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decisions and determine who gets to live and who dies. to me, that's best getting away with murder. ah, the deadline passes for new york city's essential workers to choose between getting vaccinated or losing their pe. the ultimatum has seen the mayor's residents and besieged by protest. her an awkward moment at the g 20 as joe biden meets emanuel micron for the 1st time after the u. s. stab france in the back over nuclear submarine deal. we did was clumsy. this was done with a lot of grace, the parliament, assuming the european commission for failing to hold accountable those member states who defy the blocks rule of law. that as the polish foreign ministry sullens, the belgian ambassador over the countries criticism of the warsaw approached to its legal dispute with brussels. ah,
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our broadcast wanted to rec, more studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. i now the deadline for new york's essential workers to get vaccinated has passed. anyone without the job will be forced to go on unpaid leave. the mandate has proven to be extremely divisive. ah, ah ah, during some of the rowdy protests that we've seen, garbage was even thrown on to the lawn of the mayor's residence. and it appears that as a result of this mandate, new york city could soon be losing $1.00 and $5.00, that's 20 percent of its fire departments due to firefighters. not getting the jap,
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i don't think the mayor understands what's going to happen on november. first. there is going to be a catastrophic staring shortage if $3500.00 firefighters that are currently on vaccinated or told to not go to war. so this, this city is going to be very different on november 1st, when the mayor is forced to it, will, the mayor is going to force firefighters to knock it on the rigs. you're going to see dozens and dozens of bar houses close. you're gonna see response times corn. it is inevitable, lives are going to be lost. that is irrefutable. it's not only at the mayor's residence, we're seeing garbage pile up, but it's also out on the streets. sanitation workers have been missing their shifts . now, at this point, neither the new york city department of sanitation nor the mayor will confirm whether or not these slowdowns are related to the mandates. here is what the mayor said regarding workers missing their shifts. anyone who is not doing their job,
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you are harming your fellow sanitation workers, and you're harming your neighbors and you're harming your city. and it's time to stop. despite thousands of people refusing to get vaccinated in protests against the mandates, the world health organization is pretty firm. they say mass vaccinations are necessary to stop the pandemic and protect public health vaccine save millions of lives each year. vaccines work by training and preparing the body's natural defenses, the immune system to recognize and fight off the viruses. but there are thousands of new york city's essential workers, police officers, firefighters, sanitation workers, teachers, and others who simply do not agree with the world health organization and are unhappy about this mandate. earlier we spoke with police officer zeek arkham, who thinks essential workers shouldn't be forced to choose between paying the bills and getting the vaccine. i think getting this vaccine should be a personal decision. it should be a decision you make with, you know, medical professional. i don't think of mandy vaccine where the government is,
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is ordering you to choose between your personal freedom and liberty and providing living for yourself and keeping your food, keeping food on your tables, keeping a roof over your head should come into conflict. i think it's a huge, over each i think is extremely unfair. we can still keep the city safe and go about our business with medical freedom and medical choice. at the same time. you know, people are that depend on the police force to keep us safe, whether it's in new york, chicago, or any place else they have these mandates going on. are going to feel the difference in the communities and crime goes up and looking for peace off. certainly can find, well you can see exactly where the slope is taking us. they started with the military. they moved on to nurses. now they're moving on. so 1st responders is only going to get worse from their washington is booting out another $55.00 russian
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diplomatic staff. they have been ordered to leave their conflicts in the us in the coming months. russia foreign ministry says the move will only worsen relations further. it is urging the us to turn to constructive dialogue. instead, this stop in minded bid to gain one sided advantage is a dead end road for us. for every hostile us action, we'll respond promptly and proportionately, though not necessarily symmetrically. once again, we urge a whole her escalation and a start to substantial, honest and mutually respectful, dialog on all existing irritants in our bilateral relations. more than 100 at russian diplomatic staff, along with their families, have been expelled by the u. s. since late 2016 in 2017, the russian consulate in san francisco and offices in new york and washington were closed. that ended russia, diplomatic presence on the west coast. according to russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman. there are currently just under 200 russian mission members working in
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the u. s. with some 130 american diplomats working in russia. the u. s. is demanding more v says be granted for it will have to end most of its moscow embassy functions. form on this recross life to author and historian gerald horn. gerald quite an interesting situation developing your, what do you think has provoked this latest moved by the u. s. and what does washington hope to achieve here? well, there is a lot of hysteria in the united states right now, principally about china. and there is a perception that washington will not be able to confront beijing successfully without moscow on sy, law for moscow refuses to play ball muscle, therefore, the united states. and it's engaging and what's referred to as coercive diplomacy. this hysteria reached a fever pitch just the other day when the news was revealed, a china had launched successfully the so call hypersonic missile, which the head of the joint chiefs of staff, general milling sit, was the quote,
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sputnik moment on a quote relating it to what happened in 1957 when mosque else and a satellite into outer space. there's also hysteria in washington, but belt, well moscow's so suppose that purported domination of the natural gas markets, which washington feels places too much pressure on western europe. that is to say, western europe is too heavily dependent upon moscow for natural gas, and therefore russia, by flipping a switch can make europeans basically freeze in the dark. and so this is also connected to the fact that the united states would like to dominate natural gas exports to western europe. and likewise, there is a story about russia's reluctance to break ties with cuba, 90 miles from the shores of the united states. washington still would like to strangle that regime once again. moscow was not playing ball and that's increasing
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the pressure that washington would like to place up on russia. and you could say the same thing with regard to iran with regard to venezuela. in other words, washington sees moscow as a stumbling block to the had gemini, that it exercised after 991. but someone needs to tell washington that those days are long and gone. now, gerald, i mean it's safe to say that relations right now are at an incredibly low point between us in russia. what impact you think that this will have on the already strained bilateral relations? it's not good news at all. as a matter fact, i think that if you're going to be objective, you should be very worried right now because washington feels that it's losing control whatever control that exercise, post 1991. and we know from history, when washington feels that it sleuthing control,
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it tends to strike out blindly. and that would be quite dangerous because russia is able to match washington militarily. and so we're at a very dangerous turning point, i'm afraid to say in world history. now, i'm an american living in russia, but also how do you think this will affect russians living america? well, you may recall that during world war 2, when united states went to war with japan, and a states chose to lock up and detain, not only japanese national to living in the united states, but also japanese americans. i would hope that we're beyond that point. however, i do think that there might be in added the russell phobia added to the culture of the united states, which is equally dangerous. i hope it doesn't happen on this side as well. if russia responds reciprocally, it would roughly have the number of us diplomats in the country. it seems like
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we're almost getting to the point where both countries are whittling down their representation representation abroad to nothing, almost to no diplomatic relations whatsoever. well, this is very dangerous, particularly in light of the fact that you might have seen the scene from italy at the g 20 meeting were washington and paris basically kistin made up that is to say, president biden, and president mc chrome trying to reconcile after the united states of scuppered and strong and nuclear, somebody ringing deal that france and negotiate it. but this is quite dangerous because what that probably means is that france, which is one of the most powerful military powers in western europe, will probably edge closer to washington. and that will give a shot of adrenalin and to the mainstream of nato, the north atlantic treaty organization, which as you know, came into power or came into effect in 1949 with an explicitly anti moscow
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agenda. so this is quite pearl, is this quite dangerous, and we need to move back from the brink of destruction. all right, joe, horn author and a story. always interesting to talk you on these types of topics. thanks for being with synergy, international. thank you. i know joe biden has met with his french counterpart in italy. it is their 1st meeting since washington outraged paris by going behind his back over nuclear submarine deal with australia. their talks come ahead of the larger d 20 gathering in rome. on saturday parties, peter oliver reports on his way to europe. so the series of meetings that he has u. s. president joe biden was asked, will you be apologizing to french president emanuel mack on he did say, well, we've already talked about that, suggesting that perhaps have been done in the over the phone conversations. this was the 1st face to face meeting. and what we heard from joe biden was that the united states, in his opinion, had acted without grace when it came to squeezing fronts out of
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a submarine deal with australia. we did was clumsy with a lot of grace. i was under the impression that france happened to form long before with my arms to go me things conducted in a real badness, fear of reconciliation between paris in washington biden and micron. ab, what we did see was a little moment between the 2. when they, they were shaking hands and lots of thank you. don't thank use from the 2 presidents with you. i will be thank you. well, all of the awkwardness came about because of orchestra. that's the, the defense package that was set up between australia, the united kingdom and the united states, ultimate lead by signing up to orcus. what happened was that deal that was already
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in place between australia in front and fronts for the delivery of submarines. well, that ended up being torpedos, setting the french coffers around back around 55000000000 euro. that's how much they were standing to make from the deal that was sculptured by the united states, australia and the u. k. coming together for august. what it did was prompt some, bob's comments backwards and forwards from the 3 people signing the defense pox. they were all about joining together in unity and it all of its spicy going meal. the way towards those fathers from paris to day, we're taking another historic step to deepen and formalize cooperation among all 3 of our nations. the u. k. australia and the u. s. will be joined even more closely together. reflecting the measure of trust between us city normandy, hip you. it's a huge disappointment,
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especially since 5 years of hard work went into this to ensure the proper implementation and smith running of this major contract. the contract was to fulfill australia's request for a 12 conventional attack submarines to reiterate. there was they request says trailer has gone back on his word and changed his needs. but to nadia an alliance means transparency. it means predictability. it means clarification. it means talking to each other, not hiding, especially on a central issues. so all this has not been forthcoming, and we will have to talk about it. why wasn't it forthcoming? it was quite the day for both presidents before this meeting at the french embassy in the vatican for a manual marconas. the news coming out of france concerning a disgraced right wing. a been politician who's accused of having being behind, trying to organize a cou to overthrow a manual. my god! now his lawyers and his team deny everything that's being leveled against him,
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but the claims that were made in leprosy on newspaper a this, well, a former am serving members of the police force, the gendarmerie, and the armed forces were all involved in this attempt to overthrow the government under the name of the code name of operation azul, where it was a much more sedate day for joe biden. the american president met earlier on friday with the pope, with pope francis in the vatican. sure to be a big day for what is only the 2nd roman catholic president of the united states to sit down with the leader of the catholic faith. now it didn't go exactly as president biden had anticipated, though certainly as his team, it anticipated, or even as the media had thought it would go off, it was supposed to be a big live event with the whole re thing. the whole state visit televised as well. as journalists being allowed to stay much throughout the whole tessa tete between the president and the pope. however, the very last minute the holy c changed the plans. in fact,
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the vatican said that there was going to be no live broadcast from the event. journalists. busy would only be allowed to attend very limited parts of the me thing called everybody on the whole, really including the news was a pay. we can have a listen to what they have to say. now, the vatican on thursday abruptly cancel the plan, live broadcast of us president joe biden meeting. pope francis, the live broadcast of biden's friday visit was trimmed to cover just the arrival of the president's motorcade in the courtyard of the historic palace. while the awkwardness over all this may not have gone entirely following this meeting, but it does seem that reconciliation is the watch word between emanuel mac on and joe biden. following them, meeting the french embassy in the vatican on friday, plenty more to come both throughout the g 20 over saturday and sunday. i'll be here in a really bring you all. busy at the latest here are see the in fighting within the
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you shows no sign of relenting the blocks. parliament is suing the european commission for failing to trigger a special tool that cuts funding to countries undermining the supremacy of you law . high on the european parliament's agenda in this legal battle is taking action on poland. warsaw angered the block over its judicial reforms which undermined the supremacy of you. law. poland, in turn, has threatened to go to great lengths. if you withholds funds, it has even summoned belgium's ambassador to poland after warsaw was accused of playing with fire. you are playing a dangerous game. you are playing with fire when waging war with your european colleagues for internal political reasons. one of the points of contention centers on disciplinary action in the chamber of pulling supreme court, the body which has been mandated, the power to discipline judges that you argue it is being used as a tool to pressure judges to rule in favor of the governing authorities. and has
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demanded the country to undo the chamber recent reforms and poland, which rule its laws supreme over that of the you added another layer to the ongoing conflict concerning for war or saw? is the coven 19 recovery funds earmarked for it, which are now in limbo? the european commission now under added pressure from parliament may freeze them if poland doesn't. you turn on judicial reforms that use top court has recently slapped fines of $1000000.00 euros per day on warsaw for failing to obey. warsaw has accused the block of using financial penalties as blackmail or unusual to poland. come not and should not pay a single lottie. we will not allow poland to be treated as a colony. as a 3rd will country. we are not been non republic on this should be realized by politicians at erupt. commission. poland is also refusing to pay another fine, $500000.00 euros a day for operating an open pit coleman close to the countries border with the
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check republic and germany. the court ordered its closure after a lawsuit brought by prague, which has environmental concerns. poland rejected the decision, and the case is expected to go back to court. in november, we got reaction. the latest developments from political commentator john respond now so much the vision that he got work as a democracy, glover, the democracy must have at some common coun. therefore he doesn't work as an bianca, as in a democracy does, that should be all chassis. they're talking about 36000000000, that's 36000000000. okay. and they asked the finest 1000000 bill the. so because there are lots of days until the 6000. okay. so they can afford it to be using the funds that they get. and you have kind of goes with hold those funds and then of course force them to be, i mean, so the relationship or force is not in favor of you up. but if you're up in poses a changing these domestic bullet bodies though that the bos. oh d by you think we
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told english friend they're going to premier po juice, morrison runs. well, suppose me again just because the of the money. but you know, as you make a tight to somebody in law, going to give you the money that was planned because of this and that can that you're going to produce morris on one is after short, break it with our international ah oh, prices are just going up and people are hiding in by serving smaller portions and at the same prices. we've seen this at the grocery store with packaged goods packaged cookies packaged toiletries like toothpaste and mouthwash coming in smaller packages, but the same price of people haven't noticed it when things are getting out of
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control. ah, you have to understand that so much of this nature stuff is theatrical, it's purely theatrical nature did not fight for georgia in 2008. it entered, planned to fight for children. there was not the slightest consideration of also fighting the children and schools. it didn't fight for ukraine in 2014, and there is absolutely no intention anywhere in western europe to send a single dot short danish or german french soldier to fight in you cried, ah ah, oh mac, this is our t international. now, the defunded, the police movement,
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who's flag the us democrats, bore high seems to be losing steam amid a surge in violent crimes across the states, over the last year. ever more americans are demanding more be spent on bolstering the force. we heard views from the north east to the southwest. i just felt very unsafe when, when there was like a lot of people saying that they should defend the place. and i think with more police funding they can get better training and protect us better to meet more police to get things under criminal deduction where crime wave is reduced down to one percent. we need crime to fade away. we need peaceful days for you and him and me to walk down the street proper. definitely went up. i know it has this down. we need a release of a certain times of the day. it's a no man's land, as we definitely need more,
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more law enforcement on the streets. i want to follow the police force. so whether the money is going towards their training or more fe, doesn't matter to me. a new poll has found that there has been an increase of 14 percent and those wanting extra police funds compared with last year when the nation was rocked by racial injustice and police brutality undermining trust in law enforcement. but the mood has now changed with stark figures from the national center for health statistics showing violent crime in the u. s. is at its highest point in modern history. americans are clearly worried by this with polling in july showing that more than 60 percent see violent crime as a major issue that's up significantly from 3 months earlier. defined the police movement game traction after the police killing of george floyd last year. as the name suggests, it wants public money directed away from law enforcement to things like education and social services. we discussed its relevance with
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a retired new york police detective the people that are calling to, to get rid of the police or the fun. the police have stopped the rhetoric or the rhetoric. rhetoric has slowed down because they see that the police are actually needed to be up picking crime around the country. especially in democrat run cities is out of control. most of the politicians who are calling for the, from the police are doing for political gain to doing it to get folks, they're doing it to empathize or criminals and those who love them. and when you make friends with criminals, when you make friends with criminals, you make enemies up, your police, the police can't do the jobs effectively, would opt out of the community and the community can live and prosper well without the help of the police. so it has to be both ways government has to encourage this. they have to increase funding,
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federal funding for police departments to get better training and better equipment . and to continue to attack this rise of crime across the country. top scientists are warning that frances health care system will collapse if faced with another wave of the pandemic, even if it's a less intense one. health officials have confirmed that cove it is once again gaining ground in the country. we spoke to a nursing union rep about how bad it's gotten to some ne, win the very difficult situation where concerned about the approach and winston, besides covered there are also the usual academics such as influenza and bronchitis . and we are all ready stretched for the 1st time, and now history would, didn't managed to pre, not bad to allow staff to go on holiday in july and august. the government does not fond hospitals sufficiently and cost jobs to save money. well, very concerned to clean, easy 1st to make matters worse, french hospitals are suffering from their staff shortages according to one study.
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this has meant one in 5 free beds can't actually be taken up by patients. frances health care minister though challenges that claim. i would challenge that 20 percent figure the latest data i have says 5 percent of bats are temporarily unavailable. i have ordered a comprehensive study of the sedation. french nurses though, say the shortages are due to the government. i see it's the government that's to blame for the shortage of medical personnel. france is the only country in the world that has been cutting funding during the pandemic medical stopper outraged by this and ready to quit over because they want no part of it since june. that's been away from dr. sumner squirting. they exhausted, fighting the pandemic while also looking up to those with chronic diseases. and so this a circle, the great of the workload, the great of the pressure, and the more dr. squid rates and even more work for those left. the,
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let's go brandon, mean, bertha, as a censorship proof, anti biden heckle is blowing up in the us with chance at sports games pop hits and a huge stir online because like this the last thing. c the the means started after a reporter who is conducting a tv interview with racing car driver. brandon brown brushed off a swearing anti bite and chant from the crowd as let's go. brandon caching in on the incident. republicans and others, opposing by now use the phrase as a daytime friendly way of slamming the president. and to mock media for ignoring any anti by the disco. almost 60 percent of americans now say that they are
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familiar with the chance, but it's definitely best known in republican circles. 3 quarters there claim to know it, while only under half of democrats do others are somewhere in between the white house. so apparently hasn't got the forest i had never heard of that, john until he explained it to me. i guess i'm not spending enough time on h, on or whatever. earlier we discussed americans disappointment in president biden, with political commentator wayne alan route. american people have lost all faith in him. he's destroying the country. he's left the border open. were being invaded by millions of people who do not have good intentions. it's, it's insane at the very moment of a covert plan demick. he's opened the borders and let all these people in, brightens it a lot of trouble. his presidency is going down like the hindenberg or like the titanic is drowning. so america is in full, open,
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revolted. this boy. americans are pushing back in every single sporting event that you watch a tv. the crowd is chanting, either f joe biden or, and they're using a full word or let's go brandon, which means f joe biden. everything we believe in is being destroyed by joe, by or that does it for me, this are i'll be back in about 30 minutes with another full infrastructure news. this is our international. oh well if you want something done, right, do it yourself. the acronym d i y, i do it yourself, has now become the name for a new genre of online videos. we do a couple of more to enjoy any family of herself still that you had known. you never
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was more than any wardrobe called her. you spoke a deal, it people use scrap materials and whatevers at hand to rig up all kinds of stuff from household items to pump action. squid guns, furniture, company for my freshman longer, still muscular. well, much more pool. we're still the best part is people want to watch millions of viewers spend earlier seeing how a person they've never met and who's half way round the world assembles a contraption. no one else needs to be taught trickery. arrange a crucial figure for and you know, it's just more at my feet when you minute cities like user g was looking at the classroom, lily for future pushing for services to sheesh
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