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half an hour. thank you for watching all tea today. mm. mm hm. ah, russia, this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. even though they more than a sort of proposal that sure dealing with just important practice. it took 5 years to close the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model. skip so, so we'll go over a show to, for all 3 of dealing with my food ocean from this law school well would fill the forms with, with
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the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. what you see in this, these techniques is the state devising methods to essentially destroy the personality of an individual by scientific means. this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against the prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, the ca, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how the victims say they still live with the consequences today. oh
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ah, in 1999, the crane was stirred up by the case of palazzo ranko, auto laza, rico, or january 23rd 1953. from may 1996. he was a prime minister of the government of ukraine. swiss authorities determined that during 1996 to 1997, he embezzled at least $880000000.00. on february 20th 1999 after fleet ukraine, he was arrested in the united states and convicted a fraud, and an illegal transfer of $114000000.00. he currently resides in the united states . plume is somewhat of them, was that income out of both, all the commercial plays in what is for so tomorrow's on the but it but it from wish from the foreclosure could order it in for federal stuff until the but other than that though it was really well below it,
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but listening for the hon. little whoop, was away from this and medical center. i just didn't out. i slid the whole from zillow, nigella, nothing balboa, let him know. he is the crocker door nature phase. can say using give, or they had eula, like dash rooftop to the router i chest in. what on those like shooting? nobody looked at the gym at the chance on vanessa. listen, i've kept the lease. my if you listen, we'll go again with the wavelength. paces that isn't it will go left with a leaking by them. by elizabeth younger than you, maya forced bring your niece in. you'll feel as modern as if they'd bug when it is known that specialists from the fbi, i in special prosecutor mart, abortion worked closely with laws ranko, which in addition to conversations with him, revealed that he worked with a very wide circle of people and ukraine. laws ranko was sentenced to 9 years in
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prison, but he only served 6 ah, he was accused of embezzling $114000000.00, but that amount was eventually reduced to only $4000000.00 apparently, laws. ranko told everything he knew. the united states got the keys of access to almost all prominent officials, politicians and oligarchs. linkable from your me. so from the motion was shred them from us? i mean yeah with the is good in the the so i just fluently a few stuff. daniels at im from coastal. she's having it on a laura in last i'm going to a will bring it that is shayna. i'm just a minute. ask him. so don't i wasn't right. if you quit the chest into seriousness work, they're bringing my up with a vicious to you soon. we all know graham knows you something really go on a suitable for that to london. you are going to shadow
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coachman, stubborn reluctance to choose between the united states and put in strengthening russia. irritated washington u. s. policy towards ukraine became aggressive. all internal political scandals were used to apply pressure on coachman. jason point the murder of the journalist, ga, ga, ga, in which cushman was accused to have had involvement. but why was it a sa then be stuck in his movement, a korean, with cushman? ah, why people were not happy. i personally, beth, correct me if i'm wrong, i personally doubt to that. so it was because of the gun got the case. it sounds just since the kids coming in the mccarthy, she a phillip, actually a little though other leverage was on my done. m. o to go up to say with me what ye they it's a blown out the euclid, the uplift of slow and the ease with storm mcgee sees mode. so
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just to look him, look on what the o v here see it all. so g, a navarro law, do little scoop of the city at the campaign. ukraine without coachman was the 1st of a series of spontaneous uprisings on the part of the ukrainian populace. and for being spontaneous uprisings, they were very well organized. indeed i can use yeah, to me teach a bit which just he is up under know what the deal is, but it appears to be as a nick which might start any work velocity, you know what much and last ne norwood no, but the more stop act okay, in the best which micah doable. and that shut that was louise to show and i leased a gun, the guns of somebody and i am at the thought. so knock on your smart tv up unusual is up with the a little yellow, which with those he, it the,
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at least not this all buffalo lynette. i was, was daniel with owen o'neal up or difficult. yeah. shit is shit. dial tone cushman. he is a national public, i to go on a different yes, occasionally valuable solution. yes, on this, i think one diesel at the bottom, gila ganga will, as for just one or 2 cushman, i hear they is taken off at the ring. nothing even yesterday, i believe they can just last up or in september 2002 special representative of the u. s. department of state specialist in russia. marie, yvonne of ich raised the issue of ukraine's violation of sanctions against iraq in
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connection with the alleged sale of a batch of culture. the radar systems ah, representative of the president of ukraine. victor, madrid. chuck thoroughly investigated all the charges and presented irrefutable evidence that the culture egos were not supplied to iraq. a little later after the occupation of iraq by multinational forces. the united states did not find any traces of the culture because the charge was as valid as colon fowls test tubes of anthrax. the coachman did not feel any calmer because of this. maria von of it took over as charged affair of ukraine. soon. her name would be closely associated with color revolutions. in the meantime, it was necessary to decide who would be president after coachman yuko video. hello tish. so that the door to ship that orlando pish, watha he has completed elsewhere than it is for akin irritable ocean to the little motive. which interval and
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a candid it was quickly found. former prime minister victor use jenko. he was a 100 percent pro western politician. he had an american wife and was loosely affiliated with the u. s. department of state. i was asked to give speeches in ukraine. and when i went there i got a long briefing by john mccain of the state department. and colin powell about we have to trust who you couldn't trust and it really was just one person. you could trust that was victor. you shank, go. who was running for president. the briefing i got was, if he doesn't win, ukraine has no chance to speak to barbara. victor use jenco horn february 23rd 1954. he has a degree in economics from 1976. he was involved in the banking sector, working his way up from a clerk to chairman of the national bank of ukraine. however,
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in this post he did not decide anything himself. in 1999, he became prime minister of the government of ukraine. in 1993 by a twist of fate on a plane from the united states, he sat next to a united states citizen, catherine clair too much ankle. they were soon married. catherine clergyman jenko. she was born in 1961 in the united states. from the age of 14, she was a member of the ultra nationalist union of ukrainian youth. she worked as director of the ukrainian national information service of the washington bureau of the ukrainian committee of the american congress. and also as an assistant to the under secretary of state for human rights and humanitarian affairs. and she worked in the us treasury and the u. s. congress. the u. s. attention to the upcoming presidential elections was side by side with direct pressure on the ukrainian establishment. major forces were engaged in the struggle,
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including george soros or wishing liberals like lead me mission, last decision. oh good love. so to sort of so some, yes, not a simple thing. there was 3 or will it was hit naturally? i and you more but gone. they were live my with yours or i'm finance my map, houston and mirror for the idea of me. but you can me of me and i mean the, you shall go. so just to be reserved, but it uses the bus over a little bit attorney company that'll put in the, you know, what i mean? oh it plus it will take you somebody take the photo freshly plus the yellow and the other thing is they'll fish the book. they should be at all. legible. it was, should just roll over to mina pushing generally, you know, but it is complex. so delucca alone because the sun show somewhere in may. 2004, the very cove narada published a report that revealed financial interference by western countries in the internal
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politics of ukraine. in july 2004, the us house of representatives had often resolution number 336, which gave a negative assessment to the political situation in ukraine. usually this means a burned notice on the opposite side. in september 2004, the u. s. senate passed a resolution ordering the executive branch to impose sanctions on ukraine in case of violations during the presidential campaign. basically, the ukranian president had already been selected in the united states. there was little left to do simply force ukraine to bend to the will of the united states. ah, when discussing ukraine, we must remember that his external and internal borders were formed in a unique environment. in 1920 ukraine became a part of the socialist community. and then after the formation at the u. s. s, our, it's borders, we're not historically defined,
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but are officially created by moscow. i, as a result, ukraine received both territories with a diverse population in ideological social and religious terms. and also with a very diverse industrial structure, the center scenario was also industrialized, but to a lesser extent, ah, the south was traditionally agricultural and the western regions were historically less developed. this diversity prevailed during all of ukraine's history. as well as the internal fault lines for economic growth under cushman affected primarily the east of the country with a population much closer to russia and to a lesser extent, the agricultural regions and the west. oh, with a stable domestic situation. this is not critical. but when internal problems arise, it can create conflict. in the 2004 elections,
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it became clear where these internal fault lines were in the election victory and a coverage was declared. the winner with this outcome did not suit washington, which had already invested large sums of money and use jenko o. u. s. administration refused to recognize the results. thus, the orange revolution began and ukraine. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point obviously is too great truck rather than fit with take on various jobs. i mean with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with nixon.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show. i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics. sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. oh, a little naturally. sorry, nick. i wish it is short. i'm gonna go to just arlene, and i'm going to want to get his case is tim banging years, the lives up on a and it was pushed and sentenced. ah, are they any effects of foreign processes sponsorship or other foreign participation? orange? evolution name was crystal bullshit. chest to cook with a bunch of agreement. this is number sourcing, i'm or start over for sources up of next machine is with a process at the natural abbreviated form. when submitted in windows. oh yes. when
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you, which was cuz that was low. say, just been in the holy publish mode. this would be more or less. you would, you to, she was synergy. this 3rd thought you were, i knew the more to know it never would issue me personally. no, it loved it. is me most boss of moolah, is me and them love the the quail hollow im sure. hm. where the mother of no one is i see where the chestnut read no. from rancho to what you said a dish. these one, me look a he would los gatos a mrs. mew, numerous from them. drove up with this. this is she pull out? okay. patricia the cool. oh, she wanted to meet them to meet that over to the airport. hey, i just, she just, even lot of my values for normal, from ample occupancy. ah, often what are called spontaneous movements are really quite well organized. this
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is all the more obvious when one observes the full fledged infrastructure for a spontaneous movement which is equipped with food, fuel tents warning system and transportation. but in any case, under the pressure of the street, a 3rd round of elections were held. victor use jenko as expected, became the 3rd president of ukraine ah, in the country turned to the west. a plugin with ocean cobbler? no, no, the t. the came a bullet bishop when you order them. last night to duncan, the washer motor boat, the notre. my rosamille shipped over the course with so what's other twitter than downturn of the economy on that? you cinco dash 9 yoshika the dissolution of long
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over a man bill. it's and i told him some tele bunker was like jim, me, amused from okay in the, on the ugly chelsea, a curator. but as up a narrative, that's it. coarsely or angela here, where you would see you compare the teacher worth of a border can you shouldn't compare shoak the last one can use in a blue chill or g motion. oakwood desk was up not at the foot. yes. covers no non stella of my hero. on them they took it in the thir on a need of mm. of with them some literally you sion, casper. so still what she it is a more really chain. okay. and go over national dog. no, you can. yes. and lack of them. will it religion the sub camilla, the dollar of can get of economic ursula, even yesterday at the was the public and misusing mm. estates confirmed its readiness to support ukraine's aspirations to join the nato membership action plan
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map. in turn, the ukranian president declared his adherence to euro atlantic values and his readiness to continue the country's movement towards nato membership. jobs cool? is the correct. when is their social associate name was a the russians all these probably. yes, a shadow casual manipulator. clear. yeah. yeah, i don't want to live in europe a little few coin them. i have lost the hood. little concept to be a shop on you in a place keep a spoke with elena will dispatch and wish that you. you will opa, the most adult, the same with ration or some of the thought it was a who was it, but the confusion you have a choice of of disc. unfortunate sheila, you little for the most of the puzzle political support. it was plugged. your city license bus picking a guess who got no senior woman surely ago,
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it was worth a trick with you. she was telling me i was it wasn't with celia. you repeat? you say it was a sheen of say excuses. failure to see them was on crutches was listening and i seen in the cars i stood up on me and when you had, you can, will i say as come to the national symptom, when you nothing to laugh at them, the story is far, but it was a little but i'm wishing i see a boss was the was his tear mine for was on last bullshit. nature will grow still national, silly rebuke. you say you reason of with companies. it's a could continue by now communities can sanderson nobody at. i'm not supposed to, but i'm wishing rested in a it was that ah, the united states promised to support all of victor use jenko initiatives,
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but there was no rush in implementing the main objective investment. at the same time, the us was entrusting billions of dollars in another former soviet republic cost on despite the excellent relations between cossick stone and russia and china. a sonia bull marshall on lab issues was applied. yeah. okay. well then pro thumb malicious. no good at that korean you. it tumble us a korea luke was in this question. ah, yes. my wife milman. cousin was via smoking. he was a big new, a brazilian scholar deluca lucas. co going yeah much. i'm glad she touch, spoke love, and i left a shot. hit the way this kit will carry in, louis, louisiana. to see the hands can be will a survey? think americans get busy jump of one of them and maybe as a bus from
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a young of him if shit though to even know what they at the t. m. by barza belichick li yan. yeah. so a math, dominion valley. kiki sasha, lashania. quickly. the latest secure who it was easy and sco or b as okay in the they are seeing you, then you was it, and it's like a really customer after use jenko turned the country westward on russia. drew attention to the fact that ukraine was illegally diverting gas intended for transit to europe. the reaction followed immediately able to sell the premier thought, but a physician good as usual. so build your own glee over bull. display should have come upon to natural enough to hustle ye wish legally to protest should do, will show particular way it's supposed to show in your household. what is he working? well, isn't of school me go on. maybe saturday would the bush level via car booked,
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a walk, a willie bus throw in the motion them when get there. i did man get there. would love to speak to of key cbs goes over. you little bouquet. labella, another name please william garcia. it's kam, seems to be know clean devora you've stadium what. let's just see. she had lucy media media that could be just give me a terrible garza fullness to be spiritual as he been. he shot up luella musk. lillian girl at the chest with just a little push. lou lou from that shell or does it have both he bully diesel? will she be a scholar garza that which he does of okay, no paula. with getting involved in political games at the expense of the economy can turn out to be very costly. key of got carried away with positioning itself in world affairs, and neglected to invest even a cent to insure its energy security. it can be even more costly to play games with
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right wing nationalists under use jenko. right wing radicals were doing fine. naughty propaganda was thriving. their young people were recruited into the camps of the plastic paramilitary organization in 2006 and leave. they solemnly celebrated the anniversary of the entry of the ukrainian unit of the vera mock nightingale battalion into levine clement but they, it's willis and the least actual will. since he put that up isn't with hr dante? ah, it's just me to proceed to a column with a wooden bow gretisca that's in the liaison. when you call in a boy, he media at the garden as he dipped united. so you only have to look to
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with the woman and said, please push it versus just label in the us with key and you called an industry natoya nicole and they were to see a pro nazi in them. always machine. ah, it's a one last question. are you seeing that smell is annoy fidel nationally? is on pro boot yo. nippy not this for she's mom a particular is a new mice. kim carrillo? not familiar with circle, rocky. you should visible? no, no my and you chose peterson. i was me know, what was it personal more nervous that he cheered much at the p. c. thought in
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there properly, additional profit. it is quite possible that mister hughes jenko is unaware of some very well known facts or the organization of ukrainian nationalists cooperated very closely with nazi germany or ideology was identical to the nazis when the germans attacked poland in 1939. the ukrainian nationalists went on a murder spree with their fellow fascists. in 1941. together with the germans, they invaded the territory of the ussr and acted as military allies to the nazis ah, while allied soldiers fought and died in africa. italy and france, ukrainian nationalists guarded the german rear. busy they burned bela ruffian villages, along with its people exterminated the jewish population in the ghettos. the shoved people and the gas chambers. they guarded not concentration camps, and the eagerly massacred poles, o organization of ukrainian nationalist leaders. mendera and schuster village were
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posthumously awarded the title hero of ukraine by use jenko slowly before it is when i play in the soil am ordered on the lower, but the lips to bundle under blower, the blue ukraine was slowly but surely getting covered with a haze. of galaxy and nationalism. of course, this was met with sharp rejection by the inhabitants of the east of ukraine, who completely opposed to this mentality. contrary to use jenko wishes, ah, the shock value and you pull in the, we knew it, she knew her lean of sheep is over each of the militia. loosely, beatrice equally important, which would lead in of sheets and then the way you throw it that it is not this way you her or you just not this week or 2 is not this. we mo, 4330 little more nature shenandoah, alyssa nutrition and got
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a blow like a problem with monsieur. ah, ah, the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. what you see in this, these techniques is to state, devising methods to end, essentially destroy the personality of an individual or by scientific means. this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against the prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, this year, disseminated within the u. s. and, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. then to the victim, say they still live with the consequences. today
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we're empowering ourselves to be more issues. we're quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our sons. the truth is that every device is in potential entry. quite 1st security attack. i think you can, but i'm going to lunch nationally with anything but oil. it eventually there's malware on thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional crime. artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the minute is cyber implants right now, i'd be where is it really worried about it? most people would equally b, u. com for a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced
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technologies. there has been on the defensive. why the 5 for moscow? this is alex internationally not headlines. president potent pledges that russia will become but neutral no later than 2060 in a message to delegates of the u. s. climate summit in scotland. and then i just executive holds it mandatory vaccines for britain's health care stuff could spoken exit this of workers and put lives at risk and following this one to france delays . no, it's retaliatory measures against the u. k. in the latest in a dispute. over fishing rights of to london threatened to take legal action. ah .


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