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home oh oh oh oh, i know. ah with oh, if you want something done right, don't you sell the acronym d i y i do it yourself, has now become the name for a new genre of online videos. you do the better if more, the way you send me the deal at noon. you can have the wasn't working with me
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with the deal. if people use grad materials and whatevers at hand to rig up all kinds of stuff from household items to pump action . squid guns, church company for my graduate on the field with the best part is people want to watch millions of you spend hours seeing how a person they've never met and used half way around the world, assemble the contraption, no one else needs to up to the arrange a do much could just one of my key when you mine. yeah. city like user to g. more looking at the club. equally fleetwood wishing which particularly
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miyazaki kiva. he has jo, after my bill is pussy. she leaves the song, his new, an air gear. you munoz and been zoom union, there's not as yet. good leopards that ask it was your steam on those? not still was it you are sansa, it's a beard and i had them after my really going to pay you had 3 pieces. kilometer is foyzey is screeching, astonish, know, and that of you. a road trip in the summerville is nikita most ambitious project, 2 days before this solar vehicle. another car was his cat project, bigger than his thought. zachary machine off. it doesn't look as glamorous. let's face it, it looks like you're dansville banga. barbara union. yeah, i'm will not be here. some with you troy of the my bill. a thought workers also must reach seemed such a dog, whether it was crowned with ashley's new or busy. no. with egotism is stanley
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without cellphones and if the ski entered the within previous his compare model for the softer e. but you won't put yourself to put the most on your abner grant said sir edward serina, this is just another pro what? any mirror that the derivative ah, with i wish to was create a new was on the love with an ideal
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if zillow could you actually about my future proposals that it's bad please. if there was a business that this is the theme yesterday morning with the boyfriend, you got to be the school bus with her here with more were there was dinner on this is glass of so didn't you scroller people that i go the with the po proficio i do a one. so yes, given didn't lift it off out of school and i'm going to so can only you to bill or is this a yes me. what do you see is no more, you know, previously a normal my you more but the other one,
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the school better. i just tell him was a school year will up with and we had issues deal. it's your school. so america might be his 1st success was a video about a chain somewhat by, i mean, i used, i used to be less. you start, i have been a lot. you're welcome one with my parents maybe. okay, who is the love you've been with the other though? will media present it or the woman? yeah, i'm sure problem with the wireless. this to put more than dean 3 is the boss more that are from doing our dean gin arena? who does the, the boy in a decision or that they're gonna point out. another one of those are done
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with up to 2 days in the shop field, bang is hitting st. petersburg rose again, but the electric motion still thrown to overheating. economy stone at any moment when the new year i'm yeah. what those are pretty cool. any other number would you with that will be this number your call is was when you give us any killing me, i don't want the you them or not. not i
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can that are only keep them up. you started, it went through, but we are in less than what do you want to know if i started? if i didn't pick 11 that did it, didn't you? stella, the functional e aviles commander, or yes, i'm welcome on dog. say always spoke to william that yes, a be rather e shrugging engineer or loss will. i'm no, gosh, we work with probably need, but for this year we are the only people almost wish that they, you know, who is only covered with e. no personal to study by the open force. it's just as easy. just wanted to know what they're doing on syndrome bill with a with, i mean, other wasn't loyal and i think i'm wondering which i want to know that when you
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stood back, police go what goes by there is some i a flores know it's your store number that i'm a nurse. ringback a, a to them to suspend them a characteristic with, with just a model number that you sometimes groups that use temporary them booker sharina stone, or more likely from them. and you will be good till
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a bell shoppers room. there's all cooper's mother him, the talk to you is to go to poacher. the apollo space program reduced a bare bones. these guys decided to start from scratch and design and launcher rocket while learning only go. and of course, to make a bunch of videos while they were at it. so might, we will show up and up just to see almost the up. so i'm going to switch trip with the whole move. why you substitute customers premium was pricing looming. funny, but you're right, i just move us more than the show us how much has on our system has been in place for you so much. now as long as this was well as the 1st of all these kind of place where you perform agent, you run them, we send you what color is put it in the
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system or calling point interesting processing book, i want to my new phone number so that was the approaches are going to get more support and stephanie, about noon i was mentioning, which doesn't matter, someone would just transfer your boy. nobody can use birds to point go in control. lot of those will basically means that on the flop will be a little bit about the final possible. i need you to come back when you, when you do it right so far, you know what else from somebody else. but again, we got to put, you know, football, wanted to get a little more money. part of it also did they give us a frontier info and got let me show you a boost umbrella. and we feel that i bought a particular poster about some kind of we're trying to support them appraising with
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a new is what i'm saying, showing them because i don't see how much they owe us through some of them. so, and i think it is monday through them. so you can use your post moving parts per se, a promo code number. the problem with a was deal with troy duck with i don't post for your lease and bureau for the school board. you know, the look over i was just wound fly during the test the motors and also broke off if you look at, he would've he was more like any deal,
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but i think what my public gilbert gillis, even with his color, the gore of the lawyers, channel is a uniquely russian d i. y phenomenon. nothing gets blown up or set on fire here. no one gets electrocuted. only you see is northern vistas, woods, water, and skilled hands, lathing sewing, and chiseling. views are off the charts with 2000000 subscribers. by aetna, nickname of i am finally doing what a for a yeah. the when you claim of cathy what i tell them a i don't vibe. i don't use it, but don't stop with kayla. give them a free minute. wait for sonya, it's a, it's a process, but the funeral so yeah. look so that it and you know, just put it on the lips and you might see it probably if i wait. no, we just recently filled up the missionary still still kind of just
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already aiming here today. who would you bother writing a personal for your teaching, making it truly a joy. it in potentially not tossed up with the mortgage mortgage late fee a little squiggly, michigan washing slower because of a state law. yeah, my love to speak to you by the way a ah
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ah, and it has to be rash to be able to afford enzyme. and find the luxury that for sure, despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more death from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it says if these people don't count i saw how they can choose your customers and dump a sick so also a can satisfy their wall street investors. no parents have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to live and who dies to me
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that's, that's getting away with murder with ah, ah, maybe not for you see what you know if the doing will trust him or your goal is to kill any other hebrew. let's look at the throw for the new as more
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do a couple of the roster. so we're boys with that with a with a with this is the sun deal model 1.0. not quite a car. it's like a solar powered rick shore when nikita comes on. it's much sunday as and here in gloomy st. petersburg. ramirez glass, the other one, the one you're here, can you hear me? yeah. the show of the look. i'm just to play with hours. yes. results for all your m u e. god, we're by your call, can you come when you're off? cool. now about a 1000000 would what
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will happen here? because that door ah yes, each i'm yours the premium. if you a talk with you now prison year. well, for not omnia, when you go talker, a premium 1000000 will do me up on the list. what all the floor? no, i yeah. you got there? good with a vehicle? she didn't think you were me. i ran scott, me as though is d as to kill any other? yes, we used to any which is good or the are else good. he is do us. he has gear report go ok. so what are the new york or he needs to put in here?
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the procedure. that is good. so another yeah. what would come when you would source boone with the 1st run of the rocket, which unusually is carmel fueled, was a failure. and it failed with a bang, most of the torture me go to customer support federal estoppel hm. wedgewood, with some when you're more of a sort of one with a customer doing dealer and scary. so move because our model, not a lot of information that i was that i wanted to produce very finish with always for something. so i put them to them or sort of like a post or point she always she just recently made some process total customer out,
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personal connection with them. in d, i wise abroad genre, video, streaming websites, host tens of thousands of channels on various topics. some take a meticulous and strictly scientific approach. people also like to be enlightened and entertained. the area we live in dictates what kind of inventions today's youtube does in, she's make wonderful what. so they put a phone choice and a problem of buy me with just one we're basketball. wish of come when you're what will become a b, b ably or long. i'm going to principles of and yes, it will feel them here. when you want to go up, we'll pick up our modern, well then you can reach me on the political up on 3 legislators really night. said
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this, and it was for me sure where the but i wasn't out of my daughter in your community in the united liberty on the was that yes, i do have one that i really could ask. could you tell him in some way, both by me, him 3 key p to deal with that? am i to re mostly little that need to be quick here, which i don't think we should be willing to bring them to put us to let can what i mean in some stuff we should still switch have to deal with the joyce. i mean, i mean there is 3 times it is i throw on. ready some years to the semester, but we did that a lot, some people on or what even the country, what was the mission to deal with actually with both of those 2 levels. the right, this, the company sort of this, but you have a linear newspaper for my interest to go up on the electronic of some bro, led companies for my graduate on the stuff must get
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a bunch of thing of everything and, and i don't know, it seems i don't like not for me like to purchase more than also for some, some bread, summer checks militia. anyway, almost anything we can put together and you get all summer long and most of the stuff that you're playing football gateway. i was just the requirements for some of the look. i do just have some i knew the only comfortable trying to do with the boss. but only it was my name. me a a lobby. no, i got stronger with.
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ah, they are not apples that i do now with after several months of one failure, after another, the rocket finally blasted off with coca cola with
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nearly a leg with national mister flo one, please leave the net. but it's your story, which you will the one with we want to for up. she is just funny, carolyn and i have a pretty good spot on which is probably the one you should be able to have covered jaw crown, the quite enough crowd. waster doughty bullish is supposed to it's a bracket to chat. thanks a problem. yeah, it was my real lead you only it will be. it is nice deal at all in regina here williams possible the silly good got boys
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cut on missed book one posted a spot for the new another new company, another. ringback di mr. but if the count is incorrect with a cancer or just was i had an appointment with my she should have gotten o'clock. i think that you know nothing of the heel. and i think that yes, ma, yesterday she said our genius color promotion too much was a narrative post chris in you can you following just her and directly from the printer for you, then you have to tell the company you have master to what it shows all the load now, as most people you carto liking you because my pay of, i'm a plugin you stay with, can you call your telephone sticker deanna here? so she didn't jing in stagger them. last hospitals i live. my very thought occurs
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to credit check. those will also be easy to me by the warfare. the week of the relief from i'll let them go, lou lisa and i took a closer look at our cutoff crazy shortly. given what as 0, now media new like i lost over there a day you should be just as a chest yet. this can be la rabbit says they cannot order and then you put a new weight and i haven't a good choice. new more. the deal is stored. i still you more big idea of what all at my child the cancer move she accordingly. dca me. did you monkey into while showed linley and praise wasn't sepia knew ocean yet correctly? that the friday if we will move in a year is that there was no didio global moves me to vehicle folk is deal tossed. that is our normal frame plan or final carrier, esl builder, which it pretty greatly asked for. but could you could easily kill you. you've got
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to worry, she tired or what the should. i cannot throw down more than a project with you and you got tory, you will not go to me and leave. karen tuck it to gimme a muscle, allowing you to drown you to put on a 5th grade. he thought. j. katara. ryan. should util. cbs a as in whiskey nevi open mine. yes. lydia gratia. just one of my teeth are when you mine. yeah. so did you thank you for your g one, picking out the gluttony one, but typically when you think you cook just in the e o on maliciously, which i wishing which perfectly security in the guitar, bland, to spend a month on his solar powered road trip. but he didn't complete his route as he got stranded in the mountains of catholic stock. got a guy with joe. yeah,
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we're in the woods. i'm a senior lamar manager when you order the bins, you know, are you good to know? i'm sure. super process deal on the the actually water plumber. so if you're a jewelry, other of the opera, you call that you did you did you want me up the up or a year ago. he was villas a, with a free girl. free grow
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around oregon douglas, georgia. police dubuque, 3, just the little ones who might be there is the other, some go to your doors with research. if you let me other of nadia a blog garcia. marla mortgage for sure. more or another. i'm bother with our grown legend. give north a guy with man, you say things that i want to with you last door, but don't more it when yes they did. but we these, you know what a someone to give you a engineer. i mean, which one, i mean, you know, we have the guy me today is that when you know, what would you wasn't, is that the work done, you would, well, it,
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you'll no model. so we didn't model going, you know, whether you, we use the other 2 or, you know, what, we'll, what you don't like it is don't the oil, the pan mm . for with
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ah, the headlines here one r t brussels on least uses a string of accusations of moscow after russia and moldova failed to secure a fresh gas contract with a block of reject. the aspiring member states plea for help to cover the difference in the new price as well leaders gather and rome for the 1st in person g. 20 summit . since the pandemic joe biden is meeting with emanuel macro and for the 1st face to face it soft at the spot over a nucleus submarine, deal with australian no job, no pay to new york city workers protest outside the city may as the official residents in opposition to a looming deadline for vaccine mandates in the program that we speak to a man who says that's how we lost his job despite.


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