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tv   News  RT  October 29, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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common ground, ah ah, an awkward moments or the g 20 is joe biden, meet someone. well, micron for the 1st time of the us left france in the lurch over nicholas simmering deal. we did was clumsy, a lot of grace the clock days taking just hours left now for new york city for social workers to get vaccinated or lose their paint. job deadlines. see them as residents besieged by protest as the e u polymers. assuming the european commission for failing to hold accountable loads, member states who defied the blocks rule of law, bad as the polish for ministering summons the belgian ambassador over the country's criticism of war, sauls approach to his legal disputes with brussels. ah,
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law from oscar. thanks for joining us on our t international this evening on daniel hawkins. wherever you are, welcome to the program. now they're all just hours to go now before new york's unvaccinated essential workers will be forced to take unpaid leave. the man's job deadline is 5 pm monday, and it's feared thousands will miss it's crating, serious shortages in the sector. halem open hazard herself 5 pm eastern standard time is the deadline for which city workers in new york city will be required to be vaccinated in order to keep their jobs. they'll be going on unpaid leave if they are not vaccinated by that time. needless to say, many of them are not happy about this mandate. ah, in
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during some of the rowdy protests that we've seen, garbage was even thrown on to the lawn of the mayor's residence. and it appears that as a result of this mandate, new york city could soon be losing one in 5 that's 20 percent of its fire departments due to firefighters. not getting the jap, i don't think the mayor understands what's going to happen on november. first. there is going to be a catastrophic staffing shortage if $3500.00 firefighters that are currently on vaccinated or told to not go to war. so this city is gonna look very different on november 1st, when the mayor is forced to it, will, the mayor is gonna force firefighters to knock it on the rigs. you're gonna see dozens and dozens of bar houses close. you're going to see response times corn. it is inevitable, lives are going to be lost. that is irrefutable. it's not only the mayor's
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residents, we're seeing garbage pile up, but it's also out on the streets. sanitation workers have been missing their shifts . now, at this point, neither the new york city department of sanitation nor the mayor will confirm whether or not these slowdowns are related to the mandates. here is what the mayor said regarding workers missing their shifts. anyone who is not doing their job, you are harming your fellow sanitation workers and your harming your neighbors and your harming your city. and it's time to stop. despite thousands of people refusing to get vaccinated and protests against the mandates, the world health organization is pretty firm. they say mass vaccinations are necessary to stop the pandemic and protect public health vaccine save millions of lives each year. vaccines work by training and preparing the body's natural defenses, the immune system to recognize and fight off the viruses. but there are thousands of new york city's essential workers, police officers, firefighters,
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sanitation workers, teachers, and others who simply do not agree with the world health organization and are unhappy about this mandate. washington is expiring. another 55 russian diplomatic stuff. they've been ordered to leave their consulates in the us in the coming months, which is for ministry, says then we will only was in relation further urging us to turn to constructive dialogue. instead, this step in minded bed. again, one sided advantage is a dead end road for us. for every hostile us action, we'll respond promptly and proportionately, though not necessarily. symmetrically. once again, we urge a whole to escalation and start to substantial, honest and mutually respectful, dialog on all existing irritants in our bilateral relations. over a 100 russian diplomatic stuff, along with their families have been expelled by the us since late 2016. in 2017. the russian calling in san francisco office in new york and washington were closed,
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so that ended russia's diplomatic presence on the west coast. according to russia's foreign ministry spokesman, there are currently just under 200 russian mission members working with us. with some 130 american diplomats working in russia. u. s. is demanding more visas, be granted oral health shots in moscow. embassy. and sir blinds met with his friends counterparts in intellect. it's their 1st meetings in washington outraged paris by going behind its back over a submarine deal with australia that talks come ahead of the laws are g 20 gathering and wrong to morrow. peter oliver reports on his way to europe for the series of meetings that he has. u. s. president joe biden was asked, will you be apologizing to french president emanuel mccall and he did say, well, we've already talked about that, suggesting that perhaps being done in the over the phone conversations. this was the 1st face to face meeting. and what we heard from joe biden was that the united
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states, in his opinion, had acted without grace when it came to squeezing fronts out of a submarine, deal with australia we deemed was clumsy with a lot of grace. i was under the impression that france happened to form long before that was not going into my arms not go me things conducted in a real badness, fear of reconciliation between paris in washington, bitin and micron. and what we did see was that it will moment between the 2 when they they were shaking hands and lots of thank you. so don't thank use from the 2 presidents related. mm hm. you were oh, thank you. well, all of the awkwardness came about because, oh orcus, that's the, the defense packed that was set up between australia,
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the united kingdom and the united states, ultimate lead by signing up to orcus. what happened was that deal that was already in place between australia, infront, and france for the delivery of submarines. well, that ended up being told bead owed, setting the french coffee around back around 55000000000 euro. that's how much they were standing to make from the, the deal that was sculptured by the united states, australia and the u. k. coming together for august. what it did was from some a bob's comments backwards and forwards from the 3 people signing the defense pox. they were all about joining together in unity, and it all could have expire, see going the other way towards those fathers from paris to day were take another historic step to deepen and formalize cooperation among all 3 of our nations, the u. k. australia and the us will be joined even more closely
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together. reflecting the measure of trust between us, city normandy, hip you. it's a huge disappointment, especially since 5 years of hard work went into this to ensure the proper implementation and smith running of this major contract. the contract was to fulfill australia's request for a 12 conventional attack submarines to reiterate their was their request says trailer has gone back on his word and changed his needs to talk to nadia. an alliance means transparency. it means predictability. it means clarification. it means talking to each other, not hiding, especially on a central issues. so all this has not been forthcoming, and we will have to talk about it. why wasn't it forthcoming? it was quite the day for both presidents before this meeting at the french embassy in the vatican for a manual marconas. the news coming out of france concerning a disgraced right wing, been politician who's accused of having being behind, trying to organize a cou to overthrow
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a manual. my god. now his lawyers and his team deny everything that's being leveled against him, but the claims that were made in leprosy on newspaper a this, well, a former am serving members of the police force, the gendarmerie, and the armed forces were all involved in this attempt to overthrow the government under the name of the code name of operation azul, where it was a much more sedate day for joe biden. the american president met earlier on friday with the pope, with pope francis in the vatican. sure to be a big day for what is only the 2nd roman catholic president of the united states to sit down with the leader of the catholic faith. now it didn't go exactly as president biden had anticipated, though certainly as his team, it anticipated, or even as the media had thought it would go off, it was supposed to be a big live event with the whole re thing. the whole state visit televised as well.
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as journalists being allowed to stay much throughout the whole tessa tete between the president and the pope. however, the very last minute the holy c changed the plans. in fact, the vatican said that there was going to be no live broadcast from the event journalist. busy would only be allowed to attend very limited parts of the me thing called everybody on the whole, really including the news was a pay. we can have a listen to what they have to say. now, the vatican on thursday abruptly cancelled the planned live broadcast of us president joe biden meeting. pope francis, the live broadcast of biden's friday visit was trimmed to cover just the arrival of the president's motorcade in the courtyard of the historic palace. while the awkwardness over all this may not have gone entirely following this meeting, but it does seem that reconciliation is the watch word between emanuel michael and joe biden. following them meeting the french embassy in the vatican on friday.
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plenty more to come both throughout the g 20 over saturday and sunday i'll be here and bring you all. busy at the latest here at our see, the infighting within the u shows no sign of relenting locks. parliament assuming the european commission of a failing to trigger a special tool cut funding to countries undermining the supremacy of the law on the open farms agenda. remiss legal battle is taking action on poland. more so angered the blocker rich judicial reform was which undermine the supremacy of the law. poland, and turn the threatened to go to great length if the ag withhold funds is even so in belgium's master potent after war. so was accused of playing with fire. you are playing a dangerous game. you are playing with fire when waging war with your european colleagues for internal political reasons. one of the points of contention centers on disciplinary shamore of poland supreme court that somebody would ship has a mind that through discipline judges, that you all use it's being used as
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a tool to press the judges to rule in favor of the governing authorities. and if the monitor the country to despise chamber recent reforms in poland, which rule it flaw supreme without the you added another layer to the ongoing conflict concerning for warsaw or the covert 19 recovery funds a marked for it which are now in limbo european commission. now, under added pressure from parliament may freeze them if potent doesn't you tune on judicial reforms, you talk court recently slot fines of a 1000000 euros a day on war for, for failing to obey was, was accused of block of using financial penalties as blackmail for unusual to poland, come not and should not pay a single law to protect. we will not allow poland to be treated as a colony as a 3rd will country. we are not a banana republic on this should be realized by politicians at erupt. commission some bee pollen is also refusing to pay another fine, half a 1000000 euros a day for authorize, an open pit comb,
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one close to its border with german republic. the court ordered its closure after a law suit. prague which has more mental concerns. potent rejects the decision and the case is expected to go back to court in november. what reaction to the latest development from political commentators on brickman. now so much of the vision that he got work as a democracy, glover, the democracy must have at some common coun. therefore he doesn't work as a new yorker, as a democracy does. i should be all chassis. they're talking about 36000000000. that's 36000000000. okay. and the f, the finest 1000000 build the so it doesn't mean there are a lot of these into this if 1000. okay? so they can afford it to be using the funds that they get. and you, how can of god we told us ferns and then of course forced them to be, i mean, so the relationship of force is not in favor of you up. but if you have been poses a change in these domestic bullet bodies know that the bulls
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o d by you think we told english friend they're going to premier, produce more has and rental as you suppose me again, just because the of the money. but janelle, if you make a trip to somebody in law, going to give you the money that was planned because of this, and that on that you're going to produce more on the find. the police movement is flag, the earth democrats hold high, seems to be losing steam that similar to sergeant violent crimes across the states . over the last year. ever more americans are de morning more be spent, and bolstering the force we had use from the northeast to the southwest. i just felt very unsafe, lynn, when there was like a lot of people saying that they should defend the place. i think with more police funding they can get better training and protect us better. do me more police to get things under criminal deduction where crime wave is reduced down to one
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percent. we need crime to fade away. we need peaceful days for you and him and me to walk down the street corroborated, definitely went up. i know it has this down and we need our beliefs of a certain times of the day. it's a no man's land as we definitely need more for more law enforcement on the streets, i want to follow the police force or whether the money is going towards their training or more fe. doesn't matter to me. will new polls find this but an increase of 14 percent and those one thing more fall to the police compared with last year? that's of course, when the nation was rocked by racial injustice and police brutality that undermine trust. a law enforcement at the mood though has now changed thought figures from the national center for health statistics show. von a crime in the us is that it's the highest point in more than history. americans
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are clearly more worried by this now polling in july shows over 60 percent see violent crime as a significant issue that significantly up from the months and years before that, the phone, the police movement gain traction off the police, killing of george floyd last year. as the name suggests, it once public money directed away from law enforcement to things like education and social services. we discuss its relevance with new york police detectives. the people that are calling to, to get rid of the police or the fun. the police have stopped the rhetoric or the rhetoric. rhetoric has slowed down because they see that the police are actually needed to be up kicking crime around the country. especially in democrat run cities is out of control. most of the politicians who are calling for the fund, the police are doing for political gain, they're doing it to get folks. they're doing it to empathize with criminals and
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those who love them. and when you make friends with criminals, when you make friends with criminals, you make enemies of your police. the police can't do the jobs effectively. what are the top of the community and the community can live and prosper? well without the help of the police. so it has to be both ways the government has to encourage this. they have to increase funding, federal funding for police departments to get better training and better equipment . and to continue to attack this rise of crime across the country. stay with us here at auto international. more news just after this short break. ah. join me every thursday on the alex salmon show,
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but i'll be speaking to guess on the world politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. oh is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation for community? are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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oh, come back to the program, the pay your fair share. that's the message from joe biden. nobody's proposal to tax the assets of the billionaire class. i don't want to punish any was success. i'm a capitalist. i want everyone to be able to. if they want to be a millionaire, a billionaire, to be able to shake their goal. but all i'm asking is, hey, your fair share. pay your fair share. hey, you're a fair share, right now. many refrain virtually nothing. all the tax brackets in the u. s. very, depending on income, the top right, for example, 37 percent is only payable for those who earn over half a $1000000.00 or more. or this one comes as it was, reveal the 2nd richest person in the world. a test the found either mosque has been
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apparently ignoring his obligations for quite some time. and sometimes dozens and orderly, even a 100 times less than he was supposed to all the while, slamming the new tax plan for berlin us. eventually they ran out of father people's money and then they come for you. it is very common. what he law must does, it's not unique to him. billionaires and millionaires are regularly able to escape taxes legally because they're support politicians who do that for them. the most recently, donald trump, in december of 2017, when he cut their taxes dramatically. and when they can't get their taxes cut enough legally, we know now from the various papers that have been released to pandora papers couple of weeks ago, it's a scandal in this country. and what mr. musk said is really outrageous. what never had the taxes been levied on the super rich,
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the way they were intended to when they passed the taxes, the super rich went very quickly to shift them on to the average person. and that's been the history of this country for at least the last century was saying in the states, the let sco brandon mean burst as a citizenship proof. and the biden hacker is blowing up in the us with charles at sports games pop keys online. if you haven't out it, it goes something like this the . c the well, how that it's thought said old, began off the reporter who was conducting a tv interview with the racing call, drove of brandon brown brushed offer swearing,
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and he bought and shot from the crowd as let's go. brandon house again on the incident. republicans and others, opposing by now use the phrase as a date on friendly way of criticizing the president and some more media for ignoring any anti biden discourse. almost 60 percent of americans now, so they're familiar with the chance to definitely best lo know in republican circles, 3 quarters the same. to know that only half of the democrats do with others somewhere in between. one house apparently hasn't got the focused i had never heard of that. john's until he explained it to me. i guess i'm not spending enough time on h, on or whatever. and we discussed already the americans, this appointment in the president by and the president administration with political commentator, wayne island route. american people have lost all faith in him. he's destroying the country. he's left the border open. were being invaded by millions of people who do not have good intentions. it's, it's insane. that's a very moment of
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a cobra plan. demick. he's open the borders and let all these people in binds it a lot of trouble. his presidency is going down like the hindenberg, or like the titanic is drowning. so america is in full, open, revolted, this boy, americans are pushing back in every single sporting event that you watch on tv. the crowd is chanting either f joe biden or, and they're using the for word or let's go brandon, which means f joe biden. everything we believe in is being destroyed by joe biden, australian, regardless of their sites on google, they want to offer other search engines on devices in a bit to create competition. google totally don't want to feel trailing margin controlling 94 percent. under the proposal, android smart phones would be forced to offer a suit of engines, while the sex joined itself could be bought from paying apple to use it as a default. and here's why we are concerned about google's dominance and its ability
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to use its financial resources to fund arrangements to be the default search engine on many devices and other means through which consumers access search such as browsers is harming competition and consumers. google has find back basically saying it's dominance is due to its quality 7. the moves are a foot in europe to rain in the joints. we got reaction from your, your cohen and internet or expert. we'll go out, we'll always an assure so google will pay any amount of money to make sure that google search engine is the default search engine on every, on road to device. i think the danger is, are where those are, monopolies become far too powerful to the degree where they almost become in the arm of the government are and then the government can take steps that will in effect,
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her in hands. the powers of those of those are companies. in one example, our ease arm is the restriction that was placed on our t news channels are in germany. ah, so the quicker government's act in order to enhance and support a competition in reduce monopoly. the banner 13 for crossel coming away in just a few moments time the to you and i will be back in half an hour with the latest headline studio and again ah and it has to be rash to be able to afford enzyme and find the luxury that for sure, despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have
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more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how they can choose your customers and dump a sick so also a can satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decision and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder. no one else seemed wrong when i'll prove, just don't hold you world yet to see how this day because the advocate
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an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our sons. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think you can, but i went to lunch nationally with everything but only eventually there's malware on thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional crime. artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one
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of the things that's happening as a mini cyber implants right now, i'd be where is it really worried about it? most people, when equally b, you can put a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive slaton a with hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle would explain show biden's sudden drop in the polls as a candidate he promised to return to some form of normality. however, his current standing with the public is anything but is his agenda the problem? maybe he's not as likable as he once seemed. he is in trouble and so is this party
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i cross fucking biden's poll numbers on join bomb, i guess at martin in washington, he was president of the national conservative organ, his in philosophically egos as well as co author of the conservative case for trump in las vegas, we have laura think she is founder and ceo, rabble, communications and democratic strategist. and in gainesville, we cross to richard morris. he is director of big data poll. all right, cross hoc rules and effect. that means he can jump any time you want. i always appreciate richard, let me go to you because you are a pollster. can you explain to our audience very briefly, what in the world is going on? because i'm calling this program sudden poll deaf because that's what it looks like . go ahead, richard. yeah, i mean, generally speaking, you know, peter, joe biden does not have something that bulls brock obama and donald j trump pad, which were
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a base of support that loved both of these men. and it was very difficult for their poll numbers to really take a dive because there was always a group that very much supported them. george w bush at it was evangelicals. he didn't lose them until the 2nd term with the recession and the war. right now. joe biden just didn't have that strongly approved base of support. never seen the bottom fall out and it really is coming from independence democrats. they show some leakage, but it's independence and it's a 3rd party voters that generally most people think put him over in those battleground states. okay, laura react to what richard just said. there's that show. do you agree with that? go ahead. well, i mean, we have to look at when the whole numbers started declining because there's no arguing that they are, they are runny parallel to how americans feel about the economy. it started with sort of the summer and sadness search and the delta area. and even though we see in 2019 so.


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