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as getting away with murder ah, ah, this our high or should i say chow it, sir. the 2nd day the g 20 summit had rugs, but wrapping up. so where will leaders of back to 15 percent global minimum corporate tax. that was a big news out of it, one of them anyway, we'll look at why not everyone's happy without announcement. love. i some of the top stories that shape the week. we brought you the, you case ambulance service warning of an unprecedented crisis ahead. as the armies put on standby to help cope with coven cases and the double whammy of winter flu season, a doctor on the front line spoke to us. there are 5700000 people on waiting lists within the annette chest. at present, which are saturdays, probably going to get worse before it gets better. plus supporters are chilling sanjay, including again rock legend, roger waters demanded justice following at u. s. x tradition appeal hearing,
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which is yet to deliver it further. i'm shall angry, and i'm soap and i am so disgusted with the united kingdom ah, good evening for moscow. thanks for checking into our international this sunday watching the weekly. my name is kevin, how it, it is our usual we can run to percent of a big stores. we brought you the last 7 days. we were starting with one that's been happening this sunday across the we can stay to the g. 20 summit in italy, the groups 1st in person gathering since the start of the pandemic need, as they have already discussed, the recent energy crisis, the huge covey 19 problem ongoing, and they've been dos to a deal on a global minimum. corporate tax or europe corresponded peter all of a reports from rome, whether its being progress or whether this has been a token shop, depends on who you speak to. if you talk to those demonstrators who are on the
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streets of the italian capital on saturday afternoon into the the evening, they would say that more definitive action needs to be taken on climate change, as opposed to the talking that's been done about tackling that particular problem. you speak to the leaders themselves, so i think they're pretty happy with what has been achieved at this g 20, they're all gathered for a, a big photo op at the trevi fountain, earlier on sunday, throwing coins over their shoulder into that famous landmark, hoping that that brings some looked to one particular area in which they have made a, as few steps forward. and that is on a, a global minimum level of corporation tax. now this was an initiative that was put forward by the united states am if you listen to those who are giving the full backing to the u. s. president on to joe biden, himself on from joe biden. himself, of course, we've heard it hailed as a real success here at the g. 20 lead is representing 80 percent of the world's g.
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d. p. allies and competitors alike made clear their support for strong global minimum tax. this is more than just a tax deal. it's diplomacy reshaping our global economy and delivering from people while the plan is to put in place a minimum 15 percent rate of corporation tax across the globe. now the plan is by doing that, that you would an increase the rate of cooperation tax in some countries that they would then be able to use that extra revenue that's generated in order to fund social projects with the idea of pulling people out of poverty. this hasn't gone down well with everyone though skeptic say that a lonely, really benefit those nations that are already wealthy. the plan from the u. s. point of view is to raise their a corporation tax level, which already stands at around 21 percent up to about 28 percent. critics, including charity is an organization's looking to fight poverty, the aunt happy that this is the way forward. in fact, oxfam have called this
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a mockery of fairness, the world is experiencing the largest increase in poverty indicates and a massive explosion inequality. but this dale will do little or nothing to hold either his dad, it is already being seen by some wealthy nations as an excuse to cut domestic corporate tax rates risk in any race to the bottom, or the j. 20 seems to be ending with one su, that we thought was put to bed before it even got underway, raising its head again. that's the, the dispute between australia, france, and the united states, really over the orchestra deal. now that was the defense packed between australia, the united kingdom in united states, what it ultimately did that defense pack, though with it cut france out of a $66000000000.00 us dollar deal to provide submarines to australia. we saw u. s. president joe biden meeting with frances, a manual micron on friday, reconciliation the pose word all over the hatchet well and truly varied. am hon shakes? no, i'm sorry, no, i'm sorry, no, thank you. no, thank you, being offered from the 2 leaders really. and am it now turns out though,
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that what was said by joe biden, that he hadn't being made fully aware of exactly what was going on with the deal, might not be the case. we can now listen to what the u. s. president had to say, and what is come out from the australian prime minister? i was under the impression that fridge had formed long before that he was young to honesty. it was always a difficult decision force trailer. it was the right decision force trailer and we work closely with the united states and united kingdom and we kept them up to date the u. s. administration with, well, we're at and i'll various discussions with france. i seems like there still might be a little more awkwardness over orcus to comb just yet. that's the way it looks here in rome at the g. 20 it all wraps appear this afternoon on sunday. i'll be bringing you any news that comes out though, in those final moments here on off the international bucks a big corporate tax bill is paid to peter earlier research fellow at the american
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institute for economic research. he said, rich to say like, the us are going to be the main benefit beneficiaries of this bill. it will never be in the, in the, in the interest of a government, the u. s. government and any other countries to get more taxes, but what they do with it. i mean, that's going to really implement who's been who benefits and who doesn't. generally speaking countries while you're kind of companies, rather basin of other countries are going to be much less affected by this than the, the global minimum taxable effect doesn't work. i personally wouldn't try to create a, a global block of minimum taxes. but one thing that could be done is also to lower the barriers to, to bringing technology skills, information transfer to all the nations of the world. but actually the taxes are a barrier to that taxes don't. they don't, they don't help better turn they, they're a barrier to the spread of information, the raises productivity and raises standards of living and all that sort of thing. you k, paramedics of race fears of unprecedented crisis facing the ambulance service with
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one local department, even pleading with a public to think twice before calling us. they simply are not enough people to cover the workload. south central ambulance service is declared a critical incident g to extreme precious across our services. our staff and volunteers are working extremely hard to respond to cause, but the volume is overwhelming. there are absolutely situations where people waiting many, many hours, both to get into the hospital. and then once they've been in the hospital waiting to see a doctor course, it has a detrimental effect on anybody who's waiting for hours. alan lamb been so sitting in emergency department and nobody working in those services wants to see that's happened, but there is a huge amount of pressure on the, on a chest at the moment. meanwhile, ambulances are being forced to stay in keys for hours outside hospitals, which are struggling to co themselves with demands for beds, number of medic supposed to these pictures, check this to the current situation of social media. one paramedic,
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he had the money urgent action after showing 25 ambulance crews waiting to enter the emergency department, adding it's not even winter yet while early this month. so sad story of a patient who died after waiting more than 5 hours in the back of an ambulance. we are right on the edge and it is the middle of october. it would require an incredible amount of light for us not to find ourselves in the midst of a profound crisis over the next 3 months. so what to do while the u. k. government put the country on sunday, akin to a war footing, and try to deal with covey cases and get ready for the winter flu season. on top of it, troops have been trained to dr. ambulances, some 4000 of them are on standby to help the n h. s. cope with the winter season. earlier, the defense secretary said that soldiers are also ready to assist with other duties . administering vaccine testing for coven, another general support in hospitals. new daily cove cases in the u. k skyrocketed in july and they've remained i ever since doctor's fear. those numbers combined
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with a flu season could overwhelm the health system. and it chest chiefs also on the prime minister to implement it's more stringent plan beano for winter, including vaccine pass for compulsory face mask. again, although so far the government's held back alma in it. there are other things that the government could could in it could be doing. and yes, they should be absolutely seriously considering mr. at this point in time before things go too far, hospital i working has been on what we call black alert, which means that the, the beds are absolutely full of patients for a number of weeks now. and we are not uncommon across the whole system. many hospitals are very full with patients and we know that hospitals actually run at their most efficient if they're not absolutely full up with at patients. and it does mean that knock on effects are that have those patients who are waiting for urgent surgery who require in particular intensive care pads or high dependency care or not being processed and not being cared for in a timely way. and we know that is the case. there are 5700000 people on waiting
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lists within the n h s at present, which sadly is probably going to get worse before it gets better. some of the people chatting on this on our sites an hour or so to me during the we the face, a whistleblower julia sarge, remained in limbo after to day extradition appeal hearing at london's high court. the u. s. a challenging you case, decision not to extradite him to american health grounds. he still wanted by washington on 17 charges of espionage and one of conspiracy. darker government computer, if convicted a son to expose alleged western war crimes could face a prison sentence of a 175 years. although it may be months before a final verdict and the cases reached. the i. the judges just said they will take everything into consideration, but know,
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ruling with hands about immediately the entire day was devoted to hearing arguments before by the prosecution for the grounds of appeal. why they want to appeal to judge's decision not to extra by the phone. and there were 5 grounds of appealing to the 2 main topic. so of course it's on just health and the assurance is a diplomatic assurance is given by the united states in terms of health. what the prosecution have been trying to do is accuse a key medical, extra witness professor compliment of being disingenuous of misleading the court, y concealing the identity of a son, just partner stella morris and the 2 children. we finally heard the yahoo news story, the investigative journalism that was done a few weeks ago where 30 us officials confirmed what we already knew from anonymous testimony that the c i was discussing, plans to potentially kidnap or poison julian as orange in london. and so this was brought up in the context of why couple men, why profess coleman should not disclose the identity of a song, his partner and their 2 children because he feared for their safety. when it comes
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to the assurances the united states and giving, they say that drilling function service sentence in australia. but australia has not even indicated if they will take you in his arms. this is a process that takes many years. the truth is the drew and his arms will most definitely be place in at least administrative segregation. and if not, he'll be sent to a special housing unit. so there's a wide array of tools that not a safe youth to break him once he's on us soil and then we'll certainly we'll do both sides of the hearing. a son just support his riley. so the court building, they wanted immediate release. phil and the chance to journalism is not a crime. others express growing consent to the whistle, blows, health, pink floyd, co founder in a long time, a sun supporter, roger waters talk to us again about it. he told us he believes the whole case is a huge miscarriage of justice. this is an absolute nonsense that this man has been locked up for a single day. whether it's in the ecuadorian embassy or in bell marsh. this is one
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of the most valuable human beings that we the human race have. amongst us, he is deeply, deeply important to the potential for this race to survive on this planet. in my view, that is why julianna's son, she's in prison because he's interfering with the accounting plan to steal the plan . it sort of rape it to death and then destroy it is a disgusting miscarriage of justice. look at guantanamo bay, asked shaka, alma, my friend, ask anybody who has been in the hands of the u. s. judiciary. and at any point, possibly since the 2nd world war with a did not agree, and you will find that there's no justice to be found in the united states. i'm so angry and i'm so bad. i'm so disgusted with the united kingdom. oh, i did a radio program last night, john ship,
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tim was on it and he was extremely eloquent. and i asked him how he, how he manages his grief and, and he was absolutely, he was so moving to listen to, he says willy, he puts it to one side as it goes through his life. and his life is entirely devoted to the freeing of his son, so he can go to his wife and children. and john says that late at night he may retreat into his melancholy. and i felt my heart lurch in my chest. as i listened to this man saying, and i felt his melancholy hit me like a, i'm a blow on my chest. we are not going on anywhere at all. and our voice is going to get louder and louder and louder to julian, some to say free. i can promise you that on the story continues. thanks for
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checking in with us this weekend. hope your weekends going good. it's exactly 15 past the owner. this was a mystery in the week. what was going on, a key suspect from the january capital ryan, who was caught on camera encouraging people to stall in the building, was quietly removed from the f. b. i most wanted list prompting questions about whether or not he was actually connected with the government. may be stay with us will recap that our more after this break. ah ah, with
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to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk ah, i get no do a story from today. tragedy with such
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a weird twist. multiple injuries reported after attack earlier on the tokyo metro. a video circulated on social media, purportedly showing the prime suspect dressed up like that man's joke her while he can't quite see it, they would get the jest, he appeared to be patiently waiting for police to arrive before he was to tide and i. saskia taylor reports on the details of what we know so far. what do we know so far? well, around 8 p. m. local time in the japanese capital of tokyo, police were allowed to to an ongoing attack on one of the cities train lines. now what this attack entailed is still being investigated, but what we do know is that the person suspected of being responsible has been taken into custody of reportedly. this is a man, according to some, no more than 20 years old, who went into one of the train carriages wielding a knife and possibly sprayed some kind of flammable substance before setting it on fun. this obviously caused a great deal of panic and tales. people were terrified from the videos that i for
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people to fleeing to the end of power, just some even trying to squeeze through some of the courage windows. frankly, at this stage, there are no se ton of teams reported the reports all conflicting, but we're looking at multiple injuries, according to some around 10 people, one pass and seriously hut being treated by a number of ambulances that appeared very quickly at the scene of the extent of the damage to the train. well that was images of some very fond seats, so that is the picture at the moment. smell brief, i will say this a very busy train line. it's in the west of the city as primary a commute to train the car on 1400000 people. daily. of course it's a sunday though, so few people thankfully around to be harmed. they said it is a very important day for japan because it is voting the general elections. so maybe more people would have been out and about as a final thing. i will say though, the unfortunately, this is not a one off incident. comes from 3 months off to 9 people wounded in
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a stopping attack on another commute to train and tokyo. so in august, a woman had threatened her face on the capitals subway. so this tells the parent this stage to be really the, the latest and quite worrying serious ones. what we're talking curious. it's not often someone disappears entirely from the f. b, i most wanted list, is it, but that's exactly what's happened to one man who said to be a key figure in nearest capitol hill. riots in washington. he was caught on camera telling people to storm the building is go some now including members of the republican party raising big questions about who exactly this mysterious figure was kind of open at the store in the week. an individual featured and videos calling for people to enter the capital building even before the january 6 capital riot and was seen on the day. january 6, ushering crowds into the capital building has been identified by law enforcement as arizona resident re, apps, re apps and aries on
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a man seen in vitally circulated videos, telling trump support his on multiple occasions to go into the capitol also seemed to have acted on his own, i don't really like to be a rebel. as i said, we need. we need to know. i'll say, oh, we need to go to the camera. oh, ah, not surprisingly, he was on the f. b, i's most wanted list and was referred to as suspect. 16 for some time f, b i w f o is seeking the public's assistance in identifying those who made unlawful entry into the u. s. capital building on january the 6th. but now suspect 16 has been scrubbed from the f b i website. now if you take a look at the way back machine from archive dot org, you can see that from january 8th, 2021, all the way until june,
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30th suspect 16 was pretty clearly highlighted, but suddenly, on july, 1st, he wasn't on the website any longer. now if he'd been arrested, he would still be on the website just with arrested under his name, like others who have been apprehended. but he's not, he's just been scrubbed. this has prompted lawmakers to ask questions about whether or not there were f b. i provocative tours who may have helped events on january 6th to go the way they did far as we can find this individual has not been charged with anything. can you tell us without talking about particular incidence or particular videos? how many agents or assets of the federal government were present on january 6, whether they agitated to go into the capital and if any of them did a. so i'm not going to violate this norm of follow the rule of law. i'm not going to comment on an investigation that's ongoing. now the capital breach database has no entries or listings for re apps to some. that's
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a pretty big red flag. the ongoing mystery of re apps, he repeatedly appears in videos encouraging and inciting an invasion of the capital on january the 6th. yet for some reason has not yet been indicted were charged, even as people with far less involvement have been. re apps is a free man. he has never been arrested or charged nearly 10 months after july. the 6th, the fbi i in justice department still refused to comment on with the abs has ever been served a search warrant. the f b. i 's record when it comes to things like protests and provocations is not exactly squeaky claim. people can look up the history of cohen tell pro infiltration and other dirty deeds if january 6th is such a pivotal date in u. s. history as it's being presented. surely questions like those surrounding suspect? 16 demand answers. caleb mauppin, r t new york. and then there was this despite being banned by social media. nancy
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joe biden song called let's go. brandon is found it. so sitting in the top per 10 of the hip hop charts in america, youtube removed the truck by wrap a price and gray claiming though it can take medical misinformation. so the song takes a mid president, biden's bungled afghan withdrawal, and his handling of the big corona virus pandemic, in their defense. youtube said the platform doesn't allow claims about covered that conflict with medical guidelines, charge the artist himself denies. there's a 1000000 songs best out, right? now, and if you're trying to act like a song, i can't say. so i'm going to saw where you band it. that means you're bending my art. that means bending my you was going on. you can ban, aren't you been anything? i don't curse on my music, i'm a positive music and i do have my views and my music. i don't even curse and i'm the most sense a wrapper in the world. how is that possible? i say what i believe in my song. everything i say in my real life, and this is what i believe it should be illegal or social media company to be able
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to change their guy lives every week. i've been delete things that came prior to that. they actually are playing with our free speech. nobody is messing with them, they're missing the bus. but let's rewind this a bit. the. busy title of the hit is off to now infamous in today catch phrase. it went viral after nbc reporter was interviewing nascar racing dr. brandon brown and said it sounded like the crowd behind it was chanting. let's go. brandon. apparently failing to realize what people are actually saying, and if you listen when you hear it, ah, the song comes, it's joe buttons approval ratings noticeably dipped according to a new survey. it currently sits below 45 percent. that's down 11 points since it's an alteration in january, meaning is popularity is declined faster than all of his predecessors since the 2nd world war. bryce and great says the president is funny,
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the job tough going to try to kill a mean people. now a lot of it will say, let's go branding for me, that's perfect. somebody doesn't curse. back or so my, the same for president biting people call trumpet dictatorship. there's nothing more similar to what they say to step in what jo buyers currently doing and what a lot of countries are going to try to segregate bethany the. i'm back from a business like jim crow, 2.0. meantime, let's not forget the world. medical watched or continues to sound, the alarm about the ongoing covered pandemic, and assess it can only be stopped. one way the pandemic will, and when the world chooses to end it, it is in our hands. we have all the tools we need effective public health tools and effective medical tools to cover this story in the week to some of the biggest names in business across europe and asia
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gathered in the italian city, verona this week with climate change, the gas crisis, and e relations all high on the agenda of the eurasian economic forum. he is a r t correspondence, shallow defense gate reporting from said event. this is where the big questions were debated over 2 days at eurasian economic forum in verona as cop 26 now starting glasgow. the environment was definitely on many mines with warning that it depends on strong political will. and the change in how we live our lives. the sheila, capital environmental issues depend on 3 sides, consumers, businesses and politicians, and all of them oppose environmental solutions or consumers don't want to consume less. businesses want to increase profits to produce more and more. and politicians are afraid of discussing the issue is they may not be re elected if they order people to consume less and pessimists worry, it will all end in some sorts of environmental dictatorship. the viability of the
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new status on the world stage was also questioned. they were called, break to find a clue, says strategic alliance with russia to build on the strength of eurasia, which could act as a balance to china and to the us. there were plenty of other har taking words to about the you particularly over its management of the current energy crisis. we are in a complete a mass now when you room market her are are feeling completely at the prizes arm. extraordinary. hi, it is approve of history, young and anxious. we rapid gas price growth in europe is mostly connected to an excess of confidence and renewable energy sources. slam mythology sales this year, the wind force in europe was 15 percent lower than average. that negatively affected power generated by wind turbines and lead to the lack of gas reserves in
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europe. monopoly would be europeans, would be val advice to enter into a reasonable dialogue with our supplier countries. instead of making acquisition. many you politicians may find it tempting to lift the burden of responsibility from themselves and perhaps lay the blame on someone else and you guessed it. in this case it is on russia. 6 but there are many who say that the facts do not add up in the east blame game with moscow. like this is a high gas prices are linked to the miscalculations of the european union. as far as we know, russia has supplied about 15 percent more gas than its existing contracts cover. also, as for the gas that was supposed to come from the us, out of the 28000000000 europe received only 7 because the rest went asia. so what can we take away from verona?
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well, to some the panelists up, the world has changed and we need to be prepared for that change, which could significantly impact and government's business. and you and i, it's now a multi polar world. and if the e is to find a way to have a real voice, it needs to look for alliances to the east. charlotte, even sky r t, verona, now for charlotte to bend scalar nicer sonny, italy. it's collin bray or in moscow in just about half an hour with more the stories have brought you in the last 7 days. thanks for taking time out of your weekend to check in with us south international. i'm kevin oh, in for now. good evening. blue look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings,
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except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to trace truck rather than fear a very job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a, with.


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