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scrap materials and won't have, as it has to rig up all kinds of stuff from household items to pump action. squid guns, richer companies from scratch, or a longer filled with the best part is people want to watch. millions of you spend hours seeing how a person they've never met, and whose hallway round the world assembled the contraption. no one else needs to go up to a corporate arranged to fill tibia and you much could just wasn't my teeth. so when you mine? yeah. city, he's like user to g more looking at the clock, e. o and what is it? which is which covers the skill can yes, the good news either he has jo after my bill is pussy. she leaves the sonya snow and air gear. you munoz,
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and been zoom union. there's not as yet good leopards that ask you is your steam on those not sto, video or song. so it's a beard and i had them of them. i really had to pay you had 3 pct kilometers. is foisy is gucci doing? astonish, know, and that a you a road trip in the summerville is nikita is most ambitious project 2 days before they sell a car vehicle. another car was his cat project, bigger than his thought. zachary machine off. it doesn't look as glamorous, let's face it. it looks like your dad's ill. banga. bob julia will not be here some with you troy of the my bill. a thought book is also mosque, which seems such a dog though it was ground with a she is new or busy. no. with eagleton is stanley without cellphones and risky at the d within previous his keep the model for the softer ear,
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but you won't find yourself to put the most on your abner grant said sir edward serina, this is just another pro what? any mirror that the derivative ah, with i wish to was creating a new was on the love with when i deal with zillow. could you actually about my future proposals that it's good please. if there was
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a visit at the theme yesterday morning with the boyfriend. let's go with the nurse here with all of the kids that are given us. this is more whether i was dounia are . this is a glass of citizen, you scroller people that i go the with the po proficio, i do it to re record or in one. so it is out of out of school and i'm going to so can only to bill or is this a yes me, what do you see is no more, you know, previously a normal my you more the other one that he's cooper i yes, tell him was a, the identical school year will up with and we had issues deal,
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it's your school. so it might be his 1st success was a video about a chain somewhat by i used a bridge loan with my parents maybe. okay, who is the move you've been with us? the other one will need you in your presence or the women? yeah, i'm sure more than likely wireless these to put more than dean 3 stuff more that are from doing our dean gin arena. who does the, the boy in a decision? or they're gonna point out another one of those i've done with up to 2 days in the shop deal bang is hitting st. petersburg rose again. but the electric motion is still prone to overheating. economy stall at any
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moment. when the new year i'm here. what those are pretty cool any other? not right now, would you assume that with a leash number your call is was doing you it was in the killing me of the you them or not? not i can that are only keep from a few studies. it went through properly honest with you on one of our studies,
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if i didn't think of them on that junior, stella, the functional e aviles come under or yeah, somebody come on board say always hope to hear that yes, a brother e struggling engineer or loss will i'm no, gosh, we work with probably need, but for this year we are the only people must be sure that they, you know, just don't us who is when you come with anything you did any, you know, personal to study by the adobe voice. yes. it's just yes, i'll tell you he just wanted to know what they're doing. yeah. syndrome. beautiful with all the other with. i'm wanted me. no, there wasn't no one. i think i'm wondering which i want to know that when you stood back, police go what goes by there is some i a flores and there is your store number
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here that way. yeah. just good. good. ringback ah, it's with her from them a characteristic with me just to the bottom game with just a model number with you. sometimes group that you spent 3 of them book or sharina stone or more likely them them and you will be getting a bunch of personal news. all cooper's mother i'm the to do is to go to poacher. the apollo space program, reduced a bare bones. these guys decided to start from scratch and design and launcher
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rocket while learning only go. and of course, to make a bunch of videos while they were at it, some idea we will show up to see almost be up. so i'm going to switch trip with the whole move, adams, the why you substitute customer premium was going to come when you're ready to move us more than the show us. how much has on our system has been in place for you so much. now as long as this, what's well as the 1st of all these kind of place where you perform as agent, we send you what color and interesting change you started. yeah. and your system will calling point interesting processing because we're probably mostly
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approaches are going to get more support. and stephanie, i was sitting in the summer just to try to transfer know your boy newport news birds to point go in control of those basically means that on the flop will be a little bit about the final possible. i need you to come back and do it right. so for you, which no idea what else somebody else. but again, we kind of wanted to got a little more money. part of it also did they give collect society or involuntary? got me say a boost umbrella. and we feel as i bought a particular poster and i'm going to we're going to support them, appraiser, and what they do is what i'm saying, showing them kind of like, oh yes, some of them. so and i think that is this millennium brand new small video
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post, but i'm moving up a phone number. the problem with a capital was deal with troy duck with i don't post for youth and bureau for the storm reward. you know, the look over time was great. it just won't fly during the test. the motive nozzle broke off. or if you look at he would of it was more like any of you, but i think what my public gilbert we keep looking to live even with color. the gore of the lawyers channel is a uniquely russian
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d i y phenomenon. nothing gets blown up or set on fire here. that one gets electrocuted. only you see is northern vistas, woods, water, and skilled hands, lathing sewing, and chiseling. views are off the charts with 2000000 subscribers. by yet you can name of it, but i me doing what a for a yeah. the when you claim with work, i think we're a good. i don't vibe, i don't use it. but don't stop with kayla. give them a free minute. wait for sonya. it's a bit of a process, but if you know, so a look for it and you just put it on the lips and you might it probably if i wait, no, we do it at the missionary still still kind of just already aiming a video. it's just
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a teaching making it truly a joy. it the moon, but i chima dos of, of the smart it. okay. it is the morgan law which later, please me, a little squiggly shaking him, washing slower, a scope, practical. suddenly a slip law young to speak to you by the way to post a school with
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on of very dramatic development. only really i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time to sit down and talk
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ah, ah, o i n a a ah, with ah, a do you know if the doing will trust him? or your goal is to give me a straw for
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a new mazda or a roster. so we're always with that with that with a with this is the sun deal model, 1.0, not quite a car. it's like a solar powered rick shore. when nikita comes on, it's much sunday as and here in gloomy st. petersburg ramirez calista thrash. when you're, when you're here, can you hear me? yeah. the show of the look. i'm just the private hours. yes, results are eager. by your call. can you come when you're off for now? yeah. a purpose grass. maybe one would well,
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you know, that cost or a premium with our number is in year. well, for not omnia a premium 1000000 will do me up on the list of what all the. no, i yeah, you got there? good with a year ago. she didn't think you were me. i rarely scott, me as though as d as to kill any other. yes. we used to any which is good of the urls. good. he is do us. he has gear report go up for, for the new york, or he needs to put in here the procedure. that is good. so another yeah.
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what would come when you would source boone with the 1st run of the rocket, which unusually, as carmel fueled was a failure and it failed with a bang. most of the torture me go to customer support federal estoppel hm. i'm with someone, you're more of a sort of one with a customer doing dealer and spinning. so move because our model, not a lot of information that i was i was to get us through story with us to let the noise for something a little more sort of like a postal point. she was she just recently made some process for someone else. i
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can finish with them. in d, i wise have brought genre video streaming websites, host tens of thousands of channels on various topics. some take a meticulous and strictly scientific approach that people also like to be enlightened and entertain. the area we live in dictates what kind of intentions today's youtube in she's make on the phone choice and a problem of by me with just that much when we're past caliber waste of come, when you're what to come up with me for long. i think i'm a principal and push your stick force mackelmerry, helium gap kia want when you wasn't born was picked up modern. what about you didn't really words world political up on was 3 legislators really night. said this and it was for me. sure, the but i wasn't that am i read your immediate kind
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of a little busy on the was that yes, i do not answer like an ascii. can you tell him? is the somewhere bolt. i mean 3 d p to deal with that? am i to re mostly a little that ne, and i need to be quick here, which i don't think we should be more convenient to let can what i mean? it will have some stuff we should stuff which have to deal with picky. joyce. i mean, i know there is some of these i throw on. ready some reviewers to the semester, but we did the table on or what we were in the country. what was the mission to deal with? actually with blessone was supposed to be right this, the company sort of this, but she's willing, as newspaper for my interest to go up on the electronic of some bro led company for my graduate on the stuff must be a bunch of everything and,
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and i don't know it seems i don't like not for me like that, but it's more than also some bread. summer checks, militia game. i mean i mean you've got all summer long and most of the stuff that you're playing football gateway. i was just the you for, for some of the look i do just deal with them. i knew the only can people sign in earlier today way. but tell me, what's my name? me a a from lobby. no, i got shauna with
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ah, this, your mother was dead. did i do this again? yeah. your my you know, after several months of one failure after another, the rocket finally blasted off with coca cola with
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nearly a leg with mission and we just float one personally when it but it's usually which more close to one with we want to for up she is just funny, carolyn and i have a pretty good the other spot which is probably the one you shortly we would have covered cho crowd while crowd waster doughty bullish is supposed to. it's a bracket to chat. thanks a problem. yeah, it was my real lead. you on the to be, it is nice deal it coil in dinner table in as possible with a philly good,
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boyish cut on me so well posted a spot for the new another new company. another. ringback guy, mr. bobby, up the quote is incorrectly with a cancer or just was i had an appointment with my she she brought in o'clock. i am thinking that you know nothing of the heel, and i think that suggest no, yes, that will show me a new it in both continue. can you following just directly from the user and your company? yes, mazda. what's the show? show? personally below again, like in you close my pay and i'm a plug in your state of can you call me your telephone yanna here, so she didn't get inside of our list here because of all of her
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into each other, which doesn't leave that i'm what i'm going to say, and i took a closer look. i don't cut off creation shorter than look as a needle and maybe if you like. so can you just get this? can you can you put us on? i haven't looked at each choice more deal. i thought, i think i did do my check, the concert live, check only thing you me money giving to show it really wasn't c p. if you wish that the fight, if we were moving a duty over, you have to move in today to move me to vehicles walk towards that is i do know lane, we'll plug a train or if it's a pretty great if not a saw because good, easy to use, you got to re, she tired thought,
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what for you that cannot on the more of the project was to tell you, you gotta worry, you will go to leave it beginning in time when you're trying to put on a right to check up. right? should you still do much when you mine? yes. yeah. just one of my teeth are when you mine? yeah. so did you thank you for your g one, picking out the club while much at the club, when you think you could just in the e own maliciously, which i wishing which 30 nikita blan to spend a month on his soul about road trip. but he didn't complete his route as he got stranded in the mountains of catholic stock. got a guy with joe. yeah, we're in the word. they were senior low,
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monthly join. you would want to come your bins, you know, are you good to know? i'm sure. super process deal over the the actually water plumber was rapture. if you're a jewelry, other of your very you know that 3 years did you want me up the up or a year ago? you know, is always me are so with a free grow.
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beautiful. yeah. don't go to just your priest dubuque, 3 just a little was on my below is the other some good to your doors with. did you feel any other of nadia or garcia more like one of the trash or more another on boards are grown. they're ginger north. this is oh, good julia got those to a guy. would you like to speak to me? honestly? is that what? what do you mean? yes. the same dealership when he is last door, but the more is for the lord, when yes, the sin, bob really 0. it runs part of or e. we're somewhat, you know, it's one of those last year in years beneath the engineer, i mean, which only me, you know, we have the guy which day is that when you would, you wouldn't, is at least a work done. you would find it, you'll no model. so we didn't model going 0 or you, we use the other 2,
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are you what we'll, where you don't like it is don't the clue some low the devil the chest time. mm ah oh, prices are just going up and people are hiding in by serving smaller portions and at the same prices. we've seen the grocery store with packaged goods packaged cookies packaged toiletries like toothpaste and mouthwash coming in smaller packages, but the same price of people haven't noticed it when things are getting out of control. ah, you have to understand that so much of this nature stuff is theatrical,
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it's purely theatrical nature did not fight for georgia in 2008. it hunter planned to fight for children. there was not the slightest consideration of also fighting the georgia and of course, it didn't fight the ukraine in 2014. and there is absolutely no intention anywhere in western europe to send a single dot short danish or german french soldier to fighting you cried join me every 1st day on the alex, simon, sure. but i'll be speaking to guess from the world of politics, sport, business. i'm show business, i'll see you then. mm. o
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. protesters poor under the streets of rome, demanding world leaders take action to stop climate change as the italian capital hosts, the g. 20 summit. doctors in france warned that budget cuts are leading to staff shortages that comes as top scientists claim. the national health care system is on the brink of collapse with the pandemic taking hold. once again, i see that crews, it's the government is to blame. the shortage of medical personnel, france is the only country in the world to speak cutting funding during the past deputy medical stuff, the outraged bios and ready to quit over it. ah, and trash piles up in new york and sanitation.


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