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tv   Documentary  RT  November 2, 2021 5:30pm-5:45pm EDT

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in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? direct. what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. thought he, she ah! below 2 mirrors, the lensky, born on january 21st 1978. comedian, producer, and screenwriter supporter of bureau. my dawn, he supported punitive expeditions by the ukrainian army and nazi military
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formations and gone boss, yahoo guy. oh, but a whole lot of the voicemail was gleick. i now very near with his 1st actions. zelinski managed to revive the public a little to begin with. he took up foreign investment. i actually spoke to president zelinski when he was a candidate, before he was elected. i mean, i wish to walk. did you think he was a good candidate for president of ukraine? the no, i thought it was the only candidate because i knew the poor shanker was a mass of crooked. everybody in ukraine, that liberal side, conservative side wash agreed that he, he basically took anything that wasn't nailed out. and, and, and, and the bird regional occasion, the only question is, did he take a $100000000.00 or $200000000.00?
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hey, they gave a comedian like 70 percent of the. well, i mean, the guy, the guy was a guy was a television committee. look the social with economic liberals. a book, any special wish in the cylinder? pat. yeah. push plate to the bottom one. yeah. we shall see a petition. you put this the yeah of one that a book conflict. lucko. and if you did my to put on your political numbers, didn't. okay, hold it. nipple, can we enlisted or get on wood? let's go. would you ship a scenario to penya? mr. zalinski has successfully resolved the national issue in ukraine on july 1st 2021. he signed a law on the indigenous peoples of ukraine. it's almost a direct copy of 1935 right citizen law of hitler's germany. according to the law, the 2nd largest people have ukraine. russians are not fully fledged people. zelinski also suggested that those who consider themselves russian to leave ukraine
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the way it video was daniela fisma media here with not fisma of hero. he was already in a fisma show it my day for the way to class. i knew he wouldn't be watching that. i mean, i had thoughts of not this could get a minute my show that it's i think of it. i didn't hear a lot please. lot of me. summer 30 at it. oh, great. yeah. under president zelinski, the question was directly posed to ukrainian society is ukraine self sufficient state? how do you assess the current relationship between united states and a training is like an equality partnership or something else? i mean, korean became sort of a client said, i'm had faith with i think star wars that he could talk to ms. nick
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duncan. deborah. okay. keith and this, this is michelle. so loss will carry where does not finish out nashik librium. mm. somebody are keeping me or if it is shane. yeah, of course. of course he of non political do our new door get a minute. a senior member started me business green micro gray according to the constitution of ukraine. the land is the basis of ukraine sovereignty. but under the terms of the loan, land reform must necessarily enable foreigners to gain access to the basis of sovereignty to the land. in reality, nobody stops was simply the land, the graph terrain juliessa. but also georgia shade is teaching us to understand that us martin, dr. english because she can like a motion resume across from that. there were below, richie here was a bush virginia. he normally shows it beatrice little day. will korean you was
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raised, shall number 3 been midst lay as so used to pollution or southern america with a medicaid social will put medicine leverage cream, not in my but when you start to night that akim my kitten. lucky only. so it is us. he yes, hello. see local for tube. wishful. clear on what god security most net deliverable from the threat each now, but mr. possibly will, but at last he must wish last fall. not when you this is the milling could thought you could put it for done this year. your komar patel. you can win ultra boyer ensure the bus people but that nuclear purchase because i think we have him great in ashlyn not near the 63 they can remember to go to donors or to talk to her or blitzer buzzer. martha. i take a portion of the boat with financial never get to receive. wow credit.
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oh, they came what see you of american school political put about mash up with them. said potomac cousin. dennis, you hadn't me run for the italy movie. she broke, you wouldn't be a lot of east syracuse akin shaw, alyssa burst with you though. i be in the leasing world through the controllers through us though of una unless ship. okay. it means camera would omega. yeah. and you cool. no horseshoe was here to the what sugary clutch a low or clean i don't much go ashore of the was i should so the use of william for you in the us. but it will, it, the other a lot of blue every year on august 24th ukraine celebrates its independence to hang out state flags,
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forcing the national anthem. and rarely does anyone wonder what exactly 30 years of independence has given ukraine. mostly will, will put a will it thread search, and they think of issue ok of loss williston oven loops along with the medicaid medicare aside, the medicare knishes ish. my water provides for dual credit. when we ask a little, shall be up la. do you treat cynthia rocha read nolan? the ins alertness ukraine's cure. but the me so was no no cause no brain. so he was us, benoit, for budgeted wilkinson. ah is so good as he gets to lose a piece of living with you to farmers unless i get, unless the media irritated thought it was 3 and here come from school. my
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mustang, you see mister, i'm on mute cuz what i'm you greenlee me. i'm going to use the australia when julia can give you a tripping to your school. so small my city so that she doesn't even though briscoe was. let's see. somebody you go it up. let's see the last monday somebody i just want to say use it after you were with us through it with us, you still want to use b nastiness to barsky. let's just play a lot of it. any actual a no, my company t o m. so crane is going to last publishing it. she wore beaming leasing was still green. you know, lancer. yes, i mostly petition ukraine. love it. is the genie and the cosign for english?
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no, but he's in the on the printer though. sure. yes, yes, but he said the filling in a low sugar little under did was on hold was submitted pursuant to show us a sense of a loan of so if there's somewhere just a normal for the point of view, what are some of us that are slow yet she burst use a visa, a could i just love music to my set up because normally mean they'd be similar. green, i mean, is a visa when you receive this without you big rush hour plus lord chase there, there was the one, you know, because i got a do you have to probably in your bond, give me a date and wanted to me at the the some of us with us as a resource to not be sure. let me. i saw that i bought
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a kit up water that i bought the blood it deep water, if but incipient or cheap guardiola. mia did not know fleet spiel. the big a deal is mazda nother with wu will as to shoes, that the young wife that what she said grades of spreading from ah, once upon a time the lord god loved this country very much. mm. mm. was huge territory. mm sir. land the wonderful climate. inexhaustible wealth laying just under ground. he gave all this to hard working friendly people. for many centuries, they decorated and built it up and defeated their enemies now gave birth to children and wanted to live in happiness, enjoy mood at some point. god turned away from this land. there is no peace on it. let us shed more. people are fleeing in everything created and
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accumulated over the years turned out to be plundered and destroyed over night. mm . what will happen next to this once beautiful country of ukraine? ah, a korean was focus. wanted to know you probably, emma, you're a bit a thought system. was it here or i'm that to your peca. yep, we're, we're okay. i'll it thought net. oh, to dish where segment to the me a roku to venture anybody? my son nicholas: yeah. my son. no, but he is that good about that alternate? say do my dear? sure. for his blood. d. a good. good. this for so no green. it's on a border forever. some him are a bit lost in the room, but g e america reserve had still it's m than us here, or she had with the neighbor, dora. hello, ms. linda. booker package, the personal,
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the garcia, demography is sort of not broad. was a block, a lot busier than a vision used to greenland used for through up wishes on the soaps, laughing, theresa, when you will leave them of nothing else. so from your computer, your browser list and i haven't seen a can let me skip machine to greenland, you will be short of this with most of the speech best i will in late see ladies fit another would be like, but i will only put in yes. which me by them we have so but a mega who a tom store crane on those nice quizlet soak sleep. what can cell if lee was much more skewed, nestled in the weight of it. yeah. what it will korean is by it. so yes, no opposing, don't just let out of michelle, probably a good answer she plaza leads to me telling me said, wanna sort of i me, it's gray for morlock western they need to so i need to come on there. go to san
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raphael. hopefully, sitting at it, it was got put lethal crane that's most of the street that can come with michelle. marsha brit. ah, ah ah, ah,
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ah . the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. while you see in this, these techniques, these, the state devising methods to essentially destroy the personality of an individual by scientific means. this is how one doctors,
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theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, the ca, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how to make them say they still live with the consequences. today i was with there's.


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