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was looking at the glass, he was wanting to see it's like wishing which physically filtered munoz about me cuba? yes, jill, after my been is busy she leaves, the song is new and there, gil union loosen been 0 you morning. there's not as yet good leopards that ask it was your steam will knows not still was video or song, say it to be ignited them of them. i'm really going to buy you had 3 pieces. kilometer is foyzey is gucci, gena, stallnicher know. and that ago a road trip in the summerville is nikita ins, most ambitious project to dave, that they thought they sell upon vehicle. another car was his pet project, bigger than his thought zachary machine off.
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it doesn't look as glamorous, let's face it. it looks like you dazzled banga bob union. yeah, i'm will not be a thumb. would destroy them being a thought because also ma screech seemed such a thorough though it was girl with a she is new or busy. the with the good thing is that without self 100 than if risky at the d was in previous his ca, my little for this often. e, but you won't put yourself to put the most on you are. uh huh. greg said sir edward said he is on a this is just another pro what any mirror to the individual with
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a, with a new was on the love with zillow. could you ask me about my future proposals that it's good please. if the, with the theme yesterday morning with the boyfriend, you know, going to be the school bus with her here with all of that sort of huge do not, doesn't more were there was dinner are, this is glass of citizen. you scroller people that i go the with the po proficio, i do it to me or in one. so yes, if you didn't like to leave that off out of school and i got the dog and all know
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to bill or is this a yes me. what do you see is no more, you know, previously a normal my, you more about the school better? i just tell him was a, the identical school year will up with and we had issues deal. it's your school. so it might be his 1st success was a video about a chain soon. bye. i mean, i used, i used to be less. you start, i have been a bridge loan with my parents maybe. okay. hello. you've been with us to be of that i will need you in your present or the women? yeah. around sure. problem with these to put us more than dean 3. is the boss more
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that off of doing our dean gin arena? who does the, the boy in a decision? or they're gonna point out another one of those are done with up to 2 days in the shop deal bangers hitting st. petersburg rose again. but the electric motion is still prone to overheating. the column, a stall at any moment when the new, the new luxury, while i'm here, what those are pretty cool. any other, not right now, would you assume that with that will be this number your call is was doing you, it was in the killing me of the you them
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or not? not i can there are only give them a few studies. it went through about be honest with you on one of our studies. if i didn't think of them on that, it didn't look stella, the function of e aviles come under. yeah, welcome. on dog. i always spoke to william that yeah, a director e shrugging engineer or loss will. i'm no, gosh, we work with probably need, but for this year we are the only people must be sure that they you know, you don't have to look over with any anything. you did, eel, no personal to study by the open force interest. just yes. i'll tell you
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if you chose a little more in there doing your syndrome a with, i mean other wasn't loyal and i think i wanted which i want to know that when you stood back, please go. what goes by? there is some florida. if you are still not brilliant or yeah, just good. ringback a for them to send them a characteristic with,
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with just a model number that you sometimes group that you spent 3 of them book or sharina stone or more likely from them. and you will be good to a bench repairs room. there's all cooper's mother i'm the to do is to go to poacher the apollo's place program, reduced a bare bones. these guys decided to start from scratch and design and launcher rocket while learning only go. and of course, to make a bunch of videos while they were at it. some idea we will show up now that you can check to see what the options will go to school district with district all e move, adams, the why you substitute customers premium. this price, you know, when you're ready to move us more than the show us, how much has on our system we've been in place for you so much. now as
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long as this, what's well in the system, these kind of place where you're perform agent, you run them, we send you what color and interesting change is, put it in your system will darling point. interesting processing because we're probably more so that most the approaches are going to get more support and stephanie and i was questioning him outside someone just in terms of know when you're boy, nobody can use birds to point go in control. lot of those will basically means that on the flop will be a lot about the final possible. i need you to come back then you can do it right so far. you know, what else somebody can call us, you know, football wanted the ball got to me on my my little part of
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it also going to do they give glass national to frontier in volunteering. got let me show you a boost umbrella. and we feel as i bought a particular poster and i bought some kind of that we ran to support them, appraiser, and with the you know, it's one of them stay on stage, california or some of them. so and i think it is monday through william news news. when you're moving i'm with the problem with a was the always is troy coupled with i don't post for you, so you're good for the school. for board. you know the look over. i was great.
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it just won't fly during the test, the motors nozzle broke off. or if you look at he would of, it was more like any of you, but i think what my public gilbert gillis, even with the gore of the lawyers channel, is a uniquely russian d. i y phenomenon, nothing gets blown up or set on fire here. no one gets electrocuted. own you see is no investors, woods, water and skilled hands, lathing sewing, and chiseling views are off the charts with 2000000 subscribers. yet nickname of finally doing what? a for a. yeah. the when you claim with a g, i don't vibe. i don't use it, but don't stop with kayla. give them a sonya. it's a bit of a process, but yeah, you know,
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so yeah, look for it and you know, just put it on the lips and you might see it probably if i wait. no, we do it at the missionary still still kind of just already aiming today. who would you bother writing a personal level for video for teaching, making it truly a joy. it the more but i chima last of of the money to pay at least the mortgage mortgage, laser treatment a no oral scaling. michigan washing slower because of the scope practical stuff. and you slip law yamma. go to speak to you by the way that those to birth
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a. she's a school, but i would explain show, biding sudden drop in the polls as a candidate, he promised to return to some form of normality. however, his current standing with the public is anything but is his agenda, the problem? maybe he's not as likable as he was seen. he is in trouble. and so is this party for is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection or community? are you going the right way? where are you being led somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend, who join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah, maybe i'll tell you what, you know if the doing will trust him. or your goal is to give me a straw for a new mazda or
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a couple of the rooster. so we're boys with that. with that, with a with this is the sun deal model, 1.0, not quite a car. it's like a solar powered rick shore when nikita comes from. it's much sunday as and here in gloomy st. petersburg. ramirez glass that thrash when you're when you're here. can you hear me? yeah. the show of the look on just the hours. yes. with eager by your call, can you come when you're off for now, but yeah, a purpose grass. maybe one would well, in that cost or a premium with
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our number is in year. well, for not omnia a premium 1000000 will do me up on the list of what all the? no, i yeah, you got. they are good with a year ago. she didn't think you were me. i rarely scott me as though is d as to kill any other? yes, we used to any which is good or the urls good. he is do us. he has gear report go up. so what are the new york or he needs to put in here? the procedure that is good. so another yeah. what would come when you would source boone with the 1st run of the rocket, which unusually is carmella field was a failure and it failed with
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a bang. most of the torture me go to customer support federal a sub for her son to repair the for some when you're more of a sort of one with a dealer in spanish. so move because our model. no, i don't know how much that i was. i wanted to get us 1st. okay. first finish with no news on the left always there. sometimes i put them to them or sort of like a post or point you if i chose where is the way some process total customer out quite well. can i just went to the, with the collision d, i wise abroad genre, video, streaming websites,
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host tens of thousands of channels on various topics. some take a meticulous and strictly scientific approach. people also like to be enlightened and entertain the era we live in, dictates what kind of inventions, today's youtube w. she's make on the booker phone choice, and a problem of buy me with just that much when we were professed caliber waste of come. when you're what to come up with me for long. i think i'm a principal and push your stick force. miguel will feel him here. when you want to go up, we'll pick up our modern, what about you? do the past really words world the political up on i still it was 3 legislators really night. sure doesn't correspond me. sure. what the problem that i'm, i read you can even throw in kind of a little busy on the video. yes, i do not answer like an ascii. can you tell him is somewhere bolt. i mean 3 key p
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to deal is that, am i to re mostly little that ne, and i need to be quick here, which i don't think we should be going to bring you up to about us to let can what i mean, it will have some stuff we should stuff which have to deal with picky joyce. i mean i know there is through some of these i stole a lot. ready some labor years to the semester, but we just want some new people on or what even the country were small the this machine to deal with actually with both of those books and i was right this the company sort of the state, but you doubling as newspaper for my interest to go up on the electronic of some bro, led companies for my graduate on the stuff must get a bunch of everything and, and i don't know, it seems i don't like not for me. like to put a small, also put on some bread, summer checks militia anyway,
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almost anything we can put together and then you get all stories mcglenn this the most of the stuff that you're playing football gateway. the requirements for some of the look. i know some i knew the only time you should unify earlier today. right. but only what's my name, any time you're cross football, but you're going to talk to great from now i'll be norcross, show me about that. you know that was that last i do
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your my, you know, after several months of one failure after another, the rocket finally blasted off with coca cola with chippy jordan with nearly a quickness mister flo one briefly minute. but i to
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cheerfully ritual the one with we want to for up she just funny, carolyn was quickly and i have a pretty good the other spot which is probably the one you should see. we will draft cover jaw crown while crowd. why don't they will use is supposed to look for a practical teacher. thank you. problem. yeah, it was not real lead you on the it will be it is nice. got a deal at all in here. williams. possible with silly good boy cut on me. so when the order, you know, they knew every another di, mr. a
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cancer or just was and i've been a bunch of my she she, i've gotten a quote, can i show anything that he or nothing of that he only i think that yes ma, yesterday she said our genius a marsan too much. was a note in both case in you can you alone just are exactly frankly not for you. then you have to tell like i've been yeah, you have master what for show. so for the lord. yeah. as much t v. herschel pow liking you close my it for paint, i'm a plug in your state for both of us. can you call new york to little sticker niana here. so she didn't jing instagram will last was i live my get here, the water cash to credit, check it as well. so the easy, the for the warfare to which got the relief from i'll let them go do as alyssa and i took a closer look at that cutoff created shortly. there than what, as i mean,
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you know, and i mean, you know, like i lost over there. can, you know? yeah, they usually just, just yet, this can, you know, rabbit says they cannot order and then you put a new weight and i have no choice new more the deal is stored. i still you more big idea of what to at my child, the cancer, move she accordingly. disdaining. did you monkey mean dick? while shrewd linley wasn't sleepy? no. sure. yeah. the i think that the idea that we were moving idea is to lose no didio global movement to vehicle folk is deal towards that is our normal final plan or for a little crimea? i so buddha watched it pretty greatly, a sober gritty to kill you. you've got to worry, she tired or what they should, they cannot go down more than the project about which you will. you got tori and you will not go to me and leave it to jimmy in montana alone get around you to put
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on the 5th grade, he taught jacob arranged utopia and the musky navy open you minute for the year gratiot, just one of my teeth are when you mine yeah. city, do you thank you for your g mind picking out the glutton lambert at the corner when you take your cup justine e on maliciously, which i wishing which guilty nikita planned to spend a month on his solar powered road trip. but he didn't complete his route as he got stranded in the mountains of cassock stock a day a week. joe? yeah, we're in. so what i'm wondering is lamar collegial when you order the bins, you know, are you good to know? i'm sure super process deal on the the actual also from i was with
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digital and the other of your very, you know that be with 3 years. did you want me up or a year ago he was with a free grow. good around. yes, sounds beautiful. yeah. don't go to just the audio priest dubuque, 3, just the little ones who might be there. you filter some, go to your daughter play. you can please, did you kill every other of nadia?
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a blog garcia more than one of each for sure. more another on boards are grown. they're ginger north. the easy. oh, good. which lady? okay. those 2. okay. i will, julia states that we are new seats. is that what with the same dealership when he was last door, but no more than a wizard. when yes, the sale but we these, you know, it runs part of or e got were, or somebody veto. it was last year in years beneath the engineer. i mean, which one i mean, you know, we have the guy which day is that when you would, you wouldn't, is that the extra work done you would? well, it, you'll no model. so we didn't model calling 0. where do we use the other 2? are you what we'll, what you don't like it is don't the close. i'm low, the there with me.
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ah, we keep missing fossil fuels in the way that we're currently doing it, or the end of this century. $2100.00 level of carbon dioxide didn't happen to be a 1000 parts per 1000000. we wouldn't have seen that level of carbon dioxide for 55000000 years. and when that last happened, there was no washing up on it. and as you said, and talked to have plum trees living on it, so the consequences will be a sea level glue body of about 60 maces, higher than it is today. moon kaiser, financial survival guide. when customers go buy, you reduce the price, didn't help reduce a lower that's undergrad and but what's good for food market?
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it's not good for the global economy. he died. i cried and i just kind of split the whole time out there. no one really thought anything different, knew this all. i just don't feel good on the way for the surgery, his lungs failed. 30 seconds when i killed him. i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 don't to started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really the turning all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or vapor products. he
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pulled this out. he really felt holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's better. it was, i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through that. i'm out of breath. with i ah.
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ah supporters have joined us on the claim, washington promised to allow him to serve his sentence in his homeland australia should not be trusted. that's as the case, high court deliberates on whether to hand him over to the americans today. high profile figures have spoken in support of the whistleblower. he would spend the rest of the july in a super max prison in the united states. what kind of life is that with no crime, i've been telling that will the truth is solution to the energy crisis. this and other big issues have been discussed at an economic form in the italian c, verona where prominent future shaping voices from europe and asia are getting together. facebook no more as mark zuckerberg enough is meta is the new name of his company. and in the past bid to distance it.


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