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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 29, 2021 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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yeah, was here working that the in the, the updates just kept getting worse and worse as the date on that for that. our teeth at dawn quarter taken us through. okay. another fresh slice of cross talk action coming your way. a moment. take close peter. i guess take over the reins on its next showing me every 1st on the alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess when the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our sons. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think you can but i went to lunch
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nationally with anything but oily. eventually there's malware on thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional crime. artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the mini cyber implants right now, i'd be where it really worried about it. most people would equally be you can't put a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive side ah ah, ah hello and welcome to cross
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talk. we're all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle would explain show biden's sudden drop in the polls as a candidate he promised to return to some form of normality. however, his current standing with the public is anything but is his agenda the problem? maybe he's not as likable as he once seemed. he is in trouble and so is this party i cross fucking biden's poll numbers on join bomb, i guess at martin in washington. he is president of the national conservative organ, his in philosophically egos, as well as co author of the conservative case for trump in las vegas. we have laura think she is founder and ceo, rabble communications and democratic strategist. and in gainesville, we cross to richard bars. he is director of big data poll. all right, crosstalk rules and effect. that means you can jump any time you want. now i always
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appreciate richard. let me go to you because you're a pollster. can you explain to our audience very briefly? what in the world is going on? because i'm calling this program sudden poll deaf because that's what it looks like . go ahead, richard. yeah, i mean, generally speaking, you know, peter, joe biden does not have something that both brock obama and donald j. trump pad, which were a base of support that loved both of these men. and it was very difficult for their poll numbers to really take a dive because there was always a group that very much supported them. george w bush at it was evangelicals. he didn't lose them until the 2nd term with the recession and the war right now. joe biden just didn't have that strongly approved base of support. never seen the bottom fall out, and it really is coming from independence democrats. they show some leakage, but it's independence and it's a 3rd party voters that generally most people think put him over in those battleground states. okay, laura react to what richard just said, there's, i'd sure, do you agree with that? go ahead. well, i mean,
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we have to look at when the whole numbers started declining because there's no arguing that they are, they are runny parallel to how americans feel about the economy. it started with sort of the summer and sadness that the search and the delta area. and even though we see in 2019 soccer coolio with the s and p 500 up 30 percent, whom values are, are in most american households are doing better than they did prior to the pandemic? here is this feeling how they're going and seeing the price of milk and the price of gas that things are going as well. i think as you start to see an inflation some side, the supply chain problems there you're going to start to see that perception of the economy get a little bit better and job approval rating will improve as a result. and we do see 5 percent drop and unemployment since with the american rescue plan with the vaccines getting distributed renown about 5 percent out on the line with how americans are feeling again because of those day to day costs. but i
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think at this side you're going to see joe biden pop pull numbers, rise again, and then again, obviously, if he passes that infrastructure here, bills will be doing better as well. ok, let me go ahead and watch it. okay. could be it could be all about the economy, but it is it about, is it about the person as well because of the some holes i've been looking at over the last few months. the trust question. he's taking a hit there. do you trust the president? ok, and that is a very general way, however you want to interpret trust here, is it how much of it, is it about the man himself? go ahead. well, i look. i think it's all about the man and look at we talk about brock obama. donald trump, i mean these to brock obama was short of a legislator, but mostly was a, a guy and ambitious politician. donald trump, businessman, you know, look joe biden as a senator when afghanistan happened, he went to a senate hideaway camp david, that's what senators do. if you're a senator, no one can tell you, look, joe mansion is living this cinema christian cinemas living this. no one can tell
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you what to do, how to vote, where to show who to talk to nothing. and joe biden just is doing whatever he wants . and he's failing at afghanistan to disaster the borders of disaster. yesterday, we have an excuse me, not yesterday, late. earlier this week, we have a document put out a national gender strategy. look, it may, that may please some people in the, in the ivory tower or in the activist camp. but the reality is the american people are looking up and they're saying we've got inflation. gas prices up. the border is, you know, a poor ost, we've got a drug problem. people are dying from fennel and joe biden is incapable of being in charge. i'm not all those policies are not as unpopular as he is. he looks absolutely weak. he looks like he can't had his arms around things. he does town halls with anderson cooper. he says freedom come on man. freedom. everybody is scared of coven. if they say they're not, they're lion. and we haven't figured out. we have a guy that's kind of just mocking half the country, so it's not going to get better with the economy. gets better. right now i'm in the commonwealth of virginia. in about 4 days, we're going to see the terry mcauliffe
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a joe biden look alike. an insider forever is going to lose for governor, looks like. and at that point, all biden's priorities are out the window and we're just a, you know, on the nursing ourselves towards the 2022 elections. ok laura, because you're the odd man, you're the odd man out on the panel. so i'm going to go back to laura, go ahead in las vegas we can, i think my colleague needs to put his arms. * down for a minute, he's gone from talking about reality to talking about cheerleading for what, what he may want. now the reality is biting numbers really solid right up until the beginning of summer people approved and trusted him because of his actions on the demo. the environmental are what have changed primarily and there are other ways you wouldn't be attracting directly with how americans feel about the economy. now as it is true, independence are weakening and even you often saw. * support from democrats all and that changes with the package it infrastructure. both one of them has only
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bipartisan something that he promised on the campaign trail he has to deliver and he will deliver as we'll see, coming up in a week or 2 ahead of those. those are progressing nicely and the other thing is we've been talking about the socket, which also doesn't help because we're not talking about those popular issues like child care and elder care help for parents. i infrastructure rebuilding her words that where we see right now and i change all of those things are going to help my phone numbers and you democrats something to talk about right now. republicans want to defend the wealthy, and they want to protect billionaires from having taxes raise and you know, across the board even a month on bush and cinema. i said peter, can i buy a house? we can talk about and man, okay, hold on everybody. oh okay, hold on, let me go to richard. i get to laura laura and you saw you said a lot. laura led richard react. okay. okay. i didn't yet. i would
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a let laura finish your thought. ah, you know good. she hung it did. it would have sounded like a in till then honestly, it did sound a bit like a wish list and i'd really like to just get back to the numbers we've been tracking joe bought in since he was inaugurated. and what was said before about having solid numbers was we call them artificial. his approval rating basically was artificial. he came in with high numbers based on artificial june that he, it was driven by co approval. it was not driven by high marks, generally across the board, on other issues. he had 9 months of tracking and he never scored high marks on other issue. he came in on what was said. yeah, you know, it was, it was, it was 80 low possibly. 7 went richard mc, let richards me go. hello. we predicted this for 6 months out. once his covert approval started to fall, it was going to drag down the rest of his overall approval. because generally people were telling us they approved generally of the job he was doing because of
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coban on no other issue from foreign policy to the economy, to immigration, from health care, crime, public safety, nothing. did he ever score high marks, especially not for an a, not a newly inaugurated president. he made an impossible to keep campaign promise which was to get a pandemic in order better than the prior president. and once that did not happen, he began to fall before you understand, i need to make this clear. and he began to form a for afghanistan and a registered voter. economic competence index is at the lowest level. it has ever been. and i'll, and with this, that what is important to note about that is that people post shut down and pre todd biden, taking the oath of office. they were optimistic that the economy was going to rebound. we do the 6 month outlook, and now we're, we're 6 months, 8 months, 9 months down the road. and it didn't happen. so we have to keep in touch, you know, a little bit different. can some, a legislative achievement help him
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a little bit by that. but peter, by that i missed that wanted lawrence, i, i was down to 55 percent. it's now 5 percent. like i'm just wondering at, you know, nobody cares. you know, let's not people there, people didn't fall for methodological gimmicks. people didn't fall for the methodological gimmicks at the bureau of labor statistics under brock obama. either . that's why we got donald trump for jobs. laura. nice guy richard. lori, hang on. we have a 3rd guess that his name is ed way. go ahead. well, let me say peer, i mean look i, if i can just make a short list a litany of biden's failures. even the obama ethics are says that $1100.00 button is due and shelling his finger page is wrong. we now know that the 100 by laptop was true and it was hidden by big tech. a lot of independents are looking up and saying, what is all this lying we're getting found?
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she has been shown to say one thing, one day. another thing are they, i'm not saying it's all his fault. i'm saying this is the reality. gas prices are through the roof on the policy based on the but wait a 2nd based on the policies of biden biden, couldn't figure out how to get out of afghanistan. and we was 13 men and women there at the end. it's just a litany. you can say you want, and by the way, his great bipartisan bill is dead. it's not passing nothing. he said he was going to do is doing what is he doing? susan rice and lisa monica, a rolling out a gender strategy and hoping that we can have our passport with x instead of mailing a. hang on everybody. i knew this was going to be a bit rockers here. laura, it's your turn. go ahead. let's talk about the gender strategy for a minute. we see a she's that women on the sidelines. why? because of the lack of access to child care, even women do not read. so in the economy, the economy did not write biting, has a plan for that. and to speak to the fact that you're calling with one moment
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please. you're reading the i'm buying a new strategy. he's already gotten a bipartisan infrastructure. you'll pass the senate something all you all said that he couldn't do. and now he and nancy mostly are on the precipice of delivering, in partnership with conservative democrats, jo, mansion, and cinema. and that's going to give them something to talk all through the midterms. i think what you're not hearing from my friends here is the republican party. when you pull on republicans, they say they are the defenders of wealthy and instruction as to anything by who wants to do it by mistake. having a conversation about those issues and get some stuff done on the legislative branch . and that's where the company is going to be during the midterm. and republicans are going to have to work, you know, to the fact that all the, all right, i got a job in here. we have to go to a short break. and after that short break, we'll continue our discussion on biden's fall numbers. stay with our team.
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ah, ah, we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. a essentially there's malware on thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that something is a mini cyber in funds right now, i'd be where you're really worried about a chip in my brain. so there has been
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a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and use other advanced technologies . there has been on the defensive site. ah oh ah, welcome back to cross software. all things are considered on peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing biden's poll numbers. ah okay, let's go back to richard in gainesville. i got a bone to pick with you. my friend. you guys got that paul's wrong and 2016. you got to paul's wrong and 2020. so i mean, make your case, my friend. well, i didn't i. when it comes down to a track record matters,
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we were the odd men out bold time took a lot of heat for it, but you know, the pulling industry, no doubt peters have a lot of challenges. you know, we try to be a voice in that conversation about how to make things better. unfortunately, you know, fortunately, we're making some headway but not, not enough, but i think that to overtime it's a brave new world out there. there are different ways to reach different people and though you know, i get, my hope is we'll catch up. but in the end, all i can say for myself is i did it. okay. good or ed? let me go back to you. i mean, it was, it's already been alluded to in the program here. i know that there was some perception that joe, is this good old guy from delaware, you know, but you know, he's been around for, you know, a couple 100 years in the senate. you know, a nice guy, bipartisan guy, but i mean, is that to perception a lot of people have of them now because he is very hectoring. he's losing patience with the the electorate here. i mean, he,
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his tone is very different than other presidents. he doesn't have a lot of patients, it appears, okay. i don't know if that is a function of his age, his temperament and all that. but it's a different but it hang on, hang on. i'm going to add here that we were saying somebody a little bit different than what we were sold. go ahead. yeah, i mean, 3 quick observations on that. number one i, i do thank you to, to give him some credit. i'm not sure how any president is going to ever be a to turn president in this world. we live in because the intensity of the coverage, the, the way it works out, and i don't think bite was cut out for this moment. you know, trump was whether you liked him or not, he was fast into the social media and all that. so i think that's one this event. the 2nd one which will make laura's head explode, but no one is willing to say it and i will. he's clearly mentally not able to do this job. i mean, my wife, as a geriatric physician and one of the things you get as people deteriorate in the end of their life is these bursts of anger the way he acts is not. if you watched him on the anderson, cooper, town hall,
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the and you go back and look for the video 5 years ago. it's obvious deterioration . i'm not blaming him. i'm saying a 78 year old man in this kind of intense job. it's, it's harder to do the 55 year old men get gray. and remember george, w and obama. how different they look. last observation on polling versus what i call trolling i staff a booth at the my farmer's market near my house every saturday morning for 4 hours . the republican party in fairfax county, virginia commonwealth. and over the last about 6 weeks, we've seen that we have an election next week of next week and in the commonwealth of virginia for governor. but the intensity when the number of people that are talking about how badly biden and the democrats are doing, it's just ticked up now to republic content. but it's northern virginia, and a lot of the republican tent people would tell me they hated trump and all that. so, but you're, you're just feeling a very different thing than we felt before. and i think again to richard's point, forget about the hard core democrats and harker, republicans not going anywhere. the rest of the country that whatever that number is, they look it up and see. and this president is an up for the job. the vice president
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is not up for the job and the country, the basics. i didn't even get to my list, the supply chain. we can't can't be people to judge to get the supply chain problem sop. you're telling me that we can't figure out a way to get more trucks to the port valet to get the stuff off. i'm at the supermarket last night. there are crackers. i got sick people at home. i need crackers or out of crackers. this again, the american people, not the hard core damsel harker republicans, they look up and say, something's wrong here, and they are putting that on by laura is, is to, is, is joe biden to drag on the party at this point as we go into the mid terms oh lord, have mercy, let me start. oh no, no job. i'm going to be fine to find was in virginia stumping there. i think you know, i'm going to me and said explode by talking about 2 things. one by his argument that because biting is rosabelle in he's, he's declining as, as a, as a senior. i mean, you know what, i mean by that argument, we would all be indicted as losing our minds just on the basis of our last pregnant
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. so i will say come on laura. he's having imaginary conversations with rabbi never met with during meetings. he never went to come on. let's see real. it there. look, can i get a lead laura? it's not in a know i want to be fair, lawrence, the odd man out in fair time for anyone. laura i go oh, you know just single handedly being responsible for a global tandem. if it is affecting every country on the globe, i try but down so i think i'm just gonna finish maybe $1.00 to $5.00 sentences if that's ok. so the would you just can't be blamed for that. and by the ports in long beach, responsible for 40 percent of our free offering operating 247. we seen the limits of what president can do, not what joe biden can do. and i would say that the talk in virginia i'm gonna make,
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had explode one more time by reality that there, that, that tro supporters are angry and they have anger on their side, which is what he's hearing in the republicans. they have that energy. that's what democrats have to contend with. trump now be off the stage on social media. that energy has been taken away from the democratic base. that's the challenge that they have going into the midterm, which will be solved by bringing an army and truckloads of accomplishments with which they're on the, on the precipice of doing with this legislative agenda and items economic agenda. moving through congress this week. ok, richard l b j had his great society, but it didn't help him when he was considering to run and to 68. i mean, i don't, i don't buy this, i don't buy this. i be a soldier. people don't vote for politicians based on bills. i mean there's no correlation. i actually you're in f
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d r and f to your last tremendous support after the midterm when he passed the great the new deal. so part of this is just history that lauren democrats are a battling against, you know, republicans, they were, they were late to acknowledge it to before 2018. you know, they wanted that election to be about health care. peter and what's going on in virginia is that they were trying to stay on the pandemic and medicaid expansion message it, it didn't happen. it didn't work the top issues in that election or economy and jobs, taxes, inflation, and then education now has or to number to go into those independence and this is brand, these are brand new numbers. joe biden won the state of virginia 5444. the problem democrats have is they, they have lost 10 and, and it's getting larger every day. at least 10 percent since november 2020. he won independence over donald trump. 5738. the electorate was not, it's exceedingly democratic, it was only d plus 2 mccall. i cannot afford a d plus 2 because right now those very same voters approve of joe biden by only 34
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percent. and they are breaking to young and by 11 percent. and that is declining, that has been climbing and are today rolling average. so democrats need a turnout advantage on tuesday that they, that they did not get since route north and be dead, gillespie going and that was a good democratic year. right now we're going into a challenging year for democrats and junkin is winning the very same group of voters who back joe biden over donald trump last november. this is the problem, the real, this is earth. we're back now on planet earth and the st. the problem and it's, it's just, it's just getting worse. i me. okay on a let me go only this one on here. republicans go a taxes would help them to and it in. yeah, that's my point. i could add in your ear in the commonwealth of virginia, please explain to us. wouldn't prioritize the issues going into this go governor's race here. what and to what degree of the culture, wars flaming both sides. go ahead. well i, i would say that i would say always,
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it's jobs ne economy. and even though northern virginia is insulated by the swamp, in terms of jobs, there's a sense, again, gas prices are up the shipper market price. people aren't feeling confident and, and your to laura's point is kind of funny because you watch wall street is still having records, right. but it's, that's how people feel. i say the number that intent, the most intense issue is, is the education issue. and it's, it's not really c r t, it's this, it's this notion that somehow parents have said we want to chance him a call. if i had someone say this is a really florida's answer would say the most infamous comments, since legitimate rape by todd akin was terry mcauliffe saying parents shouldn't have a say over education, which is what he said at the debate 2 weeks ago. and for a change, the democrats are paying a price for early voting. here we have early voting, and moms are going to the polls saying what and younger the standards say, and i'll spend more money on schools, i'll do more things. so education is 2nd, i would say now the problem for the democrats and laura did put this right there. one, an ad saying trump, trump trump,
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trying to get people to think about trump. it's just, i don't think it's working, you know, my, my wife during the day when there was a trump youngin has trump bad, which that trumps a businessman. young as a business man. they both want to take over and help their friends. she said to me, is that supposed to hurt him? i don't think that the jump from a, from a thing works. but the old fashion caveat, and this is richard point. every party in power thinks, we'll just tell them what we did and they'll come out for us right now. obama's in richmond and 4 or 5 or 6 days ago trying to get the african american vote out. because if they vote 82 percent for mcauliffe, instead of 88 percent mccaul loses. and that's the problem they have right now. and they're banging the abortion drum. the democrats are trying to get the, you know, the people to care about that issue to come. it's not really what's moving right now as far as we can see, but we still have, you know, we still have to wonder how the election will go. we have some big counties, fairfax, and others that are going to have to count the votes. and we know there's a lot going on. laura is, is joe biden to progressive? what kind?
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i mean, what is his politics? okay? because, i mean, he's an old segregationist and now he's a progressive in the white house. can you explain that to me? i forgot it. that's now he was, he was, it was the was the other side. good job there. that's a look into attack. and right here you heard it here. i did is a moderate joe biden is no by hand. has a long history for you to look out for that is the case and. and so i think one of the challenges and we heard it with respect to the virginia governors race, one of the challenges and that race. and you want to know if i talk to my colleagues, but about race is neck and neck, that race will be very close one way or the other. yeah, it's hard to me and i will agree again that you fire men are in the favor of the republicans and you know, terry mccall does need to like own in on a particular message,
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but the routers are out and democrats are doing everything. they can. everybody from rock obama to see abrams and, and the fact is just, are just, are out unilateral park, it's motivated by a single issue and they don't have that anger advantage in the selection, which means they have to appeal to things like a woman's right to choose they have to talk about the environment, they have to talk about a multi pronged approach that's a harder job and harder, especially with those consumer numbers where they are right now. i'm but the fact that terry mcauliffe is still neck and that i think speaks to the fact that they've got a real shot at winning miss and certainly 12 months from now at holding not house and senate. okay. well, the fact that young kim is even in the race, tells us everything we need to know about virginia, possibly the state of american politics. and maybe how people feel about jo by not all the time we. i want to thank my guess and watch it in las vegas and in gainesville, and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at our dc and next time, remember crosstrek roast ah
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ah. when i will show seemed wrong when old fools just a little easier to shape out. disdain becomes the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, in russia, this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. even lost a mobile phone. so in the world, a sort of can you sell it to proposal better dealing with just important factors.
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it took 5 years to close the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model escapes so well over a full scale deal with my food ocean from a small school. well, we'll shoot for shift almost a clunky at the football where the pretty much it was video marshall. ah
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ah, no job, no pay. new york city workers protests don't say this city murder, official residence, in opposition to a looming deadline for vaccine mandates. we speak to a man who saved, that's how he lost his job during the help. right. with meta of them. facebook current company under goes a name change with the internet exploding into a barrage of mocking both the re brown mark zuckerberg himself julian, a sound, your supporters, including a rock legend, roger waters that man just this following an extra additional appeal. hearing the you case high court which has yet to deliver it's bert i'm so angry.


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