores to come back in just a moment for
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oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way? or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend, who join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex silent. sure. but i'll be speaking the guess
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when the world of politics, sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. oh, it was their program here, one r t and russia is a pandemic shows no sign of slowing down near daily records are being 2nd times of cases and deaths in response to moscow. and the number of other regions are going into a partial lockdown on thursday. with the rest of the country to follow suit in the coming days i, his correspondence donald quarter october 28th marks, the beginning of a non working period in moscow. and it was announced shortly after russian president vladimir putin declared a nation wide non working period for russian citizens between october 30th and november 7th. and this measure is meant to curb a record breaking number of new covert cases and deaths in russia since as of
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october 28th, the country has seen new cases skyrocket to an average of over 40000 a day with depths everyday hanging around. 1100 people. i mean the russian capital is also been hit hard by this pandemic facing over 8400 new cases a day. and over just over 90 debts now, going hand in hand with this non working period, non essential businesses have been forced to temporarily close down. we're talking about cafes, restaurants, schools, etc. but people actually are not being required to remain in their homes. and we heard earlier from the kremlin spokesperson dmitri past called, as he explained to journalists, this is not exactly a lockdown. in a recent speech, the russian president is called on the governess to use that powers more actively. they must act according to the situation. but i want to draw your attention. there is no lockdown in moscow, and one is not planned. this is a very important nuance here. in fact, there are a few venues that you might consider non essential,
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which people are still able to go to as long as they have vaccination q r coats. these are mainly cultural institutions, like museums and theaters. the only catch is that these institutions can only accommodate 50 percent of their maximum capacity during this period. on top of that, there are also other measures that will be coming to an end in late february. the main one being that businesses have been forced to send no less than 30 percent of their unvaccinated workforce to work from home, including people over the age of 60 and people with chronic illnesses. so big developments coming out of moscow and russia at this time, and hopefully these new measures will keep people safe and healthy between almost 2 months since the taliban to return to power in afghanistan, following the u. s. withdrawal and the challenges will they just keep on piling up? an economic crisis. and albin, compounded with the threat of mass starvation for many children, the brutal reality of life is plain to see. my name is mike,
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i'm 7 years old. i'm hit collect bread. that's a whole sometimes people help us. sometimes they don't. i don't have a father. i take care of myself. there is no one else to feed us. there are 6 people in our family and i'm the eldest boy at home. so i have to support them. i can't work because one of my hands is paralyzed. adults told me that my hand will not work. i dream of continue my studies at school and becoming a doctor. one day. people turn us down some times and they say there is no work, no money. and so they can't give us bread. my name is nancy, i collect plastic rice and salad. i'm here at the baker to collect a few non bread. i have 3 and will now go home. my father died there is no one at home to earn money. i have my mom, a younger brother and sister, and the only one who takes bread home till a family. i want to be a doctor, but there is no one to help us. it was better before. at least we could find bread easily, but things are in good to day. now we don't have any one to support us if there was,
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i wouldn't be here. no good. my name is nadia. i'm collecting non bread were helpless at home. we have no work. he, people help us, we are often left hungry. i don't want to be here, begging i want to stay at home. you are now estimate over 3000000 children under 5 are at risk of dying from malnutrition. that some of the precarious state of the economy, which has been heavily dependent on foreign funding for years, in fact, around 40 per cent of its gross domestic product has been that of international aid . however, for the taliban and now in control of the country of food crisis is not the only problem that grappling with islamic state. the taliban is a long time enemy is repeatedly staged attacks on new government and of religious minorities. now the pentagon's express concern that tara groups based on the country have intentions to attack or the u. s. mainland, within a year. but it is all a bit of a far cry from the suppose of success of the troop withdrawal from afghanistan. the biden haled, at the time i think the intelligence community currently assess that both isis
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k and i'll call you to have the intent to conduct external operations, including against the united states, but neither currently has the capability to do so. we could see isis k generate that capability somewhere between 6 to 12 months. i think the current assessments by the intelligence community is that al qaeda would take a year or 2, permission to degrade the terrorist threat of al qaeda in afghanistan and kilo. some have been lied and was a success. i believed that our presence in that gas dance should be focused on the reason we went in the 1st place to ensure afghan a stand would not be used as a base from which to attack our homeland again. we did that we accomplish that objective. always spoke with a former pentagon security analyst, michael maloof, who told us the us withdrawal has not made it even harder to remove islam in state . in various tara groups from afghanistan. isis is now embedded in
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a highly remote mountainous region. would make it much more difficult to try to extract them. and ice of k has as demonstrated to taliban, which is what sir, against that while they may think that they run get us, then they actually control events. and they've demonstrated that with their suicide bombings, the united states is unable to get any basis in the region. the over the horizon concept really doesn't work. all that well. and, and the ordinance is flowing against isis or all kinds of targets. now has to come from the gulf, it was biting who wanted to get out. and the end by and also what against the best advice of his, of his national security team to, to, to stay there until certain conditions could be met. as to program for this, our law from moscow, an r t international. thank you for sharing
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a time with us here in the russian capital. we're back soon. in fact, in about 32 minutes, we're back with more of your thursday headlines. oh driven by drill shaped bankers and those with dares sinks we dare to ask a
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die. i cried. i just had a spot the whole time i was there. no one really thought anything different. knew this all thought i just didn't feel good on the way for the surgery. his lungs failed. 30 seconds, but i killed him. i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 don't to started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really the attorney. all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or vapor products. he pulled this out if you really felt holy crap, he's him died. oh no, he's better. it was, i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through that. it was out
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of breath. good. i am ex kaiser. this is the kaiser report. yeah. you can follow me on twitter at max kaiser. do it now? stacy? right, well max, you know that we've been having this money printing and money printing until morale improves. and the wealth gap exporting, so i have these 2 headlines at the top of this episode to highlight the and let's say the problem with it. especially with the power of you know, both political.


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